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Subject: 03/31/92 - The National Midnight Star #458  ** Special Edition **

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 458

                  Tuesday, 31 March 1992
Today's Topics:
             Doug's Cassette Box Set Poll Results

Date: Thu, 12 Mar 1992 16:03 EST
From: "NAME \"Big Chief Osohwabe\"" 
Subject: Here's the boxset -- enjoy !!

                         Dawson Manor Productions
                           in association with
                         The National Midnight Star

                            GLITTERING PRIZES

                            THE BEST OF RUSH  

                               1973 - 1992


     This compilation was compiled and produced by Douglas Schwabe during     
     November 1991 thru March 1992 at the University of Pittsburgh and
     at Stately Dawson Manor, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

     Copyright 1992 Dawson Manor Productions in association with The
     National Midnight Star.  All Rights (and Lefts :) ) Reserved.

                   And now a few words from the producer:

                         HELLO, MCFLY, HELLO? :)

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the results are in!!!  Your cassette lists have
    been compiled into a boxset format.  I have enjoyed your selections 
    immensely.  I thought they were interesting.  However, the toughest
    part was trying was putting this thing together (AGONY, A-GO-KNEE!!).
    It was tough to decide what songs to put in and to leave out (especially
    to leave out) but there were alot of great material chosen by you that
    I decided to leave in most of it in.  Plus, since this is a boxset,
    I decided to throw in some unreleased material to make things interesting.
    All 'n all, the 60+ songs should be a good representation of Rush's 
    20 year history.

    I compiled the songs based on the number of votes each song received.
    5 votes was the cutoff so if you favorite song had less than 5, sorry.
    I didn't have much live material so I put in songs which had the most
    votes for live material.
    Before I present the list I would like to thank all of you who 
    participated in the poll, The NMS Rush Manager, Jimmy Lang who 
    had the vision of creating the NMS, The Dave Datta discography
    (folks, try saying that 3 times fast after 12 beers :) The wonderful 
    city of Toronto for giving the world a rock n roll legend, and the
    National Midnight Star and it's many readers across the world.  Enjoy!!

                                     Douglas Schwabe

                                     Dawson Manor Productions
                                     3213 Dawson Manor
                                     Pittsburgh, PA 15213

   DISC I     THE SEVENTIES  (1973-1978)

         1.  Not Fade Away       [Rush's first single, 1973]
         2.  You Can't Fight               
         3.  Finding My Way
         4.  In The Mood
         5.  Working Man
         6   Bad Boy             [from "Live at Electric Lady" Bootleg]
         7.  Fly By Night        [Long Version with Extended Lyrics]
         8.  Anthem           
         9.  In The End          [from "All the World's A Stage]
        10.  Bastille Day
        11.  I Think I'm Going Bald
        12.  Lakeside Park
        13.  A Passage To Bangkok
        14.  The Twilight Zone
        15.  A Farewell To Kings
        16.  Closer To The Heart   [from "A Show Of Hands"]
        17.  Circumstances
        18.  Broons Bane/The Trees [from "Exit..Stage Left"]
        19.  La Villa Strangiato   [from "Exit..Stage Left"]


         1.  By-Tor and The Snow Dog
         2.  The Necromancer
                 I.  Into Darkness
                II.  Under The Shadow
               III.  Return of The Prince
         3.  2112
                 I. Overture
                II. Temples of Syrinx
               III. Discovery
                IV. Presentation
                 V. Oracle: The Dream
                VI. Soliloquy
               VII. Grand Finale
          4.  Xanadu               [from Exit..Stage Left]
          5.  Cygnus X-1 Book One The Voyage
          6.  Cygnus X-1 Book Two Hemispheres
                 I.  Prelude
                II.  Apollo - The Bringer of Wisdom
                     Dionysus - The Bringer of Love
               III.  Armageddon - The Battle of Heart and Mind
                IV.  Cygnus - The Bringer of Balance
                 V.  The Sphere - A Kind of Dream
          7.   Natural Science
                 I.  Tide Pools
                II.  Hyperspace
               III.  Pernament Waves
          8.   The Camera Eye

    DISK III   1980-1984

          1.  Spirit of The Radio   [from Exit..Stage Left]
          2.  Freewill
          3.  Battlescar            [duet with Max Webster]
          4.  Tom Sawyer
          5.  Red Barchetta
          6.  YYZ                   [from Exit..Stage Left]
          7.  Limelight  
          8   Take Off      [Geddy Lee with Bob and Doug McKenzie]
          9   Subdivisions
         10.  The Analog Kid
         11.  New World Man
         12.  Losing It
         13.  Distant Early Warning   [from "A Show Of Hands]
         14.  Afterimage
         15.  Red Sector A
         16.  The Fear Trilogy Live
                    I.  The Enemy Within [from Time Stand Still picture

                   II.  The Weapon  [from Grace Under Pressure Tour video]  
                  III.  Witch Hunt  [from Time Stand Still pic disk]

    DISK IV    1985-1992

          1.  Intro/The Big Money   [from "A Show Of Hands"]     
          2.  Manhattan Project
          3.  Marathon
          4.  Territories
          5.  Mystic Rhythms
          6.  Force Ten
          7.  Time Stand Still      
          8.  Prime Mover
          9.  Mission
         10.  Show Don't Tell
         11.  Chain Lightning
         12.  The Pass
         13.  Red Tide
         14.  Available Light
         15.  Call It A Mission     [Alex Lifeson with Gowan]
         16.  Dreamline
         17.  Bravado
         18.  Roll The Bones
         19.  Where My Thing/The Rhythm Method  [Roll The Bones Tour]
         20.  Ghost Of A Chance


Douglas Schwabe                                "I don't ask questions,
                                                I just have fun"

Internet:                        Bugs Bunny



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