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Subject: 03/02/92 - The National Midnight Star #439

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 439

                   Monday, 2 March 1992
Today's Topics:
                     Caress of Steel
            showing and telling; Neil and Ayn
                        Last tour?
                  Rolling Pebble Awards
            Possibly obsolete notice of Primus
                       Eric Johnson
              Re: Who the hell is Ayn Rand?
                   Of Grammys and Such
                  Rush on IN CONCERT '92
                       Rush on TV!
           JUNO AWARDS AND 2112 -- (UNRELATED)
                       my two cents
                   Where's YOUR thing?
         Final Week to submit Cassette Poll Lists
              cfny, eric the half bee, etc.
                     When and where?
              Rush spotted...on TV and Radio
              RUSH on In Concert, fri, 2/28
                       ej vs. rush
                   Northeast Tourdates
                  Cancer?   Yeah right!!
                    more grammie crap
                Summer outdoor tour dates?
                     Leukemia rumors
                 Grammies, Instrumentals
            most recent Rockline transcribed?
                       Oldies tour
              Rush was on TV this weekend!!!
       Infwate, You Wascuwy Wabbit! (Miami Spoiler)
                       Re: Lukeimia

From: Editor, The National Midnight Star 
Subject: Administrivia

Hi all, didja miss me?  :-)

Well, I'm back, and things seem to have run rather smoothly while I was
away.  I'd like to extend a bit THANKS to our founder, Jimmy Lang for his
work in keeping the NMS going while I was gone.  Thanks Jimmy, and where
are my tapes!?!?!??  :-)

I don't think there's too much actual substance to convey here, just a
couple of things I've noticed over the past few weeks/months:

    1) This is a discussion list, and everyone on here will have their own
       opinion about what is discussed, and what is good/bad.  Remember, 
       "Opinions are like _ssh_les; everyone has one, and they all stink."
       In less-crude language, please try to respect what other people have
       to say - you may not agree with them (which is fine, and rather
       expected), but don't flame people just because they think a song or
       band is excellent/putrid/whatever.  Everyone's tastes in music are
       different, and that's partially what makes this list good.  There are
       headbangers here as well as NewAge types, all drawn together by a
       liking of Rush.  If you find you absotively posolutely cannot contain
       a volcanic verbal (typed) reaction, please take it to email.  Let's
       all try to work and play well together, folks.

    2) This is a music discussion list, not a forum for bootlegers.  The 
       staff of the NMS does not officially encourage the making and trading
       of illegal recordings, and I'd rather not see too much stuff about it
       in the digests.  We all know they're out there, but I don't want to
       turn the NMS into a boot-trading forum.  For starters, it's illegal, and
       guess who the Feds would come looking for first!   There are a few 
       pressed (vinyl, CD) versions of live shows; I see no problem with 
       discussing them.  I'd rather not see posts of someone saying "I taped
       last nights show, and am looking for one of last week for trade."  Oh,
       one more thing, anyone advertising *selling* of bootleg tapes will be
       shot on site, and I encourage others to do the same.  It's one thing to
       accept a blank tape or the cost thereof, it's totally another matter to
       sell the contents thereof.  It's just not cricket.

Well, enough bellyaching.  If anyone wants to discuss either of the two topics
above, please feel free to send mail to "" or if
your mailer is limited in addressing, "".  I don't 
penalize for language in private, although possibly for spelling... ;-)

We're within 25 of breaking the 1300 barrier for membership.  We may be there
already, since there are several re-dist sites on the list.  If you read the
NMS through a re-distribution site, please drop me a line at the administrative
address to make sure I have you on the names list.  Thanks!

Oh, one last thing.  This is non-Rush related (unless you count two or three
comments about them from dozens of shows), but if you're into the show on
Comedy Central called "Mystery Science Theater 3000", do you know about the
MAILING LIST for it?  If not, send mail to "".  No, it's
not run from here, but there is an anonymous ftp archive here for the list.


P.S.  Hi Barry W!  (Just to see if you're reading)


Date: Fri, 28 Feb 92 16:15:35 -0500
Subject: Caress of Steel

   With all this talk about oldies, I was wondering if I was the only person u
upset with the fact that Caress of Steel was completely ignored. I realize that
the album didn't do well, but it has some great music (I LOVE the Necromancer).
They played something from everything else!


Date: Fri, 28 Feb 92 19:33:13 EST
From: (Gregg Jaeger)
Subject: showing and telling; Neil and Ayn

>From: Jimbo Wales 
>Rush's music has been very influenced by Ayn Rand.  Many people think
>that since Rush has 'mellowed' in recent years, Neil must have abandoned
>Rand's philosophy.

I agree; I had the feeling that Neil had been progressively distancing
himself from Rand's Objectivism since PeW, but RtB shows (IMHO) that
Rand's influence lives on (and this is disregarding the question as
to whether the cover of HYF is an allusion to _The Fountainhead_; IMO
it is). Though I think that it is clear also that Neil is NOT one who
imposes his opinions on others, particularly when it comes to subjects
(like the existence of God, the nature of any putative `afterlife,'
etc.) from which we might be epistemically isolated such as are
addressed by many religions.

>Many of Neil's more philosophical songs (Show, Don't Tell comes to mind)
>are interesting on two levels... first on the superficial level and then
>second on a more philosophical level.  Show, Don't Tell is a song about
>the centuries old debate between Aristotelians and Platonists about the
>nature of knowledge, perceptions, and reality.  Not bad for a rock song!

I also agree with the existence of two levels in Neil's lyrics. This is
a very wise method of writing -- it allows everyone access to the song
without overburdening the listener if he or she is less inclined toward
interpretation. The `other level' is not necessarily _philosophical_ but
is often literary as well.

On the other hand, I just don't see ``Show Don't Tell'' as about the
`centuries old debate between Aristotelians and Platonists' -- it
certainly does address epistemological issues, but there are other
epistemological positions besides that of the Platonists and
Aristoteleans! One might take for example `you can twist perceptions/
reality won't budge' to be a criticism of the Platonist
position, but it wouldn't be a good one. At best this could be taken
to mean `you can mis-explicate the nature of perception/ the world of
appearances _is_ the ultimate reality,' (which I think is stretching
the interpretation) but then it is only a statement of position, not
a criticism. I think the song has more to do with doubting what one is told
by others; just because something is said or occurs in print doesn't
mean it's true, etc.

If you have more to say about this (your) interpretation of `Show Don't
Tell' Jimbo, then please tell!


Gregg Jaeger    (     | Tristero?               Treestero?
Dept(s). of Physics (and Philosophy)      |            ______/|/|
590 Commonwealth Ave.                     |              (_) \|\|
Boston University, Boston MA 02215        |  WASTE: Box 49 Boston.   Trystero?


Date: Fri, 28 Feb 92 19:38:49 -0500
Subject: Last tour?

   I don't know if Neil has cancer, but Geddy's parting words at the Boston
show were "See you in two years" ( or something to that effect). It doesn't
sound like they are planning to stop touring.


Date: Fri, 28 Feb 92 17:19:25 -0800
From: (Andrew Douglas Schiermeier)
Subject: cancer

just to add my opinion of the 6+ year-old rumor about Neil and his health ...
while i don't think anybody's going to be satisfied for sure until Neil
himself says something about it, (even w.r.t. the faql) i think it would
be very difficult for the man to pull off a 60-mile bike ride (which he
frequently does on days between concerts) while also being treated for
any shape, size, or form of cancer.  not to mention endurance in the concerts
themselves.  of course he was wearing that bandanna ...  :)

andrew schiermeier
graduate program in biomechanical engineering
stanford university


Date: Fri, 28 Feb 92 20:20:08 -0500
From: nam2@po.CWRU.Edu (Nicholas A. Mascari)
Subject: Rolling Pebble Awards

hi everyone!

I was really excited to see Geddy and Neil win second place
in their respective categories in RS. Lars Ulrich won first, but
for Rush to appear twice in a magazine that either totally ignores
the boys or gives em bad reviews when they do recognize them, is
at least a sign that their readers arent as close minded as the
mag is. Since it was a READERS poll, you would think the editors
of the mag would take notice, but I would be surprised. I wonder
how many of the Rush votes came from NMS members? :-)

Also, I have discovered something weird. I have had my p/g cd for a
while now and never noticed anything wrong. But then my friend dubbed
it and came to me later and said there was static during the first
few seconds of Distant Early Warning. Well, I didnt believe him of
course until I listened to the tape and sure enough there was a staticcy
(sp?) noise. So I was like, "Well, thats your tape not my cd." Wrong.
I stuck my cd in the player and it was coming from it. I wasnt too
distressed though, because I bought p/g used and figures that was why
it was screwed up. So I told my friend I would redub DEW from my
Chronicles cd, which had been digitally remastered, supposedly.
Guess what? It's on Chronicles too! There are two possibilities:
One: its just a major screw up. Two: It's supposed to be there.
Anyone have any ideas?

[ It's supposed to be there.  See the FAQL (due out very soon, or available
  at the ftp site.                                                :rush-mgr ]

Plus, who said Clapton won the Grammy? You're nuts. Unless you
saw a different award ceremony than the tens of millions of other

Oh big deal....Seeyal

|~~~\  |    |  /~~~\  |    |    Nick Mascari-Case Western Reserve
|___/  |    |  \      |____|    "...he knows changes aren't
|  \   |    |    \    |    |     permanent, but change is."-Neil Peart
|   \   \__/  \___/   |    |         Go Browns       Go Beta


From: David Arnold 
Subject: Possibly obsolete notice of Primus

Well, I was hesitating to mention this earlier assuming it had been mentioned
here before, but after perusing the archived digests I haven't been able to
find a mention of it.

Having just recently seen the movie "Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey," I thought
it was interesting that during the part where they come into the concert hall
for the battle of the bands, when another band is on stage just finishing up,
that band is none other than Primus!  I noticed because the bass player wore
the same (or similar) pants to what he wore when I saw them in San Diego.

Well, I thought it was interesting...  :-)

David Arnold			      | Rush/Jethro Tull/Crack the Sky/Squeeze/
Inet:	      | Squeeze/Neville Brothers/Peter Gabriel/
Bitnet:  | Talking Heads/King Crimson/Pink Floyd/
UUCP: uunet!!davida     | Rolling Stones/BOC/ELP/Police/SRV/Queen


Date: Fri, 28 Feb 92 19:51:09 -0600
From: (ace)
Subject: Eric Johnson

What is it with these people saying Rush was ripped off?
The way I see it, Johnson was snubbed last year.  IMHO, Stevie Ray won only
     because everyone jumped on the "Stevie's Dead, He Was So Good" bandwagon.
While Rush is one of my 2 or 3 favorite bands, "Cliffs of Dover" is clearly a
   more technically demanding song.  I mean, look at the guitar tab for it and
 tellme it aint.
Before you get pissed and gripe about Rush not winning, look at it from a
     musician's standpoint, and not from the view of a fanatic.
I have seen Eric headlining here in his hometown of Austin Texas twice, and
 bothtimes he gave any band a run for their money as to the quality of his
 show.     He is perhaps the most awe-inspiring performer to watch, and 
certainly one of
the greatest guitarists in rock music, today or ever.
Now, before my mailbox gets flooded, I am in no way shape or form going 
against Rush.  I'm only putting in my $.02 worth for what was the better 
song in the    category.


Date: Fri, 28 Feb 92 21:14:58 EST
From: The Black Sheep 
Subject: Re: Who the hell is Ayn Rand?

Look at the top of the song 2112, then read Anthem by Ayn Rand.

[ Heck, read ALL the lyrics from side one...                      :rush-mgr ]

That is just the beginning...



Date: Fri, 28 Feb 92 21:50:51 -0600
Subject: Of Grammys and Such

Well, I've now received TNMS for a week, and I feel obliged to comment on a few
things.  :-)

As has been said before, it was fairly obvious that Rush wouldn't get the
Grammy...and its kinda good in a way that they didn't considering a lot of
the other 'talent' involved.  However, I do feel that Eric J. deserved it
completely, as 'Cliffs' is a wonderful, emotional instrumental.  WMT, although
definitely very good, isn't the same.  YYZ and La Villa have much more impact.

Next, I think that bashing Eric Johnson or Primus is silly and childish.
I happen to like both of them, as well as a lot of other music (ahh, heresy!).
Neither of them are of the same caliber as Geddy, Alex, and Neil, but they
are good in their own ways.  I'm sure we'd all like to see a show with nothing
but Rush, but opening acts are good too.  There is other good music besides

Finally, I think that ALL of Rush's music is equally good, although in
different ways.  The raw energy of 'Rush' -> 'ATWS' is incredible.  The
melodic structures of 'AFTK' and 'Hemispheres' are really neat.  The
straight ahead rock of 'Permanent Waves' and 'Moving Pictures' is refreshing.
The synthesizer and lyrical exprimentation on 'Signals' and 'GuP' give a
whole new dimesion to their sound, building up on 'Power Windows' and ending
up on 'HYF', which IMHO is their best album.  The back-to-basics on
'Presto' is very cool, but 'RTB' recaptures the energy of Rush.  One of the
best things about Rush is that if you aren't in the mood for one of their
sounds, you probably are for another.  They're kinda the Swiss Army Knife
of music. :-)

Well, I've babbled on for way too long, so I'm gonna end this.

ORQ: "I will choose free will."

Ian Schmidt


Date: Sat, 29 Feb 92 01:18:51 EST
From: martino@wpi.WPI.EDU (Robert Paul Martino Jr)
Subject: Rush on IN CONCERT '92

Was it just me or did nobody know that Rush was going to be on In Concert
Friday Night (on ABC, 12:00 midnight).  Boy was I surprised when I saw it!
10 minute or so segment.  Pretty cool.

Rob Martino


Date: Sat, 29 Feb 92 01:30:06 -0600
From: (ace)
Subject: Rush on TV!

Man, was it a surprise to see Rush being profiled on ABC's "In Concert" late
    Friday night.
It was almost as surprising to see Neil being interviewed (though it seemed 
he  wasn't too comfortable with it.)  A magazine interview, sure, but I've
 never    heard him say anything.
(except for the occasional "This is Neil Peart from Rush, and you're 
listening  to Texas' best rock, KTXQ-102.")
Anyway, I'm sure we'll all enjoy quite a bit of feedback on this during the
     next few issues or so.  Any questions, any comments, any, uh, anecdotes?
"I think I'm going bald."


Date: Sat, 29 Feb 1992 03:57 EST

     Hello all,

        Well I'm fighting a case of insomia so I figured to catch up on some

      --  First of all for those Mystery Science Theater 3000 fans, Friday's
          show was pretty funny...anyone else catch it??

      --  OK, like the most of yous I was bummed about the Grammy deal...but I
          was VERY glad to see Eric Johnson win, with his lastest work
          he deserves it.

      --  When is(was) the Juno Awards held??  I know the boys are nomimated
          for a few...some info please?!

      --  Finally...I have read some of your comments on RUSH doing earlier
          stuff live...maybe they said they don't see it happening or Ged's
          voice isn't what it used to be, well whatever the case may be
          my solution could be doing what
          The Who did on their "final" tour...have a regular tour as usual but
          add a couple dates for special shows including all of 2112,
          By-Tor..., Hemispheres, etc...
                        Boy what are the chances!!??

                               Later Man,
                              Tony Moretta
                          Buffalo State College
                 >>  Morett44@SNYBUFVA.CS.SNYBUF.EDU  <<


Date: Sat, 29 Feb 92 10:24:00 EST
From: Nous Sommes du Soleil 
Subject: my two cents

First, many have said that Rush should have got the grammie because of their
longevity. WELL WHAT ABOUT YES!?!? Do you think they ever got one? And
they've been around longer. At least Rush gets awards in Canada.
Still, I would have been ecstatic for either Yes or Rush to win.
However, they did not, which brings my next point:
I am somewhat of a musician, so this statement is not made in ignorance:
	Eric Johnson is booooo-ring.
I'm sorry. His music does not give me a woody. He's a fantastic guitarist,
but I find his music to be no more than excellent guitar playing, not
music that I'd want to listen to.
Third, THINK. How long have the Neil Peart cancer rumors been around?
Ever since I can remember -- and the guy's not dead. Jeez.

Last, put "in my humble opinion" in front of everything I've said. :)
I'm not flaming, this is just my OPINION.

			--"Bobby Dredd"


From: Atro Tossavainen 
Subject: Where's YOUR thing?
Date: Sat, 29 Feb 92 19:04:17 EET

> And to that dude that said Where's My Thing? was a boring bunch of old riffs
> - all I have for you is large quantities of unprintable expletives.

   Whereas all I have for you is compassion for your apparent nonrespect of
 an opinion that was nothing more than just an opinion, although I stated
 it in a very arrogant way.

> Where's My Thing?, although I didn't like it at first, has grown on me-
> it is a wonderful composition which BLOWS ERIC JOHNSON OFF THE PLANET.

   It's great you're easy to please. I'm not.

>     .              His majesty,  S i r  T o m  M o r l e y                 .

   Good night.

> From: (Vindicator)
> WMT is one of the best Rush songs ever.  Especially live!!!  It blew me away

   If it were, Rush wouldn't be anything to write home about. It's nowhere
 near YYZ or La Villa in terms of compositional ability. It's very well
 executed, of course, but so are Paul Gilbert's hyper-speed arpeggios.

> >Alex isn't bad but Eric Johnson is more of a guitarist's guitarist
> You're comparing guitarist to guitarist here. Not band to band.

   True. But anyway, I feel WMT is no achievement for Rush, while CoD is
 fairly representative of Eric's style. Of course I haven't heard Eric's
 previous album, Tones, and I realize there are entirely different
 instrumental pieces on Ah Via Musicom, but CoD bears resemblance to his
 vocal writing style as well. Oh well. This isn't TNMS material exactly.

> bashing WMT yesterday:  "instrumental" does *not* mean "guitar".  While the
> guitar playing in Cliffs of Dover may be more interesting to "real
> guitarists," I doubt that the drumming of C/D is as interesting to
> drummers or that the bass playing is as interesting to bass players.
> Don't be so damned guitarocentric!

   Point taken. I guess this is how you become after playing guitar for
 2/3 of your life. But I would venture to say the bass playing on WMT is
 nothing special, especially in terms of Geddy's usual playing.

> Regardless, as a band, I still think RUSH is the best collection
> of musicians overall.

   Which proves that you should listen to something else for a change.
 Rush are very good musicians and function extremely well as a unit,
 but by no means are they the absolute best in anything. And I seem to
 forget everything presented here are just opinions.. ;->

> From: "Andrew V. Mazzola" 
> Subject: Lukeimia

   I just couldn't pass this up. Is Lukeimia a disease which causes
 Luke Skywalker-ness?



Date: Sat, 29 Feb 92 12:48:03 -0500
From: "Douglas G Schwabe" 
Subject: Final Week to submit Cassette Poll Lists

For those of you who have been anxiously awaiting the results of the Boxset
Poll, I will have the final tallies sometime before St. Patrick's Day.  Until
then this is the final week to submit lists for the poll.  For those of you
new to NMS, I need 20 to 25 of your all-time favorite Rush tunes (including
live material from albums, bootlegs, and videos).  Please send them to this


It looks like I should have at least 60+ songs to complete a boxset.  I also
like ideas for a title.  I will keep you posted on any changes or if any new
ideas might occur.

All right, so "Where's My Thang" didn't win Best Rock Instrumental.  It's
still a great song, nevertheless.   And it's not BORING, as some people might

Personally, I think Nirvana should have been nominated for Best New Artist.




Date: Sat, 29 Feb 1992 14:08 EST
From: sandra guzdek 
Subject: cfny, eric the half bee, etc. source for grammy winner was way off. (the buffalo news) i didn't
watch the grammies because it's all bull anyway. so i apologise once again.

i have heard cfny play all of those above mentioned rush songs (from the
baltimore station). and what they don't play, 97 HTZ-fm will. i've heard
so many "obscure" things on there....

once again...i excuse my ignorance for this grammy thing....but the paper did
say that.....

sandra g                     "all that remains is the possibility of
ub illustration dept              communication."
                            mon capitan, jean-luc picard, ST:TNG


Date:    Sat, 29 Feb 92 14:07 EST
Subject: When and where?

I deleted too many of my old NMS's---tour dates??  I already got a ticket for
Binghamton, but unfortunate events preclude my going...@#$%^&*  3/15 in
Uniondale, NY I know, but any dates for late March/early April would be
appreciated -- by me and by all.  Thanx


Date: Sat, 29 Feb 92 22:17:24 CST
From: (Michael Silverman)
Subject: Rush spotted...on TV and Radio

This past Friday night, apparently their was a 1/2 hour interview
with Rush on CNBC (or FNN - I get them confused). I only caught a
short segment of it...can any NMSers who saw the whole thing fill
us in on what of interest was said....I know this was a new interview,
because I heard Roll the Bones mentioned.

On a faintly related note, what is the best Rush airplay (on radio)
you ever heard? Here in Peoria there is a public-access "radio" station
which is broadcast over cable TV...they have a "Rush Hour" every
Saturday night...has anybody ever heard of a commercial station which
does this? Other than what I just mentioned, Central Illinois radio
is unfortunately nearly Rush-free.

(ps - I'll post the answers to that lyrical quiz this week)

(pps - any word on open-air dates yet? confirmed or otherwise?)

|  .    .   ___   _  _   ___   _   _    . |
|    +     | __ \| || | / __| | | | |  .  |
|  *      .| ||  | || | | |_  | |_| |   * |
|     |    | |\ \| || | \__ \ |  _  |     |  Mike Silverman
|    -*-   | | | | || |  __| || | | | +   |
|  .  |    |_| |_|____| |___/ |_| |_|   . |
|       +        .          .       .     |


Subject: RUSH on In Concert, fri, 2/28
From: (Phil D. Croix)
Date: Sat, 29 Feb 92 19:38:15 PST

Cool! In Concert on ABC had an "artist profile" of Rush Saturday night.
They had bits of interviews with all three members--yes, EVEN Mr. Peart.
They also showed 9 seconds of in concert footage of WMT? and 20 seconds
of Dreamline. I was extremely pissed that they didn't play a WHOLE song
from the RTB tour. Instead they played Closer To The Heart from the ASOH
video. I can't believe that after so many years and albums, Rush is still
given cheesy little "artist profile" segments instead of featured artist
status. Where the hell is Tina Turner NOW?? I don't see her touring or
coming out with new material, but of course, they HAVE to spotlight her
and her stupid movie soundtrack songs.
Hopefully, in the future, they will play some recent concert footage,
because of the little bit they played last night, it looked and sounded



Date:        Sun, 01 Mar 92 13:07:58 EST
From: The Cereal Killer 
Subject: ej vs. rush

i think that eric johnson deserved the award. i like "wheres my
thing" but melodically, "cliffs" is better.

and from reading the list, why do i get the impression that all
you rush fans would be more happy if rush didnt have any opening
act at all? the majority seems to hate mr. big and many are split
about eric and primus. i think all three are fantastic. if you
dont wanna see the opening act, go to the show late or something.
all three of those acts have musical value. no ones asking you
to admit that theyre better musicians than rush. if you dont like
them, thats ok, but dont chastise others for enjoying what they
think is good music.



Date: Sun, 1 Mar 1992 13:46 -0500
Subject: Northeast Tourdates

The list of tourdates, impressive as it is, is incomplete as to the last
few dates in '92 that they play before going to England.  Perhaps someone
can help me out with ALL dates from mid-March until they leave the
country.  I know that they are playing New Haven CT on 3/14 ... other
than that I'm pretty lost.  Any help, preferably through e-mail, would
be appreciated.

[ Also send mail either here or to the administrative address - I want to
  keep the tour list up to date for all the list members!       :rush-mgr ]



Subject: Cancer?   Yeah right!!
From: (Sean Flanegan)
Date: Sun, 01 Mar 92 10:31:36 PST

        I have just heard too much discussion about Neil and cancer.  It
is the stupidist thing I have ever heard.  Why do you uninformed people
who post these things get some proof??   I didn't think you had any!!!
 It seems that those people always say a friend told me about it.  Well
thats is all I need to believe it.  Neil does not have cancer...

1)  THe reason people thought this in the first place was because of his
short hair.  Kemotherepy(sp?) was what everbody thought it was.  I fknow
anythiong about kemoterepy you know that it makes you extremely sick to
your stomach.  You throw up alot. I konw 2 People that were going through
Kemotherepy, They could barely walk or eat.  And one of them was a
healthy man younger than Neil.

[ Chemotherapy, if anyone cares.                                 :rush-mgr ]

2)  Has it ever occured to anyone that maybe Neil is just going bald?

[ For clues, look on album #3.  Hey, new rumour??  :-)           :rush-mgr ]

3)  He looked extremely healthy and energetic every time I have seemn him
on this tour,   3 shows, rockline(audio),  In Concert interview,  Buddy
Rich video,etc.

                Those people who do post stuff about Neil and cancer make
this list look like the front page of the ENQUIRER.  Why post crap like
that!!!   And don't flame me on the NMS!!   Send me email and we can
discuss it further.

Ps  I hear that ALex has a disease that makes your hair really blond and t
Geddy has a rare disease that makes your nose huge



Date: Sun, 1 Mar 1992 14:31:11 -0800
Subject: more grammie crap

	We all know that grammies are meaningless, and we go/buy/see Rush
stuff, and I am sure fthat the guys know it nuthin', but you have to admit,
it still is a little disappointing to go away empty handed, and it would be
nice to have that hunk af wood and gold-plated....stuff( i don't know what
they're made of!) on the mantle. Well, at least WE know who's the best!


Date: Sun, 1 Mar 1992 19:01 EST
From: "Multitasking... AMIGA STYLE!!" 
Subject: Grams

Yeah it was kind of a disappointment, although if you all say EJ is good 
then I am at least satisfied that the award went to a good player and not
just some sellout band.

I would also like to say that I was rather impressed with Lars' speech when
Metallica (YAH!!!!) won the Metal award... he spoke of getting the recognition
that metal truly deserves and thanked metal fans who have stuck it out, and
these were the things that those pole-up-the-butt, love song loving snobs
needed to hear!!!

Whoopi Goldberg tried to make fun of them, but she failed miserably!! She
was a total flop as far as trying to use Metallica for joke material!

I wish I could have seen Johnson.. at the Cap Center (in D.C.) on 12/4,
we got to see the joy of all joys Vinnie Moore open for Rush (yippee!!!!
yahoo!!!!! oh boy!!!!! PSYCH!). I would have even taken Primus over
Vinnie Moore!

Oh well, I hear rumors of another Cap Centre show being added at the end
of the tour, so hopefully us Baltimore fans who got *SCREWED OVER* will
be able to catch that one...

Metallica is coming too - 4/2! YAH!

| From the Amiga   |     Multitasking...     |   In the high school halls     |
|    of...         |     ---------------     |     In the shopping malls      |
|     -.EZ.-       |  A M I G A   S T Y L E  |    Conform or be cast out!     |
| |  =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=  | [ S U B D I V I S I O N S ! ]  |


Date:    Sun, 1 Mar 1992 17:45:48 -0800 (PST)
From: MARTIN@UPS.EDU (Yet Another Rush Fanatic)
Subject: Summer outdoor tour dates?

(First time post from a 3-month reader)

There was mention a while back about the possibility of outdoor concerts
this summer (was there one in Wisconsin?).  Does anyone have any additional
information to pass along about this?  I and some friends are planning to
road-trip it to catch the boyz once more this tour.

Thanks a lot!

John Martin
University of Puget Sound '92
Tacoma, WA


Date: Sun, 01 Mar 92 19:58:29 CST
From: "David Zekert" 
Subject: Leukemia rumors

I hardly think so.  A friend of mine from high school got leukemia some
years ago, and six weeks later he was GONE.  He was healthy and in shape
before the initial attack, too, not some Alfred J. Prufrock type.  So I
hardly believe that Neil is sick and yet can tour.  The stuff people
think of . . . .




Date: Sun, 01 Mar 92 20:04:17 CST
From: "David Zekert" 
Subject: Grammies, Instrumentals

First off, assuming Where's My Thing is a bunch of leftover riffs, Rush's
leftovers are better than most bands main courses.  However, Eric Johnson,
being an artist who writes primarily instrumentals, deserves what he got.
Also, EJ recorded Cliffs of Dover with three different bass players, so
its not just a guitar song.  Where's My Thing is cool when one is
experiencing a caffeine rush, but Cliffs of Dover is the superior of the
two.  Flame away.


P.S. "Trademark" from Ah Via Musicom is even better than Cliffs of Dover.


Date: Mon, 2 Mar 92 07:03:53 -0700 (MST)
From: (Richard R. Rubel)
Subject: most recent Rockline transcribed?

Has anyone out there transcribed the last Rush Rockline interview yet?
I'm still interested in a copy.


Date: Mon, 2 Mar 92 08:02:21
Subject: Oldies tour

Not that I'm putting down the idea, but how many of you saw the Who's
"Tommy" 25th anniversary performance? Who thought that Bowie did something
good by letting the fans pick his "oldies" tour songlist? Who went to
see the Monkees reunion tour? :)
I thought it was brave of the Who to try and perform "Tommy", and I
watched basically to see if they'd pull it off with dignity. (no comment
on that here)  I thought it was cool of Bowie to do some of the older &
less widely-popular tunes, and I was conveniently missing for the Monkees.
I'd pay serious money to see or get a video of Rush doing 2112,
Cygnus/Hemispheres, Lamneth, and tunes from FBN-AFTK exclusively. Shoot,
if we got a venue-full amount of fans (with money), do you think
we could hire 'em out for a night? ! :)

[ If I win the MD lottery big, I'm going to investigate it...       :rush-mgr ]

I'd go like a shot if it happened, but I'm not holding my breath.

Now turning blue, Doug  :)


From: stedmant@LONEX.RL.AF.MIL (Terrance A. Stedman)
Date: Mon, 2 Mar 92 08:36:25 EST
Subject: Rush was on TV this weekend!!!

        Yes, that's right.  Rush was featured on "In Concert" Fri. Feb. 28th
on ABC at 1:00AM EST.  There were interviews with all 3 as well as clips
from the RTB tour, including segments of Dreamline live!  I scrambled for
a blank tape, but only managed to catch part of the ~10 minute segment.
Terry Stedman


Date: Mon, 2 Mar 1992 10:31 EDT
From: "Matthew Barton, Administrative Computing X-3055" 
Subject: Infwate, You Wascuwy Wabbit! (Miami Spoiler)

The mystery of the behind the stage seating is now solved. As I
regretfully expected, the seats were NOT good AT ALL. Row 1 ended
up being row I, and the section was at the back end of the Arena.
sh*t! Last time I try to beat the lines by going to Eckerds for
TicketB*stard tix. Anyhows, quickly ....

The Miami show was a simliar showing of all the past revies I've
read. "Where's My Thing" is *great* live! The medley of songs
performed as an encore was well done with perfect transitions. I
was a bit less than impressed with the stage, but whadya expect
from someone who's four rows from the back wall.  :(

Wabbits! The inflatable wabbit on the right couldn't get it up!
Wabbit wangwers finally came out and stuffed him back in the hat
and took him away. Y'know, if these are the same wabbits from the
Presto tour, seems there'd be aLOT of them after more a year.  :)

Final rambling: in waiting behind the Arena for autographs (which
never happened unfortunately) the stage lighting manager came out
to BS with the fans. According to him, the boyz being baseball
fans, swung through Flroida to coincide with Spring training, and
that some baseball folks were invited backstage.  Another tidbit:
the boys are now into golf! They scheduled enough spare time to
play a round in Miami at the Doral course.  Seemed to make sense,
cuz we followed their bus up to the Naples I-75 turnoff (Naples
being a big golf-type-o-town).

Hmmmm, maybe I should grab Buffy and hang out at the clubhouse
for autographs?                Naaaaaaaaaaaah!

"Well, what's on the television then?"
"Looks like a penguin."     - Monty Pythons Flying Circus
-- -- Florduh Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL


Date: 	Mon, 2 Mar 1992 07:01:57 PST
Subject: Re: Lukeimia

What the hell is lukeimia?

If you're going to spread around bullshit rumors like this, at least spell the
diseases correctly.  For future reference, proper spellings are:

head cold


> ...Today's technology, tomorrow's junk.
> ...MShep:Wbst129, Shepherd:Wbst129
> ...Webster: 129-38A         x24818


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