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Subject: 12/18/91 - The National Midnight Star #409

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 409

               Wednesday, 18 December 1991
Today's Topics:
             Re: Songs they never played live
                First in line for tickets!
              Re: Computers in Body Electric
           Toronto, R + B, NP, and JB (HEY!!!!)
                    the Rush chemistry
                   Gonna Roll the Bones
                 MORE LOW-LEVEL VOICES!!
                  Buffalo - neat spoiler
          Re: where they live & other ramblings
                        Red Lenses
                     The weirdo post
                   Submission Question
                  Didactical Materialism
                      RTB tourbook?
                    Poll Announcement
      Re: 12/14/91 - The National Midnight Star #404
                    Led Zep Mail List
            RUSH 1/30 in Oakland on sale NOW!
                      M. Webster CDs
                      Rush-MGR Fund

From: Editor, The National Midnight Star 
Subject: Administrivia

Halloo all,

    First of all, it's been brought to my attention that I lied in an earlier
edition.  I'd said that on _All The Worlds A Stage_ they played all of side
one from _2112_ except for "Oracle: The Dream."  I've been reminded that they
didn't play "Discovery" either.  Oops, egg on my face; moreso considering it's
my favorite live album of any band.  Oh, well, at least I've heard a live 
version of "Discovery" ...

    Secondly, I just want to say that I'm reeling in amazement right now!
I got mail from Jimmy Lang today (and a phone call) to let me in on the
mystery post from yesterday, and the secret surrounding it!  My head is

    For those new to the list, wayyy behind in reading, or just dead, this
is the story:  apparently Jimmy sent mail directly to the list membership
without me knowing.  He apparently mentioned about how I'd been managing
this forum for the past 2 years, and that he thought I deserved a little
"gratitude gift" from the list members.  His idea was a trip to Southern CA
to see the band at a couple of shows; he'd asked for donations of $1 from
any NMS member willing to participate.  Well, he apparently got over 150
responses, and has been busily collecting money for the past couple of weeks.
(Oh, and you too, Meg; didn't mean to leave you out!)

    The upshot of all this is that he's finally been able to collect enough
money to (just) cover the airfare for a round-trip flight from here (the
Baltimore MD/Washington DC area) to San Diego.  He's hoping to collect a bit
more to cover the costs of the tickets he'd bought for me - to three shows!!!
He wants me to fly out to San Diego in January  and spend a week partying
with ... well, whoever will be around, and to catch shows in San Diego and LA
(hmmm, still not sure where 3rd show is...).

    His timing was amazing, for I'm finalizing a trip to Pittsburgh for some
NeXT training the week prior to when he wants me to come to CA - I'd fly out
to Pgh. on a Saturday, spend the week in class, fly home on Friday, then
turn around and fly to San Diego on Saturday (morning, no less!).  If he
were planning for even a day earlier, it would not have worked.  Of course,
if the Pgh. trip falls through, then it's no sweat.  But, with any luck, I'll
spend a bunch of January in three separate states!  (Oh, you Pgh. people,
stay tuned - once that's finalized I'll be sending out mail to see if anyone
wants to get together.)

    I'd just like to say that I'm amazed by all this, and quite humbled.  I
never considered anything on this scale possible, or any "real" payment, for
that matter.  I considered the inside/pre-release/in-depth information I'd
gotten off the list as reward in itself.  But hey, I won't look a gift plane
ticket in the mouth, and gladly (and gratefully) accept.  And to see three
shows while I'm out there, that's just icing on the cake.  Jimmy's told me
I'll have the chance to see one from the 2nd row - I've never been that close
at ANY concert before.  Should I bring binoculars?  :-)

    Well, to make a short note long, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all you
list members who responded to Jimmy!!!  I am amazed at the response, and also
touched that you would do this for me, a mere faceless alias on the net.
(Well, a couple of you have seen the face, but that's YOUR cross to bear. :-)
I really appreciate the opportunity, and only hope I can do something to
repay all of you who have graciously donated.  I think I'll try to wrap this
up now, and go home to think about packing.  I'll be giggling all the way
through Christmas!  (Hey, this could double as a Christmas/birthday present,
as they both are the same day...)

Thanks again,
rush-mgr  .... uuuhhh, David, that is.


Date: Tue, 17 Dec 91 13:34:59 PST
From: Jeff Gray 
Subject: Re: Songs they never played live

If my memory serves me correctly, I think the following songs from more recent
albums never made it to the live stage:

Signals: Losing it.
Grace Under Pressure: Kid Gloves. (Afterimage and Red Lenses were on the p/g
      tour, Red Lenses on PoW tour also.)
Power Windows: Emotion Detector and Middletown Dreams.  (Grand Designs was an
      encore song on this tour.)
Hold Your Fire: Lots left out of the live show: Open Secrets, Second Nature,
      Tai Shan, High Water, as mentioned.  I would also add Prime Mover
      but I could be wrong.

While I'm on the subject of live shows, I saw Queensryche in LA the other day
and was really impressed.  The full production of Operation:Mindcrime was
really dramatic; I would think it could compare to seeing all of 2112
performed live.  Did anyone out there ever have this opportunity?



Date: Tue, 17 Dec 91 14:35:45 PST
From: (Alan Edwards)
Subject: First in line for tickets!

Hello fellow Rush fans.  I just thought I'd share my ticket-buying
experience with you.

I went to the local Wherehouse with a friend at about 11:00pm the night
before tickets went on sale for Oakland's January 29th show.  We were
actually first in line!  The second-in-liners got there at 2:00am, so
that justified our early excursion.  It was an interesting experience.
I was glad that I had someone to talk to.  I haven't stayed up all night
since my college days.

The real bummer came when 10:00 finally came around.  We were escorted
in to the ticket counter.  The person at the keyboard turned to her
supervisor and says: "Is it straight-up 10:00 yet?"  "No, but go ahead
and try to pull the tickets until it works." was his reply.  Well, this
was about 9:58 by my watch, and immediately the tickets were acquired.
"Holy smokes, they are selling already!" she said.  Your seats are
(somewhere in the first few rows of the first box on the left of the
floor).  "What?", I thought to myself, "The floor has sold out already?".
OK, these were great seats anyway.  Then she stated the price:
$130-something, for FOUR tickets.  I knew this was incorrect.  There is
no higher-priced seating for this show.  I had figured $110 MAX, given a
$5 BASStard charge (which turned out to be $4.35).  She double-checked
with her screen: "Yep, four tickets."  (I have since figured that she
must have pulled 5 tickets instead of 4, and then lied when she double-
checked it.)

So, I stood there with my mouth gaping, staring at the lacking funds in
my hands.  "I don't have enough!"  My quick-thinking comrade whips out
his Visa and asks if that will do.  "Sure."  But it turns out they have
to re-request the tickets when you change "method of payment".  (Insert
several curse words here.)  So, the next set of tickets came up...even
further back.  "That'll be $107.40." I said something like "Well, jeeze,
that's more like it--I BROUGHT enough money for THAT!"  She mis-interpreted
that statement to mean: "Throw away those good tickets and get me some
worse ones--I'm changing my method of payment back to cash."  What a
BITCH (the situation AND the ticket-puller)!  I was clearly pissed at
that move and said something like "What did you do that for!" She (or
the manager-type, I don't remember which--I was pretty steamed at this
point) came back with something like "Make up your mind!"  To which I
replied "Just get me some damn tickets!"

So we ended up with tickets about half-way up the left side of the bowl
and a little closer than half-court.  marginally-decent seats, but not the
great seats we deserved for being first in line and waiting up all night.

So, in the future, I'm going to "kindly" inform the people that sometimes
their clocks are not in sync with BASS's, and they should try earlier.
I'll also make sure I have enough money for BONEHEAD record store flunkees
who can't count.  (I would have bought that extra ticket just to hold on
to those great seats.)

I could swear that my watch was right, and that BASS tickets went on sale
early, but I called them to complain, and they denied it (of course) stating
that they set their computer clocks every day.

Hope you all had a better experience,
 | Alan Edwards: |
 |     or:      |


Date: Tue, 17 Dec 1991 18:39:18 -0600
From: (Wade Williams)
Subject: Re: Computers in Body Electric

>that the Boyz weren't really into computers, so why would they be
>worrying about an ascii code?

As has been pointed out several times before, they use Macs for a ton of
MIDI stuff.  While I doubt they're doing much programming, they probably
know their way around one.

Wade Williams   	       	       	"Any escape might help to smooth the
User Services Specialist        	unattractive truth, but the suburbs
Academic Computing      	       	have no charms to soothe the restless
Auburn University       	       	dreams of youth." (N. Peart)


Date: Tue, 17 Dec 91 20:15:50 -0500
From: "Douglas G Schwabe" 
Subject: Toronto, R + B, NP, and JB (HEY!!!!)

In the Chicago Tribune
Article the author mentions TO as the white
R + B capital of the 60's.  Does anyone in the TO area know what
bands were popular during that era and what albums they released?
I know that the city has a strong rock base and has a terrific jazz
scene but I never knew it had a strong R + B scene.

NP is a JB fan? HEYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(sorry folks I just HAD to do that :))

Wouldn't it be nice to C both on an album together?  I can just imagine
the results.

FountainHead Revisited:  In the movie "Carnal Knowledge" (Jack Nicolson and
Art Garfunkel, YES, the same guy who sang with that little guy, can't
remember his name)  Artie decides to read FH in order to impress his
girlfriend.  For those who haven't seen the movie, CHECK IT OUT!!


        Does anyone in the TO area know if there will be a QYears Eve
Show at the Metro Convention Centre on New Years Eve?  If so, who is
playing and how much are tickets?


Don't forget your tape lists, the perfect holiday gift :)


Hey Tony D  WHO BILL?


Date: Tue, 17 Dec 1991 20:33 EST
From:, Matthew S 
Subject: the Rush chemistry

	I originally got into the Boyz because I liked the feel of their
music and the intelligent lyrics, but, as I took up bass and got more into
music, I noticed even more. They have a certain kind of chemistry that
very, very few bands have. Each instrument, whether it be bass, guitar,
drums, or synths, has its own unique space. Each are a lead instrument.
Even a traditionally backup rythm instrument like bass actually plays an
inseperable roll in their music. Try to imagine Freewill without the bass,
or drums. Just not the same, is it? This song, IMHO, is the ultimate
sharing of the lead. In the solo section, each instrument is playing a
complex solo of their own. Absolutely incredible!
	No matter if you think Rush individually are the best musicians, no one
can deny their incredible chemistry. If you think Eddie VanHalen is a
better guitarist than Alex, well, then try and find the bass line on OU812.
It's invisible! There just isn't the same kind of equality.

-Another note: As I was walking out of MSG on the 6th, I heard the
beginnings of perhaps another stupid Rush rumor. A drunk dude, who was
talking real loud like a real (reel) jerk, said in response to some other
statement, "Well, Geddy's gettin' tested for AIDS about everyday!"
My son, that's stupid!!

ORQ-"Lying in the warm grass. Feel the sun upon your -- face."-NP

		-Matt the Bassist


From: Dan Dickerman 
Subject: Gonna Roll the Bones
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 91 17:43:46 PST

-----> Read this only if you don't want to hear how the story ends.

Regarding the Fritz Leiber short story (as read in "The Best of Fritz Leiber,"
a Del Rey Book / Balentine #28351, although probably out of print since the
1980s), and in response to:

>  The ending, however, is baffling.  I won't give it away, in case anyone
> wants to read it.  Anyone who has a good idea about what the ending means,
> please email me/or TMNS.

After being given the choice of deaths (a gunshot, stabbing, poisoning,
kissed to death by a woman with fangs, or "The Big Dive" into the
craps table which seemed bottomless and hot as Hell... literally), he opts
for the Big Dive.  But instead of diving into the "table," he dives across
it, lunging at the Big Gambler, only to find himself sitting on a pile of
shattered brown pieces and black clothing.  Scrambling to grab the remaining
stacks of chips, he grabs the white ones (white as the traditional symbol
of good), and is attacked by the crowd at the casino, but as they maul
him, he notices that they begin to fade away ("like fighting ghosts"), and that
their collective strength is just slightly greater than his own.

After being thrown out on his butt, and adjusting to the darkness, he turns
to see that the door to the casino is now an iron sheet, and is padlocked.
He also assembles the memory of what he saw as he passed-over, and looked
down into, the crap table: an image of his wife, mother, and cat from beneath
a thin firewall at the table's surface, the implication being that he was
looking into Hell, and its residents.  He also realizes that the crunchy bit
he's been chewing on is a bit from the Big Gambler's skull, and is the same
stuff his wife used to bake.  He throws-away the remaining piece, and fishes
for the pale chips he took from the casino, examines one, notices that
it has a cross embossed on it, takes a bite, and begins his life's journey
along the "good path" -- revived from his experience -- and heads away from
his former home (walks straight home the long way... around the world).

This interpretation (being given the chance to face pure evil, he loses,
but is able to save himself at the last minute through acceptance of
good/religion) tends to get a bit corny.  Anybody have one that's a
little more complex -- I feel as though I've missed something.


Date: Tue, 17 Dec 91 21:00:33 -0500

To all those reading this,

	Often in Rush songs we encounter low-level voices.  You know,
the portions of dialogue that aren't part of the lyrics and are too
soft to be easily understood.  I was really glad to learn about the
"Allo... Morn' Gov." portion of "The Camera Eye", and I would like to
learn some more.  Someone has already inquired as to the mob noises in
the beggining of "Witch Hunt" and I have another one to add to that
list.  I would like to know what Geddy mumbles at the end of that most
righteous tune, "I Think I'm Going Bald".  So if anyone out there knows
or has heard any ideas as to what these low-level voices are saying in
either "Witch Hunt" or "I Think I'm Going Bald", let me know.

By the way, I've often heard complaints in the NMS about the entire
_Caress_Of_Steel_ album, but I just can't see what the problem is.  I
can't think of any part of the album that I don't like.  And does
anyone out there agree with me that "I Think I'm Going Bald" is a truly 
great song?
	Though it does not fall into the categorie of low-level lyrics,
I was also glad to learn the complete lyrics to "Didacts and Narpets".
What is a "Narpet" anyway?  Well, I've babbled on long enough.  Don't
forget my original question about the low-level voices.  Hope to hear
from people soon.  Bye.



Date: Tue, 17 Dec 1991 21:30 EST
Subject: Buffalo - neat spoiler

By now, you have heard all about the show in Buffalo.  But, there is 
something that was not mentioned.  This is something that me and a friend 
of mine saw during the show.

Toward the end of Closer To The Heart, Alex ventured over to Geddy's side 
of the stage.  When he got there, he reached into his pocket and pulled 
out some money and gave it to a guy on the side of the stage.

This guy then gave Alex a putter and Alex took a shot on the green that 
was set up on the side of the stage.  (He missed!)

Alex then gave the putter back to the guy and went on playing.  The guy 
then picked up the green and cup.

This all happened on Geddy's side of the stage about half way back.  It was 
probably hidden from most people but we were sitting sort of behind the 
stage and had a good view of this.

I thought that you might want to hear about this interesting piece of 
information.  We thought it was funny when we saw this happen right before us.



Subject: Re: where they live & other ramblings
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 91 18:36:19 PST
From: Tom Hamilton 

  I'm only five issues new to TNMS so I hope that this topic hasn't
been beaten to death already. Back in 84 while meandering through
Europe, I had the good fortune to meet Neil's next door neighbor. She
being a friendly Canadian, as almost all Canadians that I met while traveling
were, she gave me her address (and Neil's - don't ask for it, I won't
give it to you) and told me to come buy and visit sometime. Of course
I asked her how he felt about strangers coming by to say hi and she
said that he doesn't mind meeting friends of hers but it does get a
bit old trying to talk to everybody that wants a piece of his time.
"I can't pretend a stranger is a long awaited friend"- Limelight- took
on a little more meaning. My point I guess is to agree with the
earlier poster who said that we should respect their privacy, lest they all
pick up and move to Timbuktu. A humorous note is that her favorite
drummer was Phil Collins! Guess who mine was.
  Nobody has mentioned (in the past 5 issues) the recent interview
with Neil on rockline by Bob Coburn. If anyone is interested, I've got
it on cassette. The question I would have asked had I gotten through
was this: About six/eight years ago in an LA Times interview,
Neil said that he was very interested in doing some writing
outside of the band. Did anything ever get written? And if so, what is
it called and where can I get it?  Anyone?

Tom Hamilton
U of So Cal
Info Sci Inst


Subject: Red Lenses
Date: 17 Dec 91 20:55:33 CST

The guys played part of Red Lenses on the HYF tour. They finished out
Neil's solo with it--He and Geddy went back and forth on the bass/drums
and then finished out the rest of the song. At least in Peoria they did.


Date: Tue, 17 Dec 91 22:55:41 -0500
From: jlang (~ Rush Fanatic ~)
Subject: The weirdo post

Please ignore post about the 5.28 from yesterday's digest.  Sheesh..
some people!  And after I "expliticly" asked not to POST! !@#%!@#%#@#$!@

Anyway, the rabbit is almost out of the hat now. Dave,
got a minute?  I have something to tell you.. ah.. we ALL have something
to tell you.. yeah, um, it has to do with planes and long trips and
of course RUSH... um..yeah well, I'll call you tomorrow and let you know

*sigh*  was wondering how long that would last :)
ORQ: ... There's no need to worry.. No reason to be sad..

[ Well, as you can tell by the Administrivia ramblings, the rabbit is out!
                                                                  :rush-mgr ]


Date: Wed, 18 Dec 1991 01:21 -0500
Subject: Submission Question

Submission Requestio
DOes the members of Rush know about this system?  If so, have they directly
responded to any topics?

[ Not that I know of.  Neil had seen an example of the NMS a while back (on
  the Presto tour?), saw a discussion of the meaning of his watch setting
  (9:12 == 21:12?), and made the comment "Get a life."  Also, we have a
  sort of column in "A Show Of Fans," thanks to Jimmy Lang (jlang@syrinx),
  and the band was given a copy of *that* as well.  Who knows, it may not
  be long before Neil or Geddy get an account and join!           :rush-mgr ]

Those whom have attended a RTB show, can you post a concert listing?  I saw
them on Oct. 31 (Halloween( with Eric Johnson and they were
6th time.  The show beat HYF as the best rush ever!  Presto wsa not that
great because it was outside in Indy and made me feel like I was in Geddy's
back yard watching them with the home movies running on the small casted
screen.  The thought of Neil swatting bugs on stage did nothing for me.  In
contrast, this show RTB was tremendous.  Again the quad returned *Hold Your
Firs* tour and there was an even better sound!

These guys are great.  As a Berklee alum (MP&E '87) and studio owner in
Indy (Sounds Unlimited Recording Studios), the music they produce and
perform will always be second to none!

Final Question:
The cover to RTB, what is the significance to the dice h numbering?  What
about the dark liquid where the skull casts a reflection but the boy does
not?  Please help me with this one!

John Vester


Date: 18 Dec 91 02:23:19 EST
From: Bruce Holtgren <70724.1622@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Didactical Materialism

ORQ: Yeah, oh, YEAH!

Well, I've now digested my first three weeks' worth of TNMS, along with
the holy FAQL and a few selected back issues, and I've definitely concluded
that you people are all a bunch of certified loons. :-) My only regret is
that I haven't been part of this insanity since the beginning. Anyway,
some random musings/attempts at e-arson are in order:

1. I was amazed that the FAQL does not include an explanation of what a
narpet is. (Is it that obvious?) (Answer: Mr. Peart himself, in a Rush B.S.
Club questionnaire, responded simply: "Play anagrams." (Possible companion
"words," in that case, could include "leeg" and "failnose.")

2. Does anyone know if there is anything Significant about the name Lamneth,
from COS? I've failed to find it as a geographical or mythological name -
surely Neil didn't *just make it up with no particular meaning in mind!*

3. Has anyone realized that Issue No. 1 of what is now TNMS was sent out
the exact same day the Berlin Wall started coming down? (Merely a happy
coincidence, I know - but now the "staff" will have even less of an excuse
to space the anniversary in the future. :-) )

4. Some of you people keep talking about how fun it is to get together, and
wish you could do it more. Why not a full-blown *convention*?? The way this
thing is going, it's inevitable, you know - might as well start planning it
now. Where? (Toronto?) What Special Guests could we get to speak? :-) And
how the h*ck could we afford such a silly thing?

[ I think it's a great idea!  I'm on another mailing list, and they have
  occasional 'Cons here and there.  All you need is someone willing to
  open their place to a bunch of crazies, and crash space for some of them.
  I figure the pre-show parties are a good start for something on a larger
  scale.                                                          :rush-mgr ]

5. Why do the boyz from Toronto seem to hold the Expos in higher regard
than the Blue Jays? (It seems the Gedster talks about the 'xpos more often,
and Neil's wearing the Montreal cap in the "Vital Signs" video.) No, it's
not important - I'm just curious.

[ Actually, Geddy is a big Blue Jays fan!  There was speculation about the
  timing of the beginning of this tour, since they made it to the playoffs.
  If they'd gone farther, would Geddy have postponed the tour, or re-arranged
  it so he could see his team play?  Fortunately (or unfortunately, for Ged)
  that didn't occur, so the tour went as planned.                  :rush-mgr ]

That should about do it for my second post. Hope I haven't started too many
more arguments.

ORQ: Everybody got mixed feelings ...


Date: Wed, 18 Dec 91 09:53 EDT
Subject: Apologies

Hello, again.  I just read my post, and well my apologies.  Lack of sleep
sometimes makes me go off like that.  And not sound reasonable at the same
time.  At least finals are now over, and I've had many hours of sleep.
One thing though, I still think what attracts me to Rush is how they can
play technically well, and as whole also.  Another thing is that the songs
(as well as the lyrics) make sense and fit together.  I think it was Hans G.
who said today (or yesterday, my mind is still recovering) that they seem
to have a chemistry that works well together.  And if you like that
chemistry, all well and good.  Just don't bash other bands because you don't
like what they create.



From: Tero Valkonen 
Subject: RTB tourbook?
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 91 18:53:12 EET

Has anyone got the RTB tourbook? It would be nice to see it in TNMS,
since Neil's stories (and Alex' descriptions of his instruments)
have been interesting and funny.

Btw, I made a terrible mistake yesterday. The David person in II
Samuel is, of course, King David, not kind David.

[ Yeah, well that fits; I can be a real bastard at times...  :-)   :rush-mgr ]

"Yours is no disgrace..."


Date: Wed, 18 Dec 91 18:59:06 +0200
From: (gershon isaac)
Subject: rush

Can you please remove my name from the mailing list. I am moving and wish to 
receive the letter at my new adress ofwhich I do not know yet.


Date: Wed, 18 Dec 1991 12:12 EST
From: More junk mail from Uncle Sean 
Subject: Poll Announcement

Greetings Rush Fans,

  	I'm writing _again_ to ask for votes in a poll I'm conducting.
Excluding the members of Rush, I'd like to know who you, Rush Fans, consider to
be the best:1)Keyboardist 2)Guitarist 3)Bassist 4)Drummer and 5)Vocalist.  I
know polls have been conducted before, but they haven't seemed to be too
succesful.  That is why I am posting this announcement to ask for YOUR votes.
Besides, with a mailing list of over 1100(?) we should get a pretty good
idea of what Rush fans really like.  So how 'bout it, give me your votes.
Your votes can be e-mailed to:

						-Sean Morrison
PS-  Depending upon the responce, I plan to post the results by 1 Febuary.


Date:         Wed, 18 Dec 91 12:27:42 EST
From: mike spiegel 
Subject:      Re: 12/14/91 - The National Midnight Star #404

hi there,
  i hate to ruin anyones concert so if you haven't seen the guys do not read
my p.s.
  without a doubt 12/13/91 hartford conn the BEST concert i have ever seen in m
 life.   i think the best part of the concert was when neil actual stood up
 and did a 'pete townsend' windmill with his arm during the encore

      the crowd went wild!!!   also i want to thank my mom for taking the 7
hour round trip, she was great  (i still don't know how she picked up on
the 1st power chord of THE BIG MONEY before i's to you mom...
                        you are the best and i love ya!
                                                   ...until later...
p.s. a double dose of TSOR    i could have cried  YAH!!!!!!!!!!!


Date: Wed, 18 Dec 91 13:10:02 CST
From: motcid!marble!dalessio@uunet.UU.NET (Mario D'Alessio)
Subject: Led Zep Mail List

This is for the person who requested the address of the Led
Zeppelin group. I tried to send you personal mail, but it

The mail addr for the Led Zep group is:

The manager is Eric Kendrickson

* ******************************************************** *
* *  __________________           __                     * *
* *  \_________________|)____.---'--`---.____            * *
* *                ||    \----.________.----/            * *
* *  __/\__      __||____/ /_    `--'                    * *
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Date: Wed, 18 Dec 91 11:43:39 PST
From: Ralph.Torres@Corp.Sun.COM (Ralph Torres)
Subject: RUSH 1/30 in Oakland on sale NOW!

Just listening to KRQR and they announced 1/30 tix on sale IMMEDIATELY!

Got my four, hope this gets to you all soon....



Date: Wed, 18 Dec 91 13:34 MST
From: "Pat E. Perez" 
Subject: M. Webster CDs

Just a bit of info for the Austin folk:

If you're interested in finding Max Webster CDs here in Austin (including
_Universal Juveniles_ - the one w/ Battlescar on it) - check out 'CDs of
Austin' near Highland Mall, nextdoor to Bookstop.

        -no, I'm not in Tucson-I'm home in Austin!-


From: Jimmy Lang 
Subject: Rush-MGR Fund
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 91 12:57:01 PST

Ok, Ok, I might as well make it official now,  for the last 4 weeks, I've
been mailing people on the mailing list (your name ommited of course)
telling them of a plan for buying you round-trip tickets, and try and get
you 1st row tickets to Rush when they come to San Diego, January 20th.

>From each member, I asked a voluntary donation of $1 for the campaign.  I
would then collect the money (Meg and I actually) and save up for the
airfare and concert tickets.  Well, what started off as a hopeful whim, is
turning into a reality (Anything can happen!). At latest count, Meg has
informed me that the contributions thus far from NMS members have reached
$405 odd dollars!!

Dave, this is a way for all of us on the list to thank you for the great
job you've done in the past 2+ years!  And for helping keep the list alive
and for donation your DECstation and for moderating the list
into some 1300+ members now!  It's been a long road and your reward is well
deserved.  I will be purchasing your airfare tickets this week (probably
towards the end of the week) and have already gotten you tickets for 3
shows while you're out here in California courtesy of people's donations.
(NMS members if you haven't donated, it's not too late - send me email if
you'd still like to help out

This is a good time (despite the post the other day about the $5.28
donation) to reveal "the truth" :-)  Besides I have to purchase you tickets
3 weeks in advance and have to confirm everything with you anyway.  I'll be
in touch Mr. Rush-mgr (call you voice soon).

[ Yeah, that post yesterday had me stumped!                        :rush-mgr ]

Thanks again and on behalf of the list (Especially the contributors) we'd all
like to thank you too.  (I'll supply a list of donators soon for a posting)


PS.  Now I want you to go to the blackboard and write:
     "The rush-mgr is extremely grateful to the NMS"
     And I want you to write it 2112 times!   :)

[ Just call me Bart!  :-)                                           :rush-mgr ]


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