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Subject: 03/18/92 - The National Midnight Star #449

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 449

                 Wednesday, 18 March 1992
Today's Topics:
                     Rush & Drug Use
                   Rush on Boston radio
                      Nassau Concert
      Nassau (SPOILERS, if you're Europe), and etc.
          Re: 03/16/92 Neil's Solo Transcription
               Daytona Beach, Radio Airplay
            Binghamton, New Haven, UK Singles
                       The Muppets?
                     The Weapon intro
                   Post-New Haven Wrap
                     Outdoor concerts
      Re: 03/16/92 - The National Midnight Star #448
               Rush and the symbol of three
              Saturday Night Live / Rockline
                    Transcript & Rumor
                   Concert fine points
                       Rush cap???

From: Editor, The National Midnight Star 
Subject: Administrivia

For any new members and ALL members, just a refresher:  to be removed from
the mailing list, or to have your address changed, send mail to the proper
address, the ADMINISTRATIVE address.  Mail sent to "rush@syrinx" or replies
to the NMS go in here as posts.  Please take the time to do things right,
and you won't look foolish in front of 1300 people...

There was no NMS for yesterday, Tues. 3/17.  The administrative mail is not
caught up at this point (Wed. evening), but should be by tomorrow or Friday
at the latest.



Date: Mon, 16 Mar 92 18:00:57 EST
From: (Mike Hansen)
Subject: Rush & Drug Use

Other Rush fans and myself have had a running discussion for some time now
about drug use and the boys.

Some of these fans have argued that the futuristic (or fantasy) settings
so prevalent in Rush's early albums was due to their drug use, while later
albums dealt with much more tangible material -- a sign that the boys were
off the dope and more "with reality".

I have heard Rush's anti-drug message before, and it is pretty strong.  I
think there is no doubt that they clean now (they don't even smoke anymore),
but I still wonder about them in the early days.  I have heard rumors
about Getty (before they became a main-stream band) smoking dope on stage
when fans passed their joints to the front, and other such trash.  While
I don't think there is any validity to this story, I figure there might
be some truth in this somewhere.

Anyone have any information?  I didn't see anything on this topic in the most
recent FAQ listings.



Date: Mon, 16 Mar 1992 18:14 EST
Subject: Rush on Boston radio

	To Taryn who asked "Where can I get Rush on Boston Radio?"

	Well, living there for most of life I can say there are 4 stations to
	104.1 WBCN, very good station, probably good chance to hear them
	107.3 WAAF, metal station, but they play Rush
	93.7  WCGY and 94.1 WHJY these last two are rock stations where you'll
probably have the best chance of hearing them.  Good luck, but don't throw
away your tape/CD collection.



Date:  Mon, 16 Mar 92 18:56:13 -0500
Subject: unsubscribe


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      __/__/__/__/     __/__/           __/__/__/__/
                        Tetra Vista


Date: Mon, 16 Mar 1992 19:54 EST
Subject: Nassau Concert

     I wrote in yesterday about the Nassau Coliseum concert of the night
before.  I mentioned, as did others, a stage diver during Rush's set.  A friend
who had better seats than me said it was none other than Les Claypool of
Primus.  Anyone know if this is true?  He also told me that this guest on stage
gave Alex a Nerf crossbow and Alex shot Neil in the head with it twice.
    More ramblings:  I've seen Rush twice on this tour, and it seemed like Alex
was singing a lot more at the concert I just went to.  However, in some spots
it sounded like Geddy's voice singing backup.  Anyone else notice this?  Could
they be using backing vocal tapes?
     Although the show I just went to was great, it was exactly the same set as
the last time I saw them.  Anyone know if they'll be changing the set list when
they return from Europe?
    Lastly, (I think), has anyone noticed (I'm sure many people have) that on
each of the three live albums Neil plays the same cowbell/agogo/whatever melody
during his drum solo?  Here's where you can find them:
  ATWAS:  track 9 - 10:30
  ESL:  track 3 - 4:08
  ASOH: track 11 - 0:09
    Oh no, I lied.  One more thing - In the RTB tourbook, in Ged's portrait,
there's a black and white picture on his right of two women bent over.  It
looks a lot like the "dancing" Ged and Alex do during The Big Money in concert.
Anyone know of a connection?  I'm probably reading to much into this, but after
reading about the HYF inside cover in the FAQL, I get the feeling anything's
possible where Rush and symbols are concerned.
                                                   - Fishboy

     "Fish On, Long Island."  - Les Claypool, 3/15/92


Date: Mon, 16 Mar 92 19:58:15 EST
From: jalhart@skidmore.EDU (Lerxst)

Having just returned from both New Haven and Nassau Coliseum shows I figured I
would share a few of my opinions.

To begin with New Haven, unfortunately, the Coliseum here is old and the
ceiling can not support a great deal of hanging equipment.  As a result,
there was no Quad sound and no secondary lights over the audience.  In addition
I noticed that the front curtain which usually comes down after the opening
act before the roadies set up the stage for Rush, was not used at all.

As to the New Haven show, the crowd stunk.  In fact Geddy made a comment that
"you guys are a little quiet tonight."  Well the crowd wasn't the only one
to be tired.  The band seemed to be in great musical form (like usual), however
their energy level which has been talked about being so much here in NMS, was
sapped.  Geddy hopped but did not run around the stage.  Alex was as usual
crazy and both Ged and Alex did come out and stand on the front speakers for
a bit.

Besides the Nerf Rocket fight during Closer to the Heart.  I noticed that
in Geddy's pit area (where his roadie and gear are), there were two special
guests who said hello during Xanadu.  Apparently, two topless women
joined the party and had flashlights shown on their breasts.  It seemed as
though this was
practical joke set up by the crew.  However, the band did NOT seem too

One other note, during sound check, the band was fooling with "Wipeout."

Nassau, was a great show.  As mentioned by others, the crowd was rockin, the
band was rockin' ande interaction between both was great.  Primus, set the
very nicely with their own interpretation of YYZ.  The stage diving was
also pretty nutty as someone ran on the stage from Ged's side and dove off
teh front into
the orchestra.

Well, this sold out crowd seemed to have a great time and I'm sure we are
all psyched about the Meadowlands and Jones Beach this summer.  Again
for anybody who missed my previous post:

June 19th Meadowlands Arena
June 20 and maybe 22 Jones Beach

Also, I just heard that for all of you upstate New Yorkers, there is a good
chance Rush will play for the first time ever SPAC, Saratoga Performing
Arts Center!!!!

More information to follow.


Ken F.


Date: Mon, 16 Mar 92 20:24:11 EST
Subject: Nassau (SPOILERS, if you're Europe), and etc.

Well, saw Rush for the 10th time on Sunday.  Most enjoyable.  A few comments,
which will only be spoilers if you are seeing a European show or are waiting
for the outdoor dates:

1)  I have yet to hear Neil play the solo the same way twice--it's good to
hear some real improvisation.  My favorite part was when he screwed up a phrase
(I didn't notice, but my drummer-friend did) and proceeded to play the phrase
over again after a brief pause, with a slightly annoyed look on his face.

2)  To whoever commented:  the show was indeed in quadrophonic sound, but the
separation between the front and back speakers is not all that significant for
the normal musical sections (the effects are a different story).

3)  Is it just me, or was the dancing skeleton replaced by something else on
Alex's amp?

4)  Primus played far too short a set (only 30 minutes)--at first I thought
that maybe Rush had a special encore planned, but I was wrong.  According
to my Primus-loving friend, they hardly ever play John The Fisherman when
playing a different tour (f'rinstance, with Fishbone).  I got a _huge_ laugh
out of Les Claypool's hinting, on bass, at Smoke On The Water.  I picked it
out right away, but it seems that it took the guitar to make it familiar to
most.  "Eleven" is a _great_ song.

5)  Did anyone else notice that one of the soundmen was wearing a Dominos shirt
(you know, the ugly orange and blue thing)?  The sound and light guys seemed to
really enjoy Primus.

6)  Apparently, it was family night for the band.  Alex's parents, his son, and
a woman who I assume was his wife were all in attendance, as well as another
guy who looked exactly like Neil (his brother, I suppose).  No word on how
Alex's parents enjoyed the show, but I _did_ catch his mom tapping her foot
in time to Primus at one point!
							Thor Iverson
OPQ-"Whatever rhymes with eloquent..."


From: (Mega Goon)
Subject: Re: 03/16/92 Neil's Solo Transcription
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 92 11:56:58 WST

Regarding Neil's drum solo:

I have a transcription to the RYTHM METHOD from the Show of Hands album.

It lists all the samples that he uses etc etc. As you probably know,
its mainly in free time...

I also have transcriptions for every album up to HYF... If anybody is
interested, email me...

Second point, you guys in North America are soooooo lucky that the boyz
tour there all the time...I live in Australia, and all we get are really
huge acts like Prince, Mellencamp etc etc. Unfortunately, while the albums
are quite easy to get, all of the Radio stations apart from the university
ones, just REFUSE to play Rush...Big disappointment.

Thus, we are never ever likely to get a tour over here. Just guess i'll
have to get a plane ticket to the US or Canada to fulfil my life's will happen some day...


Date: Mon, 16 Mar 92 22:57:44 EST
From: William_A._MacDonald@MTS.RPI.EDU
Subject: Daytona Beach, Radio Airplay

Hey all!

Just got back from my spring break in Daytona Beach.  While down there,
MTV had this thing called the Party in the Park, where they had various
events, including musical groups and comedians.  Well, who do you think
was one of the bands that played?  No it wasn't Rush, but Primus!  Steve
Isaacs did have the decency to mention that Primus was touring with Rush.
That really shocked me as I figured that the word Rush was not in his
vocabulary.  Anyway, Primus only played two songs...I have now seen all
3 bands that Rush toured with.  Hey, I wonder if MTV asked Rush to tag
along with Primus to this thing...maybe!  And the Pope is Jewish as of

A lot of people recently have complained about the lack of airplay that
Rush receives.  Well frankly I must say that I do not know what they are
talking about.  I have been up and down the entire east coast, hitting
probably at least 20 classic rock stations.  Each one of them I have
heard Rush tunes with good frequency, and not just the new ones.  In
fact, it's like they play it too much..(is that possible?)  The only
reasons I can figure out why you guys are complaining is:

   a)  I listen to the radio at just the right time to catch a Rush

   b)  You listen to the radio at all the wrong times and miss Rush

   c)  You worship Rush to the extent that with each non-Rush song
       played on the radio, you slip further and further into
       withdrawal until you barely have enough strength and mental
       intellect to slap a Rush CD in the player and press play just
       as you slump to the floor.

   d)  You don't listen to the radio at all, thereby not catching Rush
       songs on the radio.

C'mon, let's face it.  Rush gets their recognition on the radio.  At least
enough to satisfy me.  I welcome flames, by the way....

     William MacDonald


From: Brian.J.Wolf@Dartmouth.EDU
Date: 16 Mar 92 23:46:47 EST
Subject: Binghamton, New Haven, UK Singles

I had the pleasure to catch RUSH twice this past weekend.  What can I say?
UNBELIEVEABLE!  Binghamton was amazing - the security was great!  My brother,
my friend, and I (all NMSers, BTW) had decent seats on the side.  However, we
decided that there were better seats to be had on the floor and decided to go
for it.  After JUST WALKING down on to the floor, we mingled with the crowd
waiting for RUSH to start.  The security told everyone to sit down.  We
stalled.  Eventually, people started sitting down, and we tried grabbing 3rd
row seats.  We got kicked out to the fourth row.  Just as we were about to
get kicked out again, the lights went down.  We rushed the stage (pun
intended) and worked our way to the front of the crowd.  We ended up right
behind the people hanging over the partition, about six feet from Geddy!!!!!
And to think, my brother bought his ticket after Primus had already started
playing!  The rest of the show was a blur...
I brought a camera and managed to get some good shots (I got one of Geddy
during Finding My Way- my brother put me up on his shoulders, I said
"cheese!" to Geddy, and snapped the best picture I've ever taken!  I plan on
blowing it up - poster size!
	After that, the New Haven show.  Security was tighter than a 7th
grade girl.  No floor.  We had decent seats, right by Geddy again, only up in
Section 1.  I didn't really get to see much of Alex, 'cept when he came over
to Gedd's side, but I did see some interesting things:
1) There's some guy sitting behind Neil, flipping computer discs and stuff.
He also gives Neil the headset and takes it when he's done.
2) The bunnies are bounced manually - there's a guy that stands there and
rocks back and forth.
3) During the show (I forget which song), some guy came out and started
fiddling around with Neil's kit - it looked like he was adjusting the
microphones or something
4) Neil wore a "Puck Head" during the windmill portion of the program.
5) There were a lot of groupies hanging around, most with backstage passes -
what's up with this?  It's the first time I've seen this at a show.

Finally, a question.  How can I get all the UK singles?  Are they available
in the states?  I've checked the record stores, but can't find them.  Thanks!

Brian Wolf

ORQ:  Live for yourself, there's no one else more worth living for;
Begging hands and bleeding hearts will only cry out for more.


Date: 17 Mar 92 00:21:00 EST
From: "]" 
Subject: The Muppets?

   Time may distort my memory (I was also about 8 yrs. old, too), but I
could swear that Rush appeared on the Muppet Show.  Neil and Animal
have a drum battle and in the end Animal thorws his bass drum on Neil's
head in defeat.  If anyone could verify this and say, "Yes, Rush did
appear on the Muppets." Or, slap me in the face and say, " No! Rush
never appeared on The Muppets." , it would be greatly appreciated.

                       Just a concerned fanatic,

                           "ALTERNATING CURRENTS
                            IN A TIDEWATER SURGE
                            RATIONAL RESISTANCE
                            TO AN UNWISE URGE
                            anything can happen . . ."




Date: Tue, 17 Mar 92 14:33:22 +0200
From: (KING)

	I repeatedly asked to be taken off the mailing list, PLEASE do
so as soon as possible

					Thank You.


Date: Tue, 17 Mar 92 10:50:13 -0500
From: "Andrew V. Mazzola" 
Subject: The Weapon intro

	Right now I am listening to a boot of GUP, and the Boyz have
Count Lor introduce The Weapon.  In the intro he says that you have
to put your 3D-glasses on.  What I was wondering was that did something
happen on the screen that you needed the glasses or was it just a joke.
Because when I saw the video I couldn't tell what was happening on the screen

-Andrew Mazzola


Date: Tue, 17 Mar 92 13:23 EST
Subject: Post-New Haven Wrap

Here's my report on the New Haven show(3/14), which I would have missed for
financial reasons had Gordon not won 3rd row seats(way to go, Breakfast of

	1) No searching at the entrance.  Some other people have mentioned this
in the NMS, and this was a first for me.
	2) PRIMUS!!!!  A great band which I've been waiting to see on the East
Coast for a long time.  The rest of the front section either hadn't arrived or
were ignoring Primus, while Gordo and I had basically a 2-person mosh pit 
(I think Les Claypool was watching us almost as much as we were watching him!!)
Les played Kashmir on that funky upright bass with no body.  I don't know if
this was only at this show or if people are just missing it, but they were
playing Master Of Puppets (by Metallica) also!  Les was playing the lead part
on the bass, so it took a few moments before we realized what it was.  No YYZ,
though.  The black Primus T-shirt is one of the coolest I've ever seen!
	3) The main event- Primus played for exactly a half hour, and the
changeover was pretty quick.  People have also mentioned that the pace picks
up after they play The Pass, and this was definitely noticeable here.  The set
was the same as when I saw them in Hartford 12/13.  This time, however, Neil
caught all his sticks and there was more clowning(although no dart fight
between Alex and his roadie).
There was some guy right in the middle of the
front row who looked like he was trying to conduct the music!  Unfortunately,
there didn't appear to be any surround speakers.  They had them in Hartford
last time, and they were great!

	The moral of this story:  What I had long suspected turned out to be
absolutely true:  Even the songs I don't get into that much are ABSOLUTELY
INCREDIBLE from 15 feet directly in front of Alex Lifeson!!!  It was like
getting a personal guitar lesson!  Now, back to those tabs from the ftp. . .

				Rock on, Mein Fronds!!


P.S.  Anyone going to Metallica on April 16th in Hartford?


Date: Tue, 17 Mar 1992 13:42:18 -0500
From: Thomas Riord Morley 
Subject: Outdoor concerts

Does anyone have a complete or partial listing of concerts the Boyz will
be doing for the rest of the tour?  I saw them at MSG-first show (awesome)
and would LOVE to catch them in an outdoor venue.

Hey Geddy, how about SPAC?! (Saratoga Performing Arts Center)

Anyway, thanks.  By the way, to the guy with the light sticks, I THINK if
you look you can find them making a brief appearance in ASoH video as
well, and I think they were from the crew.  But, I don't know.

"Behind the beauty cracks appear..." (Peart, B,B&B)
"Behind the beauty, crack a beer..." (What he originally wrote ;-> )


Date: Tue, 17 Mar 1992 14:02 EST
Subject: Re: 03/16/92 - The National Midnight Star #448

I think that in one of the earlier TNMS's I read of some NEW Rush dates
added in New York (especially Jones Beach, L.I.). If anyone knows of the
definite dates, and when the tickets go on sale, I would greatly appreciate
it if that info could be emailed to me.
                                                    Zachary G. Borovay


Date: Tue, 17 Mar 1992 16:01 EST
Subject: Rush and the symbol of three

Hello fellow Rush fans!  I've been reading this mailing list for a while
now, and I've noticed that some people have touched on something
interesting...Rush and the number three!!!
     A friend of mine was lucky enough to meet Alex, Geddy, and Neil
at an after concert party in Buffalo, NY.  She spent alot of time
talking to Ged.  Oh, I almost forgot, this was during the HYF tour.
Well anyway, he told her that the three balls on the HYF cover were
an obvious symbol of the three band members.  He also told her that
they had been putting the symbol of three on their album covers for
years, only they did it in a more subtle way.  He also said that they
do this in their videos!!!
     I've gone back and checked it out and here are the symbols I've
     (I think it started with AFWTK's)
        A Farewell to Kings:  the three puppet sticks on the back cover.
        Hemispheres:  the three brains
        Permanent Waves:  the three signs in the background(they read
Lee, Lifeson, Peart)
        Moving Pictures:  the three pictures, the building has three arches.
        Signals:  you can only see three of the dogs legs.
        Grace Under Pressure:  the three objects in the middle of the
        Power Windows:  the three television sets.
        Hold Your Fire:  the three balls.
        A Show of Hands:  the three characters.
        Presto:  the three rabbits on the top of the hill.(note: they are
in the same configuration as the balls on HYF.)
        Roll the Bones:  most of the dice are showing "three."

      As for the videos, check it out yourself!!!
        Whoops, I almost

         forgot Exit...Stage left:  we all know that the cover shows
symbols from all their previous albums, well the front only shows three:
Permanent Waves, Fly By Night, and Hemispheres!!!


From: bkekesi@uceng.UC.EDU (Jealous Knight)
Subject: Glo-Sticks
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 92 18:52:50 EST

J.C. Rush - Jay Cook  writes :
>  During the show, though, people were throwing around these weird glowing
>  green sticks.  One eventually made it on stage, but nowhere near any of
>  boyz.  I wonder what they were?
I've been to plenty of concerts in the Virginia area, and for some reason
people love to throw around "glo-sticks".  They're neat little things, but
don't let them break on your clothes.  The stain won't come out; although
your clothes will probably glow for a couple of hours.  = )

I hope that answers your question.

                                            - Alex

   "The boy lies in the grass, unmoving |  "When I leave I don't know
    Staring at the sky                  |   What I'm hoping to find
    His mother starts to call him       |   When I leave I don't know
    As a hawk goes soaring by..."       |   What I'm leaving behind."
                       - signals        |      ~Now I know...


From: Dan Dickerman 
Subject: Saturday Night Live / Rockline
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 92 9:00:49 PST

>  Speaking of Wayne's World, does anybody know if Rush has, or will make
> an apperance an Saturday Night Live? That would be cool ecpecialy for
> all of us who missed them on tour(yet another open cry for pity!).

Just heard an old tape I had of a Rockline interview from the Presto Tour
(okay, it's not that old), in which such a question was posed to Geddy
and Alex.  Their response was that they'd never been asked.  This was quickly
clarified with the fact that no one had asked them personally, but that
if their management had been asked, mgmt would have likely turned them
away anyway, as they say they would turn down such an offer anyway.
"It's not our idiom."

Speaking of Rockline, for the person who asked, it's syndicated
by "the Westwood One Radio Network," and appears on randomly selected
stations, by my best estimation.  Look for relevant posts from your
area when something interesting is happening, or listen to the radio at about
8:30PM - 10:00 (Pacific time - it's broadcast live worldwide) on Monday
nights and try to find an interview with a rock-type musician -- it's on
every week, so it shouldn't take too much effort to find, if it's there.
For what it's worth, in the San Fransico Bay area, it's on KRQR FM97.3
out of SF.



Date: Wed, 18 Mar 1992 12:16 EST
From: "Multitasking... AMIGA STYLE!!" 
Subject: Transcript & Rumor

1) Has anybody heard any more about the possibility of the boyz coming
   back to the cap centre to make up for screwing Baltimore over?

2) What's the status of the transcription of that ABC interview? I would like
   to get that, but if a tape copy is impossible, a transcription would be

| From the Amiga   |     Multitasking...     |   In the high school halls     |
|    of...         |     ---------------     |     In the shopping malls      |
|     -.EZ.-       |  A M I G A   S T Y L E  |    Conform or be cast out!     |
| |  =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=  | [ S U B D I V I S I O N S ! ]  |


From: Dan Dickerman 
Subject: Concert fine points
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 92 10:07:05 PST

> Bad Points:
> 1) Sound.  They still have the same problem.  Things tend to sound
> distorted (especially Geddy's voice).  They either need to turn it
> down a notch or use different equipment, or get a new sound-person.
> Could barley hear the keyboards as well.

There are those that say "if it's too loud, you're too old."  I'm too old,
and only 24.  Many acoustical problems can be attributed to the fact that
they're playing an arena which is designed for Basketball and Hockey, not
for concerts.  Tragedy that the number of fans dictate such a large venue
(I did manage to see Sting at a real Theatre on the last tour -- he
apparently did the first leg in theaters, the next in indoor arenas and the
last in outdoor ampetheaters -- the difference is impressive).  If you can
catch the show outdoors, it will problably sound better than in, since there
is less of an echo (no ceiling, you know), but you still have to pump sound
to a room the size of a small town, so it's pretty loud up front.  If you
stuff cotton in your ears to filter-out the excessive highs, it's usually
pretty good (give or take the echo and lack of balance), and the low bass
always feels so nice, but I've never noticed distored vocals -- it could
be the PA system of that particular arena (if they use it at all).

> 2) No quadrophonic sound.  At least I didn't think so.  It was in
> stereo though...

There should have been some definite sound coming from the back of the
Arena, but mostly drum stuff, so you may have missed it if you weren't
looking for it.  The most obvious spots were the electronic drums on Force
10 (intro) and the start of the Drum Solo, where the sample was echoed
around the arena in tempo from the single triggerring, and when it returned
to the stage, Neil triggerred the next.  If you missed this little bit of
geeky pleasure, you were shortchanged on the PA hookup.

> 3) Roll the Bones.  This one is my fault though.  I was under the
> impression that a big skeleton was supposed to come out of the stage
> and do the rap instead of a video one.  Don't get me wrong; it was
> really cool just not what I was expecting.

One thing to look for is the small (1 ft-tall) skeleton on top of Alex's
rack.  During the "chat", Alex would flip a switch on the stand, and the
skeleton would twitch furiously under a small lamp for the duration of those
sections (at least on the shows where I could see it).

Still working on that script to filter-out the good bits from the NMS,
delete excessive headers/trailers, and put it up in an interactive display,


Date: Wed, 18 Mar 92 17:15:37 EST
From: (timothy lesher `94)
Subject: Rush cap???

I just saw a guy walk out of a lab here with a Roll the Bones cap.. maybe
(maybe, hell, someone MUST have seen it) some of you have seen it...
It is black, with the red rush logo like the cover of RTB:

                       [][]  []  []  [][][]  [][][]
                       []    []  []  []      []  []
                       []    []  []  [][][]  []  []
                       []    []  []      []  []  []
                       []    [][][]  [][][]  []  []

(well, I'm not an art major, but you get the point)... below that is either
silver or white (I'm not sure which) letters "Roll the Bones"... Is this
cap available other than at the concerts?  PLEASE mail me if you have seen
some kind of mail order for THIS item... I need a new cap anyway... ;)

--Tim----------(The man with the shortened .sig)-------------------------------
-  | "I've outmaneuvered my lawn"-- roommate's poem       -
- 25%#*&g%@g@]{p0U7gc$3| "I've been outmaneuvered by the floor"-- same, when  -
--   ^-- sig.Z----------------------------------------------------inebriated---


Date: Wed, 18 Mar 1992 17:33 EST
Subject: Hello

This would be my first message to the loyal Rush fans out there.  I was
very lucky recently, my dad splurged and bought me a ticket for the ]
march 10 show at Richmond.  I was quite impressed with the performances
of both bands.  The Pass and Xanadu were my personal highlights.

We saw some of the tie-dyes that the people were selling, it had
"Rush Roll The Bones Tour" on the front, and some tour dates on the
back.  They were kind of cheap looking.  Take my advice and wait until
novelty stores start carrying the shirts for about $12.

I had a question that me and my friends were deliberating about earlier.
One of my acquaintances says that Alex was not singing backup, but merely
activating pedals for a pre-programmed backup voice.  I saw Alex activating
those pedals, but I was under the impression that they were for MIDI
effects that gave the songs more of a studio depth and feel.

I also tentatively want to ask if this is a proper forum to discuss
bootlegs of Rush.  I have nine ninety-minute tapes full of bootlegged
concerts (incl;uding march 10 at Richmond) and are interested in mail-
trading with some people to find some bootlegs from the other tours
I do not have.  Please contact me at STU_MALEGROW@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU
for details.  Also looking for Primus boots from their opening act,
Fates Warning and Pearl Jam.  I am not selling, just trading.

Later on guys -

"Junior, Behave Yourself !" - Geddy Lee, doing "Bad Boy" in 1974 at


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