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Subject: 12/16/91 - The National Midnight Star #405

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 405

                 Monday, 16 December 1991
Today's Topics:
              Songs they haven't played live
               hitting one of my pet peves.
     Need Ride from Davis to Oakland for Jan 29 show!
             Rush Fanaticism & Assorted Junk
                     Rush and Primus
              Got my tix for the bay area!!!
                 "Absalom" in the FAQL #2
                     FAQL:  "1001001"
           Sac / Qakland / Freezing my ass off!
                Buffalo show....  Spoilers
               Neil over the hill? Hell no!
            SPOILER  Friday the 13th  SPOILER
            The Fountainhead in Dirty Dancing
             Another Poll???  Sure, why not.

Date: Sat, 14 Dec 91 12:53:00 EST
From: "A Lerxst in Wonderland" 

Now that I've got your attention, if anyone out there has a recording of the
Rush show or the latest shows from Van HAlen and Yes, please E-mail me.
I'll pay 5 or 10 dollars for copies of any of these shows.  I'll provide the
tape.  Please E-mail me.

Josh Vaughn


Date: Sat, 14 Dec 1991 14:32 EST
From:, Matthew S 
Subject: oooff!!

	I got flamed horridly for my last post!
	Now it's my turn to fire back!
First of all, I never intended to paint Neil as a complete objectivist, I
was only tryin' to point out Rand influence in later Rush. Second, I
do understand what I'm sayin' about Objectivism, since my mother teaches it
in her English class, I've read Anthem and The Fountainhead, and if I
didn't get it my mother would have killed me. Those who flamed me just
didn't like my choice of words. Well, exCUUUUUUSSSSEE MMEEEEEE!! I didn't
write a perfect essay. It's just the way I see it. If you don't, that's
your choice. If you don't like how I expressed myself, TAKE OFF, HOSEHEAD!
(Just kidding, I'm not that nasty.)
Now, onto a different topic. I was at the NYC show on the 6th, and I didn't
go spaz and air drum all the time. It wasn't cuz I was a hard-up cock-nose
loser, it was because I was so in awe of their performing, I didn't want
miss a single thing. I hung on every note and lyric. Some people, granted,
were not enjoying themselves and sort of hung out like a limp dick, but
many were so wide eyed and amazed they couldn't move.
No, I am _not_ worshiping the Rush gods or any of that crap. If you think I
am, -again, take OFF!

"[harsh explicatives]!!, they flamed me again!!!" -Matt the tired of being
flamed and trying to get some revenge cuz I'm in a bad mood Bassist


From: Tero Valkonen 
Subject: Songs they haven't played live
Date: Sun, 15 Dec 91 15:20:40 EET

After receiving my first Rush bootlegs I got the idea of collecting
all the Rush songs live. However, there are a few songs that they
haven't played in concert ever;
 The first album: I really don't know about this. Have they played
 every track?
 Fly by night: I don't know about this either.
 Caress of steel: I think they've played the whole album
 2112: Oracle:the dream hasn't been played but I don't know about the rest.
 A farewell to kings: I think they haven't played Cinderella man. What
 about Madrigal?
 Hemispheres: They've played all the songs live, haven't they?
 Permanent waves: Different strings? Entre nous?
 The whole album Moving pictures has been played live.
 Signals: Losing it.
 Grace under pressure: Afterimage. I don't know about Red lenses.
 Power windows: Grand designs, Emotion detector?
 I don't know about Hold your fire. Have they played High water,
 Open secrets and Second nature? They probably haven't done Tai Shan.
 (..and for Presto and RTB: I'm not interested)
Does anyone know for sure about the abovementioned tunes?


Date: Sat, 14 Dec 91 18:47:33 PST
From: (Raymond Degennaro)
Subject: hitting one of my pet peves.

i didn't want the NMS to become an extension of alt.philisophy.rand, and
i tried to stay out of it, but there was one misconception (which is also
one of my pet peves) that slipped-by, unanswered by someoneelse.

Matthew W Cushman  said:

>issue of the so-called "Robber barons".  Rand admires them, almost
>deifies them.  I also feel that they deserve a great amount of respect
>for forging great empires from nothing but hard work (and I certainly
>don't feel that they OWE anyone anything for that), but that view is
>tempered by the knowledge that they also paid off public officials,
>sabatoged competetor's equipment, and participated in a host of other
>little improprieties.

she would not have approved at all.  she has nothing against people who
have achieved greatness throught their own effort and ability, but people
that tear others down as their method of "self-improvement" are not people
she would admire.  things like this (and losing money on one product just
to drive a competitor out of business) are often often acreditied to her
philisophy because they are common practices in the US's implementation
of capitalism and she was known as a "radical capitalist."

i'd prefer to keep the philisophy discussions in email, but i don't like
common misconceptions being passed on as if they were facts.

Ray (DJ) DeGennaro II


From: arakaki@brahms.AMD.COM (Gary Arakaki)
Subject: Need Ride from Davis to Oakland for Jan 29 show!
Date: Sun, 15 Dec 91 11:11:01 PST

If anyone in the Davis/Sacramento area is heading down to the Jan. 29
show in Oakland, a buddy of mine needs a ride from Davis.  Please
email me if you can help him out.  Thanks!
Gary Arakaki                          
Advanced Micro Devices                                  (408) 749-5106
Network Products Division                        Sunnyvale, California


Date: Sun, 15 Dec 91 17:10:06 -0500
From: jlang (~ Rush Fanatic ~)
Subject: Rush Fanaticism & Assorted Junk

Oh my, all this talk about Rush Worshipping and such.  God  knows I've
been flamed enough times just because of my finger name!  A certain
Rush-basher from Sweden comes to mind.  To me, it's very possible to be
a Rush Fanatic and not be a "worshipper" as coined by certain people.
I think if anyone were to challenge me on that point, they'd sorely lose
just by checking out how widely diversified my musical tastes are.
(A quick look at my CD rack would show).  I confess I know a few so called
worshippers myself, but I hate how people attach Fanatic to Worshipper.
In my own personal case, this is unfounded, and I'm sure for a lot of other
fanatics, it is too.  OH well.  (and no, I won't chfn)

If anyone here is going to any California dates, drop me a line, maybe
we can meet up somewhere.  It's always nice to meet fellow NMS'ers at
shows.  And lastly, I really think the topic of bootlegs and such should
be kept to email.  Postings that have little to do with the music of the
band but have requests for such recordings shouldn't be what this list
is all about, I think the email medium is the way to go, not the public
forum of a mailing list.  I realize the rush-mgr doesn't have time to
filter out such posts but overall, I think it'd be a better relection
on the NMS as a whole.  Your views may differ.

Have a good one, and catch the tour at an arena near you!



Date: Sun, 15 Dec 1991 22:40:37 -0600
From: Matt Jun 
Subject: Rush and Primus

Does anybody know how long Primus will be opening for the Boyz?  A friend of
mine(also a big Rush fan) is really into Primus and wants to catch them with
Rush.  Will they be with them when they come back across the midwest(Alpine)?
Any info appreciated.
Matt J.


Date: Mon, 16 Dec 1991 01:54 EST

   Hey Gang!!

    Well I braved the sudden snow fall to get out to the Aud check out the boyz
on the 15th here in Buffalo and all I gotta say was WOW!  Seeing people forget
 how to drive when the white
stuff starts to fly, we got to our seats around 7:40pm and Vinne Moore was
already smoking thru his set.  I was pretty impressed though, he sounded real
clear, but of course would have much rather seen Eric Johnson.
The funny part was during one Vinnie's last songs one of the roadies comes out
with a newspaper and sits in front of the drum set, then after a couple mins.
gets up and leaves the stage, then another roadie just walks right across the
stage!  Vinne and the band were laughing it up, when the song ended Vinne says
that this is the last show with Rush and the crew is having some fun with them,
pretty funny huh?!
    Well the boyz took the stage after a real short intermission, at the most
15 mins.  I love the beginning film, "Skulls on Ice" on the marquee sure beats
"Attack of the Killer Rabbits" from Presto.  After seeing the show I was
surprised no one mentioned the stage!  That was really different, I
actually never seen a stage like that before, especially the way the rear of
the stage opened up to MORE lights!  And of course those dancing bunnies, gotta
love 'em!!   And as with some other recent shows, "Ghost.." was a nice addition
along with their "Xanadu/Spirit/etc..." medely was the perfect end to an
awesome nite.  As with other shows too...yes Alex played the keyboards with his
nose, yes Neil did the Townsend windmill, and all were very lively, bouncing
around.  And what can you say of THE SOLO...way kool!!  Even a few distractions
around my seats, one fight a section over, and the guys in front of me were
creating some smoke themselves...if you know what I mean...nudge, nudge, wink,
wink....and for the rest of you kids out there, just say no.
    So all through the show, when I wasn't singing along I was wondering if we
would need a dog-sled to back to the car, and if the Bills won (well not IF
they won, but by how much was my concern).
    I also spent a fortune, I even bought a shrit for my bro (his first
concert) for Xmas.  Hope others of can get to see them they really outdid
themselves this time!!!
    Anyone with a tape of the show, I would be more that happy to pay all
expenses for a copy!!  PLEASE!!!

                                        Thats all for now
                                     "Why are we here, to drink
                                      some beers, roll the balls"
                                  ----From a nite of bowling Saturday!

  "Folks are basically decent             "I hear their passionate music
   Conventional wisdom would say           Read the words that touch
   Well, we read about the exception       My heart"
   In the papers every day"
      --- SECOND NATURE                        --- MISSION
          ~~~~~~~~~~~~~                            ~~~~~~~
         HOME OF THE 1988,'89,'90, *'91*  AFC EAST DIVISION CHAMPS
                    * 1990 AFC CHAMPS BUFFALO BILLS *
                          G O   B I L L S  ! ! !


Subject: Got my tix for the bay area!!!
From: (Sean Flanegan)
Date: Sun, 15 Dec 91 21:31:47 PST

        Well I camped out Friday night and saturday night and got first
in line for both Arco and the Oakland COliseum.  I am not familiar with
the seating for a show like this.  My seats for both shows are almost
exactly the same...   Floor Section 2,  Row K.......  I figure that there
would be about one reserved row and then they wouls start with A then
b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,....K   that makes me about 12 rows back on the floor.
It may sound strange but I have never been to a concert that was arranged
with reserve seating on the floor. Yes was in the round so the stage was
weird,  And the only other shows have been at Shoreline in Mountain View.

  My question is this...   Are these REALLY GOOD seats? It may be a
stupid question but really don't have a good idea about how far away I
will be.  Will I be able to see over the people in front of me( I am
5'11'')  Is the stage tall or short?  Just wondering...

SEnd me mail if you can.

thanks alot



Date: Mon, 16 Dec 91 12:33:45 +0200
From: (conescu-xavier)
Subject: "Absalom" in the FAQL #2

>From the FAQL #2 we just got:

 > Who was Absalom?
 >    He was King David's favorite son, who rebelled against his father,
 >    and was killed by Joab, according to my trusty Websters.

Knowing full well that I could be misremembering this, I thought that the story
of Absalom (Absolom?) went something like this:  Absolom wanted to be king 
David, while David wanted his other son Solomon (yes, *the* Solomon) to be king
instead.  There was some sort of internal family conflict, which, as I suppose
frequently happens with royal families (at least in literature), escalated to
a minor battle/war.  Absolom ended up fleeing from (King David's soldiers?).

Now, this next part I think I remember very clearly:  `Absolom had long, 
golden hair.'  As he was riding his horse to escape the King's soldiers, he was
fleeing the kingdom on some sort of wooded path.  `Some low-hanging tree 
caught his hair, which was flying in the wind, pulled him off his horse, and
broke his neck.'

I believe I do remember the same quote from David as does Neil (as provided by
the rush-mgr):  "Absolom, Absolom.  My son, my son.  Would God that I had
died for thee!"  -- Doesn't mean he wanted him to be King any better, though.

I have neither a Webster's nor a Bible here, so I can't easily check... does
anybody remember anything correlating to all this?

Just trying to help the accuracy scene a little...

Ron Conescu

* Ronald M. Conescu             The most exciting phrase to hear in science, *
*                               the  one  that heralds the most discoveries, *
*                               is not "Eureka!"  (I found it!)  but "That's *
*         funny..."                                    *
*                          -- Isaac Asimov            *


Date: Mon, 16 Dec 91 12:53:11 +0200
From: (conescu-xavier)
Subject: FAQL:  "1001001"

 > What is the significance of 1001001 in "The Body Electric?"
 >    In the video, the protagonist is a prisoner attempting to escape
 >    from some sort of prison.  The number on his uniform is 1001001.
 >    Many people have converted this number into ASCII and noticed
 >    that ASCII 73 is a capital I and read significance into that,
 >    but I've never seen anything "official" on the subject.  My
 >    _opinion_ is that 1001001 was used because it fits and sounds neat.

Sorry, I have to respond to this one, too...

At the end of one of the last sections of Ayn Rand's _Anthem_ (i.e.,
the _2112_ antecedent), the main character finds a crucial thing that
had been cut off from that society:  the existence of the word "I"
and its meaning.

My opinion is that, since the "The Body Electric" story involves (to the
best of my understanding) a robot trying to become independent so that
it can survive, it is no coincidence that Neil used "I" as the robot's
identification number:

	"1001001 in distress"


	"*I* need help!!!"

		or even, if you like,

	"This unit needs assistance"

-- point being that the robot recognizes that it is an individual
organism, separate from the rest of robotKind, and it, indivdiually,
is going to cease functioning (i.e., die).

Ron Conescu

* Ronald M. Conescu             The most exciting phrase to hear in science, *
*                               the  one  that heralds the most discoveries, *
*                               is not "Eureka!"  (I found it!)  but "That's *
*         funny..."                                    *
*                          -- Isaac Asimov            *


Subject: Sac / Qakland / Freezing my ass off!
From: (Vindicator)
Date: Sun, 15 Dec 91 23:17:44 PST

Well, waiting in line for both Sac. and Oakland was way worth it.  Even
though we were first in line for both shows, we were only able to pull
11th row.  I guess I shouldn't complain.  Sean may have already asked
this, but how good are those seats at Arco or Oakland, Row K section 02?

All I know is that I was at the Warehouse in Mt. View for 20 hours, wiit
about 1 1/2 hours of sleep!!! Arrggg.  I'm waiting for another oakland
show to be added.

If anyone wants to comment about the quality of those seats send me mail,
It will get to me faster than a post!

Rush on!                Dan / Vinnie



Date: Mon, 16 Dec 1991 09:23 EST
From: Lewis A Bernstein 
Subject: Buffalo show....  Spoilers

Well, what can I say?  That concert was unreal!!!!

I was at the tour opener in Hamilton and this show blew that one
away!!  There was absolutely no comparison between the two shows.

First off, Geddy was in an incredible mood.  He was all over the
place, the only time he was still is when he had to play synth.
He spent considerable time on Alex's side.  Ged sang everything
up the octave, including Anthem (which is from Fly By Night Andrew....)
Even some of the songs that have lower parts, he sang up anyway.
Right towards the end of Big Money, they stopped for a second, and
then Neil played a cowbell part and then they finished the song.

At the end of RtB, there was a really low 'GET BUSY' that was different
from the Hamilton show.

Then there was the Neil swinging his arms to pump the crowd in the
encore, and Alex played keys with his nose.  Also in the encore,
Alex took his guitar and kneeled down behind Ged and brought his guitar
up through Ged's legs.  Ged faked sucker punching Alex during the encore
too.  There seemed to be a lot of communication to do all of these little
extras.  Ged spoke to the crowd about 7 times.

All this after 1 foot of snow, a car accident, and a fall on the ice.
Guess it made it worth it.  (Even if it was my 9th Rush show)

I hope everyone has the good fortune of seeing the boyz on a night
like this one.


From: (John Becker)
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 91 11:27:50 CST
Subject: Neil over the hill? Hell no!

In NMS #403, Mike Schubert writes about Neil, "He has raw talent and can
surprisingly still move on his kit for a man over the hill."

All I can say is that if Neil is over the hill at 39, then I must have one
foot in the grave! I don't know how old you are, Mike, but I
predict that in about 15 years you will have a remarkably different
perspective on what constitutes being "over the hill". Trust me on this!

On another subject, awhile back I wrote about the Videolog's listing of a
Rush appearance in the video tape "Scrooge's Rock and Roll Christmas".
Sorry to say, it ain't so, not that that's too big of a surprise. The tape
actually contains an appearance by Merilee Rush, a late 60's one-hit



From: mstovino@Athena.MIT.EDU
Subject: SPOILER  Friday the 13th  SPOILER
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 91 13:33:56 EST

I'm not superstitious, but for some reason, I always have good Friday
the 13th's.  Well, I think the BOYZ had an incredible Friday the 13th
in Hartford... Ive seen 16 shows since the Signals tour, and NEVER
have they been THAT "into it".  The amount of pure enmergy in the Civic
Center was too much for words.  Besides, you could actually HEAR Alex the
whole time (unlike Worcester, and three shows on the Presto tour), and
the tempo was right on for every tune (again, unlike Worcester and the
three shows on Presto)

Where's My Thing, Roll the Bones, Ghost of a Chance, and Xanadu all
knocked me off my feet!!!!!!!!!


Looking forward to the 2nd leg in March....

(NJ or LI show I guess....)

Mike T. (


Date: Mon, 16 Dec 91 13:19:57 EST
From: (Dave Zegas)
Subject: The Fountainhead in Dirty Dancing

Maybe this has been mentioned, and if it has then call me an uninformed 
idgit, but my daughter was watching Dirty Dancing on HBO this past weekend, 
and I happened to notice that in a scene near the beginning of the movie, 
one of the waiters, Richie (I think), who is a real a-hole, was carrying 
around a copy of "The Fountainhead."  Not incredibly significant, but 

  /	Dave Zegas
 /	Computer Consoles, Inc.
/	Rochester, NY


From: (S.M. Morrison )
Subject: Another Poll???  Sure, why not.
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 91 15:27:45 EST

   Hi ther friends,
   I'd like to run a bit of a poll.  I've heard a lot lately from many 
people who have opinions on best keyboardist, guitarist, bassist, vocalist, 
and drummer.  The poll I'd like to run has to do with this.  I'm interested 
in wh, or who, Rush fans consider to be "the best".  If you vote, please 
do Rush members in your vote.
                                                         -Sean Morrison
PS- votes can be mailed to: or
    I plan to post the results by the middle of January.  Thanks for your 


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