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Subject: 03/31/92 - The National Midnight Star #457

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 457

                  Tuesday, 31 March 1992
Today's Topics:
                    Rush tickets in LA
               bandana (sorry) and Mr. Big
                       Summer dates
                 Rush in Western Canada?
     Deer Creek in Indinapolis and Ludwig Posters...
                       Pitt. -- NOT
                    No Rush boxed set!
                    Wayne's World Man
      Re: 03/23/92 - The National Midnight Star #454
       Bandana, drugs, and whatever else I think up
                      Rush Gifs....
     Ludwig Posters . . .  Anyone received them yet?
        03/30/92 - The National Midnight Star #456
                     Rush Laser show
                 Summer show in bay area
                    try this again...
              Live show in Texas? Need Info!
                      Neil's bandana
             Rush-Fan Echo started on Fidonet
                        Neil Peart
                 Ignoring Rush in America
            Ghost of a Chance cassette single
                   Irvine Meadows show
                     Caress of Steel
        Hold your fire, be graceful under pressure
                  Summer RTB tour dates
                  Hold Your Fire(house)
              Re: Firehouse & Hold Your Fire
                      Misc. Comments
              Rush Is On The Map, Sort of...
                        Free Will

From: Editor, The National Midnight Star 
Subject: Administrivia

The administrative mail is all caught up, so as usual, if you mailed 
expecting a reply and didn't get one, mail again!  :-)

I'm going to try to zoom through a few special editions in the next
week or two, so be warned!  First installment later tonight.

The "rush.rtb.tour" file at the anonymous ftp site has been updated with
a few dates, but probably still isn't totally complete.  If anyone has the
complete list of announced summer dates, drop me a line at the administrative
address, plz.



Date: Mon, 30 Mar 92 16:19:54 PST
From: (Atul Ahuja)
Subject: Rush tickets in LA

	Well, I was up at 6 am and in line at 7 at a Musicplus, a
Ticketbastard outlet on Vermont St. in downtown LA.  Lots of people who came
after me were allowed inside the store before 8 am. That seemed pretty fishy
since I've been in concert queues before and usually just the guy who sells the
tickets comes in around 7.45 with maybe a couple of other guys, to open the
store. About 10 people were inside the store by 8 am. Then at 8.04 am , 4
minutes after the time wrist bands were supposed to be handed out, one of the
guys comes out and says " Prepare yourself for one of the biggest
disappoints of your life. Our computer is down and has been so since last
night. We were hoping it would be fine today but there's still time to go
to another Musicplus nearby and buy your tickets ".

	Obviously this was a major scalping racket in progress, since we
could have been given this information half an hour before they opened at 8.00.
At least a note could have been put up on the door to inform ticket buyers
about this. and why were there so many people inside before 8.00 ?

	Anyway, not having the time to fire that fucking arsehole, we raced
down to the nearest Musicplus, only to find it locked up, after the bands
were distributed. Another thing I noticed was that the second Musicplus had
a couple of notices posted outside regarding Rush ticket prices and rules
for not loitering around or camping outside etc. The first Musicplus did'nt 
these notices. Now were these standard notices that all Musicplus' in LA had ?

	In case any of you have had similar experiences lets get together and
write a letter to TicketMaster about this nonsense and make sure that these
scalpers can't get off so easily in future.

	Anyway , I managed to get thru to TM on the phone and got the $31.25
tickets for $37. Lucky for those guys or someone would have got killed :-).


Time is a spiral, Space is a curve.... and I wanna blow up that Musicplus
on Vermont.


Date: Mon, 30 Mar 92 20:17:32 EST
From: Tim Alberta 
Subject: bandana (sorry) and Mr. Big

Kudos to Terry Stedman - you hit it on the head!


On an unrelated note, I saw Mr. Big on the tonight show a few nights ago!
My apologies to all the Mr. Big fans out there, but Mr. Big? Tonight show?
Maybe RUSH  *will* win a Grammy.

Tim Alberta


Date: Mon, 30 Mar 92 20:41:56 EST
From: jalhart@skidmore.EDU (Lerxst)
Subject: Summer dates

So, for everyone who missed my previous posts here is what we got for the
summer, SO FAR:

June 3 Irvine Meadows, CA
June 12 Riverport Amphitheatre, St. Louis, MO (goes on sale this Saturday)
June 14 Blockbuster Pavillion, Charlotte, NC
June 16 Merriweather Post Pavillion, Columbia, MD
June 19 Meadowlands Arena, E. Rutherford, NJ
June 24 Deer Creek, Noblesville, IN

Everyone should keep their ears open all around the country, because dates
are being announced everyday for the summer.  I believe the tour will start
on June 2 probably in Phoenix and it is supposed to run until around July 10.
As I have been reporting for about a month, support is Mr. Big for the tour.

Certain cities like Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Jones Beach, NY, Philly, Detroit,
Chicago, and San Francisco are sure to be played so listen to the radio for

RUSH MGR.-  Please start an FTP file for summer dates; as this information
is a)timely and b)needs to be readily accessible immediately to everyone!!!

[ It's been updated with the above shows.                        :rush-mgr ]

Ken F.


Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1992 02:23 GMT
From: "Greg Hammel : Univ. of Sask. (306)966-6529" 
Subject: Rush in Western Canada?

Ok, I've been patiently waiting for a schedule of their summer tour to come
out, seeing as they skipped nicely over western Canada during the winter tour
(yeah, I know, they played Vancouver, but most of us couldn't afford to drive
16 hours to see them). However, all I see are dates for the American Midwest
and LA. Now, there have to be some dates for western Canada, don't there? When
somebody gets a listing of the summer tour (not just individual dates), post
them. This one date at a time business is getting kinda frustrating.

Ciao,	Greg Hammel.


From: amy young 
Subject: Deer Creek in Indinapolis and Ludwig Posters...
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 92 21:35:33 EST

Rush?  Deer Creek?  June 24th???   Arrrrghhhhh!  I'm excited already.  I've
never, yes, repeat never, seen Rush in concert.  A herd of wild horses
couldn't keep me away from this one...

Also, I'm awaiting my poster which I sent away for, thanks to someone here
mentioning it.  I ask if anyone else has gotten their because I sent away
for it long ago, and my check cleared the bank, so they took my money, now
where's my poster?  How long did it take?



Date:    Mon, 30 Mar 92 21:39 EST
Subject: Pitt. -- NOT

Calming down from an apoplectic fit (thank you Ken F.) I've the following info.
for you all who (like I) got your hopes up from the 3/27 TNMS:

Calling both the Star Lake Amphitheater and Merriweather Post Pavillion today,
(and several different offices at each I might add) I'm told: THERE ARE NO '92
CONCERTS SCHEDULED YET at either, let alone Rush.

Don't worry Rushians, they'll come...


From: (Russell F. Holt)
Subject: No Rush boxed set!
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 92 22:09:12 EST


I think that making a Rush boxed set would be a bad move, and I don't like
the thought of it.  Sure, I have all the albums, know all the lyrics, and
like Rush as much (more) than anyone I know, but a boxed set says "we're
done, but still need to make some more dough!"  We have Chronicles, and you
can go buy all the CD's you want, collect all the picture discs, singles,
obscure bootlegs (gasp, did I say that word?) and everything else that's
floating around...  And now, after the "fresh" "back to basics" feel of Rtb,
Neil says "we are psyched!", ready to jump back into the studio right after
the tour, is this a good time to release a boxed set?  How bout let's wait
until they retire in 20 years (I'm really, *really* optimistic..)  and then
I'm sure we'll get the ultimate farewell (can't you see it coming..!) from
the... nahhh, won't say it!!! :-)
Russell Holt =====-===-==--=---=---- --- -- -  -   -    -     -
If it happens, it must be possible.


Date:         Mon, 30 Mar 92 20:49:48 CST
From: The Neck Romancer 
Subject:      Wayne's World Man

I heard a song (pretty cheesy sounding), but I wanted to see if it was a
local or a national release.  I haven't seen it as a single; only heard
it on KKXL 92.9 FM from Grand Forks, ND {XL 93}.  It's a parody to the
tune of 'New World Man', and it's called 'Wayne's World Man'.  Has anyone
else heard it in another area?  Had to find out if it's an exclusive XL93
disc-jockey-induced thing or what.  Just cause it's a Rush parody, I'd
also like to get it on cassette.  I'll try to record it off the radio,
but I usually listen to the only Grand Forks RUSH-playing station Rock108
(107.5 FM), which incidentally just now played 'Bravado' claiming that
it's RUSH's new release.  hmmm...  I think they make this stuff up.  They
have gotten the current released track wrong before.  Interesting; at
least I get to here 'Bravado' on the radio.  Okay, just a bit off the
original subject, ANYWAY, I'll post if I get Wayne's World Man' recorded
off the radio.  Wish me luck (or don't, whichever you think is best).

[ Yes, they play this on a local radio station, WIYY 97.9 in Baltimore, MD.
  I thought it was cute; they change the lyrics and run Waynes World clips
  behind the music during bridges, etc.  I've heard better, but I've heard
  worse also...                                                  :rush-mgr ]

The Neck Romancer   Craig "call me Bastard" Rindy


From: mkchung@Athena.MIT.EDU
Subject: Re: 03/23/92 - The National Midnight Star #454
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 92 22:20:59 EST

Fellow Rush fanatics ...

I didn't find these topics in the FAQL, so here I go ...

(1) Is the fact the albums such as RTB, Presto, and Chronicles, (and maybe a 
others that I can't remember off the top of my head) have the label ANTHEM
RECORDS (or something to that effect) on the back somewhere, inspired by the 
Anthem by Ayn Rand? Or am I just clueless and there's something more to the

[ I would assume 'Anthem' is inspired by Rand.  It's their Canadian label,
  and has been so for months/years/decades... since the first album?
                                                                  :rush-mgr ]

(2) In the (awesome, IMHO) song "Marathon," are Geddy and his cohorts 
referring to
a particular marathon, marathons in general, or to something else? I was
thinking that they could be referring to the Boston Marathon, since they talk
about "the heartbreak climb uphill." In the Boston Marathon (to be run on
Monday, April 20 this year), at around the 17-18 mile mark, there are a series
of 3 hills, the last of which is called "Heartbreak Hill" because as soon as 
see how steep and long it is, your heart's supposed to break. That's what my
math teacher in high school said he experienced anyways. I could go into this
greater detail and even tell you how much I'd like to run the marathon, but
seeing that this is not a Runner's World mailing list, I'll leave it up to you
to respond to me, in person, about my math teacher's Boston Marathon
experience, or whatever running-related.

[ IMHO, I think it's more of a metaphor to life than an actual race...
                                                                  :rush-mgr ]

"You can do a lot in a lifetime if you don't burn out too quick," (as I did in
11th grade ...)

		Michael K. Chung


Date: Mon, 30 Mar 92 23:10:17 -0500
Subject: Bandana, drugs, and whatever else I think up

The great bandana mystery...well, IMHO, Neil wears the bandana so that the
vendors will sell more of them.  Heck, I saw him wearing it so I whipped out
my six bucks as I'm sure many other people did as well.  I know his hairline
is receeding SOMEWHAT, but comeon, that's not the only reason for a bandana.
I can agree with the person who offered that it keeps the sweat off his brow,
I'm a drummer as well and I often wear a headband and keep a towel handy when
I play.

As for the drugs, GIVE ME A BREAK!!  It's not like they're running for
President... Crap,  they were good then and good now, drug use shouldn't

Just my 2 cents worth....

Mike Schubert      Insane CS major...Georgia Tech


Subject: Rush Gifs....
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 92 15:40:25 GDT
From: "... Moschops ...." 

Hi Gang.....

	Does anybody have

	1) Any Rush/Queensryche/KingsX Gifs.....?

[ I assume you mean in addition to the several Rush gifs available via
  anonymous ftp from syrinx?                                      :rush-mgr ]

	2) The time to uuencode them/ and send them to me..



** Fave Bands include- Rush,Queensryche,KingsX
*             or             * Ozzy,Megadeth,Metallica,Mr Big,Van Halen
*  * Winger,Dweezil Zappa,Marillion,Extreme.
******************************	AND I LOVE STAR TREK TNG


Date: Mon, 30 Mar 92 22:19:38 CST
From: "David Zekert" 
Subject: Ludwig Posters . . .  Anyone received them yet?

I only mailed off for the Neil poster on the 16th of March, but I was
wondering if anyone who sent off for it has received it?



P.S. RUSH in St. Louis June 12th!  Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!


Date:  Mon, 30 Mar 92 17:26:58 PST
From: Candice Chamberlain 
Subject:  03/30/92 - The National Midnight Star #456

Attachment-name: rus

It has been stored in the attached
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Date: 30-Mar-92 18:31
Subject: 03/30/92 - The National Midnight Star #456
To: c


From: madmax@Athena.MIT.EDU
Subject: Rush Laser show
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 92 00:25:56 EST

If anybody is in the Boston, MA area, and has a free Friday or Sat. evening, I
suggest seeing the Rush laser show at the Boston Museum of Science (if no car,
take the green line on the T to the Lechmere stop - you go right past the
museum). The Rush shows (they have a zeppelin show and sometimes a floyd one
too) are at 8:30 pm Fri and Sat.  It is $6.00 for about an hour.  I won't give
away the sound track entirely, but they open w/ 2112, and they play Dreamline
and Ghost of a Chance..... plus a spattering of other songs from the entire
range of Rush.  They change the soundtrack every now and then.
It's really cool. Darryl is the "live" laser artist. he does pretty well. He
can't quite keep up with Neil in some places, but hey, who can.....?  Anyways,
check it out if you can.

If anyone has a listing of the next U.S. leg (this summer), PLEASE post it.


Subject: Summer show in bay area
From: (Sean Flanegan)
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 92 00:30:41 PST

        If anyone has any info or dates for sacramento or bay area rush
show here in california  PLEASE keep me informed!!!!!

s o s
se an
s o s


Date: Tue, 31 Mar 92 00:03:30 HST
From: puanani@wasabi.pbrc.Hawaii.Edu (Puanani Akaka)
Subject: T-shirts

Good day, and welcome to day 31...

So waz up with the t-shirts?????!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah, the address for Modern Drummer, for those interested, is:

Modern Drummer
870 Pompton Avenue
Cedar Grove, NJ 07009

As someone mentioned before, they will forward the letter to Neil, so
problem there.  (come to think of it, he never answered the question I
sent him...)  I would say that your best bet of getting a letter to him
*the fastest* is through MD or the Backstage Club (and he even mentioned
it in "Off the Record"!) -- the record co. would probably take the
longest.  Or if all else fails, try sending to


Date: Tue, 31 Mar 92 00:10:28 HST
From: puanani@wasabi.pbrc.Hawaii.Edu (Puanani Akaka)
Subject: try this again...

well I screwed that up real well...

Anyway, as I was saying about sending letters to Neil (ahem), you could
try to send him something via Anthem Records (as opposed to Atlantic).
Just a suggestion.  But I think your best bet is MD or Backstage Club.
Good luck!

puanani "i was not aware of that"

WORQ: "Every morning I'd look at it -- junk!"  -- Neil, on 'Dreamline'



From: (Craig Singer)
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 92 08:04:06 CST
Subject: Live show in Texas? Need Info!

Hey Rushians,

I'm getting really psyched about all these new outdoor show dates!!
We're even contemplating a long road trip to see them if necessary.
But, I was wondering if anyone knew about outdoor dates in Texas?
Please post to NMS or e-mail me if you know.


* Ericsson Network Systems           * "A Sprit With a Vision             *
* Richardson, TX                     * Is a Dream With a Mission"         *
* Craig M. Singer                    * - N. Peart                         *
* Above opinions (if any) are mine :)* Roll The Bones and Gig 'em Ags!!   *


Date: Tue, 31 Mar 92 09:18:48 EST
From: RUSH 
Subject: Neil's bandana

Yes, all this stuff about Neil's bandana is getting out of hand.  Personally,
I think this gypsy theory is stupid. He's wearing it because it keeps sweat
off his face.  Neil has almost always worn some form of headgear or other in
concert.  When I saw the HYF and Presto tours, he was wearing a cycling cap
turned backwards.  I've also seen older concert clips (@PoW) and he was
wearing a baseball cap turned backwards.  I don't think Neil is vain and
worried about looking bald.  After all, his head is usually unadorned in
all band photos and videos.  From now on, don't try and read so far into
the things RUSH does, it borders on worship, to think that everything they
do has some symbolic or hidden meaning.  They're just a great band and 3
normal guys, not gods.
Dan M.

All puffed up with vanity...i think not!


Subject: Rush-Fan Echo started on Fidonet
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 92 8:17:19 MST
From: Guy Kendall 

The following is an article that appeared in Fidonews last week. I thought
it might be of interest to people here, so I'll re-type it here. I wonder
if this guy will let my board be a part of it since my boards name is
also Cygnus X-1! Oh yes, Fidonews is a newletter for Fido-Net, the
worldwide computer BBS network.

Here is the transcription:
Al Filandro 1:141/885
Rush-Fan Echo Started

Hi All! When I began my BBS system back in 1990, Cygnus X-I, I didn't
realize how many SySops in Fido-Land (and elsewhere) shared a common
interest in both the music and philosophy of the rock-band "RUSH".
After being in Fido (and several other nets) along with semi-frequent
calls to online information services such as Prodigy and Compuserve,
I noticed quite a few BBS's and commercial conferences sharing in
discussions about the band, its social and political views and lyrics
and other items of interest to the die-hard Rush fan.

I have decided therefore to open-up a "Rush-Conference" based here in
Southington Connecticut. The toppic of discussion in the echo will be
anything and everiything to do with the band and of course, its
prominent lyrics. Since this would be considered a 'specialized' echo,
those of you running some kind of Rush-themed system (and I
have seen many out there with names such as "2112", "Madrigal",
"Reverse Polarity" etc) or those of you just interested in the group,
I urge you to send me netmail and I will turn you on for the echo.
All participants in the echo will be asked to poll my system once a
week or once every several weeks as the load will most-likely not be
that great.

[Ha...guess he has never heard how big these Rush lists can be! -gwk]

If you wish to get started with the echo (the more the merrier!) please
send me netmail at 1:141/885 or 1:141/1800 or contact me on my BBS
in CT at 203-628-9702. The conference tag in RUSH_FAN.
End of transcription.

Sounds pretty interesting. Which gets me thinking, how many of you
have used words from Rush songs to identify yourself or things you
do? For example, I also run a BBS called Cygnus X-1, using an alias
of Digital Man. Other BBS names from Rush songs I have heard of are
Red Sector A, The Rush, The Temples of Syrinx, etc.

Guy W. Kendall - Applications Engineer            Guy.Kendall@ColoSpgs.NCR.COM
NCR Microelectronic Products Division               Voice: 719-596-5795 x465
1635 Aeroplaza Drive                                  Fax: 719-570-6045
Colorado Springs, CO 80916                            BBS: 719-596-1649


Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1992 11:20 EST
Subject: Neil Peart

	Someone told me that the reason RUSH called their new album "Roll
the Bones" was because Neil Peart apparently has bone cancer.  I was wondering
if any of you had heard this or no more about this.


Date: Tue, 31 Mar 92 12:09:17 EST
From: (Keivan Khalichi)
Subject: Ignoring Rush in America

Hi everybody.

  Does anyone else get angry with the fact that Rush is not brought to fame
like all these crappy bands here in the U.S.A.  I think they deserve a little
bit more.  I have yet to see a Rockumentary about Rush on MTV.  I'm also a
fan of Pink Floyd and I only saw one Rockumentary about Pink Floyd on MTV
and that was when they were on their tour in 1988, the Delicate Sound of
Thunder.  I'm sure that Pop Metal is more appealing to MTV audience but
multi-talented band should not be ignored like this.  Rush has a lot to offer
to the ignorant audience of MTV.  I think we should write to MTV or VH-1 to
get them to do a special on Rush.

  After 19 albums (including Archives and Chronicles) and about 18 years of
touring experience, I think they deserve more recognition from the Americans.
Look at The Band.  They're from Canada, but for some odd reason, they are
better known to U.S.A. than Rush is.  Or Guess Who or Gordon Lightfoot.
The unorthodoxed Paul Shafer of Late Night with Dave Letterman was being
interviewed on CNBC cable network, and when talk of his Canadian origin came
up, he named lots of famous groups from Canada with the exception of Rush.
That kind of ignorance just burns me.

  I was watching the Academy Awards last night and I was thinking to myself
that if Rush made a short film of one of their modern mythology themes with
lots of special effects, they would not win anything for it, only because they
are not from U.S.  Hell, JFK didn't win much and that was all about the
American "government."

  I don't know about you but these issues are very much of my concern, as you
can see.  So let's see some feedback from you out there.


Date: Tue, 31 Mar 92 12:32:38 EST
From: pmw3y@bodhi.cs.Virginia.EDU
Subject: Ghost of a Chance cassette single

Here's a request, if someone has the time (I know I don't):

On the flip side of the cassette single for Ghost of a Chance, there
is an interview with Neil.  One of you transcription-happy folk feel
like providing TNMS with the text?  Or is this interview already
transcribed somewhere?

(Yea, I'm just trying to get out of buying the cassingle.  I hate the
damn things.)


oh yea -
1)  Spinal Tap influenced by Rush - I Don't Think So.

2) Firehouse can name their album anything they damn well please.
   I don't like 'em, but what makes some of these people think that
   Rush has some sort of copyright on the phrase 'Hold Your Fire'?
   As if anyone with a functioning brain would get the two bands
   confused.  copyright infringement.  Puh-lease.

3) So I went and got Sailing the Seas of Cheese by Primus.  Excellent disc.
   My question is, are Suck on This and Frizzle Fry at the same standard?
   E-mail responses please - let's keep the non-Rush stuff out of TNMS.

Overbearing and ill-tempered,
patrick widener	       		"Coronation, StarScream?  This is BAD COMEDY."
c.s. grad student, UVa			-- Galvatron, _The TransFormers_


Date: 31 Mar 92 12:20:14 EST
From: Hugh Faulkner <76004.2020@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Irvine Meadows show

For Pete MacKenzie 

PM>Has anyone been to Irvine Meadows?  It is an outdoor concert, and lawn
PM>seatting is all that's availible.  Is this an Amphitheater or a sports
PM>stadium? Also, is anyone else here planning on seeing this show? I can't
PM>wait, it will be my 4th concert of the RTB tour.


The Irvine Meadows is an outdoor amphitheater which has seats as well as a
large grass area for seating.  It's completely outdoors and I'm looking
forward to sitting in my nice cooshy seat during the show.



Date: Tue, 31 Mar 92 09:46:42 PST
Subject: Caress of Steel

Hello Fellow Rush Fan-attics,

Ive seen several messages in here with the majority of people stating that
COS was not one of their favorite RusH albums. I just wanted to say that
COS is my favorite album. Side 2 seems to have alot of meaning...Im not
much into anyalyzing material, but to me it seems like its about a life
thats taken from the beginning---end.  The album is dedicated in memory of
a person.(I cant recall the name off hand) Everytime, I listen to the
Fountain of Lamenth, I feel like Im taking a journey through this persons
life.  Maybe, Im way off, but I dont care.....I love that album....

Does anybody know if RusH will be playing any outdoor shows in the Boston
Area?? ie. Great Woods, Sullivan Stadium...

I Thought I would be				Bob Mercier
singing, but Im tired, out			Digital Equipment
of breath...NP...COS				334 South Street
						Shrewsbury, MA 01545


From: Tero Valkonen 
Subject: Hold your fire, be graceful under pressure
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 92 21:51:54 EET DST

I just read from Helsingin Sanomat (translates to Helsinki News) last
saturday that someone - don't ask, I don't remember - has released
an album titled Grace Under Pressure. Now there are at least two Rush
album titles that someone else has also used. Should we get fired up
about this? No, I don't really think so. I bet the Three Sacred Ones
(heavy sarcasm intended) won't mind either.
Tero Valkonen


Date: Tue, 31 Mar 92 14:07:01 -0500
From: (Brian Baldwin)
Subject: Summer RTB tour dates

Hello readers of TNMS,
Throughout the past couple of issues of TNMS, readers have posted tour dates
for the summer RTB tour.  I am interested in dates in or around Ohio,
particularly Columbus, Cincy, or Cleveland, yet the only dates which I have 
are for Pittsburgh, and Indianapolis.  To try and solve my problem, I called
SRO Management in Toronto to get more specific info about the summer dates, and
they would not even confirm for me that there was even a summer tour!  When I
told the lady about hearing that tickets for a show at Irvine Meadows had 
gone on sale, she said that she would know more in the next couple of weeks and
to call back then.
So please, whenever someone hears anything about these possible cities , please
post to the list, or e-mail me personally.  Your help is greatly appreciated!



Subject: Hold Your Fire(house)
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 92 12:32:24 CST
From: sialis!! (David Sandberg)

Brian Colby writes:
> I never listen to Firehouse, but if they want to name their
> next "masterpiece" (sarcasm fully intended!) 'Hold Your
> Fire' they'd better have a good lawyer present...what
> they're doing (ORQ) is copyright infringement...

No, it's not copyright infringement.  You cannot copyright the
name of an album, nor the name of a song.  For example, there
have been three or four top ten singles entitled "Call Me", as
I re-call.  (Hehe... okay, so it's a horrible pun...)

Anyway, who cares?  Even if the New Kids on the Chopping Block
decide to name their next album "Roll the Bones", it doesn't
take anything away from Rush's work.  Heck, it has nothing to
do with Rush at all.  Just ignore it (and read _The Fountainhead_
sometime, too).

Waiting for Rush to announce open-air dates in the Midwest...

                _ david sandberg _ _
      "A gleaming alloy air-car shoots toward me, two lanes wide."
                       -- 'Red', the Barchetta
                      (beat you to it, Frank! B-)


Date: Tue, 31 Mar 92 14:27:05 -0500
From: ba080@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Jim B. Stevenson)
Subject: S'up?

Rehi fellow NMSers

	1st of all, I'd like to welcome myself back to the land
of modeming & NMSs (my damned Tandy didn't like the way I installed
DOS 5.0).  Thank you.

	At the moment, I have about 20 NMSs to get through, and
a 60 minute time limit here.  I've got a quick question.  What's
up with the NMS Tshirts?  I'm still interested in buying 3.  Any
info would be appreciated.  Tanx!

				Jim Stevenson

PS - CoS is one of my favorite albums.  IMHO, HYF is the best.

PPS - I picked up a vinal copy of GuP, and there was a one inch
      slit in the side.  A few other of the boyz's records had
      these.  Any ideas why, or how much value the album loses?


Date: Tue, 31 Mar 92 14:31:07 EST
From: (Barry A. Warsaw)
Subject: Re: Firehouse & Hold Your Fire

with the caveat that i am not a copyright lawyer, i do not beleive
that simply putting out a song or album with the same name as a
previous release by a different artist implies copyright infringement.
in fact, band names themselves cannot be copyritten but they can be
trademarked, which is why you'll often see "The Fooboys U.K." or
"Fooboys America".

now if F did a *cover* of HYF without paying royalties, or (in the
somewhat subjective view of the courts) ripped off a main musical or
lyrical theme of the song a la Ghostbusters, they'd probably be in
trouble.  but putting out a song or album with a similar title is not
a problem in my understanding of the law.

"of course, everything i say could be wrong..."
(literary trivial: where's this quote paraphrased from? :-)



Date:       31 Mar 92 13:43:00 CST
From: Robert (R.A.) Herrage 
Subject:    Misc. Comments


I haven't posted anything in a while and thought I'd pass on some infor-
mation and/or comments that I've accumulated over the past 15 NMS issues
or so.

1) There's been some fans that are disappointed/upset/angry/ by RUSH failing to play some of their favorite "oldies"
   during their recent tours.  Either from a Rockline interview or
   a Modern Drummer interview, this question was posed to Neil.
   Here's a brief summary of his comments:

     Each album said a lot about the boyz during that time in
     their career.  They've obviously changed considerably since
     those times.  Neil stated that "if they could no longer play
     a particular song with conviction, they wouldn't play it at
     all"; meaning that some of their beliefs, morals, etc., have
     changed since those "oldies" and if they don't agree with
     those beliefs, morals, etc., anymore, the song will remain

   I can certainly appreciate that; however, I don't see why they
   can't, at least, pick out portions of the songs and make some
   good medleys like they've done in the past.  I have, however,
   always admired RUSH's determination to do exactly what they want-
   ed to -- the way the wanted to -- without giving in to anyone.

2) Respect to RUSH's older material, wouldn't it be great if they
   were to re-do their debut album with Neil and today's digital
   technology?  I know I'd by it in an instant.  I never had much
   to say about John Rutsey (please, no FLAMES!) and would be inter-
   ested to see what Neil would do with those songs.  Speaking of
   today's digital technology, CoS would be another good one to re-

3) While I'm on the subject of Cos, I love "No One At The Bridge".
   There's a guitar instrumental in the middle of it that I wish
   would have been used in a longer song (ie. it ain't long enough).
   I keep wanting it to continue.

   I think the boyz have accomplished what they set out to do:
   prove they can do anything.  I think RTB is the climax.  Now
   that they have done this, I'd like to see them do another epic
   -- like they said would eventually do again someday.

4) For those of you interested in transcriptions of Neil's percus-
   sion parts, a fairly recent issue of Modern Drummer had the tran-
   scription to "Where's My Thing?".  It's pretty good; that one
   double-bass fill midway through the song is tough to do but it's
   all there!  If you want to know the issue, send me some email and
   I'll look it up.  You can order back-issues fairly easy -- unless
   they're sold out.

5) Speaking of transcriptions, if there are some of you emailing some
   of Neil's transcriptions, I'd like them also.

6) I don't who else may have heard them before, but I've heard songs
   like "Mystic Rhythms", "Subdivisions", and "The Weapon" used com-
   mercially on TV as background music to things like segments of "The
   Wide World of Sports" and "The Superstars" Competition.  There are
   no lyrics -- they've re-taped them to play the non-lyrical portions
   over and over.

   Anyone else heard any other songs used this way on TV?

Oh well, I guess that's enough for now.



Date: Tue, 31 Mar 92 12:38:11 EST
From: (Dave Zegas)
Subject: Rush Is On The Map, Sort of...

Some of you may already know this, but many of you may not.

There is a small town just south of Rochester, NY, called (you guessed it) 
RUSH!  Look on your maps, just south of Interstate 90 (The NY State Thruway) 
and east of Interstate 390.

It's doubtful that the boyz ever show up there so don't start a pilgrimage 
on this bit of trivia.

  /	Dave Zegas
 /	Computer Consoles, Inc.
/	Rochester, NY


Date: 31 Mar 92 14:44:00 CST
From: "Blair, Robert" 
Subject: Ultradisc


My mind wandered today during a boring class, and it occured to me that
Rush has no albums on Ultradisc.  (The gold CD's made by Mobile Fidelity
Sound Labs).  I suppose _Moving Pictures_ would be the most likely canidate
for a disc of this type due to it's success.

Do you think it would be worth producing a Rush album on Ultradisc?  My 
choices would be _Rush_ or _2112_.  All I know about the people at Ultradisc is
that they will release discs that had previously sold well, or albums that
contained "glitches" that bothered some people.  What's your opinion on
any of this?

R. Ken Blair - - Mr. Weather


Date: Tue, 31 Mar 92 16:48:13 -0500
From: nam2@po.CWRU.Edu (Nicholas A. Mascari)
Subject: Free Will

Hey all!

Remember when I told you about the Rush tribute band called
Free Will? Well, I went to Florida for spring break, (yes, got
a bitchin tan), and went to this club in Ft Lauderdale called
Summers!! Free Will will be playing a tribute to Rush there
this Fri. Apr 3!!! I have seen these guys twice because they
come to our campus every year, and they are GREAT!!!!
If you live near Miami/Lauderdale, go see em!!!

Also, to Dylan: the call letters for 100.7 on Cleveland are
WMMS....geez, you should know that!! WMMS was the first American
station to play Rush. Look inside your RUSH album!!!!

Seeya all!!!

|~~~\  |    |  /~~~\  |    |    Nick Mascari-Case Western Reserve
|___/  |    |  \      |____|    "...he knows changes aren't
|  \   |    |    \    |    |     permanent, but change is."-Neil Peart
|   \   \__/  \___/   |    |         Go Browns       Go Beta


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