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Subject: 04/21/92 - The National Midnight Star #470

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 470

                  Tuesday, 21 April 1992
                      (Number 1 of 2)
Today's Topics:
          Do Alex, Geddy, and Neil read the NMS?
                    RTB Concert Video?
                  The New Rush Newsgroup
                     Elephants butt!
                       Lubbock Show
       The supposed "what's appropriate" debate...
                 Introductory Style Post
      Re: 04/17/92 - The National Midnight Star #468
          Villa Stangiato/2112 film/Old concerts
                La Villa and maybe more...
                       Re:  Awards
                     T-Shirt Mystery
                         The Fly
                  You want recognition?
                       Great Woods?

From: Editor, The National Midnight Star 
Subject: Administrivia

Amazingly enough, I've caught totally up on admin. mail.  As ever, if
you mailed the admin address, expect an answer, and didn't get one, please
send mail again (and accept my apologies).

Secondly, I'd like to welcome the many new members who have joined in the
past couple of weeks.  Our membership list is up over 1350 and going strong.

I'm not sure how this mail forum will fall in the scheme of things now that
the newsgroup '' is around.  I've considered porting the NMS
to that group, but it may be more of a pain than it's worth.  The moderated
forum this offers gives us a chance of a higher signal-to-noise ratio than
is normally available in a newsgroup.  Don't worry, *I have no intention of
discontinuing the NMS.*  For the time being, I will not interact with the
newsgroup ("I" in this case being "the NMS").

Information on the t-shirts:  As I understand it, there is more than one
person interested in doing t-shirts.  As one of them is currently swamped
by work and will be unable to do it soon, there will probably be a couple
of different versions of the shirt available.  With any luck we'll see some-
thing posted here from the other designer.  From what I've heard, the cost
will be about $10 per shirt + p&h, but don't hold me to that.  It's up to
the creator(s).  I have no further details at this point.  If I'm contacted,
or notice a t-shirt offering post, I'll try to mention it here in the
administrivia section.



Date: Fri, 17 Apr 92 16:50:38 EST
From: YES 
Subject: Do Alex, Geddy, and Neil read the NMS?

I wonder if they even know of its existence!
I sometimes read this and laugh out loud at the thought of
the three of them getting together with a couple of Mooseheads
every week to get a few yuks over what we say about them.

[ It's been mentioned to them, as well as in "A Show Of Fans" thanks to
  Jimmy Lang's column.  The band was given a copy of the last ASOF containing
  Jimmy's piece.  I also met Jack Secret in Richmond and mentioned it to him,
  and told him about the piece in ASOF.  We don't want to be pushy, but I
  think they'll find out about it eventually.                      :rush-mgr ]

I mean, all these pages EVERY WEEK about three guys in a rock band. Sheesh!

Glenn I. Simon

sadder still to watch it die than never to have known it
(from my favorite Rush keyboard playing)


Subject: RTB Concert Video?
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 92 16:05:14 PDT

Since every other tour has been recorded and put out on video since
"Exit...Stage Left", I was wondering if anyone has seen (legal)
video cameras at any of the RTB concerts.  Vat's Up Vill?


Date: Fri, 17 Apr 92 18:16:44 -0500
From: Brian E. Saunders 
Subject: The New Rush Newsgroup

Although I'm sure I won't be the only one to point this out, I thought
I should just in case nobody else does.  The "alt" newsgroups do not
require a vote to get started.  Many news sites do not carry these
groups, in order to save disk space or (gasp!) censor.  The "rec" groups,
on the other hand, have to be passed by vote, I believe.  I'm not really
sure about this, but there are FAQ's out on net stuff which explain
this distinction.

Actually, I'm surprised nobody tried the "alt" approach before.  Sure, it
is somewhat insulting not to have a "rec" group when there are stupid music
categories which have managed to sneak in there, but something is better
than nothing.

I'm not sure what the distinction between the newsgroup and The NMS
should be (I know that our esteemed manager is pondering over the
issue).  I agree that the newsgroup might be a useful method for
distributing the NMS, and may end up cutting back the number of names
on the mail list, because some of us may choose to receive the
newsletter that way.  I imagine that the newsgroup might be a more
appropriate forum for the idle chatter and little bits, whereas the
NMS might be for the more informational stuff.  Still, I'd hate to see
the NMS lose its edge...

[ As I mentioned above, the NMS will be here as long as I have subscribers
  and a job here.  :-)                                            :rush-mgr ]

Brian E. Saunders


Subject: Elephants butt!
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 92 16:19:59 -0700


	I feel dumb. When I first saw the elephants butt in the rtb cd, I
thought it was it's shoulder! Sure I thought the leg was a little skinny for
a two ton elephant, but I was too excited about the cd. Last night I FINALY
got my new copy of Signals. I lost the origial cd when I was in LA last year
(did any of you guys find it? no? oh well) and when ever I had enough money
to by a new copy, The store was *gasp* out!

	Also, this isn't really Rush related, but for any guitarists out
there, I am now managing a anonymous ftp guitar archive. The location is in
my .sig, and the path is   pub/guitar/   So any Alex wannabe's can check it
out! I just recently got Subdivisions, and The Big Money, and they are in the
Rush dir!


* From: James B     * "The suberbs have no charms to sooth the restless dream *
* *  of youth."                           -- N. Peart       *
* Coming soon--                                                               *
*      Van Damme and Van Damme in  "Van Damme Yankes"                         *
*                                                                -- MST3K     *
-- TAB ftp site:   --


Date: 17 Apr 1992 17:26:15 -0600 (MDT)
From: Roo-Dog Rip 
Subject: Lubbock Show

I just have this to say about the Lubbock show. I'm pissed that in the four
years I lived there, I never saw them. When I was home during the summer(in New
Mexico), they came to Odessa(on GuP), but 300 miles one way alone on two-lane
roads was a bit much for me, even then. Otherwise Dallas was a close as they
got. Really. I'm bumming.

Roo-Dog Rip
\Roo-Dog Rip is:                  <> "O! What a rogue and peasant slave am I!"/
\Derrell Durrett                  <>                 --- _Hamlet_ II, ii, 584 /
\D_DURRETT%KAOS@VAXF.COLORADO.EDU <>   High Energy Physics: The New Religion! /
\Vox:(303)492-4821|Fax:492-5119   <>                Get Some Today!           /
\ High Energy Physics Group | University of Colorado | Boulder, Colorado, USA /


Date:     Fri, 17 Apr 92 18:48:27 CDT
From: Scott Meesey 
Subject:  The supposed "what's appropriate" debate...

Please, please fellow Rushians...let's not get ugly with each over what's
appropriate for this newsletter!

The truth is, to a certain extent, this is OUR newsletter.  It was set up for
us to send in submissions.  Logically, it would follow that ANYTHING we want
to write about is appropriate.  In my opinion, to hell with the "no flames"
philosophy.  I'd welcome someone who isn't a rush fan to explain why they're
not...and then get shredded by our wonderful contributors.  []-)

[ The reason for the 'no flames' policy is two-fold; first, to prevent those
  who like to bash Rush from posting here just to piss people off, and also
  to try to keep the S/N ratio up.  If you'll note from the intro note, it
  say's "no personal flames"; there's a difference between griping about
  something you don't like about the band and flaming someone for their own
  point of view.                                                    :rush-mgr ]

A few comments to other contributors:

To Dan Kelley, I can't say I agree much with your choice of words, but more
power to your ideas!  Freedom of speech (and the use of our space bar) is one
of our fundamental rights as human beings...let's not forget that.

To Carl Brady; A "secret club"?  *sigh*  The last thing we need is to proclaim
that we have some greater significance than the rest of the world.  Sorry if
I misinterpreted what you said, I'm just sick and tired of the "we know what's
good, f*** the rest" attitude I've been getting from this newsletter.

		"...For a change of accent
		    Or the color of your shirt..."

To anyone offended by the Rush vs. Mozart table from a while back;  Offhand,
I'd say that was a chance at a bit of humor.  True, that may have been his
opinion, but I think he wanted a laugh more than he wanted people to believe
that Mozart was boring drudgery (kinda like this submission []-) ).  
(or rather incidentally), Wolfy's 40th is my fav.

[ Geez, I hope nobody took that Rush/Mozart piece seriously... It came out
  April Fools Day, folks!  You'd think that it was obvious that that days
  NMS was all spoof...                                           :rush-mgr ]

Sorry if I stepped on any toes or bored anyone...just thought it had to be 
Strive for the secular heavens!

Scott A. Meesey

"couldn't we talk about something else instead?"

p.s.  A Marillion mail server?  WHERE? HOW? WHO? PLEASE!


Date: Fri, 17 Apr 92 20:49:12 -0400
From: (Scott McMahan -- Genesis mailing list owner)
Subject: Introductory Style Post

This may shock some people who know me from the Genesis mailing
list and various places. You were warned :).

I've recently been getting into Rush, very very slowly. Now I'm
at the point I want to start reading more about them, and I thought
I'd introduce myself instead of lurking (and perhaps shock a few people :)).

It's been a slow process. The first Rush album I got was All The World's
A Stage, but I didn't get to listen to it before it wrapped itself
around the internals of my tape player. It didn't quite do it for me, the
couple of songs I'd heard. It was realy a shock, since people had led me
to believe that Rush were similar to bands like Genesis and Marillion.
They definitely are not.

Then I listened to Hold Your Fire, which is more contemporary. A few songs
on it are really good, like The Mission, Turn the Page...

And Todd Satogata on the Genesis list made me a tape of some of the
greatest hits of the middle years, from Perm. Waves and Moving Pictures.
It wasn't my favorite, although it had its moments.

Then I got the "greatest hits" type album, Chronicles (did they pay
Steve Winwood royalties for using that title?). The first track is
really great on that album!

Now that I've decided not to expect a Genesis/Yes/Marillion sound, Rush
is getting easier to get into. I have 1,000,000 files in the FTP
archives to read, and a lot of albums to hear...

Where should I go from here? I'm considering more early stuff (although
Roll The Bones, with its clever video and skeleton and all is  a song I

That's my Rush story, and I'll go back to lurking and reading...

DDD      IIII      Y   YY
DD D      II        Y YY    Do it yourself -- Peter Gabriel
DD D      II         YY
DD D      II        YY
DDD   O  IIII  O   YY  O    (, Scott McMahan)


From: djabson@sdcc13.UCSD.EDU (The God of Balance)
Subject: quickies
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 92 21:14:40 PDT

	Just two quick things:
1) I have one, maybe two tickets to sell for the June 3rd show at
Irvine Meadows (near L.A. for you non-californians). I have several
people who have given me definite 'maybes' but they're lagging so if
anyone is interested, drop me a line.

2) It would be KILLER if Marillion opened for Rush this summer. I
doubt there's much chance they'll open for the June 3rd show (see
above :)) but it would be cool just the same. Apparently Mr. Big is
opening for them at Irvine. Guess I'll skip the opening act.



Date: Sat, 18 Apr 1992 01:20 CST
From: This Space For Sale 
Subject: Re: 04/17/92 - The National Midnight Star #468

	Oy! Oy! A mailing list for the greatest band of all time --
and I, one of the biggest Rush fans of all time, get to join it! Oy!
Where have you been all these years??
	Several responses to stuff mentioned of late:
	Someone asked about Geddy's strange vocalizations during
La Villa on ESL.  Isn't there something in the album's liner notes that
give a "translation"?  I do remember hearing in an interview that Alex
is now the one who takes over the strange mumblings often during La Villa...
just check out their concert video from the Hold Your Fire concert, where
radioactive signs appear on the screen and the sound fades out as Alex
chants during La Villa...  it's pretty cool, though i once heard Geddy confess
that no one else ever thought it was funny.
	Regarding Geddy-isms, I have several favorites ... some are vocal,
some physical. Obviously, "catch the fish" from Tom Sawyer is a famous
favorite.  Here's one i really like, that i hope a few of you have caught:
HAS ANYONE EVER NOTICED on *a show of hands* during "The Mission" .. where
he's supposed to sing "i hear their passionate music" .. he sings " i hear
their passionate muzak"?  COOL COOL COOL.
				(does ted nugent still own the Muzak company?)
	ANOTHER LYRICAL GEDDYISM is something i noticed on one of their
concert videos (grace under pressure??) where they're doing the "in the mood"
encore -- and geddy's singing, "Hey whoopie (?) , it's a quarter to 8.."
what's he really saying there?  on the album, it's "hey baby," and
i've heard "hey, woman," live ...... but could it be his wife?  what's
the names of the band's wives?
^^ bad grammar, i know.
	other physical geddy-isms include his patented one-leg hop across
the stage and funky bass gyration.

	by the way, does he really NEED those glasses? or are they just for

Thomas Beaudoin
Kansas City,
where Rush will play on May 23 (actually, they're playing nearby Sandstone


Date: Sat, 18 Apr 92 11:16:22 EDT
From: (Keivan Khalichi)
Subject: Villa Stangiato/2112 film/Old concerts


  In regards to La Villa Strangiato off Exit...Stage Left:

  In the CD of ESL, which I have currently lent to an upcomming Rush fan,
the new words to LVS are written on the inside of the cover.  I think it's
above Mr. Peart's picture.

  In regards to old concerts:

  I guess no one has been to the tours of the first four albums.  Well, if
someone who has been missing some of the past few issues is reading this, see
if you know anyone who has attended the 2112 tour.  I'm interested to know
all about it.  It is the history of Rush that I have been unfortunate to
miss.  Comming from a Middle Eastern country, I tell you, Rush has no chance
there.  They speak of the truth too much, which scares the governments there.
(Send personal flames to address)  I'm sorry, but my origin will not be
revieled here, so please don't ask.  That is, if you care.

  In regards to a 2112 film:

  Send your vote in on what you think a 2112 film should be like, or if it
should be made at all.  Put your mind into it, and send me, at my address,
some reasonable responses.  I'll try to make this into a poll, and give you
back the results.
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! R U S H / 2 1 1 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"The sleep is still in my eyes     |  Just think of what my life might be
 The dream is still in my head     |  In a world like I have seen
 I heave a sigh and sadly smile    |  I don't think I can carry on
 And lie a while in bed            |  Carry on this cold and empty life.
 I wish that it might come to pass |  My spirits are low in the depths of
 Not fade like all my dreams"      |  Dispair
                                   |  My lifeblood, spills over...
          ** From the land of the Overworld, Keivan Khalichi. **


Date: Sat, 18 Apr 92 13:22:18 EDT
Subject: La Villa and maybe more...

Well, let's see.....From what I know, La Villa was inspired by ALex's
nightmares, but as for some possible connection to the Danforth and Pape
intersection...I have no idea.  Does anyone have any real confermation on

Oh yeah.  Someone mentioned that some Rush tunes are better live than on the
album.  I can't agree with you more.  My list goes something like this:

Better on the album:  Jacob's Ladder, La Villa, Marathon, 2112,  In the End
Better live:  Xanadu, Manhattan Project, A Passage to Bangkok, Turn the Page

Well....I'll stop there, I could go on with this for hours.

                                     Roll 'em people

(currently between .sigs)


Date: Sat, 18 Apr 1992 12:45 EST
Subject: Re:  Awards

Hello Out There,
        Alex Lifeson was "inducted" into Guitar Magazine's "Hall of Fame"
in the May 1991 issue.  The cover has Alex Lifeson, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and
Joe Perry.  There was a transcription to "Freewill", and a really good
interview with the Lerxst-man.  I'm sure all guitar enthusiasts will be
familiar with the issue.  I'm not sure how prestigious a recognition this
was for Alex Lifeson, but it's good that Guitar Magazine knows a great
guitarist when they see one.

        "There is no safe seat at the feast..."



Date: Sat, 18 Apr 1992 12:57 EST
Subject: BTW

Hello Out There,
        Does anyone know if the correspondence address which is printed on
the inside sleeve of MOVING PICTURES is still valid?

        "There is no safe seat at the feast..."



Date: Sat, 18 Apr 92 12:45:13 MDT
Subject: T-Shirt Mystery
From: ehuffman@NMSU.Edu!

Hello All! Correct me if I am wrong, but did the plans for the NMS
T-Shirt just vanish into thin air? It is unfortunate that there was so
enthusiasm in the beginning, and that out of several individual efforts
nothing panned out. If someone knows, please post.

[ See note in the administrivia section.                      :rush-mgr ]

Also, ( I realize that this is not the correct channel ) Is there anyone
out there that would be willing to send me bootleg information? Especially
anyone that has come across "THE FLY" Please e-mail me if you do!!

Thanks everyone,
Elise Huffman


Date: Sat, 18 Apr 92 18:09:10 -0400
Subject: The Fly

  I need info on the boot The Fly.  Please e-mail me with any
  information any of you may have, especially if it is worth
  buying.  Thanks.

[ It was reviewed in an earlier NMS.  I believe it was in NMS #462, by
  Michael Silverman .  This can be gotten
  either via ftp from syrinx (rush/digest/Digest.462) or from the mail
  server at Ingr.  See the tail of this or any NMS for details.
                                                             :rush-mgr ]

Kirk Cribb
Georgia Tech


Date: 18 Apr 92 19:28:54 EDT
From: "Dana C. Lommen" <72120.1255@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: You want recognition?


	I'm a long-time reader/first-time poster (LTR/FTP) to
the NMS and I would like to address a number of issues I
have seen discussed lately.

	On the subject of Rush and recognition, those of you
who feel that Rush has been ignored by the press and music
industry in general are nothing more than *reckless young
punks with no sense of decency* (what's the code to indicate
that I'm just kidding?).  Geddy was named best rock bassist
by Guitar Player magazine for five consecutive years
beginning in 1981!  He probably would have continued to win
had he not been inducted into the "Gallery of the Greats"
and declared ineligible for future years.  He made up for
it, however, by being named 1991 Bassist of the Year by Bass
Player magazine.  Alex won best rock guitarist in 1984 and
was a runner-up in 1982, 1983, 1985, and 1986.  Both Alex
and Geddy have been featured on the cover of these
publications numerous times.  In fact, I believe that Geddy
was chosen to grace the cover of the premier issue of Bass
Player.  Not being a drummer, I don't know what kind of
awards Neil has earned, but I'm sure there have been many.
Clearly, the members of Rush have been (and will continue to
be) some of the most recognized musicians to emerge in the
last two decades.  (Boy, I must be a real geek/die-hard to
know this stuff...  Mental Note to Myself:  GET A LIFE!
This advice has frequently been given in the pages of the
NMS, but I offer the following amendment: Never BUY a life
outright; always lease with option.)

	In the NMS #468, a reader wrote that he had obtained a
couple of Alex's guitar picks at a concert.  He described
them as being pink ones made by Ibanez.  I believe that this
person may be the victim of a cruel hoax or possibly a
conspiracy masterminded by the Trilateral Commission because
my sources indicate that Alex uses picks that are provided
by Dean Markley and feature his signature and possibly the
name of the band.  Your picks are probably worthless and you
should send one of them to me for verification...

	Now, I am truly embarrassed.  Neil Peart has gone on-
record that in his opinion the discussion that dominates the
NMS is too trivial and here I am blithering mindlessly about
what kind of guitar pick Alex uses.  Next thing you know
we'll be discussing whether the band wears antiperspirant to
combat the effects of all those bright stage lights ("Oh,
I'm quite sure that Neil does.  If you watch the Show of
Hands video, you will notice that about one minute and
sixteen seconds into the drum solo, when he raises his left
arm to go for his inverted 18" A. Zildjian crash/ride cymbal
that some white powder is visible clinging to his underarm
hair, indicating that it is probably a combination
antiperspirant AND deodorant (most likely a stick or roll-on
rather than an ozone-depleting aerosol- the use of which we
know he abhors).  You can see it really clearly if you back
it up and watch in super slo-mo.  I have a friend with
access to a digitizer and...")

	On a more serious note, if anyone has a tape from the
last tour that contains the version of "In the Mood" where
Paul Gilbert of Mr. Big joins Alex on guitar, I would love
to get a copy (please E-mail me).  Also, if anyone has any
of Neil's drumsticks or perhaps some old high school
yearbook photos of the band, please contact me.  I'm turning
one of the bedrooms in my house into sort of a shrine and...

				Dana Charles Lommen

ORQ: "                                    "
        -YYZ (mid-eighties live version)


Date:         Sat, 18 Apr 92 23:04:41 EDT
From: George Kulz 
Subject:      Great Woods?

      Someone mentioned earlier a tour date of June 17th at Great Woods in Mans
field, MA.  Does anyone know if tickets have gone on sale for this show yet, or
 if not, when they are?  I'm dying to see them again!  Thanks in advance.

-George ("Gettin' on with the fascination!") Kulz


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