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Subject: 11/28/91 - The National Midnight Star #389

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 389

                Thursday, 28 November 1991
Today's Topics:
                Some thoughts and replies.
                  Rockline in Albany NY?
                      What da....?!?
          Neil on Rockline/ tix in the bay area
               Andy Curran, of Coney Hatch
                  Geddy's changin' voice

From: (Victor Kamutzki)
Subject: Some thoughts and replies.
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 91 21:44:53 EST

|) From: Have YOU seen the fnords? 
|) Let's see if we can activate that magic "rewind" button.. sounds
|) like "Andy Curran."

Do yourself a favor and boot down the road for a beer during the
opening show.  Any Curran (ex of Coney Hatch) is _very_ generic and
_very_ boring.  *yawn*

|) From: Tanguy Kervahut 
|) Well, for the Montreal show the special guest is Andy Curran (never
|) heard of the guy...)

See the comments above.  I used the opening act as an opportunity to
sit and spin a couple spliffs.  *yawn*

|) From: Ross 
|) I've heard of there being a morse code somewhere on roll the bones....

Can't help you there.  There's that bit at the beginning of YYZ (but
you already knew about that).  BTW, didya know that Primus does a
wicked cover of the YYZ intro on "Suck On This"?  Check it out.
Primus sucks!

|) From: (Ron Kleiner)
|) Subject: Ottawa 11/26
|) Saw the dudes last night at the Ottawa Civic Centre, 'twas mega, as
|) expected.

Hmmmm.  Were you the guy that was shouting and screaming?  :-)

|) A few minor disappointments, however.

And a few more.  The venue (the Civic Center) way way too small (even
though it didn't sell out).  The crew made the best a bad situation,
acoustically speaking, so the sound wasn't as muddy as it was at
Metallica a couple weeks ago.  But muddy is muddy and the quality of
the sound disappointed me.

This tour was brought to you by the letter F, as in formulaic.  If
you've been to a Rush show in the last four or five years and you find
yourself unable to attend Roll The Bones, don't get suicidal.  About
the only thing that's changed is their wardrobe.

|) Portions of "Time Stand Still" and "Subdivisions" were guitarless,

Guitarless (not undermixed).  But if you couldn't see Alex fiddling
with his hardware, you never would have known anything was wrong.

|) Geddy hardly spoke to the audience, a little uncool I guess;

Was it just me, or did I hear him say, "Good evening!  Where the hell
is Ottawa?"  :-)

|) I can't remember who the opening act was (I skipped it), It was
|) some Canadian band.

See comments above.  If you missed Andy Curran, you missed nothing.
He tried, but I was bored.  E for effort.  *yawn*

|) [Oooops, sorry.  I deleted your name, but you know who you are.]
|) There was a short review in the paper last week of an album by a new
|) Canadian group said to be influenced by Rush among others. The album was
|) produced by Terry Brown. I forget the name of the group, but if I can find
|) the article, I'll post it next week.

Voivod.  They opened for Rush a few times.  Their new album, "Angel
Rat" isn't quite as intense as their earlier stuff (gee, where have I
heard that before?), but it's still decent.

|) John

There you go.  That's who I'm talking to!

Later days,
Victor Kamutzki


Date: Wed, 27 Nov 91 21:55:58 EST
From: (Michael R Charbonneau)
Subject: Rockline in Albany NY?

Does anyone on the list know if a local station here in
Albany NY will be carrying the Dec 2 rockline show?
please email me with the station and time.



Date: Wed, 27 Nov 91 22:28:34 -0500
From: ba080@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Jim B. Stevenson)
Subject: Stuff

Hello again all!

Just though I'd add a little somethin'.  I've heard continuing rumors
through my various Rush newsletters about Bob Rock producing the next
album for the boyz.  Someone else posted somethin' to this effect.
Anyone got the facts?

"Here we are.  Born to be kings.  We're the princes of the universe!"

	In my opinion, Freddie Mercury had become the KING of the
	universe.  His death shocked me, as I realized a legend was
	gone.......but never forgotten.  He shall "Live Forever" in
	our memories.  Rest in peace, my good man.

					Jim Stevenson

"I will choose a path that's clear, I will choose free will"


From: (Ron Kleiner)
Subject: What da....?!?
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 91 22:51:31 EST

In today's NMS, John Romeo writes a couple of silly things.   He
believes Rush should call it quits.  As evidence, he claims Neil used
to smile on album covers and now doesn't.  This is patently false.  He
looks quite serious on 2112, Farewell, and 'Spheres, and definitely is
smiling on Signals, P/G, Power Windows, and HYF.  The others are
pretty well neutral.  Then he goes on accusing Neil of being arrogant,
egotistical (or something along those lines) in recent interviews.
Would he care to provide evidence?  Finally, he believes Rush is now
in it only for the $$.  Pure crap.  They already have untold millions,
huge mansions, families, other hobbies, and shit like that.

Well, this isn't too informative a post, but we can't led the B.S.
slide around here, eh?

Ron Kleiner


Subject: Neil on Rockline/ tix in the bay area
From: (Sean Flanegan)
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 91 18:03:12 PST

      I was listening to Rockline a few weeks back and when BC was
nameing people to be on the show... he named Neil Peart...  Motley crude
were on that week and when they heard Neils name  One of the band members
remarked  "  Better get the Geritol out for that one." WhaT a Flippin'
loser.      If anybody finds out when tix will go on sale try and tell
me.  Radio stations know nothing.




Date: Thu, 28 Nov 1991 03:14 EDT
From: "A. Lloyd, York University" 
Subject: Andy Curran, of Coney Hatch

It has been mentioned that Andy Curran is opening some Rush dates.  He
is formerly of the Toronto-area band Coney Hatch, which released
several albums in the early to mid-1980's on Anthem Records.  Coney
Hatch eventually broke up however.  Andy Curran had re-emerged as a solo
artist and put out an album in 1990.  He has been gigging heavily for
the last year, especially on the Ontario bar scene, and has also received
some good radio exposure.

Andy Lloyd
York University


Date: Thu, 28 Nov 91 18:56:18 EST
Subject: Geddy's changin' voice

Geddy's voice isn't really changing for the worse.  In fact, based
upon what I've heard from Geddy, his apparent inability to hit the
high notes is merely a choice on his part to sing more pleasantly.
The trend is apparent in the recent studio albums on which Geddy has
pushed his vocals to include more emotion and ooverall quality.
About the mystery rapper on RTB.  It's Geddy.  I fund out this info.
while Rush was here in Detroit at the Palace.  Alex Lifeson let the
word out on WLLZ 98.7 FM that Geddy had done the rap with a device
which altered his voice.  Alex did the vocal on Subdivisions and as
all know, Geddy did Cygnus X-1.  As for Vinnie Colaiuta, he also
worked with Robben Ford, whom Alex Lifeson is a fan of.  Vinnie is
truly a great drummer, but not as great as Neil.  They're are better
drummers than the professor, however.  Dave Weckl, Steve Gadd, and
Bill Bruford are a few.  However, I have been impressed lately at
Neil's use of jazz grooves on RTB.  Neil can play a lot more than
just rock, but that's his style, so he sticks to it.  I would like
to see Neil do some other work drum-wise, like the Buddy Rich
Memorial Scholarship Conmcert.
NOTE:  Please excuse typing errors, due to technical difficulties, I
was unable to delete on this machine.


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