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Subject: 02/06/92 - The National Midnight Star #430

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 430

                Thursday, 6 February 1992
Today's Topics:
                 Available Boots Listing
             Xanadu, the bells, and some feet
                       Spin Article
             YATSP (yet another t-shirt post)
      Re: 02/05/92 - The National Midnight Star #429
                    Rush in Seattle...
                   San Antonio Ticket.
           Greetings to all, thoughts on shirts
    Parents and Houston and Rush    h
               Oakland show - semi-spoiler
            prospective TMNS Shirt headlines??
                 Another T-shirt idea...
                  First Rush concert...
               Another T-Shirt Tabloid Plug
                   Rush back in Boston
                    Rush album covers
                  Opener in New Haven???
            Even Moremore Rush on MtvTV
                   First post (various)
                      "The lone die"
                 Another headline idea...
                   Basslines, Namesake
                Another small t-shirt idea
          Portland, Oregon show [some spoilers]
                02/03/92 - the national m
                Rush show in Portland, OR
                    t-shirt confusion

From: Editor, The National Midnight Star 
Subject: Administrivia

Just a couple of nits to pick here...

First of all, please remember (or 'attention' for you newer members), if you
post a review of a show, PLEASE put "SPOILER" in the subject of your post -
there are people that haven't seen the shows yet, and would rather be sur-
prised by it.

Secondly, (remember or keep in mind, depending on how long you've been around)
please don't post "Unsubscribe me" messages to the list.  They will be ignored
and sent out as part of the NMS.  The correct addresses are posted in the
introductory file you are all sent, as well as at the beginning and end of
each digest!

Oh, I still have about 50 subscriptions to plow through - they dropped down
to only about 20 today.  Sheesh!  I've put the new names list out in the
ftp site (rush/names/names), so feel free to ftp it and see who else is out
there on the list.  Once I get through about 30 more subscriptions, we'll
be over the 1200 mark!

That be it for now,


Date: Wed, 5 Feb 92 18:27:48 -0500
From: "Dylan Kaufman" 
Subject: Available Boots Listing

I have decided that I am not going to continue maintaining this list
of boots owned by members of the RUSH digest.  There are a lot of
reasons for that, primarily winding down to the facts that I have
little time for things other than school work, and that I am
graduating in May anyway, so I might as well get someone else started
on it now.

If you are interested in maintaining the list, please send me email.

-<>Dylan<>-                     MA EMT-M, CA EMT-1A, BEMCo 107
Dylan Kaufman 			Major in Computer Science	Brandeis University, Waltham, MA
------<< Support your local Emergency Medical Services >>-------
"We are the Priests, of the Temples of Syrinx" - 2112, RUSH


Date: Wed, 5 Feb 92 19:26:14 EST
From: William_A._MacDonald@MTS.RPI.EDU
Subject: 1984

Just thought I'd pass along a note of interest.  I was watching a movie
I had taped off of television a few weeks ago (being relatively mad that
I hadn't edited the commercials), when all of a sudden I heard the
Mystic Rhythms was a commercil for the television show 1984!
What are the odds?!  Needless to say, I am no longer mad that the
commercials are still on tape with the movie...


Date:    Wed, 5 Feb 1992 19:32:10 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Xanadu, the bells, and some feet

	An unknown(?) observation about the studio version of Xanadu:
	When listening very closely to Xanadu through headphones you
	can pick up a slight creak of a door closing and then the
	sounds of footsteps crossing a wooden floor.  The creak of
	the door begins at the last church bell with the footsteps
	following immediately afterwards.  I guess one of the boyz
	were late for the recording or something like that.


Date: Wed, 5 Feb 92 19:48:28 EST
From: jalhart@skidmore.EDU (Lerxst)
Subject: Spin Article

For those of you who may not have heard or seen the article in Spin Magazine,
let me say that this is a great article which discusses a few of the very
basic things that I and would guess most Rush fans love about the band.

Finally, a good, honest (maybe a little biased) piece of journalism about
the band:  more, more, more!!!
Ken F.


Subject: YATSP (yet another t-shirt post)
Date: Wed, 05 Feb 92 21:09:15 EST

Just wanted to throw my support behind an NMS t-shirt.  I'll buy at
least two myself, assuming they're $15 or below.  I do think they
should be NMS t-shirts, as opposed to Rush bootleg t-shirts.  That way
we can have our fun without infringing on corporate rights, but still,
there's no way most of the references will get by your average Rush
fan.  It also has the added appeal of an "in-club."

The tabloid idea is fine by me (I like the "What you believe is what
you are" blurb best).  For the back, it'd be nice to have a list of
all the members, but it's really unrealistic (if not impossible) --
after all, NMS membership changes each day; such a list would be
outdated almost immediately.  I'd favor a pretty spare reverse side
myself, but I'd like to see a little tribute to David A. there (i.e.
"Prime Mover:").

tossing my suggestions in the box,
						Derek L.
       derek@albnyvms.bitnet       <>
====}=---------------`  Fencers love to touch  '-----------------={====
               "Cinderella man... hang on to your plans..."


Date: Wed,  5 Feb 1992 21:19:50 -0500 (EST)
From: Matthew W Cushman 
Subject: Re: 02/05/92 - The National Midnight Star #429

Tony Delbusso:

ELP = Emerson, Lake and Palmer.

You had them listed seperatly.


|  Sincerely,                              |
|        Matt, Irrelevant Man              |
|"Any escape might help to smooth          |
| The unattractive truth,                  |
| But the suburbs have no charms to sooth  |
| The restless dreams of youth"            |


Subject: Rush in Seattle...  [ SPOILER ]
From: (Demosthenes)
Date: Wed, 05 Feb 92 18:49:13 PST

God, that was a fantastic show. First time I've ever seen them in concert
(please don't shoot me, I just bought my first Rush album only about a
year ago, 2112), and I was completely blown away. Best part of the entire


[ Depends upon which show you see.  In Philly, he had the ponytail; in Largo,
  MD he had a "modified" ponytail; in San Diego and LA he had his hair down.
                                                                   :rush-mgr ]
Other highlights:

Limelight (EXTREMELY well done)
Tom Sawyer
Spirit Of Radio
Roll The Bones
>...ah, hell, the entire concert was excellent. The Coliseum was
jam-packed, and were more responsive than any other show I've been to.
(Which, admittedly, isn't much - Sheena Easton, Beach Boys, Joe Satriani,
Cocteau Twins, Hammerbox, and now Rush) The biggest crowd-responses were
probably... let's see, 2112 had the entire audience going insane
(da-da-da-da-da-da-da - "YEAH!" - da-da-da-da-da-da-da - "YEAH!" etc.),
Tom Sawyer also had 'em going wild, Closer To The Heart had the entire
audience flicking their Bics, Spirit Of Radio... etc. Although the
biggest response was probably when they segued from 2112 into Finding My
Way - that surprised the hell out of everybody. Same with Anthem.

Geddy and Alex were both pretty friendly with the audience - at one point
in the concert, there was this giant balloon which was making it's way to
the stage, and when it got there, Alex and Geddy took turns with it -
Geddy headed it, Alex kicked it out. Extremely cool. :) And Alex has got
to be one of the most goofy performers I've ever seen - you could tell he
was having some serious fun.

Primus was good, too - Les Claypool paid a lot of attention to the side
of the Coliseum we were on, so that was neat. The best parts of Primus:
they broke into a cover of Ministry's "Thieves," which was pretty
interesting, and then Claypool brought out this standup electric bass,
had a bow, and started playing "Kashmir" with it. A few bars into that,
he says "I bought this thing in a junk shop for $150, and I've been
holding the bow like a baseball bat. Tonight, Alex showed me the correct
way to hold the bow." Also said: "WHO ARE THESE BASTARDS???! I paid GOOD
MONEY te see this show, and I'm sitting here watching THESE BASTARDS???"

Excellent concert. Glad I went. Hope it wasn't the last. :)

  The 23:00 News and Mail Service - +1 206 292 9048 - Seattle, WA USA
                          PEP, V.32, V.42bis
                  +++ A Waffle Iron, Model 1.64 +++


From: (Glenn A. Friedrich)
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 1992 21:44:49 CST
Subject: San Antonio Ticket.

Attention Rush fans in the big TX.

I have one ticket for the San Antonio show (Feb 15th) that I cannot
use. It is for a floor seat and I will sell it for face value to
the first person who can send me some mail.

Adios, eh.

Glenn Friedrich.  (


Date: Wed, 05 Feb 92 21:36:21 CST
From: "David Zekert" 
Subject: Greetings to all, thoughts on shirts

Hi, everyone!

It is so incredible that this list exists.  Rush is the first group I
ever got into, and is far and beyond my favorite.  I've seen every
tour since Power Windows, but ESL was my first album.  The only real
special thing I can claim about Rush is that they played St. Louis
(my hometown) on my 21st birthday.  What a birthday present!  (no, I
didn't get toasted, either)

Re: Shirts

I know everyone (including myself) would love to include every inside
joke there is, but I think the result would be cluttered, and would
end up being an expensive keepsake.  Some newspaper idea is obviously
the way to go, but the tabloid idea may not be the best, 'cause GnR
has already used it.  I think we should keep the first shirt simple,
and then we could do more (Part 4 of a trilogy? *grin*).  There's a
lot to be coordinated, especially for the first time.  Maybe if someone
were to accept ideas, see what themes are recurring, and then come
up with some concrete suggestions to be chosen?  I would be happy
to volunteer for this.

ORQ: "All of us get lost in the darkness, . . . ." (you know the rest)


Date: Wed, 5 Feb 92 23:46:09 -0600
From: (Aaron Osborne)
Subject: Parents and Houston and Rush    h

I was wondering how many of you Rushians have parents who are
also fans.  My parents are both in there 50's and were raised in
very conservative families (in Colorado, no less).  They aren't
real musical people but when they hear me playing Rush they always
like to listen along.  I've even made tapes for them to play in
their cars.

One of my mom's favorite pastimes is going to her local Tower Records
and blowing the young clerks' minds by asking about the latest
Rush album.  She really gets a kick out of the looks on their faces
when they say, "YOU like RUSH????"

Anyway,  I've got some extra tickets to the Feb 18 show in Houston
if anyone is interested.  (I was first in line)  Good seats and $$.

-                   "Art as expression, not as market campaigns,
Aaron Osborne            will still capture our imagination"           w W W w w A V E s s S S s


Date: Wed, 5 Feb 92 22:28:20 -0800
From: (Michael L. Ruddick)
Subject: Oakland show - semi-spoiler

It makes it sound from that review on Compuserve that was posted that Rush
did not play that medley at the end at every show.  Is this true?
Did they play Strangiato/2112 and stuff like that at all of the other shows?
I haven't been reading the reviews from other shows so that I wouldn't know
what to expect when I saw them.  They were great!
FUNNY - During 'Closer To The HEart', Alex and Geddy were singing on the same
mike when Alex fell out of key for a second - Alex made some unintelligible
comment, and then on the last verse, Alex dropped way down...both of them
started laughing and fell away from the mic.  That was pretty cool.
It looked like they were having *way* more fun this time compared to when I
saw them for the Power Windows tour (the last time I saw em).
It was definitely worth the 450 mile roundtrip car drive and missing a  couple
of classes at school.


From: (David Weiss)
Subject: prospective TMNS Shirt headlines??
Date: Thu, 6 Feb 92 1:38:14 EST

 i like the idea of using themes for a tabloid.  my $.02:
"Snow Dog Defeats By-tor"
"Necromancer Leaves under cover of Darkness"
"New cure for 'I Think I'm going Bald'ness"
"Manhattan Project Leads to Distant Early Warning via A Show of Hands"
"Force Ten Hurricane Hits Arena - Time Stands Still"
"High Water forces thousands to Fly By Night"

you get the idea.

dangerous dave

i am looking for any soul in Atlanta who has 1 extra ticket.
will let you share my Dom Perignon for a ticket.

David "dangerous dave" Weiss
HBO & Company
303 Perimeter Center North
Atlanta, GA 30346
(404) 390-7953


Date: Wed, 5 Feb 92 23:15:45 HST
From: hinano@wasabi.pbrc.Hawaii.Edu (Hinano Akaka)
Subject: Another T-shirt idea...

Hmmm, how's about a little "Rush Humour" -- have the shirt brought to
us (or people on the street who are reading it?) by the letter "R"?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha....


p.s. let's hear it for Rush charity work!!  Yay!  Thanx for relaying
that info. folks!


Date: Thu, 6 Feb 92 02:18:07 -0700
From: (Ryche-r)
Subject: First Rush concert...

This is in response to the question about our first Rush concert...
Well, my first time was in Phoenix on the Presto tour (the very same time
that I got hooked on this phenomenal band).  What I'd like to know (since
I can't seem to access usenet), is tour dates for the rest of the tour.
I'd like to see them again if they get anywhere near Montana (couldn't
make it out to Seattle for the show there, I'm bummed).  If anyone has
tour dates, please let me know...!


From: bigal@wpi.WPI.EDU (HRH King Lerxst)
Subject: Another T-Shirt Tabloid Plug
Date: Thu, 6 Feb 92 7:10:46 EST

Greetings, fellow Rush fans, from the dark interior of
the W.P.I. materials science department....

	I love the tabloid idea! I have a Jefferson Airplane
tour shirt from 1990 (yes, Airplane, the original members came
back for the tour), and it is in the tabloid format. It's very
funny, and gets no end of comments.
	My headline idea is "Force 10 Hurricane Sweeps INTERNET!"
and on the second line "At least 1100 Casualties!". This and some
other headlines like "Everyone Elevates From Norm - Norm pleased",
"Wasted Years found in Shroud of Turin", etc. would all be great.
How about if the price says "10 buck is 10 bucks"?

Well, enough rambling. Kudos to the band for donating to AmFar, too.


* Nathan Charles Crowell 	     *	e-mail:    *
* Dept. of Mechanical Engineering/   *********************************
*      ACRL			     *	"Senator, you and I are part *
* Worcester Polytechnic Institute    *	 of the same hypocrisy"- M.C.*
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*  Grassy Knoll, you can't miss it!" *	     Joy, joy, joy!"-Stimpy  *
"And the trees are all kept equal/By hatchet, axe, and saw..." - RUSH


From: (Dennis Rivard)
Subject: Rush back in Boston
Date: Thu, 6 Feb 92 8:02:57 EST

Well Rush fans, just heard a nice rumour on WBCN (104.1) in Boston
that Rush might be coming back around... No details were known at the


Date: 	Thu, 6 Feb 1992 06:09:55 PST
Subject: Rush album covers

>I think RTB was the best cover to date, any other opinions about
>-- 	that ?

IMHO, I like the Hold Your Fire cover best.  Although it is simple, it seems to
say a lot.  Anyone could read all kinds of meaning into it.

Also, has anyone heard of the band Animator?  They released their own CD a
couple years ago and I had to buy it directly from the band.  They are very
Rush sounding, even the singer's voice.

the new kid,

****   Get busy with the facts
****   Webster: 129-38A
****   (716)422-4818


From: cygnus@wpi.WPI.EDU (Marshall Robin)
Date: Thu, 6 Feb 92 09:34:37 EST
Subject: Opener in New Haven???

Is primus opening for Rush in New Haven? Or are they just the West Coast
and someone different is opening out here (who??)

Id have to say that the only thing better than seeing a Rush show would be
seeing them with Primus! Thanks a lot


ORQ: "Yet my eyes are drawn towards the mountain in the east"
OPQ: "...them Chex they do satisfy"

Marshall Robin          | On the news a nation mourns you      | Unknown soldier count the cost
Marshall_Robin 		| For a second you'll be famous	| But labelled posthumous
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Date: Thu, 6 Feb 92 09:58:34 -0500
From: (Kevin Kiel)
Subject: Even Moremore Rush on MtvTV

    A few people in NMS #428 (?)were mentioning that Rush telling describing 
how Rush was mentioned in "The WeekIn Rock". Stranger yet, on yesterday`s 
(2/6/92) "MTV`s Most Wanted" I was dumb-
founded to recognize that Show Don`t Tell was being played as background music
while the host interviewed teenagers in the studiolive studio audience. Hey, 
why won`tMtvTV play any of their videos? I remenmber in the past (80`s) 
seeing occasional
Rush videos, but lately?--; --but lately? When RTB video was released I saw 
only half of it onit only once  on MtvTV, Tthey played it very sparsely for 
about 2 weeks (as others h witnesses have
told me) oand then they tossed it. Rush is obliviously too advanced for the 

      I vote for the tabloid idea for the NMS shirtRegarding the NMS shirt 
idea, ; I vote for the tabloid idea.

My favorite bass lines: Red Barchetta and Marathon.

     YORQ"It`s just the age,
     It`s just a stage" -Peart

Kevin Kiel Kiel


Date: Thu, 6 Feb 1992 10:50 EDT
Subject: First post (various)

Three miscellaneous thoughts for the day:

-The Hold Your Fire album cover:
My roommate has speculated that the 3 balls actually stand for oxygen, and
together, make ozone, which hold back the sun's fire from the earth...

-The Shirt:
I think this is a good idea. I am interested in what fonts will be used (I just
graduated as a graphic design major, you never would've guessed :^)  ) Always
in my head, when I picture the back of the shirt, I think of a large red star,
and black text in a circle around it, and I always picture it in all caps
Futura regular, with Futura Xtra Bold for the N, M, & S... For those of you who
are familiar with fonts... I don't think there is any way I can create a GIF of
this, or I would...

-The Big Wheel:
Every time I hear this song, I can't help but think of that classic kid's
plastic trike called what else but a "Big Wheel" :^)  I'm not talking about
that ripoff poser clone known as the "Hot Cycle" That is Sacrilege!! I mean,
the _real_ Big Wheel, by Marx, with the removeable 3 position backrest...
After all the song keeps saying "when I was only a kid..." :^) and "the way the
big wheel spins..." which of course was a well known phenomenon with the Big
Wheel, in that the front wheel had very little weight on it, and on smooth
concrete would "spin out" when trying to start out from a still position.
:^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^)

  /    ||  /\\ \\  / /\\            R. Alan Monroe        \
 /    _// /--\\ \\/ /--\\    \
<                 _                                         >
 \     ||  /\\  //  ||_/           Pinkwater Rules!        /
  \   _// /--\\ \\_ || \                 :^)              /


Date: Thu,  6 Feb 92 11:58:01 EST
Subject: "The lone die"

Good day eh?

	   Just checking to see if anyone has noticed the video backdrop
for the RTB tour.  In particular, one die in the wall of dice is
oriented in the -x (up and to the left) direction whereas all of
the rest are oriented in the +x (up and to the right) direction.
At least that was the way it was for the Dec. 10 Worcester, MA
show.  Anyone who is going to the upcoming shows;  Try to confirm
this and assign some meaning to it.

          _______          _______
         |     O |        | O     |
         |   O   |        |   O   |
         | O     |        |     O |
          -------          -------
           (all)            (one)

					Chris Baril
					Physics Dept.

P.S.      Look in the upper left corner, top row, four or five from
          the left.

    "Science, like nature,
     must also be tamed." -Neil


Date:         Thu, 06 Feb 92 11:29:28 EST
From: Hans Gruenig 
Subject:      T-Shirts

Hello again-
   I wanted to share some further thoughts on the T-Shirt design:
1)  We could work the pentagram graphic into the tabloid idea:  ie. have a
   pentagram behind the National Midnight Star header centered on the "N"
__ ^ __                                            I
   N A T I O N A L  M I D N I G H T   S T A R      I                 $21.12
 /   \  what you believe is what you are...        I

  (0 0)
    0                ROCK BAND PLAGUED BY CANCER!

 WIN A RED BARCHETTA!  DETAILS INSIDE!        (appropriate graphics)

(bar code)
|||||||                 BOY CAUGHT SPYING ON LIFESON FAMILY!
|||||||                                                              Turn
1001001                                                            The Page


I also like the places in Rush songs idea (don't forget Rivendell!)

                                                      Gotta Run - Hans G.


Date: Thu, 6 Feb 92 10:59:53 -0800
From: (Erma Geddon)
Subject: Another headline idea...

	I haven't seen this NMS t-shirt headline idea mentioned yet...


	They're so misunderstood. :]

	Would the t-shirt conglomerate please put my name down for a

	Hasta luego amigos...

|                Kenneth Maupin +===+   o    +===+ "Playing in a band is as   |
| |   |  /|\   |   |  close as four guys can    |
|      University of Washington |~~~|  Co--= |~~~|  get without having sex."  |
|   Computer Science Department |___|  / \   |___|    - Dave Mustaine         |


Date: Thu, 6 Feb 1992 12:19 MDT
Subject: Basslines, Namesake


        Favourite bass lines?
        Lessee, that would be the slap solo in ``One Slip'' on the
        video for _Delicate Sound.....wait a minute, that's Floyd. =)

        I like ``The Big Money''(when the bass is actaully used), ``Red
        Barchetta'', ``Cygnus X1'', ``Digital Man'', and the solo section
        of ``Freewill'' in particular.

        Someone asked a while back: what relevance is the name _National
        Midnight Star_, besides the lyrics to Red Lenses?

        The National Midnight Star is a creation of Canada's SCTV. It's
        kind of a tabloid news show ( I want to say that it parodys tv
        shows like Hard Copy and A Current Affair, but it predates them
        by several years).

        All the times I have seen it, it's been hosted by Rick Moranis.
        Their catch phrase is ``IT'S TRUE!!'' Sound familiar?

                                        tHOM b


Date: Thu, 6 Feb 92 13:20:58 -0800 (PST)
From: (Richard R. Rubel)
Subject: Another small t-shirt idea

For the back, how about a 'dream concert songlist'?  We have all those polls
floating around for favorite song, etc.  Use them...
What songs would you like to hear the most in a 3 hour concert?


From: tpick@apd.MENTORG.COM (Trevin Pick)
Date: Thu,  6 Feb 92 11:20:01 PST
Subject: Portland, Oregon show [some spoilers]

The show went excellent last night at the 10,000 seat Portland Memorial 
The crowd was very enthusiastic and the band was definitely enjoying
themselves.  I had an interesting vantagepoint close in on the side and 
behind Geddy.  At first, I thought the seats sucked, but because the
stage setup is so open, I could really focus in on all their pedals
and "behind the scenes" workings of the projector, lasers, rabbits, stage,
and multiple backdrops.  The side view of Neil's drumset was fantastic!
I can recommend trying this perspective at least once for a different

Particular standouts were "Bravado", "Roll the Bones", and "Where's My Thing".
Bravado totally blew me and everyone else away and received about the most
enthusiastic response afterward.  "Roll the Bones" was amazing because it's
such a complicated song, with many style changes in coordination with
the light show and video.  Primus was also very good, but only played
for about 25 minutes.  Definitely a great time!

          Trevin Pick -- Mentor Graphics Corp.
             Common User Interface group              ...!uunet!mntgfx!tpick
    Portland, OR:  "It's liquid sunshine, not rain!"


From: (Ryan Nyberg)
Date: 6 Feb 92 (14:52)
Subject: 02/03/92 - the national m

        HI and thanks for all the mail. Unfortunately, I haven't the
        time to keep up with all this reading so please unsubscribe me.
        Tanks again!
 ~ DeLuxe} 1.20 #9362 ~
Executive Network Information System   (914) 667-4567
International ILink Host


Date: Thu, 6 Feb 92 13:19:04 -0800
From: Mark Jager 
Subject: Rush show in Portland, OR

Wow, am I glad I went to the Rush concert last night, even though
I had nosebleed seats.
After seeing the Presto tour, I was disappointed.  It was like a bunch
of robots came out, played through the songs as fast as they could, and
got the heck out.
This time it was a blast!  The three of them looked like they were having
a fun time, the didn't rush (ironically) through the show, and they
jammed on the songs like there was no tomorrow.  The extended guitar
solos were a nice surprise, and overall they were awesome, of course.

-- M80


Date:    Thu, 6 Feb 92 15:57:56 CST
From: storey%8046.span@Fedex.Msfc.Nasa.Gov 
      (Scott Storey @ Marshall Space Flight Center)
Subject: t-shirt confusion

    Is it me, or are there two people out there doing NMS shirts? Did
    you guys get together or something? Inquiring minds want to know!

    Obviously I vote for the Enquire type t-shirt. Later......



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