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Subject: 03/27/92 - The National Midnight Star #455

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 455

                  Friday, 27 March 1992
Today's Topics:
             neil's solo - my email address..
            Rush Laser Light Shows in Michigan
                 Where to find biography?
            Xanadu as a reference to drug use
              )) Powercuts Contest Winner ((
                       server tips
                Rush in AC?  Where?  When?
      Re: 03/23/92 NMS #454; songs never played live
                        Drug Use?
                 songs never played live
   Neil essay on _Presto_, and who is on the RTB cover?
      RE: 03/23/92 - The National Midnight Star #454
                      Misc ramblings
                    Between the wheels
             Los Angeles Area Outdoor Concert
           Firehouse rips off Rush Album Title
                    Peart and Repeart
            What has Geddy been doing lately?
                    unsubscribe please
       Auction: "Hemispheres" Canadian Red Vinyl LP
                      Charlotte, NC
                   Neil correspondance
                    Rockline stations
             Irvine Meadows Date Information

From: Editor, The National Midnight Star 
Subject: Administrivia

In case you wondered, there was no NMS for Tuesday-Thursday, 3/24-3/26.
I was teaching this week, and there aren't enough hours in an Earth-day!

I'll try to get the admin. mail caught up by the time this goes out,
but no guarantees.  I'll make a good dent, though.



From: t moore-read 
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 92 12:31:47 GMT

The ticket is still on offer if anybody wants it:

If anybody wants a ticket for the 12 APRIL show at birmingham UK
mail me with an offer for it.

the seat is in block D:

      s s  ---------   s s
      i e | A  B  C |  i e
      d a | D  E  F |  d a
      e t | G  H  I |  e t
        s -----------   s

          REAR SEATS




From: (Mega Goon)
Subject: neil's solo - my email address..
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 92 9:32:13 WST

Sorry to everyone who tried to email me...
It seems that there is something strange going on with the mail
server at my uni...

For all those people who wanted to get a copy of the Rhythm Method from
ASOH, (transcription) you can email me at

David (editor) send me some test mail at this address and it worked

BTW...Does anybody know where i can get rush T-shirts from????
The one I'm particularly interested in is the "man with star" motif
from AFTK...

Lastly, got AFTK on vinyl the other day after my original tape was
mercilessly chewwd up by my walkman. It was *wicked*, the production
and sound quality were really good for a record of its vintage...
Must be something about Rockfield Studios eh.

ADAM SOUDURE (University of Western Australia)


Date: Tue, 24 Mar 92 00:14:56 EST
From: (Paul Bryant)
Subject: Rush Laser Light Shows in Michigan

Hello fellow Rush Fans!

I am putting together a Rush laser light show at the Roger B. Chaffee
Planetarium in Grand Rapids, MI, to be shown this May - July.  It will
be one hour long and I've tried to choose songs that would appeal to
die-hard Rush fans, rather than just a "Greatest Hits" show.  It's just
your basic laser show you see in many planetariums, so I wouldn't drive
cross-country to see it, but then again it is Rush!  If anyone living near
here or visiting here at that time wants to see the show, drop me some
e-mail.  I'll put you on the list of out-of-staters who want to see the
show, and will send you more information.  If you mail me and I don't
reply, mail me again.  Our system can be unpredictable!

Incidentally, I know there is a Rush laser show right now at the Cranbrook
Institute of Science near Detroit, MI.  Anyone living near there may wish
to check that one out too.  I personally don't think it does the music
justice though, the people who made it weren't Rush fans.

Paul Bryant


Date: 24 Mar 92 00:45:23 EST
From: Steve <70004.556@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Where to find biography?


Does ANYONE have any idea where I can get the official/unoffical
biographies of RUSH that I have heard so much about?  I've searched near
and far to no avail.  Anyone who can provide an ordering address will have
the gratification of helping another RUSH fan get a little closer to

"To blaze across the heavens..."



Subject: Xanadu as a reference to drug use
From: (Sean Flanegan)
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 92 18:41:16 PST

        As my class went over the lyrics of Xanadu in class, my teacher
made a comment that hadn't occured to me before. Forgive me if this is
something you have heard already.

        The Xanadu(perfect society) in Coleridge's poem was a result of a
medication he took before writing it.  He supposedly woke up from
sleeping after taking the medication and found he had written the poem.
He was also deeply hooked on opium. If Kubla Khan was drug induced,  then
the Xanadu mentioned in his poem is the physical effect of the medication
on his creative mind.  In the RUSH version, when the narrator is looking
for Xanadu, this could be looked at as the ultimate high. At the end of
the song the narrator is trapped by the drugs( he is possibly addicted)
"Prison of the lost Xanadu."  My teacher interpretted it as an anti-drug
as opposed to pro-drug message. If one does not get addicted or harmed

s  o  s
s e a n


Subject: )) Powercuts Contest Winner ((
From: (Paladin)
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 92 00:09:04 PST

I would like to post a congratulation to my roommate (although he doesn't
use a computer and probably would never see this anyway) for winning the
Powercuts contest to see RUSH.  We still don't know which venue he will
be attending, but I will post details when we get back.  The postcard
which he sent in to win was an enlarged photograph of a banner he painted
for the Oakland, California show.  It had a picture of a flying saucer
with the circle-star (pentagram) design on it shooting two "bones" (dice)
propelled by laser beams.  It was quite a piece of artwork; then again,
he's quite an artist.

If things work out correctly, you all may be seeing his artwork on the
next RUSH album cover.  I will keep you all informed.

BTW:  Did anyone catch the allusion to David Lynch's "Blue Velvet" at the
bottom of the credits on Roll The Bones?

Now it's dark.


Date:         Tue, 24 Mar 92 12:35:35 TUR
From: Tuncer Guven 
Subject:      Bandana

Dear digital men,
I would like to say my opinion on why Neil is wearing bandana.  It's so
weird that there are some people saying Neil is going bald so he is
wearing bandana.  Any person who has a 10 sentences long knowledge on
Rush and Neil would never say something like that.  An individual like
Neil would never ever have a pshchological weakness to hide some physical
change like that.  As we all know this album touches subjects like chance,
destiny and fate and in daily life we have this people called gypsies and
bandana is one of their normal accessories.  Gypsies have a lot to do
with chance, destiny and fate, they even make money on other peoples
hopes, fears and psychological weaknesses by reading their horoscopes and
other stupid stuff.  So very obviously, the bandana on Neil's head is
just a metaphor for the main subjects he made clear on RTB album.

   Shane (Shane Faulkner), if you are reading this, please email me as
soon as possible, I've been trying to reach you for so long!

                                         Tuncer "the analog kid" GUVEN


From: (Keith Ford)
Subject: server tips
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 92 9:43:54 CST

I have had a number of server requests bounce back to me in the
last few weeks.  If you don't get what you asked for, please
include a Reply-To: line with a valid address.  I'm working on
my Sendmail to help, but I need your help too.

I just noticed a bounce from:
Send me a note if you suspect a problem at my end.  Thanks!
Keith Ford        __
Intergraph Corp  /  \ Micro Magic BBS 1:373/12  Rush/Opus Archive  \__/
+1 205 730-8614  [__] 830-2362 HST/V32bis 9600  "Subject: HELP"


From: "Allan Hirt" 
Subject: Rush in AC?  Where?  When?
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 92 10:44:52 EST

When and where is Rush playing in AC????????





From: (John Becker)
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 92 11:48:31 CST
Subject: Re: 03/23/92 NMS #454; songs never played live

>Subject: Songs never played live
>	As far as I can tell, the following songs have never been
>played live (in concert):
>			Not Fade Away
> 			You Can't Fight It

Since these songs were on their first single, released before the first
album, I think it's a good bet that they played them when they were still
doing clubs and bars. It would be interesting to know why, when they
thought these songs were good enough to release as a first single, they
left them off the first album, and didn't even play them when they toured in
support of the first album. (Even though they were still doing an occasional
"cover" such as "Bad Boy".)



Date: Tue, 24 Mar 92 18:02:00 EST
From: The Professor 
Subject: Drug Use?

Dear Rush-Heads,
     With all of the talk about the boyz using drugs, I thought that this might
be appropriate.  I recently talked to someone who had toured with Rush.  They
were with the catering service and they spent about 15 weeks with the boyz.  He
told me that they were great guys.  Then he mentioned, to my suprise, that he
had smoked opium with them several times.  Now, according to Visions, they have
smoked marijuana before, but OPIUM!?  That's getting a little more heavy duty.
I personally could care less but it is very interesting.

				The Professor

Roll them bones!!  (or maybe a joint!)


Date: Tue, 24 Mar 92 15:04:08 PST
From: (Bryan Gros)
Subject: songs never played live

You mean they have never played the entire 2112 song live?  Gee,
I figured they musta at some point.

And I coulda sworn they played Presto when I saw them on that tour
but I must be wrong...

                                     - Bryan


Date:         Tue, 24 Mar 92 18:07:48 EST
From: "Michael A. Weintraub" 
Subject:      Neil essay on _Presto_, and who is on the RTB cover?

Hey there, I have been a reader/subscriber for a couple of weeks now, but never
 found any thing of note to post, well, (obviously) I have now, so here goes:

1. I remember that when _Presto_ came out, Atlantic Records released an essay a
bout the album, by Neil.  It was published in a local music magazine in South F
lorida, and I just recently dug it up.  It is two pages long, and explains how
the band wrote the album, as well as Neil's interpretation of the three hands m
otif (BTW: I haven't seen this 3 symbolism on any lists yet) as well as the "Ro
ck Paper Scissors" game... He quoted a Zen Farmer in the explanation of "Rock P
aper Scissors" too, I believe... Is this a common article?  Or was it a rarity
that my local mag was lucky to publish? If it is common, well, then excuse me,
but if it is rare, then I will be glad to send it in to the NMS digest... Lemme
 know someone....

2. I was surprised to *not* see this question on either of the FAQL lists, so I
 ask it now:  Who is the kid on the RTB cover?

"Don't surround yourself with yourself"
Mike (Solaris on IRC)


Date: 24 Mar 92 18:01:00 EST
From: "]" 
Subject: RE: 03/23/92 - The National Midnight Star #454

Hello everybody,

     I was just curious about the availability of the song "Battlescar".
The only place I've heard it is on my hometown radio stations 96.5 WCMF and
96.9 WGR (97 Rock).  Now that I'm in Dayton going to school, I never hear it :(
So, if anyone could tell me if it's just a single or if it appears on some
other album and possibly which record store chains might carry it, it would
make my life so much better.

                         "Somewhere out of a memory,
                          of lighted streets on quiet nights . . ."

                                       Greg Mosure


Date: Tue, 24 Mar 92 20:41:38 EST
From: jalhart@skidmore.EDU (Lerxst)
Subject: Misc ramblings

I also saw Alex's son (I believe his name is Julian???) at both New Haven
and Nassau (for that matter, he was at Hartford in December as well).  He
certainly has a head of hair on himself.  From what I understand, he is
about 17 or 18 years old.

Has anyone received the brand new mailing from the Backstage Club?  Apparently
they note several of the new ly announced summer dates.

Can anyone confirm any dates at the beginning of June (i.e., Phoenix or Irvine

BTW, I was told that June 16th the boyz will return to the Maryland, Wash.DC
area to play Merriweather Post Pavillion.  Also, I heard a rumour that the
Star Lake Amph. date in Burgettstown (Pittsburgh) is now June 21st.  Any
confirmation on this???

If anyone has a copy of Primus from Dennis Miller, I would love to get a

Finally, GOAC was released as a cassette single here in the USA.  It is still
getting played on about 14 or 15 top 40 radio stations across the country and
it got a great review in the March 23rd edition of Billboard.

Thank you.

Ken F.


Date: Wed, 25 Mar 92 11:39:00 WST
From: (Star Goon)
Subject: Between the wheels

I'm a new subscriber and I have a simple comment:

Is "soaking up the cathode rays" wicked or what!



Date:         Wed, 25 Mar 92 02:35:40 EST
From: "Jeffrey S. Moore" 
Subject:      Cancellation....

Please cancel my subscriotion to your magazine, while I enjoyed it
I am not active enough on my system to constantly keep up with it, I am
charged alot for file space here and it is killing my wallet to have all
unread mail messages....thanks

--Jeffrey S. Moore


Date:     Wed, 25 Mar 92 0:11:51 PST
From: Nik 
Subject:  Los Angeles Area Outdoor Concert

	I am a little behind on my readings, so I hope this has not been
announced too much.  Rush will be at the Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre on June
3, 1992 and tickets go on sale on Saturday March 28, 1992.  Sorry I do not
know what time tickets go on sale.  This is information is from Pirate
Radio: 100.3.  Hope this helps!

        Nik Rajdev   =B^)


From: (Craig Singer)
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 92 08:09:29 CST
Subject: Firehouse rips off Rush Album Title

Howdy folks.

I got this out of the new CD releases list posted regularly
to alt.rock-n-roll:

>19 May *  Firehouse                       Hold Your Fire

GIVE ME A BREAK!  Don't these guys know that Rush has already
applied that title to a well done CD?  Will Rush get royalties
for the album :-?  I say we should all write BOTH bands and express
our dissatisfaction.  What do you think?  I say Firehouse is showing
little respect for rock and roll's past on this one.  I can picture
the front cover now: Some cheesy bimbo holding a torch or something
like that.



Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1992 14:28 EST
Subject: Peart and Repeart

>From now on I will try not to repeat myself 3 times in one
letter.  Not only does it waste space, but it's awfully

So...I was listening to CoS a few days ago, and I came up
with the strange idea that you could actually mosh to
Necromancer, The Fountain, etc.  Some of the songs remind me
of Perry Farrell of Jane's Addiction playing suoer fast and
screaming out the lyrics.  (Imagine YYZ played by the
Ramones or Motorhead and you might get the same idea.)
Even the beginning and end of 2112 has a good moshability.
(I know that this is a Rush fan mail list and not a
heavy-metal list, but these are just curiosities I have in
my mind.  Any flames can be sent to either of the e-mail
addresses below.)

One for the FAQL: In "Circumstances," what is the FRENCH for
"The more things change, the more things stay the same?"

Off to a New World Land...

Brian Colby
<>  "I have heard whispered tales of
((      immortality..."  (Xanadu)


Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1992 16:12:03 -0600
From: Michael Silverman 
Subject: What has Geddy been doing lately?

According to Baseball Weekly magazine, Geddy Lee recently spent an
afternoon shagging fly balls with the Toronto Blue Jays at their
spring training camp.

According to the magazine, "Nobody saw him catch any, and he didn't
get hurt!"


Date: Wed, 25 Mar 92 21:54:39 EST
Subject: unsubscribe please

Thank you for subscribing me, but I do not have time to read the newsletter



Date: Thu, 26 Mar 1992 08:56 EDT
From: "Matthew Barton, Administrative Computing X-3055" 
Subject: Auction: "Hemispheres" Canadian Red Vinyl LP

For Sale to Highest Bidder ........................................

Rush : LP "Hemispheres", Red Vinyl Canadian Issue
                        autographed by Geddy Lee, Neil Peart,
*serious bids only*                and Alex Lifeson in 1978

>... also available ................................................
Steve Vai : Promo CD from "Passion and Warfare" includes
 1) The Audience is Listening 2) The Animal 3) Erotic Nightmares
Tommy Bolin : Promo CD "Selections from The Ultimate" includes
 1) Teaser  2) People, People  3) Gettin' Tighter
  4) Standing In the Rain  5) Showbizzy
>..................................... I will take bids until 4/3/92


Date: Thu, 26 Mar 92 19:38:10 EST
From: jalhart@skidmore.EDU (Lerxst)
Subject: Charlotte, NC

Just got word that, June 14th is the date for Charlotte, NC.  The boyz will
be playing at the Blockbust Pavillion.  This is confirmed, although I am not
sure when tickets go on sale.


Ken F.


Date: Thu, 26 Mar 92 21:49:41 PST
From: (Atul Ahuja)

	Any recommendations about any particular Jane's Addiction,
Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pixies, Souixe and the Banshees (spelling ?)
albums ? Also , has anyone heard the School of Fish album ?

	Sorry for this nonRush related banter, reply directly to .

	Thanks a heap.

	Also, any news about Rush's LA dates in June ? 95.5 KLOS in
LA announced some dates it seems, anybody get them ?


P.S. Saw Primus in concert last Saturday at the San Jose State Events
Arena.. Awesome as usual. Fishbone opened. Bloody expensive tickets
--$25 .


	You can do a lot in a lifetime
	If you don't burn out too fast
        You can make the most of the distance
	First you need endurance --
	First you've got to last...



From: Scott David Daly 
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 92 07:51:03 EST
Subject: Neil correspondance

Hi There!

	Does anyone know how I could get a letter to Neil Peart?
Don't worry...I have no desire to betray the man's privacy!...I just
want to drop him a line. Please email me if you think you can help.

						Skip Daly


Date: Fri, 27 Mar 92 16:27:06 -0500
From: "Dylan Kaufman" 
Subject: Rockline stations

Since responses to my message about making a list of rockline stations
that members of the digest listen to have tapered off, here is the
list so far.  If you would like to fill in any blanks in the list or
add anything to the list, please mail me.

This is the list sorted by city:

Buffalo, NY			WGR    96.9 FM
Chico, CA			KFMF   93.9 FM
Cincinnati, OH			WEBN  102.7 FM
Cleveland, OH			   ?  100.7 FM
Columbus, OH			WLVQ   96.3 FM
Dallas, TX			KTXQ  102.1 FM
Dayton, OH			WTUE  104.7 FM
El Paso, TX			KLAQ   95.5 FM
Houston, TX			KLOL  101.1 FM
Lexington, KY			WKQQ   98.1 FM
New York, NY			   ?   92.3 FM
Omaha, NB			KEZO   92.3 FM
Orlando, FL			WDIZ   ?
Pittsburgh, PA			WRRK   ?
Rochester, NY			WCMF   96.5 FM
San Francisco, CA		KRQR   97.3 FM
Seattle, WA			KISW   99.9 FM
Spokane, WA			KEZE  105.7 FM
St. Louis, MO			KSHE   94.7 FM
Toronto, Ontario, Canada	CILQ  107.1 FM
Worcester, MA			WAAF  107.3 FM

This is the list sorted by station call letters:

?      92.3 FM	New York, NY
?     100.7 FM	Cleveland, OH
CILQ  107.1 FM	Toronto, Ontario, Canada
KEZE  105.7 FM	Spokane, WA
KEZO   92.3 FM	Omaha, NB
KFMF   93.9 FM	Chico, CA
KISW   99.9 FM	Seattle, WA
KLAQ   95.5 FM	El Paso, TX
KLOL  101.1 FM	Houston, TX
KRQR   97.3 FM	San Francisco, CA
KSHE   94.7 FM  St. Louis, MO
KTXQ  102.1 FM	Dallas, TX
WAAF  107.3 FM	Worcester, MA
WCMF   96.5 FM	Rochester, NY
WDIZ   ?        Orlando, FL
WEBN  102.7 FM	Cincinnati, OH
WGR    96.9 FM	Buffalo, NY
WKQQ   98.1 FM	Lexington, KY
WLVQ   96.3 FM	Columbus, OH
WRRK   ?       	Pittsburgh, PA
WTUE  104.7 FM	Dayton, OH

-<>Dylan<>-                     MA EMT-M, CA EMT-1A, BEMCo 107
Dylan Kaufman 			Major in Computer Science	Brandeis University, Waltham, MA
------<< Support your local Emergency Medical Services >>-------
And on the seventh day, even He rested.  We don't.  -Emerg. Med. Svcs.


Date: Fri, 27 Mar 92 16:37:32 -0500
From: jlang (~ Rush Fanatic ~)
Subject: Irvine Meadows Date Information

Ok, it's verified, sorry this couldn't come sooner but here's the information
Tickets for Rush at Irvine Meadows go on sale tomorrow March 28, 1992
Irvine Meadows
Concert Date: June 3rd, 1992
On Sale	    : March 28th, 1992 9:00 am
Wristbands  : 8:00 am
Ticket price: $36.25, $31.25, and $19.75

See you there!


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