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Subject: 01/09/92 - The National Midnight Star #418

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 418

                 Thursday, 9 January 1992
Today's Topics:
                     RE:  NMS 413-414
               Morse Code in the tour book
                 Poll Announcement(AGAIN)
                   Random knick-knacks
                 Tour dates (GA, NC, VA)
            Tour Dates/Usage of the Rush word
                  re: stupid speculation
                  Rush-Mgr Fund Exposed
              One more Date for the RTB Tour
                  National Midnight Star
                    Re: Rush: the word
Rush Gets a Grammy Nomination..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                 Apline Valley, WI gone??
           "Remember Death" Last Word (I hope)
     Nassau Coliseum date is probably going to change
                    Grammy nomination
                  Denver Area Tour Dates
     2 Tickets to Oakland, CA Jan. 29th Show for Sale
                 Plane Ticket Available!
                Rush nominated for Grammy
                   Rush Backstage Club
                       Morse death

Date: Wed, 8 Jan 92 18:13:27 -0500
From: (Lonadar the Wanderer)
Subject: RE:  NMS 413-414

Another batch mailing, but not as many questions:

Dave Meeks mentioned his HiE is blue as well.  Umm...what is an 'HiE'?

Also, I have noticed this discussion concerning 'tabs' or 'tabletures'.  What
exactly are these?  I assume they are computer music in some form?  Please
go into more detail if possible.

I could have sworn I had heard about 'Sir Gawain and the Green Knight'
somewhere, but my Word Processor says it dosn't appear in the FAQL.  Can anyone
elaborate on this?  Lyrics?  Time written?  If it exists?

That's about it.  More after the Maury Povich show...  ;)

Lonadar the Wanderer


Date: Wed, 8 Jan 92 19:47:57 -0500
From: "Dylan Kaufman" 
Subject: Morse Code in the tour book

>Date: Tue, 7 Jan 1992 19:46:02 -0600
>From: (Wade Williams)
>Subject: Re: Stupid speculation
>>I remember hearing somewhere that if you put dashes in place of the
>>skulls and dots in place of the bones (or something like that, maybe it's
>>vice versa, I don't even remember if it is skulls and bones), you get
>>the phrase "remember death" in Morse Code. I am sure that if you play
>>around with it, you'll get it eventually.
>Give me a break!  That kind of idle speculation is exactly why Neil said
>TNMS readers should "Get a life." (or something to that effect) when he was
>shown a copy.
>I've got news for you folks, most artists don't sit around for hours
>dreaming up subliminal messages to put into their work.  There is no doubt
>in my mind that the artist made the dice that way because he thought it
>looked better from an *artistic* standpoint.   And until one of the members
>of Rush says differently, that's the assumption the members of this list
>ought to make.

I really think you're wrong about that...  I don't know if you know
morse code, and I don't know the whole thing by heart, but I seriously
doubt that whoever was putting the book together could have managed to
put a bunch of skulls and bones into the correct order to spell out
'remember death' in Morse if the skulls are dots and the bones are
dashes.  Besides, I (without having read most of the posts very
carefully) didn't notice anyone speculating about what Neil (or
whoever put it together) _meant_ by it, only people noticing that IF
it is Morse Code, THEN it spells out 'Remember Death'.  That's
harmless, and merely an indication (I think) of someone's powers of
observation.  It was the former, speculating about what the artist
means by some lyric or other that Neil was bothered by.

The whole point of this digested mailing list is to discuss RUSH,
people's feelings about RUSH, people's _observations_ about RUSH, and
so on...  am I right rush-mgr?

[ Right you are, Dylan.  Especially when your 'trivia post' is right on
  the money!  :-)                                             :rush-mgr ]

Ciao for nao,

-<>Dylan<>-                     MA EMT-M, CA EMT-1A, BEMCo 107
Dylan Kaufman 			Major in Computer Science	Brandeis University, Waltham, MA
------<< Support your local Emergency Medical Services >>-------
"Imagine a time when it all began, in the dying days of a war" - RUSH


Date: Wed, 8 Jan 1992 20:09 EST
From: More junk mail from Uncle Sean 
Subject: Poll Announcement(AGAIN)

Greetings Rush Fans,

  	I'm writing _again_ to ask for votes in a poll I'm conducting.
Excluding the members of Rush, I'd like to know who you, Rush Fans, consider to
be the best:1)Keyboardist 2)Guitarist 3)Bassist 4)Drummer and 5)Vocalist.  I
know polls have been conducted before, but they haven't seemed to be too
succesful.  That is why I am posting this announcement to ask for YOUR votes.
Besides, with a mailing list of over 1100(?) we should get a pretty good
idea of what Rush fans really like.  So how 'bout it, give me your votes.
Your votes can be e-mailed to:

						-Sean Morrison
PS-  Depending upon the responce, I plan to post the results by 1 Febuary.
I know that many of you have just gotten done with your first semester.  I will
continue the poll long enough so that I will hopefully be able to collect your
votes as well.


Date: Wed, 8 Jan 1992 20:15 EST
From: "Multitasking... AMIGA STYLE!!" 
Subject: Dice

Well, I think it's easy to account for the large number of threes on the
RTB album... considering there are 3 members of the band..

In the other places, the dice seem to go in simple numerical order...

In fact, we may be searching for something that is so plainly obvious...

The album is about the chances in life, and what better way to show this
than have just a totally random splattering of dice on the cover?

I do think the excessive number of threes stands for the three members though.

This may fall under the category of frequently asked questions, but who's the
kid on the cover of RTB? Is that Geddy's son? He sure does bear resemblance
to Geddy even if it's not..


| From the Amiga   *      Multitasking...     * Opinions are provided,        |
|    of...         *      ---------------     *   The future pre-decided,     |
|     -.EZ.-       *   A M I G A   S T Y L E  *   Detached and subdivided     |
| *   =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=  * In the vast abduction zone!   |


Date: Wed,  8 Jan 92 20:39:24 EST
Subject: Random knick-knacks

First, a few comments:  for the person who asked about a good opposite
viewpoint to Ayn Rand, there is one--it's called liberalism.  Rather than
going to the library, just listen to the Dem. Nat'l Convention.  Actually,
democracy itself is the antithesis of Randian philosophy, as it is based
on the rule of the majority and so is a subjugation of individual self-
determination.  And no, I'm not criticizing democracy; it's Ms. Rand that I
have more disagreements with.

(pause for all Randroids and Democrats to power up their flame-throwers)

As for Rush's use of Mac's, note that Geddy has also been using Atari ST's,
which are great for MIDI applications and a huge pain in the ass to use
(as Geddy mentioned in an interview).

The translation of the Morse Code message in the RTB tour book is "Remember
Death."  Is it just me, or ar the boys taking this bones/skulls/death stuff
a bit too far?  (Actually, Neil looked cooler than ever with the matching
black tank top/bandanna with the flourescent green bones on them.)

[ Seems it's been a big topic since their friend died around P/G, and they
  never really got too far away, like with "The Pass."  Just MHO.  :rush-mgr ]

I'm glad, after many comments, someone finally recognized Neil's windmilling
as a Townshend reference.  I thought it was obvious.

I possess a copy of the reggae "Working Man," if anyone's interested, but
*caveat emptor*...the show is from Hartford in 1981, and is, except for the 
incredible encores, pretty awful.  Apparently, Geddy lost his stage monitors,
or something, 'cause his vocals are awful all night.  Neil also makes semi-
history by making 2 _major_ mistakes in "Spirit,
Anyway, I've got it on tape--the show + some other stuff is on 2 tapes.  One
final note--they only do reggae as an intro and for the first verse on mine...
I'd be interested in any lengthier version.  Also, does anyone else own a
country version of "By-Tor," (again, intro & 1st verse) or am I dreaming this?
Seems to me it's from '76 or so.

[ Actually, the country riffs are just an intro, before the opening drumming
  that normally starts off the song.  It sounds just a bit like "Tumblin'
  Tumbleweeds," but what do I know?                               :rush-mgr ]

Finally, has anyone else heard the pre-FBN version of
"FBN" with the identical bridge sections (no change in lyrics), the pre AFTK
"Xanadu," (again with slightly different lyrics), and the cheesy-sounding
pre-Signals "Subdivisions" with the terrible keyboard patch?  I saw them do
that one live, but by then Geddy had the Oberheim sound he uses on the album.


Subject: Tour dates (GA, NC, VA)
Date: Wed, 08 Jan 92 21:43:52 EST
From: "David B. Levi" 

Hey folks, I'm trying to find out where in Atlanta, Chapel Hill,
or Richmond Rush is playing and how to get tickets.  Does anybody
have info such as theatre name, phone numbers, etc?  Thanks.


Date: Wed, 8 Jan 92 22:03:59 EST
From: jalhart@skidmore.EDU (Lerxst)
Subject: Tour Dates/Usage of the Rush word

I have heard that Nassau Coliseum is NOT happening on the 13th of March as
the Grateful Dead will be there.  Instead, I have heard that Meadowlands is the
place to be, however I'm not sure if the date has changed.  Should here in a
few days.  Also, the rumours of outdoor dates in June are no longer rumours,
it is happening.  Currently the promoters and ICM (Rush's US booking agent) are
routing the tour and cutting the deals.  From what I have heard they WILL be
playing East Coast outdoor dates as well as the West Coast.  More info soon
as I get it!

Luther Vandross currently has a song out entitled something like "Rush You"
which is all over the R&B charts, speaking of using the Rush word.

BTW, there is some great new footage which is out and about of the making of
the RTB video as well as some brand new live shots from Dreamline at the Palace
in Auburn Hills.  Although the Dreamline stuff is only about 30 seconds long,
it would lead me to believe that they professionally shot that show on this
tour as they did on the last tour...

Until later..
Ken F.

[ Please post any newly announced show dates here, and I'll update the 
  tour list.                                                    :rush-mgr ]


Date: 8 Jan 92 22:21 EST
From: (Ilya Khazanov)
Subject: re: stupid speculation

   Hey Wade,.
   I don't want to start a flame war on the NMS, but I have to ask you: what 
are you talking about? About 3 issues ago, someone posted a request for the 
meaning of the skulls and bones on the RTB tourbook. I had said in my post
that I had read the meaning somewhere else. Additionally, someone else came
up with the same thing (see last issue). This is simple Morse code, that's
all. It's not some obscure thing that means nothing. It relates well with
the album, which deals in part with death, and I posted it cause it's
relevant here. You referred to the dice, presumably the ones on the RTB
cover. I was _not_ talking about the dice. Maybe people should read and
understand a message completely before writing a hasty response. I am not,
and neither, I assume, are any of the other members of this list people who
have no life and who spend their time figuring out obscure things such as the
square root of the sum of the dice on the RTB cover. If you don't understand
or disagree with the purpose of the list, then, by all means, get off it.

  E-mail any flames,

- Il


Date: Thu, 9 Jan 92 00:14:55 EST
From: jalhart@skidmore.EDU (Lerxst)
Subject: GRAMMY

On January 9, 1992 the Grammies were announced and believe it or not,    Rush
was nominated for Best Rock Instrumental for Where's My Thing!!!!!!!!
Stay tuned, as the winners will be announced in February from Radio City Music
Hall in New York.

Can you believe it, so mayble the masses aren't so ignorant??????
Ken F.


Date: Wed, 8 Jan 92 22:31:55 PST
From: ~ Rush Fanatic ~ 
Subject: Rush-Mgr Fund Exposed

Hello all,
Well, as of this writing everyone should have been mailed my latest update
with the progress of the Fund Drive.  If you haven't received a copy
drop me a line ( and I'll fill you in.

I'd like to take this time to say "Thank you Dave" on behalf of all the
list members, myself, and Meg.  I think that without the efforts you've
done over the past 2 years, there's no way this list would be where it is
today.  So hopefully, when you take your trip out here to catch Rush in
row 2, you'll know we all appreciate your work, whether we could afford a
small donation or not.  Thanks again and by George! keep up the good work.

The plane tickets to California you will/should have received by now, and
the concert tickets await.  A few of the NMS'ers in California are waiting
to meet you as well.

[ Yep, the tix appeared in my SnailMail box yesterday, and everything
  appears to be ok.  I'll be there just in time for dinner Saturday 1/18!
  I hope I can talk someone into looking for a brewpub to try out, and
  that I get to meet a lot of people at the Sunday party!  (Oh, please
  don't expect me to remember *everyone's* name - my memory for names is
  terrible!  Once I hear it 10 or 12 times, it starts to sink in... ;-)
  Hope to see a bunch of you in CA that week, including those fellows from
  the UK coming in for the show(s).                              :rush-mgr ]

PS. Not bad for a combined X-mas/birthday/New Year's present huh? :-)
    So now, how's about putting "I think I'm Going Bald" on that answering
    machine :-) getting up there aren't ya.. mmmmuuuhahahahha


Date: Thu, 9 Jan 92 08:43:44 GMT-1:00
From: Didier Lalli - OSAG Valbonne - 828.5423  09-Jan-1992 0842 
Subject: One more Date for the RTB Tour

May 1st, Le Zenith, Paris

Tickets are already on sell, and I'll be goooooooooiiiiiiiiing even though it's
at more than 1000km from where I am :-)



[ Thanks, it's going into the tour list!                        :rush-mgr ]


Date: Thu, 9 Jan 92 07:47 EDT
Subject: National Midnight Star

Please remove my name from the mailing list.

Thank you.

                                    David Bieling


From: (Dennis Rivard)
Subject: Re: Rush: the word
Date: Thu, 9 Jan 92 8:11:47 EST

> Any bets on which magazine will be the first to say, "Rush, a group
> taking its name from the Paula Abdul song/Movie/street in Chicago,..."?

The best UI've ever heard was a couple years ago on alr.rock-n-roll,
when someone told about an argument he had with a Motley Crue fan that
claimed Rush stole the pentagram from them... I think I laughed
uncontrollably for about 5 minutes....



From: The Gillrocker 
Subject: Rush Gets a Grammy Nomination..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Date: Thu, 9 Jan 92 9:27:25 EST


Rush has been nominated for best instrumental.

It's that's it called?????  Oh where is that booklet thingy
that comes witht the CD....You guys know what I mean....that....that thing!!!


 _ __ A straight _ line __ may be the shortest distance between two points,
' )  ) but it is//by no/  ) means the most interesting. -- Dr. Who
 /--' __.  . . //     /    __  _____    _   ______  __.  ____  pcrossma@ulowell
/    (_/|_(_/_Subject: Apline Valley, WI gone??


It was mentioned that the boyz might play Apline summer '92. Have some
bad news. A couple of days ago Apline declared Chapter 11 bancruptcy
(protection from creditors whilst reorganizing).  Rumor has it
Apline may not come back from it and that would really suck as
the New World Music Theater in Tinley Park, IL is pretty shitty.

> ...!att!ihlpb!skennedy   or


From: (John Becker)
Date: Thu, 9 Jan 92 09:38:26 CST
Subject: "Remember Death" Last Word (I hope)

To Wade Williams and others who have repeatedly speculated, asked,
wondered, or whatever about the pattern of skulls and bones in the RTB

YES, IT IS MORSE CODE FOR "Remember Death"!!! I don't have a clue as to why
they put it in there, (nor do I really care), but they did. I've been a ham
radio operator for years, (K9MM) and I am proficient in the Morse Code.

It certainly is NOT a subliminal message, though. If you don't know the
code, you could never figure out the meaning without hours of cryptographic

|  John Becker, Staff Engineer    |     "When The Music's Over,     |
|  Motorola, Inc., Schaumburg, IL |      Turn Out The Lights!"      |
|   |     James Douglas Morrison      |


Date: Thu,  9 Jan 1992 10:55:24 -0500 (EST)
From: Vernon H Harmon 
Subject: Grammy's!!

I don't know how many people noticed, but on MTV's Day in Rock yesterday
they announced the nominees for the Grammy's. They said Rush was
nominated for Best Rock Instrumental (presumably for Where's My Thing?).

Just wanted to get the word out!!



Date: Thu, 9 Jan 92 08:42:30 PST
From: The wheel is turning 
Subject: Nassau Coliseum date is probably going to change

I just got through reading the latest concert dates list, and there seems to be
a conflict on March 13th.  The Grateful Dead have 3 confirmed shows at Nassau
on March 11, 12, and 13.  So, unless Rush and the Dead want to jam together
(I'd *love* to see that!), the Nassau date will probably change, so keep your
eyes and ears open.

[  ... and post here!                                           :rush-mgr ]



Date: Thu, 9 Jan 92 10:48:37 CST
From: (Michalle Gould)

Can I be taken off the mailing list?


Date: Thu, 9 Jan 92 12:13:05 EST
From: (shane p faulkner)
Subject: Grammy nomination

Last night on MTV Kurt Lode(of crap)r mentionned the nominations for the
upcoming Grammies and what-do-you-know, Rush are up for best rock
instrumental (must be 'Thing').

Good luck!

///////////////////////// The Gangster of Boats /////////////////////////
//////////////////  Rush - Marillion - Kim Mitchell  ////////////////////
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/ V127L2QZ@UBVMS.BITNET     |  Ambition for illusion                    /
/ |  Dreams for self-delusion   - Neil Peart  /


Date: Thu, 9 Jan 92 10:30:42 -0700
From: (Elwood Blues)
Subject: Denver Area Tour Dates

TWIMC, I appreciate the tour dates listing, BUT ....

Does anyone know why they skipped Denver?!?!?  I've looking forward to a
concert all winter.  Maybe they're waiting til spring to play at Red Rocks
and let Neil ride his bike when it a bit warmer.  Any ideas?

Eric Linden


Date: 	Thu, 9 Jan 1992 10:30:13 PST
Subject: 2 Tickets to Oakland, CA Jan. 29th Show for Sale


I have two tickets for the Oakland, CA show on Jan. 29th that
I'd like to sell.  When the tickets went on sale for the second show
on the 30th I managed to get somewhat better seats, so since I
can't go both days, the 29th tickets have to go.

They are for Section 236 (up kind of high, but close to the stage
on the right side).  I forget the row and seat numbers, but can
provide them on request.

All I want is what I paid for them, which is $54.00 ($22.50 each +
miscellaneous Bass charges).

If you're interested, send me a note at,
or call me at (415)813-7587 (work) or (408)736-7101 (leave message).

rollin' the bones,


Date: Thu, 9 Jan 92 13:49:07 -0500
From: meg (******* Meg *******)
Subject: Plane Ticket Available!

If anyone from Sacramento would like to fly down to San Diego to see the Rush
concert on Jan 20th (Martin Luther King day), I have a round-trip ticket and a
15th row seat available...  don't worry about transportation and having a
place to stay, that'll be provided.

e-mail me for more info!



Date: 	Thu, 9 Jan 1992 10:53:21 PST
Subject: Rush nominated for Grammy

Just heard on the radio that Rush was nominated for a Grammy for
Best Instrumental - "Where's My Thing?"

Way to go, guys!  (Wonder what they'll be up against...)

Now I'll have to wade through all that Madonna/Michael Jackson/
Vanilla Ice garbage and watch the Grammys...

Oh, well--it's worth it.  Especially, *when*...they win!


"Brothers, you asked for it!"
 		-Francisco d'Anconia


Date: Thu, 9 Jan 92 13:03:35 -0600
From: (Aaron Osborne)
Subject: Rush B. ackstatge Club

It appears no one noticed (cares?) that there is a
new address for the Backstage Club.  It is now:

Rush Backstage Club
951 Toni Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89119

The membership fee is now $10 and no, you don't get any
deals on T-shirts, etc.  They do, however, discount old merchandise
as "Close-out specials".  Hope this info helps someone.

[ Dan, can you update the FAQL with this?  Thanks!             :rush-mgr ]


PS. I've got floor seats for the Feb. 18 Houston show.  Could anyone
tell me if Sec 3 is any good, or should I try for something better?


Date: Thu, 9 Jan 1992 12:31:02 -0700
From: colesa@spot.Colorado.EDU
Subject: Morse death

In the January 8 NMS Wade Williams states:

"I've got news for you folks, most artists don't sit around for hours
dreaming up subliminal messages to put into their work.  There is no doubt
in my mind that the artist made the dice that way because he thought it
looked better from an *artistic* standpoint.   And until one of the members
of Rush says differently, that's the assumption the members of this list
ought to make."

There is no reason why anyone should assume anything about the skulls and
bones in the tourbook.  If one wants to speculate about it, why not?  Also,
I personally think it's a clever and amusing message, if indeed it is a
message.  I see no reason to hang on only the words of the band, as if
they're going to spoon feed us all the little details about an album.

Adam Coles                           {  What you own is your own kingdom
Junior, College of Aerospace Engr.   {  What you do is your own glory
Computational Neural Nets            {  What you love is your own power
University of Colorado               {  What you live is your own story!


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