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Subject: 12/14/91 - The National Midnight Star #404

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 404

                Saturday, 14 December 1991
Today's Topics:
                     p/g album cover
                     Las Cruces Show
             Location of Rush members' houses
                    Bootlegs for RTB?
       has failed
            WOWOWOWOW (Hartford-12/13-SPOILER)
                    RUSH at the KNICK

Date: Fri, 13 Dec 91 17:10:04 -0500
From: Jonathan Russe Stehn 
Subject: Blasphemy

A little story: I was sitting in our dorm lounge when I was told that Rush
"sucked", and I immediately had to know why.  The answer, you ask?  "Their
lyrics don't mean anything!"  There's someone who knows an awful lot about
Rush.  I don't get mad when people listen to them and THEN decide they don't
like them, but to not even hear their music, and say they have NO TALENT?
That really annoys the hell out of me.

BTW, to all who ask about Ayn Rand, read ANTHEM or THE FOUNTAINHEAD if you
want some insight into her theories.  ANTHEM is short and a good-reading
book, and I personally liked THE FOUNTAINHEAD.

I agree with Matt the Bassist (alright, so I know him-- so what?) Rush today
is clearly still influenced by Rand's philosophies--because Neil has adopted
it as HIS philosophy.  It shows up all the time in their music (see
"Matt the Bassist" from previous NMS for examples), most recently in the
title track of their awesome new album.

The Letter "B"

ORQ: "It's not as if you're all alone in wanting to explode..." (The Pass)


Date: Fri, 13 Dec 91 16:18:07 -0600
From: (James Moseley)
Subject: BOOTLEGS!

Can somebody give me a phone # of who I can call, like RUSH's management
so I can tell them that bootlegs do not steal from the band, and that we
record them for a souvenir, not for money.  Hey, I'd be happy to pay
for a recording that the sound board guys made.  It would be better
quality, but they don't.  If they were selling them, that's one thing,
but I just think they're being severe assholes about it.  Wish I could
ask one of the band members!  I'm sure most of you know that Metallica
lets people come early to the show so they can plug in to the sound
board.  They realize that people are going to record the show, regardless
of security measures, so they want them to at least have a damn good
recording.  Sounds great to me!  Oh well... Talk to you later.....

James Moseley


Date: Fri, 13 Dec 91 13:47 EDT
From: HACK 
Subject: p/g album cover

The other day somebody mentioned that the meaning of the p/g album cover
was that a certain pressure is required for water to exist in all three
phases -- solid, liquid, gas -- in simultaneous equilibrium.  I think that
is an excellent interpretation.  If my chemistry knowledge serves me right,
the triple point of water occurs at a very low pressure (4.6 mm Hg, 760 mm =
normal atmosphere pressure) and a temperature near freezing point (0.01 *C,
normal temp = 25 *C).  Both of these conditions of temperature and pressure
are required for all three phases to coexist in equilibrium, thus necessitating
extradorinary precision and control and "grace".  The more I look at the poster
on my wall of it, the more I like this interpretation.  Just my $0.02.



Date: Fri, 13 Dec 91 19:20:30 MST
Subject: Las Cruces Show
From: sraby@NMSU.Edu!

Well, I discovered the best way to get tickets for LC anyway is NOT to camp out
unless you are first or second in line.  I got 12th row floor and I was 13th in
line, but I got 4th row floor from someone who works there.  Anyway,
I think someone asked about a possible get together for the Las Cruces show.
Since I live in Las Cruces, I suppose I could organize such a get together.
However, I don't know of any place we could throw a party as of yet.  Perhaps
someone could donate their hotel room to such a cause.(???)  I think there
would be enough interest to plan something anyway.  Also, if anyone needs
Hotel info. or any other info. regarding the most anticipated weekend, please
e-mail me at
I will be glad to help.
Also, I think RUSH has cancelled Phoenix, correct??  I still cannot find
any information which would tell me otherwise.  Anybody in Arizona or elsewhere
have a clue??

As a side note, I read in TNMS that Geddy was voted the 1991 bass player of the
year by Guitar Player??  Which issue did they decide that in??

37 days 'til RUSH hits Las Cruces for the first time in 8 years.  Man, they
are going to be amazed at the growth of this place!!!!!



From: (Amy Moseley Rupp)
Subject: Location of Rush members' houses
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 91 11:43:14 CST

> I sure hope you don't plan to pull a John Lennon job on Neil Peart.

> Brian E. Saunders             

Which John Lennon job?  The first one that came to mind was straight
from the movie _Imagine_ where a serious fan walks up to the door and
John asks him if he's hungry, and invites him in for a meal.

The second one is the tragedy that took one of the greatest musicians
of all time away from the world.

As for Rush's houses:

As most serious Rush fans know, Alex and Geddy grew up in Willowdale.
There is a street called Glen Cameron in Willowdale which is near where
they lived and went to school.

As to where they live now:

Somewhere north of Toronto.  Gee, that could be all the way to the
North Pole.  However, due to my trips to Toronto, I have it on rumour
that Lerxstland is in a subdivision called Bridle Path or Bridlepath,
I forget which.

There is a difference between being curious and being annoying.  It
is one thing to take a tour of Hollywood stars' houses from a bus,
and quite another to walk up to the door.  If any of you know Rush,
you know they respect their privacy more than anything.

It is quite enough to go to Toronto and feel the incredible beat of
the city.  It is a wonderful place with many things to do.  Why not
go see the sprawling subdivisions to get a sense of emptiness?  Why
not go downtown and catch the spirit of the place?  I took off from YYZ
just as it was dark, over the runway's constellations of light, and looked
down into the million houses of Metro Toronto.  I knew what the 24th of May
was right off the bat.  I've been to the basement bars, etc.

You will get a much better sense of Rush if you make the pilgrimage to
Toronto.  And, on the off chance that you run into Rush or meet them later,
you will have something in common with them.  I am a huge Blue Jays fan.
Couldn't hurt.  I also know all the words to "O Canada."  Learning about
the cultural influences on Rush is far more constructive than trying
to figure out where they live!  Unless you just want to see how big
their houses are...

Amy J. Moseley Rupp                         Hey twentysomethings!
Motorola Computer Group                     Listen to Austin's 107.7 FM!
(512) 329-7117                  :)          It's the music we're growing up or                   with, not a yuppie reminiscent
uunet!!oakhill!arla!amy        repetitive station.


From: Peter Adamkovics 
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 91 01:24:34 -0500
Subject: Bootlegs for RTB?

	I just saw the RTB concert in Albany, NY.  It was pretty impressive
compared to most other concerts I've been to this year.  I even liked it better
than the Presto concert, though it wasn't that much different.  Well, 
anyway, thereason I'm posting is that I was wondering if anybody had a 
bootleg of this concert.  Basically, the only reason I want it is for the 
new drum solo.  true, it
had a lot of electronic help, which the purist might not like, but it was good
nonetheless.  So if anyone has, or is planning to get a tape of this show, 
please email me.
	A quick question to the person who recently posted about the DAT taping
incident; How did you get in with all that equipment?  Here in Albany there
was a thourough search before anyone was let in.

*      Peter Adamkovics          *      * RushQueensrycheNINMetallicaF242     *
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From: Thomas Koenig 
Subject: has failed
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 91 14:39:59 MEZ

Hi, everybody;

the failure of the newsgroup has just been announced on
news.announce.newgroups; the article follows.

While I'm at it, I migth also quote from the newsgroups creation guidelines:

5) A proposal which has failed under point (3) above should not again be
   brought up for discussion until at least six months have passed from the
   close of the vote.  This limitation does not apply to proposals which never
    went to vote.

Here's the article.

Thomas Koenig, ui0t@dkauni2.bitnet,
-------- snip, snip -------------
Newsgroups: news.announce.newgroups,news.groups,,alt.rock-n-roll
From: (Jay Maynard)
Subject: RESULT: fails 136: 121
Message-ID: <8h1q!>
Followup-To: news.groups
Organization: UT Health Science Center Houston
Date: 14 Dec 91 03:44:16 GMT
Lines: 299

As noted in the Subject: line, the vote for creation of an unmoderated fails. While a majority of respondents voted for the group, it
meets neither of the requirements of a standard Usenet vote for passage,
namely 100 more YES votes than NO votes and a 2/3 majority.

Most of the NO voters mentioned the National Midnight Star mailing list. Not
being a Rush fan, I had no idea it existed, and feel that it's difficult to
find - after all, it doesn't have Rush in its name - for new users.

As noted elsewhere, I was not the originator of this idea; I merely offered to
take on the effort of managing the process of doing the formal newsgroup
process for someone who didn't have the time himself out of the belief that
the 100-message-per-day desperately needs SOMETHING done to it.
(For those who would object to that statement, I would point out that the
UUNET Top 25, which is ordered by bytes, not messages, had
passing 1435 messages the last time it appeared there for the two weeks it

For this vote to pass, 106 more YES votes or or 85 less NO votes would have
been needed. Feel free to say that your message was counted if it isn't in the
lists below, but it's extremely unlikely that enough will be found to change
the result.

One more note before I list the voters: Christopher Davis' campaign late in
the vote to get people to vote NO or ABSTAIN because of my objections to the
rec.arts.startrek reorg had absolutely no effect...four people voted YES, and
two voted NO, because of it, as best as I can tell. Nanny nanny boo boo. :-)

The YES voters:
"Allan Hirt" 
"Darryl Gamble" 
"Dylan Kaufman" 
"J.B. Nicholson" 
"Paul J. Solomon" 
"Todd L. Masco"
Alan Stanier
Ben Fulton 
Brian (B.D.) Chick 
Christopher James Santarcangelo 
Christopher Meyer (Fax Department) 
Daniel C. Testa 
Daniel Hermans 
Don Becker 
Eric Rescorla 
Felix Ling 
Greg Franklin 
Jake O Angerman 
James A Demes 
Jamison Crump 
John Chapman 
Mark "Crimson" Friedman 
Matthew Morse 
Michael Silverman 
Mike Boyers 
Philip A. Petrocelli
Royal J Carroll 
Russell D Glaeser 
Ryan Craig
Shawn Driscoll 
Steve Feldon 
Steve Watt 
Thomas Koenig 
Thomas Walsh <"chasmo::walsh">
Tim Kuehn (Kendric D Beachey) (Eugenio Sanchez-Pe~a)
amdcad!osc!jgk@uunet.UU.NET (Joe Keane) (Andy Merritt) (Arthur Miller) (Bob Foery)
bosslog!mspboss!milo!pclark@uunet.UU.NET (Pete Clark) (William J. Bouma) (Sean Brady) (Daniel Brown) (Andy Burnett) (Dave Schulman)
cchamp%bnrmtl.UUCP@Larry.McRCIM.McGill.EDU (Christian Dechamplain(Co-op)) (Dr. Line Noise) (Len Charest) (brad dalton) (Dave Anderson) (Dave Goldblatt) (doctor zero)
dpassage@postgres.Berkeley.EDU (David Paschich)
edsr!tantalum!bonzo@uunet.UU.NET (Matt L. Armstrong) (Elliot H. Mednick) (James Fowler) (F. Robben) (Frotz) (Gary Heston) (Guido Hogen) (Alagusundaram Periyannan)
gregm@wpi.WPI.EDU (Gregory M Marr) (Greg Schroeder) (Kevin West) (PETROSKY,WILLIAM T) (H. Schipper) (Howard Bartel) (holtrf) (Neal Rauhauser -- )
jason@angwin.Santa-Rosa.CA.US (Jason Kuest) (Jeff Williamson) (Jeff Holcomb) (Jay Martin) (Jay Maynard) (Jonathan Richards) (Jason Proctor)
jwj2@po.CWRU.Edu (Jerry W. Jordak) (Krishna E. Bera) (Ilya Khazanov) (By-Tor)
liebgold@SEAS.UCLA.EDU (Dan M. Liebgold/) (Mark Linimon)
mahaun@angwin.Santa-Rosa.CA.US (Mark A. Haun) (Malcolm Smith) (Mark Allsop) (Mark Reay)
mcdchg!marcal!apres!system@uunet.UU.NET (System Operator) (Mohana Vamsi)
modern day warrior (William Moxley) (Oktay S Ahiska)
osc! (Joe Keane) (Peter da Silva)
pevans@sanjuan.UVic.CA (Patricia Evans) (Patrick G Maggiulli) (patrick madden) (Scott Bernier)
rdippold@maui.Qualcomm.COM (Ron Dippold) (Ryan J Charland) (Paul Robichaux) (Micheal Marks)
sjsmith@cs.UMD.EDU (Stephen Joseph Smith) (John Sorota) (Steven D. Sauve) (Greg Stumpf) (stephen swann) (pronounced 'sword') (Todd M. Swan) (Wade Williams) (David Howard)

The NO voters:
"(Ken Warkentyne)" 
"Brandon Magee" 
"It's not where we stand, but in what direction we are heading  
           18-Nov-1991 0832" 
"Jarrod G. Miller" 
"Jim Winstead Jr." 
"John D. Talbot  " (Aaron Dailey)
Andrew Brooks 
Andrew Raphael
Asbj|rn Bj|rnstad 
Atro Tossavainen 
Bob Funchess
Brendan Kehoe 
Christopher Davis 
Dan Schlitt 
David Arnold 
David Rochberg 
Doug Orleans 
Douglas Maltais 
Eric Lundquist 
Frank <73765.1026@CompuServe.COM>
Harald Nordgard-Hansen 
Have YOU seen the fnords? 
Hugh Williams 
Jack Campin 
Jeremy York 
Jim Roche 
Jimmy Lang 
Joel Sax 
John G Dobnick 
John Lacey 
Jon Ross 
Kim DeVaughn 
Kjetil Torgrim Homme 
Lazlo Nibble 
Mark McKinzie
Matt Jun 
Peter David Roberts (Remco Moolenaar)
Richard Izzo 
Rob Knauerhase 
Robert Clark 
Robert Solomon 
Sven Heinicke 
Tim Becker 
Tom Epperly 
Tom Fitzgerald	
Tomas Ruden (Andrew J Whitman)
bell@neuron (Will Bell)
boy!robert@oliveb.ATC.Olivetti.Com (Robert A. Swirsky) (Jeff Carroll) (Carl Rigney)
cew@ISI.EDU (Craig E. Ward) (Geoff Talvola)
darc (Dan Delany) (Ronald V. Dziuk Jr.) (George Papadopoulos) (Jaideep Jain) (Joe Buck) (Jeff Carroll) (John Locke) (John D. Greer) (Brian Kenney) (Quincey Koziol)
ldl2142 <> (Leo Breebaart) (Mark Sicignano) (Dave Walker)
mas1! (Perfume of a Critics Burning Flesh)
mhill%cccan@uunet.UU.NET (Martin Hill) (Chris Chamberlin)
ottoh3@CFSMO.Honeywell.COM (Otto Heuer #3) (Mike Palmer) (Joel Plutchak)
pmw3y@spot.cs.Virginia.EDU (Michael Rawdon)
rob 'woj' woiccak (Rob Vaughn) (Richard Kulawiec)
rw@Rational.COM (Bob Weissman) (Dave V. Schaller) (Scott Huddleston) ("Duckie" Shiau) (Dave Shreiner)
sir Ola Rinta-Koski (Erland Sommarskog) (Stephen N. Spencer)
srobson@ucscb.UCSC.EDU (Seth I Robson) (Ivelisse Atiles)
sterling@leland.Stanford.EDU (Ted M. Young) (Tim Roberts)
tools!fl (Frank Lancaster)
ukelele!jlee@uunet.UU.NET (Joshua Lee)
usl! (Victor Kamutzki) (Adam Weitzman) (Audrey Mack)
wolves! (Gregory G. Woodbury)
wolves! (Lawrence F. London)

The ABSTAIN voter: (Allan M. Schaffer)

Jay Maynard, EMT-P, K5ZC, PP-ASEL | Never ascribe to malice that which can      | adequately be explained by stupidity.
  "Last time I tried to eat a Dodge Omni, it damn near ran me over!" --
         Josh Fielek, when told that most people are omnivores


From: (Dave Hamilton)
Subject: WOWOWOWOW (Hartford-12/13-SPOILER)
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 91 7:42:50 PST

Well, what can I say.  Our frineds were in rare form last night in Hartford.
Of course, being that I was sitting in the 3rd row made that a little easier!
The crowd was great last night.  It almost felt as if I were at a bar seeing
Rush than if I were in a huge arena.  I've beeen close before, but never have
the fans been this enthusastic.  Evereyone was looking around at everyone
else, singing lyrics with people you'd just met.  It was an absolutely great
show.  I don't know where they've been putting GOAC, but last night it came
right after The Big Money, during which, Geddy and Alex noticed my coon skin
(Davey Crokett-style) hat that I've gotten very fond of wearing.  They
thought it was quite odd, it seemed.

An interesting note:  Sitting right behind me was a man with a bunch of
cameras and stuff.  When I turned to him and asked him how he got all that
stuff into the show, he told me that he, in fact, was the editor for a Rush
fanzine.  When he gave me his card, I nearly died.  He was Steve Streeter,
the Publisher/Editor for A Show of Fans..  Pretty neato.  I told him that I'd
heard of the publication through the NMS here and he said "Wow, that computer
thing?  That's cool, man."  Or something to that effect.  It's amazing how
many people you can meet at a Rush show.  He also gave me his business card,
so if anyone's liiking for the address, you can e-mail me, or look in the
FAQL.  If anyone cares, it can be noted that Steve WAS wearing his Eraserhead
T-Shirt throughout the show.  Me?  I was wearing my "those melvins" t-shirt.
A shirt from a great local band who, IMHO, should get signed tomorrow, but
they probably wont.

Oh well, if anyone has any questions/comments, please feel free to ask!

(Jeez, this is starting to sound like a business letter!  Argh!!!)

Dave Hamilton		  | "Better the pride that resides in a citizen
daveh@netcom.COM	  |  of the world, than the pride that divides
apple!netcom!daveh	  |  when a colorful rag is unfurled."
70244.322@Compuserve.COM  |				-- N. Peart


Subject: RUSH at the KNICK
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 91 11:44:00 -0500
From: RUSH Fans Digest Manager 

------- Forwarded Message

Return-Path: mazzolav@dw14
Received: by dw14 (AIX 3.1/UCB 5.61/4.03)
          id AA10667; Fri, 13 Dec 91 23:03:13 -0500
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 91 23:03:13 -0500
From: mazzolav@dw14 (Andrew V. Mazzola)
Message-Id: <9112140404.AA10667@dw14>
Subject: RUSH at the KNICK

	I saw them with Vinny Moore in Albany.  The show was the best
that I've seen, although I didn't care for the openning act.  They played
for 2 hours.  They play something off every album expect COS and FBN.
The song list included Freewill, Spirit of Radio, Ghost of a Chance,
The Pass, Force Ten and many others.

	There is 2 things that I noticed to be diffrent then the last
2 shows.  First when they played Time Stand Still they showed the scene
where they have a shot of them on the screen,  this is the first time
I noticed them doing that.  Next Neil was wearing a bandana on is head.
Could that be a sign of him having cancer.

	The drum solo was the best that I have ever seen,  and that intro
to Where's my Thing was weird because when they first started they playing
it, I could not tell what it was.

	If some has a bootleg of that show Please let me know through
E-Mail to  Can you also please add me
to the mailing list.

- -Andrew Mazzola

------- End of Forwarded Message


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