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Subject: 03/06/92 - The National Midnight Star #442

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 442

                   Friday, 6 March 1992
Today's Topics:
                    Rush and the radio
        Other musical lists; Canadian opening acts
                   CoS 'til ya puke...
                t-shirts and outdoor shows
                        cd singles
                     Album artwork...
                     Rushian Roulette
                Gangster of Boats Trilogy
                  Lyric search Challenge
                  First time (be gentle)
                       Boston Radio
                         Good Tix
                      CoS ramblings
                 Miscellaneous ramblings.
         First time Posting & other happy ho-hos

From: Editor, The National Midnight Star 
Subject: Administrivia

In case anyone cares, I've fixed the problem with the funky double ending
of the last few digests.  I don't know how/why, but the file that contains
the last bit of each digest (the 'tail') which normally doesn't have the
last three lines in it got them added somehow.  This meant that when the
software put together the NMS and added those lines as it always does, they
got added to the end of the file that already had something like that at
the end, hence the duplication.  (If you're not lost by the above description,
you are in worse shape than I am!)  Anyway, the thing should be fixed now.

I shall be off work next week Mon-Wed due to the University being closed for
spring break.  I shall attempt to log on and put out a few NMSs over that
time, although there will probably not be one for Tuesday, as I'm attending
the Richmond show.  I will also try to get the FAQL out this weekend or early
next week.



Date: Thu, 5 Mar 92 20:36:39 EST
From: jalhart@skidmore.EDU (Lerxst)
Subject: Rush and the radio

Well I'm following up my post from last week regarding GOAC and Top 40 radio
with some specific information.  I think it is really interesting to note
that according to the March 6 edition of Radio and Records GOAC is now on
13 Top 40 radio stations across the country.  The stations range from the east
coast to the west coast.  I have heard that more should be adding next week.
Although it is still a bit early to tell, GOAC is making a strong showing
onTop 40 radio.  As far as rock stations go, GOAC is doing great!  In fact
believe it or not (as Lisa from Suny Buffalo notes) Bravado has just been
released from Atlantic to stations officially.  So now stations will start
playing Bravado.  And guess what, according to my friend at the record
company soon Bravado will be released to Top 40 radio.  Double Yikes!!
So Rush now has the spirit of radio.

>From the rumour mill regarding outdoor shows this summer, I have heard two
rumours:  A) Mr. Big will again be supporting and B) Rush will be doing
two nights at Jones Beach here in the New York area!!!!  More rumours
and hopefully some confirmations to follow.


Ken F.


Date: Thu, 5 Mar 92 20:49:22 -0500
From: Greg WARD 
Subject: Other musical lists; Canadian opening acts

Someone asked recently about a Yes mailing list -- yep, it exists, and it's
called Notes from the Edge.  The address to subscribe is... (quick shell here)

I have a suggestion for the FAQ -- although it's supposed to be a *Rush* FAQL,
it seems like THE most frequently asked question is "Does anyone know the
address for the --- mailing list", where --- is usually Yes, Led Zeppelin,
Marillion, Genesis or King Crimson.  (Obviously *excellent* taste hereabouts,
eh?)  What I suggest is that at least SOME mention of the Musical List of
Lists go in the FAQL -- such as that it's available via anan FTP at in the directory pub/music/something.  (Can't remember the exact
directory, but it's not too tough to find.)  Reasonable idea, no?

Next, someone asked if Voivod opened in Toronto -- I believe that was on the
Presto tour.  I remember hearing about that and wishing fervently that I could
have been there... Voivod's a most excellent group, and their latest CD is
really top notch.  Think I may go to see them later this month here in
Montreal; probably be better acoustics than at Maple Leaf Gardens anyway.

On the RTB tour, some *extremely* crappy metal band from Toronto opened in
TO, Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec.  It was incredibly boring.  I was quite
disappointed at not getting to see Eric Johnson.  (And yes, all I've heard of
his was `Cliffs of Dover'.  Bodacious song, and while I generally profess
to not giving a flying you-know-what to such obviously contrived and
artificial crap as the Grammies, I would have been quite glad to see either
EJ or Rush get it.  Or Steve Howe, too bad *he* wasn't nominated for
`Masquerade' instead of all of Yes.  Or better yet for something off

Oh, one more thing -- gee, I had no idea Caress of Steel was supposed to
be a "bad" album!  Personally, I like it much more than *2112* as an album...
CoS seems to be much more coherent and together as a 35-minute unit than
does 2112.  (Same reason I prefer AFTK and PeW to Hemispheres, even though
the actual Book II Hemispheres and Strangiato make me go quite ga-ga.  So, for
that matter, do The Trees and Circumstances... it just seems like the
whole album is dominated too much by `Hemispheres', and that there just
aren't enough different songs on it.)

'Nuff rambling.

		Greg Ward (


Date: Thu, 5 Mar 92 20:48:37 -0500
From: Terry Gardner 

	The `Greek God' description of the 2d side of `Caress Of Steel'
was a pretty good description. It is the overall sound of that album
that I liked, and like. The differences between CoS and FBN are so
tremendous, it is apparent that the trio did an enormous amount of
growing during the time between the albums. There is a certain solidity
in the `sound' of CoS that they did not approach again, IMHO, until
`Hemispheres'. Probably due to filtering some highs.
	How many readers of this have been or are in a band that plays
music of RUSH? I used to be in one (bass, Geddy Lee has the most
difficult bass parts with the single exception of Stanley Clarke that
I've ever tried to copy), and we chose to play the ones that you NEVER
hear, such as `Tears', `Hemispheres' in it's entirety, `Beneath, Between,
and Behind', `Bastille Day', `Anthem', etc.
	The clarity of Rush, and the single mindedness of the best stuff
are what makes the band's music so classical, so intellectual. I hope
trhat they never stray from that. New musical styles, sure, just retain
the approach that makes the music so enjoyable, the straight-forward
musical interpretation of a thought, without all the cheap garbage that
doomed bands like Guns'n'Roses, which I simply will not listen to, and
Van Halen, which makes me want to vomit (with the exception of `Dance
the Night Away', which conjures up memories of a particularly good
sexual outing on a Florida beach in the moonlight!

Terry Gardner
Senior Network Systems Programmer, The Home Depot, Inc.


Subject: CoS 'til ya puke...
Date: Thu, 5 Mar 92 21:25:43 EST

Howdy again fellow Rush freaks...

Well, I have this to say about CoS:  It sure isn't the boyz best album, but I
like it.  I seem to be in the minority here...But I'm listening to it right 
The entire album, in its entirety, does not gel with me for some reason.
However, specific songs like "Lakeside Park" or "The Necromancer" are greatly
underrated.  I'd even vote for bringing "Lakeside Park" back on the tours.
Then again maybe I'm just insane...


| "I hear the sound of gunfire at the prison gates, |  |
|  Are the liberators here?                         | Insane undergrad, |
|  Do I hope or do I fear?"                         | Math department,  |
|            -from "Red Sector A"                   | Michigan Tech     |
|   Yes, they really do call me PeeWee...Try looking for Pwe on IRC...  |


Date: Thu,  5 Mar 92 10:31:33 EST
Subject: t-shirts and outdoor shows

    First, what IS going on with the TNMS t-shirts??  I really do want one or
two or three shirts, and I have not seen any of the people who were supposed
to do this email any updates.  Whoever should do this stands to make some cash-
what are ya waiting for?

    Second, has anyone heard if RUSH (or VH) is coming to Pittsburgh or
Cleveland for an outdoor show??  I wrote 102.5 WDVE in Pittsburgh, and I have
not gotten my SASE back yet, when I do I'll share any news.  The dj
(7 pm to midnight), Jack Malloy, did say that the promoter and the radio 
were tryiu
g to get another RUSH show....who knows?  If anybody has any inside
scoop on the outdoor dates, send it to "syrinx" or to me at ""

                                                --Jason Packovich


Date: 5 Mar 92 23:48:00 CST
Subject: cd singles

Date sent:  5-MAR-1992 23:47:58
Does anyone know where in the midwest i can get these CD singles? everywhere
i have tried in Omaha doesn't carry them and i would really like to get
the 2 new ones.

Amigas and bowling,2 great things!

DigDug-Greg Dugger


Date: Fri, 6 Mar 92 00:18:13 -0700
From: (Ryche-r)
Subject: Album artwork...

Does anybody know if any of Rush's album artwork is available commercially?
(i.e., some sort of poster-sized print).  I am specifically referring to the
inside of Roll the Bones (3 wishbones suspended over the water).  That has got
to be one of the coolest pictures I've ever seen.

Also, I remember somebody mentioning the Vital Signs live thing... I also
found it on a King Biscuit 'best of' kinda thing when I rummaged around at a
radio station last summer.

(By the way, KRKX in Billings, MT plays quite a bit of RUSH, as does KSUA in
Fairbanks, AK...)

Ryche & Roll!


From: (Toukomies Veikko)
Subject: Rushian Roulette
Date: Fri, 6 Mar 92 10:56:48 EET

  I bought a bootleg called 'Rushian Roulette' (CD) and were quite disappointed
to La villa strangiato's sound quality. There have been some serious damage
on the master tape, i suppose, because in the middle of the La villa (i don't
remember section's name) it begins to sound like a C-cassette which has been
too close to a magnet. And also in the beginning of La villa, the left (or
right?) channel fades out for a minute. It really bothers me. Anyboby else
have the same bootleg?
  I have also bootleg called 'Currently in vogue' and it sounds quite good.


    *  Veikko Toukomies       *                                     *
    *  Suvantokatu 1 E 15     *   e-mail:  *
    *  33100 Tampere FINLAND  *  *
    *  phone: 931-239027      *                                     *


Date: Fri, 6 Mar 1992 07:59:12 -0600
From: wadew@DUCVAX.AUBURN.EDU (Wade Williams)
Subject: Gangster of Boats Trilogy

>I was wondering if anyone has any ideas as to the relationship between
>the "Part IV" and "Trilogy" in the sub-title
>   (Part IV, "Gangster of Boats" Trilogy)

It's a joke between the boys.  More than likely, we'll never see parts 1, 2
and 3.

Wade Williams   	       	       	"Any escape might help to smooth the
User Services Specialist        	unattractive truth, but the suburbs
Academic Computing      	       	have no charms to soothe the restless
Auburn University       	       	dreams of youth." (N. Peart)


Date: Fri, 6 Mar 92 09:40:42
Subject: Lyric search Challenge

	The Rush Lyric Scavenger Hunt!
Can you match these objects/phrases to the song they are from?
For clues (album name) or answers email
1  Russian roulette
2  Serengeti night
3  a God, a king, a head of state
4  a sunday noon
5  a beacon in the darkness
6  a brilliant shooting star
7  a firefly
8  a brief eclipse
9  a midnight rendezvous
10 an english rain
11 fields of dew
12 golden light of coming dawn
13 the acid rain
14 island in a hurricane
15 ripples in the pool
16 sea to shining sea
17 black wind falling to the ocean floor
18 six stars of the northern cross
19 the frozen mountain tops
20 the rainbow's end
21 the rhythms of the night
22 the sound of the rain
23 the wet summer lawn
24 twilight premature
25 wolves and cold starvation
26 the open road
27 the charger in the garage
28 the castles in the distance
29 tickets sold out in advance
30 Hold Your Fire
31 a change of synergy
32 a gypsy caravan
33 a mountain river bleeding
34 a pair of dancing shoes
35 a spiral stair
36 a wind tunnel
37 a world of cold reality
38 begging hands and bleeding hearts
39 iron tears
40 a nice, cold beer
41 better people, better food, and better beer
42 the cask of forty-three
43 computerized clinic
44 radio and radiation
45 reverse polarity
46 the energy you trade
47 the fireworks display
48 earth's melting pot
49 fawn-eyed girl with sun-browned legs
50 glittering prizes and endless compromises
51 hatchet, axe, and saw
52 bare knuckles
53 iron fist in a velvet glove
54 lunar gravitation
55 magnetic north
56 the back door
57 marble fountains
58 old-time religion
59 one-lane bridge
60 security under pressure
61 smoke rings
62 the atmospheric domes of the outer planets
63 the camera eye
64 time is a spiral
65 take heart from the harvest
66 you know I've hated that song for so long

Ya know, for all this there oughtta be a prize. Anybody want to fax the
winner an exrox of the Boyz signatures?   :)

EXTRA CREDIT: Name these lyrics -> " "  (50-50 chance!)

First one with all the answers to me by 21:12 EST Tuesday March 10 wins!
No grep/egrep/fgrep allowed!  Void where prohibited by your boss! Made in USA!

Have fun!


Date: 06 Mar 92 10:13:54 -0500 (EST)
Subject: First time (be gentle)

	As my subject says this is my first time posting (I've only been
a reader for about a week).  But I wanted to make a few comments.

1)  In reply to Alex(Jealous Knight)'s question about The Necromancer and
J.R.R. Tolkien's works.  I am and Avid fan of his Middle Earth works and
have practically memorized half of them (I'm working on the other half).
There are one or two similarities between the song and the stories but
not enough to say that it's based on the stories.  Maybe losely inspired

2)  In reply to however's initial coment on CoS.  I also feel it's a great-
ly underrated album.  It was coherent but also had a wonderful veriety of
styles (compare 'Bastille Day' and 'Panecea' sp?).

3)  In reply to Larry Salomon's question about childhood-RUSH memories.
Unfortunately I led an underprivelegded childhood (aka I didn't discover
RUSH until late in life).  But I do have some good RUSH memories.  But
this leads into my next topic.

4)  I've noticed, in this area at least, a big corolation between RUSH fans
and sci-fi/fantasy and GPR's(e.g. AD&D).  Is this true in most areas?  Is
it a coincedence that many of the old songs seem to be written for that
audience?  Quite often when our group gets together to play AD&D (or others)
we have RUSH playing in the backround as 'mood music'.  Weird?

5)  As I mentioned earlier,  I discovered RUSH late in life.  Unfortunately
, as a result, I have yet to see them live!  Due to a small arguement with
my credit card company I missed the Pennsylvania date.  I've downloaded
the remaining tour dates from the ftp site but I've heard talk about addi-
tional dates (summer) that aren't on the list.  I would be really grateful
to get notice of any, especially if they are near north-central West Virginia.
Especially if the rumors of this being their last tour are true (unlikely).

Thank you for your time.  Responces are welcomed, flames will probably be
ignored.  P-]

Kevin L. Stewart
  aka (Pac-Rat),(Grimaldon),(Sparky),(Dice),and a few more I can't type in
        mixed company.


From: Atro Tossavainen 
Subject: Worshipping
Date: Fri, 6 Mar 92 17:59:14 EET

> From: (Gregg Jaeger)
> Subject: the ABSOLUTE best

>>> Regardless, as a band, I still think RUSH is the best collection
>>> of musicians overall.
>>   Which proves that you should listen to something else for a change.
>> Rush are very good musicians and function extremely well as a unit,
>> but by no means are they the absolute best in anything. And I seem to
>> forget everything presented here are just opinions.. ;->
> I hope this is some sort of twisted joke. Rush quite arguably _is_
> the band with the absolutely best lyrics in the history of rock and
> roll music, not to mention the fitting of lyrics to music.

   Gregg, we all know already that you worship Rush as gods, but perhaps
 you should be reminded like this every once in a while that they are just
 human beings like everyone else. And the fact that you think their lyrics
 are the best in rock history doesn't make your opinion the gospel truth.


[ Ok, 'nuff said.  If you wish to continue this, do it in email.  Thank
  you...                                                          rush-mgr ]


Date: Fri, 6 Mar 92 11:18:51 -0500
Subject: Boston Radio

   Could somebody tell me if any Boston radio station plays Rush? The most
I've ever heard was Dreamline and Fly by Night each once and on different
stations. (Oh, and an interview with Alex before the concert.)


From: Dan Dickerman 
Subject: Good Tix
Date: Fri, 6 Mar 92 7:58:56 PST

> Where else does one get tickets?  I wanted to get in the first 5 rows for
> the Nassau concert and didn't (obviously), even thought my tickets aren't
> bad in the least (1st tier, 4th row, at 7:30 - assuming the stage faces
> 6:00).

Well, there are three ways that I know of:
 1) Get a spot first in line to get tickets the day they go on sale
    at a reputable ticket outlet (if you can call TM reputable).
    Hints on details here were given seveal issues back... December,
    I think.  And there's my own personal victory here: get tickets
    from an outlet 200 miles from the show (stood in line at a Tower
    Records near San Jose for a show in Sacramento, CA, and ended up
    in the third row -- Thanks for the tip, Doug).
 2) Sometimes, tickets held back for the band or promoters are left
    over up to the show's date.  Pester TM starting a week before
    the show and see if new seats are available.  Example: called TM
    while in Atlanta (for business... yeah, sure), and when I asked
    if seats were available for Rush that night, the guy on the phone
    said: "Oh, I thought you were going to ask about U2" (sold out for
    months)... Some spare seats in the back of the floor had just become
    available (who could resist).  Of course he had nothing for Rush then,
    but some went on sale that day at 11:00 (only 40 seats, but it was
    unadvertized, so there was not much of a demand).
 3) Look in the Yellow Pages (no pun intended for you Sun employees) under
    "Ticket Sales" or something like that.  Every major metro area has
    some scalper who is willing to buy and sell tickets for a premium,
    and they usually hire people to stand first in line to get the good seats.
    Many of these places advertize that they can get tickets for shows all
    over the country or even around the world -- probably through some
    international organized crime ring.  Anyway, it's worth a call if you're
    headed out of town.

Just being supportive,


Date: Fri, 6 Mar 92 11:29:00 -0800
From: David Conley 
Subject: CoS ramblings

Hello all! I have read the latest chatter about lack of CoS
material on the current tour playlist (like none!) with great
interest, being that CoS ranks as one of my top three fav
Rush recordings.

Those of you who heard the last Rockline interview with Neil might
recall that a caller asked that very question! Neil's response went
something like " it's nothing intentional" then went on to say
something to the effect of "we don't really feel comfortable
playing any material from that record now". To me that sounds
like a bit of a contradiction. Maybe the painful memories of the
"Down the Tubes Tour" have something to do with it? If memory
serves me, it was mentioned in Visions that the Boyz were super
excited and pleased with what they had accomplished on that
record, only to be shot down in flames by poor albums sales, negative
feedback from the record company, and the following tour from hell.

"Scars of pleasure, scars of pain, atmospheric changes make them
sensitive again".




Date: Fri, 6 Mar 92 12:11:16 -0800
From: Randall Haskin 
Subject: Miscellaneous ramblings.

	Well, I'd just like to mention that this is my first posting here, and
I've been reading the
I've been reading the NMS for about a month, and I really like it.  Anyhow,
doen to business:
	First of all, about these rumors of Neil having cancer, I first heard
about it from a CD store clerk one day when I was trying to uncover the release
date of RTB ( this was back about July of '91).  Well, I always wondered if
there was any credence to this rumor, and seeing Neil with a bandana on when
I saw the Roll the Bones video just added to my suspicions.  However, I went
to the show on February 2 in Vancouver B.C., and during the sound check, Neil
emerged without his bandana, and we could all see that he just had a really sh
short crewcut, and was not bald.  IMO, there's no cancer.  I just think
Neil is wearing the bandana because he WANTS to...
	Second, in response to whoever was wondering in NMS 440 why Where's
My Thing? was part 4 of a trilogy, it's all a joke.  Geddy and Alex pretty
much explained it during the North American CD launch of RTB on August 29th
of '91.  For the benefit of those who did not hear it, here's a partial 

Alex: Well, normally most people don't write the fourth part of a trilogy,
      so we though we would.
Geddy:And because most people don't realize that you CAN have a fourth part!

Alex: Yeah, it goes to fourth!

	So there you have it!

	On another note, DID ANYONE get the ABC interview on tape?  PLEASE
email me if you did!  I am dying to see it!
	And finally, does anyone know how to get ahold of UK CD singles herere
the United States?

ORQ: "A spirit with a vision is a drea with a mission."

Randy H. (


Date: Fri, 6 Mar 1992 16:09 EST
Subject: First time Posting & other happy ho-hos

This is my first time posting for TNMS, and I'd like to give
a few opinions on the most important things happening with

1) The great Eric Johnson Controversy.  He's a good
guitarist, but to me Alex Lifeson is highly underrated.
He's not god, but Snow Dog gets my thumbs up.

2) In Concert '92.  Thd very first time I've heard Ged, Neil
and Alex talk.  Does MTV avoid putting Rush on 'cause their
too deep?  Or is it they actually have more talent, and
would be repulsed by their talent?  Maybe they're nearing 40
and have the sexiness of a baboon in terms of MTV?

3) The Neil Peart cancer controversy.  You know something, I
get PISSED when someone tells these non-contestable rumors.
Why is Neil still on tour?  He looks pale and tired, but not
walking-dead.  To those who like to tell rumors,
if you know, show, don't tell. (pun intended)  Otherwise
keep quiet.

4) Top 5 Songs:  1) The Pass	2) Freewill	3) 2112
	4) Subdivisions		5) Natural Science

5) Top 5 Albums  1) Permanent Waves	2) Moving Pictures
3) Roll The Bones	4) Signals	5) Chronicles

			    Brian J Colby

	Sophomore Mathematics Major & "Ren & Stimpy" fan		S11689BC@UMASSD.EDU

	U N I V E R S I T Y  O F  M A S S A C H U S E T T S
		       A T  D A R T M O U T H


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