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Subject: 04/24/92 - The National Midnight Star #472

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 472

                  Friday, 24 April 1992
                     (Number 1 of 2)
Today's Topics:
                The NMS and
                       Street names
        Here's a more detailed review of "The Fly"
                     Geddy's glasses
                    'Picks and Things
                         GOAC III
      Re: 04/21/92 - The National Midnight Star #471
              To drink the milk of paradise
           E. Rutherford, NJ show (19 June 1992
                 Lubbock, Texas tour date
                     Famous Geddyisms
                    Pitt,Lakeside park
                Oldies, Top 40, and Primus
                    Rush in Dayton!!!
              Re: NMS T-Shirts - FINALLY!!!
                    Rush in Pittsburgh
               Spirit of the Radio remake!
               Big money in p/g tour video
            Rush lyrics in ftp site anywhere?
                     Misc. Dribblings

From: Editor, The National Midnight Star 
Subject: Administrivia

First of all, there have been no NMSs since the double issue on Tuesday
(4/21).  Todays will also be a double since I can't get it out every day.
I'm doing doubles to try to avoid mailers cutting mail off or bouncing.
Unfortunately, I can't keep them below 20K each, as someone had asked. Sorry!

Next, there is t-shirt info mail in one of today's digests.  This is info
on ORDERING them, so keep your eyes peeled if you want one.

Also, remember that there is a new newsgroup,, on Usenet;
go fer it!



Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1992 16:14:05 -0500
From: Michael Silverman 
Subject: The NMS and

Now with two crowded arenas to discuss Rush (the National Midnight Star)
and the question is: which one should I read?

Well, the way I see it, you can compare the National Midnight Star to
the New York Times....established, high light to heat ratio, more
in-depth articles, more seriousness. The comaraderie in the NMS is also
extraordinary, unmatched by most other mailing lists.

On the other hand, is sort of like USA Today: shorter
articles, more fluff...light, yet filling reading. The best thing about is the super short turnaround time, allowing for fast
discussions. Another advantage is "new blood" making new posts about
many items never discussed in the NMS, such as the "Red Sector A supports
the Gulf War" thread and that looong thread on the meaning of the Trees,
threads like this would be nearly impossible to sustain on the NMS.

The solution? Read both! More Rush, same low price!

The NMS and should make for some damn happy Rush fans on
the net; I know I am.


"One likes to believe in the freedom of baseball" - Geddy Lee


Date:     Tue, 21 Apr 1992 20:03 EST
Subject:  Street names

Heres one for the "Get a life", or "Only a Rush fan would find any
significance in this" department:

Over Spring Break I visited my aunt in Phoenix Arizona (nice place!)...
anyways, we drove down to Tuscon one afternoon and along the way we stopped for
lunch in a town called "Casa Grande"...  we were heading towards the
restaurants and I notice "PEART STREET"...

Anyone else know of any Rush related street names or Rush related town/city
names?  I still want to stop by the Rush, NY roadsign on the Interstate 390 in
New York and steal it...  but I'm afraid of Mr. State Trooper...  oh well!

--Rob Lizak Jr.

Internet     :
Bitnet       : lizak98@snybufva.bitnet
Lacrosse Net : Buffalo Bandits, CHAMPS... (Finally, a championship team in


Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1992 19:05:14 -0500
From: Michael Silverman 
Subject: Here's a more detailed review of "The Fly"

For all of you who keep asking, here is a more detailed review of
the live Rush album, "The Fly"

Manufacturer: Metal Crash (worldwide distribution by MGR records Srl)
	      Via Lamarmora 33/3 16035 Rapallo (GE) Italy
	      Fax: 39-(0)2-57402890

Where I got mine: At a local record shop. I have also seen copies
at record shows.

Cost: I paid $35. I have seen them selling for from $25-$40.

Date of Recording: 12-7-91, at Madison Square Garden, NYC

Set list (with comments)

Force 10 (4:38) Very shaky, sound fades in and out for a while, the
song itself is quite forceful (no pun intended!)

Limelight (4:22) Sound quality improves a little. OK.

Freewill (3:02) Good...this song goes right into...
Distant Early Warning (5:34) which starts out a little bit differently
than in past shows...very good sounding

Time Stand Still (6:06) Including 15 seconds of ticking clocks at the
beginning. Good.

Finally, Geddy talks, then they play...
Dreamline (5:07)
and then
Bravado (7:03) Except for a brief fade out at the beginning, excellent
rendition. Includes the great extended ending

Roll the Bones (6:05) Muy Excellente

Show Don't Tell (6:21) Includes the 30 sec or so "magician" intro, which
loses something on CD, but the song itself is done very well

Big Money (6:39) Niels cool little "solo" at the end!

Ghost of a Chance - - 'Ghost of Dance' on the album :-)    (5:25)

Subdivisions (4:09) the new version...changed beginning, which I like
a lot, but the 2nd verse is skipped, which I don't like...very good
rendition of what's there, though.

The Pass (4:56) Beautiful live!

that's all folks, about 70+ minutes of music.

Overall, the sound quality, except for what I noted, is superb for a
non-soundboard show. The bass is too high, but that can be rectified
easily by an equalizer or by turning the bass down on you player.
A little tinny-sounding, but overall, damn good!

A few notes on the disc itself: a Picture disc! (well sort of) The
disc is beautifully decorated...with purple and blue flowers!
The album cover has a picture of a large housefly on it, on a purple

It's worth getting!
This is the first "real" non-official Rush recording released on CD
since the Pinkpop festival. (all the Grace Under Pressure bootlegs are
just off the video) and in my opinion it is one of the best.

Just a note: Don't send me mail asking to me if I can buy you
a disc and send it to you. I'm not a retailer! However, if you
have GOOD-quality Rush shows of your own, I will trade tapes, just
drop me a line!

Now it is dark.


"One likes to believe in the freedom of baseball" - Geddy Lee


Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1992 19:10 EST
Subject: Geddy's glasses

Hello Out There,
        In respone to Thomas Beaudoin's question about Geddy Lee's ubiquitous
sunglasses, I have a theory.  Perahaps he is suffering from Roy Orbison
syndrome.  I don't know.  Anybody else have some brilliant insights?

        "There is no safe seat at the feast..."



Date: Tue, 21 Apr 92 20:11:58 EDT
From: jalhart@skidmore.EDU (Lerxst)
Subject: 'Picks and Things

A friend of mine hooked me up with an Alex pick from this tour.  As mentioned
it is a Dean Markley.  It actually is all black on both sides.  It has the
word RUSH written on one side in the manner in which it is on the cover of RTB.
On the other side is Alex's signature with a gold tint.  I also have a pick
from the Presto tour  and it is white all around.  On one side it says Dean 
Markley and on the other it has Al's signature.

BTW, according to Mick Burnett of of SOR, the BBC did indeed record the Friday
night show at Wembley Arena.  In addition, he informed me that Much Music
interviewed Al and shot some live video in Wembley at the Saturday show for
an upcoming news feature on the boyz on Much Music in Canada.


Ken F.


Date:    Tue, 21 Apr 92 20:05:26 PDT
From: gdavis@Juliet.Caltech.Edu
Subject: GOAC III

In response to the comment that Rush is not interested in the Top-40, I
have to disagree.  Rush has been coming out with videos for their singles
since at least Signals, and videos are designed to catch a person's attention
on MTV or some other station to increase a band's popularity.  Also, the fact
that they are releasing singles to begin with is an attempt to attract listen-
ers; if they were only out for the good of their old-time fans, they wouldn't
have to publicize the fact that they had released a new album.  Let's face
it, rock bands are out there to make money.  That's why they go on tour and
sell overpriced t-shirts and posters.

What makes Rush different from many other bands is that they are talented
and that they have some sense of artistic integrity.  However, that doesn't
put them above making a song for mass-appeal and releasing it as a single.
Why has Rush changed much over the years?  Why did Rush make such a big
change from AFTK to Permanent Waves?  Times were changing, and Rush changed
with them.  I enjoy their music - that's why I listen to them.  But I can't
deny that they are looking for a wider audience.

-Greg Davis


Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1992 23:57 EST
Subject: Re: 04/21/92 - The National Midnight Star #471

I found an excellent poster at the local Musicland.
It was a poster with Roll the Bones logo, Wide shot of all three, the dancing
  bunnies, and close ups of all three.
One strange thing, is that the pictures are from the 'Presto' tour.

Also, anyone know if there are any tickets left at the Indy show this summer.
I am waiting for the Chi-town date, but I don't want to totally miss them.
Please e-mail me. 00JJGUSKE@LEO.BSUVC.BSU.EDU

One more thing, How many copies has 'Roll the Bones' sold
Curiosity is killing this cat.

Pray for a Chicago show!



Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1992 01:01:01 -0400
From: Thomas Riord Morley 

PITTSBURGH?! Aaaaarrgggh! I thought they were supposed to be in NEW YORK
the 20th-22nd! Does this mean they won't be at Finger Lakes or Saratoga?
Does ANYBODY have ANY information (preferrably true, but...)
Why Pittsburgh? Why would they want to play in PENNSYLVANIA? Don't they
realize upstate New York is far better and nicer and more beautiful?



From: (Wungramngam T. Shishak)
Subject: To drink the milk of paradise
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 92 22:44:43 CDT

Fellow RUSHians:

I'm a very new "subscriber" to the NMS, which one of your older members led me
to. A fairly new RUSHian, I really enjoy and have learned a lot about the Boyz
from the stuff here, even if some of the entries are crap.  With all the
in-depth analysis you do on various songs, may I suggest a look at "The
Manhattan Project?"  It is rich in the usual literary devices as well as
historical allusions. e.g. Take the line "build the best big stick to turn the
winning trick" among other things is a reference to President Roosevelt's
statement of "speak softly, but carry a big stick," regarding foreign policy.
There's so much more, so keep looking and drink deep.
	"Too many hands on my time" [The Analog Kid]    Wungram Shishak


Date:         Wed, 22 Apr 92 04:30:01 EDT
From: Harold Land 
Subject:      E. Rutherford, NJ show (19 June 1992

Hey fellow Rushians!

Does anyone know when the tickets for the E. Rutherford, NJ show on the 19th of
 June went on sale?  If they haven't yet, does anyone know when they will be?


E Mike Weintraub           "When I leave I don't know what   E\  /    __E
S aka Harold Land           I'm hoping to find, when I leave S \/ --- \_S
* I don't know what I'm leaving    * /  ---  /*
Y Solaris on IRC            behind"---Rush 'Analog Kid'      Y/   --- / Y
E GO WASHINGTON CAPITALS!!!!                                 E   \___/  E


Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1992 09:38 EST
Subject: "They"

Hello Out There,
        I always thought that the "they" in "Mission" referred to the great
artists, authors, and folk of that ilk that Neil Peart refers to in the opening
lines of the tune.  I guess he is saying that regular old folks like us who
hold these people in awe and think that they're great don't realize the kind
of pressure that the geniuses of our time feel.  "They" would probably love
to be regular old folks.   Maybe, I've got the idea, maybe not.  I can see
Neil tipping back his Moosehead and chuckling about this right now...(grin)

        "There is no safe seat at the feast..."



Date: 22 Apr 92 09:59:00 CST
From: "Blair, Robert" 
Subject: Lubbock, Texas tour date


I am behind on NMS by several issues, but I thought I'd add my two cents
in case it's needed.  Rush skipped by Lubbock, Texas when they passsed
through here in February, but a petition was drawn up and enough names were
gathered to get the concert promoters to ask Rush to play here on the next
time around.

Anyhow, I think it's already been posted, but the current scheduled date
is June 10th, at the Lubbock Municipal Colliseum. (spelling?)

It's really intelligent of people to hold a Rush concert in the summer in
a college town (Texas Tech) when most of the students won't be here!
I guess it's better than nothing, even though I'll miss the show.

Have a good one...
Mr. Weather


Date: Wed, 22 Apr 92 10:05:28 EST
From: Stimpy 
Subject: Famous Geddyisms

IN a reply to a previous posting concerning what Geddy sings during In the
Mood on _ASOH_, i dont believe he's saying "Hey Whoopie its a quarter to 8"
Sounds to me like "Hey Elly...". Does anyone know for sure? And is this person
his wife?
Actually, my favorite Geddyism is the way he changes the syncopation of the
lyrics during the chorus of Limelight. I cant quite reproduce what he does
in a written description, you just have to hear it.  I dont know of any
recordings of it, but everytime I've seen 'em in Indy, he did it.

Those who wish to be
must...put aside the alienation



Date: 22 Apr 1992 11:32:04 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Kevin L. Stewart" 
Subject: Pitt,Lakeside park

Hello, once again world,
	Big news of the day is that RUSH has been confirmed to appear at the
Star Lake Amphitheater on June 21!!!  And I quote(from an article one of my
co-worker posted on the wall) "Rockers Rush will one of the featured acts at
the [Star Lake] amphitheater."  I missed their first date in Penns.
thank God for second chances.  By the way, since it is late in their tour,
has anyone heard if the boyz are slowing down?
	For all those debating the existance/location of Lakeside Park...
Yes it exists (and was the inspiration for the song).  As for where it is
located, I don't know Canada so I can't tell for sure.  But if someone who
does would listen to Lakeside park on ATWAS the intro gives some good clues.
	As for the live vs. studio debate, I vote for live.  On the live
albums I have so far,  I've noticed that they don't loose any quality in the
music (the sign of true talent).  Also, they seem to get more energy from
a good audience and it comes through in their music.
	Well that's all my ramblings for today.

Kevin L. Stewart,  Rush-o-phile.


From: "Steven W. Kinne" 
Subject: Oldies, Top 40, and Primus
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 92 11:39:07 EDT

Hello again, NMSers...

I wanted to address a few posts from a previous issue, but didn't note
exactly who I'm replying to... so you know who you are... listen up!!

Someone mentioned Rush oldies and the viability of them performing
ancient tracks in concert. I totally agree with the argument that Rush
rehashing their old trax would be a stagnant thing, and wouldn't be
all that good... it would be kind of like the Steve Miller Band's
latest tours consisting of no new music, just basking in their past
glory (which isn't a bad thing, but is definitely not a Rush thing). I
think their current attitude towards their old material is the best...
making medleys of old trax is showing new facets to their previous
work, and is just mighty cool. Also, one should note that their tours
are not for the express purpose of pleasing their devout fans... and
as much as I would die to hear them perform "The Necromancer" or
"Hemispheres" live on a new tour, I know they won't... because the
tour's only purpose is to promote their latest album...

Another person mentioned Rush and their relationship with the Top
40... believe it or not, Tom Sawyer and Subdivisions never made it
onto the Top 40 charts... as far as I know, the only Top 40 song ever
produced by Rush was New World Man (which as far as I know was
actually a filler track produced to add about 3 minutes to the Signals
album and please their record label)... so the idea of Rush producing
songs with only the idea of getting them on the charts is quite silly,
as even their most popular songs ever never hit the charts... they
just don't think like that!

The last order of business is Primus... I've heard a lot of banter
regarding the decision to take on this strange band as Rush's opening
group... all I can say is that this is quite a logical decision
from where I stand! Both of these bands share a loose attitude towards
music, although they pursue it in different ways... I'm sure Geddy and
the lead singer of Primus have a lot to talk about! As far as liking
them as an opening band, that's all a matter of opinion... I fell sad
that I didn't get the chance to catch Primus on this tour (I was
instead awe-struck at that guitar virtuoso, Vinnie Moore... NOT!!!) so
that I could give my two cents... but oh well!!

I'm done babbling now...

Steven W. Kinne                 "All this machinery making modern music
Box 1176 - Union College         Can still be open hearted...
Schenectady, NY  12308           Not so coldly charted,
e-mail:   It's really just a question of your honesty"


Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1992 08:46 EDT
Subject: Rush in Dayton!!!

   Just heard this morning (4-22) that Rush WILL be at the Nutter Center
on June 23.  Tix go on sale Sat. May 2nd at 10:00 am.  I think they are
through TicketMaster.  Be will sell out QUICK!!

                If all the world's indeed a stage......
                        I want better lighting!!



Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1992 11:08:15 -0600
From: wadew@DUCVAX.AUBURN.EDU (Wade Williams)
Subject: Re: NMS T-Shirts - FINALLY!!!

>	The shirts will have a NMS logo/emblem on the front that will be a star
>(not a pentagram) with the name "The National Midnight Star" wrapped around it
>(in a circle).
>	The best part though (IMHO) is the back - it will read :
>		"World Tour 1992"
>	and then list the names of people's hometowns that order the shirt.
>Note that not all the shirts will be the same since there are so many people
>that want shirts not all of them will fill one T-shirt.  So there will be some
>type of rotation - but the shirt you get will have *your* hometown on the 
>I really like that part :)

I thought the consensus was that people liked the tabloid idea the
best.  Was I mistaken?
Wade Williams   	       	      "One likes to believe in the freedom
User Services Specialist      	of music, but glittering prizes and
Academic Computing Services    endless comprimises shatter the
Auburn University       	      illusion of integrity."                          (N. Peart of Rush)


Date: Wed, 22 Apr 92 13:53:24 -0400
From: (Ron Wiseman)
Subject: ramblings

Hi all,

	I hoave a few ramblings which are (at least slightly) Rush

	I was watching television a while back, and Ray Bradbury's
Theater was on.  In the show, people would look out into the distance
and see the city of their dreams.  One guy goes out there and looks out
and sees Xanadu.  He then quotes the complete 'Kubla Khan' poem.
	Well, it's slightly Rush related!

	I was interested by the talk of classical music recently.  Last
year, me and one of my professors here exchanged albums for a while.  I
gave him my collection of the 'best' of Rush, and he gave me music by a
composed called Mahlar.  Mahlar was quite good, actually, to my suprise.
It contained much of the intermingled melodies typical of many Rush songs.
I was truly suprised, when my professor's favourite was 'Bastille Day'!
I expected him to like 'La Villa Strangioto' or 'Xanadu' better.

	I heard a radio interview with Neil Peart a while back called
'One on One'.  The interview was an hour long, but I missed the first half.
I intend to transcribe my tape of the second half for you guys and gals, but
it will probably take a while.

			-  "You can make me smile in the end"


Date: 22 Apr 1992 13:14:07 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Rush in Pittsburgh

Since there was some concern expressed over the Star Lake tour date of June 21,
I thought I'd throw in my $.02.  They were announced a few days ago in my local
paper (I live about 75 miles S of Pittsburgh).  The boys were in the largest
front page picture in the entertainment section.  No tix date given though.



From: (Victor Kamutzki)
Subject: Spirit of the Radio remake!
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 92 13:32:23 EDT

FYI, Solomon Grundy does an _outstanding_ version of Spirit of the
Radio - I heard it on the radio this morning.  You can get your own
copy as a 7" on New Alliance Records.  A definite "must have"!



From: Tero Valkonen 
Subject: Big money in p/g tour video
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 92 21:22:41 EET DST

I watched the p/g tour video a few days back (it was very good,
although I HAD to fast forward over Closer to the heart).
I recall that there was supposed to be a video of The big money
in the end of the tape. Well, there was none in the one I saw.
What the hell? Is my memory just playing tricks on me?

"I drank twelve beers" (or was it seven, can't remember)
 -Geddy trying to find his way on p/g vid.
Tero Valkonen


Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1992 13:43:18 -0500
Subject: Rush lyrics in ftp site anywhere?

Does any one know if there is a site containing lyrics (both for Rush and
in general) in files that can be just downloaded?  Thanks in advance

[ Well, for starters, there's the anonymous ftp site which this rag comes
  from.  See the tail of any digest for details.                :rush-mgr ]

|  Mark Shaw at U of ILLINOIS | |^^^^^^|                          |
|             | |      |                          |
|                             | | (o)(o)     ____________________ |
|                             | @      _)   /Don't turn your back||
|  Disclaimer:  All opinions  |  | ,___|   <  and slam the door  ||
|   are not really opinions   |  |   /      \    on me, man!     ||
|  Constructed by:            |  /___\       \___________________||
|         Ben Ragunton        | /     \                           |


Date: Wed, 22 Apr 92 13:50:27 -0500
From: (Lonadar the Wanderer)
Subject: Misc. Dribblings

Boy it's been a long time since I posted to here, but then again, I've got a
stack of digests on my desk over 7 inches tall that I have yet to go through,
so it's no wonder I'm so far behind.  Some comments: mentioned Soundblaster .VOC files.  I've recetly
found the wonder of Soundtracker files for the Amiga, and how wonderful they
sound through my Macintosh, unlike the MacSounds in the Syrinx archives.
(Sorry, mine just dosn't play them well.)  Does anyone know of any Amiga .MOD
files of Rush songs, with or without the voices?

Doug White mentioned a computer program that would cut songlists up to fit onto
tapes and such...  I would truly appreciate the source for this program being
mailed to me, or a complete program.

Dylan Kaufman mentioned a list of stations carrying Rockline.  I believe one
station left out of your list was Terre Haute, Indiana's WZZQ (107.5).  They,
too, carry the show, and it's in a more complete form than WFBQ's (94.7)
broadcast, I believe.

Kevin Kiel mentioned Yes and ELP in concert Friday...were you speaking at Deer
Creek, Kevin?  I hadn't heard anything about it previous and would have loved
to catch the show.  Oh well.  Oh, and yes, I will have fun at Deer Creek!

That's about it for now...I still have 7 inches of mail to go through so I'm
sure to have more later...  Until then, Roll the Bones!

Lonadar the Wanderer


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