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Subject: 03/12/92 - The National Midnight Star #445

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 445

                 Thursday, 12 March 1992
Today's Topics:
      Re: 03/05/92 - The National Midnight Star #440
      Re: 03/05/92 - The National Midnight Star #441
                   buying a rush album
                        Tour dates
         Another episode of "How I got into Rush"
                  CoS, MTV thing, etc...
                         NMS post
                 UK concerts and singles
     Time to rag on cancer-rumormonger-hating flames
             Reflections on Chapel Hill Show.
                     Boston stations
                        ESL Photo
                     Chronicles video
         To Rush fans who can't find the music...
                    Complete CD list?
                      Worshipping II
                  Distant Early Memories
   Rush CDs from BMG Music Club & Summer Shows question
                 "Off the Record" TONIGHT
               102.5 WDVE and outdoor show
                  ABC Interview n' stuff

From: mkchung@Athena.MIT.EDU
Subject: Re: 03/05/92 - The National Midnight Star #440
Date: Mon, 09 Mar 92 18:26:43 EST

In response to Tom Morley's message of 3/5/92:

^^^On the subject of opening acts, while I can't say for EJ or Primus, Vinnie
^^^Moore may as well have played just one song.  After all, the other seven
^^^were exactly the same.  "Hey New York City, CHECK THIS OUT!!"  Hey Vinnie
^^^Moore, shut up.

I saw the Rush concert in Worcester (Mass) on Dec. 10, and I saw Vinnie Moore as
well. You're definitely right - all their songs sounded about the same - after
hearing "Meltdown" and whatever else, I somehow expected to hear the same song
again and again only under titles like "Explosion" or "Annihilation" or
"Holocaust," you know?

I will say some stuff in their favor, however: (1) We were a little late, so
it's a good thing that they played as long as they did; (2) It was a good
prelude to warm up the ears and accelerate the pulse - I mean, after all, how
can you listen to a great concert without proper warm-up?!?

			Later on ...

			Michael K. Chung


From: mkchung@Athena.MIT.EDU
Subject: Re: 03/05/92 - The National Midnight Star #441
Date: Mon, 09 Mar 92 18:42:11 EST

In response to Greg Johnson's message of 3/5/92:

>>I suspect that I couln't have picked a better show to see Rush for the first

	Neither could I - I saw them for the first time in Worcester last
	December ...

>>So, I'm thinking of getting about 10-12 rush CDs.  I have a decent idea of
>>what I want, but if possible I'd like to get some list feedback...
>>(his list of albums)

	What about Hold Your Fire?!?!? This is among, if not at, the top of my
	favorites. Since I'm pretty new to the band, I'm not very familiar with
	their first 4 or 5 albums, save 2112, so I would've been able to enjoy
 	their concert better had I done more homework ...

		Later on ...

		Michael K. Chung


Date: Mon, 9 Mar 92 19:33:45 GMT-0500
From: Guess who? 
Subject: List

Please sign me off. I did not sign on this list myself.


Date: Mon,  9 Mar 1992 20:03:03 -0500 (EST)
From: "Philip M. Simon" 
Subject: buying a rush album

Ron Braun asks what is the most trouble any of you went through to buy a
rush album.  Well, I can't say that this was troublesome, but I think I
might have an amusing anecdote.

When Oasis of Pittsburgh opened their stores earlier this year at
precisely 12:01 a.m. to sell GNR's new double album, I felt pretty
offended.  RTB came out only a few months before that, and no big spiel
was made about it, at least with them.  Offended at this double standard
I perceived, I decided to stake a claim on behalf of Rush.  I waited on
line for almost an hour.  When I entered the store, I picked up a cd of
PeW (the only one I didn't have on disc) and went to the counter.  The
cashier asked me "Which one(s)?", referring to GNR.  I just handed him
the rush disc, and said, " they have a new album or something?"
 He just looked at me funny and I smiled.  I walked out of Oasis just
holding up the album, receiving strange glances from the loyal GNR fans.

Anybody else out there with rush album purchasing stories?

Phil Simon

"A rush is a good vibe."
            Geddy Lee


Date: Mon,  9 Mar 1992 20:08:10 -0500 (EST)
From: "Philip M. Simon" 
Subject: Tour dates

Sorry I didn't include this in my earlier post, but does anybody know
where Rush will be playing from March 20-28?

It is my spring break and I would love to see them a third time on RTB.

E-mail me directly if you desire.

Phil Simon


Date: Mon, 9 Mar 1992 20:42 EST
Subject: Another episode of "How I got into Rush"

     Hello, fellow Rushians!

     Now it's time for another episode of "How I got into
Rush."  (Thanks to Dayna at SUNY Oneonta for getting me into this list.)

     I listened to the Who and classic rock for a few years
during high school, and when I first got Moving Pictures
during senior year of high school, I thought, "Aw, just another synth band."
(Yes held that honour too.)  When I bought Presto in 3/90, I
was completely shocked: The Pass and scars were so beautiful, and the
song described exactly how I felt at that time.  Every day,
I was the tall red-headed geek who never got the sexy girls or
got invited to the big parties, but today it doesn't matter.
 You try, you fail, you try again, you break unnecessary
ties with people you once knew but don't agree with,
and you tolerate the b.s. from the artists who bring it
on.  IMHO, that's <*exactly*> what Neil Peart writes:
something not instant (like top 40 - What do they _really_
say besides love is everything?), but something you have to
absorb and think about before saying "Yecch, I hate
it...just like reading Hemenway."  Today, looks don't matter
anymore...minds and hearts do

(If I seem to come across as always being p.o.'d, don't worry
about it.  Chalk me up as another jaded youth (or man) with
an endless outlet of pent-up energy.  I'm
actually harmless, but I like being intense.)

Now onto other subjects:  It would be an absolute <*smash*>
if Rush came to Great Woods this summer.  Not only would my
ears be saved (!) but it would be great to see the boyz in
Mansfield (which is only 25 miles from my house by Commuter
Rail--suburban railway).  Tickets would be the same as in
Providence (A++ show!) or slightly more, but it would be
more than worth it.

Maybe if (Moneytalks) MTV put Rush more frequently, and give
them a Rockumentary, all us TNMSers would be thrilled.
The _only_ two shows I like are "Headbangers Ball" and "120
Minutes", not to mention "R&S".  "Like we care" about
Madonna and Paula Abdul and Michael about some
FAIRPLAY for Rush????  (As for other bands, I like Living
Colour, Primus, Yes, The Mahavishnu Orchestra, Dave Brubeck,
and Fugazi (hardcore band from Washington.)

That's a Rap Part 4: Brian Colby

(To rush-mgr: From now on, I won't put down any Rush quotes
unless needed.  It seems everyone likes to put on the dog,
and I'm a sucker for making long lists!)

[ Thanks, it's appreciated not only by myself, but many other list members
  as well!                                                         :rush-mgr ]

U M A S S  D A R T M O U T H



Date: Mon, 9 Mar 92 20:46:07 EST
From: What you believe is what you aree 
Subject: CoS, MTV thing, etc...

	Greetings once again.  I want to say that I too am very pleased to
see the mass acceptance of CoS.  It has always been one of my favorite albums.
I highly agree and recommend the idea of listening to it in the dark, always
a plus. I think Panacea is perhaps my favorite song on it (next to Lakeside
Park of course).
	As far as the MTV thing goes I think that would be cool to see the
boyz as one of the most requested videos.  I think it would shock the shit
out of MTV.  For the better.  I like the Boxset idea as well and think that
it should include some of the older stuff that Chronicles does not have.
Granted Chronicles is good but we need to here some of the more obscure
(awesome) songs as well.  As far as a title goes I'll have to think about that
	One last thing...what happened to the t-shirt thing??  Still out
there or gone by the wayside?
				As always, RTB
Kevin E. Mort                     |  "Live for yourself, there's no one else
808 Willkie South                 |   more worth living for..."
Bloomington, Indiana 47406        |                    -- Neil Peart


Date: Mon, 9 Mar 1992 20:59 EST
Subject: NMS post

     I can't wait.  Six more days till I see Rush (and Primus!) at Nassau
Coliseum.  That'll mean I've seen them each of the past 3 years.  (I'm so
proud.)  Anyway - the reason I'm writing?  Ah yes.  Well, although I love Rush,
and they put on a helluva show, sometimes it seems like they're too reliant on
lasers, lights, and video.  Also, when I saw them three months ago, it was
exciting because I didn't know what they'd play.  Now, after reading it so many
times, I've practically memorized the set list.  The point is this: sometimes
the show becomes - dare I say it - predictable.  I mean, come on, when Neil
standing up to do a Townshend windmill is the most exciting thing in the show,
something's wrong.
     My proposal is that Rush should do something to add sponaneity to their
show, such as this:  Everyone loves 2112, right?  Well, since Geddy can't
effectively sing Temples of Syrinx anymore, they should bring someone up from
the audience to sing it.  That would be so funny.  I know I'd give anything to
get to do it.  Oh well, just another idea that won't go anywhere.

                                                      - Fishboy
"Atmospheric changes make me sensitive again" -NP


From: Andrew Brooks 
Date: Mon, 9 Mar 92 16:02:25 GMT
Subject: UK concerts and singles

Radio One (in the UK) announced on Saturday that they will be recording
one (or more) of the Rush concerts for future broadcast.  The bad news
though is that they usually edit them down to one hour first :-(

To clarify the situation with the UK singles, here is a list of the formats
and what they come with:
7"   with Show Don't Tell
10"  square picture disc, with The Pass and interview part 1 (Alex)
CD   CD single with holographic-effect dice on the unused part of the disc,
	 with Anagram, and interview part 2 (Geddy)
CDX  CD single in a full-size jewel case, with Where's My Thing,
     Superconductor, and interview part 3 (Neil)



Date: Mon, 9 Mar 92 20:01:43 PST
From: (Jeff Gray)
Subject: Time to rag on cancer-rumormonger-hating flames

It has been noted recently that the signal to noise ratio in the NMS has
been declining -- witness the 30% .signature figure, etc.  Let me note that
there were a couple, maybe three, statements to the effect "I heard that
Neil has cancer" with no obvious implication that the person actually
believed the rumor.  YET, there must have been twenty-odd responses, many
quite impassioned, to the effect of: "No way", "You're an idiot for
believing these things", "Chemotherapy ravages your body", and so on.

Please, no more.  This newsletter is long enough as it is.

- jeff


Date: Tue, 10 Mar 92 00:40:37 -0500
From: Rob Black 
Subject: Reflections on Chapel Hill Show.

Just caught the RTB tour last Saturday night in Chapel Hill! As usual the
boyz were pretty awesome.
I did notice a few things though:

	Geddy wore his hair down! Of the 5 tours I have seen this is
	the first time I remember him doing this. Has this been the
	case at other shows?

[ He's been doing this pretty regularly since the CA shows.        :rush-mgr ]

	It seemed to me that less videos were used this go around. Is
	this just me or has anyone else noticed this? In tours past I
	have really enjoyed these.

	Due to the good time I had, my memory is slightly foggy. Is
	Big Money the only tune they did from PW? I think this is
	right. Personally, I would have liked to have heard one or
	two more from that album. Perhaps Manhattan Project or Marathon.

	What's with the dudes outside selling shirts? Call me blind but I
	have only noticed this on the last 2 tours. Is this legal to do?
	One guy had some cool tye dyes for 10 bucks!

[ These are bootleg t-shirts.  Let the buyer beware, quality varies!  We did
  see one of these guys get busted at the LA show...               :rush-mgr ]

All in all, a very good time in the Dean Dome! (if that's possible for a
NC State Wolfpack fan!) The highlight of the evening had to be the return
of the infamous bunnies!! Wouldn't one of those be a helluva collector's
item one day!!

Rob Black      Raleigh, NC         
	"Changes aren't permanent but change is.."


Date:       Tue, 10 Mar 92 13:13:53 GMT


   For your information, the March 7th edition of Kerrang! magazine
contains several cut-out-and-keep posters of Rush in its centre pages.
Most are from the current tour and they look quite good.

   "swimming against the stream"

      Paul May, University of Bristol, UK


Date: Tue, 10 Mar 92 06:09:41 PST
From: "Amy Goldman, Sales & Marketing Systems  10-Mar-1992 0905" 
Subject: Boston stations

>Check out WBCN 104.1
>          WCGY 93.7 (out of Lawrence, but ya can still pick it up)
>          WAAF 107.1 (out of Worcester, but same)
>          WZLX 100.7

	Actually, just to nit, WAAF is 107.3.  Also, one not mentioned
    (cuz it's out of NH) is WGIR, 101.1 - I don't know if you can get
    it *in* Boston, but certainly just outside.  I've heard a fair amount
    of Rush there, and on weekends they also sometimes do rock blocks.

    	I'm constantly bouncing around between all these stations, plus
    WHJY (94.1 out of Providence) if I'm in range, and usually have no
    problem finding Rush on the radio!

    	This morning on the way to work I heard a parody on WAAF
    called "Wayne's World Man", to the tune of "New World Man"!



Date:         Tue, 10 Mar 92 09:35:44 EST
From: MANI 
Subject:      Debut

Well folks...this is just to tell all you olt timers that
I am a die -hard ROCK freak from India and I am going for my
first Rush concert(YYYYESSS) at Nassau on 15th. I just can't wait
to hear the spine tingling music of Trees or the mind blowing
lyrics of Xanadu to make my life complete(yes i'll die peacefully after
that...maybe see a Floyd show too..heh heh).. "mad immortal man"

Mani Venkateswaran
Pace U.
PS:heard the famous "Smoke on the Water" recut with Iommi,Lifeson and
Blackmore on it...does anyone have it on tape or know where it can
be got?...I remember hearing it almost four years back..


Date: Tue, 10 Mar 92 10:21:52 -0500
From: "Andrew V. Mazzola" 
Subject: ESL Photo

	I was looking at the cover of ESL album and I noticed alot pictures
from diffrent albums; like on the HYF insert.
	1) the owl is FBN
	2) the girl holding the curtain is from PW
	3) on the back cover there is the marrienatt from AFWtK
	4) also there is the star from 2112
	5) the guys moving the picture in MP

Thats all that I found looking at the album cover in schools radio station

Also is the album Through Time still bring produced? becuase I would like
a copy if possible.

	Last who says "it's blue" in Red Lenses on GUP

-Andrew Mazzola


From: Tero Valkonen 
Subject: Chronicles video
Date: Tue, 10 Mar 92 22:36:29 EET

Looks like I accidentally deleted the FAQL. Well well. It seems I'm
a bit too trigger-happy, huh? :-) Anyway, what I wanted from the FAQL
was the song list of the Chronicles video tape. So, I'd be very
very pleased if someone out there emailed it to me. Thanks!
Tero Valkonen


From: amy young 
Subject: To Rush fans who can't find the music...
Date: Tue, 10 Mar 92 21:42:19 EST

A Rush fan whom I assume saw my sig in a post wrote to me with the following
dilemma... he cannot find (easily) Rush tapes/cds in Australia.  And I
wondered how many other poor fans were stuck in this dilemma, and forced
to either buy pricey imports or do without.  Well... I agreed to make a
friendly deal with him and send him tapes (all legally purchased and
unopened).  This is not illegal (at least not that I'm aware of!!) for I'm
not charging anything but the cost of the tapes and postage.  Yes, I'm
doing it as a service to underpriviledged Rush fans.  =^)

Anyone else who is interested can get in touch with me (also, if you
have any objections to this, let me know.

A few rules:  I'm only charging for the actual purchase cost and shipping
price of the tape(s) you want, so I don't make anything off of it.  However,
I'm not naive, and I don't intend to lose any cash either, so payment needs
to be made in money order IN US DOLLARS.  You fool with the currency
conversions at your bank (if applicable).  I scout for prices, find out
the weight and find out postage cost, and inform you what the total cost
will be.  You then send the money order, and within two days of receiving
it, I will purchase and send out the merchandise (this way you do have a
receipt that you paid, and I don't have a method of payment that is rubberized)
as I said, within two days.

Now, this is assuming I don't get deluged with a million people wanting
me to do this for them, and of course, no one comes up with a statute saying
it's an illegality.


[ Good luck Amy, you could get swamped with requests!  :-)          :rush-mgr ]

"Let us not go gently, to the endless winter night..."  -- Neil Peart
*******************************************************************************                            alyoung@iurose.bitnet


From: Brian.J.Wolf@Dartmouth.EDU
Date: 11 Mar 92 01:43:16 EST
Subject: Complete CD list?

Just a few quick things here:

1)  Are any NMSers going to the Binghamton show on Thursday, or the New Haven
show on Saturday?  Will there be a pre-show tailgate or anything?  Just
curious - me and two other NMSers are road tripping from New Hampshire, and
may have some time to kill before the show...

2)  Does anyone have a COMPLETE list of everything RUSH has ever put out on
CD?  Please e-mail me if you do.  I know about the 17 albums and Chronicles;
is Archives available on disk (I know it's nothing strictly new, but it'd be
neat to have anyway)  Also, is there any word on Not Fade Away & You Can't
Fight it?  Does anyone know exactly which CD singles are available?  Thanks
in advance for this one...

3)  Just a quick "game" to play while killing time:  you and another fan
think of a single word that appears in any RUSH song, then exchange words
simultaneously.  Whoever can name the song from which the word comes wins.  A
few time-worn toughies are "madonna", "beacon", "warm", and "knees"
Have fun with it!

Brian Wolf

OWQ - "There are worse things to be, than asleep"


Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1992 11:00:05 -0500 (EST)
From: Matthew Joseph Desantis 
Subject: Worshipping II

	You know, we had this argument in the fall, you know the one about
"Rush worshipping" and all that jazz. Gregg says that RUSH is the
ABSOLUTE best. This is so very far from the truth. There are many
musicians/groups out there that are comparable to RUSH. You have to be a
certain kinda person to like RUSH. The lyrics are great, and the licks
are top-notch, inventive, and intricate. This does not make a band the
absolute best. This makes a band interesting and unique. Who is to say
what makes a band THE BEST. Can it even be said who is the BEST?
	It used to be that the groups with large followings were classified as
the best (Beatles/Stones) But now, with the DEAD top 40 scene with
samplers and sequencers, we can hardly use this rationale. I mean, take
Milli Vanilli, he was popular for a while (I don't know why) but the
general public accepted him. Now his music (can we even dare to call it
music)  seems.

SEND HASTY E- MAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

	Are intricate rhythms, mastery of the english language, and
excellent solo techniques the requirement for an ABSOLUTE best band?
I don't know. I think there are other groups who have achieved
excellence without the drumming skills of Peart, the bass licks of Lee,
or the emotional guitar soloing of Lifeson. Springsteen has done it (And
is not done yet) He writes at a high-school level (it seems) but the
words he writes have meaning, emotion, conviction. You don't need to
read Xanadu to relate to Springsteen, nor do you care whether his bass
player emphasizes the second note of the triplet right before the time
signature changes to 7/4. It is a totally different scheme for a band.
Yet the result is one of the most energetic, uplifting shows I have ever

	Even RUSH does not consider themselves the elite or leaders...

on "In the Studio" w/ host Redbeard (moving pictures interview)

Geddy: "Music was changing...Rock Music was changing, and we wanted
[very much] to be a part of the technology that was growing up around
us. There were alot of bands emerging that were doing things well on a
low budget. The influences of reggae, white-reggae, and more
aggressive...punk music were interesting, and we very much wanted to be
a part of that."

	Rush is, after all, three men. No gods, just three men, with impressive
skill. The aggregate "level" of greatness that they offer is irrelevant.

	This letter is not meant to flame anyone. I think it is a
"normalization" for Rush fans, though. Listening to other groups will
not only make Rush that much better when you play it later, it will give
a surprising awareness that there are competant musicians out there.\

	5115 Margaret Morrison
	Pittsburgh, PA


Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1992 13:28 EST
Subject: Distant Early Memories

Howdy, first post in a while, so here goes...
Some one solicited peoples early Rush memories a few days ago, and I have
since been trying to narrow the field of my personal ones which is just too
damn crowded.  One very vidid memory I have is from high school back in the
early 80's when two friends and I would get together and 'air-jam' to the
entire 2112, LaVilla, Hemispheres, Fountain suites for hours.  When we all
finally got real instruments and learned to play, we didn't have half as
much fun...
     Another thing my friends and I did was play a lot of Dungeons and
Dragons.  Frequently we would fight againt the Temples of Syrinx, search
for Madrigal Fountain, flee the Necromancer and basically move through a
fantasy world defined by the symbols of the music we loved.  (The actual
elements of our games, while emboding much of the symbolic content of
their repective rush tunes, were completely different and unique creations)
     In any case, I'm curious to see in what other ways people have in-
corporated Rush's music into their own creative endevors.  This can include
D&D, fiction, poetry, music, tatoos, painting the side panel of your van
or anything else.

				K. Brent Fournier


From: (Dave "Louie" LaPlant)
Subject: Rush CDs from BMG Music Club & Summer Shows question
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 92 11:53:37 PST

[ From one of our mail-challenged friends... ;-)                   :rush-mgr ]

Does anyone have a list of all the Rush CDs available from BMG Compact Disk
Club? I'd like the titles as well as the BMG catalog number (NOT the Mercury
or Atlantic catalog numbers). I'm thinking of joining, but only if I can
complete my Rush cd collection.

Anyone heard (rumor or otherwise) if the boyz will be playing Shoreline
Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California this summer. If they do, I will be
hosting a MAJOR Rush party.  Stay tuned for details.



Date: Wed, 11 Mar 92 15:35:49 EST
From: "David S. Schmidt" 
Subject: "Off the Record" TONIGHT

I just heard that Rush will be featured on "Off the Record" tonight (3/11)
in NYC on 92.3 K-ROCK at 11pm EST.

Also, WBAB, 102.3 on Long Island will be broadcasting MTV's Unplugged
with Eric Clapton for those interested, at 10pm.


Date: 11 Mar 92 16:47:00 CST
From: "Blair, Robert" 
Subject: vinyl

Does anyone know the last Rush album that was released on vinyl?  The artwork
that comes with CDs is so compressed that it's really nice to have the vinyl
release to see the big picture.


Ken Blair


Date: Wed, 11 Mar 92 15:24:12 EST
Subject: 102.5 WDVE and outdoor show

    I got my letter back from Jack Maloy at 102.5 WDVE in Pittsburgh.  Here's
what he said, "sorry it took so long to get back to you but RUSH is a good
possible show for Starlake, but no date yet."  Starlake is the outdoor arena
for Pittsburgh.  I guess the concert promoter, DiCeasre-Engler, and WDVE
are working on it.  (I hope!!)
    If anyone has any ideas on how to find out for sure, please let me know!!
I'm going to keep trying WDVE for answers and I'll also try Diceasre-Engler
and those at Starlake.  Email to TNMS or to me if anyone hears something!

                                               ROCK ON!!
                                   Jason Packovich  (


Date: Thu, 12 Mar 92 02:09:49 -0500
Subject: ABC Interview n' stuff

Well, like many others, I have missed even hearing about the ABC interview,
so if the generous soul who is E-mailing "sure I'll dupe it for you" messages
to us poor sapscould send me one too I would $urely appreciate it!

Sorry about that bad grammar/typos/punctuation.  I just re-read that last
paragraph and it stinks!

Take care folks and I REALLY hope to hear from SOMEONE soon!!!!!!!!

Bob (Zeus Lee rules!!)


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