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Subject: 12/10/91 - The National Midnight Star #398

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 398

                Tuesday, 10 December 1991
Today's Topics:
             Ayn Rand / Objectionism (?) (sp)
                     RTB on the radio
               Is it live or is it Memorex?
                        Dec 7 show
                       RTB tour...
                 The Gedster and Lady Day
                  The Fountainhead Movie
          Xanadu, CoS cover, Subdivisions locale
                 Re: Genesis Mailing List
                 Playing A Lone Hand ...
                  Band In North Carolina
           12/6/91 New York City-- SPOILER!!!!
                   RUSH in Oakland, CA
           Neil's Rockline Taped And Available
                Las Cruces and Pheonix tix
                      peter collins
                   RUSH in Richmond, VA

From: Editor, The National Midnight Star 
Subject: Administrivia

Since I've gotten this question once, I figured I'd nip it in the bud and
clarify what I wrote yesterday.  If you know you are losing computer access
over the break (or at ANY time), please send mail to the administrative
address so I can take you off the list.  This avoids headaches for me having
your mail start bouncing back at me.  Also, send this mail when you want to
be removed, not a week or two beforehand; I'll never remember.  A day or two
maybe, but not a week or two.  I was able to do that when the list was a
measily 200 or so, but now it's just too large.

The Rush Frequently Asked Questions List (FAQL) is being mailed out as second
(special edition) posts of the NMS; the first today, the second should be
tomorrow.  These will be made available at the anonymous ftp site at Syrinx
as the file 'rush/special/FAQL.111991'.  In addition, there is a new offering;
a list of just the questions in the FAQL.  I won't post this as it would be
redundant, but I will make it available in the file 'rush/special/FAQL.index'.
I won't do it by date; assume that the index is for whatever FAQL there is.

Also, since I've seen a dozen or so posts asking about tour schedules for
upcoming gigs (and whether they're playing  city), I thought I'd repost
the tour schedule I have, sent in by various readers.  This is NOT the final
word, as some shows are/will be moved, but it's something.  Of course, Eric
Johnson is no longer opening for them; Vinnie Moore is currently, and I've
heard rumors of Primus opening on the left coast.

------------- cut here -------------

12/10 Boston, MA
12/12 Albany, NY
12/15 Buffalo, NY
12/16 Toronto, Ontario

At the top it also says "Special Guest : Eric Johnson"

------------- In another post on 10/25/91 -------------

Dec. 16, 17  Maple Leaf Gardens, TO

January 92

17  Las Cruces, NM.
18  Pheonix, AZ.
20  San  Diego, CA
21  Los Angeles, CA
23  Los Angeles, CA
24  Fresno, CA
26  Reno, NV
27  Sacramento, CA
29  Oakland, CA
30  Oakland, CA

February 92

2  Vancouver, BC, Canada  (cool on a Sunday, I'll be at this 1)
4  Seattle, WA
5  Portland, OR
15 San Antonio , TX
16 Dallas, TX
18 Houston, TX
20 Austin, TX
22 Shreveport, LA
23 New Orleans, LA
25 Pensacola, FL
26 Jacksonville, FL
28 Miami , FL
29 St. Petersburg, FL


2 Orlando, FL
4 ATlanta, GA
5 Columbia, SC
7 Chapel Hill, NC
8 Hampton, VA
10 Richmond, VA
11 Baltimore, MD
13 Nassau Coliseum, Long Island, NY


Europe (don't know exact dates yet!)

[ From: John Towse  ]

10 Sheffield Arena

[ From: ]

12th the NEC  (??)
13th the NEC  (??)

[ From: Paul May  ]

17th London Wembley Arena
18th London Wembley Arena

[ From: Kelly A. Vinal <70720.626@CompuServe.COM> ]

April 21 at the Music Hall in Hannover
April 23 at the Sporthalle in Cologne
April 24 at the Festhalle in Frankfurt
April 26 at the Frankenhalle in Nurnberg
April 27 at the Eissporthalle in Berlin
April 29 at the Schleyerhalle in Stuttgart


Outdoor Arenas (don't know exact dates yet)
rumour has it they will do Alpine Valley , in Wisc. again. but don't know
the exact date as of now, but I'll keep ya informed


------------- cut here -------------

That's all for now.  If anyone has a more current/correct tour dates list,
please send it to me at the administrative address, and I'll make it available
via anonymous ftp.



Date: Mon, 9 Dec 91 20:42:20 CST
From: (Michael Silverman)
Subject: Ayn Rand / Objectionism (?) (sp)

Could someone please enlighten me briefly on this philosophy of Ayn
Rand's? Other than in the NMS, I have never heard of it. Could someone
please e-mail me something brief (whatever you have time for) explaining
Objectionism (?). Thanks very much!

: : "They shout about love, but when push     :
:.-.-.-.---.-.-...--.-.-.-.-.-:  comes to shove, they look for things     :
			      :  they're afraid of" - Neil Peart, RUSH    :
: Mike Silverman              : "Cubs win! Cubs win!" - Harry Caray       :


Date: Mon, 9 Dec 91 22:36 EDT
From: "Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug"
Subject: RTB on the radio

I had followed the discussion of RTB being cut by radio stations with a
bit of interest, but naturally I thought "It can't happen here."  Well,
tonight I was listening to the radio, and you guessed it, RTB comes on.
SO I listen closely, and right before the "spoken voice section", the song
skips - just like you'd expect it to if they did a bad cut to the end of the

Well, I was digging through my phonebook looking for the number of the
radio station, when suddenly the song skips AGAIN and I hear "Jack, relax..."
So I did.  Apparently they just had their CD player go nuts on them.  Or
perhaps some other irate Rush fan was quicker on the dial than I, and
threatened the station with bodily harm if they didn't fix it right quick.  :)

Anyway, it was a false alarm, but I thought it an interesting coincidence in
light of the relevant discusison here.  Stay vigilant, and don't let radio
stations get away with ANYTHING!


ORQ:  "Now the trees are all kept equal by hatchet, axe, and saw . . ."


Date: Mon, 9 Dec 91 23:26:02 EST
From: "David S. Schmidt" 
Subject: Is it live or is it Memorex?

At the two Rush shows in New York City last weekend, I think I figured
out how Alex sings those great "backup vocals."

With the help of binoculars, I carefully watched Alex whenever he "sang"
a strong background vocal. His vocal parts sounded *exactly* like the
studio recording- too close to be his voice simply run through an effects
processor. Each time, he apparently triggered a sample by pressing a
midi pedal with his foot. (he hit the same pedal each time, the one
closest to him when he stood at the mike, so it definately was not a
keyboard note that he was playing)

At times, the background vocal was Geddy's voice singing a harmony-
I think this was sampled too- not a harmonizer.

Another thing that I noticed was that Alex held the pedal down for the
duration of the sample.  At Friday night's show, Alex triggered a
background vocal a few beats too early, but he immediately realized
the mistake, and released the pedal- the sample cut off as soon as he
let go of the pedal.

It seems that Alex just lip-syncs the vocal part in time with the
sample.  It is possible that his mike isn't even turned on, except
for the songs where he doesn't use samples.  (But in those cases,
I'm not even sure that I hear anything he sings.)

By the way, there is a guy on stage behind the drums that almost looks
like a keyboard player- he sits in front of a mixing board, and 3/4"
video tape players.  He also probably loads all those samples at
the right times.

Even if Alex is lip-synching, both shows were fantastic!


From: Neal A. Dillman 
Date: Mon, 9 Dec 91 23:57:01 EST
Subject: Dec 7 show


	The Dec. 7th show was great.  Geddy's voice was the best I
ever heard it (I was also at the Cap Centre show on this tour and
several shows on previous tours).  He even hit the high stuff in
Anthem.  And Spirit's vocals sounded even better than the studio
stuff (more gusto).  In fact, Ged was really into it the whole night.
	Neil, on the other hand, was not.  He played well but erred a
few times.  Most notably coming out of the guitar solo in
Subdivisions Neil played something that just wasn't right (even Ged
was Shocked).  He fixed it w/in three eightnotes though (around 1.5
seconds).  He also shortened his nightly solo somewhat.  Strangely
enough, he did seem in a good mood though (rare).
	Also of note the B-man (Bill Banashevitz) was in attendance.
(I saw him coming off the train from philly). And yes, it does seem
that Bill is trying to look as muck like Ged as possible!!



Date: Tue, 10 Dec 91 00:16:44 -0500
From: dws2@po.CWRU.Edu (Donald W. Shields)
Subject: RTB tour...

	Does anyone have dates and places of where the rockers from
the north will be touring in the new year???  Once just isn't enough.....


From: the!

*********If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice!************


Date: Tue, 10 Dec 91 01:14:49 -0500
From: "Douglas G Schwabe" 
Subject: The Gedster and Lady Day

In the 10/91 issue of Canadian Musician Ged lists Billie Holiday as one of
his favorite artists that he likes to listen to when he's not recording/
touring etc.  Hmmm, I wonder if one of his favorite movies is "Lady Sings The
Blues" (w / Diana Ross as Lady Day, Good movie BTW).  The Boyz have some
interesting influences.  Check out Patsy Cline in the HYF credits as well
as Pee Wee's Play House (interesting, eh?).

Doug "NO ONE IS WORTH 6 MILLION!!!!" Schwabe

Thanks for the memories, Bobby Bo

Let's Go Pens - Keep the Cup in the 'Burg

1992 Pittsburgh Pirates - THE TIME IS NOW!


Date: Tue, 10 Dec 91 08:16:49 EST
Subject: The Fountainhead Movie

> Date: Sat, 7 Dec 91 15:00:47 -0500
> From: "Douglas G Schwabe" 
> Subject: Gary Cooper
> [...]
> Question:  Has anyone seen "The Fountainhead"?  Is it available on video?
> [...]

I've not personally seen "The Fountainhead" film, but it is certainly
out there.  It stars Gary Cooper, too, if memory serves.  I appreciate
the book very much, but shied away from a chance to see the movie
because I thought it would be a let-down.  I may be wrong, since I
read that Ayn Rand was pleased with the production of the movie...



Date: Tue, 10 Dec 91 10:31:44 -0500
From: Have YOU seen the fnords? 
Subject: Xanadu, CoS cover, Subdivisions locale

William Hartmann -- you must only have the *Exit...Stage Left* version of
Strangiato, as that's the one with "words".  Furthermore, I presume you don't
have full liner notes, as my CD contains the following words o' wisdom
regarding the "lyrics" to Strangiato:

>We also should include a (loose) translation for the new lyrics to
>the *Danforth and Pape* secion of *La Villa Strangiato*
>"Patty-cake, patty-cake,
> Mother's going to buy you shoes,
> Father's going to buy you socks,
> Baby's going to have red cheeks."
>Enough said.

However, I have NO idea if this is indeed what Geddy utters, nor what
language he is uttering in.  Sounds like complete gibberish to my humble
ears.  (Gee, I sure hope eight million other people don't post the exact
same thing.)

Chris Chamberlin (re: "Zanadu" and CoS covers) -- well, most record
companies aren't known for putting the most amount of care into cassette
reissues.  You may have thought CD reissues were oftentimes a little
cheezy... well, let's just say I'm *really* glad I went straight from LP's to
CD's.  Hey, it's better than the situation with *Led Zeppelin II* and IV,
where they actually changed the order of some of the songs to make the tape
sides more equal in length.  (On *II*, they SPLIT up `Heartbreaker' and
`Livin Lovin Maid'!!!  Sacrilege!")

Anyways, rest assured that Xanadu IS the correct spelling.

As for CoS covers -- I know someone who used to work for Mercury as a
distributor in Canada, and she handles CoS (and maybe some other Rush
albums) waaaaay back when.  Apparently the gray/blue cover is an early
pressing; I have no idea how rare they are.  I'd hang on to it if I were
you, but then I'm a musical packrat.

Once again about Subdivisions -- everything that *I* recognised in that
video was from Toronto, although I'm certainly not familiar with every high
school hall, shopping mall, and basement bar in the city.  Don't see any
reason for them to go *elsewhere* though, as everyone knows Toronto is by
far the coolest city on the face of the earth.  ;-) (Watch me get kicked out
of Montreal for saying that!)

Hmmm, enough topics for one post?  Thought so.

		Greg Ward (


Date:        Tue, 10 Dec 91 11:12:29 EST
From: Dan Newcombe 
Subject: Re: Genesis Mailing List

>Date: Sun, 8 Dec 91 01:56:32 -0500
>From: "Allan Hirt" 
>Subject: Genesis Mailing List
>I'm a little peeved at the GML.  The narrow minded members over there
>go batty if someone mentions our boyz (especially if someone mentions
>that they can run musical circles around Genesis).  Let's face it,
>Phil is no Neil.  I was only expressing my opinion (because they trash
>Rush on a regular basis), and they went nuts! (JUST MY $.02)
>P.S.  It's their loss.

Ah...But Geddy is no Tony Banks either. It's plain and simple.
Everyone has their favourite group and will die to say they are
the best, no matter what anyone says.


[ And Tony is no Rick Wakeman, and Rick is no ...  :-)             :rush-mgr ]


Subject: Playing A Lone Hand ...
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 91 11:45:49 -0500

Hello readers,

	If there's one song that I really like the lyrics to, it has
got to be _Fly_By_Night_.  So, when I heard there was some sort of
prologue to this song, I immediately became interested in learning it.
My best guess is that this prologue is some sort of intro to the song
like in _Cygnus_X-1_ or _The_Necromancer_, though I can't imagine it
would be done with same sort of funky voice as the two songs just
mentioned.  Well, if anyone knows anything, I'd be really glad to hear
from you.  My address is:     Bye.


[ How's this for instant gratification?  I've lost the name of the original
  poster (if you're out there, drop me a line!).

      For now, I'll post the "lost" lyrics for "Fly by Night".  These
    came from a copy written in Neils handwriting while in Lansing,
    Michigan and Toronto Canada.  They were shortened for marketing
    reasons when the final track was cut in the studio.  I believe
    they were also published in one of the many Rush biographies. 
    The first time Geddy performed the song live, he screwed up the
    lyrics but he stuck closely to the album version.  As far as I
    know, he has never sang the first part live.  I think we should
    all encourage him to do it live someday!!
    *** Fly By Night by Neil Peart ***
    Airport scurry flurry faces
    Parade of passers by
    People going many places
    With a smile or just a sigh
    Waiting waiting pass the time
    Another cigarette
    Get in line - gate thirty-nine
    The time is not here yet
    Why try?  I know why
    ( Rest of FBN as normal )

    This file is also available at the ftp site as:
      "rush/lyrics/02.fbn.longver"                                :rush-mgr ]


Subject: Band In North Carolina
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 91 12:16:33 -0500

To everyone:

	A while ago, someone from N.C. State wrote in about a local
band of college students who play Rush tunes very well. If that person,
or anyone else who knows about this band, would please send me the name
of this group and any information about when and where they plan on
playing, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.


Date: Tue, 10 Dec 91 12:33:24 -0500
From: Jonathan Russe Stehn 
Subject: 12/6/91 New York City-- SPOILER!!!!

I spent a ton of money, got screwed by Greyhound, couldn't find Port
Authority, and sat on the side of the stage, three sections up...
AND I WOULD DO IT AGAIN A HUNDRED TIMES to see what I saw Friday night.
The Boyz were INCREDIBLE.  Neil's drum solo was new and improved--
I don't normally care for drum solos but this one was absolutely awesome.
Alex played great-- he added something to Dreamline and played his
solo nearly perfectly in Ghost of A Chance (Which I was really happy
that they played).  Geddy was very emotional, running around the stage
in some songs and he sang The Pass absolutely beautifully.
Only a few problems-- He was a bit early in Show Don't Tell, but it
didn't matter much.  Alex's guitar was hard to hear in some songs because
it was drowned out by the bass-- in Bravado, for example, one of my
favorite songs, the bass was a little too loud.  It was still good though.
For those who say Closer to the Heart should retire-- NO WAY.  It was
as usual awesome, and the flames were a beautiful sight in the Garden.
I liked the shortened Subdivisions--it gave it a new flair.  And
Xanadu-- whoooooo boy!! What a great performance.
As for Vinnie Moore (snicker): The only time I clapped was when he left.
"Check this out New York City" should usually be followed by something
good, but all six/seven of his songs sounded like the first one, which
wasn't particularly good.  Played a lot of scales...
If you have the chance to see the RTB tour-- DON'T MISS IT FOR ANYTHING!!
I know; I went through hell to get there (from Wilmington) and through
hell to get back, and I would do it all over again.

To everyone who hasn't gone yet-- HAVE A BLAST!
The Letter "B"

              ** "Better the pride that resides             **
              **  In a citizen of the world                 **
              **  Than the pride that divides               **
              **  When a colorful rag is unfurled..."       **
              **                     (Peart- Territories)   **
              **                                            **
              ** "Greyhound sucks." (The Letter B)          **
              **                                            **
              **  The Letter B       **


From: (Dave "Louie" LaPlant)
Subject: RUSH in Oakland, CA
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 91 9:50:15 PST

Tickets go on sale Sunday December 15th at 10am for the Wed. Jan 29th show at
the Oakland Coliseum. Tickets are $22.50 for reserved seating. Tickets can be
purchased at any BASS/TM outlet, by phone at (415) 762-2277 or (408) 998-2277,
or the Oakland Coliseum. The opening act is Primus.

There is no information available at this time about a second RUSH show at the
Coliseum. I will continue to call the coliseum and pass on any information I
have about a second show if/when it becomes available.



Date: Tue, 10 Dec 91 12:42:13 EST
From: (Dave Zegas)
Subject: Neil's Rockline Taped And Available

There seems to be a bunch of people who either missed Neil's Rockline
interview and/or just want it on tape.  I emailed to a few of you directly
but since there's so many more, I'll just open my own floodgates.

I taped Rockline and editted out the commercials and music, thus the actual
interview is just under 45 minutes.  If you want a copy, send me a tape and
return postage (either a prepaid mailer or cash).  Email to me and I'll send
you my address.

I've got the last two weeks of December off, thus if you get me a tape by
then I'll be able to copy and send in about a day.

  /	Dave Zegas
 /	Computer Consoles, Inc.
/	Rochester, NY


Subject: Las Cruces and Pheonix tix
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 91 8:52:21 MST
From: Guy Kendall 

Have you ever made one of those mistakes, so fatal, so terrible, that you
are just not sure if life can continue as we know it? Well, I made one, I
thought Las Cruces tickets went on sale on Monday the 9th, but to my dismay
they went on sale on Sat. the 7th, it was Metallica tickets that went on sale
on Monday! Well, luckily I decided to check the date Sat. afternoon so I
still got tickets, they are just pretty bad. Well, now that I have got
you all thinking "My god man, this is Rush, how could anyone make such a
serious mistake?" I want to get on to the real purpose of this message.

The Las Cruces concert has been moved from Friday January 17 (as reported
in TNMS) to Saturday January 18 so obviously the concert schedule has
been changed. Since the 18th was supposed to be the Pheonix date, I
suggest that you Pheonix people do some serious calling to try and find
out what happened.

Is anyone planning a NMS party/get together in Las Cruces? We will be making
a major road trip, and don't have any idea what there is to do in Las Cruces.
We were thinking about driving down to Juarez, Mexico to mess around for
a while. Also, we might have 2 open seats in my car going from Colorado.

When will Rush be announcing their schedule to play out door arenas this
summer? Sure hope they hit Denver; Red Rocks would be great. Then maybe
I can get some good seats.

Guy W. Kendall - Applications Engineer            Guy.Kendall@ColoSpgs.NCR.COM
NCR Microelectronic Products Division               Voice: 719-596-5795 x465
1635 Aeroplaza Drive       | Do Integrated Circuits | Fax: 719-570-6045
Colorado Springs, CO 80916 | work in South Africa?? | BBS: 719-596-1649


Date:        Tue, 10 Dec 91 13:47:32 EST
From: "DB/fw" 
Subject: peter collins

yes...peter collins has produced both rush and queensryche



From: bkekesi@uceng.UC.EDU (Jealous Knight)
Subject: RUSH in Richmond, VA
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 91 14:18:30 EST


   I'm new to this group, and not sure if someone has posted this already; but
I heard that RUSH will be in Richmond, VA sometime in March.  Does anyone out
there know what the date is for that show.  And also, do you know if they will
be stopping in Hampton or Norfolk, VA?  -and when.

   I've already seen them once on this tour (RTB), but I make a habit to see
them at least twice every tour.



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                     |   but we feed the machines."  |


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