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Subject: 04/17/92 - The National Midnight Star #468

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 468

                  Friday, 17 April 1992
                     (Number 1 of 2)
Today's Topics:
             Danforth and Pape Intersections
        What songs are better live / in the studio
                         May 24th
                     Elephant's Butt
             RUSH sell out at Deer Creek, IN?
            just some rambling (as always)...
               RTB cd singles (yes, plural)
                     Alex interview?
                   Ok, enough is enough
 Two unrelated topics, North Carolina and
                   Rush Commercialized
         Is Mercury's release of ESL AAD or ADD?
              Concert Review (NEC 12/04/92)
                      rush newsgroup
                     Marillion again
TNMS questions/messages for forthcoming interview with Neil
                  My wish came true. . .
                      Lubbock Venue
                    Speech about RUSH
              Guitar picks a la Alex Lifeson
                 Wrong Lyric + Barometer

From: Editor, The National Midnight Star 
Subject: Administrivia

Just a couple of quick notes.  First, once again if you missed it yesterday,
there is now a newsgroup in Netnews called "".  Have a ball.
It will not replace the NMS (unless I get 1300+ unsub. requests), but we're
thinking about porting the NMS there.  Don't ask me about this now, PLEASE.
If we decide to do this, I'll make copious posts in Administrivia about it.

Secondly, due to a meeting sucking up half my day (literally), I'm still
behind on admin mail, but I hope to have gotten through all the unsub.
and addr. change requests by the time this goes out.

Also, apparently there was a snafu with the mail files, and some posts were
duplicated yesterday from earlier issues.  Not sure how, but I was doing
a lot of stuff on the fly, and apparently got an old copy of something.
Sorry, folks!

Oh, last but not least, Doug White's songlist generator has been uploaded to
the Syrinx ftp site.  It's now in a file called 'rush/special/songlist.tar'.
If it's not obvious, it's a tar (tape archive) format file, and you'd need
'tar' to extract it easily.  I believe it can also be torn apart by hand, as
it's only a bunch of text files smashed together.  Enjoy!



Date: Tue, 14 Apr 92 12:44:02 CDT
From: "David Zekert" 
Subject: Danforth and Pape Intersections

Perhaps this ethnic Greek village in the vicinity of the intersection of
Danforth and Pape streets IS the 'Villa Strangiato.'



Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1992 13:47:10 -0400
From: Thomas Riord Morley 
Subject: GoAC

To whoever said he was upset that Ghost of A Chance was clearly written for
Top 40- I disagree.  Read what Neil wrote about it in the tourbook...

"Please come to Saratoga!" (Me to Geddy)



Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1992 14:22 EST
Subject: Willowdale

Hey everyone!!!

In the April 13 NMS, THE QUIET MAN was replying to a previous post and said"

<"Willowdale" (from "The Necromancer") is a real suburb area of Toronto.
He is correct and if I am not mistaken it is where either Alex or Geddy 
grew-up.I am not sure which one, and I lent VISIONS to a friend and don't 
have access
to it to check up on it.  Anyone know for sure???  Thanks.

BTW, I *REALLY* hope that Rus comes back to Pittsburgh for a show at Star Lake
this summer.  I would love it.  I saw Yes there and they were unbelievable.
Keeping my fingers crossed.

Kevin Ryan Kirwan
The University of Pittsburgh


Date: Tue, 14 Apr 92 13:47:46 CDT
From: Michael Silverman 
Subject: What songs are better live / in the studio

I was just thinking the other day about which Rush songs are better
live and which ones are better in the studio. There are those which
say that _every_ song sounds better live, and I'm sure there are
those who feel the opposite way as well. What do I think....I think
*most* of Rush's songs have sounded better played live, but many
don't.....for example I think "Batille Day" and "Something for Nothing"
are a lot better sounding in their studio versions. On the other
hand, some songs like "In the End" are *so much* better live.

Here's my list....

Lousy on the album, better live: In the End, By-Tor, Lakeside Park,
Red Sector A

Better on the album: Something for Nothing, Analog Kid, Closer to
the Heart, Roll the Bones

On a similar subject, what are your favorite "Geddy-isms" (slight
changes in lyrics or emphasis on particular words Geddy does when
performing a song live) ?

Mine would be Geddy's live vocalization of "Subdivisions."


"One likes to believe in the freedom of baseball" - Geddy Lee


From: (Amy Moseley Rupp)
Subject: May 24th
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 92 11:30:21 CDT

Since where Lakeside Park is or isn't has already been discussed, I won't
discuss it any further.  But, May 24th is NOT Canada's Independence Day.
July 1 is Canada Day, which is the holiday that celebrates Canada as
a nation.  May 24 is Queen Victoria's Birthday, which for some reason
is celebrated instead of, for example, Queen Elizabeth's Birthday.  I
suppose the tradition to celebrate it originated in Victoria's reign.

Anyhow, the holiday is no longer celebrated on the 24th of May but
rather on the third Monday in May--kind of like our Memorial Day,
which moves around too.  Well, in 1993, it's on May 24th, but this
is the FOURTH Monday in May.  Oh well, it's on a Monday in May.

Canadians like holidays, and they get more of them than most Americans
do.  Smart people!
Amy J. Moseley Rupp                         Rejection is one thing
Motorola Computer Group                     But rejection from a fool is cruel or                   Morrissey, "I Don't Mind If
uunet!!oakhill!arla!amy                    You Forget Me"


Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1992 14:02 CST
Subject: Elephant's Butt


	I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the significance of
the picture of the elephant's butt inside the RTB cover, if there is any other
than simple humor.  I personally try not to have thoughts on anything if at
all possible.  They just seem to confuse any other thoughts I might have.  That
is why I'm asking the obviously extremely profound and enlightened membership
of this list.  So...elephant butt picture.  Any thoughts?

Dan Becker
University of Minnesota, Morris

ORQ: "They seem oblivious/To a soft spring rain/Like an English rain"


From: bkekesi@uceng.UC.EDU (Jealous Knight)
Subject: RUSH sell out at Deer Creek, IN?
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 92 15:51:49 EDT

   I have a quick question to all you Hoosiers out there.  I'm thinking
about going to the Deer Creek show (June 24) and know that tickets have
already gone on sale.  However, there's a chance I might not be around
this area come June.  My question is, Will RUSH sell out in an Indiana
                                              - Alex


From: J.C. Rush - Jay Cook 
Subject: just some rambling (as always)...
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 92 16:53:11 CDT

  Greetings everybody.  Just a reminder about the latest poll I'm running,
 where you send in what you'd like the next album to be called, or just have
 an idea you think would sound good.  Send all your responses to:


 by April 24.  The responses will be compiled into what I hope will be a
 Special Edition issue of TNMS.  I only have 4 replies so far, 2 of which
 are ideas of my send in anything you think has merit.  Thanks.
 *steps off of soapbox*

 Also, I've recently been getting re-acquainted with my copy of ESL, which
 rises a question I've always wanted to ask, but never remembered to...
 During La Villa Strangiato, what the hell is Geddy singing that sounds
 sorta like "Bucky, Bucky he's our man, if he can't do it, he's our man"
 or something like that???  I's is confused...

 Oh, and one more thing, anyone with info as to when tix go on sale for the
show at Blockbuster Pavilion in Charlotte, NC, please post as soon as
possible.  Thanx!

 Well, that's all for now...remember the poll, and I'll be talkin' to you
 all later..

                                -da Kid (

ORQ - "It's big, red, horny bass...."  --> Geddy Lee


Date:    Tue, 14 Apr 92 21:42 EDT

I just found out that Rush will be at the Star Lake Ampitheatre in Pittsburgh
on June 21.  This was advertised on the radio (WDVE) so it is confirmed.  No
word as to when tickets will go on sale.  I'll post that info as soon as I find

Going to see them for the second time this tour.  I'm sure this show will be
much better than the Civic Arena show this past October.

Chris Kirkham        Penn State University

Why are we here?  Because we're here.  Roll the Bones!


Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1992 20:56 CST
From: This Space For Sale 
Subject: help!

	i am very sorry to intrude on the list with this request,
but i am having the damndest time signing up to this list.  i can't get
any response from the rush-request address.  can someone please sign me
up to this list, or send me info about how i can successfully do so
myself?  thanks very much in advance --

Thomas "Geddy" Beaudoin
Kansas City

	"electricity?  biology?   seems to me it's chemistry..."


Date: Tue, 14 Apr 92 21:17:02 EST
From: YES 
Subject: RTB cd singles (yes, plural)

I don't know if I have come upon a real "find" or not, but I just bought
a Roll the Bones single (4 tracks, #4 is Neil talking over RTB about the
usual Peart-esque profundities of lyricwriting). I also bought a RTB
"Limited Edition Holograph Disc" (4 different tracks, except for RTB, with
#4 being Geddy talking over RTB about humor and life in general.)

Both of these say Atlantic, but they have that import vibe, you know?
The holograph disc has a true holograph on the top side.

Does anyone have these? Are these at all "collectibles" or even "rare"?
No one in my town -- Bloomington, Indiana -- has ever seen these...

---- One likes to believe in the freedom of baseball ----


Date: Tue, 14 Apr 92 21:21:00 EST
From: YES 
Subject: Alex interview?

Does there exist a third RTB cd-single with Alex talking over the last
track? He probably talks about donuts, back bacon, and Labatt's Blue.

--- keeping us from ourselves ---


From: Christopher Andrew Campbell 
Subject: Awards
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 92 21:49:21 CDT

  Whasup Rush fans!
    I have heard of Alex winning Guitarist of the Year or something like
  that a while back.  Just wanted to know if it was true and if anyone
  knows if any other individual awards have been won by the boyz.



From: telxon!teleng!dank@uunet.UU.NET (Dan Kelley)
Subject: Ok, enough is enough
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 92 23:18:10 EDT

This is a little out of character for me but I have to respond to the Nick
Mascari post from April 13.  It is a flame so you may want to hit your
spacebar now.

First of all, if you have a problem with what people are posting about,
HIT YOUR F&*^ING SPACEBAR!  That what page down is for.  Just take your
little index finger and tap the big bar at the bottom of the keyboard -
you can do it (insert sarcasm).  I don't like to read about stuff like that
either but you don't see me bitching about it.  Just because it is pissing
you off doesn't mean you can scream at people and tell them to get a life.
I think you are the one that needs to get a life (instead of balling people
out on what they should and should not write about).  This is a public mailing
list in which the subscribers can write ANYTHING they wish.  If you are so
worried about doing other things like "getting good grades and drinking beer"
(which is pretty much a contrast in terms - I know, I was in school once too)
then don't read the post then complain about what you see.  And as far as
your sarcasm about Cleveland, OH - f--- you...  I live here.
You asked for rebuttal and got it.

I apologize to the Rush Mgr and the reading public about this.  I seriously
considered mailing this to Nick direct but why, he balled everyone else out
in public so I did the same.


       Dan Kelley         ()   ===== ===== =   = =    ////  =  =
  ...!uunet!telxon!dank   ()     =   ===   =    =   //////  == = ()     =   ===== ===== =  //////  = ==   Corp.
   (216)-867-3700 x3512   ()                        ////           Akron, OH


From: "Daniel L. McDonald" 
Subject: Two unrelated topics, North Carolina and
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 92 22:22:49 MST

First of all...

Are any of you TNMS readers going to the Charlotte, NC show this June?!?  If
so, please mail me, as I would like to possibly attend.

Second of all...

I saw a newsgroup.  I didn't think that we really wanted a
newsgroup.  Did one get formed?  Have I missed THAT much TNMS?

Dan McDonald    |Internet:, UUCP: ..!uunet!arizona!danmcd
U. of Arizona   |BITNET:
Computer Science|     "I was lined up for glory
1st year Grad.  |      But the tickets sold out in advance." - Rush (N. Peart)


From: Carl Edward Brady 
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 92 02:57:07 -0400
Subject: Rush Commercialized

(sorry about spelling in this post -- it's really late.)

I've read the various talk about bringing Rush to the masses, and I say --
Bullshit. I agree with Nick Mascari. We do belong to sort of a "secret club."
I'm not going to push my beliefs and tastes on others. That's sort of like
high-pressure salesmen and door-to-door evangelists. They really annoy me.
I've been into rush for at least 12 years and I love 'em. I don't expect others
to, and I won't participate in a campaign to do so. I wholeheartedly discourage
such action. When RTB came out, I stopped listening to the radio after a while,
because every time I turned on DC 101 or 98 Rock, I heard Dreamline, and it was
(is) much too good a song to get killed like Extreme's `More Than Words.' (Did
they bang the shit out of that, or what?) And I like Extreme. I just can't
listen to that song anymore, they played it to death. I don't want that to 
happen (oops) to good Rush songs.

I see the possibility of this rising into another heated debate, but 
anything's better than that Damn Bandana thing. GET A LIFE. (Nick- Neil 
changed his name
from Muhalla the Flying Mystic to Peart. Not Blackbeard.)

Oh well -- Low and Easy...   Carl :)


Subject: Is Mercury's release of ESL AAD or ADD?
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 92 00:23:28 -0700
From: gimper@leland.Stanford.EDU

Hello all,

It's been a while since I last posted, so here's a random subject
for you.  As I was looking through the lastest FAQL, I came across
Dan's note saying that the Anthem release of the ESL CD is ADD,
while Mercury's is AAD.

I just recently upgraded my vinyl copy of ESL to CD and noticed
something strange.  The case says that the CD is AAD, but on the
CD itself it says it is ADD.  (This is the Mercury release.)  I've
mailed a few people (including Dan himself) and gotten responses
saying that their copies don't say either AAD or ADD at all on the
disc itself.

Can anyone shed any light on this?  It's not a huge deal to me,
but I am kinda curious...

Replies to  or post to the digest if
you feel it is of general enough interest.

-- Stuart


Date:       15 Apr 92 13:16:00 BST
From: Nick (N.T.) Pitfield 
Subject:    Concert Review (NEC 12/04/92)  [ SPOILER ]

Hi All,

Just a quick review of Rush's concert at the Birmingham NEC (UK) on 12/04/92.
This was there first UK tour since HYF - we didn't get the Presto tour.

The support band were Primus. I thought they were crap. 9 out of 10 people I
spoke to afterwards said they were crap. They were also the wrong sort of band
to support Rush (I shouldn't really complain, they didn't have any support band
last time !!!!).

Rush came on around 8.30 and finally left around 10.30 (having done an encore).

Geddy sounded a bit flat and hoarse early on, but improved over time. Neil was
his usual storming self; and yes, he was wearing a bandana (so what !!!!). Alex
was playing very well, and was much more involved than in recent tours.

The set list was drawn from a wide range of albums.

>From Presto, Show Don't Tell was a bit disapointing, but Superconductor was
excellent. I loved the bunnies....the one on the left was tapping his foot in
time to the music, while the one on the right was head-banging (or should that
be ear-banging !!!!). The one on the left got a bit deflated just after first
appearing - perhaps he'd farted ????.

>From RTB, Roll The Bones was excellent (the video background of the talking
skeleton was great); Bravado was superb, but GOAC was not so good (a shame, it
is my favourite track on the album). Dreamline was pretty good.

>From Power Windows, I can only remember Big Money being played - this was
great. I did miss not hearing Marathon though.

>From HYF, Force Ten was a storming show opener, I can't remember anything else
being played.

The rest of the set was made up of excellent older stuff like Limelight, 
Spirit Of Radio, Tom Sawyer, Xanadu etc etc (you all know the set list by now).
Neil's drum solo didn't hold my attention as much as it used to - perhaps it's
time he completely re-worked it.

This was a great concert, well worth travelling from Reading to see. I enjoyed
it more than the HYF tour - perhaps because the boys looked happier and more
relaxed. Alex was certainly giving it his all !!!!

I'll be at Wembley for the show on Saturday 13/04/92 - see you then....


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Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1992 10:52:19 EDT
From: The Doug-meister 
Subject: rush newsgroup

Fellow Rushians,

   Well, it seems that there is now a rush newsgroup, despite all the
controversy.  It is  Just thought you should know...

Doug B.


Date: Wed, 15 Apr 92 10:50:28 EDT
From: (David Kuznick)
Subject: Marillion again

For those of you not on the Marillion mailing list, Marillion is
trying to get on the Rush tour this summer.  The Boyz asked for their
last two albums.  And please no booing this time!

DAVID KUZNICK "Those whom heaven helps we call the sons of heaven. They do not
DAVID@AIT.COM  learn this by learning.  They do not work it by working.  They
do not reason it by using reason.  To let understanding stop at what cannot be
undestood is a high attainment.  Those who cannot do it will be destroyed on
the lathe of heaven." - Chuang Tse: XXIII


Date: Wed, 15 Apr 92 19:17:30 +0200
From: (Frank Lancaster)
Subject: TNMS questions/messages for forthcoming interview with Neil


Here's some update info on the interview with Neil that's going to be on
April 23rd. The interview I'm going to do with Neil will certainly be posted
in TNMS, actually it'll be published there first!

I've so far received questions/messages from the following
people (thanks to all of you):

"David S. Schmidt" (brian daniels) (John Q. Public) (Mark Steph)
Scott David Daly (Eric W. Anderson "ERK")
YYZ LIMELIGHT (Matthew Coohill)
jalhart@skidmore.EDU (Lerxst)
T J Moore-Read 

So if anyone else has something to say to Neil or wants a question answered,
e-mail it to me, and I'll try and get it in the interview or I'll pass
it on to Neil.

Let's try and make this interview something special, I hope some more
of you also have interesting questions!

-- Frank Lancaster, or ...!uunet!unido!tools!fl


Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1992 14:44 EST
Subject: My wish came true. . .

Hey everybody...

In my last post, which I typed about this time yesterday, I said that I hoped
Rush would come back to Pittsburgh.  Well I got back to my room turned on WDVE
(Pittsburgh's greatest Rock station) and heard Bravado.  Needless to say I was
pretty happy, but it got better.  After the song the DJ came on and said:

"We'll be bringing Rush back for a WDVE show at Star Lake on Sunday June 21st."

I nearly sh*t myself.  Oh well, they don't have ticket info yet, but I'm sure
we'll find out soon.  Later.

Kevin Ryan Kirwan
The University of Pittsburgh Drumline
"We'll strike like lightning, and leave you shocked."


Date: Wed, 15 Apr 92 13:15:44 -0600
From: barr@atdo.LANL.GOV
Subject: Lubbock Venue

The Lubbock concert will be held at the Lubbock Municipal Coliseum on
Texas Tech University campus on June 10. Be there.


Date: Wed, 15 Apr 92 13:36:24 MDT
Subject: Speech about RUSH
From: sraby@NMSU.Edu!HYF,

  You know you are a RUSH fan when...\
     your persuasive speech for Communications class is persuading everyone
to listen to Rush's music.  I know, it is a cop out because it will
be so easy to talk about RUSH for 9 minutes, but it's an easy class, so
why not???  The only problem---how can I say everything there is to say
about Rush in 9 minutes???  I could talk for 2 hours.  I should really
GET A LIFE!!!!!!\



Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1992 14:51 EST

RE:  Looking for 'The Professor', mail w/ no subject/address line

(Honestly, folks, I do listen to the band, someday I'll put my two cents in
on a Rush-related issue, I swear!)

MATT GALL @ IU, please write me and give me your internet address!

NOTE TO GENERAL NMS PUBLIC:  if you ever decide to e-mail someone whom you
notice does not have a subject line and/or address list in their message
header, chances are their mail system will not send or receive the logs
that contain the internet/bitnet address (at least I know that is the case
here).  So if you are directing mail to one of these lucky souls, please
'manually' include your network address in the note...

thought I'd throw that in.  thanks!


From: STOY CHERYL A                    IVM1      1         AA64857
To: INTERNET ADDRESS                   BITN


Date: Wed, 15 Apr 92 16:15:34 cdt
From: "14A2C28C" 
Subject: Guitar picks a la Alex Lifeson

About 4 months ago when the Boyz played Omaha and Eric was supporting, I was
intent on acquiring one of Alex's guitar picks. After the show was concluded
and the lights came on, I rushed to the front row from my seat in the 18th
and fortuitously came upon two pink Ibanez guitar picks. As we all know, Rush
is not known for throwing things to the audience, but from what I've heard,
Lifeson occaisionably drops them inconspicuously to unsuspecting fans in the
front. Try combing the front row after the show, and maybe you will have the
same luck as I did.

"hiding beneath the sheets, got to try and fill the void."  _6A2070D6

P.S. Please if anyone knows when the Merriweather Post Tickets go on sale
please post the date. Gracias.


Subject: Wrong Lyric + Barometer
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 92 19:07:58 EDT

Dear NMS readers,

	In the ftp file, reads:

Different Strings
--------- -------
Who's come to slay the dragon,
Come to watch him fall?
Making arrows out of pointed words,
Giant killers at the call?
Too much fuss and bother,
Too much complication and confusion.  <==== this one
Peel away the mystery,
Here's a clue to some real motivation.

	I do believe line six (the one I marked) should be:

Too much CONTRADICTION and confusion.

	Yes?  By the way, what is the difference between [ ] and
[ ]?  These files look the same to me.

	Someone told me that if Neil is enjoying a particular concert,
he will do that "windmill-guitar-thing".   I was at the Chapel Hill, NC
show and he did it there.  It was a great concert and the crowd was
decent, but nothing more than average.  My point is, has anyone been to
a show where he HASN't done it?  Or has this barometer of the band's
enjoyment become standard?



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