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Subject: 03/05/92 - The National Midnight Star #440

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 440

                  Thursday, 5 March 1992
Today's Topics:
                    Rush on Radio.....
                   Does anyone know...
                  A couple questions...
                    the ABSOLUTE best
      Oldies, Opening Acts & Guitarist's Guitarists.
                   Rush books/Interview
               Return to _Caress of Steel_
                    Eric Johnson etc.
                    grammys/e. johnson
                    Will ya'll quit...
                       Opening Acts
                    2112 on the radio
                     The Juno Awards
             Roll The Bones CD Import Single
               A final Grammy complaint...
            Showing and Telling; Neil and Ayn
                     Getting Tickets
                     Cancer, Bravado
                request for european dates
               Grammies & Robbie Robertson
                     One more time...
                Friday night TV appearance
          More Caress of Steel [slight spoiler]

From: Editor, The National Midnight Star 
Subject: Administrivia

Well, it's been a while since there's been an issue, so I'll dump two issues
on you tonight.  I also have a FAQL to get out soon, so I'll try to stay
caught up.  You can partially blame the good old Michelangelo virus on the
delay; I can't believe how busy it's been around our Consulting Lab!

I'm caught up on admin. mail, so as usual, if you expected a reply and didn't
get one, feel free to mail again.

Also, while I'm on the subject of mail, let me say this.  Occasionally, I'll
remove a member's post from the days NMS because of inapropriate content;
either a flame, blatant request for bootlegs or just lack o' Rush content.
When I do this, I send mail back informing the person what I've done and why.
I also invite return mail if they don't agree with what I've done.  I'd just
like to say to FEEL FREE to respond to me if you feel like you want to.  I 
WILL NOT remove someone from the list for voicing an opinion or arguing for
what they think is right.  Now, I'm not saying 'be an ass' (more flies with
sugar than vinegar, and all that), but I'm saying that I don't want people to
think they can't respond to "reject mail" like that for fear of chastisement
or termination.  I have a very long fuse, so don't worry about pissing me off.
If I think you're being a/an , I'll
tell you so, but I won't drop you from the list unless you refuse to listen to
reason, or keep harassing me/the list.  I've gotten a couple of responses in
cases like this, but it's well under 50%, and I just wanted to make that clear.



Date: Mon, 2 Mar 1992 16:16 EST
From: Lewis A Bernstein 
Subject: Rush on Radio.....

I can't believe all of the airplay that Rush have been getting here in
Buffalo.  Over the past weekend, one station had a 'block party weekend'
where they played blocks of groups all weekend long.  I heard Rush 3 or
4 times, and I don't listen to much radio on the weekends.
Today alone, I have heard three of the songs off RtB. (GoaC, Bravado,
and Dreamline)

As far as hearing non-mainstream Rush on the radio, I've heard
		Analog Kid
		Cinderella Man

The following songs have been abused almost to the point where I don't want
to hear them anymore:  Freewill, Ghost, Dreamline, Presto, Limelight, Closer
to the Heart, RtB, Fly By Night, Spirit, etc.  Why can't they play other

As far as really rare, on Canadian radio I've heard
		I think I'm going Bald
		Lakeside Park
and a few other goodies in the past month!!!

To say the least, I don't pull out Rush albums too often anymore.
Here's to Ghost being released to the Top 40 stations..........


Date: Mon,  2 Mar 1992 16:46:23 -0500 (EST)
From: Matthew Joseph Desantis 
Subject: Does anyone know...

Greetings fellow NMS'ers...
	Hey, does anyone know if the boyz know about the National
Midnight Star??? Just wondering...

[ It was written up in the last issue of "A Show Of Fans", and the band
  was given a copy of the issue, so they theoretically know.  Actually,
  our humble founder Jimmy Lang wrote it, and will hopefully be appearing
  more there in the future.  Now, if we can just work out those typos... :-)
                                                                   :rush-mgr ]

	Well, as I predicted about three weeks ago, Eric Johnson won the
grammy. I have not been keeping up with the NMS lately, but I'm sure this
has been a topic of conversation. The thing is, is that Rush really did not
deserve the Grammy. Well, they would not have deserved it if they had
REAL performers up there. Eric Johnson is melodious and fast, and that
is what makes him. Where's my thing is a copy of YYZ with different hooks
and riffs. Although I love everything Rush does, and will probably
purchase anything they put out, This song represents little instrumental
growth, and the band is capable of a much better song. The lyrics and
general songwriting ability of rush (and the complex structure and
rhythmic quality) is what started my obsession with the band. Perhaps
winning the Grammy will inspire Johnson to concentrate on meaningful
lyrics. (In my opinion, the lyrics on Ah Via Musicom are a joke.) The
general problem here, is the scope of the Grammys. There are literally
hundreds of people who can jam instrumentals better than the nominees.
(Just like there are lots of people in America that can ski better than
the people on the US Downhill Team) More and more I think it's all
political games. Very frustrating. As a musician, it is something that
bugs me to no end.

Matt DeSantis
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA
(Where RUSH Played first in the US Opening for URiah Heep)


Date: Mon, 2 Mar 92 14:10:20 -0800
From: (Mikael Sheikh)
Subject: A couple questions...

  1)  What is FAQL?

[ "Frequently Asked Questions List."  It comes out about once a month as
  supplimental postings.  Yes, I know, this month's is late, I'll get it
  out ASAP.                                                     :rush-mgr ]

  2)  Does anyone know of a Yes mailing list similar to TNMS (or is anyone
       willing to start one)?
  3)  Does anyone know of any Yes biographies similar to RUSH and VISIONS?
  4)  Are the TNMS T-shirts actually getting made?
  5)  Does anyone know any Summer leg tour dates/possibilities in the San
       Francisco Bay Area?

				Mail me if you know...

				Mikael Sheikhj


Date: Mon, 2 Mar 92 19:20:11 EST
From: (Gregg Jaeger)
Subject: the ABSOLUTE best

>Finally, I think that ALL of Rush's music is equally good, although in
>different ways.  The raw energy of 'Rush' -> 'ATWS' is incredible.  The
>melodic structures of 'AFTK' and 'Hemispheres' are really neat.  The
>straight ahead rock of 'Permanent Waves' and 'Moving Pictures' is refreshing.
>The synthesizer and lyrical exprimentation on 'Signals' and 'GuP' give a
>whole new dimesion to their sound, building up on 'Power Windows' and ending
>up on 'HYF', which IMHO is their best album.  The back-to-basics on
>'Presto' is very cool, but 'RTB' recaptures the energy of Rush.  One of the
>best things about Rush is that if you aren't in the mood for one of their
>sounds, you probably are for another.  They're kinda the Swiss Army Knife
>of music. :-)
>Ian Schmidt

That summary was so great I just had to repeat it! :) I concur about HYF!!

>> Regardless, as a band, I still think RUSH is the best collection
>> of musicians overall.
>   Which proves that you should listen to something else for a change.
> Rush are very good musicians and function extremely well as a unit,
> but by no means are they the absolute best in anything. And I seem to
> forget everything presented here are just opinions.. ;->
>From: Atro Tossavainen 

I hope this is some sort of twisted joke. Rush quite arguably _is_
the band with the absolutely best lyrics in the history of rock and
roll music, not to mention the fitting of lyrics to music.


Gregg Jaeger    (     | Tristero?               Treestero?
Dept(s). of Physics (and Philosophy)      |            ______/|/|
590 Commonwealth Ave.                     |              (_) \|\|
Boston University, Boston MA 02215        |  WASTE: Box 49 Boston.   Trystero?


Date: Mon, 2 Mar 92 20:25 EST
Subject: Oldies, Opening Acts & Guitarist's Guitarists.

Hey Folks.

	Interesting Responses to the oldies tour question(2112!!!); but too
bad it doesn't look like a possibility.  Does anyone know of a Rush tribute
band?  Or, would anyone in the Northeast like to START ONE (attn. bassists &
	I seem to be the only one who saw Vinnie Moore open for Rush this year.
They scheduled Eric Johnson for the first leg, Moore for the second, and Primus
for the current leg.  By the way, Moore is O.K., but nothing out of the
ordinary.  I am dying to see Primus open in New Haven(Primus Sucks!!!!!)
	Someone said Voivod opened in Toronto?!?!?!  I have been following
Voivod since they were an unknown industrial hardcore band.  They are a band
that has really evolved and deserves some attention.  Check them out if you
like weird stuff.
	I was also glad to hear that Steve Howe was nominated for a Grammy.  I
try to avoid this show, so I only just found out.  However(Pun?), I think
maybe something from Turbulence(his new solo album) should have been nominated
(Like maybe When Rome's Burning?).  Eric Johnson is cool, but Steve Howe is
definitely the greatest axeman since Paganini.


P.S. Did anyone see the British music awards show on the E! channel?  There was
a speech by Brian May in tribute to Freddy Mercury and Roger Taylor announced
that there will be a Queen concert at

Wembley stadium in a few months to benefit AIDS charities.  There are supposed
to be numerous guest appearances.  I heard that Elton John and George Michael
will be there.  Has anyone heard of any others?


Subject: Rush books/Interview
Date: Mon, 2 Mar 92 13:42:50 PDT

Dear Professor and Others:

I saw your request for information on Rush books, and I have some info to

"Rush" by Brian Harrigan is published by Omnibus Press (as is "Visions").
Its copyright is 1982, and its ISBN is 0-86001-934-9.  You should write to:

		Music Sales Corp.
		225 Park Ave. S.
		New York, NY  10003

You might want to try calling them first to see if the book is still in
print and what the cost is.  They were very helpful in getting me the
"Visions" book last year.

"Success Under Pressure" is published by Cherry Lane Books.  Its copyright
is 1984, and its ISBN is 0-89524-230-3.  You could try writing to:

		Cherry Lane Books
		110 Midland Ave.
		Port Chester, NY  10573

In the back of "Success Under Pressure" it says that Cherry Lane Books
publishes biographies of other rock bands, and they will send you a catalog
if you send your name and address to:

		Rock Read
		Dept. #8622
		P.O. Box 341
		Rye, NY  10580

Keep in mind, though, that this book is 8 years old, and I don't know if the
addresses given are still valid.

[ And, of course, all this is in the FAQL, although for "Rush" the publishing
  group is listed, not the address listed above.  Good luck either way.  Hmm,
  I just noticed the address for Music Sales Corp. is different in the FAQL -
  does anyone have any corroborating information either way?  Jimmy?  Dan?
                                                                   :rush-mgr ]

On another note, there was a Rush interview on "In Concert" Friday night.
Unfortunately, the TV guide in my area listed the time wrong, and I ended up
taping a Geraldo show instead.  If anyone saw this interview, can you tell
me about it?  If you taped it and it's worth keeping, I'd love to get a
copy.  I live near Seattle, if anyone in this area would like to work out a



Date: Mon, 2 Mar 92 20:20:02 CST
From: (Michael Silverman)
Subject: Return to _Caress of Steel_

I second the motion of the MNS poster who wondered why CoS was such
an underrated album. Just having been a Rush fan for less than a
year, I had all their albums but CoS, and was in no hurry to buy
it, since my friends who like Rush were telling me not to be in any
hirry to get CoS because it was Rush's worst album and all, but I
saw it on sale Sunday and picked it up, and *loved* it! It doesn't
compare with later Rush albums, true, but IMO it blows away the more-heralded
Fly By Night album. I can't really put a finger on why I like CoS
som much, but if you haven't heard it in a while, put it back in
your player and you may be pleasantly surprised!

|  .    .   ___   _  _   ___   _   _    . |
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|  *      .| ||  | || | | |_  | |_| |   * |
|     |    | |\ \| || | \__ \ |  _  |     |  Mike Silverman
|    -*-   | | | | || |  __| || | | | +   |
|  .  |    |_| |_|____| |___/ |_| |_|   . |
|       +        .          .       .     |


Date: Mon, 2 Mar 92 21:26:36 EST
From: The Black Sheep 
Subject: Eric Johnson etc.

Forget him! Steve Morse kicks. I saw him again with the Dixie Dregs
on Valentines Day in Atlanta, look for a DD live album. Will you see
Steve M. nominated?, that's about as likely a Rush winning one.



Date: Mon, 2 Mar 1992 21:39 EST
Subject: grammys/e. johnson

hi, decided to contribute to this spat. for all those who hate Eric Johnson,
fine, but you probobly have not heard his better stuff. THE MAN HAS AN
ASTOUNDING VOICE, for one thing; listen to FORTY MILE TOWN on AH VIA, and
you will see what I mean. No one can deny his talents, and who would expect
the industry to come through for RUSH anyway? I love WMT, and I like CLIFFS,
too. I am glad one of the two won. Also, one Mr. ALEX LIFESON IS A BIG ERIC
JOHNSON ADMIRER, so if you knock Eric, you are knocking your own hero's
hero! so don't forget it.



Date:    Mon, 2 Mar 1992 21:23:41 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Will ya'll quit...

      Will ya'll quit with the damn grammy pervades me to say
that ya'll have nothing better to do than whine..well come on it's over
nothing can be done about let's get on to the real RUSH stuff
                   Matt "bass playin'" Miller


Date: Mon, 2 Mar 1992 23:03:09 -0500
From: Thomas Riord Morley 
Subject: Opening Acts

Hi.  It's me again, and apparently I'm very conceited.  Oh well, too bad.
On the subject of opening acts, while I can't say for EJ or Primus, Vinnie
Moore may as well have played just one song.  After all, the other seven
were exactly the same.  "Hey New York City, CHECK THIS OUT!!"  Hey Vinnie
Moore, shut up.
Also, to the person who lovingly flamed me for me rebuttal to his opinion
about Where's My Thing blowing EJ off the planet...did it occur to you that
this is MY opinion? If you don't want me to respond, don't put it up for
public harassment.  That is all.
To the Caress of Steel fan- I LOVE the second of that album.  There are
a great mix of styles which all have that "Greek God" flavor (for lack of
a better description.)  I would really like to see the entire "Fountain"
deal performed live.  That would be incredible.
Let's see, anything else? I really think it's good Rush didn't win the
Grammy- that might have put them down on the same level as GUNS N ROSES
(Does anyone else think Ax(e)l Rose sounds like Humphrey Bogart at all?)
Anyway, that's it.  My very own opinions.
Feel free to respond- I can take it.

  * A message from God? No, but it's the next best thing.  You should feel  *
  * extremely lucky if you get a message from   T o m   M o r l e y  !!!!!  *
  *           *
  *              *
  * The cutest Chemistry Major at the entire University of Delaware-Newark  *
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Date: Mon, 2 Mar 92 21:22:40 -0800
From: (Mikael Sheikh)
Subject: 2112 on the radio

F.Y.I.  I've heard 2112 in its entirety on the radio twice now, both times
on San Jose's (CA) 98.5 FM KOME (an incredible radio station despite the
overload of metal).

I don't know why it is, but for some reason Rush sounds better over the
airwaves than on my CD player...

				Mikael "The Necromancer" Sheikh

P.S.  I agree, Caress of Steel is definitely the trio's most underrated


Date: Tue, 3 Mar 1992 00:52 EDT
From: Metalloid 
Subject: The Juno Awards

The Juno Awards ceremony takes place later this month at the O'Keefe
Centre in Toronto.  It will be broadcast live by CBC Television.  The
nominations have all been announced.

Nominations pertaining to Rush:

Group of the Year: Rush is nominated (+ Blue Rodeo, Crash Test Dummies,
                   Glass Tiger, The Tragically Hip)

Hard Rock Album of the Year:
                   Roll the Bones (Rush)
               +   Big House (Big House)
                   Love Machine (Brighton Rock)
                   Magnet to Steele (Chrissy Steele)
                   Some Girls Do (Lee Aaron)

Producer of the Year:
       Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart with Rupert Hines
        for Roll the Bones (Rush)
    +  Bryan Adams with John "Mutt" Lange
        for Waking Up the Neighbours (Bryan Adams)
       Tom Cochrane
        for Mad Mad World (Tom Cochrane)
       Loreena McKennit with Brian Hughes
        for The Visit
       Bob Rock with James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich
        for Enter Sandman (Metallica)
       & Bob Rock
        for Primal Scream (Motley Crue)

Best Album Design:
       Hugh Syme: Roll The Bones (Rush)
     + Hugh Syme: Big House (Big House)
       Robert Lebeuf: Art Bergmann (Art Bergmann)
       Robert Lebeuf: Young Saints (Young Saints)
       Kevin Mutch: Ghosts That Haunt Me (Crash Test Dummies)

Andy Lloyd


Subject: Roll The Bones CD Import Single
From: (Vindicator)
Date: Mon, 02 Mar 92 22:49:04 PST

Well I was recently lucky enough to find one of the European RTB CD
singles.  The cover is of one die with one side lit and the other shaded,
pretty cool lookin.  The back has concert and video photos.  The CD
itself is black with white dice circling it.

It includes the regular studio versions of

Roll The Bones
Where's My Thing

And it also includes:

It's A Rap Part 3: Neil Peart Speaks

This is the same interview that was on the Rush Radio Special, not the CD
launch but the interview that was released to stations to air.  Nothing
really that new.  No live cuts or remixes, but it is cool to have.  Sinse
the interview states "Part 3"  there are hopefully two other single
releases with the other interviews and other songs on them.

Now, can anyone tell me, and I know this was brought up before, what are
the other singles that are supposed to be released and what to they
contain (these are the UK or Europe singles). Wasn't there supposed to be
one with Ghost on it, with a remix or something?  Could someone give me
some info on this?  Thanks.

Any questions, please send me mail. Any additional info would be


"It's homeless Howiewood Squares. Now here are the rules....
 and our winner will take home this brand new shopping cart!"

                        -Howard Stern


From: stedmant@LONEX.RL.AF.MIL (Terrance A. Stedman)
Date: Tue, 3 Mar 92 08:29:23 EST
Subject: A final Grammy complaint...

        I'm not terribly surprised or upset that Rush didn't get the Grammy.
However, they could have at least MENTIONED THE NOMINEES IN THE ROCK
INSTRUMENTAL CATEGORY, instead of just flashing the winner's name on the
TV.  Of course, their more interested in best pop female and such.  I hope
Rush didn't waste their time appearing at the awards.  I know I didn't see
them there.
        On a second note.  I have a legitimate release from Polygram from
1983 called "New World Man."  It's a 12" single with New World Man on the
A side.  More interestingly, the B side contains a previously unreleased
version of "Vital Signs" live! and the ESL version of Freewill.  Just pulled
it out the other day after finally purchasing a new phono cartridge... Sounds

    Terry Stedman    Internet:
    I ) I I <~ I_I   "It is my will which chooses, and the choice of my will
    I \ I_I _> I I   is the only edict I must respect." - Rand from _Anthem_


Date: Tue, 3 Mar 92 08:20:47 EST
From: "Larry Salomon, Jr. (T/L) 862-3934" 
Subject: Showing and Telling; Neil and Ayn

It's posts like Jimbo's and Gregg's that make me feel really stupid.

I like Rush because they're amazing musicians both individually and as a
group (note I did not say "the best") and because Neal writes extremely
intelligent lyrics, which is more than anyone can say for most groups.

What amazes me the most is Neal's writing.  Where does one get the
necessary insight to create such great works aside from the bi-level
interpretative qualities?  I'm sure that many will recommend a host of
very good books, but I'm too busy trying to finish writing material for
my next album :), so I won't have the time to read them (just yet.
However, any book titles would be appreciated in case I decided to
postpone things for yet another month or two.).

Ignoring, for the moment, the literary background of Neal's lyrics, I
simply wish to say that I am constantly amazed at how well-written they
are and I am quite satisfied with what he has to say as a human-being;
adding what I learn here about the issues upon which they are based only
heightens the euphoria I experience each time I listen to any of the
myriad of songs that they have produced during the 18 albums.

Subject: Rush and my "childhood"

When I think of Rush, I think back to the times when I stayed up all
night playing Ultima 4 with my best friend on his Commodore 64, or when
my friends and I used to get together on a beautiful afternoon and played
AD&D (instead of playing football, or whatever).

To me, I cannot think of one without the other.  Does anyone else
associate Rush with their "childhood" experiences, and which ones?

Subject: Rush and musicians

In IBM research, I am fortunate to work in a department where multimedia
is a big issue; thus, I have a stereo amplifier and decent speakers
(among other things) in my office, to which I connect my Sony Discman and
listen to Rush (and other groups) all day long.

One thing I consistently notice in the later albums is the band's ability
to completely fill in a song, and it is always done in a tasteful manner
(as opposed to being obnoxious about it).  Is an attribute like this
attributed to the band and a phase they might be going through or the
producer of the album?

Larry Salomon, Jr. (aka 'Q')            LARRYS@YKTVMV.BITNET
OS/2 Applications and Tools   
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Yorktown Heights, NY          


Date: Tue, 3 Mar 92 08:57:48 EST
From: "Larry Salomon, Jr. (T/L) 862-3934" 
Subject: Getting Tickets

All I know of is getting tickets via Ticketbastard, whether it is by
phone or by going to White Plains and buying them at the Ticketbastard
office there.

Where else does one get tickets?  I wanted to get in the first 5 rows for
the Nassau concert and didn't (obviously), even thought my tickets aren't
bad in the least (1st tier, 4th row, at 7:30 - assuming the stage faces

Larry Salomon, Jr. (aka 'Q')            LARRYS@YKTVMV.BITNET
OS/2 Applications and Tools   
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Yorktown Heights, NY          


Date:     Tue, 3 Mar 1992 09:12 EST
Subject:  Cancer, Bravado

On Neils so called cancer:

Folks, my dad passed away two weeks ago from cancer, he was diagnosed six
months ago.  Now let me tell you, and ANYONE who has witnessed someone with
cancer can tell you this... during Chemo and Radiation treatment the person is
made VERY weak, they dont want to eat in some cases, just want to sit around
and relax as not to waste any energy...  some days he would wake up and he
would be full of energy, but that never lasted the whole day... other days he'd
wake up and feel totally terrible.  Now sure if the treatments would have
worked he could have gone on with a somewhat normal life...  but to say Neil
has cancer and is doing all he is doing (and playing in a band takes alot of
energy, I am a drummer and I know how much it takes), is hogwash!!!  bottom
line is if any of the boyz were terminally ill I would venture a good guess
that they'd retire for the sole purpose of seeing the member through the

On Bravado:

103.3 here in Buffalo NY has added Bravado to its rotation... that makes 5
tracks they play from RTB (Dreamline, Wheres My Thing?, Roll The Bones
(Unedited), Ghost of a Chance, and Bravado)...  I wonder if any more will be
played... they have also been pulling some older Rush tracks out and playing
them... The Trees, and yes, the other night they played Analog Kid...  it seems
as though ALOT of Rush has been played on this station since the release of
RTB... I love it  :)

Take it easy all!
Rob Lizak Jr.


Date: Tue, 3 Mar 92 09:20:48 EST
From: "If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.  
        03-Mar-1992 0915" 
Subject: request for european dates


	I had requested tour dates and was pointed to the
dates list archived on the server (ftp, for me, has to be
done by mail request as well).  Problem is, there are almost
no European dates listed, which is primarily what I was
interested in.  Can anyone help??  Take it up with me via
e-mail if necessary.  I would really like this info.

Thanks again,


Date: Tue, 3 Mar 92 09:36:58 EST
From: tegra!msaleski@uunet.UU.NET (Mark Saleski)
Subject: Grammies & Robbie Robertson

 Did anybody notice Robertson say something like
 "...I can't say this..." before he and Little Steven
 began the metal award? I thought that was kind of strange. I
 like Robertson a lot but in this case he seemded totally out
 of his element.


Subject: Cancer????
Date: Tue, 3 Mar 92 10:04:09 EST

Howdy fellow Rush freaks....This is my first post, as will be evidenced by the
lack of a cheesy .sig file.  I've been reading the 'Star for a few weeks now
and I've noticed the cancer rumors floating around.  Now I don't know about
you, but that was the first I'd heard of them.  Now it seems to me that some
people think Neil has leukemia.  NO!  One of my best friends has leukemia right
now.  It looks like she's going to beat it (she's in remission right now), but
the chemotherepy put her in bed for months.  There is just no way that Neil
could tour if he was undergoing chemo.  I doubt that he could even leave his
house...I think he's just going bald myself.  Poor guy....I can sympathize.
Ah well, that's my two cents worth.



From: bold@cutter (Jason Bold)
Subject: One more time...
Date: Tue, 3 Mar 92 8:42:23 CST

Fact:  Rush is a great band
Fact:  Eric Johnson has a great band
Fact:  Cliffs of Dover is much more technically complicated than WMT.
Opinion:  CoD "sounds" better/more melodic/nicer/etc. than WMT
Fact:  Apparently more people believe the above opinion than not.

My own opinion:  I thought EJ should have won it.  WMT sounds cool, but is
nowhere near the complexity.  I don't even play bass, and I could play most
of WMT.  It's simple, but I do like it.  But I like CoD much more.  It is
much more difficult to play, especially with those required slide ups and
slide downs with your pinky finger.

Enough said...

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From: Scott David Daly 
Date: Tue, 3 Mar 92 10:50:10 EST
Subject: Friday night TV appearance

Hey there!

	I hope this DOESN'T count as asking for copies of a bootleg
(Hi Dave...I know big brother is watching!!), but I was wondering if
anyone managed to videotape the whole TV thing last Friday night?
PLEASE email me if you did, as I'd love to get a copy if you don't
mind (maybe we could work something out...). TV segments aren't
bootlegs...maybe...are they?...oh well, it's worth a try to post

					Skip Daly

P.S. Does anyone know what golf courses are in the Richmond area?!


Date: Tue, 3 Mar 92 10:17:56 -0700
From: barr@atdo.LANL.GOV
Subject: More Caress of Steel [slight spoiler]


     This is my first time posting as I am a recently new addition to the
list. I was quite moved by Taryn's comments on the lack of any Caress of
Steel tracks played on the latest tour. I am quite a fan of Caress of Steel
(it is my favorite by far). In fact, my favorite Rush track is 'The
     I absolutely loved the concert! I've been to many other shows in my
life, and I'm afraid that seeing Rush for my first time has spoiled me for
the rest of my life! (we caught them in Las Cruces, New Mexico in January)
I told my friends before the show that they (Rush) would play at least an
album side from Caress (tongue in cheek, of course). It was thus painfully
obvious when they played something from every album but Caress. I'm still
hearing it from a couple of them! I was not really upset, but would it have
hurt them to play just a few chords from 'I Think I'm Going Bald' ....?

BTW, RTB is awsome album and catching up rapidly with my love of old Rush!
Keep it up guys!   :)
Rock n' Roll!

Dean B.


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