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Subject: 03/13/92 - The National Midnight Star #447

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 447

                  Friday, 13 March 1992
Today's Topics:
                 Excellent Fountainhead!!
      Richmond *pseudo-spoiler* and other things...
                Re: Distant Early memories
      Re: 03/12/92 - The National Midnight Star #445
      RE: 03/12/92 - The National Midnight Star #445
                      FAQL/RTB cover
                        PoW at RTB
                 TICKET FOR SUN 12 APRIL
                distant early memories to
   Forthcoming Interview with Alex; Questions Requested
                     Binghamton show
                  Mr. Big speaks of Rush
                     Binghamton show
     Rush in Binghamton ********semi spoiler********
                      Richmond show
                 In case anyone cares...
                        Rush & D&D
                    Wayne's World Man
                  Rockline - When, Where

From: Editor, The National Midnight Star 
Subject: Administrivia

I am currently caught up on administrative mail, so once again, if you
think you should have heard back from me and haven't, you might want to
send mail again.

We have a few new tab files, so you guitarists might want to check out
the tab archive in ~rush/tab.

The list is still growing, although it's slowed once again.  We're close
enough to 1300 to taste it - about 5 away at last count.  The latest names
file has been posted in the ~rush/names directory at the ftp site if you
want to see who else is on this thing.

I've cleaned out the ~rush/incoming directory; either moved files over
to the apropriate place (~rush/images, mostly) or removed files that I
didn't know who uploaded them.  If you put anything into ~rush/incoming,
please send me mail letting me know what you have put there.  This way
I can credit the submittor.

There are a bunch of special edition files stacked up from way back, so
I'll try to put out a few of those soon.



Date: Thu, 12 Mar 1992 18:45 EST
Subject: Excellent Fountainhead!!

Hello, fellow Rushians!

     I saw "The Fountainhead" today at the library, and it
was excellent!!  For all of you Ayn Rand and Rush fans, this
is definitely something to watch.  It's on VHS format from
Key Video, and it runs about 114min (1h54m).  It stars
Patricia Neal & Gary Cooper.

     I heard that Rush's playing Jones Beach (L.I. N.Y.)
with Mr. Big opening.  You Long Islanders are lucky!

     For anyone attending Yale or are anywhere near New Haven, Rush
plays *this Saturday* with Primus at the Civic Auditorium.

		**Directions to New Haven**

>From NYC & South: I-87 to 287 (Going I-95 N means paying
tolls in New Rochelle); pick up 95 at NY-CT Border; Nhvn is
exit 48 (Downtown) and the C.A. is on College Street.

>From Hartford & North: I-91 S to Rte 34 Connector Downtown.

>From Boston: Mass Pike (I 90 W); MP to Exit 9 (I-84 W).
Pick up I-91 S at Downtown Hartford. Directions same
as from Hartford.

(Note to Rushians:  IMHO, I'm pretty good in giving
directions to almost *anywhere* in New England.  If you want
directions to The Centrum, Providence Civic Centre, The
Garden, etc. send e-mail to my address shown below.  I'm not
AAA, but I'll try my hardest to get to where you need to go.)

     I know this is a frequently asked question, but will
MTV *ever* put out a Rockumentary?  (Dayna: My G-d, they
should do something about it!!!  ;) )

Off to a new world land......

B r i a n  C o l b y

U M A S S  D A R T M O U T H


Subject: esl
Date: Thu, 12 Mar 92 16:00:25 -0800

>	I was looking at the cover of ESL album and I noticed alot pictures
>from diffrent albums; like on the HYF insert.
>	1) the owl is FBN
>	2) the girl holding the curtain is from PW
>	3) on the back cover there is the marrienatt from AFWtK
>	4) also there is the star from 2112
>	5) the guys moving the picture in MP

	You missed the guy in the suit w/ the cane from HEM.



From: J.C. Rush - Jay Cook 
Subject: Richmond *pseudo-spoiler* and other things...
Date: Thu, 12 Mar 92 18:31:45 CST

 Howdy folks!

 First of all, the Richmond show was really great.  Even better than the
 Presto tour show.  Primus was ok.  Their renditions of "Bed's too big
 without you" and "Kashmir" were their main highlight.  Now to the boyz..

 I personally thought it was great to see Geddy with his hair down.  I
 can't figure why, but he looks younger that way.  (Besides his antics
 on stage doing that as well.)  The show, however, belonged to ALEX.
 This album has kinda been his coming-out party.  He didn't miss a beat
 all night.  _Where's My Thing_ was absolutely incredible live!  I'd
 love to have a boot of that by itself.  _The Rhythm Method_ was
 outstanding!!!  The way Neil, his drums and the lights were all one
 fixture was incredible!  I'd like to have a boot of that by itself too...
 Overall, quite a show...I just wish I had backstage passes...
 If anyone has a boot of the show, email me (NOT AT NMS!!) and I'll
 make it worth your while.

 During the show, though, people were throwing around these weird glowing
 green sticks.  One eventually made it on stage, but nowhere near any of
 boyz.  I wonder what they were?  Any idea rush-mgr???

 I'll repeat my interest in the NMS shirt, if there's gonna be one, I'd
 like to either put something on it, or buy one if it's too late already.

 One last thing, if anyone who sent away for the Peart poster from Ludwig
 has gotten theirs yet, email me, I want to know how long it took to get
 it, and what it was shipped in.  (I'm too nosy...)

  well, I'm outta here....  .sig'less of course!

                                         -Da Kid


From: bkekesi@uceng.UC.EDU (Jealous Knight)
Subject: Re: Distant Early memories
Date: Thu, 12 Mar 92 19:57:25 EST

One of my first RUSH memories...

A group of friends and I were hanging out at the local corner store one summer's
eve, when another buddy of ours road up on his bike (hey!  We were only 13!!)
with a brand new album under his arm.  It was _Signals_, and I remember all of
us crowding around him trying to get a look at the album.  We couldn't make any
meaning to the map on the back, but we new it was something worth listening to.
(Signals was starting to get some air-play.)

I then remember later on that week, lying in the tall grass under a weeping
willow, staring at the sky with my radio by my side, listening to Analog Kid.

>...Those where the days...


- Alex

   "The boy lies in the grass, unmoving |  "When I leave I don't know
    Staring at the sky                  |   What I'm hoping to find
    His mother starts to call him       |   When I leave I don't know
    As a hawk goes soaring by..."       |   What I'm leaving behind."
                       - signals        |      ~Now I know...


Date: Thu, 12 Mar 92 20:18:14 EST
Subject: Directions

If you read this before Saturday evening, maybe you can help me...
I'm traveling from Boston to Atlantic City Saturday evening, to meet a friend
form high school who lives there.  Sunday, we're going to see the concert at
the Nassau Coliseum (this will be my 12th, his 4th).  My request is this:
can anyone supply some good directions to the arena, along with an approximate
time estimate for the trip?  My friend, who has the wheels, is a bit perplexed
about how to get there.  Thanks much.
							-Thor Iverson


Date: Thu, 12 Mar 92 22:14:19 EST
From: (Gregg Jaeger)
Subject: Re: 03/12/92 - The National Midnight Star #445

Again I am mis-paraphrased! Matt DeSantis says that I claimed that
Rush is THE BEST. I didn't say that they were the best band on Earth
(i.e. I did not commit an act of `worship'). What I _did_ say was
that they arguably have the best lyrics in the history of rock 'n roll.
To me this is not an act of worship, but as I see it a matter of fact.
Matt seems to have a particular need to flame me; why I don't know.
If I'm going to be flamed I'd at least like to be flamed for something
I said!




Date: 12 Mar 92 22:04:00 CST
Subject: RE: 03/12/92 - The National Midnight Star #445

I thankyou for your persistence in sending me your news letters, however, 
could you please stop, they are cluttering up my account and I really don't 
pay that much attention to them.


Date: Thu, 12 Mar 1992 23:12:30 -0500 (EST)
From: "Philip M. Simon" 
Subject: FAQL/RTB cover

I just read the second part of the newly revised FAQL.  Once again, very
well done and informative.  However....

With regard to the significance of the dice on the RTB cover, or lack
thereof, I would like to say a few things.

First, I think it's no coincidence that preponderance of the dice are
threes.  I think this may be an allusion to the same concept of three
represented on the HYF cover.

Secondly, the fact that the dice start off in a sequential order (6, 5,
4...) and then degenerate into random numbers says is very intentional.
Specifically, we plan things out very meticulously.  But then chance
(here signified by random dice) rears its head into the picture,
changing the whole picture.  This is very congruous with the whole theme
of RTB as well.

Phil Simon

"We use instruments."
                Alex Lifeson, on Rush


Date: Thu, 12 Mar 92 23:46:44 -0500
From: nam2@po.CWRU.Edu (Nicholas A. Mascari)
Subject: PoW at RTB

To whoever asked if there was more than one song
from PoW on the tour, you are correct: Big Money
is the only one. This was the only disappointment for
me on the tour as PoW is one of my 4 favorite Rush
albums.(2112, MP, PoW, and HYF)

Cant wait for outdoor shows this summer!!!!

|~~~\  |    |  /~~~\  |    |    Nick Mascari-Case Western Reserve
|___/  |    |  \      |____|    "...he knows changes aren't
|  \   |    |    \    |    |     permanent, but change is."-Neil Peart
|   \   \__/  \___/   |    |         Go Browns       Go Beta


From: T J Moore-Read 
Date: Thu, 12 Mar 92 13:35:19 GMT

If anybody wants a ticket for the 12 APRIL show at birmingham UK
mail me with an offer for it.

the seat is in block D:

      s s  ---------   s s
      i e | A  B  C |  i e
      d a | D  E  F |  d a
      e t | G  H  I |  e t
        s -----------   s
          REAR SEATS



| Terry Moore-Read     |                                                      |
| 4 Tollemache Avenue  |        JANET    :          |
| Leicester  LE4 OEA   |        INTERNET :          |
| ENGLAND              |        BITNET   :          |
|                      | "Time is a spiral, Space is a curve..."  - N Peart   |
|     Year 2 Software Engineering Student At Leicester Polytechnic            |


From: (Richard Fecteau)
Date: 12 Mar 92 (22:41)
Subject: distant early memories to

Well, this is my first NMS post and hopefully its worth reading.

 I first got into Rush via Van Halen! (It could happen!) I had just
heard VHII, after years of mindless top 40 listening, thought it was
cool and decided to buy a bunch of REAL rock albums. I was too young at
the time to have any money of my own so naturally I *reappropriated*
some of Mom's :-) I joined the Columbia House record club with the
money. Me and a friend of mine (who was also a rock neophyte) sat down
with the Columbia ad in hand and picked out the 12(?) or so albums based
on group, or album, names that sounded like they would be REAL rock
(not very scientific!). One of them happened to be Rush's ATWAS. I hated
it at first but learned to like it because of the awesome pictures on it.
 It wasn't too long afterwards that I owned all of their albums. I
haven't regretted buying them yet!
 Oh yeah, I love CoS too.


 ~ WinQwk 1.32a #219 ~ ORQ: Listen!
Channel 1 (R)   Cambridge, MA


Date: Fri, 13 Mar 92 11:22:15 +0100
From: (Frank Lancaster)
Subject: Forthcoming Interview with Alex; Questions Requested


Those of you who were on the list last August may remember that I did
an interview with Geddy Lee. I asked if you had any questions
you would like to ask him. Now I'm going to do an interview with Alex
when Rush come to Germany. It'll be on the 23rd April. So if anyone
has questions, mail them to me. Actually I was asked with whom I would
like to do the interview, and I wanted Neil. But he doesn't seem to
want to give interviews that often. But I think it'll be more relaxed with
Alex :-)

My internet address is: (this will probably not work
You can also try: ....!uunet!unido!tools!fl

[ Or perhaps "" or "tools!".  :rush-mgr ]

--- Frank Lancaster


Date:         Fri, 13 Mar 92 06:37:45 EST
From: George Kulz 
Subject:      Vinyl

      Hi all!  This is my first post to this list, although I've been an avid r
eader for some time.  Anyway, just wanted to mention to Robert Blair (?)... I m
anaged to get ahold of Presto on vinyl, plus I have just about everything befor
e that album on vinyl as well.  If you look around hard enough you might be abl
e to find them all... there are still some places that get the newer ones on vi
nyl.  I haven't been able to find RTB yet, but I haven't really had much time t
o look around yet.  I have to agree with you though... I like looking at the mu
ch larger pictures on the album covers than the smaller ones on CD.  Anyway, go
od luck on your search!



Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1992 07:04 EST
From: Ed Lovell 
Subject: Binghamton show

	Just got back from the show at Binghamton.  Wow!  Was my 9th time
seeing them and the 3rd this tour.  A few observations/comments:

	- Primus was cool (yes, they suck!).  They are very proficient
	on their instruments and were the 2nd best opening I've seen
	(2nd to BOC, also at the Broom County Arena- Signals tour).

	- I got into the place **With No Frisk**!!!  They weren't checking
	*anyone* when I got there (about 7pm).  Hopefully someone took
	advantage {evil grin :}.

	- Security was *very* lax.  During Primus, the first 5 rows were
	"slam dancing" (for lack of a better term), and throwing people
	up in the air!  The security guards in the front seemed to be
	enjoying it.

	- Can you believe that a guy tried to sell me a bootleg t-shirt
	*INSIDE*?  During Primus, he walked up the aisle showing a cool
	bootleg T (the one w/ the red star and bones on the front).

[ We saw a guy in Richmond doing the same thing, selling bootleg shirts out
  from under his jacket folded over his arm.                       :rush-mgr ]

	- The boys put on their usual *awesome* performance, although
	I did hear Neil come out of a fill early in Big Money and Alex
	screw up at the end of Tom Saywer (I love to hear little mistakes!)
	Drum solo was absolutely fabulous from our vantage point (stage
	left, up two sections).

	- Geddy wore his hair down and was dressed in black spandex.  Neil
	wore a black tank top and blue bandana.	  Geddy and Alex were
	quite active and seemed to be really enjoying themselves.

	- Alex had a nerf rocket fight w/ the backstage crew, and played a
	few bars with one of the rockets when they hit him w/ one.

[ See Skip Daly's post later on about Alex and clowning on stage... :rush-mgr ]

That's enough rambling for now.....

           Ed Lovell           \              ERL@CRNLNS.BITNET
      Cornell University       \      ORQ: "A lifetime of questions..."


Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1992 08:05 EST


Having been a member of the NMS mailing list for less than a year I don't know
if this is an original idea or not but thought I'd give it a shot...

Given the in-depth analysis and great thought that has gone into so many of
these messages I can only assume the list is populated with people not only of
high intellectual caliber but more importantly, with a GREAT SENSE OF HUMOR.

On that note, anyone up for an April Fool's edition of the NMS??  (i.e.,
comparing Rush to Milli Vanilli in all seriousness :-))  Can't wait to see the
flames on this one...

Rush-mgr, whaddya think?

[ It's got potential!  If people want to send spoof articles, they can direct
  them to the administrative account.  Make sure you put "SPOOF" in the subject
  or near the beginning of the "post."  I can make a special 4/1 issue.
                                                                   :rush-mgr ]

-- Cheryl Stoy


Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1992 08:23:13 -0600
From: wadew@DUCVAX.AUBURN.EDU (Wade Williams)
Subject: Mr. Big speaks of Rush

I caught a few minutes of an interview with Mr. Big on MTV last

To paraphrase, they said touring with Rush is the best experience
they could have had because they learned so much from them.  They
said all three members were great to be around and they really
enjoyed playing with them.

Their drummer said, "Watching Neil every night was incredible.
Neil's a machine."  (or something close to that)

It was good to hear Rush get the kind of recognition they deserve
from a "popular" band.  It's also good to see that Mr. Big hasn't let
success go to its head.  They know they have a long way to go before
they can compare to Rush's achievements.  That's not so much a
comparison of talent, I'm just pointing out that a lot of the popular
"GlamRock" bands of today would probably consider themselves better
than those "old men" from Rush.

It's good to see a band that has respect for its to

Wade Williams


Subject: Binghamton show
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 92 11:28:53 -0500
From: "Chris Webster" 

Yesterday at noon I got a call from a friend who wanted to know if I was
available that night.... due to the road conditions between here
(Syracuse, N.Y.) and Potsdam, N.Y., the friend he was going to the Binghamton
show with was not going to be able to make it.   So, eight hours before the
show, I found out I was going to it....

I think I would have been quite disappointed if I had been anticipating the
concert; Geddy had very little, if any, control over his voice, and on top
of that, it was almost the same show as the presto tour.

My purpose of posting is to  ask if anyone got a bootleg of this concert.
The security there was virtually nil; they didn't even look at people they
let in, let alone search them.  If we'd know, we would've brought in something
to tape with.  I'm wondering if anyone on this list did, and if they wouldn't
mind discussing it.  (On another note, the auditorium had an _open_ bar.
First concert I've been to that had one of these.... nice touch.  :)

-Chris Webster @ Syracuse University |"The best way to destroy a bad idea is    | with a better one, not with suppression  | of that which we disagree."
AT&T net: (315)423-3565              |           -Robert C. Maynard, columnist


Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1992 11:34 EDT
From: Flashback 
Subject: Rush in Binghamton ********semi spoiler********

Last night I went to see Rush in the Broome County Arena in Binghamton, NY.  I
have already seen them once on this tour, December 7, Madison Square Garden.  I
thought  it would be impossible, but the Binghamton show blew the MSG show out
of the water.  And as far as the opening act...Primus kicked Vinnie Moore's ass
all over the arena.  The guys were in top form last night, and Alex had me
rolling.  There was much more audience interaction in this show then at the
Garden show.  Wow, I am even more excited than I was before to see them at
Nassau Coliseum on Sunday.  Have a good one, and keep rocking.

Dayna Kurnitz

"...Sometimes our circuits get shorted by external interference.  Signals get
crossed and the balance distorted by internal incoherence."-Neil Peart


From: Scott David Daly 
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 92 11:47:10 EST
Subject: Richmond show

Hey there!



	-Gedd's hair still down

	-Gedd's voice on the money!...possibly the best version of
Force Ten ever (or possibly just that I haven't seen the band since

	-Heard soundcheck: parts of Dreamline, The Pass, Force Ten,
Wipeout (with all the band members yelling "Wipeout"), etc. At the
end of Dreamline Geddy exclaimed "Yeah...that's what it feels like to
be on a winning streak!...

	-Roadies threw golballs at Alex during Closer To The Heart &

	-Primus did part of Cashmir & The Bed's Too Big Without You
(The Police). A Mr. Alex Lifeson was sighted dancing in front of the
stage and throwing trash cans up in the air during Primus' set
(No...this is NOT a joke...).

	-See if Dave mentioned anything up in the editor's spot about
getting a picture taken with Jack Secret in the crew area before the

	-No luck metting the band THIS time (though not for lack of
hotel hunting) time...

	-HI Dave, Bruce, James, and time I'm killing
your teacher Aaron!...


						Skip Daly


Date: 13 Mar 92 11:51:23 -0500 (EST)
Subject: In case anyone cares...

	In case anyone cares... yesterday(2/12) I happened to flip to MTV
during a commertial and MTV most wanted was on with special guests the
lead singer and the drummer(sorry I'm lousy with names) for Mr. Big.  I
know this probably doesn't thrill anyone but and one point during the
show, one of the kids said that he had seen one of RUSH's concerts when
Mr. Big opened (Presto tour I think).  He asked if RUSH had been an in-
fluence to them.  The drummer (very roughly) said that yes they had as well
as others {he named a few} and that the tour with then was one of the best
experiences he's had.  He said getting to work with them almost daily was
a real treat.  Also, that he was especially happy to meet Peart who is
one of the few drummers who have gotten "ledgend" status{usually for
guitarists} an that he was like a machine {ment to be a complement, I guess
meaning being able to go out every day and get a great performance.  He
also said that he had a special treat... it seems that the boyz were going
to play a couple songs at some function{charity?} and Peart couldn't make
it.  They asked him to fill in.  He said it was great 'jamming' with RUSH.
I was wondering... Did anybody here how it turned out? was he any good?
The function was somewhere in Las Vagas I beleive.
	Just thought I let people know that someone on MTV has something
good to say about RUSH.



Date: Fri, 13 Mar 92 10:50:38 EST
From: (David Kuznick)
Subject: Rush & D&D

I remember one D&D session from MANY moons ago where we came into an
empty room with a red pentagram panted on the wall.  I had my
character stand in the apropriate position, and VOILA who should
appear but the Boyz with their instruments as weapons.  Nerdly but

DAVID KUZNICK "Those whom heaven helps we call the sons of heaven. They do not
DAVID@AIT.COM  learn this by learning.  They do not work it by working.  They
do not reason it by using reason.  To let understanding stop at what cannot be
undestood is a high attainment.  Those who cannot do it will be destroyed on
the lathe of heaven." - Chuang Tse: XXIII


Subject: Wayne's World Man
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 92 09:23:15 -0800

	Heard Wayne's World Man on the radio this morning. I enjoyed it, but I
didn't like the accoustic guitar during the verse.

	Speaking of Wayne's World, does anybody know if Rush has, or will make
an apperance an Saturday Night Live? That would be cool ecpecialy for all of us
who missed them on tour(yet another open cry for pity!).



Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1992 12:28 EST
Subject: Rockline - When, Where

     I've been subscribing to TNMS for a few weeks now, and have seen many
references to the radio show "Rockline."  When is this on, and does anyone know
what station you can pick it up on in Long Island, New York?  Also, is there
any way to find out who's on it before it airs?  Thanks
                                                     - Andy Acunzo
"What happened to our innocence, did it go out of style?"  -G. Lee


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