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Subject: 12/11/91 - The National Midnight Star #400

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 400

               Wednesday, 11 December 1991
Today's Topics:
             Re:  Gary Cooper & Bay Area Tix
                   A Myriad Rush Topics
                 Tix for Phoenix(WHEN?!?)
                 RE: Genesis Mailing List
      Re: 12/10/91 - The National Midnight Star #398
        Favorite 3 Groups poll results at last !!!
                    missing RUSH song?
                        GUP cover
                       Look alikes!
                 RE: Genesis Mailing List
                      Rush at Big D?
                       NYC comments
                     Re:  Tour dates
             Re: Boston 12/10! (no spoilers)
                    toys in the show?
                  Jersey skipped....NOT!
              Re: Las Cruces and Phoenix tix
       ***SPOILER*** The show at Worcester 12/10/91
                  Primus on )left coast9
                    Ayn and gibberish
                   address of the boyz
             New Jersey, The Garden State :)

Date: Tue, 10 Dec 91 11:51:25 PST
From: Ralph.Torres@Corp.Sun.COM (Ralph Torres)
Subject: Re:  Gary Cooper & Bay Area Tix

>Question:  Has anyone seen "The Fountainhead"?  Is it available on video?

Yes and Yes.

The movie parallels the book exactly (big surprise as Ayn Rand
was heavily involved.... executive producer or something).

Despite this, the movie does not do the book justice. It's a good
movie to see if you know and enjoyed the book, but those not
familiar with Rand would probably think it a boring flick.

The only place I have seen it was in a BlockBuster video store
(not sure if this is a national chain or not). I dont recall who
distributes it. If you are really interested, email me and
the next time I'm in BlockBuster I'll get the relevant info...

Ralph Torres

BAY AREA FANS: A call to BASS last night revealed that tix go on sale
               this Sunday for a show on 1/25. No word on a second show.
	       Primus will open the show. I'll try to get an official word.


Date: Tue, 10 Dec 91 17:13:24 EST
Subject: A Myriad Rush Topics

I've got a lot of ground to cover, so here goes:  As for "Ghost..."
appearing in the live set, Rush did not play the song during its show in
Detroit.  I was expecting to hear it because of the positivity the boyz
have expressed about the tune, but it was not played.  The GUP cover is
a painting by Hugh Syme.  I'm not sure what it represents, but for further
questions, ask Neil; he has the original in his living room I'm told.
About TV stations using Rush's music:  WXYZ Channel 7 in Detroit has
frequently used tracks from Power Windows as intros, fades, and background
for their news ads and such.  My response to comparing Alex Lifeson's solos
to those of others is that such is a waste of time.  There have been and
will be thousands of guitarists in the world, and only so much can be done
note and chord-wise on a quitar.  When thousands are playing and writing,
similarities are bound to come up.  Rush's Rand influence is non-existent
as of now.  Neil Peart was influenced by her writings in his formative
years, but the music was never a vehicle for her philosophy as some have
claimed.  Anthem and 2112 are the only two songs which were obviously
Randish.  Beneath, Between, and Behind seems to come more from Neil than
anything of Rand's which I have read.  I would recommend looking into Rand's
books to find out what the influence is about, but you'll also realize that
the influence is no longer there.  Thanks to whoever used the phrase
"Ticketbastard".  I've had my own bad experiences with them and will make
that word part of my vocabulary.


Subject: **Spoiler**
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 91 15:48:41 -0500
From: bpitas@dec3100a

Well, that had to have been the best show I've ever seen!  (Providence)
It was incredible!!!

As for this:

> Date: Mon, 9 Dec 91 10:18:50 EST
> From: "Larry Salomon, Jr.        (T/L) 862-3934
> Subject: SPOILER - Rush at Madison Square Garden, December 7

[        Stuff Deleted         ]

> The lasers were there, as before, using the same choreography as on the
> Presto tour

[        Stuff Deleted         ]

I feel sorry for you guys, because the laser show at PCC was absolutely
incredible.  I remember the Pink Floyd concert during the 'Delicate'
tour, and the lasers last night were every bit as good as Floyd's.  They
had laser-pyramids circling Alex and Geddy, and during La Villa they
projected this *incredible* sheet of green and blue lasers across the
whole arena.  Best lighting effects I've ever seen in concert!

Pretty much same stuff as everyone else has been saying:
They played GoaC, the Rhythm Method has been about 50% changed...
The guys didn't really seem to be having a good time.  They had
their moments, but they seemed a bit prepared.  Neil looked really
pissed after he missed his drumstick during a throw.  Alex looked
mighty tired at times.  The Gedster was his usual 'giddy' self.

Something cool:
Right at the begining of the Rhythm Method, someone chucked one of
those chemical glow stick thingies on stage, and it bounced off of
Alex's synth and hit one of Neils cymbals, making it sound.  It was
really cool because it sounded like it should have been there, but
Neil was not amused.  (like I said, he didn't seem to be having much

Well, gotta mosey...

* Bob Pitas                         * Elfin songs and endless nights      *
* bpitas@flora.CCS.Northeastern.EDU * Sweet wine and soft relaxing lights *
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*     |   / | | | \ \  |   |        *                   -Neil Peart       *
*     |___\  \_/  \__/ |_|_|        *                        "Rivendell"  *

PS:  Geddy *smiled* at me...  I swear to God!!!  (Alright, it could have
been any of the 17 people in front of me...)


Date: Tue, 10 Dec 91 15:14:30 PST
Subject: Tix for Phoenix(WHEN?!?)

Well, I just called the Phoenix Coliseum box office, Ticketmustard, and the
KDKP Concert Connection to see if I could find out ANYTHING about Rush.
Nothing.  There is no mention of Rush at all.  I told the operator for
Ticketmustard about the *rumored* Jan. 18 show, and he said it's quite
possible for tickets to still go on sale at a later date.  Sigh.............

                                       |      |
Ben Ragunton                           |      |
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                                       /     \
and lin# noise is nev~r a prob{{{d~~{{{3a@#{{{J~i8f~~~    NO CARRIER


Date: Tue, 10 Dec 91 17:51:58 MST
From: (John A. Turner)
Subject: RE: Genesis Mailing List

>Date: Sun, 8 Dec 91 01:56:32 -0500
>From: "Allan Hirt" 
>Subject: Genesis Mailing List
>I'm a little peeved at the GML.  The narrow minded members over there
>go batty if someone mentions our boyz (especially if someone mentions
>that they can run musical circles around Genesis).  Let's face it,
>Phil is no Neil.  I was only expressing my opinion (because they trash
>Rush on a regular basis), and they went nuts! (JUST MY $.02)

Wait a minute.  I've been on both the Genesis and RUSH mailing lists
(as well as several others) for a while, and I just can't let this
float by.

First of all, RUSH is *NOT* "regularly trashed" on the Genesis list.
What really happened was that somebody (I think it was the guy that
runs the list) had never heard any RUSH.  Several list members made
suggestions of RUSH albums he should listen to.  He did, and decided
he didn't really like any of the RUSH he had heard.  Fine.  I don't
see that as something to criticize him or the Genesis list for.

One thing that has bothered me about TNMS is the general "RUSH are GODS",
"RUSH can do no wrong", "RUSH are the best musicians on the planet"
attitude.  This has been expressed both explicitly and implicitly.  For
example, statements like "well, if you don't like such-and-such
an album, you must not be a die-hard fan".  I submit that there is no
virtue in being a "die-hard" fan (one who thinks everything RUSH does is
great just because it is done by RUSH).  I personally *try* to listen
to each new album with no prejudices.  I admit that it is virtually
impossible, but that's what I strive for.  Personally, I didn't really
like _Presto_, and I haven't liked what I've heard of RTB so far.
Likewise, I only really like pre-ABACAB Genesis.

As for RUSH as musicians, they are indeed top-notch.  I play guitar,
and I'm continually challenged by Lifeson's work.  HOWEVER, while
Neil, Geddy, and Alex *are* the best on their instruments *for RUSH*,
I don't consider any of them to be "best" on an absolute scale.  Indeed,
it is almost silly to even argue about it.  For example, I personally
consider all of the following musicians to be "better" *in some aspect*
than the corresponding RUSH member.  HOWEVER, none would be better *in

Guitar: Steve Howe (no explanation needed)
        Steve Hackett (of early Genesis, excellent tone and note selection)
        Steve Morse (fast, tasty)
        Robert Fripp (precise, innovative are understatements)
Bass:   Chris Squire (one of Geddy's idols, and rightly so)
        Tony Levin (master of both Stick and bass)
Percussion: Bill Bruford (no explanation needed)
            Phil Collins (yes indeed!, just listen to some Brand X; he
                 is *every bit* as good as Neil, he just doesn't show
                 off all the time)
            Terry Bozzio (most underrated, check out Frank Zappa's
                 _Baby Snakes_ video; *incredible*)
Keys:  nobody's ever claimed Geddy was a master of keys (have they?)
Voice: I better not even touch this!

Again, though, Neil, Geddy, and Alex are the best *in RUSH*.  In other
words, there is a synergistic effect when they are together; the whole
is more than the sum of the parts.

I'm sure I'll get plenty of flames for this, but doesn't anybody out
there agree with me?  Does anybody else get tired of "RUSH-worship"?

[ For what it's worth, I certainly do. As Neil said, "Get a life!" :rush-mgr ]

-John Turner


Date: Tue, 10 Dec 91 20:23:43 EST
From: (william w haskell)
Subject: Re: 12/10/91 - The National Midnight Star #398

	Please remove me from the National Midnight Star mailing list.


Date: Tue, 10 Dec 91 20:30 EDT
Subject: misc...

Can someone post the chords Geddy plays during the keyboard
part of YYZ (after the guitar solo after the spot where the drum
solo used to be live)...the one that starts out something like
Am, then the keys G-D (in that order...) Anyone know all of it?
I could probably figure it out if I felt like spending 5-10 min.,
but I'm very lazy...  I can allready play most of it, if anyone
wants any help with it.

Actually, how about some quasi-organized thing like the Avail.
Boots List for stuff like this...  I know there are already
guitar and bass tabs up at syrinx, but they don't help me (a
self-taught keyboardist).  Maybe compile a list of who can help w/
chords/other stuff for what songs??  Don't look at me to organize this,
though--I just couldn't find time.

I can offer help for some songs, though...
2112 (Overture, Temples of Syrinx, Discovery, and beginning of
Broon's Bane (beginning of), and the Trees
Parts of La Villa Strangiiato (a lot of that is cool guitar
stuff--hard to do on my cheap-ish keyboard, w/o a bender...)
Spirit of Radio
Red Sector A
Closer to the Heart
parts of Tom Sawyer
then, of course, there are a lot of songs that I can play small
parts from (e.g., opening/closing of Mission, openings of Red
Tide, Bastille Day, Fly By Night, Cinderella Man, Passage to

One more thing:  I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had taped
a p/g concert from King Biscuit...If anyone cares, I found out
that it was done the same night as the p/g video (you can tell
by talking, the songs...) Except the version of the video I
saw (taped off of MTV) didn't have some stuff the KB concert
did (i.e., Freewill and Limelight).  And the video has aLOT
that the tape doesn't.

That's enought rambling for now...  TTYL


Date: Tue, 10 Dec 1991 19:55 CST
Subject: Dice

Good evening, people:

	There's been a bit of dicussion lately about the dice on the cover of
RTB, and how they go from a definitely organized pattern to randomness.  Just
a further point that I would make is that not only do they go to a random
pattern, but there are spaces missing from them, as if parts were broken out
of them.

	I guess my explanation of this would be that not only do they fade from
order to randomness, but from randomness, entropy takes over, disinigrating the
pattern altogether.  What this means, of course, is up to the artist and to
each person's interpretation.  To avoid any flames, I won't even mention mine.
They tend to be different than most peoples'.  It's what I pride myself on.

Daneil P. Becker
University of Minnesota, Morris

ORQ: "We still feel that elation, when the water takes us home..."


Date: Tue, 10 Dec 91 18:53 EDT
From: "Anthony J. DelBusso" 
Subject: Favorite 3 Groups poll results at last !!!

Hello Rushians !
   Well, I have finally gotten around to tallying the poll results.  Alot of
you voted, but I don't think that enough of you did to really show anything,
because most of the groups/people that showed only have one or two votes.
Maybe it just shows that Rushians like different things (other than Rush), who
knows?  Well, here it goes:

   I recieved a total of 24 votes (including myself) which consisted of:

   Bach, Johann Sebastian..............1
   Black Sabbath.......................1
   Blue Oyster Cult....................1
   Borrowed Time.......................1
   Boston(/Orion The Hunter/RTZ).......2
   Collins, Phil.......................1
   Corea, Chic.........................1
   Cure, The...........................1
   Def Leppard.........................1
   Doors, The..........................1
   Emerson, Lake and Palmer............1
   Iron Maiden.........................1
   Jane's Addiction....................1
   Jethro Tull.........................2
   Living Colour.......................2 (my 4th favorite)
   Led Zeppelin........................3 (my 2nd favorite)
   Max Webster.........................1
   Metallica...........................2 (my 3rd favorite)
   Mitchell, Kim.......................1
   Nine Inch Nails.....................1
   Pink Floyd..........................6
   Police, The.........................1
   Stone Roses.........................1
   Suicidal Tendencies.................1
   Vaughan, Stevie Ray.................1

I didn't count Rush in the results, because if you get this list, more than
likely you are a Rush fan, and besides, most people who replied send 4 votes
(Rush + 3 others) because they were not sure whether Rush counted or not. I
really do wish that I would have gotten more votes, so if you haven't voted
yet, PLEASE WON'T YOU DO SO NOW????  If I get at least 10 or so more votes,
I will keep these results and post again with the new ones in a later NMS.
Well, that's enough for now.  Thanx for the votes!!!  L8r

                        Tony DelBusso

{Hey Doug ---> Bill who?}

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From: bkekesi@uceng.UC.EDU (Jealous Knight)
Subject: missing RUSH song?
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 91 21:31:15 EST

   I have a question involving the credits to the movie "Bill and Ted's
Excellent Adventure"  I have the movie on tape, and while a friend and I
were scanning the credits we found what looks to be a song titled "Party On"
by RUSH.  Could this be possible???  Afterwards, we tried going through the
whole movie again, seeing if we heard anything that sounded like RUSH, to
no prevail.  Maybe we didn't read it right, or maybe someone screwed up.  I
don't know.  Has anyone else out there ever noticed this?

                                         - Alex

         "We don't feed the people, but we feed the machines."


Date: Tue, 10 Dec 1991 22:06 CST
Subject: GUP cover

'Lo again,

        Someone posted wanting to know what the GUP cover meant. My
interpretation of it is this:

        the cover contains what appears to be the three forms of water;
        liquid, ice crystals, and vapor. If you're up on chemistry, you'll
        remember that water can exist in all threee phases at one time at
        its triple-point, which includes a certain pressure.
                Water at triple point ---> Grace under Pressure

That's my idea of what it means!

Well, I hate to go because I won't be back! After this semester I'll be off
co-oping in Huntsville Alabama. I've noticed that some NMSers are from there!
Maybe I'll see you all!

                                        Rick Presley
Roll the Bones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Date: Tue, 10 Dec 1991 22:09 CST
Subject: Look alikes!

I also forgot to say, I've seen pictures of Neil Peart where he looks like
the dude who played the well-known alien on the old TV show "My Favorite
Martian". Also, some of the older pictures of Lerxst looks like my former
chemistry professors too!

                                        Rollin' dem Bonez!
                                        Rick Presley


Date: 10 Dec 91 22:50:00 EST
From: "Karl W. Oberjohn" 
Subject: RE: Genesis Mailing List

	In response to Allan Hirt's comments about the Genesis Mailing
List, I can only say that the people over there are not "narrow minded"
and they don't "go batty" when someone mentions Rush (although they are
a little bit tired of a worn-out thread that compares Rush with Genesis).
But seriously, Allan, by making a statement like "Rush runs musical
circles around Genesis" on the Genesis Mailing List, you're barking up
the wrong tree, big time.  Not only is this just your opinion, but it
adds nothing constructive to the discussion either (unless you enjoy
going down in flames).  As Scott, the list manager, said in his INTRO file,
"There are no absolutes -- so don't state them."

[ I like this - I may "steal" it for this list's intro file...    :rush-mgr ]

	This list is the more appropriate place to glorify your favorite
band.  Just think if someone came over from the GML and started trashing
Rush!  I don't think the members of this list would have any more
patience with that person than the members of the GML had with you--
in fact, the NMS members would probably have much less.
	Your opinions are welcome.  But let's keep them opinions, not
facts.  And smile.  :)

Karl Oberjohn
University of Dayton


Date: Tue, 10 Dec 91 23:08:27 CST
From: (Brian Curran)
Subject: Rush at Big D?

Does *anyone* have information regarding when Rush will play at Reunion
in Dallas?  Ticket info?  At least 10 of us will follow the road to
redemption down to Dallas; even though the acoustics sucked for the
HYF tour, the tornado video during the intro of "Force Ten" was sufficient
to lure us back.

b "we *do* circle like hurricanes" c
Brian Curran                |internet:
NWSFO OUN                   |a voice:     (405) 321-7019
1200 Westheimer Drive       |disclaimer:  We don't care.  We don't have to.
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Date: Wed, 11 Dec 91 09:20 EST
Subject: NYC comments


Just a few comments....

	For the guy who said Bruce Cobern sucks and asked how many times
	did he say PERT before he got it right....Once, and I guarantee
	you it was on purpose.  So many people out there know Neal as
	PERT.  Bruce was just clarifying it for the listeners (IMHO).

	The Dec. 7th show in NYC was great.  This may be a mild SPOILER
	so beware.  During RTB, midway through the rap section when the
	lights came on, Alex was laying flat on his back on the raised
	section of the stage facing Geddy.  He was kicking his feet up
	in the air in time with the music.  The crowd loved it!  I was
	wondering if he did this at any of the previous shows.

	The local radio station, WNEW, broadcast live from the Garden
	on Dec. 6th.  I don't recall them ever doing that for RUSH
	before.  RTB (the CD) gets alot of air time on WNEW, more so
	than any other previous releases.  Both shows got rave reviews
	and are still being talked about.  Wait a minute, what's going
	on here?  RUSH?  Lots of air play?  Rave reviews?

	Never thought I'd live to see it.

Mike T.

OAQ - ....only a bass player would use a guitar made from fish.


Date: Wed, 11 Dec 91 09:22:43 EST
From: Jennifer Kopso 
Subject: Re:  Tour dates

Rush will also be playing a show at the Hartford Civic Center on Friday,
December 13th, 1991.  I'll be there!


\\\\\\\\   \\\\\\\\   \\\  \\\    \\\  \\\      Jennifer M. Kopso
   \\\      \\\        \\\\  \\    \\\\  \\     Yale University
    \\\      \\\\\\\    \\  \\\\    \\  \\\\    Computer Science Facility
\\   \\\      \\\        \\\  \\\    \\\  \\\   New Haven, CT  06520
\\\\\\\\\      \\\\\\\\   \\\  \\\    \\\  \\\


Subject: Re: Boston 12/10! (no spoilers)
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 91 10:36:19 -0500


  Well, we went to see the show last night at the Centrum.  The seats
were bad (well, abysmal -- I'm glad I took my binoculars), but the sound
was good, and Rush was great!  I won't post lengthy reviews, etc.
because it's been said already.

  Neil broke the front (i.e. towards audience) head on his bass drum
(too bad, too, it had a cool picture), but otherwise I didn't notice any
technical problems.  The band definitely seemed to be having fun, as did
the audience.  Neil's solo was great!  I screamed myself hoarse.

  One word of caution: Miss the opening act (Vinnie) at all costs!  The
ONLY redeeming feature of this bunch is that the bassist has enough
taste to play a Spector.....

Cheers, and enjoy!


Date: Wed, 11 Dec 91 09:50:27 CST
From: (Ervan Darnell)

Someone whose name I lost said:
>and asked "What's your question again?"  Then they played the show over
>the phone.  I timed a 4 second delay before it hit the airwaves of our
>local radio station.  I don't know if that is to catch swearing, or just
>a satellite delay--probably the latter.

How about simply to avoid feedback squeal both by making the loop delay
longer and having a chance to cut it off before it gets broadcast?


Date: Wed, 11 Dec 91 08:12:46 PST
From: Amy Goldman  11-Dec-1991 1051 
Subject: toys in the show?

	I was at the Worcester show - and it was amazing!!  It was
definitely better than the Presto show, IMO.  I thought Geddy was much more
up for this show than he was the last time I saw him.  (And for those
keeping track, he was wearing his hair down!)  I think I'm almost sorry I
read the song list before I went...but I couldn't resist!  As for Neal's
drum solo...what can I say that hasn't been said??  The man is awesome!
They put on such a complete show - and it goes by way too fast!  Lights,
lasers, videos, sound (love the use of the back speakers!)...just
fantastic!  (My favorite concert using lasers though is still the Pink
Floyd - Momentary Lapse of Reason tour at Sullivan Stadium with the fog
and low clouds...the effects were positively eerie!)

	I have a strange question to brother and I were wondering
about something.   Can someone who was sitting either near the front or on
the left side tell me what that was on top of the amp?  From where we were
sitting (lower right side, towards the back), the first thought was that it
looked like an energizer bunny banging away! (I was glad we *both* came up
with that independently!) :^)  Then we thought it was one of those dancing
flower things (those toys that move and seem to dance when there's music or
noise near 'em)...finally we guessed it was a dancing skeleton.  Is that
what it was?  We didn't notice it till towards the end of the show, and just
got curious.  Wish my brother hadn't forgotten the binoculars in the car!

	I guess since I'm here - anyone get the whole Rockline interview
and willing to make a tape for me?  I'd like the whole thing (well, I could
do without the commercials!), if I can get it!  I'm willing to send money or
tape and postage.

Amy (first-time poster, but reader since before the list went digest!)


Date: Wed, 11 Dec 91 11:12 EST
Subject: Jersey skipped....NOT!


	For the person who said Geddy did the rap live in NYC....
	no possible way.  It was all sequenced.  I really doubt
	they would stray from that.  Sure, you saw him appear to
	say "Get busy" but (IMHO) he was just mouthing the words.
	How many times have you seen members of a band mouth the
	lyrics to a song while playing it.

	For the person who asked why Jersey was getting skipped on
	this tour....I don't believe it is.  According to the back
	of my sweat shirt East Ruthurford (sp?) is part of the tour.
	This is the town in Jersey were the Meadowlands is.  My bet
	is they hit it towards the end of the tour.  Usually they
	play NYC on the last leg and Jersey on the first.  This time
	it looks like the opposite.

Mike T.

		"Party on Wayne" - Garth
		"Party on Garth" - Wayne


Date: Wed, 11 Dec 91 10:49:15 -0700
From: Mark S. 
Subject: Re: Las Cruces and Phoenix tix

This is to the guy who mentioned that the Metallica tickets were going
on sale Monday.  Is fo
Is it for the concert in Colorado?  Also if you know of any other
Metallica dates please e-mail them to me.  Sorry to deviate from
the Rush subject, but I like Metallica as well.  Besides that I plan
to see the Las Cruces and Phoenix shows as well.  Would appreciate the
info.  Thanks.

    							MArk S.


Date: Wed, 11 Dec 91 13:04:21 EST
From: (Gregg Jaeger)
Subject: ***SPOILER*** The show at Worcester 12/10/91


                            WOW! What a show!!

All the concert reviews I read before in the NMS about this tour being
a Presto Tour clone are simply false. NO WAY, MAN! This is a must-see
show. There is absolutely no doubt that Rush is at the height of their
musical powers, vinyl/chrome/digitized-plastic/Rupert be damned. The true
colors of a musician show themselves live and the boys were incredible.
Geddy's voice has never been better. Neil's solo was amazing. Alex was
broadcasting emotion, adding effects to bring out new features in his
RTB solos. But most of all, the show _as a whole_ was a tour de force!
I've seen every tour since Permanent Waves and I can sincerely say I've
never seen the boys so solid. `RTB' and `Xanadu' were beyond description...

As for the song choices and playing older tunes, what I saw was a clear
musical re-thinking and conceptual consolidation of the band. They've
clearly asked themselves `Why are we here?' and `Who are we anyway?'
and found clear answers to these questions. They made it very clear
what Rush is all about now, and played old tunes which they respect and
love to play which are relevant to what they're doing now. There is a
definite set of ideas, both philosophical and musical, which lie at
the core of Rush and the boys presented them (with the help of video)
loud and clear last night. This is the reason for the choice of songs,
which had some people scratching their heads. And the medley was put
together for one reason: to rock!

``Why are we here? Because we're here (dammit) and we're Rush and we
love what we do.'' And this fan saw that IT WAS GOOD!

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Date: 	Wed, 11 Dec 1991 09:40:39 PST
Subject: Primus on )left coast9


Just a quick reply to our esteemed rush-mgr's "rumors" that Primus will be
opening on the West Coast - it's not a rumor.  I got my tickets for Fresno
yesterday, and Primus is right there on the ticket.  Also, It's the 25th of
January, not the 24th.

Looking forward to rollin' the bones,


Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1991 13:40 EST
From:, Matthew S 
Subject: Ayn and gibberish

                                        Date:      11-Dec-1991 01:17pm EST
                                        From:      Mueller, Matthew S
                                        Tel No:    (201)-408-4432

TO:  Remote INTERNET Address              ( _IN%RUSH@SYRINX.UMD.EDU )
Subject: Ayn and gibberish

	To those who want to know about the movie version of _The
Fountainhead_, I have not seen it because I was advised _not_ to.
My mother is an English teacher and in her clas she teaches philosophies,
with a big unit on Rational Objectivism (she even mentions Neil Peart and
plays parts of 2112 and Anthem in class!). She's seen the movie and said it
sucked big penis. Cooper was miscasted and it is a big let down, so don't
bother with it.
	BTW, there is a movie version of Rand's _We the Living_. It was made
in facist Italy in the late 1930's and banned. Ayn herself helped resurrect
it and helped with the production until her death. It is long (two tapes) and
has subtitles, but not bad. I found it in my local library.
	La Villa doesn't have lyrics. What you hear on E..SL is Geddy
babbling in his own unknown language. I have a bottleg fom 1984's GUP tour
stop in Hartford in which the boyz play Villa in what I think is a second
encore (Ged actually pulls out his ole Rick and Lerxst uses's the Thing!).
In this rare version, Ged babbles again, but in a lower register.
	Here's my translation:
		Le boo jooie
		joo jooo joo

		Eebaa kameena!

		(The standard La La's like on E..SL.)
Quite Cool! I love this version!
(Maybe this translation should be put somwhere in the ftp site?)

ORQ- (read above translation)- G. Lee
		-Matt the Bassist


Date:    Wed, 11 Dec 1991 13:25:27 -0600 (CST)
Subject: address of the boyz

I was wondering if anyone out there knows of the addresses of each of the boyz.
I have heard (and the sources ARE pretty lame) that Neil and Geddy used to
live in the same area (in tow) with Alex living in some sort of castle (?) out
in the countryside. Any truth to these rumors???

Anyway, if anyone has a clue, tell me.



From: Neal A. Dillman 
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 91 16:12:36 EST
Subject: New Jersey, The Garden State :)


	Does anyone have the dates RUSH is playing East Rutherford??
Or for that matter, when the tickets are going on sale??

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