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Subject: 01/03/92 - The National Midnight Star #412

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 412

                  Friday, 3 January 1992
Today's Topics:
     Re:  01/02/92 - The National Midnight Star #411
                 People Magazine Pans RTB
                   mailing list removal
     CD scam or Once, Twice, Three times a Rush fan ?
                 Rush apperance...sort of
                about that Hard Copy thing
                      Re: Losing It
                     "Real Rush Fans"
                       GIFs on a PC
                 Maryland dates (2nd leg)
                     Rush Guitar Tab!

Date: Thu, 2 Jan 92 17:06:34 -0700
From: Doug Steele 

   Since I don't have ftp access, could someone also mail me the current tour
dates.  (I'm still waiting to hear if they visit the Colorado area)



Date: Thu, 2 Jan 92 19:54:45 EST
From: Todd Fantz 
Subject: Re:  01/02/92 - The National Midnight Star #411

In response to the two postings about Atlas Shrugged coming in
second in a "Book that most imfluenced your life" pole. The thing
that was not mentioned is that the "Bible" got 100+ votes where as
Atlas Shrugged got 14. I wish it were the other way around. It would
be a better place to live. IMO

Anyone else interested in the Philosphy of Objectivism... Leonard
Peikoff has just released his new book on Objectivism. It is very
well thought out and is the first time the entire philosophy has
been covered in one place. Don't look for it on the bestseller list.

Todd Fantz
UGA for life!


Date: Thu, 2 Jan 92 22:14:01 -0600
From: (Daredevil-The Man Without Fear)
Subject: People Magazine Pans RTB

Long time no write...Just wanted to let you guys (and gals) know that Time
Inc.'s mag rag People has RTB as a "Follie".  Shows you how smart they are!!
If anyone in Austin is interested in going to the Boyz show on 2/20; email me!!

Take care all and Happy Gnu Year!!!! :)



Internet :     (SUN/OS)     Bitnet: jian@ccwf.bitnet
      (VAX/VMS)    Bitnet: keshav@unoma1
          (BSD UNIX)   ICBMnet: 47' 8" 44' 4"
  (SUN/OS)     Daredevil on IRC

UUnet    : uunet!!

                         "INVICTUS MANEO"


From: (James Choi)
Subject: mailing list removal
Date: Thu, 2 Jan 92 22:43:27 CST

Please remove from your mailing list.  Thank


Date: Fri, 3 Jan 92 00:11 EDT
From: Richard Andrew Zehel Sofranko 
Subject: CD scam or Once, Twice, Three times a Rush fan ?

Hello fellow Rush fans!

Has anyone out there bought LIVE UNDER PRESSURE (the CD bootleg)
yet?  Do you also have a copy of the GUP video and/or the ESL
video?  If so, tell me if you noticed this one...

The LIVE UNDER PRESSURE CD label cites the performace in question
as having occured on July 8, 1984 Pittsburgh, PA.  When I picked
this CD up I was quite excited since it was recorded in
Pittsburgh and also because Freewill was on the song list.  The
other songs on the CD matched the song list of the GUP video with
the exception of four tracks scattered about the end of the
video.  But I thought "What the heck?  I don't have a live
recording of Freewill from this tour.".  Well.  I take it home
and make a tape of it for a friend.  I am usually very busy in
the evenings (imagine that!) and I end up recording something
with the sound level completely down so I can spend some quality
time with my wife and my dead house-plants.  When I listen to
this the next day on my way to work I'm thinking "Hmm... sounds
kinda familiar...".  Well I go home and cue up SpiritOTR on both
the video and the CD (they are first on each recording).  They
are EXACTLY the same.  Furthermore, so are the others!  I even
had some people confirm this for me later.  At the time I thought
"Well, at least I will have a recording of Freewill from this
tour...".  Wrong!  Guess again.  The recording of Freewill is
from the ESL video!!  Yes, believe it or not.  There is a
definite spot right before Freewill where the sound quality
shifts, the crowd suddenly cheers differently and yes, Alex
quickly switched from his Hentor Strat/Gallien Kruger (sp?) setup
to a Gibson ES-335/Marshall stack setup!  The CD boot sounds
EXACTLY the same as the ESL video, for that song only!  The
guitar sounds dramitically different, the mix sounds different
than the rest of the CD... .

Has anyone else out there noticed this?  I am also interested in
purchasing this Currently in Vogue CD.  But then again, maybe
not.  Does anyone out there know what year the recording is from?
How about a song list?

I have one other note.  A little comedy...

My wife (girlfriend at the time) bought me the GUP video for my
birthday in '88.  I of course watched the tape immediately, all
the while sporting an ear to ear grin.  My roommate at the time
hands me a little something for the anniversary of my birth "Hey
man, I was gonna get you Zep's the Song Remains the Same but I
thought you would like this better...".  Yes, the GUP video.
Worst of all, he had already removed the shrink wrap, removed the
seal that prevents you from removing the tape, and watched it!
Thus, where there was one GUP video, there came another.  With
the "seal to prevent you from buying the tape, recording it, and
bringing it back for a refund" removed, I am still the proud
owner of two GUP videos.  Consider this coupled with the recent
purchase of a bootleg CD ($10 more than either video) whose songs
were already purchased twice before.

Enough said.  Take it easy.


ORQ "another glass of wine, drink with eyes that shine..."


Date: Fri, 3 Jan 92 00:27:02 -0500
From: (Lonadar the Wanderer)
Subject: Rush apperance...sort of

Bit o' Trivia:  the marquee(sp) for Rush's concert at Madison Square Gardens
in New York was shown during The Year In Rock 1991 on MTV.i];~}i

Lonadar the Wanderer


Subject: about that Hard Copy thing
From: (Sean Flanegan)
Date: Fri, 03 Jan 92 00:48:46 PST

   I saw it too!!!!!!    And I noticed the RUsh but not a picture ,  it
went by so fast.  The one thing that makes me think it might not be the
rush we all know is that the writing was not in any special Rush font
from an album or something.  Oh well,  The bitch was like forty and
explained of her past experiences with the Don hEnly and other eagles
(AT ONCE!!!)  yuk!!!!!   just the thought!!!  EEEUUUUWWWWW!!!!

Red Tide indeed!!!



Date:         Fri, 03 Jan 92 08:50:39 EST
From: Steve Kilpatrick 
Subject:      Re: Losing It

I, too, have heard of this "hag groupie" who claims to have met Rush. That's
right, _met_, and nothing more. She was interviewed live on WHJY in Providence
just before Christmas. She spent most of the time bragging how she had slept
with every member of Fleetwood Mac, implying the women as well!

Anyway, she mentioned that she had just met Rush backstage (in Baltimore, I
think), and how nice they were, etc. She never mentioned anything more than
talking to them, though.

Doesn't sound like it should shatter any perceptions of Rush, though.



From: (Dennis Rivard)
Subject: "Real Rush Fans"
Date: Fri, 3 Jan 92 9:17:16 EST Writes:

> > Now remember before you read this:  In today's world, black is white, white
> > is black, wrong is right, right is wrong.
 Are you sure you haven't been readin 1984? :-)
> > Top composers  (in no particular order)
> >
> > Hammer, Two Live Crew, Anthrax, Metallica, Poison, Kiss, M. Jackson,
> > C&C Music Factory, L Cool J, Boy George, J. Jackson, P. Abdul, Madonna,
> > Milli Vanilli, Vanilla Ice, E.M.F., Jesus Jones, Yoko Ono.

 well... lesee... Anthrax, Metallica, maybe Jesus Jones, Paula Abdul
 (hey, she's got a great bod, and SOME talent, anyway).... throw the
 rest out...

> > Best drummers
> >
> > Ringo Starr, Stones drummer, Milli Vanilli drummer, Drum machine from
> > C&C Music Factory...

 > Worst drummers
 > Peart, Rich, Palmer, Sweet.
 > [Sarcasm OFF]

 On a slightly more serious note... Has everyone noticed the so
 called "REAL Rush fans" lately?

 Isn't it ironic that many of our fellow Rush fans complain to everyone
 about how Rush does not get any airplay (or not enough)... then, when
 the band is finally getting a lot of airplay with decent songs, they
 cry "Rush has sold out!"

 The funny thing is, that Metallica fans said the same thing when
 "Metallica" came out... that is a good CD... I guess the fans are
 stuck in "old" Metallica mode....

 Myself - I like it all (both bands)... Bands must grow over time and
 to quote Phil Collins from memory "A fan came up to me once and asked
 me why Genesis doesn't make the same kind of music as we did in the
 beginning. I asked him if he still holds the same values and beleifs
 today that he did 10 years ago, and he said 'no'. I said 'Why do you
 expect us to then?'"



Date:         Fri, 3 Jan 92  14:12:04 EDT
From: "Paul D. Kroculick" 
Subject:      GIFs on a PC

Are people still having trouble viewing the GIFs on a PC?
I finally got the GIFs to run (on a PC). I used a program called Graphics
Workshop 6.0. This program will display and _convert_ between several
different formats (gif, MacPaint, PC Paintbrush PCX, GEM/IMG, TIFF,
WPG,MSP, IFF/LBM, BMP, PIC, TGA, WPS). Best of all, the program is
SHAREWARE! If anyone is interested in a copy, I guess I could send it out.
Contact me if interested.



From: telxon!teleng!dank@uunet.UU.NET (Dan Kelley)
Subject: Maryland dates (2nd leg)
Date: Fri, 3 Jan 92 13:50:19 EST

I just wanted to express a hardy THANKS to our rush-mgr for keeping this
thing running smoothly over the past year.  Thanks to this list I am able
to stay a step ahead when it comes to tour dates and such (not to mention
all the tidbits and bootleg information that is at hand).  Keep up the
good work in 1992 (and have a damn good time in S.D.)!


      Dan Kelley         ()   ===== ===== =   = =    ////  =  =
                         ()     =   ===   =    =   //////  == =
 ...!uunet!telxon!dank   ()     =   ===== ===== =  //////  = ==   Corp. ()                        ////           Akron, OH


Date: Fri, 3 Jan 92 14:44:47 EST
From: "David S. Schmidt" 
Subject: Rush Guitar Tab!

I just picked up a copy of the _Roll the Bones_ songbook, the "Authentic
Guitar-Tab Edition"  It's published by Warner Bros. Publications Inc.

Similar books are available for _Presto_ and _Distant Early Warning_.  These
books have extremely accurate guitar transcriptions of all of the songs.

Since these are the "Official" songbooks, it's not surprising that they
are of high quality.  They are far superior to other, non-official,
tab books.

I believe that these three are the only ones available- has anyone seen
others?  By the way, the _Presto_ and _RTB_ books each came out shortly
after the respective album releases, but the _DeW_ book was just released,
and the cover has a different format, with the word "Classic" above the
picture of the album cover.

These books are a must for all guitarists!


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