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Subject: 11/26/91 - The National Midnight Star #387

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 387

                Tuesday, 26 November 1991
Today's Topics:
                       24th of May
                        RTB video
            Luck in Getting Tickets (LA area)
                     WHAT?!? No EJ!!
                       HYF pop, NOT
            more useless rush literary trivia
              Voivod & Terry Broon; Tickets
                  Madison Square Garden
                  Rush on the East Coast
                       Gif Problems
                      Roll the bones
                     "roll the bones"
                  Re: Re: elusive video
                      Geddy's voice.
                     vinnie colaiuta
                       Rush on MTV
                     Freddie Mercury
                 Predicting Ticket Sales
           RUSH "Where's My Thing" promo single
                      Rolling bones
            Backstage Club Newsletter is back

From: Editor, The National Midnight Star 
Subject: Administrivia

Just a quickie here; there have been some new additions to the tab directory
at the Syrinx anonymous ftp site - check the CONTENTS file in the 'rush/tab'
directory for details of what's in there.  The additions are bass tab files,
and also a new version of the source and example files in the 'prog' subdir.



Date: Mon, 25 Nov 91 19:40:59 EST
From: (Ron Kleiner)
Subject: 24th of May

In response to a posting in today's NMS:  your teacher obviously didn't spend
much time in Canada, or else was hiding in a shell.  May 24th is Victoria Day,
commemorating Queen Victoria's birthday (or death day?).  It's a tradition to
go fireworks on Victoria Day.

You're welcome!

Ron Kleiner


Date: Mon, 25 Nov 91 20:22:19 -0500
From: Have YOU seen the fnords? 

Gee, my SECOND NMS post.  Been pretty much read only of late, but I finally
decided it might be worth my while to say something.

First, the city featured in the Subdivisions video is, of course, Toronto
(home-sweet-home for Geddy, Alex, and yours truly [Neil's from St.
Catharines, Ont., which is just down the Queen E. expressway about an hour
and a half's drive on a good day from TO]).  Sorry, I don't recognise the
the high school, any of the basement bars or backs of cars.  :-) But I DO
remember seeing one particular portion of the Don Valley Expressway, and
saying "Hey... *that* looks more than just a little bit familiar!"
Actually, I've only seen the video once, from a rather ratty n-th generation
copy belonging to a fellow NMS'er at my previous school.  (Hi, Bob!)

(Come to think of it, I think the only other Rush videos I've seen are
Distant Early Warning, The Big Money, and Superconductor sans audio.  I'm a
real video virgin... saving myself for laserdisc!  Plus Much(less) Music and
eMpTyV make me ill.)

As for the 24th of May -- Victoria Day, of course!  I always wondered why
we didn't do the firework thing on Canada Day; most pyrotechnic tendencies
are sated on the birthday of the long dead Queen Vic.  Go figure.

One topic that caught my eye last week, and seems to have faded, is WHY does
*everything* have to have a "meaning"?!?  I think it's entirely likely that
the "Brought to you by..." in PoW, Presto, and RTB are JOKES!  You're
supposed to read them and say, "Ha ha those clever Boyz", not wonder "Gosh,
I MUST know what this *means*..."  Very likely the same could be said for
the elephant close up in RTB, and maybe even the "Remember Death" Morse
code.  (ALthough such a phrase seems rather morbid for a chuckle... oh well.)

Hmph.  Enough rambling for one post... later all!

\ Greg Ward, lowly physics undergrad \/     I looked in the mirror today;    /
/     McGill University, Montreal    /\  my eyes just didn't seem so bright. \
\ Internet: \/     I've lost a few more hairs.      /
/ WWIVLink:70@25555;WWIVnet:157@5490 /\       I think I'm going bald.        \


From: stedmant@LONEX.RL.AF.MIL (Terrance A. Stedman)
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 91 20:28:37 EST
Subject: RTB video

        Well, I found a way to definitely catch the RTB video.  You see,
in this neck of the woods (Utica/Rome NY area), they have this stupid
program that comes on the Fox network after hours called "video jukebox."
Basically, they flash song numbers on the screen and you can call the
900 number (about $2.50 I believe) and order up a video.  Sure enough
RTB is on the list.  I believe it is selection #315 if I'm not mistaken.
This may help at least some people.
        I would like to take this opportunity to say that MTV totally
sucks.  Death to RAP and Marky Mark...  Long live Rush.

    Terry Stedman    Internet:
    I ) I I <~ I_I   "It is my will which chooses, and the choice of my will
    I \ I_I _> I I   is the only edict I must respect." - Rand from _Anthem_


Date:     Mon, 25 Nov 91 19:05:04 PST
From: Nik 
Subject:  Luck in Getting Tickets (LA area)

Hello all:
	Well, I would just like to say that there is an incredible amount of
luck involved in getting tickets.  Here, in the LA area, you are not allowed
to campout; instead, it is done on the random number/wristband system.  Well,
on Sat. I arrived to buy tickets at about 7:45 (wristbands at eight).
Anyways, my number was 29 and they started from 29.  Well, needless to say
my seat is Sec. 1 Row 1 Seat 1 at the LA Forum for Wed. Jan. 22, 1991. I
was ecstatic to say the least, but it was luck. (not that I am complaining.)

[ Colour me jealous!  :-)                                          :rush-mgr ]

ORQ:	"We come into the world and take our chances
	 Fate is just the weight of circumstances
	 That's the way that lady luck dances
	 Roll the bones..."

	Nik Rajdev   =B^)


Date: Mon, 25 Nov 1991 22:11 EST
Subject: WHAT?!? No EJ!!

	Have these rumors been true, that Eric Johnson is off the Rush Tour.
Say it ain't so Jack.  I heard of a few shows were done with someone else (in
Buffalo I think), but this _can't_ happen before the Worcester show.

	Get back to me someone, he begged, with the answer to my conundrum.


Ahh, the evening's NMS is here, by all.


Date: Tue, 26 Nov 91 00:10:34 EST
From: (Gregg Jaeger)
Subject: HYF pop, NOT

>Holdsworth has long been an influence on Alex, specifically his
>interest in using the whammy bar as a textural device, and the legato notes
>concept.  Alex doesn't take it all the way out and be a Holdsworth clone
>because he's more of an original stylist.  Still - listen to Alex bend notes
>with the bar sometime and there's an undeniable Holdsworthian influence
>happening there.

For sure. I've always thought that YYZ (+other tunes on MP) is heavily
influenced by Holdsworth. Slow the solo down and it is even more clear.

>From: "Kelly A. Vinal" <70720.626@CompuServe.COM>
>2.  This same board has also come-up with an interesting fact.
>Remember back in the old days when Rush was deep in the concept
>albums?  They changed presentation, but still stuck with
>concepts.  There is a central theme to all rush albums, save
>perhaps, Hold Your Fire, a pop album.  I will elaborate more
>on this in a future posting.

Say What?! HYF, pop!! Surely you jest!!! Neil has described his
post-_PeW_ approach to writing several times as an intermingling
of several themes per album, and _HYF_ has themes as strong as
any other album. IMHO, HYF is the best Rush album thus far and
is quite an arty album. OK, ``Time Stand Still'' is pop-ish, but
that's the extent of pop on _HYF_!

I'd like to hear the explanation supporting your statement!
If you want to see pop influence, look to _Presto_ and _RTB_.

_HYF_ is a damn deep album, and if this is doubted I can produce the
analysis to prove it. The general description one can give to the
unity of themes of _HYF_ is: the performance of human beings under
the influence of the forces of life, nature, and time. This is
without going into the ``three balls'' symbol and its use in _The
Fountainhead_, which was discussed at length here about six months ago.

Thanks to John Turner for the great CD info. It may not have been
directly related to Rush, but I'm damn glad it got posted anyway!



Subject: more useless rush literary trivia
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 91 01:00:48 EST

Well, I won't claim to be positive about this, but I'm fairly sure
that the line "An ill wind comes arising/across the cities of the
plain" in D.E.W is a cop from Marcel Proust's "A la Recherche du Temps
perdu" (Rememberance of Things Past).  I don't know whether Proust's
usage of "Cities on the Plain" was original, but it was distinctive.

						Derek L.
       derek@albnyvms.bitnet       <>
====}=---------------`  Fencers love to touch  '-----------------={====
               "Cinderella man... hang on to your plans..."


Date: Tue, 26 Nov 91  03:44:11 EST
Subject: Voivod & Terry Broon; Tickets

Speaking of Terry Brown sightings, he produced the latest Voivod album
_Angel Rat_, which does indeed have some Rushlike influences.  The album's
been growing on me steadily since I bought it; it's a good one IMHO.

Oh, for the days when we could camp out in advance for tickets!  Until
about two years ago we could camp out for tickets here (in Atlanta, GA),
and the first-arriving group of fans at each store would be charged with
maintaining "THE list."  Alas, some violence erupted a few times (not
involving fans waiting for Rush tickets, naturally), and TicketMustard
now enforces a ticket lottery at each store:  numbered tickets are drawn
at random by the waiting fans, and the resulting order determines your
position in line.  Ah, well....  This allegedly reduces scalping.
In practical terms, it is in our best interests to bring thirty friends
and get thirty tickets, hoping that a ghost of a chance will give us a
low number.  

--Paul "Corum" Cashman        corum@uscn.bitnet
ORQ:  Better the pride that resides
      In a Citizen of the World
      Than the pride that divides
      When a colourful rag is unfurled


Date: Tue, 26 Nov 91 08:36:16 EST
From: "Larry Salomon, Jr.        (T/L) 862-3934      " 
Subject: Madison Square Garden

This stinks!!!

Last year, when Rush came to Nassau, I found out the Wednesday after the
Saturday when tickets when on sale and got bad seats...

>...this year, I decided, I wouldn't let that happen.  I found out about
the Hartford (Dec 1) and Madison Square Garden (Dec 6) dates at least 1
and a half months in advance.  However, I couldn't find out when tickets
went on sale until (again) the next Wednesday, and I got bad seats (I
think) again.

My questions is, does anyone know where section 345, row F is in Madison
Square Garden?  Will I be able to see the large screen behind Neal and
the laser show?  Last year, I missed out (like I said, they were bad
seats) and don't want to miss out again...

Larry Salomon, Jr. (aka 'Q')            LARRYS@YKTVMV.BITNET
OS/2 Applications and Tools   
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Yorktown Heights, NY          


Date: Tue, 26 Nov 91 08:40:05 EST
From: "Larry Salomon, Jr.        (T/L) 862-3934      " 
Subject: "Fear"

After having acquired a nice CD player, I decided to replace my entire
Rush cassette collection (those bargin buys were nice!!!) on CD (plus, I
wanted the lyrics).  After having bought Moving Pictures and Signals
(last, surprisingly enough), I noticed the following:

In MP, "Witch Hunt" is subtitled "Part III of Fear", while in Signals,
"The Weapon" is subtitled "Part II of Fear".

Nowhere in any of the other CDs could I find "Part I of Fear".  Stranger
yet, Signals is chronologically later than MP (according to the
copyrights), yet part III came *before* part II.

Can anyone explain?

[ Try checking for "The Enemy Within" on _Grace Under Pressure_; that's
   part one of "Fear."  The trilogy just happened to be written (and made
   available) in reverse order.                                :rush-mgr ]

Larry Salomon, Jr. (aka 'Q')            LARRYS@YKTVMV.BITNET
OS/2 Applications and Tools   
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Yorktown Heights, NY          


From: (Dennis Rivard)
Subject: Rush on the East Coast
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 91 8:38:01 EST

Greeting fellow Rushtafarians!

	Having recived my tix in the mail yesterday for the Dec. 10
show in Worcestor, and noting how pitiful my seats are (we're most
likely sitting slightly behind and to the left side of Niel)... I was
wondering if anyone has seen Rush on the East Coast yet with Vinnie
Moore? How was he?  I have to debate on if I want to get to the
Centrum on time so I can catch him...



Date:        Tue, 26 Nov 91 09:55:06 EST
From: Dan Newcombe 
Subject: Gif Problems

As far as the GIFS go.
 I was able to view them fine on our VM system, but some of them,
when downloaded to a PC, would not work. Fly By Night, AFTK
were a couple that didn't. (The Pass)   Try the ones of Geddy. I
had them working fine.


[ Sorry, can't help much in this area - I can display them fine on my
   DECstation 3100 and my NeXT cube...  Any PC experts out there have
   any ideas?                                                 :rush-mgr ]

"those who choose not to decide have still made a choice"


Date: Tue, 26 Nov 91 07:45:51 PST
Subject: Roll the bones

>Secondly, about the phrase "Roll the Bones".  Has anyone seen Predator II?
>For some background, Predator II is about a predator like Predator I that
>comes to LA during gang wars in around 1996.  Apparently, they are attracted
>to intense fire and heat.  Anyway, one of the gangs is a Colombian gang,
>and their leader is someone named "King Willy".  During the movie, the hero,
>a cop, goes to talk to him about what (the predator) is killing all of his
>people AND the cops.  Willie is 100% rastafarian (sp?) and talks like, "
>Yaaa maaaan, they saaayyy you want to talk to me maaahn".  The interesting
>thing is that the whole time he is talking, he is *rolling bones* onto the
>top of a 50-gallon drum.  I think it is related to voodoo magic because
>the columbian gangs used voodoo magic.  Does anyone know for sure?
>I don't know if that is what the boyz intended, but I think it is the most
>likely possibility.  Comments?

No, this is not what was intended.  The title of both album and song came
from an old sci-fi story (I can't remember the title) which has something to
do with "rollin' the bones".  I think the author's name was Franz (or was it
Fritz?) Leiber.  Neil liked the "roll the bones" element in the story, so he
decided to use it.  I *think* the plot has something to do with some guy who
is, quite literally, gambling for his life, hence "roll the bones".  I'm not
sure about the plot, the title, or even the author, but I do know for a fact
that this is where Neil got the title.

                                       |      |
Ben Ragunton                           |      |
E-Mail:            | (o)(o)     _____________________
Mesa, Arizona                          @      _) __/   Don't turn your   |
Voice: (602)835-7099                    | ,___| /__   back and slam the  |
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                                        /___\       \____________________|
                                       /     \
and lin# noise is nev~r a prob{{{d~~{{{3a@#{{{J~i8f~~~    NO CARRIER


Date: Tue, 26 Nov 91 11:08 EST
From: (bk35)
Subject: "roll the bones"

        The phrase "rolling the bones" not only refers to the ancient use of
rolled bones for divination, but probably also the fact that dice used to
be made from bone.  I thought this was an interesting little tidbit.


Date: Tue, 26 Nov 91 10:39:43 CST
From: (Ivelisse Atiles)
Subject: Re: Re: elusive video

I've already seen the video about three times.  I always seem to
catch it sometime around 20 after noon, but that's central standard
time.  I'm not sure that's the time zone you're in(I don't remember
the header right off hand). Just wanted to make that clear.

Also, I don't know if this has been discussed or not, but who is
the kid in the video (RTB)?  He looks an awful lot like Alex, and
I heard in the radio show (History of Rush) that Alex has two kids
and one is thirteen. Ya think?...

(aside note: I didn't record the show, sorry. My roomie was watching
a sex movie... and what I heard was maybe a couple of songs form
each of the 6 albums or so, and four from).

Bye, Rushans!

Ivelisse Atiles


Date: Tue, 26 Nov 1991 11:08:52 -0600
From: "Howard J. Browning" 
Subject: Geddy's voice.

Is there anybody else out there who has seen the RTB tour who is
disappointed by the fact that Geddy Lee can no longer hit the high notes
in alot of their older stuff?  They played Anthem at the Redbird Arena in
Bloomington, and while is was well played, it just didn't sound right.  I 
have also been told that they do not play anything except the overture from 
(Given Geddy's vocals on Anthem, I don't blame them)

And to who ever it was who mentioned Predator II:
1) No the columbians don't practice voodoo.  You probably mean Santaria,
   which is close.
2) 'Rolling the Bones' isn't just voodoo.  It is an ancient divination method,
   akin to reading the entrails of a chken.  Somewhere along the line, sombody
   likened betting on dice to 'rolling the bones', hence the experssion
   rolling the bones.

ORQ- All of the seasons, and all of the days.
     All of the reasons why I felt this way.



Date:        Tue, 26 Nov 91 13:37:04 EST
From: "DB/fw" 
Subject: vinnie colaiuta

Anyone who saw Vinnie Colaiuta on Sting's _Soul Cages_ tour was
treated to some excellent drumming....besides Zappa, who else
has he worked/toured with?     Dana/fw


Date: Tue, 26 Nov 91 13:45:53 -0500
From: brian christopher te 
Subject: Rush on MTV

On tues, 25 Nov, at approx 10:30 p.m., I heard the unbelievable.!

During "Most Wanted" whenever they went to commercial they were playing the
beginning of xxx
	Show Don't Tell!!!!!
No kidding . I just thoght I'd let you all know that!

BTW, I went to the or excuse me THE concert. All I have to say is that
it was better than all the others i have seen before.
The drum solo... nuff said. Here's one interesting note. Before playing
Finding My Way, Neil stood up and was waving his sticks in the air .
Pretty cool for the Professor, eh.
That's it for me, Take off , eh!
Brian 'Psycho Runner' Testa.


Date: Mon, 25 Nov 91 13:55:19 GMT
From: (Adrian N Ogden)
Subject: Freddie Mercury

                 "Give me one life, Give me one hope,
             Just gimme gimme gimme gimme fried chicken!"

                           Freddie Mercury

                            Rest In Peace


From: Dan Dickerman GSY 1-447-4425 
Subject: Predicting Ticket Sales
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 91 11:13:09 PST

>if anyone knows when the tickets for oakland on the 29 and 30 of january go on
>sale please post it to the board. i would really like to know so that i won't
>get surprised on a sunday morning.
>james mattis
>university of california at berkeley

(Hey, how 'bout that Big Game?)
You could also check the San Francisco Examiner's Friday entertainment section,
possibly still called "Weekend."  On the front of it, there should be a
column listed as "On & Off" which announces that weekend's new ticket sales,
upcoming available major events and changes.  It's been quite helpful
in these matters in the past.  It's $.25 a week, and you get a great birdcage
liner to boot!

-Dan Dickerman
 Cal Grad


Date:     Tue, 26 Nov 91 13:23 EST
Subject:  RUSH "Where's My Thing" promo single

Well as to the rarity of it...
I'm sure only radio stations have received it. The radio station
that I work at here in Bloomington, In. has it. Well, they had it.
I managed to talk them into letting me add it to my collection. The
problem is that when record companies send out promos, they usually
do not send a cd insert. Of any kind. As far as other people getting
ahold of it, the disc is "Licensed for promotion only" and "Sale is
Prohibited" and "Ownership and right to possession is reserved by
Atlantic Recording Corporation." What that all means is that when Atlantic
sends the station the disc, they can take it back at any time. If the
station still has it. Just a bit of info.


Date: Tue, 26 Nov 91 10:26:05 EST
From: (David Kuznick)
Subject: Rolling bones

Originally animal bones were used in games of chance, marked on each
side.  This slowly gave way to shaped ivory sticks, which could have
many sides, which finally eveolved into the dice we know and love

David Kuznick


Date: Tue, 26 Nov 91 12:39:02 -0800
From: David Conley 
Subject: Backstage Club Newsletter is back

Just received the lastest installment of the Rush Backstage Club
Newsletter. I had not received one since Presto came out in 1989.
It is basically a vehicle for purchasing Rush paraphernalia..
One thing of interest...Roll The Bones tour programs are selling
for $10 through the Backstage Club. If these are indeed the same
programs as are being sold at the shows then this is a real deal!
Neil also has a 2 page Q and A section again . Most folks
who have been reading the NMS already know most of the answers to
these questions. Am I the only one who thinks that Neil is being
a bit too sarcastic in his replies?? I hope he is more of a
straight shooter in the Rockline interview next week.

BTW, Rockline can be heard at 8:30 pm on Dec.2 on KISW FM 100
in Seattle. Bob Coburn said that this would be Neil's first
radio interview in 10 years! Yow!


David Conley
University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle


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