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Subject: 01/02/92 - The National Midnight Star #411

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 411

                 Thursday, 2 January 1992
Today's Topics:
                      Useless Facts
      Re: 12/20/91 - The National Midnight Star #410
               mumblings in RTB title track
                  The popular mindset...
                     Rush Tour Dates
           re:  National Midnight Star 394-410
           Neil's Rockline Taped And Available
                      Florida Dates
           MTV - A. Rose - Rico Sauve - Neil P!
                Re: Didactical Materialism
          )) Words of Shuttle Launch Control ((
               flight director in Countdown
    Help tape the RTB video  ***A Heartfelt Request***
      Re: 12/20/91 - The National Midnight Star #410
          Atlas Shrugged is an influential book
                      Re: Countdown
                        Rand, faql
                        Losing It
             New commercial videotape w. Rush

From: Editor, The National Midnight Star 
Subject: Administrivia

Hi all, and Happy New Year!

As you may have noticed, my hopes of diligently sending out the NMS over
the Christmas break were not realized.  This was partially due to the chain
of events over the past two weeks, problems with my workstation at home and
connecting in over the phones, and (mostly) general laziness.  I had 1 1/2
weeks off; combined with Christmas, birthday (I'm geezing at 30 now), and 
New Years it just made for a lazy time.  I partied for two weeks straight,
just about.  Now I'm back down on Earth (or close enough), and will be back
to the more usual daily schedule.

For mundane daily-type stuff, there are a couple of new files at the ftp
site - guitar and bass tabs.  See the CONTENTS file in the directory rush/tab
for details on what's in there.  There's also a new version of the Bass Tab
Creator (btc.c), as well as a MS-DOS executable version of the program, both
provided by Mario.  Could someone download it and see if it's ok?  Let me know
if it's NOT!  Thanks again to Frank and Mario for keeping the tabs flowing!

I hope everyone had a nice (or endurable) holiday season, and I hope 1992
brings you all the good things you deserve.


P.S. And no, Jimmy, I'm not going to play "I Think I'm Going Bald" as the
     background for my answering machine!  :-)


Date:     Thu, 19 Dec 91 09:56 EST
Subject:  bootlegs

To whoever e-mailed me directly about Rush bootlegs
please e-mail me again. I lost the message. I have
RUSHIAN ROULETTE (Live in Holland, May 1979) with the
songs: Xanadu, The Trees, Something For Nothing, Closer to
the Heart, Part II to 2112, something from the first album,
A Passage to Bangkok, and others (I am doing this from memory)
My girlfriend is getting me LIVE UNDER PRESSURE for the holidays.
I am not real sure what is on it as I only listened to it once
at the record store down here, but it is recorded live in Pittsburg
(I think) and is an excellent recording. The record store down here
also has the bootleg CURRENTLY IN VOGUE. It has six or seven of the
same songs as LIVE UNDER PRESSURE, plus 2 medleys. I can find out
what the exact songs are if any one is interested and I can make
copies for anyone interested. As I will not be able to check my mail
after this week until I get back to school around January 13, any one
who is interested in copies please e-mail directly (I am off the Rush
list until I get back from break) this week, or wait until I get back
from break (Jan 13) and we can work something out.
I will probably be purchasing CURRENTLY IN VOGUE when I get back down here
after break. If anyone is interested in having the actual bootlegs on
compact disc, they have 1 LIVE UNDER PRESSURE, and 1 CURRENTLY IN VOGUE
that if someone sends me the money, I will mail it to you. As I
said, I will be unable to check my mail after this week for about 3 weeks
so any requests need to come to me via e-mail before I leave or after I
get back. TH
The bootleg discs at the store here are 29.95 each. If someone just wants
a copy of one that I already have, just the cost of a blank tape for
yourself, and the postage to get it to me and back to you.

Let me know.


Date: Fri, 20 Dec 91 21:22:35 PST
From: djabson@sdcc13.UCSD.EDU (The God of Balance)
Subject: Bald?

	First of all I'd just like to put in writing something that I've had
in the back of my mind since the early part of my rush days. Doesn't it
seem like it would have been more appropriate if the song "I think I'm going
Bald" was done on an album when the boyz were a little...uhhh...older? I
know there's no way they could have possibly done the song and then saved
it for 20 years but it just seems ironic that a band that has been around
for so long did a song like that when they were just getting rolling. But
I love the song. And the album. Killer stuff indeed.
	Secondly, I'd like to say that I'm glad that our esteemed rush-mrg
will be cruising out here to san diego. I must admit that I scrolled right
passed the posting that caused all this confusion but that doesn't matter.
Well Dave, guess I'll get to party with you for a few days (one day?)
which will be really cool. Did I hear you mention some home brew at one
point or another? :) Who else will be around for the San Diego/LA shows?
Just thought I'd offer my place for a get together one of the nights but
unfortunately not for a whole lot of people. My roommates are kinda
sensitive about parties but a few people would be great. We got a KILLER
stereo. Welp, gotta jet. See ya folks later. Roll the Bones.


ORQ: "Is it living or just existance?"


Date: Sat, 21 Dec 91 13:55:57 -0800
From: gaushell@SEAS.UCLA.EDU (Richard D. Gaushell)
Subject: Useless Facts

You guys interested in bootlegs, old songs, etc., should
definitely try to find this boot from Allentown, Penn in 1979.
Its the last show of the Hemispheres tour, and they play most
of 2112, both parts of Cygnus, as well as early versions of
Spirit of Radio and Freewill.  Its an electrifying show with
Rush in inspired form.  Personally, I'd like to hear more about
what songs they've been playing on shows this year.

Anyone who hasn't heard Primus yet, should really check them out
on album before they blow you away live.  If you have the choice,
get Suck on This--you'll appreciate the intro...

I'd really like to see more people's opinions, likes, disklikes
on NMS instead of just trivia, considering that the Rush newsgroup
no longer exists.  If you're new to the band, hunt down a copy of
Visions, their biography (the cover looks like HYF)--it tells you
all those little facts.  What does everybody think of RTB?  I'm
enjoying it a lot more than Presto--the looseness has done wonders
for them.  I'm sure if the guys ever got a chance to look at the
NMS, they'd like to see what we think of their music, especially
criticism, rather than musings on the meaning of 'narpet.'

"Some world views are spacious, some are merely spaced."


Date: Sun, 22 Dec 1991 00:11:12 -0500
From: (Mike Kazmierczak)
Subject: Re: 12/20/91 - The National Midnight Star #410

On Fri, 20 Dec 91, nanovx!gatech!!rush wrote:
>Date: Wed, 18 Dec 91 21:43:38 EST
>Subject: Anyone know what the mission control director says on
>the voice says: 'Columbia is _________ space for main engine
>Well, after spending precious study time trying to discover
>what he says, I'm stumped. If anyone knows what he says there,
>or even possibly has an entire list of all of the background
>conversation, I'd greatly appreciate getting it.

Columbia is now steering for its precise window in space for main engine

Mike Kazmierczak
X Systems
UUCP: gatech!beow!mike


Date: Sun, 22 Dec 91 10:25:23 CST
From: John W. Housley 


I was not satisfied with the speed of the found in the rush/sounds
directory of the ftp site,,(it seemed a little slow), sooo...

I ventured out into the net, found a C program to convert sound files to .au 
files (sound2sun.c) and played with one finger on the mouse button and one 
finger on the cd player until it sounded right.

I have put a copy of this ( in the /rush/incoming
directory of the ftp site.

[ I'll look into this and decide which one will become the 'official' version
  in the rush/sounds directory ... if either.  Remember, this may be the most
  blatant form of copyright infringement, so I may not be offering digitized
  entire songs for much longer.                                    :rush-mgr ]


		John Housley.

By the way, I love the NMS.  I am AMAZED at the volume.



Date: Sun, 22 Dec 91 20:42:11 -0500
Subject: mumblings in RTB title track

Someone asked if anyone knew what the mumblings in the song RTB were...  Here
is what I can make out after the rap section in the same deep voice as the rap:

The voice whispers "because we're here"  at the 5:05 mark, but is bearly 
(I could here it through digital headphones plugged directly into the CD 

The voice then whispers "because it happens" in sync with Lee at 5:14 mark,
which is easily heard because the music is decrescendoing (getting softer).


Date: Sun, 22 Dec 91 21:50:40 EST
From: (Gregg Jaeger)
Subject: message

 A response to an old posting:

>Has anyone noticed the little morse code message on the inside cover of
>the Roll the Bones tourbook?  On the bottom of the inside cover, you
>will see a series of skulls and bones.  Using the skulls as dots and the
>bones as dashes, you will plainly see a message.  Any thoughts on what
>this means?

Yeah! I just got mine. I think this is a literal statement. There is
the idea (quite an old one) that one should live life with death in
view. This is just having a certain sense of reality. As in `learning
that we`re only immortal/ for a limited time'. What really spooked me
is where it occurred in the tour book, the inside cover where things
are usually very lively, and the picture that was above it: ROWS AND
ROWS OF EMPTY SEATS, right where we belong! Talk about driving a point
home! Scary kids, _very scary_!

Gregg Jaeger    (  ``Truth is after all a moving target''
Dept(s). of Physics (and Philosophy)
Boston University, Boston MA 02215       In Rush I trust.


Date: Sun, 22 Dec 91 20:56:59 PST
Subject: The popular mindset...

Now remember before you read this:  In today's world, black is white, white
is black, wrong is right, right is wrong.

Top composers  (in no particular order)

Hammer, Two Live Crew, Anthrax, Metallica, Poison, Kiss, M. Jackson,
C&C Music Factory, L Cool J, Boy George, J. Jackson, P. Abdul, Madonna,
Milli Vanilli, Vanilla Ice, E.M.F., Jesus Jones, Yoko Ono.

Worst composers

Rush, Beatles, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Sting, Pink Floyd, Queen.

Best drummers

Ringo Starr, Stones drummer, Milli Vanilli drummer, Drum machine from
C&C Music Factory...

Worst drummers

Peart, Rich, Palmer, Sweet.


[Sarcasm OFF]


Date: Mon, 23 Dec 91 13:16:01 EST
From: (David Kuznick)
Subject: Rush Tour Dates

Well my mail folder got screwed somehow and I lost the tour dates.  I
don't have direct FTP capabality so could someone please mail me the
tour schedule?  I am particularly intertested in Florida dates.

David Kuznick


Date: Tue, 24 Dec 91 02:18:00 -0500
From: (Lonadar the Wanderer)
Subject: re:  National Midnight Star 394-410

I finally had a chance to do more than 'scan' the last few (few?) issues and
have a boatload of comments, so here goes:

Rob Martino had asked about the possibility of unreleased Rush songs, and I too
am interested if anyone knows anything about such things.  Alex (Bkekesi?)
mentioned something about a song called "Party On" in the credits of "Bill and
Ted's Excellent Adventure."  Not having studied the credits myself, is there
any credence to this?  And if so, is it the same Rush?  It's been so long since
I saw the movie I wouldn't remember music styles.

Phil Croix mentioned a 'reegge version' of "Working Man."  I've tried 
to imagine what this must sound like.  Does anyone know where I can obtain a
copy of this?  I'd never heard of such a version before. (so much for signing messages) was asking for the
guitar sheet music for "Broon's Bane" and "The Trees."  I have seen a huge book
containing the sheet music, piano and guitar, for most of their songs.  I'm not
sure how recent it was, so it may not include Presto, DEFINATLY not RTB, and I
don't know what else, but it had everything up to the date of publication.
(Including all of 2112, I checked...)  He said he got it in W. Virginia, and I
didn't think to write down the name of the publisher, but if anyone can tell me
where I can find or how I can get this book I would GREATLY appreciate it.  I
can only 'pick out' so much on the piano.

As for the great 'wall of dice' discussion, I just thought I'd quote:
     "It's action--reaction--random interaction.
      So who's afraid of a little abstraction?"
Slightly fitting.  Did anyone get a legitimate reasoning for the randomness?

And no, John, it's "Roll the Bonnes."  ;)

Dave Zegas mentioned their local TV station using Rush in a commercial.  One
station here used Pink Floyd quite a bit in their commercials, quite well in
fact, and being a Floyd fan I enjoyed that immensly...until I heard them use
Rush.  Excuse my mental block, but I can't remember the song, just that it was
used rather well.  I hope they continue their trend.
And kudos to your early musical education of your young.  Your wife will submit
eventually.  Just keep at it...  >snicker<

Speaking of Pink Floyd, if anyone knows of a mailing list for Pink Floyd, 
mail me about it.  I have already rampaged the archives on Syrinx, but would
like to carry on active conversation if possible.

Oh, also, I have noticed several local business using RTB songs in their radio
commercials.  I guess I'm not the only one who's hooked on those songs.  I
finally cured the song-loop in my head by going out and buying the tape.  I
should have done that LONG ago.

With all the discussion about the Genesis Mailing List, which I know nothing
about and don't want to start the argument again, I will mearly ask how I can
get in touch with THAT group as well.  I have a wide range of tastes.  (Any one
know of a Debbie Gibson list?  >chuckle< )

Mike (Mjkobb?) mentioned that 'Neil broke the front...head on his base drum...'
during the Boston show.  If I might ask, how did he accomplish this?  Is it
POSSIBLE for someone to break out the front by playing too hard on the back?

Concerning the 'Gangster of Boats' trilogy, have any of you noticed thatt
"Where's my Thing" is listed as part IV (4) of this 'trilogy' (set of
three [3])?  Methinks this is yet ANOTHER of the groups little jokes that have
no meaning.  But one thing interests me:  Not having Hold Your Fire, could
someone tell me more about the mentioning of this trilogy in the liner notes of
Hold Your Fire?  Perhaps there IS some hidden meaning...then again...

My last note, that I can remember, concerns the Fly By Night lyrics.  Does
anyone know if the full song has EVER been performed/recorded/etc.?  I wonder
there are some studio tapes floating around in a vault somewhere with the full
version laid out on them.  Anyone?  Anyone?  Buller?  Buller?

That's it for now.  I'll probably have some more after activly reading the FAQL
and the transcriptions.  Did anyone ever turn in a transcription of the
Rockline show?  I'd be just as willing to do it if I had a tape of it, or any
other items that people would like trabscribed for NMS.

Lonadar the Wanderer
"Oh, so THAT's how BITnet works..."


Date: Tue, 24 Dec 91 04:10:47 -0500
From: (Lonadar the Wanderer)
Subject: Neil's Rockline Taped And Available


I tried mailing you about the Rockline tape you had offered, and the mail was
returned unsent by the mailer-daemon.  Could you please mail me so I may reply.
I would like to get a copy of the show, and need your address.  Thanks.

Lonadar the Wanderer
"Where's the bones?" - Neil Peart for Wendy's Hamburgers Take-18


Date: Tue, 24 Dec 91 22:48:16 EST
From: jalhart@skidmore.EDU (julie alhart)
Subject: Florida Dates

Has anybody heard any local announcements about any of the Florida shows.  I
am planning a trip to the Miami and St. Pete shows and possibly Orlando.  Would
love to meet any Floridian NMS people and I also need distances and directions.
Please e-mail me at:


Ken Fermaglich


Subject: MTV - A. Rose - Rico Sauve - Neil P!
From: (Vindicator)
Date: Wed, 25 Dec 91 20:27:43 PST

I just thought this would be an interestiong holiday tid bit.  I was
watching MTV, well scanning past it, and they were counting down the top
20 or whatever videos of the year.  The V-J said that the next video had
all the aspects of other good videos.  It had the water from Paula's
videos and the bandanna like axel rose, gerrardo, and NEIL PEART wear.

Huh?  Neil mentioned in the same breath!  I juess I should not be
suprised, the V-J is a rush fan, he played roll the bones and gave a
little background before the video about a month ago.

So after I recover from hearing Neil's name alone with these other guys,
I wait to see the video.  What video would someone liken neil and more
accurately his bandanna to.  Yup you guessed it!

        Marky mark and the funky bunch!

I started to feel sick, and elated that neil was mentioned again on

I then switched off the set before I really began to spew!


"Candygram for Mongo!  Candygram for Mongo!


Date: Fri, 27 Dec 91 12:01:20 +0100
From: (Frank Schaapherder)

Hi there,

Finally, it has been officially confirmed now:

Rush will play Ahoy', Rotterdam (Holland) at May 3rd. Tickets will
go on sale at Februari 1st.

Happy New Year!!!!



From: (Dennis Rivard)
Subject: Re: Didactical Materialism
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 91 9:37:58 EST

> 1. I was amazed that the FAQL does not include an explanation of what a
> narpet is. (Is it that obvious?) (Answer: Mr. Peart himself, in a Rush B.S.
> Club questionnaire, responded simply: "Play anagrams." (Possible companion
> "words," in that case, could include "leeg" and "failnose.")

I hadn't really thought about it before, but n.peart stared me right
in the face after you mentioned anagrams....  I'm surprised no one has
ever mentioned it...


Subject: )) Words of Shuttle Launch Control ((
From: (Paladin)
Date: Sat, 28 Dec 91 01:09:02 PST

I believe the correct terminology would be:

[the shuttle] is at it's precise window in space for main engine cutoff.

I grew up in Aria control (Patrick Air Force Base, Cocoa Beach, Florida)
during the Apollo launches, and can remember hearing such messages as
this.  Actually, they talked more about solid-booster cutoff and dropoff,
but the key nouns are the same.

Also, I listened carefully.


From: (Paul Robichaux)
Subject: flight director in Countdown
Date: Sun, 29 Dec 91 10:14:31 CST

| Date: Wed, 18 Dec 91 21:43:38 EST
| From:
| Subject: Anyone know what the mission control director says on Countdown?
| I was studying for a final exam, and was listening to Signals
| on my CD player. Well, I set it for a repeat mode on The Weapon,
| Losing It, and Countdown. Anyway, I got stuck listening to the
| mission control guy (I've always liked it as background, and
| even asked a Nasa question-line about it -- host='nasa-spacelink').
| Near the end of Countdown, at approximately the 5:00 point,
| the voice says: 'Columbia is _________ space for main engine
| cutoff....'
| Well, after spending precious study time trying to discover
| what he says, I'm stumped. If anyone knows what he says there,
| or even possibly has an entire list of all of the background
| conversation, I'd greatly appreciate getting it.

  The quote is 'Columbia is now steering for its precise window in
  space for main engine cutoff...'

  BTW, has Countdown ever been performed live? Sure would like to hear

[ Yes, I've seen tapes from '82 (Milwaukee) and '83 (Holland, London) where 
  it was performed live.                                          :rush-mgr ]


                            Paul Robichaux
  NTI doesn't pay for my opinions, and NASA doesn't know I have any.


From: joshg@Athena.MIT.EDU
Subject: Help tape the RTB video  ***A Heartfelt Request***
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 91 14:48:16 EST

	I would like to get the video to Roll the Bones on tape, and I have
grown tired of ff'ing through hours of recorded MTV, so here goes:  according
to our esteemed rush-mgr, we have large amount of manpower available via this
list, all reasonably fanatic about the Boyz...  It is very difficult to
persuade a group like MTV to play a video, but it is possible with force.

On New Year's Day and the following day, please call 1-800-DIAL-MTV between
five and six p.m. and flood them with requests for RTB.  That way, we all stand
a chance of being able to get the video on tape.  Starting at six p.m., some
veejay will play the most-requested videos from the hour-long call in.

Remember:  1-800-DIAL-MTV between 5 and 6 pm, 1/1 and 1/2.

Thanks for your help.

Josh Gagliardi


From: (James Choi)
Subject: Re: 12/20/91 - The National Midnight Star #410
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 91 14:30:56 CST

Please remove my name from the mailing list. Thank you.


Subject: Atlas Shrugged is an influential book
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 91 12:56:25 CST
From: (T.J. Higgins)

Just how influential, you ask?  The following appeared in the Dec.
29, 1991 issue of _Parade_ magazine.

"Our Best Books

   The following list is the result of a survey conducted by the
Library of Congress and the Book-of-the-Month Club, in which readers
were asked what book had the most influence on their lives:

  1.   The Bible
  2.   _Atlas Shrugged_, by Ayn Rand
  3.   _The Road Less Traveled_, by M. Scott Peck
  4.   _To Kill a Mockingbird_, by Harper Lee
  5.   _The Lord of the Rings_, by J.R.R. Tolkien
  6.   _Gone With the Wind_, by Margaret Mitchell
  7.   _How To Win Friends and Influence People_, by Dale Carnegie
  8.   _The Book of Mormon_
  9t.  _The Feminine Mystique_, by Betty Friedan
  9t.  _A Gift From the Sea_, by Anne Morrow Lindbergh
  9t.  _Man's Search for Meaning_, by Victor Frankel
  9t.  _Passages_, by Gail Sheehy
  9t.  _When Bad Things Happen to Good People_, by Harold Kushner"

T.J. Higgins    205-730-7922  |    (Internet)
Mapping Sciences Division     |  uunet!ingr!higgins  (uucp)
Intergraph Corp.  M/S IW17A6  Huntsville, Alabama, U.S.A.  35894-0001


Subject: Re: Countdown
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 91 17:10:10 PST
From: Bob Joslin 

>Anyone know what the mission control director says on Countdown?

Yes.  Boy, do I need a life.

Here's the answer...

"Columbia is now turning for its precise window in space for main
engine cutoff."

That was easy.  Now if you could just tell me what they are saying
at 5:30, I'd be impressed, and greatful!  Sorry if this has already
been answered many times.  I just got issue 410 today (Dec 29th.)


ORQ - "I stood in line for glory, but the tickets sold out in


From: Patrick M. Ryan 
Subject: Rand, faql
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 91 7:56:04 EST

I was reading "The Best and Worst of Everything" in the Washington Post's
Parade Magazine and came across an interesting list.  Under the title,
"Our Best Books", they listed the results of a survey conducted by
the Library of Congress and the Book-of-the-Month Club in which readers
were asked what book had most influenced their lives.  No. 1, not
surprisingly, was the Bible.  And no. 2 you ask?  _Atlas_Shrugged_ by
Ayn Rand.  Geez, I guess I should go to the library on of these days!

ORQ: "Hey, its good to be back at the Capital Centre!"
						-G. Lee

[ Or how 'bout "Thank you, DC, Virginia, wherever you're from!" - Geddy at
  the Cap. Ctr. in 1984, totally omitting the state he happened to be in at
  that moment... :-)                                             :rush-mgr ]
                                                                patrick ryan
                                                       oceans and ice branch
                                    nasa / stx / goddard space flight center


Date: 31 Dec 91 23:08:13 EST
From: Hugh Faulkner <76004.2020@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Losing It

Say it ain't so!  It's with pain in my fingers that I write this.  I was just
watching one of those TV journal shows "Hard Copy" I think it was when they
had a bit about groupies.

This one old lady was talking about all her experiences with Rock's finest
when they flashed a backstage pass reading "RUSH" and showed a picture of this
hag with her arms around someone who looked a lot - please, let it not be so -
Neil Peart.

She claims she's been with everyone in (hate to even type this) Motly Crue as
well as Aerosmith and now it seems Neil as well.  With that kind of woman's
history (Motly Crue??) can it be too long before the mighty one contracts
something which will silence the pen?

Please, someone tell me they saw it too and tell me I'm mistaken.

-Hugh                                   Lovers pause to find an open store...
                                        "Red Tide"


From: (John Becker)
Date: Thu, 2 Jan 92 08:15:58 CST
Subject: New commercial videotape w. Rush

Recently, I saw a newly released commercial video tape which includes a
Rush performance. The tape is called "Rock Classics" and is about an hour
long with videos by about 8 or ten groups, including Rush doing "Tom Sawyer".
Unfortunately, there is no information on the label to indicate if it is the
live version from the "Exit Stage Left" video, or the commercially unreleased
version filmed at Le Studio. If anyone gets a chance to look at this tape,
please check this out and pass the information along.



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