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Subject: 04/10/92 - The National Midnight Star #463

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 463

                  Friday, 10 April 1992
                     (Number 2 of 2)
Today's Topics:
                    Re: Rush attention
                   Vital Aerobic Signs
      Re: 04/07/92 - The National Midnight Star #461
                      rush and junos
               Enough of that darn bandanna
               Bringing Rush to the masses
                 Rush - Coming to Phoenix
       Vote on a film of 2112 (And other stuff too)
           Bits, pieces, Didacts & Narpets. . .
                        word count
                     RUSH in Nebraska
                Boxed Set and Rush-a-Thons
                      Rush in Denver
                       Lick WHAT??
                 Box Set / Instrumentals
RE:  When, oh when is Rush going to come back to the Midwest?
             Confirmed Denver Date, May 27th
                      Lakeside Park
                  6/16 Merriweather Post
                 info on Memphis tickets
                  Please take me off...
                 Rush in Denver confirmed
                      Dylan Kauffman
            Rush in Denver at Fiddler's Green
        Georigia/South Carolina summer tour dates
                 GOAC RELEASED IN EUROPE
               Tickets for Memphis, TN show
       Summer tour dates; Ghost of a Chance single
                   tickets for Phoenix
                 Mystic Rhythms, Lamneth
                       Neil & Women

Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1992 08:37:40 -0600
From: wadew@DUCVAX.AUBURN.EDU (Wade Williams)
Subject: Re: Rush attention

>  Yes, Rush is not getting enough attention from the American music
>listeners.  So let's put out minds together and come up with a solution to
>make others listen to the band and be blessed by their visions.  To bring
>Rush into the media and re-introduce them to the non-Rush-fanatic public.
>This should make a better enviornment for us to satisfy our passion to listen
>to Rush and learn their ways.

Unfortunately, it has little to do with the listeners.  It has to do
with radio stations and the music media.

Rolling Stone, SPIN, MTV, VH1 and anything else you can think of
basically completely ignore Rush.  Personally, I think those in
charge of Rolling Stone and MTV have a personal vendetta against Rush
because they're not "hip" enough.

Don't laugh.  The "progressives" on our campus, who run the radio
station and the entertainment section in the campus newspaper think
that Rush is old news.  If you ask them, they'll say "Yeah, they've
got some talent, but they're not half as cool as Jane's Addiction."
Rolling Stone, MTV and the rest are the same way.

Look how MTV has gone downhill over the past few years.  It now has a
bunch of losers for VJ's playing "GlamRock" for 14-year-olds.
Surprisingly, VH1 is becoming a good channel, playing the kind of
videos MTV used to show - but, they still don't realize Rush exists.

If we ever want Rush to gain wide acceptance, the music media will
have to somehow discover them again.  If they ever do discover Rush
again, they'll be full of fanfare telling us what a great group it is
- how it has had two hit albums, Moving Pictures and whatever happens
to be the current rage at the time.  They'll be no mention of the
other 15+ albums or 100+ songs.

Even as inaccurate and distasteful as that would be, I'll take *any*
recognition Rush can get.

Wade Williams   	       	      "One likes to believe in the freedom
User Services Specialist      	of music, but glittering prizes and
Academic Computing Services    endless comprimises shatter the
Auburn University       	      illusion of integrity."                          (N. Peart of Rush)


Date: Wed, 8 Apr 92 09:48:37 EDT
From: Doug White 
Subject: Vital Aerobic Signs

I just can't picture a bunch of grandmothers hopping around to Rush.
(Bimbos with flamethrowers, however, ... :)
I mention this, because the other day the thought occurred to me that Vital
Signs has almost a Police-like sound to it : that sparse, minimalist sound.
Compare V.S. to Tom Sawyer or Limelight, even, and you'll hear what I mean.
Has anybody else got this feeling?
I seem to remeber that V.S. was one of those "wait till we're in the studio
and under pressure" songs. Maybe that's one reason for that type of sound.
(Maybe Rush digs the Police. They ripped off "Message in a Bottle" for
 "Red Tide", right?  :)

Another $.02 for the $1M NMS, Doug

flames, etc via e-mail :)


Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1992 10:32 CST
Subject: Re: 04/07/92 - The National Midnight Star #461

I belive the address to write away for Neil posters is  P.O. BOX 310 ELKHART 
IN  46515 make sure to write Neil Peart Poster on it.  Hope it helps all of 
you Peart fans (I know I am)                 JEREMY


Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1992 11:46 EST
From: sandra guzdek 
Subject: rush and junos

hey there!

whoever likened rush winning a juno to the guys from saturday night live
("da bears") awarding the players from the bears something: EVERYONE who
wins a juno is canadian. so it's not like they're playing favourites.
it's just a canadian awards show, like how the academy awards (for the most
part) award american movies.....

the april fool's issue was great!

please post more info about the cleveland rush/spinal tap show (like where
to call for tickets, etc...). buffalo's
only 4 hours away and it would be worth the drive to hear derek smalls say,

and by the way, gloria would like to ... disconnect your love-pump.... :)

sandra g.                    .  .    buffalo, ny
ub illustration             \____/

"hi, this is the human race. we're not in right now; please speak clearly
after the sound of the bomb."
                                      --- crow, mst3k
                                          _slime people_


Date:         Wed, 8 Apr 1992 12:02 pm EDT (16:02:13 UT)
Subject:        Enough of that darn bandanna

  I'm with whoever mentioned that Neil's headgear should not be discussed anymo
e. I'm dam sick of this stupid bone cancer rumour that has been going around
for probably 2 years now. Neil has been wearing the bandanna since -Presto
tour and I have seen plenty of pictures after Presto proving that he still
has a head of hair. nuff said!

   Our fave musicians would not be very interested in people who bicker about
such dumb things.

   If anyone hears of NE U.S. dates or SE Canadian dates, please post 'em !

  " JUst a little problem out of hand,
    The consequence of supply and demand
                                        " ...Gowan

              I agree  w/


Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1992 12:27 EST
Subject: Bringing Rush to the masses

In TNMS #461, someone asked how we could bring Rush to the general populace.
--Hire Mutt Lange to produce the next album
--Have Desmond Child and Diane Warren write a few tunes for it
--Have Slash do a guest guitar solo
--Get Patti LaBelle to do a duet with Geddy on one track
--More ballads!!!!
--Talk Jason Priestly into joining the band
--Give the band its own Saturday morning cartoon, a line of Rush action
  figures, and a feature story in _Tiger_Beat_
--Force Alex to play a flying-V rather than those wimpy PRS guitars
--In concert, have Neil swing onstage on a giant rope and leap into his kit

See?  Nothing to it!
						--Thor Iverson


Date:         Wed, 08 Apr 92 10:23:16 MST
From: "Glenn W." 
Subject:      Rush - Coming to Phoenix

RUSH will be arriving in Phoenix  - Valley of the Sun on
June 7th at Desert Sky Pavillion.. (only a 1/4 of a mile from my house:)
Tickets go on sale on April 18th at:
            Ticketmaster Locations and Desert Sky Box office.

Tucson and Elsewhere in AZ:

Ticketmaster locations can be found in
  Smith's Supermarkets , Tower Records and
   Zia Records...

I'll post a phone number for credit card orders if someone wants it.



Date: Wed, 8 Apr 92 14:27:12 EDT
From: (Keivan Khalichi)
Subject: Vote on a film of 2112 (And other stuff too)


  I enjoyed reading the interesting article posted on NMS 461 about the count
of the words in all the Rush lyrics.  Very interesting David.  I like the
count of the words "baby" and "yeah".  I thought that was really funny.
  I think that Rush should play their older songs such as 2112, and By-Tor and
the Snow Dog.  These songs are really timeless and ageless.  They are just
epics, and a story is told from generation to generation.  Look at Huckleberry
Finn, that story is still known as the best American novel.
  Also regarding to same message, the discussion about the Live Xanandu and
the original version, I think that the studio (original) version is much
better.  First of all, you can't hear all the instruments very well on that
whole album, which I have on CD.  The recording is bad overall.  I like the
studio version.  Secondly, when Mr. Lifeson is playing the part at the end
when he leads, there are no background guitars to fill in which makes the
song weak.  I think that background guitar is just as important as the lead.
  I took the chance and wrote Mr. Peart care of Rush's management company,
S.R.O.  I wonder if I'll ever get a reply from Mr. Peart.  I doubt it.
  I'd like to know more about Mr. Lee's six hours of time spent with Mr.
Claypool of Primus (Yuk).  So Ron, if know anymore on this matter, fill us in.
  I think eventually Rush will do a boxed set to satisfy us all.  But I think
that they should do a 4-6 hour concert, a one time only event, and release a
boxed set from that concert.  Of course, this would happen at the end of their
career.  Right now I'm discussing the possibilities of Rush doing a film of
2112.  Being a mini-Rock-opera, I can see it heppening.  I have a lot of ideas
in my head concerning this short film.  For one I think it should contain lots
of special effects to represent the year 2112 the best as possible.  Also the
film should start with a history of earth until the year 2112, along with the
quote of the anonymous passage on the inside cover of the album.  Those who
agree such film should be produced, send me a yes or no vote at my Internet

Well, that's all for now.  I'll put in my two cents on later issues of NMS.
Thank you for reading.

>From the Land of the Over-World, this is Keivan Khalichi.


Date: Wed, 8 Apr 92 16:14 EST
Subject: Bits, pieces, Didacts & Narpets. . .

Hi hi hi there, me little Droogies!

	I haven't posted in a while, but I thought I'd supply you all with a
bit of blab. . .
	Firstly, whoever said Neil's lyrics are IMPROVING in terms of
Political Correctness is completely missing everything they (see Ayn Rand)
stand for!  I don't mean this as a personal flame, I just feel quite strongly
about this.  Read the lyrics to some songs like 2112 and Freewill; they are
the epitome of Neil's philosophy(I think) and are most definitely anti-P.C.
	On a less philosophical note. . .Someone mentioned the Olivia
Newton-John album Xanadu in Tuesday's issue.  If you want a good laugh at
some REAllY cheesy 70's stuff, strap some roller skates to your platform
shoes and roll on down to the video store to rent the movie(which also
features Ol' Blue Eyes himself(Frank Sinatra, for those who are culturally
	I will now discuss Neil's bandana, but NOT WHY HE WEARS IT!!!  I was
told by someone I spoke to at the New Haven show that he doesn't wear the same
bandana every night.  Also, the skull and crossbones bandana that he has is NOt
the same as the one they sell at the t-shirt stands.  It is just skulls and
crossbones, no words RUSH or anything.  I have a very similar one, which I got
in a shop on St. Mark's Place in the East Village of New York, for those who
are interested.  They wanted $10 the first night I went there, but when I went
back a few days later, they only wanted $3!!!  For those who are interested, I
have also seen Johnny Depp wearing the same one.
	Next on the agenda is the Buddy Rich Memorial Concert video.  I have
seen this in a local Mass/Conn. music chain called Falcetti's, and while I
don't remember how much it was, I know it was less than $88.  Good luck to
those who are looking for it.
	Finally, on a non-Rushian note, I want to inform the ELP fans out there
that Emerson, Lake and Palmer have re-formed(even though Carl Palmer is
supposedly still in Asia, which is also supposedly active, with Steve "God"
Howe again) and have a new album coming out very soon.  They (ELP themselves)
said in a recent radio interview that they will be touring later this summer.
If anyone knows when the album is coming out or has any information on the
tour, PLEASE let me know!!!
	One more thing. . .does anyone have information on the upcoming Tap

				Until Later,

				Aaron Silverman

P.S.  I fart in P.C.'s general direction!


Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1992 14:42:22 -0600
From: colesa@spot.Colorado.EDU
Subject: word count

in NMS #461, David C. Copley writes:
>If anyone would like the full word-frequency listing, drop me an
>e-mail.  It's approx 250K.  Research note:  lyric data were processed
>by WLIST--a word frequency counter written by Ari Hovila.

I think it may be a tad excessive to do this sort of thing.  Neil might
say, and I'd agree: "Get a life!"

Adam Coles                           {  She was lookin' for that STUD-bull
                   Senior, College of Aerospace Engr.   {  that, HE-cat
                 Comp. Neural Networks                {  and that was ME...
          University of Colorado               {     Tommy the Cat!



Date: Wed, 8 Apr 92 16:29:28 EST
From: RUSH 
Subject: RUSH in Nebraska

The worst of all fates!! I'll not be in my hometown (Indianapolis)
during late June, and as a consequence, will miss RUSH for the first time
in 4 tours.  Have mercy dear God!! Does anyone know if RUSH will be
playing in or near Lincoln or Omaha Nebraska between June 8 and July 31.
If not, I wont be able to see them (aargh). How about dates for shows
around Indy (i.e. Chicago, Cincy, Louisville, etc.)? Maybe I can see
them there during May or August?! Someone help me!!


From: "Steven W. Kinne" 
Subject: Boxed Set and Rush-a-Thons
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 92 18:35:53 EDT

Greetings, my new friends at TNMS...

I'd like to express my agreement with the person who spoke out against
a Rush boxed set... although I did enjoy Chronicles (the first CD I
ever bought), I have found that when I buy a Rush album, my favorite
track from said album invariably turns out to be one of the lesser
known tracks... examples for me include Prime Mover, No One at the
Bridge, Digital Man, and Hemispheres. Thus, by buying a greatest hits
collection from Rush (or any other band for that matter), one tends to
miss out on some real gems...

On a flattering note, I work at WRUC in Schenectady, NY (Wireless
Radio Union College)... on one particular day, I and a couple of other
DJs that happened to have shows in a row decided to put on a
Rush-a-Thon. Although the first DJ played mostly the tried-and-true
material (Tom Sawyer, Time Stand Still, etc.), we managed to play all
sorts of interesting Rush stuff (including all of Hemispheres, uncut).
We were truly psyched when we received a call from a listener
off-campus who said, "Do you guys do this every Friday? This is

But who can argue with that viewpoint, right?

Steven W. Kinne                 "All this machinery making modern music
Box 1176 - Union College         Can still be open hearted...
Schenectady, NY  12308           Not so coldly charted,
e-mail:   It's really just a question of your honesty"


Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1992 16:50 MST
From: "Eric Kay (303) 499-7577" 
Subject: Rush in Denver

KAZY (759-1067) reports:  27 May, Fiddler's Green
                          Tickets on sale 13 Apr, this Monday
                          Ticketbastard: 290-8497

Other details unknown.
                                           Eric Kay


Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1992 19:47 EDT
Subject: Lick WHAT??

Buenos noches, mein froinds!

1) My 2c on the Boxed Set:  I agree that Chronicles is
enough, but it would be nice if they had their biography _Visions_
and Chronicles put together in a special set.  (with 2 tapes
and the book, it would come to about $40; with 2 CD's, about
$55 US)

2) The person who had the wordcount document, PLEASE send me
the list.  Thanx!

3) To Vinnie, who talked about evangelists getting bothered
about satanism:  if you want to jam about this subject for a
bit, I'm more than willing to talk to you on E-Mail.

4) Rush-mgr: I can't FTP onto your other system (even when I
use your 'anonymous' protocol.  I would like *all* of the
lyrics from _Rush_ to _Roll the Bones_....will the
mailserver do something to that effect?

In their own image, their world is fashioned
A mechanized world out of hand...  *Natural Science*
  ---(*0*)-(*0*)---             B R I A N  C O L B Y
          (			 S11689BC@UMASSD.EDU
       \_____/      	       BJCOLBY@CIS.UMASSD.EDU


Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1992 20:00:16 -0400
From: Glen E Reed 
Subject: Box Set / Instrumentals

     	Alright... here's my opinion on the box set concept (not that mine
means anything...:)  For those who don't have EVERY Rush cd, but want a
decent compilation, you can just get _Chronicles_.  Granted, it's not great or
anything, but it works to hold you over until you can pick up the rest.  The
only reason I can see for Rush to release a box set is for unreleased material,
or for other times the band memebers have appeared in different recordings
(like Geddy's appearance in "Take Off").  Other than this, there's not really a
reason for ANYONE to release a box set....

Here's an interesting question someone brought up the other day... what t
is Rush's best instrumental piece?  Personally, I think it's the overture to
2112, but most everyone else picked YYZ as the best... any other opinions??

				-- Glen "Trroy" Reed

"Rush.  They must have been one hell of a band."


Date: Wed, 8 Apr 92 19:27:16 -0500
From: (Lonadar the Wanderer)
Subject: RE:  When, oh when is Rush going to come back to the Midwest?

Rush will be playing at Deer Creek Theater in Indiana on June 24th, I believe.

And I darn well intend to be there for once!  =)

Lonadar the Wanderer


From: The Mighty Tabster 
Subject: Confirmed Denver Date, May 27th
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 92 20:58:45 MDT

Just heard it on the radio, from that monster truck announcer:  "RUSH, LIVE
ONCE AGAIN!".  I love that guy.  The show is Wed May 27th at Fiddler's
Green, tix on sale Monday.



Date: Thu, 9 Apr 1992 09:38 EST
Subject: Lakeside Park

RUSH enthusiasts,
 A friend and I were talking about Lakeside Park, we could not figure out
the significance of the date ' the 24th of May '. So can anyone shed some
light on this. Also does Lakeside park exist and where? It's a definite
roadtrip if it exits.

              Steve     (attach RUSH lyric here)


Date:    Thu, 9 Apr 1992 9:57:24 -0400 (EDT)
From: (Multitasking... AMIGA STYLE!!)
Subject: 6/16 Merriweather Post

Well, I just heard an announcement on WIYY 98 Rock out of Baltimore that
someone (can't remember who, but it was a solo-type male performer) is playing
Merriweather Post on JUNE 15!!

Does that mean that the supposed Rush date on JUNE 16th is screwed??

I hope us Baltimorons arent passed over again.... :(

[ It looks like Merriweather is still looking good.  The only ones who don't
  know are the Merriweather phone people...                         :rush-mgr ]

BTW.. Go O's! Oriole Park @ Camden Yards is HOT STUFF!

[ Yes, you too can face the outfield!                               :rush-mgr ]

| From the Amiga   |     Multitasking...     |   In the high school halls     |
|    of...         |     ---------------     |     In the shopping malls      |
|     -.EZ.-       |  A M I G A   S T Y L E  |    Conform or be cast out!     |
| |  =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=  | [ S U B D I V I S I O N S ! ]  |


From: Randall Stark 
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 92 16:42:01 +0100
Subject: Mozart

Well, I could only stand by so long with all the Mozart bashing.
Mozart is the only artist I have more discs of than Rush!
Far from being dated or boring, his best music offers the type of intricacy,
emotional sensitivity, and extraordinary rhythm changes that I think
would appeal to many Rush fans.  Or am I the only one?



Date: Thu, 9 Apr 92 12:41:42 -0500
From: (Robert G. Capra III)
Subject: info on Memphis tickets

Rush tickets will be going on sale for the rumored Memphis show are
indeed going on sale this Saturday at 10am.  This will be the first
Rush show in Memphis for quite some time I believe (since GUP tour?).
Here is the ticketmaster number - (901) 274-7400.

- rob "once a Memphian, always a Memphian - the Elvis never escapes you"

Rob Capra
Dept. of Computer Science
Washington University, St.Louis


Date:         Thu, 9 Apr 1992 1:42 pm EDT (17:42:35 UT)
From: stuart mccallister 
Subject:      Please take me off...

Thanks for the update on Rush stuff but I no longer wish to receive
your e-mail mag.  If you could take me off your list I would appreciate
it.  Thanks a lot.
                 Stuart McCallister


Subject: Rush in Denver confirmed
Date: Thu, 09 Apr 92 13:51:03 -0600

Just called Ticketmaster.  Confirmed:  Rush at Fiddler's Green
Amphitheater (Denver, CO) on May 27.  Tickets go on sale Monday (April
13) at 10 a.m.

See you there.

----   Doug Deden   ------   dd908821@longs.LANCE.ColoState.Edu


Date: Thu, 9 Apr 1992 15:27:17 -0500
From: Michael Silverman 
Subject: Dylan Kauffman

(Rush Mgr, please let this go by!)

The E-mail I send to your morgan@chaos address is bouncing! Do you
have an alternative address? Please e-mail me if possible.


Date: 09 Apr 1992 15:24:17 -0700 (MST)
From: Roo-Dog Rip 
Subject: Rush in Denver at Fiddler's Green

As I'm sure has been mentioned Rush will appear at Fiddler's Green(Denver)
27 May. Tix at your favorite TicketBastard. Does anybody have any experience
with how well Rush tix sell here, and specifically which TicketBastard in
Boulder is the best for not getting screwed by the employees?

Please reply by E-mail....

Roo-Dog Rip
\Roo-Dog Rip is:                  <> "O! What a rogue and peasant slave am I!"/
\Derrell Durrett                  <>                 --- _Hamlet_ II, ii, 584 /
\D_DURRETT%KAOS@VAXF.COLORADO.EDU <>   High Energy Physics: The New Religion! /
\Vox:(303)492-4821\Fax:492-5112   <>                Get Some Today!           /


Date: Thu, 9 Apr 92 20:19:32 -0400
Subject: Georigia/South Carolina summer tour dates

   If anybody hears of any information for Georgia or South Carolina
   summer shows, please post to TNMS or e-mail me.

   Kirk Cribb
   Georgia Tech


From: J.C. Rush - Jay Cook 
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 92 0:59:54 CDT

 A fine how-do-ya-do to all my fellow Rush friends out there...
 The hand of inspiration has either slapped me on the back or punched me
 square in the eyes...whatever it's done, it's given me an idea.

 Now that all the hoopla for _Roll The bones_ is pretty much over with, it's
 time to start thinking about what their next album will be like.  "It's too
 soon", you say.  Not so, if the boyz are as psyched as we are to believe
 they are, it should be less than a year before they're ready to let another
 album loose.  But now, in this time of unknowing, is where we can have a
 little insight as to what they might think to call an album.

 So, with that in mind, those of you who think they have a cool name for
 the next Rush album, send it to my email address (at the bottom), along
 with an explanation on what the album is about (like RTB is about taking
 chances, etc...).  I'll compile all the entries and present all of them
 in a special issue or something like that.  P.

 (Oops..)  Also, if it's any real trouble, when I do that big presentation
 when all this is said and done, please let me know if it's a real problem
 if I use your name and/or email address to denote that the submission was
 yours.  I don't wanna invade anyone's privacy if I can help it.

 So, start sending your thoughts (whenever you get them) to me at:


 You have until April 24 to send in your entries.  Please, no matter how
 dumb you think your thoughts are, send them in, you never know, someone
 may be very impressed....

  Thanks for your time.

                           -da Kid (


From: T J Moore-Read 
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 92 11:56:20 BST

HI, fellow rush fan types.

Ghost of a chance was released in the uk and europe this week.
It features dreamline as a B side on the 7" vinyl version
The CD has dreamline,red tide & chain lightning.

The good news is that this track has also made the radio
luxembourg day-time play list. So even if you've got the album
go out and buy the single and it will enter the charts.

Also any uk readers should listen to the friday/saturday rock
shows on radio one.  It has a more than good chance of being
played on there.  If it isn't played write in an request it,
they can't ignore all of us.

I'm also thinking of requesting it on MTV europe, the trouble
is it will take a lot of doing. So if you want to help rush
get played on MTV (even if you haven't got MTV)  email me and
we can discuss some kind of arrangement for a mass request.

Cheers and keep rolling.

| Terry Moore-Read     |                                                      |
| 4 Tollemache Avenue  |        JANET    :          |
| Leicester  LE4 OEA   |        INTERNET :          |
| ENGLAND              |        BITNET   :          |
|                      | "Time is a spiral, Space is a curve..."  - N Peart   |


Date:       Fri, 10 Apr 92 12:27:13 BST


   FYI, the next issue of Kerrang magazine (#288 I think) will contain
a mega interview with Geedy & Alex, discussing the RTB tour.

    "swimming against the stream"

       Paul May, University of Bristol, UK.


Date: Fri, 10 Apr 92 10:16:14 -0500
From: (Gene Breese Quinn)
Subject: Tickets for Memphis, TN show

	Tickets for the May 21 show at the Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis, TN
go on sale tomorrow (Saturday, April 11), at 10:00 a.m.  The ticket price is
Thanks to jalhart for the announcement of the date.  I might have missed
the start of ticket sales otherwise.  I am SO relieved Rush is coming to the
Mid-South.  Having missed the New Orleans show, I was getting very depressed
that I wasn't going to get another chance to catch them this time around.
	By the way, are there any readers from this area?  I thought I saw one
poster from Miss. State (my alma mater).  Drop me some mail if you're out

				  Breese Quinn


From: (John Becker)
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 92 10:59:31 CDT
Subject: Summer tour dates; Ghost of a Chance single

I just got off the phone with SRO/Anthem in Toronto. I called to see if a
Chicago-area date was known for the summer tour. I was told that it was
being considered, but was not yet confirmed.

Here are the dates that are confirmed:

May 21-Memphis
May 27-Denver
June 3-Los Angeles
June 12-St. Louis
June 23-Dayton
June 24-Indianapolis

Obviously, there are some big gaps in this schedule, so I think it's safe
to assume that more dates will be added. I don't know why they didn't list
the June 13-Nashville show mentioned in NMS #461.

Regarding the Ghost Of A Chance cassingle, does anyone know if there will
also be a CD single?



Date: Fri, 10 Apr 92 07:36:03 MST
Subject: tickets for Phoenix

I am looking for 5 tickets for RUSH in Phoenix, June 7.  If someone could get
us 5 great tickets (up close in the front) we would be eternally grateful.
I'll even give you a copy of my ABC In Concert RUSH interview...

	Please send mail to

			Virginia Martz


Date:         Fri, 10 Apr 92 13:20:03 EST
From: Hans Gruenig 
Subject:      Mystic Rhythms, Lamneth

Hello Fellow RUSHians,
     First off, could someone tell me how to access the summer tour dates,
PRETTY PLEASE?  Secondly, I have two pieces of information to impart:

  1)  When I was in Germany last year, I showed the lyrics from the Fountain of
Lamneth to one of my professors there.  He found them very interesting.  I
asked him if he knew what "Lamneth" meant, and he said he he thought it might
have something to do with the aquisition of wisdom in some kind of religious
ritual involving a drug (opium?).  He was pretty vague.  I tried to find some
reference to it in the library at UVM, but it wasn't mentioned in any of the
umpteen sources that I checked, so I can't confirm or disconfirm this...

  2)  Listen to Mystic Rhythms and watch the counter about a third of the way
through.  Notice how the third downbeat of each bar of that main drum pattern
(that soft crash sound which is immediately echoed to the left channel) is in
sync with the odd second numbers on the counter.  It stays in sync for the rest
of the song.  Sort of an interesting little diversion, a mystic rhythm in
                                     "Death is a red herring." -D.Christensen
                                             "Remember Death." -N.Peart
                                               "Catch a Fish!" -G.Lee

                                                          --Hans Gruenig.


Date: Fri, 10 Apr 1992 14:16 EDT
Subject: Neil & Women

Buenos noches, mein froinds!

An interesting note:

I was reading my campus newspaper, and they had an issue
about pornography.  After reading it and remembering Issue
#461, I realized that women are not often mentioned directly
in a Rush song, except for the very first album.

IMHO, Neil Peart didn't intend to leave out women (except
for _Witch Hunt_, _Middletown_, and a few others) but he found other
subjects to write about.  I feel that he should write about
the advancements of women (eg sufferage, Christa

Any responses, flames, know the procedure.
   %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%		   --.- --.- --..
  ---(*0*)-(*0*)---             B R I A N  C O L B Y
          (			 S11689BC@UMASSD.EDU
       \_____/      	       BJCOLBY@CIS.UMASSD.EDU


Date: Fri, 10 Apr 1992 15:36 EST

     Ged and Al are supposed to be on Rockline either in May or the last week
in April.  Anyone know why?  (Something new to talk about?  Admit that Neil has
cancer? :)
                                   - Andy


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