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Subject: 12/20/91 - The National Midnight Star #410

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 410

                 Friday, 20 December 1991
Today's Topics:
Ticket availability, or Why the hell are my seats so bad?
                 Kid Gloves and the Ryche
Anyone know what the mission control director says on Countdown?
                    Poll Announcement
       Clarifications of an "over the hill drummer"
               Neil and the Philosophy bit
     Re:  12/18/91 - The National Midnight Star #409
Songs Played Live and getting hosed by Wherehouse Employees
                    More D&N silliness
              More Low Level Voices (cont.)
                  Middletown Dreams Live
                1) help  2) small Spoiler
                     SONGS NOT PLAYED
                  reading the tab files
             Someone asked "What's a narpet?"

From: Editor, The National Midnight Star 
Subject: Administrivia

First of all, this issue should have been yesterday's.  Sorry 'bout that.
There may be another issue over the weekend, depending upon submissions
and my availability.

Over the following two weeks (Dec. 23 - Jan 3), delivery of the NMS may
be spotty.  I won't be at work for most of that time, but will log on
from home.  I'm hoping for a minimum of 4 out of 7 days per week, but
we'll see.

For you NeXT users out there (I know there's a couple), you might check
out two new files:

    Rush.dir.tiff    and

These apparently appeared in a Usenet group, and were passed along by a
co-worker.  Move them into any rush-related directory under the names of
".dir.tiff" and ".opendir.tiff" and then check 'em out using the File

Well, that's about it - have a good weekend, and happy holidays folks (as
I wrote on one card, Happy Hanusolstmas!



Date: Wed, 18 Dec 91 16:20:18 PST
From: Jeff Gray 
Subject: Ticket availability, or Why the hell are my seats so bad?

Since the subject of waiting in line for tickets and getting dorked by
TicketMaster has come up again, I thought I'd pose this question:
I have, for about eight years now, been under the impression that the best
seats in the house are NEVER sold through record store and other
TM outlets, but only at the arena itself (after the best-best seats have been
skimmed off the top to bribe, I'm sorry, donate to people who don't
really want them anyway, but I digress).  Can anyone confirm this?
I'm sure it's not a universal truth, but may apply to certain venues.



Date: 18 Dec 91 21:10:01 EST
From: ken fermaglich <70641.2210@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: NMS

I am a new subscriber, I wanted to say that this is great and that Rush is 
the greatest band to ever grace the world!!!
Irolled the bones 7 times so far with more to come, Alex plays a different 
sport every night from archery to golf.
   Gloves and Middletown Dreams were played on previous tours and "that's 
a fact from nome to rome," Boy!


Date: Wed, 18 Dec 1991 21:41 EST
From:, Matthew S 
Subject: Kid Gloves and the Ryche

	Guess what! Kid Gloves was indeed played live. I have a boot from
1984 in Chicago, and they played it - right between Closer to the Heart and
YYZ. Prime Mover was played live on the HYF tour - check out the SOH video
(it's quite awesome!).
	Jeff, I saw Mindcrime live in Albany. It was truly incredible!! I
would definitely compare it to 2112 live. It maybe even better(no flames,
por favor, just MHO). Ever notice how the instrumental Anarchy X sounds
very Rushian (Hemispheres period)???

OQ-"25 bucks a f#@k, and John's a happy man." -Tate

		-Matt the Bassist.


Date: Wed, 18 Dec 91 21:43:38 EST
Subject: Anyone know what the mission control director says on Countdown?

I was studying for a final exam, and was listening to Signals
on my CD player. Well, I set it for a repeat mode on The Weapon,
Losing It, and Countdown. Anyway, I got stuck listening to the
mission control guy (I've always liked it as background, and
even asked a Nasa question-line about it -- host='nasa-spacelink').
Near the end of Countdown, at approximately the 5:00 point,
the voice says: 'Columbia is _________ space for main engine
Well, after spending precious study time trying to discover
what he says, I'm stumped. If anyone knows what he says there,
or even possibly has an entire list of all of the background
conversation, I'd greatly appreciate getting it.

Mike Sebaly     'And we enjoyed the music, Bob, thank ya'
                 Ahh, we enjoyed it, we just wanted to
                 share some of it with ya...'


Date: Wed, 18 Dec 1991 22:12 EST
From: More junk mail from Uncle Sean 
Subject: Poll Announcement

Greetings Rush Fans,

  	I'm writing _again_ to ask for votes in a poll I'm conducting.
Excluding the members of Rush, I'd like to know who you, Rush Fans, consider to
be the best:1)Keyboardist 2)Guitarist 3)Bassist 4)Drummer and 5)Vocalist.  I
know polls have been conducted before, but they haven't seemed to be too
succesful.  That is why I am posting this announcement to ask for YOUR votes.
Besides, with a mailing list of over 1100(?) we should get a pretty good
idea of what Rush fans really like.  So how 'bout it, give me your votes.
Your votes can be e-mailed to:

						-Sean Morrison
PS-  Depending upon the responce, I plan to post the results by 1 Febuary.


Date: Wed, 18 Dec 91 22:36:54 -0500
Subject: Clarifications of an "over the hill drummer"

I had the audacity to say that Neil Peart is over the hill.  Well, in drummer's
terms, he is.  I am 18 and play quads in the Georgia Tech drumline.  At this
seemingly young age, I've started feeling some effects of age, and have found
that my maneuverability has decreased since the time I was 14.  For a drummer
to still be able to play the way Neil does as often as he does is amazing.
Drummers experience problems with stiff joints and messed up ligaments.

In no way do I mean that a person is over the hill at age 39 for everyday life,
enough said.

Why ask why??  Roll dem bones.....   Mike Schubert
                                                   (don't ask what the heck
                                                    prism is.  I dunno...)


Date: Thu, 19 Dec 1991 01:41 EST
Subject: Neil and the Philosophy bit

	When I joined the NMS back in September, I remember someone asking
whether Neil was influenced heavily by Ayn Rand, and if we thought that
influence was still there.  And if memory serves, the question went generally
ignored in favor of the new album, tour speculation, and other "pseudo-
intellectual" (please let
that subject RIP) topics.

	What I am going on about is something I've thought about alot, and if
this angle has been discussed, I apologize, I am recuperating from finals, and
still haven't gotten through all my mail.  Personal philosophies aren't 
over night.  When we are young, (and wandering the face of the Earth) we tend
to identify ourselves with things (read people) in our lives, be they
real, on TV, in the movies, in books, or in media (authors..., anchorpersons,
sportcasters, etc.), you know the classic "what would so and so do in this
situation".  This continues thoughout life but calms down, eventually.

	The younger you are, the more distinct your influences are.  As we get
older, we are constantly exposed to new values along the way, and we sort
through all our influences.  Those that don't fit any more are discarded,
and are replaced by the new ones, this process makes us who we are, sometimes
the changes aren't for the best but we live with them and move on. For a
better version of this speech, see Star Trek V, the Final Frontier - Kirk's
little speech about " I like my pain... it makes me who I am."

	The point of this long posting is that Neil's songwriting reflects his
growing up.  From the young man of about 22 or so on Fly By Night to the
seasoned gentleman of Roll The Bones, we see the transformation of a man
through the course of his life.  His experiances and his thoughts have been
writen down and preserved in song.  Sure the older songs reflect Rand's
philosophies, but the newer stuff is Neil's philosophy, which has been shaped
by Rand, but also by a father, a (former) drug user (not addict, so please,
no flames), a globe traveller, and an environmental and social scientist.
This can explain why he stated that the older stuff from before Perm Waves,
while very well written, just doesn't do it for him anymore.  As a 21 year old
myself, I feel that I understand the stuff that he wrote then very clearly.
This comes down to the point that Neil can see the faults in his life, and he
is moving on.  Maybe he feels that the older stuff consists of some of his
faults, and while he lives with the memories, he doesn't have to relive them.

	Anyway, that's my two cents.  (Hell, I'm impressed I was able to put
my thoughts into words.)  Have a happy holiday season, and Roll the Bones into
1992.  By the way, I am getting off the list for the semester break, if anyone
wants to makes comments to me about my post, e-mail me at:




Date: Thu, 19 Dec 91 01:52:15 -0500
From: (Lonadar the Wanderer)
Subject: Re:  12/18/91 - The National Midnight Star #409


     Ahh...Big Money coming on the radio, what timing.  I thought I would
formally post about my earlier post and make my apologies and explinations
now and get it over with.  (Hopefully the obscene mail will die down.)

     First off, I AM sorry for slipping and mailing the head here with all the
info.  However, I don't think I ruined it for him.  (Did I?)  As far as I can
tell I covered it pretty well.  However, I started a chain of events and I'm
sorry that everything got out of hand on account of my mailing.
     All I told him later when he mailed asking for an explintion is that it 
concerning 'donations for a fund' and that I thought he would have known
something about it.  I mentioned nothing about the cause of the 'fund'.  (Even
had more lined up if you kept asking.)  So again I apologize to you all for
opening the gates.  Dave, I hope you enjoy the trip.  I was unfortunate enough
to MISS the concert when it rolled past through Indianapolis, finding out about
available tickets (after the concert had sold out in 45 minutes) only an hour
before the show, with plans already made.  (ARGH!  Bootlegs appreciated!)

     I never DID find out the reasoning behind the dividend of 4...

Lonadar the Wanderer
lonadar@(I'm not going to tell you!  Hehehe)


Date: Thu, 19 Dec 91 10:00:22 +0200
From: (lindenberg noah)

please send me another copy of todays mail since i accidentally lost it thanks


Subject: Songs Played Live and getting hosed by Wherehouse Employees
From: (Jade)
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 91 21:43:23 PST

Hi All.
Well, I know for a fact that the songs Kid Gloves, Middletown Dreams, and
Prime Mover where all played live. Middletown was regularly played on the
Power Windows tour and I have a pre-release version of Kid Gloves. And
Prime Mover, of course, is on the ASOH Video. I would love to hear Open
Secrets played, but I don't think they ever have or ever will play it....

Well, I got screwed in a major way this morning. Tix for the 2nd Oakland
show went on sale at 10:00am. I got there at 3:30am and waited, and
waited......By the time 9:45 came, there wereat least 15 people lined up.
The store hours posted were 10am-10pm, but we figured that they would let
us in a few minutes early--WRONG!!!! At about 10 minutes to 10, we
watched as a store employee type walks in, credit card in hand, and goes
over to the computer. It was 9:59 when the girl employee opens the door
and spews some B.S. about how BASS doesn't go on-line until 10:05am. Then
we watched in horror as she shut the door and locked it. She came back
about two minutes later and started letting us in, but by that time, my
chances of the great seats I had hoped for were gone. It was very clear
that the employees were stalling for time so they could pull the best tix
for themselves. I could just feel the dishonesty in the store behind the
counter. I was first in line and I didn't EVEN get floor seats. I'm off t
o the side and more than half the way back for seats. Needless to say, I
want to fire-bomb this certain store and make them sorry.
They Must Die!


Date: 19 Dec 91 04:43:02 EST
From: Bruce Holtgren <70724.1622@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: More D&N silliness

I doubt if there's such a thing as the Real "lyrics" to "Didacts and
Narpets," since they were probably deliberately sung (screamed? chanted?)
ambiguously. But that won't stop me from offering yet another plausible
answer, this from my friend Tom "Sawyer" Little, Rush freak and physicist

It's told
You know
It's blessed
To give
A (the?) price
Written!/Listen! (last two words are screamed simultaneously)

Besides N. Peart (who I suspect is the "deep voice"), another anagram
for narpet is parent. And didacts happens to be an anagram for addicts.
All of this seems to fit with the place of "Didacts and Narpets" as the
"adolescence" track of "The Fountain of Lamneth."

I agree that COS was/is grossly underrated, not only commercially and
critically, but by many fans as well. (I never cared much for "I Think
I'm Going Bald," being a "Lakeside Park" kind of guy myself, but that's
just opinion.) Side 2, in particular, is a remarkable piece of work.

ORQ: Listen!


Date: Thu, 19 Dec 91 09:21:44 EST
From: "Larry Salomon, Jr. (T/L) 862-3934" 
Subject: More Low Level Voices (cont.)

Listening to the RTB CD this morning, I noticed a few spots where there
were things mumbled, most notably at the end of the title track using the
same voicing that Geddy does the rap in.

Does anyone have any idea what is being said?

Larry Salomon, Jr. (aka 'Q')            LARRYS@YKTVMV.BITNET
OS/2 Applications and Tools   
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Yorktown Heights, NY          


Date: Thu, 19 Dec 91 09:03:02 CST
From: Kevin Perry 
Subject: Middletown Dreams Live

Jeff Gray posted that Rush never played Middletown Dreams live,
but I saw one of the shows (Lakeland, FL) during the 'warm-up' tour
before PoW was released (The 'Short Tour' of March 10-15, 1985),
and they played two (maybe three) new, unreleased songs.
Middletown Dreams was, in fact, one of them.  I think the other
was The Big Money (correct me if I'm wrong).

I seriously doubt, although it is possible, that there is a circulating
tape of one of these five shows.
Kevin Perry
Auburn University
EE Slave (read PhD student)

P.S.  Keep those spoilers coming, I DON'T want to miss anything when I'm
at the show (March 4, 1992, The OMNI, Atlanta, GA).


Date: Thu, 19 Dec 1991 11:06:25 -0500 (EST)
From: "Robert J. Lang" 
Subject: 1) help  2) small Spoiler

Help. I won't get into the (inane, moronic) reasons, but I neglected to buy 
a T-shirt at the Buffalo show on the 15th. If any kind soul is willing to 
help me,
here's the deal: I'll send you the cost of a T-shirt, the cost of postage, and
5 bucks for your trouble if you'll buy me a T-shirt. Please help a poor,
shirtless Rush fan this holiday season. Email me please. Thanks.

small SPOILER: The audience at the Buffalo show was manipulated just like the
song says. While Geddy was singing a line from Superconducor ("Watch her every
move. She can manipulate reaction.") the screen behind the stage showed some
footage from a beauty contest. When the audience cheered with delight at the
sight of half-dressed women, I realized (with great disapointment) that most
of the fans there did not understand what the song was about. Or if they did
they did not realize they were not only listening to the song but creating
the reality about which Geddy was singing. Anyone notice this at other shows?



Date: Thu, 19 Dec 91 10:50:17 CST
From: (Michalle Gould)

Can I be taken off the mailing list?


From: mstovino@Athena.MIT.EDU
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 91 12:16:32 EST

Grace Under Pressure:

All songs played between the Buffalo and Rochester NY shows!

(Red Lenses at both (with drum solo in the middle!), Afterimage
at Bufalo, Kid Gloves at Rochester, all other songs at both.

Power Windows:

All songs execpt Emotion Detector two shows in Philly (yes, including
Middletoen Dreams... I have a boot of one of the shows!)


They did play Prime Mover both nights in Philly and three other shows
(I forget where they were....)

Hope this helps....


Date: Thu, 19 Dec 91 13:03:03 -0500
From: "Diana M Orr" 
Subject: reading the tab files

	Just a quick question. Is there any sort of legend for reading
the tab files on your archive? I just got them but I can't figure them
out. Also, I would probably be willing to come up with a program that
would display it graphically on a regular staff with notes and tab.


From: Tero Valkonen 
Subject: Someone asked "What's a narpet?"
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 91 20:36:41 EET

Play anagrams. Narpet is a either a parent or N. Peart.
While didact is an actual word, you can also play anagrams
with it and get the word addict.

"Soon, oh soon the light...pass within and soothe this endless night..."
(I've been listening to Yes a lot lately)


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