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Subject: 02/26/92 - The National Midnight Star #436

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 436

               Wednesday, 26 February 1992
Today's Topics:
                    Rand mailing list
                      Cancer rumors
                        Rush Books
               Austin Texas show (spoilers)
          Neil's best...for *YOU* to figure out!
                    Bass Mailing List?
              Permanent Waves Test Pressing
                    Too Old-Fashioned
      Re: 02/21/92 - The National Midnight Star #435
            Rush coming to Denver this summer?
                      Another RIPOFF
                    Rush on the Radio
              Take the Money and Run? Gubs?
                     New Orleans show
               Miami folks - have fun !!!!!
                  Presto Tourbook error?
                       RUSH at UDel
                     grammy schmammy
               Binghamton, NY ticket sales
Date: 25 Feb 92 23:54 PST
Subject: Administrivia

Well, I will keep it short and simple.  The rush-mgr as you know is away
this week so I've been given the task to mail out the list to all you
hungry Rush fans.  Enjoy and here's hoping it works!  BTW, there wasn't
a digest for Mon. or Tues. as there weren't that many posts.
						-"acting" rush-mgr

From: Brian.J.Wolf@Dartmouth.EDU
Date: 21 Feb 92 18:20:22 EST
Subject: Rand mailing list

Is there a mailing list for Ayn Rand, her ideas, objectivism, &c.?

Don't flame me for bringing up Rand again; I just want the list (if it
exists).  If no such list exists, then flame away.




Date: Fri, 21 Feb 92 19:23:44 PST
From: (Jeff Gray)
Subject: Cancer rumors

I, for one, have never heard a single cancer rumor in the ten years I've
been a Rush fan.  Maybe this means I should get out more, but considering
that the subject is in the FAQL, I'd like to know where you folks hear
such things?

 - jeff


Date: Fri, 21 Feb 92 23:27:26 EST
From: The Professor 
Subject: Rush Books

Dear Rush-Heads,

   I know of three books about the wonderful trio. The first one, Visions, 
I already have. The other two are: RUSH by Brian Harrigan & SUCCESS UNDER
PRESSURE by Steve Gett. Does anybody have these? They are both out of print
and I can't find them anywhere. Any help would be great.
                                      The Professor

	[ The text for Success Under Pressure can be gotten from the
 	  ftp site here on  They are in ~ftp/rush/special
	  The four parts are sup.1 through sup.4	- rush-mgr ]


Date: Fri, 21 Feb 92 23:09:48 -0600
From: (ace)
Subject: Austin Texas show (spoilers)

Each of the four times I've seen Rush in concert, they outdo their previous 
tour, RTB being no exception.  The video seemed to be used more this time 

The Presto rabbits were jamming again this year... it was still cool to see,
even though they're old hat.  <--(pun.  sorry.)

The only bad thing was Primus.  And I thought Mr.Big was bad when they opened
Presto!  Primus truly sucked rhino.  The lead singer/bassist said if anybody
needed to get a drink or some nachos, to go ahead.

It's like he KNEW we all thought they bit.
BTW, I'm planning a trip to Canada this summer, so if someone could send me 
some concert dates up there, it'd be most spiffy of you.  Would it just not 
be too  cool to see Rush in Toronto?!

My friend said Primus was like the Chili Peppers with even less rhythm and
melody.  Frankly, I didnt think they wereven THAT good.
Back to Rush, they seemed to me to be having a blast on stage.  Even Neil 
got  into it, standing up and doing a Pete Townshend windmill-guitar impression.
They seem to really be enjoying what they're doing...  surprising in a way,
being together almost 20 years, when relatively new groups can't get along at
all, Guns n' Roses case in point.  Hopefully they'll keep doing what theyre
doing for a loooooooooooooooooong time.
Just my opinions.  Take 'em however you wanna.
The Acemeister


Date: Sat, 22 Feb 92 13:10:57 CST
From: (Michael Silverman)
Subject: Neil's best...for *YOU* to figure out!

1st Annual Rush Lyrical Quiz
WHY: Because I was bored
WHAT: Qotes from any and all Rush songs
HOW: Just figure out what song these are from
     Turn of the CD player, and put your discs where you
     can't read them!

I think this is pretty easy, but I don't really know....
Here it goes....


1. "alone and yet together"
2. "skiing fast through the woods"
3. "it's a persoanl threat to you"
4. "you need only trust your feelings"
5. "music making contact"
6. "see them bow their heads"
7. "each emotional injury"
8. "on life's ancient tales"
9. "and as cold as winter skies"
10. "not content with being cool"
11. "and in defeat"
12. "springing from the weight"
13. "take the key"
14. "signals get crossed"
15. "innocence gave me confidence"
16. "don't think my new resolve"
17. "but change can make"
18. "shadows across your window"
19 "no longer a child"
20 "the minds that made us strong"
21. "change my life again"
22 "from a better vanished time"

OK, that's all I had time to think of for now....
to make it a little harder, one (or more) of those quotes are
*not* from a Rush song....figure out which one(s)

Have fun....I'll post the answers the next couple days!



Date: Sat, 22 Feb 1992 16:13 EST
Subject: Bass Mailing List?

Hello all out there!

I was catching up on NMS's adn I noticed some mention of mailing list for
musicians.  Could someone mail me the address for the Bass player one?
Thanx in advance



Date:       23 Feb 92 10:36:00 GMT
From: Nick (N.T.) Pitfield 
Subject:    Hi

Hello to all Rush Fans,

I'm back on the net after an absence of 8 months or so. I'll be reading TNMS
every issue, and will post if (and when) I have something relevant to say !!!

Unfortunately I missed all the discussions around the time RTB came out. What's
the general concensus of opinion regarding the new album ?

I personally prefer RTB to Presto, it reminds me more of the best days of the
band. Bravado and Dreamline and both crackers, and Ghost Of A Chance is just
stunning. If GOAC is released in the UK to back up the UK tour dates, we could
be looking at an actual top ten hit !!!

I've got tickets for the gigs at the NEC (12/04) and Wembley (18/04) - so I'll
see you UK rush guys there.


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||  More than just the bottom line, or a lucky shot in the dark."             ||
||                                          "Marathon" (Rush - Power Windows) ||


Date:         Sun, 23 Feb 92 16:27:54 EST
From: Marc Boire <>
Subject:      Permanent Waves Test Pressing

Greetings all! Some time ago (about 6 months) I had a friend post a message to
the NMS for me since I had no access to any sytem at that time. I was and still
am trying to sell a test pressing of Permanent Waves. This is an extremely 
RARE collectors item since usually only about 50-75 are produced. For those 
who are unaware, a test pressing is what record plants used to produce to 
evaluate the depth of the grooves and sound quality, etc., for an album they 
were about to press in mass quantity. The test pressing I have was made by 
the PRC recording company in Richmond, Indiana. It has a white label on both 
sides with "Rush" written by hand on it, along with the serial number given to
it by the company (the number is 4001 in this case). I thought I would try 
to sell it here to some real Rush fans before I  take out an ad in Goldmine 
magazine to auction it off.
Also, the album is in mint to mint minus condition. If you are interested, 
please let me know via e-mail with your bid (or any questions you have). 

                             Marc Boire



Date: Mon, 24 Feb 92 02:16 EST
Subject: Too Old-Fashioned

	Here's a thought for you all to mull over:  In the past few years,
some bands, including Judas Priest and Yes(In the form of ABW&H), have toured
playing sets consisting almost entirely of old stuff.  I don't know how many
of you share this opinion, but I'll take 2112 and Farewell To Kings over 
Presto and RTB any day.  Post up what you all think of the idea of a Rush 
oldies tour.

And to Neil, Alex and Geddy, please consider this!  Also, play the the
Springfield, MA Civic Center on all future tours!  I've been to almost every
arena/stadium in the Northeast, from the Knickerbocker in Albany to the
Meadowlands, And Springfield is BY FAR the best place to see a show.  The
acoustics are fantastic and there are no bad seats.  Anyone who's been there
will verify this.

		P.P.S. Don't get me wrong, I do like the new stuff, but the
			older stuff is superior to anything this side of
			Cygnus X-1


Date: Mon, 24 Feb 92 08:01:46 EST
From: (Gordon Edwards)
Subject: Re: 02/21/92 - The National Midnight Star #435

>Date: Thu, 20 Feb 1992 20:04 EST
>Subject: Neil's cancer
>Here's my $.02 on the Peart cancer rumour.  It seems very unlikely that if he
>had cancer he probably would not be out touring the world.  Any other opinions
>(I may be wrong).

The first time I heard of the cancer rumour was just after p/g.  Now most
people who have had cancer 8 years or so ago fall into two categories:
1) cured or 2) dead.  Since Peart is not dead, looks can be deceiving, he
is obviously cured (possibly in remission) or there is nothing to this rumor.
I suspect the latter.

Gordon Edwards


Subject: Rush coming to Denver this summer?
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 92 8:06:54 MST
From: Guy Kendall 

I just saw a list of outdoor places that Rush might play this summer. I
was overjoyed to see Fiddlers Green in Colorado on that list. Actually
it was Fiddlers Creek in the message, but I knew what you meant. Someone
also told me that they heard on a local radio station, KBPI, that
Rush was coming to Denver, they just didn't know when. This is starting
to sound pretty good. Anyone heard any more about this? Dates? Could it
be true? I would love to see a full list of cities and dates for the
summer as soon as anyone gets one.

Guy W. Kendall - Applications Engineer            Guy.Kendall@ColoSpgs.NCR.COM
NCR Microelectronic Products Division               Voice: 719-596-5795 x465
1635 Aeroplaza Drive                                  Fax: 719-570-6045
Colorado Springs, CO 80916                            BBS: 719-596-1649


From: David Douglas McCallum 
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 92 15:18:40 -0500
Subject: Another RIPOFF

I don't know if this has been mentioned before, but a friend
got  hold of a copy of the bootleg "Red Stars of the Solar Federation"
(or something close - it's one of the first) and it turns out that
THIS one is the audio for "Exit - Stage Left", replete with the
voice-over interviews of Geddy and Neil. And again, not very good
sound either...Watch it.

I have also heard a boot from the Power Windows tour called
"Through Any Window". It's an audience tape and not at all
worth owning, in my opinion.

I believe the Don Kirshner stuff is on a video entitled "Rush 75-77"
and I've seen it at record conventions and in Greenwich Village in NYC.
I have seen it and it is quite good.


Date: 24 Feb 92 16:44:00 CDT


    Well what else can I say but "O U T S T A N D I N G  S H O W S !!!".
Even this late in the tour, the guys seem to be having a blast.  I really
enjoyed the extended jams on "Ghost of a Chance" and "Bravado", which would
have been nice to have on RTB.

    Geddy was still hitting most of the high notes on their earlier material
but would still sing in a lower octive sometimes.  He seemed to be really
pumped for the new songs, especially "Where's My Thing" which was just
totally flawless.

    Alex seemed to be having a great time, running around the stage and
just being himself.  The extra guitar solo on "Bravado" was super.  He
just seems to be playing with more emotion this year.

    Neil just didn't seem like himself at the Austin show (As was brought
up last week by  He dropped his drumstick on
"Force Ten" because it went to far behind him.  He did, however, do a
little air guitar at both shows.  His new drum solo was E X C E L L E N T,
just blew me away.

     Overall the light and video show was great.  They even had the lasers
programmed to circle the front upper balconey in a perfect curve.  The
mini-spot lights on "Bravado" just filled me with emotion, kinda gave me
goose-bumps (Thumbs up to the light crew for this one).  My only complaint
would be that some of the transitions were kinda slow (slight delay).

      The surround sound at the San Antonio show wasn't very good, (some
of the panning of Neil's drums, especially "Force Ten", was louder than
the PA mains.  The bottom end was also very muddy (I was at 7th Row center,
could be the reason).  The Austin show at the Frank Erwin Center sounded so
much better.  The Surrond Sound was super (you could say that about the low
end also).

      Primus did an excellent job.  Les Claypool sure does play a mean 6
string fretless.  IMHO this is the best band I've seen open up for RUSH out
of five different tours.  By the way they really suck.

      Special thanks to (Hi Kasey) for the great
tickets for the Austin Show.

OGQ:"How ya'll Texans doin' out thare"

| Robert Graves                |
| "SYRINX SIGHT AND SOUND"                       Sound Reinforcement Systems |
| "We read about the exceptions, in the papers everyday" RUSH, Second Nature |


Date: Fri, 21 Feb 92 11:15:37 CST
From: (Todd Madson)
Subject: Rush on the Radio

The Twin Cities radio market recently had a big switch when one of the two
"classic rock" radio stations switched formats to "modern rock".  KRXX,
formerly KLXK now plays Rush all of the time - a friend counted seven Rush
songs in one evening, as opposed to formerly "never".  Very interesting and
cool.  I myself have heard "ghost of a chance", "dreamline", "roll the bones",
"digital man" (!), and the older classics from "permanent waves", "moving
pictures", "signals", among others.  I'm amazed when I hear them on the radio
fairly frequently now.

UUCP: {amdahl!bungia, crash}!orbit!pnet51!tmadson
ARPA: crash!orbit!pnet51!


Date: Fri, 21 Feb 92 11:11:26 CST
From: (Todd Madson)
Subject: Take the Money and Run? Gubs?

A friend of mine specifically asked me to ask this question over the NMS mail
list:  He was wondering if Alex Lifeson got the term "Gubs" from the Woody
Allen movie "Take the Money and Run".  Since I haven't seen the movie, I have
no idea what he is referring to.  However, being that the boyz are obviously
big movie fans, it's likely.  We showed him the tour program with the story
of King Lerxst and the Gubrunners, and he thinks that it is all related to a
scene in the movie where a robber evidently gives a bank clerk a note with
words to the effect: "Fork over the money, I have a GUB", and the next few
minutes have the bank robber and the clerk arguing over the proper grammar.

 Odd, eh?

UUCP: {amdahl!bungia, crash}!orbit!pnet51!tmadson
ARPA: crash!orbit!pnet51!


From: T J Moore-Read 
Subject: chargers
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 92 13:39:48 GMT

>>"Boy before the mirror, checks his camouflage"
>>"Polishes his armor, and the CHARGER in the garage"
>>Charger is obviously the muscle car from the '60s (and my ALL time favorite
>>Just another one of my crazy obsessions (Chargers - check my .plan! :))
>>(formerly Daredevil - The Man Without Fear)

>Yup. A ``charger'' is also a horse ridden in battle, which fits nicely
>with the armor polishing bit!

yes but how do you polish a horse ?

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Date: Mon, 24 Feb 92 23:37:24 CST
From: (Lindsey Smith)
Subject: New Orleans show

Just got back from the New Orleans show and it was _AWESOME_.  I'd read here
that the boys were more energetic than ever, but last night was much more
than I expected.  Neil, especially, seemed to be on fire.  I saw several
(*gasp*) smiles cross his face (even though there a few chiding looks to
his tech through out the show).  His Pete Townsend windmills near the end
of the show were too much.  I'd have to say that this show, despite the
fact that the acoustics were poor from my seat, equalled my front row Alex's
side spot on the HYF tour, part of which made it on to ASOH.

All I can say is that I HAVE to get a boot from this tour.  If you have one/
can get one, PLEASE let me know.  I'll more than make it worth your while.

BTW:  Where there any other NMSers at this show (not likely, but just checking

One last thing:  Nifty looking "Krewe of Rush" shirts were on sale.  Mardi
Gras colors (purple, gold, and green for those unacquantin
unaquainted with Loozeeana's pre-Lenten wing-ding) over the dude n pentagram
motif.  Very unusual....

I guess that about wraps it up for my 2 cents.  I'll be thinking about ya'll
next Monday and Tuesday when I'm drunk and in the street yelling for
worthless beads thrown by middle-aged men wearing ridiculous costumes....

Happy Mardi Gras,
Lindsey Smith


Date:         Tue, 25 Feb 92 13:35:49 BRA
From: "Mauricio Alves." <90232275%BRUFSC.bitnet@UICVM.UIC.EDU>
Subject:      Miami folks - have fun !!!!!

        Hi all !!!
        Well, unfortunatelly the travel is cancelled. Again, I'd like
to thanks all of you from Miami area. But the dream will never be over !!
I'm really sure that someday I'm going see a RUSH concert.
        For all of in Miami area, have fun and enjoy it !!!! I'm sure
the concert will be great !!!!

From: a!apple!!temples

PS.: Well, where is the drummers list ??????
     It would be funny to know how many "mad pounders" we have.
     In time, I would like to exchange drumming knowledge. I'm not an
     expert, but I'm not a beginner too. All of you will be very welcome.


From: David Douglas McCallum 
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 92 13:04:00 EST
Subject: Presto Tourbook error?

Well, I'm psyched...I finally found the text to past tourbooks in
the FTP site of this great newsletter. I've enjoyed reading them
immensely, and am thinking of transcribing the RTB tourbook if
nobody else is working on it...

BUT, in the Presto tourbook, second paragraph, I think there may
be one or more lines deleted from the transcription, as it doesn't
make sense to me...

   One of those French guys, Balzac or Flaubert, said that a novel
should be [this is the end of this line]
applies to songwriting as well. "Reflecting on life" could certainly
be the
unifying theme of Rush's odyssey through the years -- though of
course we
never thought of it at the time.

Is something missing here? Can someone with a tourbook provide the
missing piece? I'd sure appreciate it!

G'Day, eh!



Date: Tue, 25 Feb 92 13:18:05 -0500
From: Thomas Riord Morley 
Subject: RUSH at UDel

First off, on behalf of all of you, I'd like to welcome myself back to
the list.  Thank you.
Second of all, I thought you might like to know about a class called
"Wisdom Along the Road" here at Delaware that a good friend of mine is
taking.  He is required to choose and analyze several songs that show
different views and have/had a significant impact on society.  Guess
what?  Four of the twelve songs are RUSH songs!!  Something For Nothing,
The Trees, Freewill and Cinderella Man are all required reading.  I will
be interested to see how the professor, a self-described admirer of the
one and only Neil Peart ("one of the best lyricists ever to grace the
planet") analyzes these songs.  "Visions" is also on the suggested reading
list.  Incredible.
Oh well, this was a useless post, but I just thought you might like to
know that at least SOME respected individuals think enough of the Boyz to
create a class devoted to their lyricism.

ORQ: "Show--- show me don't tell me" (Geddy screwing up at MSG)

   *  Consider yourself lucky.  You've gotten mail from T o m  M o r l e y  *
   *   A Sophomore UDel Chem major with absolutely NO interest in Chem!!!   *
   *              *
   *              *
   *   "How long can I continue to reach for the sky?" - T. M. Riordanson   *
   *    If you write right back, I MIGHT even bless you with an answer!!    *


From: Dillman - Neal A. 
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 92 21:18:45 -0500
Subject: grammy schmammy

2/25/92 9:15pm
-The injustice was announced... RUSH lost to Eric Johnson


Date: Tue, 25 Feb 92 13:06:36 EST
From: (Dave Zegas)
Subject: Binghamton, NY ticket sales

I've read more than once in NMS that tickets for the Binghamton show 
(March 12) go on sale next Saturday (2/29).  Well, according to someone who 
already bought tickets, they went on sale LAST Saturday (2/22) but I'm told 
there's still some left, at $24 and $35 each.  Just thought I'd add to the 

  /	Dave Zegas
 /	Computer Consoles, Inc.
/	Rochester, NY


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