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Subject: 04/17/92 - The National Midnight Star #469

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 469

                  Friday, 17 April 1992
                     (Number 2 of 2)
Today's Topics:
                 Phoenix, AZ Rush Tickets
                       RUSH in ABQ
                   Rush 'n' poplularity
                        Bye bye...
             Unconfirmed Massachussetts date.
     Re:  04/16/92 - The National Midnight Star #467
               The Boyz back to the Bay...
                  More Summer Tour dates
                       Jones Beach
                       New England?
            Rush on the Radio, uk tour-spoiler
               Rush plays June 17 near Bos
               Rush Fame Danforth and Pape!
                       need a ride
                   Fountain of Lamneth
              More Vicious Rumours ... NOT!
                       Dayton tix?
                     Albuquerque Tix
                    Rush in Pittsburgh
                Rush at Blossom (not yet)
                 Life Under Pressure boot

Date:         Thu, 16 Apr 92 15:08:19 MST
From: "Glenn W." 
Subject:      Phoenix, AZ Rush Tickets

RUSH tickets go on sale - Saturday, April 18 at 10 AM

>From Desert Sky Pavillion and Ticketmaster...

Also for Credit card orders...

(602) 230-9112

Remember, if you are calling out of state :
10 am and Arizona doesn't follow
daylight savings times.

Happy Camping


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Date: Thu, 16 Apr 92 15:15:56 MST
Subject: RUSH in ABQ

The latest I've heard on Rush in Albuquerque, NM is that tickets go on sale
May 2 at 9:00am.  Tickmaster # 505-884-0999.

If anyone knows when tickets go on sale in Lubbock, please let me know.  By
the way, I heard that the Rush fans in Lubbock got Rush to come there because
they've been pestering the Rush managers with mail and faxes for the past
year, begging them to not pass up Lubbock.  The managers wrote back and told
them that they would be there!



Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1992 19:49 EST
Subject: Rush 'n' poplularity

First of all--fave instrumental?  Tie between LVS and Grand Finale from 2112.

I also found it kind of funny that Political Correctness threads started both
here and on the Zeppelin list at the same time...

But, to the issue at hand...if I may add my voice (seriously this time,
although I thought Desmond Child songs were a _great_ idea) I must say I'm glad
Rush aren't "hugely popular".  Part of their appeal, for me, is the idea that
Joe or Jane-Average Music Fan may not be able to comprehend the music or the
lyrics, and so dislike it.  Rush's overwhelming popularity with musicians is
another plus, as it validates much of what first attracted me to the band.
But if I may draw a slight parallel--in the 70's, Led Zeppelin was ("were" for
you Europeans) the biggest band in the world.  Yet the Stones got all the
publicity and media adoration, which made Zeppelin kind of like a "club"
(albiet a rather large one).  This was encouraged by the band--2 albums with no
identification on the jacket, few interviews, no TV, etc.  By eschewing the
superficial popularity of the media darlings, they instead created an
incredibly loyal fan base, and assured that their music would endure for a long
time (something most "popular" bands, other than the Stones, never achieved).

Rush is much the same--by concentrating on what's meaningful rather than what's
popular, they've created a huge fan base, recession-proof tours, and an
enduring place in music (if you doubt it, listen to bands like Metallica, the
Chili Peppers, Primus, and Living Colour talk about what bands influenced 
To my mind, that's much more important than MTV, top 40 radio, or any of those
other "trappings".
						Thor Iverson


Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1992 20:38 EDT
Subject: Bye bye...

Buenos noches, mein froinds!

This is my final post for TNMS for this year :' (.  I'll
probably come back on next year to talk Rush with all youse

I don't have much to say, other than to keep on Rushing!

Thanx to the people who have given me good comments, good
flames, etc.  You've all been great as far as opinions and
reactions are concerned, and for their depth and insight.


   %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%		   --.- --.- --..
  ---(*0*)-(*0*)---             B R I A N  C O L B Y
          (			 S11689BC@UMASSD.EDU
       \_____/      	       BJCOLBY@CIS.UMASSD.EDU


Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1992 21:06 EDT
From: "Excuse me, I've lost my marbles" 
Subject: Unconfirmed Massachussetts date.

Okay...the Boston Globe reported today (April 16th) that Rush is tentatively
scheduled for the Great Woods Performing Arts Center for June 17th with Mr. Big
opening. No date as to when tickets go on sale (the paper said 'in a few 
So, be on the lookout for that! Should be interesting to see Rush play an out-
door venue...I saw them on the "Presto" tour, and they were wonderful. Missed
them this time out, since I'm a starving college senior. Hopefully I can put
some of that money I'm getting for graduating towards tickets at Great Woods!
(For those who don't know, Great Woods is in Mansfield, MA.)

**   Melissa A. Jehnings         *"I don't believe in love                   **
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Date: Thu, 16 Apr 92 16:04:47 HST
From: deane@galileo.IFA.Hawaii.Edu (Rebel Without A Clue)
Subject: Re:  04/16/92 - The National Midnight Star #467

	Two things need to be said:

	1) To Narpet@mcgill and others who do this almost every issue:
		Unsubscription requests go to the address listed at the end
of every issue. NOT the mailing list itself. RTFM!!!

	2) To Michael Silverman and others who also do this alot: Why jump
viciously on people who ask questions? This is supposed to be a forum for
discussing those things. Squelching the asker as well as the rumour only
serves to give this list a rep as a bunch of hardcore assholes who only
care about you if you can repeat every liner note by memory.
	Come on! Lighten up. This happens all over UseNEt as well. The "same
stupid questions come up again and again" mostly because not EVERYONE in the
world has your same experience base; some learn about RUSH later in life
than you did, and to some, the same point in their life (as you became so
enlightened) is NOW, since they're younger.

	A little respect, please. If it's not asked with malicious intent,
don't flame it.

	Voice of Reason climbng down from his lofty steed,
Look ma, no OBRQ! Neil told me to GAL!


Date: Thu, 16 Apr 92 19:14:08 PDT
From: Michael.J.Smith@EBay.Sun.COM (Michael J. Smith (L.A. RAMS))
Subject: The Boyz back to the Bay...

	On Sunday, THE 24th OF MAY, The dead will be at Shoreline.....

	A week later, THE 31st OF MAY, a Canadian power trio called "RUSH"

	will be at Shoreline...

	happy happy joy joy


Date: Thu, 16 Apr 92 22:53:45 -0400
From: Doug Keller 
Subject: More Summer Tour dates

Rush and Mr. Big will be at GreatWoods in Mansfield, MA on June 17.
It was in Thursdays news paper.  Tickets will go on sale in a couple
of weeks.

Doug Keller                  
Northeastern University, Boston, MA    Bix: dkeller
Computer Engineering


Date: Thu, 16 Apr 92 23:13:43 EDT
From: jalhart@skidmore.EDU (Lerxst)
Subject: Jones Beach

Once again I have some conflicting informationt to report to you all re:
Jones Beach.  My friend who has provided me with all the info on the
tour says Jones Beach is happening on June 20!  This is not CONFIRMED,
however we should know definitivly very soon as tix for Jones Beach
concerts go on sale May 8.

Also if anyone missed my last post, June 17 is confirmed for Mansfield, MA
at Great Woods Performing Arts Center.

One final note, I heard that the second night at Irvine Meadows is indeed
happening, in fact according to, tix are already on sale
(I told you JImmy!).


Ken F.


Date: Thu, 16 Apr 92 21:20:13 PDT
From: "ALPHA-Don't worry, we'll make more" 
Subject: New England?

	Does anyone have any clue as to whether or not Rush will
	be making a stop in New England, if so, please mail me


	John 'Listenup' Vaghini

|"All the world*****************TECH DUDE LIVES******************"The attacker|
|Is a stage,and+------------------------------------------------+     must    |
|We are merely |                                                |   vanquish, |
|Players." -   |                John J. Vaghini                 | The defender|
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|| \ \/  _) | ||                                                |   survive"  |
+--------------+  "Almost entirely, but not quite, unlike tea"  +-------------+



Date:       Fri, 17 Apr 92 12:04:13 BST
Subject:    Rush on the Radio, uk tour-spoiler


   All this talk of not getting enough Rush on the radio amazes me. You
guys in the USA don't realise what a good thing you have there, with
your enormous variety of commercial radio stations. I've been to the
States 3 times now, and each time I go I'm blown away by your radio. In
every city you have at least one station that plays *ROCK* music,
*continuously*, during the *day*! Last time I was in the States I turned
on one station and heard Rush played 3 times in 1 hour, admittedly it
was during the Presto tour but...
    I have only ever heard Rush played on British radio ONCE, in the
15 years I've listened to radio here. Our radio is totally dominated
by the BBC, who have a panel of judges (about 12 of them), who listen
to all the latest releases and decide what the whole of the UK should
listen to. If they don't like it, it doesn't get played *anywhere*,
and so it never makes the charts. They only seem to like rap, disco &
hip-hop, which means that is all we ever get. If by some miracle a
rock record gets to No.1 in the charts, often the BBC still won't play
it. It's definitely a case of 'those who know what's best for us...'.
There are a few commercial stations, but in order to get listeners
they copy the BBC and play only what's been made popular by them.
To be fair, there are a few progs dedicated to rock music, but these
tend to be pushed to late night only slots, especially on Friday or
Saturday night when any self-respecting rock fan is out partying.
I heard that Rush track at 11:45pm at night, by the way, on a Saturday
night that I wasn't partying, for once.
    As for MTV, we have it, but only by satellite, and very few
people in the UK have bothered with it because it's crap! The European
MTV is like the US one, but much, much worse. Daytime shows are *only*
disco, rap etc, and there's only one prog all week that deals with
rock. I've never yet seen a Rush video on UK MTV, whereas I saw 3
Rush videos in one week last time I was in the States.
   In short, this is one of the reasons why, if any one asks me who my
favourite group is & I reply "Rush", they invariably answer "Who?".
I would say that 90% of the UK population have never heard of Rush
simply because the Radio & TV stations never play them. Those that
have heard of them think them untrendy, and uncool, and say things
like "Are they still around, I thought they'd given up 10 years ago!".
They mean this sincerely too, they're just ignorant due to lack of
information. If I were suspiciously minded, I might think it was a
conspiracy...'only let them hear safe, supermarket muzak, otherwise
they might get restless...'

SPOILER: review of UK concert.

    Anyway, enough moaning. I saw Rush at the NEC last week. The
concert was a sell-out (not bad for an untrendy  group no-one's
ever heard of), and they played pretty much the identical
set to the US tour, at least from what I've read of US reviews.
The lighting, lasers, video backdrop all worked to perfection and
they played faultlessly, as usual. I told a few mates I went with
that it'd probably be one of, if not the best concert they'd ever
see. Afterwards most of them agreed it was.
   The only gripes: I wish they'd played *all* of Xanadu, rather than
spoil it by cutting in to Superconductor. Not much use was made of the
rabbits. They inflated during one song, bounced up & down during the
next, and then disappeared. I saw the Presto tour in Montreal last year
but most of the UK audience wouldn't have. The rabbits were a lot more
involved last year, as I remember, being around for about 5 or 6
songs. It was a bit disappointing that more of the effects included
in the Presto tour weren't incorporated into
this one, so as we *all* get a chance to see them, not just the US.
I missed the projected moving roadway during Red Barchetta too. Pity,
that's a great effect. I also missed the 'paint the mirror black'
video in War Paint, too, since this song wasn't played.
    Nevertheless, it was a superb concert, well-worth waiting 4 years
for. I only hope it's not another 4 years before they return again.

    "swimming against the stream"

       Paul May, University of Bristol, UK


From: (Jerry Bass)
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1992 7:12:04 EST
Subject: Rush plays June 17 near Bos

SUBJECT                  Rush plays June 17 near Boston
I just heard that Rush is tentatively scheduled to play at Great Woods in
Norton, MA.  This was published in the Calendar section of the Boston Globe
on 16 April.  Thought you should know

Jerry Bass
The MITRE Corporation
Bedford, MA


Date: Fri, 17 Apr 92 08:49:21 EDT
From: (Keivan Khalichi)
Subject: Rush Fame Danforth and Pape!


In regards to Rush Fame:

  [ I would like to quote Mr. Geddy Lee's own words in Best I Can. ]

    Got an itchin' to rock, a hate for small talk
    I'm funny that way
    Got my sights on the stars, won't get that far
    But I'll try anyway
    I just like to please, don't like to tease
    I'm easy like that
    Don't like long rests, I must confess
    I'm an impatient cat

  [ Here is where the idea lies. ]

    Rock and roll-in's a scream, making' millions my dream
    Well, I do that a lot
    I'll just give it a try, won't let good times pass me by
    They're all I've got

So I think that fame wouldn't be a bad idea at all, in the mind of Mr. Lee.
And as far as Misters Peart and Lifeson are concerned, well, they did this
song together, naturaly they must agree to the same ideas.

In regards to Danforth and Pape:

  Once, a froind of mine, from the fall semester when we took a class together
told me the story behind La Villa Strangiato.  Now I don't know how true it
is but here it goes.  He said, during the making of this album, Alex Lifeson
had a dream and he decided to make that dream into an instrumental, and
include it on the Hemispheres LP.  Which probably explains why Truth was
taken out of there.  Well, I was just thinking that maybe somewhere in that
dream, he found himself at the intersection of Danforth and Pape streets.
And something happened there or it holds some type of significance that we
will never be able to understand.  Also look at the second part of that song.

  That's something to think about.


Subject: need a ride
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 92 08:49:27 -0400
From: RUSH Fans Digest Manager 

------- Forwarded Message

Received: by (5.57/Ultrix3.0-C)
	id AA14553; Thu, 16 Apr 92 16:11:56 -0400
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 92 16:11:56 -0400
From: (Balaji Ekambaram)
Message-Id: <>
Subject: need a ride

  I am planning to go for the June 19th concert at Meadowlands, NJ.
However, I have no means of transportation and wonder if anybody is
going thataway from (or near) my place. I go to school at UMASS,
Amherst, MA.

  Yesterday, I got his cool poster and T-shirt featuring RUSH.  The
poster has Neil Peart with his drums kit ( looks awesome) on the left
top corner, Lerxst standing sideways in the center, and Lee at the
right top corner.  Sprinkled about the poster are windows wherein
various concert photos feature.  And the poster is landscape oriented
bearing the legend "RUSH"\nextline\ROLL THE BONES.
  This T-shirt is very common with Roll the bones album cover
and list of all songs on the back.  Pretty cool.  Waiting for
a momentous occasion to wear it :-)

In case anybody wants similar T-shirts or posters, email me
and I will give you the address of the guy to contact..
The T-shirt is $16 ( good qlty) and poster $5.


*****  Monday is a lousy way to spend one-seventh of your life  *****

------- End of Forwarded Message


Subject: Fountain of Lamneth
From: (The illustrius Pat Ellis (the DM))
Date:    Fri, 17 Apr 92 11:20:00 EDT

In regards to the discussion regarding the referral to specific parts
of their extended songs let me just say this...  I for one first obtained
CoS on cassette tape.  On the tape the Fountain of Lamneth was broken apart!
I'm not exactly sure of the order but I do know that at least one part
was sandwiched between bastille day and Lakeside park.  It wasn't until
I purchased the CD that I even learned that it was one song.  Perhaps this is
why people are constantly referring to this song in pieces rather than a whole.
Just my .02$
                                   Patrick Ellis

-------------Why are we here?  For the Beer, Row the Boats----------------


Date: Fri, 17 Apr 92 11:28:35 EDT
From: Doug White 
Subject: More Vicious Rumours ... NOT!

Just a quick post that may or may not have content...
I heard a tune by XTC called "Peter Pumpkinhead" or something
like that - it seemed to me that it's a "Cinderella Man" type
story, but nowhere as cool musically.

To the guy who said Neil died in '84 : No, it was earlier.
Ala Beatles, the AFTK cover portrays the group's disintgration,
although there is hope that the robot (marionette) can fill Neil's
seat (behind the drums). You did get the robot acusation right.
(Sgt. Pepper is Paul's graveside service, remember?)

A bunch of people asked about that songlist code, so I tar'ed it
and put in the ftp rush/incoming dir on syrinx. The Rush-Mgr knows
this (if he's read his mail), so if it gets moved or removed, let me
know - I'll wing out the odd copy. (2nd, 4th, 6th requests unanswered)

BTW, the "burning at the stake" pic on the MP cover is based on a fiery
car crash in which the Gedmeister lost his left arm. He's got one of
those Luke Skywalker replacement limbs. (But he'll never admit it!)


Date:    Fri, 17 Apr 92  11:25:22 EDT
From: clxi5yc@BUACCA.BU.EDU
Subject: Bandana

Man have you all got it way wrong.  Neil wears the bandana
to cover the tattoo of his Satanic cult, which was put on
his forehead in a bizzare ritual involving six virgins,
three cats, a bale of hay and a can of albacore tuna.

"Those who know what's best for us
Must rise and save us from ourselves."

Now who's hunting witches?


"And the Meek shall inherit the Earth..."

Stephen A. Dale

Roll the Bones....
(And Ride for the Sun...)



Date: 17 Apr 92 12:32:00 EDT
From: "]" 
Subject: Dayton tix?

Does anyone know about the June 23 show in Dayton?  Apparently the Nutter
Center BO doesn't know -- and that's where the show is being HELD!  I was
told that tix were already on sale, but I guess not.  Any info would be vital!



Date: Fri, 17 Apr 92 13:23:44 MDT
Subject: Albuquerque Tix
From: sraby@NMSU.Edu!Desert

Tickets for Rush in Albuquerque on June 9 go on sale Saturday, May 2
at 9:00 a.m. MST.


Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1992 16:08 EST
From: "Anthony J. DelBusso" 
Subject: Rush in Pittsburgh


   I was just informed by a co-worker that Rush will be coming to the
Star Lake Ampitheatre June 21.  He said he heard it on the radio (prob-
ably either WRRK 96.9 or WDVE 102.5).  I hope he wasn't pulling my leg.


P.S. --> If this turns out to be false information, I got it from Scott
         Pater, who also recieves the NMS, so send him alot of hate mail
         if it's not true  8-)

Anthony J. DelBusso                 Work: (412)624-7143   Home: (412)431-3341
Forbes Quad Computer Lab                             BITNET: DELBUSSO@pittvms
Computer Lab Operator                     Internet:
============"I might not be perfect, but at least I'm not YOU..."============


From: telxon!teleng!dank@uunet.UU.NET (Dan Kelley)
Subject: Rush at Blossom (not yet)
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 92 8:43:47 EDT

For you Cleveland area folks, I just called the WONE concert line
here in Akron and no Rush yet at Blossom (although I do expect them to
since they are doing outside venues now - plus they were here on the Presto
Tour).  For the individual who said that they would be here in May...
ah, no.  Blossom events begin June 10 with the Ringo Starr All-Star band.
Hopefully we'll hear something soon.


       Dan Kelley         ()   ===== ===== =   = =    ////  =  =
  ...!uunet!telxon!dank   ()     =   ===   =    =   //////  == = ()     =   ===== ===== =  //////  = ==   Corp.
   (216)-867-3700 x3512   ()                        ////           Akron, OH


Date: Fri, 17 Apr 92 16:51:06 -0400
From: (Gregg Jaeger)
Subject: Life Under Pressure boot

Hi. I have an extra _Life Under Pressure_ CD I'm willing to sell to anyone
who is interested. It is the same music as the Grace Under Pressure video
soundtrack, but if you're a collector or interested in having the music on
CD then drop me a message.

Gregg (

Gregg Jaeger    (     | Tristero?               Treestero?
Dept(s). of Physics (and Philosophy)      |            ______/|/|
590 Commonwealth Ave.                     |              (_) \|\|
Boston University, Boston MA 02215        |  WASTE: Box 49 Boston.   Trystero?


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