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Subject: 01/13/92 - The National Midnight Star #419

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 419

                 Monday, 13 January 1992
Today's Topics:
                       Rush Grammy
                    Grammy Nominated!
                Rush nominated for Grammy!
                     Off mailing list
                    Grammy nomination
                   About 'dem Grammies
                Let's Have Those Votes!!!!
                   the meaning of death
                  Earlier posting, plus.
           Plane Ticket Available (added info)
      Re: 01/09/92 - The National Midnight Star #418
                     Grammy, Schmammy
                   Atlanta Tour Date..
                        Morse Code
                    Grammy nomination
                        HiE is....
  Phoenix show cancelled -- Rush waiting until the Spring to play the ...
                   .gif files in Images
            Motley Crue and the other nominees
               Death, T-shirts & Vancouver
                      Neil on radio
     Re:  01/09/92 - The National Midnight Star #418
                    Grammy Nomination
      Re: 01/09/92 - The National Midnight Star #418
                 The 'Short Tour'-boots!
                       Rush Party!
               Cassette Poll II Update One
                      Autographed CD
                     Florida Tickets
                      trading tapes
 Favorite 3 groups poll results -- Part II  (The Sequel)

From: Editor, The National Midnight Star 
Subject: Administrivia

There was no NMS for Friday, 1/10/92.

There are several new dates announced here - they will be added to the 
tour list at the ftp server SOON (not right yet).



Date: Thu, 9 Jan 92 15:27 CST
Subject: Rush Grammy

Rush is in the running for Rock/Instrumental "Where's My Thing".
                             Brian Utesch


Date: 09 Jan 92 17:12:25 EST
From: Thomas Regina <71530.417@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Grammy Nominated!


Here is some great news:

Best Rock Instrumental Performance(includes rock, hard rock & metal
instrumentals): 4 songs deleted......"Where's My Thing?" (track from
"Roll The Bones") Rush.


Date: Thu, 9 Jan 92 14:54:28 -0800
From: David Conley 
Subject: Rush nominated for Grammy!

This must be a first. Just read in the morning paper that
"Where's My Thing?" has been nominated for a Grammy in the
category of Best Rock Instrumental Performance. Has any Rush
piece of work been nominated for a Grammy before? YYZ certainly?
I know that they have won their share of Juno Awards.
Trouble is that WMT is up against Cliffs of Dover by Eric Johnson.
Tough competition indeed!

I usually dismiss the Grammys as a joke each year. Maybe I will
change my mind after Rush wins...... you bet!


David Conley
University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle


Date: Thu, 9 Jan 1992 19:15 EST
Subject: Off mailing list

Could you please remove me from the Rush mailing list. Thank you.


Date: Thu, 9 Jan 92 19:47:19 EST
From: jalhart@skidmore.EDU (Lerxst)
Subject: Grammy nomination

Just got a bit more information on the nomination.  The band is up against The
Allman Brothers, Yes, Danny Gatton, and Eric Johnson.  Now all we need to find
out is which accounting firm tallies the votes so we can "stuff the ballot 
Keep your fingers crossed.

I guess the boyz themselves would have a hard time actually being in New york
for the ceremony as they will be in the midst of the RTB Mid-Atlantic Tour.  I
guess we can always hope!!!
Ken F.


From: (S.M. Morrison )
Subject: About 'dem Grammies
Date: Thu, 9 Jan 92 19:52:12 EST

  Greetings all,

  About dem Grammies.  It appears the public is getting smarter, what with
the Rush nomination.  But will they win?  Probably not.  Consider the other(
for lack of a better work) trash that gets nominated for Grammies.  Quality
music just doesn't have a chance.   Pity really, it _would_ be nice for Rush
to get a Grammy.



Date: Thu, 9 Jan 1992 19:52 EST
From: More junk mail from Uncle Sean 
Subject: Let's Have Those Votes!!!!

Greetings Rush Fans,

  	I'm writing _again_ to ask for votes in a poll I'm conducting.
Excluding the members of Rush, I'd like to know who you, Rush Fans, consider to
be the best:1)Keyboardist 2)Guitarist 3)Bassist 4)Drummer and 5)Vocalist.  I
know polls have been conducted before, but they haven't seemed to be too
succesful.  That is why I am posting this announcement to ask for YOUR votes.
Besides, with a mailing list of over 1100(?) we should get a pretty good
idea of what Rush fans really like.  So how 'bout it, give me your votes.
Your votes can be e-mailed to:

						-Sean Morrison
PS-  Depending upon the responce, I plan to post the results by 1 Febuary.
I know that many of you have just gotten done with your first semester.  I will
continue the poll long enough so that I will hopefully be able to collect your
votes as well.


Date: Thu, 9 Jan 92 20:23:59 EST
From: (Gregg Jaeger)
Subject: the meaning of death

>>Date: Tue, 7 Jan 1992 19:46:02 -0600
>>From: (Wade Williams)
>>Subject: Re: Stupid speculation
>>>I remember hearing somewhere that if you put dashes in place of the
>>>skulls and dots in place of the bones (or something like that, maybe it's
>>>vice versa, I don't even remember if it is skulls and bones), you get
>>>the phrase "remember death" in Morse Code. I am sure that if you play
>>>around with it, you'll get it eventually.
>>Give me a break!  That kind of idle speculation is exactly why Neil said
>>TNMS readers should "Get a life." (or something to that effect) when he was
>>shown a copy.
>>I've got news for you folks, most artists don't sit around for hours
>>dreaming up subliminal messages to put into their work.  There is no doubt
>>in my mind that the artist made the dice that way because he thought it
>>looked better from an *artistic* standpoint.   And until one of the members
>>of Rush says differently, that's the assumption the members of this list
>ought to make.

>I really think you're wrong about that...  I don't know if you know
>morse code, and I don't know the whole thing by heart, but I seriously
>doubt that whoever was putting the book together could have managed to
>put a bunch of skulls and bones into the correct order to spell out
>'remember death' in Morse if the skulls are dots and the bones are
>The whole point of this digested mailing list is to discuss RUSH,
>people's feelings about RUSH, people's _observations_ about RUSH, and
>so on...  am I right rush-mgr?
>[ Right you are, Dylan.  Especially when your 'trivia post' is right on

Definitely! This is no place for thought police.

> Besides, I (without having read most of the posts very
>carefully) didn't notice anyone speculating about what Neil (or
>whoever put it together) _meant_ by it, only people noticing that IF
>it is Morse Code, THEN it spells out 'Remember Death'.  That's
>harmless, and merely an indication (I think) of someone's powers of

The message actually is pretty self-explanatory.
Couple the code with the now immortal line ``learning that we're
only immortal for a limited time,'' and the possibility of it's
being an accident are radically reduced. Apparently my recent post
about the connection between the code and the photo above it in the
tourbook was missed by many. The photo is from behind rows and rows
of _empty_ seats (where we fans usually sit); in front of the seats
are the boys playing on stage! This (besides being an amusing
inversion of the idea that the band is mortal -- there are break-up
rumors after ever album/tour -- and will leave us fans with an empty stage)
drives home the message that _we_ Rush fans are mortal. The chances
of the code being an accident are seen to tend to zero. The idea of
living with death in mind is a very old only idea in philosophy
(and religion as well), going back at least as far as Plato.

>   Hey Wade,.
>   I don't want to start a flame war on the NMS, but I have to ask you: what
>are you talking about? About 3 issues ago, someone posted a request for the
>meaning of the skulls and bones on the RTB tourbook. I had said in my post
>that I had read the meaning somewhere else. Additionally, someone else came
>up with the same thing (see last issue). This is simple Morse code, that's
>all. It's not some obscure thing that means nothing. It relates well with
>the album, which deals in part with death, and I posted it cause it's
>relevant here. You referred to the dice, presumably the ones on the RTB
>cover. I was _not_ talking about the dice. Maybe people should read and
>understand a message completely before writing a hasty response. I am not,
>and neither, I assume, are any of the other members of this list people who
>have no life and who spend their time figuring out obscure things such as the
>square root of the sum of the dice on the RTB cover. If you don't understand
>or disagree with the purpose of the list, then, by all means, get off it.

Right on!

One of the highest functions of art is to provoke thought.
Trying to find meanings in _everything_ is dubious, but finding meaning
in the enigmatic is highly fruitful, especially when there are other
examples of solved puzzles around. I don't see the morse code+photo as much
different from the cover of Moving pictures (for example), where we
has the words `Moving Pictures' and then a photo illustrating the idea
of _moving_ _pictures_ in various ways, for those who are capable
of thought.

It's time to buy a clue!

> It was the former, speculating about what the artist
>means by some lyric or other that Neil was bothered by.

Actually, it was speculating about the meaning of the positions of
the hands on his watch on an album photo that bugged him (see NMS#5).
Nothing enigmatic about having a watch with hands now is there!
The band has nothing against people giving their own well considered
interpretations to their music (or even album covers -- see Ged's
comments on the HYF album cover in the FAQL), just people who
come up with lunatic ideas (like Rush's telling the world that
extraterrestrials are coming to earth -- source: a video interview
with Ged, in my possession).

Gregg Jaeger    (     | Tristero?               Treestero?
Dept(s). of Physics (and Philosophy)      |            ______/|/|
590 Commonwealth Ave.                     |              (_) \|\|
Boston University, Boston MA 02215        |  WASTE: Box 49 Boston.   Trystero?


Date: Thu,  9 Jan 92 20:55:08 EST
Subject: Earlier posting, plus.

First, let me amend my earlier statement about liberalism being the opposite
of Ayn Rand's philosophy.  I didn't mean "classical" or "true" liberalism,
I was referring to modern liberal ideas as practiced by FDR, LBJ, Ted Kennedy,
etc.  It seems obvious that, if Ayn Rand were forced to choose between the
Republicans & the Democrats (& yes, I know force is rejected by libertarians),
she would, reluctantly, choose the Republicans.  What bearing this has on Rush,
I can't possibly imagine, so feel free to email your nastiest flames and I
promise to stop this discussion right now.

	In reference to a question about Hugh Syme covers, I recall that he
did the cover for the _Whitesnake_ album (the one with "Here I Go Again", not
the late 70's one).  Frankly, after studying his Rush covers, I've come to the
conclusion that the man is either the cleverest subliminal artist ever, or
very, _very_ strange.

And finally, pulling together a number of diverse messages:  yes, I know the
country "By-Tor" is intro only.  Also, there is a cool short jam from Alex
and Neil  in one of my early shows, while Geddy seemingly is changing basses.
And as far as "unreleased" songs go, there are, of course, many recordings
of both "Fancy Dancer" and the Beatles' "Bad Boy" in the early concerts.

ORQ..."Now Junior, behave yourself!" ("Bad Boy")


Date: Thu, 9 Jan 92 22:59:53 -0500
From: meg (******* Meg *******)
Subject: Plane Ticket Available (added info)

Well I tried to get the posting out so fast I forgot the two most
important parts.. here's the schedule of the plane ticket:

Takes off Sacramento 8:05pm Fri Jan 17th
Leaves from San Diego5:30pm Tues Jan 21st

And of course my e-mail address might help right? :)



Date:         Fri, 10 Jan 92 00:11:14 EST
From: mike 
Subject:      Re: 01/09/92 - The National Midnight Star #418

hello rushia,
      you may not remember, but ASOH came out exactly 3 years ago today
1/9/89.  i should know, it was my birthday then, which means that today is
also my birthday.  cool.  happy birthday to me, if it wasn't for rush i
wouldn't have remembered.  :)
                             ...until later...
                                 mike 'the birthday boy'

p.s. in case your interested, i am 27
p.s.s. geddy was only 26 when 'the spirit of radio' came out--jan 1980
p.s.s.s. i wonder if 'permanent waves' came out on the 9th of jan, what a hoot
that would be.
p.s.s.s.s. i am beginning to understand that we are immortal for a limited
time.............that is why we should 'remember death'


Date: 10 Jan 92 06:09:47 EST
From: Bruce Holtgren <70724.1622@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Grammy, Schmammy

Thanks to all who announced the news about the Grammy nomination
- I can't believe I heard it in TNMS first (and I work for a
newspaper, for cryin' out loud).

For those who are wondering, the five nominees for Best Rock
Instrumental are:

  -- Allman Brothers Band, Kind of Bird
  -- Danny Gatton, 88 Elmira Street
  -- Eric Johnson, Cliffs of Dover
  -- Rush, Where's My Thing?
  -- Yes, Masquerade

Much as I'd love our Boyz to win, I'd be equally as thrilled to
see it go to Eric Johnson, an enormously talented and extremely
overlooked performer. I have no opinion about the others on
the list.

And now for the wet blanket: We all have plenty of good reason to
be pumped about this - hey, any mainstream recognition is always
great - but the Grammys are historically about the worst example
out there of glittering prizes and endless compromises. This is
the same organization that almost totally ignored the Beatles and
Dylan (except for "lifetime achievement awards"); fawned over the
likes of the Captain and Tennille and Christopher Cross; didn't
even notice heavy metal until years after Led Zeppelin had come
and gone; awarded a Grammy to Jethro Tull for Best Heavy Metal
Album instead of Metallica; created and discarded contrived
musical categories from year to year (always well behind the
trends); and, in the most infamous and laughable screw-up yet,
honored Milli Vanilli with a Grammy they later had to revoke. One
of this year's nominations for "Song of the Year" - Unforgettable
by Natalie Cole - was written in 1951.

Folks, I'll be real happy if Rush were to win one of these
things, but if they don't, it ain't gonna hurt *my* feelings one
bit. And I am NOT going to watch an insipid, three-hour
Grammys "ceremony" just 'cause I love Rush, who most certainly
will not be there anyway.

Sorry for being such a crank. We now return you to those who can
rave all they want about this being some great "honor."


From: (Glynn,Mike)
Subject: Atlanta Tour Date..
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 92 7:57:40 EST

 It was announced this week...March 4th at the Omni.
 Tickets go on sale tommorow!

Mike Glynn


From: joshg@Athena.MIT.EDU
Subject: Morse Code
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 92 08:08:54 EST

In case anyone cares:

MEMENTO MORI is a Latin phrase often seen on Victorian gravestones (and older).
I had always seen it translated as "Remember to die", but given the slippery
nature of Latin verbals, "Remember Death" is just as reasonable.

This message brought to you by Josh, the man with the pack-rat brain.

Best of luck


From: (John Becker)
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 92 08:49:29 CST
Subject: Grammy nomination

Besides "Where's My Thing", what other songs were nominated for best
rock instrumental??


Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1992 10:20 EST
From: A spider wanders aimlessly within the warmth of a shadow
Subject: HiE is....

I don't know why someone was talking about HiE in this digest, but HiE stands
for Holidays in Eden(Marillion's lastest album). Hope that clears the mystery.

Ian Livingston


From: (Jeff Manny)
Subject: Phoenix show cancelled -- Rush waiting until the Spring to play 
          the Mountain Time Zone????
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 92 9:10:19 MST

I have just read in a recent NMS that Rush cancelled a show in Denver, CO.
Just wanted to pass the word that Rush also cancelled a date in Phoenix,AZ
for 1/18/92.  Heard they were instead going to play somewhere
over in New Mexico near El Paso, Texas.
	I don't think Rush would let down their fans in two major metropolis
areas so.... this, along with the fact that I've heard Phoenix is one of their
favorite places to play (call me biased if you want, but they did record
material here for their live album, "A Show of Hands") leads me to feel
that they will not forget about their fans in the Rocky Mountain States.
I heard they were going to do some upcoming European shows, so hopefully,
they will return for a second leg of the U.S. tour and play the major cities
they missed on the first leg.
	If anyone hears any info, please post to NMS or mail me at:

	"Imagine a place...
	 Where it all began,
	 Gathered from across the lands
	 To work in the secrecy of the desert sands

	 All the brightest boys,
	 To play with the biggest toys,
	 Was more than they bargained for"


From: (Jack Klebeck)
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1992 10:09:32 PST
Subject: .gif files in Images

Date	1/10/92
Subject	.gif files in Images

From: Jack!

                         Subject:                             Time:10:01 AM
Academic Services
Office Memo              .gif files in Images                 Date:1/10/92

I have been unable to successfully decode or uncompress any of the .gif
files in Images.  I get an end of file error and the process aborts.  I'm
using Stuffit Classic 1.6 on a Mac.  Any suggestions?

[ Only those files with a ".Z" at the end are compressed, and those are just
   the Sun raster format files.  The .gif files are not compressed in any way;
   just download them (using binary transfer) and view them.       :rush-mgr ]


Date: 10 Jan 92 16:22:50 EST
From: Thomas Regina <71530.417@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Motley Crue and the other nominees


I found out that after the man in Rush's pentagram discovered he
would be associated with Motley Crue, he ran out of the pentagram!
Where is he now? Could he now be the Rush-mgr?

But really, does anyone know how Motley Crue has been so popular for
10 years? All they do is cover other peoples songs and steal riffs/
lyrics from Aerosmith and Queen.

The other songs nominated with "Where's My Thing?" are:
"Cliffs Of Dover" Eric Johnson
"88 Elmira Street" Danny Gatton
"Kind Of Bird" Allman Brothers
"Masquerade" Yes

My guess is that they will give the award to the oldest band that never
got a grammy. Has Yes or the Allman Bros ever received a Grammy?


Subject: Death, T-shirts & Vancouver
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1992 11:34:44 -0800 (PST)
From: (Lance Neustaeter)

   Is anybody on the list going to the Feb 2nd Show in Vancouver?  I am.

   Has anybody ever suggested the idea of the National Midnight Star
designing a T-shirt?  This would be kool to wear to concerts et. al.
It would also be an interesting conversation starter.  If no one's
suggested it, now they have.

   As far as the "Remember death" message.  It would seem to me that if
that's what it says, then that's what it says.  There's no need to
wonder why the boyz thought it appropriate--it is entirely possible that
it wasn't there idea.  Bands don't get total control over what goes
on album covers.  Besides I like trivia material such as that.

Lance Neustaeter
"...for these truths hold good for everything that is, and not for some
special genus apart from others.  And all men use them, because they are
true of being _qua_ being...For a principle which everyone must have who
understands anything that is, is not a hypothesis...Evidently then such a
principle is the most certain of all; which principle this is, let us
proceed to say.  It is, that the same attribute cannot at the same time
belong and not belong to the same subject in the same respect..."


Date: Tue, 7 Jan 92 21:36 PDT
From: Chris 'Mortimer' Chamberlin 
Subject: Neil on radio

I just heard an "MTV Music News" segment on the local "klassic rock"
radio station with a mini-interview of Neil (the "interviewer"
mispronounced his last name!).  After the usual brief history
("Progressive rock band Rush was started waaay back in 1974, etc.")
there was a short quote of Neil saying something like the following:

  "When I look out into the audience these days, the one thing I'm
   amazed by is the wide range of ages I see.  There are kids, 14, 15,
   16 years old, all the way up to people 30, 40, 45 years old with
   bald heads and beards.  I mean, there are a lot of bald heads out
   there. That speaks to the great dedication we've got in front of
   us. We've got some fans that have stuck with us."

That's paraphrased from memory, since I had just turned on the radio as
I heard it beginning.  It wasn't a big deal, but it was sort of fun
to just happen to hear it.

I finally saw the RTB video (don't laugh too loudly).  Actually, it cost
me $2.50 in 900-number charges, but I think it was worth it.  Not a
particularly impressive video, but I was glad to see it at all.  The
boyz just look a little...dare I say...old.

- Chris


Subject: Grammies
Date: Sat, 11 Jan 92 12:14:36 -0500

jalhart@skidmore.EDU (Lerxst) writes:
>On January 9, 1992 the Grammies were announced and believe it or not,    Rush
>was nominated for Best Rock Instrumental for Where's My Thing!!!!!!!!
>Stay tuned, as the winners will be announced in February from Radio City Music
>Hall in New York.

Wasn't the last Grammy nomination Rush got also for Best Rock
Instrumental for YYZ way back when?  And wasn't that their only
previous Grammy nomination?

Gee, the only two Grammy nominations Rush ever gets are for their
instrumentals.  How...nice.

Now, while overall I consider the Grammys a reflection of popular
opinion which is *not*, contrary to popular belief, synonymous with
good taste and I certainly doubt either Rush or its fans need Grammy
awards to make them realize, "Hey, we got a good thing going here!" it
would be nice if there were *some* acknowledgement from the pop world
of Rush's achievements.  Oh, well, a lot of people have trouble
accepting fantasy/science fiction as valid fields of literature too...

Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose...

>Can you believe it, so mayble the masses aren't so ignorant??????

Flukes happen.  I'm waiting for something a little more consistent,
if you don't mind.  Like maybe a song nominated, or perhaps a whole
album?  One can dream...

All just my cynical opinion, of course.

-Bill Barnes


Date: Sun, 12 Jan 92 16:56:49 +0200
From: (gershon isaac)
Subject: Re:  01/09/92 - The National Midnight Star #418

Get me off your mailing list !!!!!


Date: Sun, 12 Jan 92 12:09:09 CST
From: Brian Lawrence Kirk 
Subject: Grammy Nomination

As many people have mentioned, Rush was nominated for Best Rock Instrumental.
However, their chances of actually winning are slim and none.  Seems Eric
Johnson was also nominated for 'Cliffs of Dover'.  So you lucky bastards that
got to see EJ open for Rush were treated to not one but two Grammy-quality
acts on the same night. :)

 | This is true even for   | Brian Kirk             | All I ask is the chance |
 | large values of two.    | Rice University '94    | to *prove* that money   |
 |                         |  | won't make me happy.    |
 | "Wave after wave will flow with the tide and bury the world as it does,    |
 |  Tide after tide will flow and recede leaving life to go on as it was...." |
 |                                 -- Neil Peart, 'Natural Science'           |
     These are the opinions of no one, living or dead.


Date:         Sun, 12 Jan 92 15:14:43 CST
From: matt niehaus 
Subject:      Re: 01/09/92 - The National Midnight Star #418

please remove me from the mailing list


Date: Sun, 12 Jan 1992 16:18:36 -0500 (EST)
From: John Michael Santore 
Subject: The 'Short Tour'-boots!


In response to your post on the NMS on 12/20 (sorry, I'm so late, I was home
on winter break) you mentioned the warmup tour in FL (timed just so so Ged
could catch some baseball spring training games).

\quotation{and they played two (maybe three) new, unreleased songs.

Middletown Dreams was, in fact, one of them.  I think the other

was The Big Money (correct me if I'm wrong).

I seriously doubt, although it is possible, that there is a circulating

tape of one of these five shows.

I OWN a bootleg of one of these warm up shows.  They play Middletown Dreams,
The Big Money, and Emotion Detector from PoW.

If you're interested, I can copy it for you (send a SASE with a 90 min tape)

free of charge.  It also has the "Spirit of Baseball" version mentioned in
Visions (Rush biography).

				-Rolling the Bones

				John Santore

4 Rush shows down (2 Presto tour, 2 RTB(on one of which I met Ged and Alex))
with one more to go!

Miami....Feb 28 !!!!


"We break the surface tension with our wild kinetic dreams"

			-Rush, Grand Designs

Go Philadelphia Flyers !

John Santore (




Date: Sun, 12 Jan 92 17:51:59 -0500
From: meg (******* Meg *******)
Subject: Rush Party!

Yes, Rush is *finally* getting out our way, so of course it's time for a
party! If you plan to be in San Diego on Jan 19th (Sunday) or are close enough
to drive down, come on over! Lots of music and food, and the chance to meet
the rush-mgr. Mail me for directions!



Date: Sun, 12 Jan 92 18:32:07 -0500
From: "Douglas G Schwabe" 
Subject: Cassette Poll II Update One

Hello, and Happy New Year to everyone!!

This is the first of a series of updates concerning Cassette Poll II.  The
poll started in November as I asked NMS members again to send me a list of
their 20 to 25 all-time favorite Rush songs.  These songs will be compiled
into a boxset format (Between 50 to 70 songs)  The set will consists of
70's and 80's Rush as well as live material (ATWAS, ESL, ASOH, bootlegs,
video's as well as the current RTB tour, if you are submitting live material
please specify which album/video/etc.. it came from).  If you want to include
parodies you can do so.  Sorry I haven't post any updates sooner but with the
finals, the holidays and everything else happening I haven't had time.  I will
be posting updates every so often (about once a week) and the poll will run
until I get enough songs to comprise the boxset.  With 1100+ members, I think
we'll have enough results for an interesting boxset.  I know that there have
been members that have asked if Rush will ever come out with a boxset, so I
figured "what if" and took matters into my own hands  P.S.  Hey Canada and
Buffalo, I haven't heard from you guys on the Kim Mitchell/Max Webster Boxset.
Where ya Been?

Until my next update, Roll the lists!!!

Douglas Schwabe or


From: (Dennis Rivard)
Subject: Autographed CD
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 92 9:43:31 EST

	Much to my surpise and amazement, and package came in the mail
the other day... It was a Roll the Bones CD autographed by Geddy and
        It seems a friend of mine who works as an engineer at WAAF (in
Worcestor) was able to get it when the boys came around on Dec. 10...
What a nice pre-birthday gift!

Not that I want to sell it, but does anyone know what an autographed
copy of the CD would go for?



From: (Scott Huitt 407-796-2969)
Subject: Florida Tickets
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 92 11:15:58 EST

Just got tickets for Florida dates:

Pensacola: Feb 25
Miami:     Feb 28
St. Pete:  Feb 29
Orlando:   Mar  2

TicketMaster didn't have a date for the Jacksonville show. If anyone knows
different, let me know.

Anyone else going to be there???

Scott Huitt						(407) 796-2969
Pratt & Whitney Florida 				fax: (407) 796-2101
P.O. Box 109600  M/S 715-52
West Palm Beach, FL 33410


From: Scott David Daly 
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 92 11:26:35 EST
Subject: trading tapes

Hi there! I'm new to the list and I am VERY interested in trading tapes with 
anyone who is
interested. Please send me mail or contact me at (301) 474-8174 and I'll let 
you know what I have!

                                           Talk to ya later!

                                             -Scott ( "Skip" ) Daly


Date: Sun, 12 Jan 1992 18:07 EST
From: "Anthony J. DelBusso" 
Subject: Favorite 3 groups poll results -- Part II  (The Sequel)

Hello Rushians !
   Well, I have finally gotten around to tallying the poll results again.  If
you have not yet voted, I will be glad to continue posting updated results.
Sorry it took so long to post these.

   I recieved a total of 37 votes (including myself) which consisted of:

   Alan Parsons Project................1 *
   Bach, Johann Sebastian..............1
   Beatles, The........................1 *
   Black Sabbath.......................1
   Blue Oyster Cult....................1
   Borrowed Time.......................1
   Boston(/Orion The Hunter/RTZ).......3 +
   Bush, Kate..........................1 *
   Clapton, Eric.......................1 *
   Collins, Phil.......................1
   Corea, Chic.........................1
   Crimson, King.......................1 *
   Cure, The...........................1
   Def Leppard.........................1
   Dire Straits........................2 *
   Doors, The..........................1
   Emerson, Lake and Palmer............1
   Genesis.............................2 +
   Guns 'n' Roses......................3 *
   Iron Maiden.........................1
   Jane's Addiction....................1
   Jethro Tull.........................2
   Judas Priest........................2 *
   Level 42............................1 *
   Living Colour.......................2 (my 4th favorite)
   Led Zeppelin........................5 + (my 2nd favorite)
   Marillion...........................2 +
   Max Webster.........................1
   Meat Loaf...........................1 *
   Metallica...........................4 +  (my 3rd favorite)
   Mitchell, Kim.......................1
   Nine Inch Nails.....................1
   Pink Floyd.........................10 +
   Police, The.........................1
   R.E.M...............................2 *
   Springsteen, Bruce..................1 *
   Stone Roses.........................1
   Suicidal Tendencies.................1
   Supertramp..........................1 *
   U2..................................1 *
   Vaughan, Stevie Ray.................1
   Yes................................17 +
   Zappa, Frank........................1 *

   * means new addition to list
   + means update to list

Thanx for your participation.

                        Tony DelBusso

*          _                                                                  *
*         |_| |\ | ~|~ |_| /\ |\ | \/   |   |\ |~ |  |> | | <  <  /\          *
*         | | | \|  |  | | \/ | \| |   _|.  |/ |~ |_ |> |_|  >  > \/          *
*                                               ~                             *
************************** **************************


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