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Subject: 02/03/92 - The National Midnight Star #427

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 427

                 Monday, 3 February 1992
Today's Topics:
                  NO SHOW IN BALTIMORE!
                  OOOOHHHHH   MAN!!!!!!
                 Sam Goody's REQUEST rag
                     East Coast shows
                Primus; the RTB tour stage
      RE: 01/31/92 - The National Midnight Star #425
                  RUSH stuff in Chicago
                     Primus / Seating
                    Baltimore (again)
            Boston Laser Show and the Grammies
      Re: 01/31/92 - The National Midnight Star #426
      Re: 01/31/92 - The National Midnight Star #426
                   Bay Area Rush Shows
            Kids vote A+ 4 Rush!,signature...
                  SB of RNR/Primus plug
                When's the Grammy Awards?
     Well let me tell ya 'bout MY Rush  Experience...
                      Take off, eh?
                      IN THE END...
                 THE TITLE OF THIS DIGEST
                       T-shirts etc
                       RTB tourbook
       Re ;: Lakeside Park - so many memories ...
                       TNMS tshirt
     Neil Peart Featured on Buddy Rich Memorial Tape
                       nms tshirts
         Rush in near car accident in Oakland...
                Geddy trivia from Yes m.l.
                     Rush laser show
                    Feb. 4 Approacheth
                   BIRMINGHAM NEC APRIL
                         T Shirts
           Rollin' the Bones in North Carolina!
                        NMS shirts
            Yes, Virginia: Tickets are on sale
                    The CD Connection

Date: Fri, 31 Jan 1992 15:56 MST
Subject: T-Shirts

	OK.  It's me again.  I'm taking requests for NMS t-shirts as well as
ideas for the design.  When I get about 30 requests I'll go ahead and print
them up (after re-contacting - I'll post what the final design will be).  Just
e-mail me and let me know if you're interested in one and I'll put you on the
list and get back in touch when they're ready to be printed.  The price will be
$7.00 a shirt plus about $2.00 shipping.  The shirts will be 100% cotton unless
enough poeple want something else.
	One design that I thought of would be a star with NMS written out
around it in a circle (so as to resemble a pentagram).  Any other ideas are


Date: Fri, 31 Jan 1992 17:03:15 -0600

I have a bit of hopefully false information to share with you. I just got off
the phone with a representative at the Baltimore Arena. I was inquiring
when tickets for the March 11 show would go on sale. The guy informed me
that the show was not definite and Rush was thinking of dropping the
engagement, to play elsewhere. I hope that he is wrong. If anyone has any
contradicting information or pertinent information related to the Maryland
concerts, please drop me a line! Thanks

					Dan Lemkin
					Washington University St. Louis, MO


Subject: OOOOHHHHH   MAN!!!!!!
From: (Sean Flanegan)
Date: Fri, 31 Jan 92 15:17:00 PST

        I AM FULL-O-RUSH!!!!!!!!!

This last week I went to 3 shows. Sacraamento, and 2 in Oakland.

        They were all fantastic, best concerts I have ever seen.  10
times better than the Presto tour. They seem to be so relaxed and having
so much fun!!!!    Get this....    I snuck into 2 soundchecks, one each
night in oakland. Just walked through a door that hadn't been locked
properly. The first day I saw the end of roll the bones and dreamline
before I got kicked out. The second day I spent about 2min. before I was
caught,  but I saw the band jammin' on some new material.  It was really
cool!!  Neil doing a basic beat with alex doing some COSMIC sounding
riffs.  My friend commented that it reminded him a little of lift me up
on the yes union album. It was incredable. The people who kicked me out
were actually pretty nice.  The one guy said," I m sorry but you really
can't be in here during the soundcheck."  I said I would leave and
started talking to him abouyt his job. The lucky bastard gets to see Rush

The kicker is that my friend(having the balls that he does) walked right
up to the front of the stage and stood right infront of Alex. You know
him as     I call him Matt.

"It went through it like butter!!"
Hanger 18



Date: Fri, 31 Jan 92 19:26:43 EST
From: pmw3y@bodhi.cs.Virginia.EDU
Subject: Sam Goody's REQUEST rag

What with all the hoopla surrounding the recent guns-a-blazing
review some clown gave Rush in the blatant advertising gimmick
Sam Goody laughingly calls a magazine, I thought I'd check out
the latest issue of REQUEST.  It was some sort of "awards"
issue, and Rush actually got mentioned.

"Hard Rock Group with the thinnest-skinned fans -- Rush"

NMS readers will be glad to know that, on behalf of our entire
readership, I had the last word in this little critical dispute
with REQUEST - I laughed at it and then fed the cat on it.
That'll teach 'em.

Ob. quote:  "RUSH Sucks!"

p.s. SOMEONE let me know when Richmond VA tickets go on sale...

patrick widener	       		"Fooled you!  Absorb EGO-SHATTERING IMPULSE
c.s. grad student, UVa		 RAYS, polyester poltroon!"


Date: Fri, 31 Jan 92 19:35:08 EST
From: jalhart@skidmore.EDU (Lerxst)
Subject: East Coast shows

I was not aware that the Baltimore show was cancelled, however, last year I went
down to Baltimore and the show sold very poorly.  If i remember correctly, it
did about 50-60% capacity, which was about 5-6,000 people (guessestimate).
However, it still was one of the best shows I saw on the Presto tour.  This
could be one of the reasons they are bagging that show.

As previously metioned both New Haven and Nassau shows go on sale tomorrow
at Ticketmasters.

In addition, keep your ears peeled for a brand new RTB Radio special which
is coming out.  I got a copy of it on CD and it is pretty neat.  It was
done by Anthem and has interviews with all three discussing such things as the
release of WMT as a single and Neil's cycling trips in between citites.  It
is a real collector's item and is very similar to the Profiled! disc which
came out for Presto.

Until later...
Ken F.


Date: Fri, 31 Jan 92 16:39:05 PST
From: (Atul Ahuja)
Subject: Primus

Personally I've been crazy about Primus since about 8 months
now. I first heard them (rather saw ) them on MTV when
"Jerry was a race car driver" was played that Alternative Rock
program which used to come on MTV on Sunday nights at 10pm.

I just loved the funky tune so much that I went out and bought
the CD without hearing another song from(This is the first time
I've bought a CD after listening to a song on MTV), and boy,
was I pleased with my choice!!!

After a month I bought "Suck on This", which is AWESOME, better
than "sailing.." IMHO. Frankly in the last few months I heard just
Rush and Primus, and I was overjoyed when I heard that Primus
was opening for RUSH.

	So here goes the reply to jalhart@skidmore.EDU (Lerxst),
who wanted to know what people on the West coast have to say about
Primus....The boyz could'nt have asked for a better opening act.

The general public was taking them a bit lightly, but the response
was much better than the one Mr.Big got a couple of years ago.

	I personally know a couple of guys who had'nt heard Primus
before the show, but have now bought "Sailing...".

	And Musicplus in LA has a commercial which plays on
95.5 KLOS which just advertises RTB and "Sailing..".

	I only hope the boyz don't change the opening act when they
come back to LA in June. Primus and Rush, an unbeatable combination.



BTW, did someone mention that Shadowfax was an intersting band to
check out ?  Anybody aware of any other funky bands like Primus ?


Date: Fri, 31 Jan 92 17:03:06 PST
From: Jeff Gray 
Subject: Primus; the RTB tour stage

The following bands have opened for Rush when I've seen them in and around
LA in the past: Golden Earring, Gary Moore, Steve Morse, The Fabulous Thunder-
birds, Tommy Shaw, Mr. Big, and Primus.  Lots of good guitar players in that
bunch, but Primus was the only band I would have really been bummed to miss.
I thought they got a pretty good reception in LA.  Les Claypool, the bassist
and singer, mentioned how he saw Rush fourteen years ago on the Hemispheres
tour and it was one of the greatest experiences of his life.  I thought
they complemented Rush very well.
  As for Rush's stage setup, I thought the stage panels opening up with
the red and blue lights shining through was kind of on the cheesy side.
And was it just me, or did it look like they were playing on a big wooden
toilet seat, with Neil's drums right in the bowl?

Jeff Gray
Dept of ECE, University of California, Irvine


Date: Fri, 31 Jan 1992 20:01:14 EST
From: guitar ambidextrosity 
Subject: RE: 01/31/92 - The National Midnight Star #425

I will be losing this account soon...

So, please remove my name from the RUSH MIDNITE
STAR fan letter...

Thanks for the fun I've had reading it until now.

peter anton


Date: Fri, 31 Jan 92 19:50:35 CST
From: Michael Silverman 
Subject: RUSH stuff in Chicago

I am planning a trip to Chicago soon, and I was wondering in any
NMSers know of any places in Chicago with Rush memoribilia, stuff
like bootleg records and CDs, pre-Presto posters, T-shirts, etc.
If any of you know places that have any of this stuff, please let

me know. Thanks!

ORQ - " can't get wise with the sleep still your eyes..."


From: Dan Dickerman 
Subject: Primus / Seating
Date: Fri, 31 Jan 92 18:38:13 PST

> I am very interested in hearing what people have to say about Priums out on
> the West Coast. Do people like them or what?  How is the general public's
> response been to this talented trio?
> Do the fans think this is a good opening act for the boyz?

Well, speaking for myself: I thought they did a great show (albeit too
short), and I'm glad I got a couple discs before I saw the concert.
Their music has many technical parts (read "lots of notes"), and I usually
need to hear it once or twice before the brain starts picking-out all the
many things going on.  The first time through, it sounds like the big
wall of atonal noise, but once you get into it....

The band definitely has a great attitude, too.  Much like rush, their
a band who produce really complex/interesting/good music, but at the
same time don't take themselves too seriously: just guys hanging-out
on stage in old T-shirts, playing intricate stuff without noticable effort
while Les Claypool gets on the mike and shouts "We're Primus and we suck.
(cheers from the fans, who recognise the slogan)... Those of you who
wanted to go out and get a program or a T-shirt... this is the time to do
it... you're not gonna miss shit up here..."

The others at the shows I saw were _really_ getting into the band.
Definitely some hardcore fans (local band) in the crowd, shouting along
with all the lyrics, and head-banging with the best of 'em.  One guy last
night was holding onto the back of his chair and practically doing
cartwheels in place.  Great music for it.  I'm pretty sure there were
quite a few who were more there to see Primus than Rush.

> Stupid question. I got what I think are either really _good_ seats
> or reeeeally _bad_ seats depending on the stage set-up. For the
> Miami show, they've sold the seats behind the stage, not just around
> the sides. I mean BEHIND the stage. I've got 1st row to the right
> and a bit behind.

Depends on how far back you are.  Directly to the rear of the stage is
where they've got the rear-projections and curtains, so that's not
going to be a view at all (see one of the videos for the stage setup,
it hasn't changed much).   The stage started just in front of the first row
and extended all the way to the risers on all sides, so that screen is
pretty far back. The last show I saw, we were sitting:

                  ----------  3rd Row ------------
                  ----------  2nd Row ------------
                  ----------  1st Row ------------                   H
                  ________________________________                   E
                  |                              |                   R
                  |                              |                   E
                  |   Geddy             Alex     |
                  |                              |
                  |            ____              |
                  |           /    \             |
                  |           |Neil|             |
                  |           \____/             |
                  |                              |
                  |        Back of stage         |
                  |______________________________|  <<--- Projection screen.

and the view was great, except for Primus, who sucked, and were entirely in
front of Neil's drum kit the whole time (with a curtain behind them).  Since
the stage is pretty-much open (give or take cables from floor to the
rigging in the corners), the only _bad_ seats are behind the plane of the
projection screen at the rear of the stage, since it's the only thing that
could obscure the show.  The only other possible problem is that the
speakers are hanging from the rigging at the front corners and face forward
and 90-degrees to the sides, so the sound may not be direct way in the back,
but then again sound in the arenas is never something to write home about.

Hope this helps,


Date: Sat, 1 Feb 1992 00:28 EST
From: "Multitasking... AMIGA STYLE!!" 
Subject: Baltimore (again)

Yeah, if anybody does have bootlegs of the Balt show from July 90 and DC
from 12/4/91, I would want those too..

That intro to the previous NMS has really disappointed me!! Baltimore
show is CANCELLED?!?!?! No explanation???

I'm going to try to call the Civic Center to see what the scoop is and I'll
post what I find out.

Damn I hope the show's been on, I have been waiting for this since late
on 12/4/91 when the DC show ended, saying "YES!! CAn't wait for Baltimore show!"

Well, if the show is still on, we definately have to get some NMSers together..

I am in a nice little group of Rush fanatics here at Loyola College.. it would
be a blast!

* * * Hoping the show's still on.....

| From the Amiga   *      Multitasking...     * Opinions are provided,        |
|    of...         *      ---------------     *   The future pre-decided,     |
|     -.EZ.-       *   A M I G A   S T Y L E  *   Detached and subdivided     |
| *   =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=  * In the mass production zone!  |


From: shard@Athena.MIT.EDU
Subject: Boston Laser Show and the Grammies
Date: Sat, 01 Feb 92 00:52:19 EST

For all those in the Boston area, the Boston Museum of science is
having a Rush Laser show Fridays and Saturdays and 8:30 pm..

I was browsing through a Tower records where they a sign in the Rush
section "Buy the Grammy nominee Roll the Bones" (on sale for 10.99).
Does anybody know what they were nominated for?
It could be for best instrumental again. Who knows, maybe
I'll watch the grammies this year.



Date: Sat, 1 Feb 92 01:45:29 -0500
From: dws2@po.CWRU.Edu (Donald W. Shields)
Subject: Re: 01/31/92 - The National Midnight Star #426

Re: mumbo jumbo

	Yes that is Andy Summers of Police fame.....  It's interesting
that the Police have had some influence on Rush.  It's cool finding
out who listens to who in the music world.......


From: the!


Date: Sat, 1 Feb 1992 09:57 ADT
From: "Life's a bitch, then you die" 
Subject: Re: 01/31/92 - The National Midnight Star #426

Back again with a few more questions...

                  1) What is Geddy singing near the end of 'La Villa
                     Strangiato'? I cant make out a word he's saying!
                     (Sounds like French to me...)

                  2) Does anybody have any concert dates of Rush's Canadaian
                     tour? (if they have one) I have never seen a Rush
                     concert, and I'd like to if they{are coming to Halifax
                     ,Nova Scotia or not.


Ross Billard
Saint Marys University
Halifax, Nova Scotia


Date: Sat, 1 Feb 92 07:29:29 -0800
From: (Bill Barry)
Subject: Bay Area Rush Shows

Hello all!
Just got finished with three shows in Sacramento and Oakland! Needless to
say Rush were once again Awesome! Anyway if anyone out there happened to
get a recording of one of those shows please let me know (I'd love to
here that drum solo again!)

Back to the shows...I thought Primus were pretty cool. Being that they
are also big Rush fans and from the Bay Area gave a neat twist to their
set. For instance the lead singer (I forget his name) told us his story
of being in the Oakland Colesium Arena for the Moving Pictures tour,
"Yes, 10 years ago I was sitting right over there," points toward the
right side of the floor "It was the Moving Pictures Tour, and I too
had to suffer through the opening act. Well you know it's only our jobs
and we have to do it. So go get a T-shirt!" Very funny! And it was also
cool that they played a different set every night.

As far as Rush goes (they played the same set every night but I'm
not complaining) thye seemed to have so much fun. In Sacramento,
Alex goofed off so much that I was debating whether to enjoy the music
or laugh at him! I'm sure most have heard about playing the keyboard
with the nose and laying on his back during RTB, but how 'bout
trying to eat his guitar? Even though a lot of the songs were from
Presto I thought they mixed them up well enough to keep me surprised
and the new songs all sounded great with their new instrumental sections!

Anyway gotta go!

Bill Barry

"Yes we are Primus. We suck and we know it!"
"Uh-oh, looks like someone spiked the water again!" ORQ[


Subject: Kids vote A+ 4 Rush!,signature...
Date: Fri, 31 Jan 92 18:09:21 PST
From: Brett K. Elliott 

  I'm 16 years old and just went to the Rush concert... My god,
whata show! (The Sacramento show)  Here in Sacramento, we have
a "Sidetracks" section where High School students write essays,
discuss news, etc etc.  Well, they also do reviews and the Rush
concert got an A+.  It's cool that kids of my generation love
Rush..  Also, the radio stations have begun to play even more Rush
(Listening to it right now on the station), and finally friends
saw just why Rush rules.
  Also, this girl's father is a chaufer and chauferred Alex at
the concert... and got his _autograph_.  I was thinking if I
should approach her father with, "Rush isn't that great.. why
don't you hand over that autograph."
  Finally, at the concert, four guys, each with read a letter on
their shirts ("R,U,S,H") just waved their arms as if they were
bowing before a god in unison...  Heh, poor Geddy.

  P.S. My gawd, all they do is play Rush now!  4 straight so
far... and it's not a block! heheh
"[The new world man] is old enough | Internet->
 to win the world yet  meek enough | UUCP-> PacBell.COM! -> bke!sactoh0
 to lose it." [(=-> Getty Lee      |      ucbvax!csusac! /


Date:  Sat, 1 Feb 92 09:35:40 -0500
From: Jeff Wilson 
Subject:  SB of RNR/Primus plug

Just wanted to mention that 96 Rock in Atlanta had a Super Bowl of RnR last
weekend. Rush lost out to Led Zep in the *quarter-finals* (Led Zep had beaten
Drivin-n-Cryin earlier). THe final four were LZ, Van Halen, Rolling Stones,
and Pink Floyd. I don't know who won.

Oh yeah, Primus's "Sailing the Seas of Cheese" is an excellent CD. Les
Claypool is as good, if not better, as Geddy on the bass guitar. His voice
takes some getting used to tho.
jwilson@ncratl.AtlantaGA.NCR.COM (Jeff Wilson)

"It takes a lot of inner strength to be a Braves fan." -Peter Buck
"Woof". - Geddy Lee


Date:         Sat, 01 Feb 92 12:59:56 MST
From: "Glenn W." 
Subject:      When's the Grammy Awards?

Does anybody know when this year's grammy awards are?

I want to know if Rush is going to win a grammy and don't want to miss

I was very happy to see that Van Halen won a american music award..

"Party on Wayne!!, Party on Garth!!"

Glenn Wehmeyer

Arizona State University - or AUGDW@asuacad.bitnet


Subject: Well let me tell ya 'bout MY Rush  Experience...
From: (Phil D. Croix)
Date: Sat, 01 Feb 92 23:26:30 PST

Well! Three shows down, and I feel good! I caught Rush at Sacramento and
they REALLY blew me away this time. I loved what they added to the new
songs and I went crazy with excitement. Would have had an awesome bootleg
too if I didn't get caught when the show was near it's end. Oh well. I
don't know what the hell some of you were complaining about......The
stage setup not up to old standards?? The lights, the stage, the lasers
were TEN TIMES better than Presto. The three men onstage were full of
youthfull energy and I could feel it from the tenth row! AND, as an extra
added bonus, I got in for the soundchecks for the two Oakland shows. The
first day, I strolled right up to the front of the stage and just watched
them play a few of the new songs. I couldn't believe I was just standing
there in front of these three guys. Then the second day, I snaked my way
into the collesium and watched them jam to an unknown, wordless song(Who
knows, I could have been hearing material for a future album!), and I saw
them jam to Force Ten and seem to make it up as they went along.
Definately the best concerts I have ever been to. I was thoroughly
entertained. Primus wasn't bad either. They didn't get that warm of a
welcome in Sacramento, but in Oakland they were very warmly
welcomed(Hometown advantage I guess...).          Good Band, good
drummer.         After watching them play in soundcheck without all the
lights, and all the effects, just them, I saw more clearly that they are
just three guys who are very good at what they do, and it kind of took
away the mystery in my perception of them. It was cool to know that they
saw me stroll up to the front of the stage. YEa-ha!


Date: Sun, 2 Feb 92 11:32:36 EST
From: Stephen R. Kutner 
Subject: Take off, eh?

I was just watching "Strange Brew," and noticed an allusion to a Lakeside Park.
Considering previous quasi-Rush affiliation with the McKenzie Bros (eg:
Geddy's stint on "Great White North"), does anyone know enough of Canada
(or at least the environs portrayed in the movie) to say whether these two
might be the same place?

Coincidence? Read the book.



Date: Sun, 02 Feb 92 11:45:17 -0500


	I'm all set to go to the March 7 show in Chapel Hill, and now I
find myself reading the spoilers more than ever.  One thing I'd like to
hear from all you people out there who have been to a 'Roll the Bones' concert

What songs did they play?

	It's that simple.  Just a list of the songs you remeber them
playing.  I'm particlarily interested in what old tunes they have been
playing as well as the entire set.  Hope to hear from people soon.

'...Like a teardrop in the ocean,
 a diamond in the waste.'


Subject: IN THE END...
Date: Sun, 02 Feb 92 15:51:22 -0500

By the way,

	For all those people who like 'In The End', am I just hearing
things or is someone (Geddy I would guess) singing along with the
second half of the guitar solo towards the end of 'In The End'.  When I
say 'sing', I actually mean that acapella do-da-do kind of singing.  It
is not always easy to hear over the guitar, but in certain spots it is
pretty noticeable.  Just wondering if anyone out there would like to
confirm or comment on this.

	I wouldn't mind hearing from people what there favorite RUSH
bass lines are.  For instance, one of my personal favorites is the one
in 'Cinderella Man' during the guitar solo.  I just wish they had
recorded the bass at a higher level and maybe even extended that
section of the song.


Date: Sun, 02 Feb 92 16:00:00 -0500

I was just wondering,

	I know that 'The National Midnight Star' comes from a line in
'Red Lenses', but what is the significance of this title to the group
or Neil?  Where did it come from?  Anyone want to field this one?


Date: Sun, 2 Feb 1992 14:03 MST
From: "Ian D. Bjorhovde" 
Subject: T-shirts etc

Hey -

I just wanted to add my name to the growing list of T-shirt wanters.

Also, I am willing to lend my help+time to this, so if there is anyone
out there who is organizing this, drop me a line and I will be more than
happy to give you a hand....


          {                                            ()   HYF   }
          {     Ian D. Bjorhovde                                  }
          {                                          ()   ()      }
          {                          }
          {     Department of Materials Science & Engineering     }
          {     University of Arizona                             }
          {     Tucson, AZ  85721                                 }
          {                                                       }


Date: Sun, 2 Feb 92 17:03:40 -0500
From: nam2@po.CWRU.Edu (Nicholas A. Mascari)
Subject: RTB tourbook

To Marty:
The pictures in the tourbook were taken at Cooper Stadium
in Columbus, Ohio, during the Presto tour. I didn't see the
show but recognized the stadium at once since I grew up in
Columbus and saw many a minor league baseball game there. (-:

Also, I still need a RTB boot! Please, ANYONE with a decent\
copy, email me at

Thanks, until laterrrr......

|~~~\  |    |  /~~~\  |    |    Nick Mascari-Case Western Reserve
|___/  |    |  \      |____|    "...he knows changes aren't
|  \   |    |    \    |    |     permanent, but change is."-Neil Peart
|   \   \__/  \___/   |    |         Go Browns       Go Beta


Date: Sun, 2 Feb 92 19:08:44 -0500
From: Mike Hackett 
Subject: Re ;: Lakeside Park - so many memories ...

    Um, I think your memory is indeed failing you Bruce.  There is still a
carousel there - and I think it's still something like 5 or 10 cents to ride -
but that's about it.  Not a very exciting place anymore.  I never knew it in
its hey-day (sp?); in fact, I've lived near St. Catharines/Port Dalhousie for
about 12 years and I'd never even been there until this past summer, when my
girlfriend took me there.  Now, everytime I go down there, I kind of hope that
maybe one of the boyz will be walking on the pier or something - hey, Geddy is
often spotted in Niagara Falls, so you never know. ;-)
    Actually, my friends' band often play at a bar at the top of the hill
there called, interestingly enough, The Lakeside.  They too are a trio
(usually), but they're a blues/rock band for the most part.
    Anyway, if any of you NMSers ever decide to take a trip over to LP, drop
me a line, and if I'm around (I actually live in London now, but I go home
as often as I can) I can help you with directions, and maybe get together to
discuss music, or whatever.

Well, enough for now,

| Mike Hackett                  | "I don't believe you, you had the whole     |
|      |  damn thing all wrong; He's not the kind    |
| Honors Computer Science III   |  you have to wind up on Sundays."           |
| University of Western Ontario | -Ian Anderson, "Wind Up" - _Agualung_       |


Date: Sun, 2 Feb 92 19:38:56 EST
From: (patrick madden)
Subject: TNMS tshirt

bout the TNMS tshirt idea, I saw an interview with Alex and Geddy in one of the
guitar magazines a few years ago and in it, Alex was wearing a tshirt with all
kinds of National Enquirer type articles on it.  If anyone has a copy of that
magazine (around HYF time I think) we could use some of those.

Pat Madden


Date: Sun, 2 Feb 1992 22:18 EST
Subject: Neil Peart Featured on Buddy Rich Memorial Tape

     I got this from the Rush Backstage Club.  It's an offer to purchase a
video of the Buddy Rich Memorial from April 8, 1991.

                          NEIL PEART FEATURED AT
               The Buddy Rich Memorial Scholarship Concert

     Neil Peart was one of five drummers featured at a sold out concert at
The Ritz Theater in New York City on April 8, 1991.  Neil performed with
the 16 piece Buddy Rich big band.

     The even was videotaped by DCI Music Video and has just been released
on two 65 minute tapes.  Neil performs on both tapes.

     The concert was produced by Buddy's daughter, Cathy Rich, and is an
annual event in which a young drummer is awarded a full scholarship to a
music school of his choice.  This year's wimmer is Larry Wright, a young
drummer who began playing a bucket on the streets of New York City.

     Neil performed along with Steve Smith - seven year veteran drummer
with Journey, Omar Hakim - drummer with Sting and Weather Report, Marvin
"Smitty" Smith - drummer from New York City that brought the house down and
Wil Calhoun - drummer with Living Colour.

     The video by DCI is more than just a tape of the show.  It contains
backstage shots, pieces of the rehearsal for the show and a lot of
interviews.  Three are some great interview segments with Neil.

     For more information contact:
	 DCI Music Video                         Or call 212-691-1884
	 541 Avenue of the Americas                      800-628-1528
     New York, NY  10011

     DCI can tell you if a music store in your area has the tapes, or you
can order it directly from them with a credit card.

     I phoned the toll-free number before Christmas and they quoted me a
price of $88.00 for both tapes.


Subject: nms tshirts
From: (Sean Flanegan)
Date: Sun, 02 Feb 92 13:51:00 PST

         THis sounds like a great idea.   Here are a few ideas.

  The National Midnight Star    It's True!!!!

  The National Midnight Star    We've got Mars on the horizon



Date: Mon, 3 Feb 92 00:47:23 HST
From: hinano@wasabi.pbrc.Hawaii.Edu (Hinano Akaka)
Subject: Rush in near car accident in Oakland...

Hello everyone --
Just got back from San Francisco from my 3-day vacation (the purpose
of which, of course, was the Rush concert...).  I caught the second
Oakland show (hi Jimmy!  sorry we missed ya!) and immediately had the
urge to say, "the hell with life; let's just follow the band on the

Unfortunately, I came close to following them into the next life...

I don't know if I can convey accurately the circumstances of what
happened.  It probably won't sound as bad reading it (or writing) than
if one had actually been there -- but I just really needed to get this
off my chest or I'd never be able to sleep tonite:

After the concert was over, Mark (my buddy) and I had gone to the back
where the buses and trucks were.  There were about 40 people hanging
around, and I had never waited for a band before, so I thought, what
the hell, I paid ~$360 to see them, I deserve a pathetic glimpse!
After freezing my gluteus max for 2 hours waiting for them, they
finally made their appearance.  Neil came out and surveyed the
now-dwindled-to 20, pathetic, die-hard, freezing, crazy crowd and
ducked into the back seat of the limo amidst cheers and screams.  Alex came
next and he waved (we all waved back) and ducked into the limo.  Geddy
lumbered out a few seconds later, he waved (we waved back), got into
the limo, and then they were off.

I ran back to Mark's car, only to realize that the limo was nowhere in
sight!!  They took off like a bat out of hell!  So Mark and I left the
parking lot to go home.  After a couple of minutes on the freeway, I
looked over to the front (I had been staring out on my left) only to
see a limo on the next lane to our left.  It had to be them.  The car
was the right type and the distance was about right.  I asked Mark if
that was the right limo. he said, "Oh yeah!"  Mark very smoothly
passed the limo and I figured "Wow!  What're the odds of that
happening?  Seeing the lime in front of you on the freeway?"
I sent a mental "thanx guys, great show, see you again
sometime" and thought that was the last I'd see of them.

For anyone who doesn't know, people in California drive FAST on the
freeway.  And I mean FAST.  We were pretty far ahead of the limo as we
started to approach the off-ramp.  I had given up trying to locate the
limo already, and was "sight-seeing" on my left.  We got onto the
off-ramp -- the dividing lines already spread pretty far apart and the
traffic island and the barriers could be seen.  I turned to the front
again and saw the limo ahead of us, still in it's lane continuing down
the freeway.  Less than a second later, the limo swerved like crazy across
the dividing lines and right in front of us!  For a split second, I
panicked; my heart just stopped.  I couldn't believe what I was
seeing.  They settled in our lane in front of us and then moved over
one.  We passed them again, rather close (I glanced at the tinted
windows, wondering if anyone was looking back at me.  I was stoked!!),
and headed off again for home (after the Bay Bridge, they took the
off-ramp to Downtown S. Francisco).

It may seem a little exaggerated, but I assure you, I was scared
stiff.  When they swerved in front of us, my heart stopped.  It wasn't
just the suddeness of the move, but what could have happened!  They
swerved between us and the barrier at a high speed.  I couldn't stop
thinking about it and I talked to Mark about it the next day.  With
the circumstances the way they were, there were 4 things that could
have changed the near-miss into a major disaster.  If the limo swerved
a second later than he did, or was going faster than he was, he
would've hit the barrier and the car would've flipped over.  If we had
been going any faster, or the limo any slower, he would've slammed
into us.  And if the car did flip over, there would have been no way
in hell that Mark could've stopped the car in time to avoid a
collision.  Mark agreed with me on all counts.  That's how close he
was to us and that's how fast we were all going -- if anything had
been slightly off, they'd probably be dead.

I know that we've (and I'm sure they've) all had incidents like the
one above -- near-misses, etc.; that in itself isn't anything
"spectacular".  But it was terrifying to think that I just saw these
guys on stage and then I almost see them get killed!  And I'm in the
middle of it!  I'd like to meet the band, sure, but not like THAT!!!!
I just cannot get it out of my mind, everytime I close my eyes, I see
the limo swerving in front of us!  It's the kind of thing that really
hits close to the heart (no pun intended); I would follow them to the
ends of the earth, and it's really humbling when you almost see them
get killed.

There is a humourous side to this -- I can just envision the band in
the back taking it easy, making small talk, dozing, lost in thought,
just relaxing, and then -- "Whoa, shit man, what's going on?  Why're
we turning so damn fast?  What's the deal?"  hee hee!  WAKE UP!!!!!

Anyway, I really needed to get that off my chest.  Thanx for the
therapy.  And if anyone has a chance to talk to them soon, please tell
them to hire limo drivers who have a steak in keeping them ALIVE...!!!

puanani   WORQ: "So many different connections
		 Our separate paths might have made" ...indeed...

BTW, has anyone noticed the tour-program picture of Neil wearing
glasses?  I've never seen him with glasses before.  Or has this
already been mentioned?  Sorry, I'm behind in my TNMS


Subject: Geddy trivia from Yes m.l.
Date: Mon, 03 Feb 92 08:42:09 -0500
From: David Arnold 

This was sent to my by a co-worker (thanks Dave!):

>Date: Sat, 1 Feb 92 17:20:37 PST
>From: (Mike Borella)
>Subject: Geddy Lee's Top 5

>One of the many guitar player's mags printed an article of famous
>musician's top 5 favorite albums.  The one that really caught my
>attention was Geddy Lee's (of Rush) faves.  His list included
>Relayer, and 3 of Bill Bruford's late seventies solo works (can't
>remember which three).

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Date: Mon, 3 Feb 92 08:04:24 PST
From: The wheel is turning 
Subject: Rush laser show


With all the talk about laser shows recently, I thought I should mention that
the Rush laser show that has been mentioned here before has hit Boston.  I
didn't get all the details, but I happened to tune into a commercial for this
on the radio a few days ago.  It's at the Museum of Science, where all the
laser and IMAX shows are.  I saw the Grateful Dead laser show a few years ago
and it was cool.  I'd also recommend seeing an IMAX show while you're there.

Check it out.



Date: Mon, 3 Feb 92 09:42:26 -0800
From: David Conley 
Subject: Feb. 4 Approacheth

Hello all. Tomorrow is the big day here in the great NorthWest. Anybody
have any quick reviews of Primus? I have seen very little posted
about them and their opening set. I really don't know much about them,
I'll post my opinions after the show.

Any locals who might want to say howdy before the show... I'll be at the
Red Door Ale House in Fremont. Just look for the old geezer in the Presto
T-shirt  :-) :-)


David Conley
University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle


From: T J Moore-Read 
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 92 13:06:10 GMT

Any nms readers going to the april 12 & 13 shows at the Birmingham NEC in
england ?

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From: T J Moore-Read 
Subject: T Shirts
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 92 13:14:30 GMT

Any chance of getting a T-shirt mailed out to England when you get them made
I'll probably want to order somewhere between 3 and 10000 of them !
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Date: Mon, 3 Feb 92 14:12:22 -0500
From: Rob Black 
Subject: Rollin' the Bones in North Carolina!

Got my tickets for the March 7 Chapel Hill show last week! I'm pretty psyched
over my 5th Rush concert! Can someone please post the playlist from this current
tour? My friends don't know that I get the NMS and I want to psych them out by
knowing the order of the songs!!

Rob Black      "Changes aren't permanent, but change is."


Date: Mon, 3 Feb 92 14:44:33 EST
From: Doug White 
Subject: NMS shirts

here's another $0.02 - or $10, whatever they go for - towards the NMS
shirt idea. I'd go for the tabloid idea, though I think it would be
hard to not use album or song titles despite the copyright consequences
brought up earlier. Headlines like "Dirk Destroys Vocal Cords" and
"Liz Weds Lerxst" would be a riot.

I dunno how you could work them in but I'd also love to see a picture of
a watch (set to 9:12 :) , the morse for YYZ , and the infamous 1001001
worked in to the artwork somehow. :)  (Or the phrase "Get a Life!")

If there's not going to be any cool artwork on the shirt back, how about
the NMS reader's idea of the perfect tour dates? Send in the name of your
town, and the date you'd like to see Rush - and it'll get on the back of
the shirt (send in a buck with your nomination, maybe the guy from South
America can use it - what a fund raiser!)  I nominate Taneytown, MD for
5/17 (helluva birthday present :)

Anyhow, keep posting shirt ideas and prices!
 Douglas White, National Institute of Standards & Technology
 Bldg. 225, Rm A216, Gaithersburg, MD 20899 /  Voice: (301) 975-2182 / FAX: (301) 590-0932

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Date: 03 Feb 92 14:42:26 EST
From: Bruce Holtgren <70724.1622@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Yes, Virginia: Tickets are on sale

Tickets for the March 8 gig in Hampton, VA, and the March 10
engagement in Richmond, VA, are now on sale. For those with
credit cards (ha - a little joke for most of you students out
there), you can order tix by calling TicketBastard at (800) 543-
3041. I got a lower-level seat for Richmond when I called today
(Feb. 3), so there are apparently still a few decent seats
available if you call *soon*.

Now - what about parties? -:) See you there ...



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