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Subject: 04/13/92 - The National Midnight Star #464

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 464

                  Monday, 13 April 1992
                     (Number 1 of 2)
Today's Topics:
                 North Carolina dates?!?
      Re: 04/10/92 - The National Midnight Star #463
                Re: Peart and women; GOAC
                More Tour Dates for Summer
               CoS cover and Yes/ELP on TV
                        word list
                  server returned email
                    Danforth and Pape
                 Suggestion on tour dates
                    Re: Lakeside Park
                    Re:  Lakeside Park
                      no popularity

From: Editor, The National Midnight Star 
Subject: Administrivia

Due to the large amount of posts today, there will be two issues.

I have not been able to catch up on all the admin. mail, so take heart,
I may be just about to reply to your mail!  :-)

There are new tour dates for Summer US tour:

-------------------- cut here --------------------

May 21 Memphis, TN, Mid-South Coliseum
May 23 Kansas City, MO Kemper Arena
May 24 Wichita, KS Kansas Coliseum
May 25 Oklahoma City, OK Myriad Arena
May 27 Denver, CO Fiddler's Green Amph.
May 29 Salt Lake CIty, UT (not sure of venue)
May 31 Mountain View, CA  Shoreline Amphitheatre

June 1 Reno, NV
June 3 Irvine Meadows, CA
June 4 Possible second night at Irvine Meadows
June 7th Phoenix  - Valley of the Sun - Desert Sky Pavillion 
June 9 Albuquerque, NM Tingley Coliseum
June 10 Lubbock, TX (not sure of venue)
June 12 Riverport Amphitheatre, St. Louis, MO 
June 13 Starwood Ampitheater Nashville, TN
June 14 Blockbuster Pavillion, Charlotte, NC
June 16 Merriweather Post Pavillion, Columbia, MD
June 19 Meadowlands Arena, E. Rutherford, NJ
June 23 Dayton, OH
June 24 Deer Creek, Noblesville, IN

-------------------- cut here --------------------

That's all for now, except that I am very swamped these days, so the NMS
may be coming out sporadically...



From: "Daniel L. McDonald" 
Subject: North Carolina dates?!?
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 92 15:38:11 MST

I noticed that Rush is playing Charlotte in June!  I'm going to be working
for IBM at Research Triangle park this summer.  Does anyone know if they are
coming to either Raleigh, Durham, or Chapel Hill?

Dan McDonald    |Internet:, UUCP: ..!uunet!arizona!danmcd
U. of Arizona   |BITNET:
Computer Science|     "I was lined up for glory
1st year Grad.  |      But the tickets sold out in advance." - Rush (N. Peart)


Subject: stuff
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 92 0:41:44 EST
From: (Wayne Buttles)

Well, Ive read about 10 NMS now and am ready to reply to a couple of things.
  First about the bandana... Who started that???  Second  The Fly Boot, Who
 can tell me more??  Third What is the address of the ludwig poster and how 
much does it cost?  Forth Doe
s anyone actually have a copy of the extended Fly By Night song?  Fifth Does
 anyone have a copy of Primus dooing YYZ?  I just got Miscellaneous Debris by 
them and its real good stuff, but no YYZ :(  Last but not least I just wanted
 to say that im interested
 in facts about the musical life of RUSH and how, where to get more music, 
but the box set argument is slightyly confused.  I dont want a best of RUSH 
box set.  I want hard to find live/old/unreleased songs/versions and maybe 
some background info on the m
aking of the albums.  I already bought ALL the CD's and the LP's at my local 
music shop that were available!

Wayne!  Making Memorys. (does anyone have this live? I want it!)


Subject: Mozart
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 92 22:34:18 CDT
From: sialis!! (David Sandberg)

On the subject of W. A. Mozart, Randall Stark writes:
> Far from being dated or boring, his best music offers the type of intricacy,
> emotional sensitivity, and extraordinary rhythm changes that I think
> would appeal to many Rush fans.  Or am I the only one?

No, you're not the only one.  Mozart is my favorite classical
composer.  Actually, I think anyone with the intelligence to
listen to Rush should really give some classical music a try
as a worthy supplement to their already excellent musical diet.

A related question - are there any other Rush fans out there
who also happen to be into Todd Rundgren?  His music is quite
different from that of Rush, but he is just as extraordinary of
a composer in his element as Rush is in theirs, and much of his
music also has challenging chords and changing time signatures.

And finally, concerning suggestions of ways to bring Rush to
the attention of the mainstream... Why?!?  What positive effect
would it have?  The band is successful enough so they can do
exactly what they want without worrying about the mass market.
Becoming massively popular would almost certainly bring more
pressure on Rush from record company executives to do commercial
rock, since they would be seen as a possible route to a record
company goldmine.  I'd much rather see the band stay just as
they are.

                 _ david sandberg _ _
          "The bloody revolution; All the warheads in it's wake
             All the fear and suffering - All a big mistake"


Date: Sat, 11 Apr 92 03:34:02 -0400
From: nam2@po.CWRU.Edu (Nicholas A. Mascari)
Subject: Re: 04/10/92 - The National Midnight Star #463

>>  Yes, Rush is not getting enough attention from the American music
>>listeners.  So let's put out minds together and come up with a solution to
>>make others listen to the band and be blessed by their visions.  To bring
>>Rush into the media and re-introduce them to the non-Rush-fanatic public.
>>This should make a better enviornment for us to satisfy our passion to listen
>>to Rush and learn their ways.
>Unfortunately, it has little to do with the listeners.  It has to do
>with radio stations and the music media.

Well, I don't know where all of you have been living the past few years,
but here in beautiful Cleveland, Ohio, (insert sarcasm), our boys get
more than enough of their fair share of radio airtime! The best by far
is WMMS 100.7 who happens to be the first American radio station to
play Rush, look inside your RUSH debut album!!). Other stations where
I have heard significant Rush play are 98.5 WNCX and 97.5 WONE. Will you
people quit whining??? I don't think Cleveland is much different than
any other big American city in this country. I mean, just because you
don't hear "Tom Sawyer" or "Limelight" the instant you flip on the radio
doesn't mean you just turn it off, assume they never play Rush, and
cry to this mailing list about the American listening public. Give me
a break!! 99% of their concerts sell out!!! There is a huge Rush following
in this country. It just seems that it's more "underground" than say some
cheesy sleazy glamour band like GNR.

Now I hear this crap about "making people listen to them" or "re-intro-
ducing them." To me, it sounds like you want "to make them popular."
F**k that!!! Who the hell cares if they're popular or not!?!? Who the
hell cares whether they win a grammy?!?!? Obviously, Ged, Alex, and Neil
don't, so WHY SHOULD YOU?!?!? Don't get me wrong, I'd LOVE to see them
win a grammy, but I honestly don't take it personally. It's apparent that
they get get satisfaction not from a gold phonograph sitting on their
mantle, but from the personal enjoyment they get from producing MUSIC.

My God!! Can't you just pop in 2112, Moving Pictures, or whatever and
play some air guitar or pretend you are Neil with the old air drums and
enjoy it for yourself with your fellow Rush fans!?!?! Why do you think
it's your duty to make other people like the same music you do????

Believe me, I could go on forever, but in a nutshell, I am saying what Neil
would say, "GET A LIFE!!!" I have better things to spend my time on
than trying to make Suzy Fluffchick like Rush instead of Boyz 2 Men. Like
getting good grades and drinking beer.

I think I've said enough for one issue. I realize this and my previous
post are serious flames and I invite any rebuttal (or support) posted
to the list. It's certainly a better thing to argue about than whether
Neil has cancer or is a gypsy!!!!

|~~~\  |    |  /~~~\  |    |   Nick Mascari - Case Western Reserve University
|___/  |    |  \      |____|   "While their invaders dream of lands they've
|  \   |    |    \    |    |    left behind, better people-better food-and
|   \   \__/  \___/   |    |    BETTER BEER!!!" - Neil Peart, Territories.


Date:    Sat, 11 Apr 92 01:24:08 PDT
From: gdavis@Juliet.Caltech.Edu
Subject: Re: Peart and women; GOAC

I don't agree with Brian Colby as far as Peart writing songs about the
advancement of women.  While it is certainly a worthwhile thing to be aware of,
I think Rush has more class than ot bow down to the "politically correct"
movement as bands like REM and Jane's Addiction have.  Rush's lyrics may
not center around women, but if that's what someone wants to hear, he or she
can listen to Warrant.  Their lyrics are not offensive to women, so they
shouldn't change them unless the band has a sudden change of heart.

On another note, what do you all think about Rush releasing Ghost of a Chance
as their latest single?  Its a decent song, but I think others (e.g. Face Up)
are better.  It also bothers me that the song is so obviously meant for the Top
40.  Well, at least Rush released three songs from RTB before this one.  Its
better than the typical glam routine of releasing one hard-core song to
get all the old fans to buy the album before they sell out and release a
cheesy lovesong for the pre-teen audience.  Anyone else feel this way?

(I welcome your opinions..)

-Greg Davis

"Getting the sign right is a matter of making an even number of mistakes." -DG


Date: Sat, 11 Apr 92 10:48:11 EDT
From: jalhart@skidmore.EDU (Lerxst)
Subject: More Tour Dates for Summer

First off let's squelch all rumours about Rush/Spinal Tap! (NOT).  The tour
is Rush and Mr. Big.  However, Spinal Tap will be touring this May playing
mostly Theatres around the country.

On to the dates, so far we have the following:

May 21 Memphis, Tnn

May 23 Kansas City, MO
May 24 Wichita, KS
May 25 Oklahoma City, OK
May 27 Denver, CO
June 3 Irvine Meadows
June 7 Phoenix, AZ
Juen 12 St. Louis, MO
June 13 Nashville, TN
June 14 Charlotte, NC
June 16 Columbia, MO
June 19 E. Rutherford, NJ
June 23 Dayton, OH
June 24 NOblesville, IN

Well here are a few more,
May 29 Salt Lake CIty, UT (not sure of venue)
May 31 Mountain View, CA  Shoreline Amphitheatre
June 1 Reno, NV
June 4 Possible second night at Irvine Meadows
June 9 Albuquerque, NM Tingley Coliseum
June 10 Lubbock, TX (not sure of venue)

More to come soon, keep listening to radio for announcements.


P.S. Let's get those European reviews going, the tour is underway now...

Ken F.


Date: Sat, 11 Apr 92 10:21:32 -0500
From: (Kevin Kiel)
Subject: CoS cover and Yes/ELP on TV

    Hello, it has been a while since I goes nothing.

     About the concern about the picture on the cover of Cos; I have no doubt
in my mind that it is indeed the Necromancer that is depicted. For those of
you CD owners out there it might be a little bit difficult to see exactly what
is on the cover, but upon gazing at my LP record I can see the Necromancer
standing atop the crest of a mountain with a snake at his feet and a prism
floating in front of the Necromancer at about waist high. This must be the
"Magic Prism Eye(s)" that are discussed in the song. --Probably my favorite
album cover(I have it on my door; It keeps hooligans away).

     Oh yeah, before I forget, (I know that this list has many ELP and Yes 
fans)Yes and ELP are scheduled to appear on IN CONCERT next Friday night 
(april 17).
If I`m not mistaken theses are #2 and #3 favorite bands of the NMS reader!

Hope everybody has fun at Deer Creek....I wish I was going!
s p a t e r  -------  Kevin Kiel ------ -------
                                High Brian?


From: (Keith Ford)
Subject: word list
Date: Sat, 11 Apr 92 10:49:55 CDT

> Subject: Rushwords, y muchas gracias

Would the person who did this list please send a copy to the
email server.  I created a similar list back around 11/90 and
would like to update what I did.  Thanks.

Keith Ford        __
Intergraph Corp  /  \ Micro Magic BBS 1:373/12  Rush/Opus Archive  \__/
+1 205 730-8614  [__] 830-2362 HST/V32bis 9600  "Subject: HELP"


From: (Keith Ford)
Subject: server returned email
Date: Sat, 11 Apr 92 10:55:16 CDT

I am getting server request information bounced back to me

Please include a valid Reply-To: line.  If you have troubles,
send email to the server keeper with a subject of NOTE.
Keith Ford
Rush/Opus Archive
"Subject: HELP"


Date: 11 Apr 92 15:52:55 EDT
From: Bruce Holtgren <70724.1622@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Danforth and Pape

Ah, Danforth and Pape. Yes, this is indeed an intersection in
Toronto - it's in a middle-class ethnic Greek area, oddly enough, in the
east-central part of the city. A friend also noticed the
intersection on the map, and when we did our Rush Pilgrimage to
Toronto, I discovered that there's a subway stop right at the
intersection (I forget the name of the station). So of course I
immediately hopped the turbine freight and rode right out there.

There didn't appear to be anything extraordinary about the place,
excepting of course that all the signs were in Greek. For you
true trivia freaks out there, The Intersection Itself was
occupied (as of May 1989, anyway) by three banks and a Baskin-
Robbins that posted flavors in Greek as well as English.

As for how all this fits into the "La Villa Strangiato" scheme of
things - or what Danforth and Pape signified to Torontoids in
1978, when the song was composed - I know not. I leave such
weighty matters to our Canadian froinds and/or other experts to
cogitate upon.



Date: 11 Apr 92 15:55:40 EDT
From: Bruce Holtgren <70724.1622@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Suggestion on tour dates

Just a suggestion (and forgive me if this has been brought up and
rejected in the past): Why not post the latest tour dates at the
top of every edition of TNMS? Three strong arguments in favor:
Even though they're available at the ftp site, it would be a lot
easier for everyone to see 'em this way. Second, judging from the
tremendous and constant demand for tour info, it would be a
greatly appreciated public service. Third, and perhaps most
importantly, it would surely cut down on, or eliminate entirely,
the dozens (hundreds?) of "When-are-they-gonna-play-in-xxxxx?"
posts that seem to be filed repeatedly.

Of course, such an every-issue List of Dates would have to be
accompanied by the standard disclaimers: These are not official;
TNMS has no connection with Rush; dates can change or disappear
at any time without notice; if your city isn't listed here, we
don't have any information on it; and if you have any info for
us, please post it. Even including the disclaimers, I daresay
we'd end up saving bandwidth in the long run by eliminating all
or most of the posted tour-date questions in return.

I know that with this tour perhaps past halfway, now may not be
the best time to suggest this. But it's just a suggestion.



From: bkekesi@uceng.UC.EDU (Jealous Knight)
Subject: Re: Lakeside Park
Date: Sat, 11 Apr 92 16:04:28 EDT

My XSO (current LO) is a big RUSH fan and she once told me that the 24th of
May was the Canadian "Independence Day" -- sort of like a combination 'tween
our 4th of July and Memorial Day.

                                             - Alex


Date: Sat, 11 Apr 1992 17:26 EST
Subject: Re:  Lakeside Park

Hello out there,
        I don't know about Lakeside Park, actually, but I do know that
"Willowdale" (from "The Necromancer") is a real suburb area of Toronto.
At least I'm fairly certain.  So put that in your pipe and smoke it (grin).

"There is no safe seat at the feast"



Date: Sat, 11 Apr 92 17:28:26 EST
From: RUSH 
Subject: no popularity

For all of you who seem to want to make RUSH the most popular band in the
free world, I can sympathize, they being the best.  However, consider this:
 if RUSH comes out with a #1 album and a few #1 songs, esp. ballads, and
every 15 girl develops a crush on Geddy's nose, then all us real RUSH
fans well never be able to get good seats at the conserts, they'll be
taken by a bunch of made-up dolls with big hair and their smooth-dancing
boyfriends. Comrades, that is NOT a RUSH crowd, and we shouldn't want it
to be. RUSH needs no more recognition than they already get, they'll still
make the best music regardless.

PS- Neil wears a bandanna cuz he's really a pirate. He doesn't wera
wear (sorry) his large golden earring because it gets caught on his
drumstick during Tom Sawyer.  He changed his family name from Blackbeard
to Peart for fear of persecution from the British government.

ALso, to the guy who was curious about the significance of the 24th of may,
I believe its some sort of Canadian Independence Day, or maybe it's
Bastille Day, borrowed from the French.

so long and thanks for all the fish
Dan M.

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