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Subject: 04/24/92 - The National Midnight Star #473

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 473

                  Friday, 24 April 1992
Today's Topics:
          Rush in Dayton, Ohio on 23 June, 1992
               Re: the 'they' in ^Mission^
                  Concert info needed!!!
                      Enemies Within
                      Mission lyrics
      Re: 04/21/92 - The National Midnight Star #471
                      Non-Rush . . .
               Pittsburgh ticket questions
    The "they" question not answered and gif questions
       Shoreline confirmation?? and RUSH newsgroup
                 Pittsburgh and Rush show
                   "they" in "Mission"
                 Is Shoreline cancelled?
               RE: the "they" in ^Mission^
Just announced: Rush at Saratoga Performing Arts Center, NY June 22nd!
       Geddy & Alex interview in Guitarist Magazine
                      UK CD singles
             thought on the elephant butt...
                    Rush Through Time
                   JONES BEACH!!!!!!!!
            Shoreline Show and Bay Area Party
                   Geddy Lee interview
                   Rush at SPAC 6/22???
                         UK tour
                     Vital Signs PZM

Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1992 15:20 EST
Subject: Rush in Dayton, Ohio on 23 June, 1992

Yes!  It is confirmed.  WTUE has announced that Rush will be playing at the
E.J.Nutter Center on the 23rd of June.  Mr. Big will be openning and tickets
go on sale Saturday, 2 May.  Hopefully the Nutter Center will not have sunk
conpletely by then.  :-)

Waiting not-so-patiently in Dayton,
	"You don't get something for nothing"  - Rush


Date: Wed, 22 Apr 92 15:11:05 -0600
From: (David Fay)
Subject: Re: the 'they' in ^Mission^

	Just thought I'd add my interpretation of the Mission...

	If you carefully read the lyrics, throughout the song Peart
speaks about 'they'.  My interpretation is that Peart is talking
about the people through history who have 'held their fire', for
example, Einstein, or any famous inventer for that matter.  They
were special, not because they are famous, but because they used
some of that capacity we all have for greatness.  They are the
one's that are described by 'a spirit with a vision'.  Peart,
in the part about how their lives were 'exotic and strange' is
saying how most people in the limelight usually wish they could
be allowed regular lives, but are not destined for regularity.

	I personally think it's a great song, and it rings true
to me.

	On another note, to the person who was interested in the
Primus disc, I would recommend Sailing the Seas of Cheese.  I have
it and I like it a lot.

	Lastly, is there anyone out there who knows where Rush will
play in Salt Lake City, UT?  I am hoping for the Delta Center.  I've
also heard that Mr. Big will be coming with them instead of Primus.
If anyone knows otherwise, please dispel this rumor; I'd like to see
Primus in concert again!

Well, that's about it...

David Fay		"Life is a Diamond we turn into Dust."
					-- Niel Peart


From: Blake Butterworth 
Subject: Concert info needed!!!
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 92 16:37:11 CDT

    How's it going everyone?  I'm new to the mailing list and this is my
first post...Anyway,  I saw Rush play here in New Orleans in February, and
I have to say that the show was really great.  Even the opening act was good-
    To get to the point, I only live here during the school year because I
attend Tulane.  And the other day I saw from that Rush will be
supposedly playing in my home town Wichita, Kansas on the 24th of May.
    I was wondering if anyone can confirm this and if so when the day and
time tickets gon on sale is.  Thanks for any help.



From: (Steven Marc Lovitt)
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1992 17:21:18 CDT
Subject: Enemies Within

Anyone have any info about the bootleg "Enemies Within"?
Steven Lovitt


Date: Wed, 22 Apr 92 17:34:20 -0700
From: (Mikael Sheikh)
Subject: Theft...

Would you believe I was doing my laundry, went to my dorm-room to get some
fabric softener, only to return and discover that someone had stolen my RTB
concert T-shirt.  Damn!!!   Now I HAVE to see them again...

So pleaaaassssseeee, if anyone knows if/when tickets are going on sale for
the rumored May 31st concert at Shoreline Amphitheatre (Mountain View, CA),
maile me!


				Mikael Sheikh


Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1992 21:00 EST
Subject: Mission lyrics

At the risk of being one of many...

"They" in the last part of "Mission" refers to "...the ones without it" in
the first post-bridge stanza.  You know:

It's cold comfort
To the ones without it...

I'm not going to waste your time by analyzing what "it" is, but I hope this
answers your question.  Your own analysis would be more important than mine,
							Thor Iverson


Date: 22 Apr 92 21:06:48 EDT
From: "Patrick C. Grant" <71371.3504@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Re: 04/21/92 - The National Midnight Star #471

To Mike Wientraub,
                Per ur request I couldn't come up w/any other band that
has songs w/a SF theme.  But I did come up with a couple more that Rush
did. U can use Cygnus X-1 off the Farewell to Kings album.  Also u can use
the follow up to that one called Hemispheres on the album of the same
name.  Hope that helps ya with ur paper.  Lemme know if helps.

To Lyda, Mark ALexander,
      Per ur inquiry the "THEY" that is referred to is to all the creative
persons that wish they could change who they were.  Hope that helps u to
understand the song more clearly.

/Pat Grant (


Date: Wed, 22 Apr 92 22:46 EST
Subject: Non-Rush . . .

Hey Folks. . .

	A few non-Rush related items(sorry).  The first two are about Iron
Maiden.  To the person who was looking for sf music, check out "Somewhere In
Time."  To Paul May, who mentioned their last album, Steve Harris announced
on MTV the other day that their new album is out in England now, but I
haven't seen it here.  If you could tell me the name of it and whether it's
any good, I would be most grateful.
	Just to get some Rush-related stuff in, sign me up for those T-Shirts!
	And one more thing, to the person who didn't like the sound in the
front at Wembley, I sat in the 3rd row directly in front of Lerxt's spot and
the sound was fantastic(in the New Haven Coliseum).  Oh well.
				Later gang,

				Aaron Silverman

P.S.  Did anyone else think George Michael sounded really great singing with
Queen the other day?  I think if he toned down his poppy Michael-isms he
would make a great replacement(ACK!  Someone shoot me!) for our dear departed
Freddie. . .


Date: 22 Apr 1992 11:48 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Pittsburgh ticket questions

OK all you concert-attending people out there:

I have never been to a concert of any kind, ever.  I need to know the procedure
for getting tickets to the Star Lake show.  I assume I will need to use a
credit card (that's not a problem).  I know this is a ridiculously naive post
in most people's minds, but before now, I never had the wheels or the dough to
go to a concert, so I didn't bother... Now I want to go. 'Nuff said.

Lyric question:

In "The Trees" whose side is Neil on?  Is he saying that the maples suck
because they bitch too much, or is he saying that the oaks suck for being too
repressive?  I can't tell.

((   ||  /\\ \\  / /\\  ((      R. Alan Monroe       ((  For best results, ((
 )) _// /--\\ \\/ /--\\  ))  )) squeeze sig from   ))
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Date: Wed, 22 Apr 92 20:30:46 PDT
From: (Matthew Coohill)
Subject: The "they" question not answered and gif questions

I haven't paid much attention to the HYF album since it
was released (being my least favorite Rush album [PLEASE
NO FLAMES or ONLY TO MY ADDRESS]) but I thought at the
time maybe the song was written about the Shuttle Explosion
(is matt crazy???) originally then modified to be a song
that fit into a more of an observation of life's truth(s)
(where do he come up with this *IBM*???) or the other way
around... ANYWAY like I said OBVIOUSLY I didn't listen to
those songs too many times (sorry NAG {Neil Alex Geddy]).
On to greener pastures...
I am trying to get some of those INTERESTING gifs over to
my Mac at home.  I work in a place which has SGIs, SUNs,
HPs, DECs, TEKs, SONYs, IBM(gasp)6000s, Macs, IBM P(whatevers)
etc and so on.  I've tried every way (except the right way)
to bring them over then grab them off a workstation onto
a Mac on the Net.  But when I bring the files home and try
to load them (using PhotoShop, Giffer, QuickGif Plus,
SuperPaint... whatever) it doesn't *IBM*ing work.  I bet
I can probably load them straight to my Mac by using
ZTerm or VersaTerm, but I'm an idiot! (I think?)
Please mail me with anatomically explicit instructions
regarding where I can put... I mean "how" I can get these
wonderful gifs onto my Mac.



Date: Wed, 22 Apr 92 23:37:04 -0400
From: "Dylan Kaufman" 
Subject: Shoreline confirmation?? and RUSH newsgroup

I was wondering whether anyone has any confirmation of a RUSH show at
the Shoreline Amphitheatre on May 31 (that's Mountain View, CA for
anyone who doesn't know)...  BASS-TicketMaster doesn't know about it
yet (call them on Fridays after 2pm, that's when they load in the
information for the next week), and neither does KRQR.

Also, for those concerned/interested about the newsgroup, it doesn't
automatically circulate...  And unfortunately it doesn't come to my
machine yet ;(
(I'll live, I promise ;> )

Ciao for nao,

-<>Dylan<>-                     MA EMT-M, CA EMT-1A, BEMCo 107
Dylan Kaufman 			Major in Computer Science	Brandeis University, Waltham, MA
------<< Support your local Emergency Medical Services >>-------
"We are the Priests, of the Temples of Syrinx" - 2112, RUSH


Date: Wed, 22 Apr 92 09:05:21 DST
Subject: Pittsburgh and Rush show

To all of those planning on going to the Starlake show,
      I am writing to ask if anyone knows when Rush tickets go on sale for
the June 21st show??  Also, regardless of when they go on sale, I WILL
be there along with 8 or 9 of my friends plus 3 or 4 more from Grove
City College will be there.  I am thinking it would be cool for TNMS
subscribers to meet somewhere in the parking lot before the show just to
get completely psyched and to b.s. for awhile.  We would need some sign like a
flag or banner so subscribers know where to go (or wear TNMS t-shirts).
Any ideas?  Any takers?  Let me know ( or post something
in TNMS so other Pittsburgh-area subscribers can get the skinny.

                                                 ROCK ON,
                                               Jason Packovich


Date:          Thu, 23 Apr 92 16:15:32 EST
From: "Mark Connell <
Subject:       Show

Would anybody on this list be kind enough to help me get a ticket to the
Lubbock show. I'll be in Austin, TX from June 2 for four weeks so the Lubbock
show would be the closest (?).

I would be willing to pay a premium for the ticket.

If anybody is willing to help please contact me directly.

Mark Connell
Melbourne, Australia              E-mail:


Date: Thu, 23 Apr 92 00:12:37 PDT
From: (paul hrissikopoulous)
Subject: "they" in "Mission"

     I know... I've heard, and thought, and wondered the same thing, but
whether they're talking about all of the artists they're talking about in
the rest of the song, or the "they" who "don't have it," the song is still
quite lovely and meaningful.  That's the wonderful thing about art:  so many
possible interpretations, so when in doubt, pick the one that means the
most to YOU... Hi ho!  What freedom!  Isn't the best art the kind that's
vague enough for you to plug your own life and interpretation into?
     Well, anyway... sorry to sermonize my own little petty philosophies here..
It's a beautiful song, indeed.



Date: Thu, 23 Apr 92 00:10:43 HST
From: puanani@wasabi.pbrc.Hawaii.Edu (Puanani Akaka)
Subject: Is Shoreline cancelled?

Hi everyone.

Alright -- my buddy up in San Francisco just called and told me thta he
just talked to the lady at the Bass ticket outlet and she told him that
Rush is *NOT* appearing at the Shoreline!  Can anyone confirm/deny this?
Would only Ticketmaster have info. on it?  She said the nearest date to
any May 31st concert is June 1st in Reno.  HELP!!!!!   How was the
original info. obtained?  I'm not trying to jump on anyone for giving
false info. or anyhting, I just want ot find out what the deal is.
Apparently, Bass does not have Rush listed at the Shoreline in their
computers, so I dunno what that means...Does anyone know what the deal is?

[ True, but Merriweather Post in MD denied Rush was coming for two weeks
  after we had the date.  Now they are admitting to it, but have no ticket
  info.  It may be a case of "the peons on the phone haven't been told yet."
                                                                  :rush-mgr ]

Does anyone know the # to Anthem Ent.?  I want to call them and ask about
the schedule.

Any light on the subject would be appreciated!! Thanx!!!



Subject: RE: the "they" in ^Mission^
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 92 05:12:10 MDT

I think to really understand who "they" are, you must take this
stanza in context with the stanza preceeding it:

"It's cold comfort
To the ones(2) without it
To know how they(1) struggled-
How they(1) suffered about it

If their(2) lives were exotic and strange
They(2) would likely have gladely exchanged
Them for something a little more plain
Maybe something a little more sane"

Note the parenthesized number next to each pronoun.  I think that
each number represents a seperate entity with grouping as shown.

(1) represents the people who have exotic and strange lives.

(2) represents the people who long for the same (or some other

So, I intrepret the first stanza to mean:

'It is not much of a consolation (to the people who haven't
acheived their goals) to know the people who have acheived their
goals may have suffered.'

and the second stanza as:

'If the people who didn't have exotic and strangle lives (but long
for them) actually did, they might trade that life for something
not quite so "exotic and strange".'

I think in a nutshell they are saying, "be careful what you ask for,
you may get it."

I personally drew a direct parallelization between this message and
the band members known reluctance to occupy the limelight, and a
wish for privacy and a "normal" life.  However, I could be wrong.
I have heard all band members say at one time or another that they
sometimes wish they could have back those earlier days of their
lives that they spent touring.

I love the lyrical and musical composition of this song, especially
these two stanza's(lyrically).  This is definately my favortie song
from the album, and the outro/solo at the fade-out is one of my
all time favorite guitar solo's.  It has sooooo much mood, it's
almost as if it (the guitar) is talking.  I love to put a set of
head-phones on, and just be absorbed by this song.

Of course, all the above is just my interpretation and opinion.


Steve Larsen


From: stedmant@LONEX.RL.AF.MIL (Terrance A. Stedman)
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 92 09:37:51 EDT
Subject: Just announced: Rush at Saratoga Performing Arts Center, NY June 22nd!

Ok all you NY'ers-
        In case you didn't catch the list of SPAC shows for this year, Rush
will be performing with Mr. Big on Monday night June 22nd.  Tickets go on
sale May 15th (according to the radio).  SPAC is an amphitheater with
an enclosed part and many lawn seats (w/ no view of the stage unfortunately).
See you there!

    | I ) I I <~ I_I   Terry Stedman                      |
    | I \ I_I _> I I   Internet: |


Date:       Thu, 23 Apr 92 15:24:27 BST
Subject:    Geddy & Alex interview in Guitarist Magazine


   The May 1992 issue of 'Guitarist Magazine' has a huge interview
with both Geddy & Alex. They are also on the cover. For the
guitarists & bassists amongst you, there's even a 2-page spread
telling you how to play bass like Geddy, including a musical score
of Geddy-like phrasing to practise to.

   "swimming against the stream"

      Paul May, University of Bristol, UK


Date: Thu, 23 Apr 92 09:27:25 -0700
From: Randall Haskin 
Subject: UK CD singles

	Well, last night as I was casually going through a shop here in S
Seattle's University District, I came across four items I could just NOT pass
1) Rush, Roll the Bones UK 10" picture disc.  Contains RTB, The Pass, and
"It's a Rap Part 1: Alex Lifeson Speaks"

2) Rush, Roll the Bones UK hologram CD single.  Contains RTB, Anagram, and
"It's a Rap Part 2: Geddy Lee Speaks"

3) Rush, Roll the Bones UK CD single.  Contains RTB, Where's My Thing?,
Superconductor, and "It's a RAp Part 3: Neil Peart Speaks"

4) Rush, Ghost of a Chance UK CD single.  Contains GOAC, Dreamline, Chain
Lightning, and Red Tide.

	Among all this, I also picked up a while ago the US Cassette single of
Ghost of a Chance, and I can clear up definitely the confusion over if the
interview on the U.S. GOAC single is the same as "IT's a Rap" 1,2, and
3:  The answer's not.
	The US release contains material that "It
s a rap does not have, and the UK releases have material that the U.S. release
does not have.  Mainly, here are the differences:
Lifeson interview on "It's a Rap" contains more; Peart interview contains more,
but lacks the part in the U.S. release where he talks about how and why he 
"Ghost of a Chance".  Lee interview has more material, also.
	I am thinking about transcribing all 4 of these interviews and 
them.  Is anyone interested?  Email me if you think it's  a good idea and I 
otherwise I won't spend the time.

[ If you do decide to do this, please mail them to the administrative address,
  DON'T post them here, please!   Thanks!                          :rush-mgr ]

[][][]  []  []  [][][]  []
[]      []  []  []      []
[]      []  []  [][][]  [][][]
[]      []  []      []  []  []
[]      [][][]  [][][]  []  []        Keep on rolling!

Randall Haskin (


From: rushlyn@Athena.MIT.EDU
Subject: thought on the elephant butt...
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 92 15:46:45 EDT

Good day!

I  just  thought the picture of the elephant was a humourous way to make the
You see what you WANT to see.   You are in  control  of your perspective.

Then again, that's how I  want to  see the significance of t he picture...
someone else may easily see it differently  (sort of a recursive idea)



Date: Thu, 23 Apr 92 18:36:06 EST
From: YES 
Subject: Rush Through Time

Does this rarity exist on CD? Can I get it, and how?!?

I am trying to collect anything Rush on CD format--any suggestions?

Does "Archives" exist as a CD set? What about studio session "boots"?

(Live boots are ok, but I already have a couple)

Help me. I'm on a MISSION.

---Stiff as wire,
   my lungs on fire,

Glenn I. Simon  


Date: Thu, 23 Apr 92 20:33:46 EDT
From: jalhart@skidmore.EDU (Lerxst)
Subject: JONES BEACH!!!!!!!!

It is now official!!!!.  Rush will be playing Jones Beach in Wantagh, NY
on Saturday June 20th.  I believe tix will go on sale Friday May 8th when
all Jones Beach tix go on sale.

Get them early because "the tickets (will sell) out in advance!"  According
to my calculations, this is the first outdoor Rush show in the New York area

Until later.

Ken F.


From: (Dave "Louie" LaPlant)
Subject: Shoreline Show and Bay Area Party
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 92 17:48:10 PDT

The Sunday May 31st show at Shoreline Ampetheatre has been confirmed by
Shoreline. Tickets go on sale Sunday April 26 at 10am. Reserved seating is
$25, lawn seats are $19.50. Mr Big will be the opening act.

I've been jamming Rush tunes with some guys for a few months, and thought
it would be good for us to do a live gig. If we ever "really" play out,
we'll be basically a Rush tribute band as the only songs we play right now
are Rush songs. So I thought I'd host a pre-show
party and set up the band in the living room. My house is in Sunnyvale, which
is roughly 5 miles south of Mountain View. If you are interested in coming
over on Sunday afternoon May 31st before the show to drink a few beers and
listen to an aspiring Rush tribute band, send email to:

At this time I just wanted to get an idea of the number of people who would
want to do this. So, send me mail, and if the interest is there, I'll set it 



Date: Fri, 24 Apr 92 00:11:05 EST
From: cygnus@wpi.WPI.EDU (Marshall Robin)
Subject: Geddy Lee interview

For those who collect such things, there is a good interview in the June
issue of Bass Player with Geddy Lee - the "Roll The Bones Interview". He
talks about touring, and their approach to it these days, his stage setup,
and bassists he is listening to these days, amongst other things...

Also, Musicians Institute presented their first annual lifetime acheivement
award to .... yep, you guessed it, Rush!


Why is it that magazines like messing up the names of Rush songs?

Sigma Tech One, Show Hotel, and now.... Scarves!

Marshall Robin          | Scarves of pleasure, scarves of pain      | Atmospheric changes make me chilly again
Marshall_Robin 		| 	-Rush, "Scars", Bass Player remix	|


Date:         Fri, 24 Apr 92 02:30:57 EDT
From: Harold Land 
Subject:      Rush at SPAC 6/22???

I found a posting on the that Rush will be at SPAC (Saratoga,
NY, near Albany) on JUNE 22...any confirmation???

Please, oh please, let me see Rush at this great ampitheatre...

E Mike Weintraub           "When I leave I don't know what   E\  /    __E
S aka Harold Land           I'm hoping to find, when I leave S \/ --- \_S
* I don't know what I'm leaving    * /  ---  /*
Y Solaris on IRC            behind"---Rush 'Analog Kid'      Y/   --- / Y
E GO WASHINGTON CAPITALS!!!!                                 E   \___/  E


From: Rob Freeman 
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 92 08:31:54 BST
Subject: UK tour

First I would like to agree with Dan M.(TNMS #464) that if Rush do become
more popular (lets face it they don't do badly) we would have even more
problems getting seats - I ordered mine within 12 hours of the dates being
released and still ended up half way back in Wembley.

As for the show itself, there is only one word - ORGASMIC

They started of relatively slowly, but after the Pass and Bravado things got
wild - Neil doing his windmill impresion and Alex probably facing beastiality
charges after fooling around with a large white rabbit!

Does anyone have a list of the songs played - I lost track after a while.

Unix hacks
Robert Freeman


Date: Fri, 24 Apr 92 13:46:31 -0400
From: (Gregg Jaeger)
Subject: Vital Signs PZM


Here's some nifty info on the sort of microphone (PZM) Neil used
in recording the drum track of ``Vital Signs,'' in case anyone is
interested in how that cool sound came about...

>From: (Joe Hartley)
>Subject: Re: PZM mics? (with p.s. about EV N/D 757 dyna
>Organization: Cadre Technologies Inc.
>In article, (Larry
>>I'd like to record "room acoustics", i.e. whatever sound is in a particular
>>environment (inside or outdoors--not concerts but rel. quiet ambient stuff,
>>e.g. conversations, wind chimes) and somehow I got the idea that a PZM
>>mic is
>>what I should use.  My guess is that these mics use a piezoelectric
>>and it seems logical that such a thing could be very sensitive (which
>>seems to
>>be what I would want to pick up room acoustics)--can anybody verify/correct?
>>Essentially correct.  What the PZM's excel at is picking up the sound without
>all of the garbage associated with bad room acoustics, like an echo off
>>a  fairly
>close wall, resulting in a "hollow" sound.  The sensitivity of the mike is
>good, but is dependent on the power suppy.  The standard Rat Shack PZM
>(catalog number 33-1090B - one of which I have right here) is powered by a AA,
>which results in levels just a little low for my taste.  I have powered this
>unit at 3 and 9 volts by hacking different battery packs to it, and find that
>the sensitivity is amazing at 9V.  3V is generally how I power it for "normal"
>recordings.  The PZM is actually extremely well suited for an ambient
>application, since it has a hemispherical recording pattern, dealing with
>moving sound sorces very well.
>>As always I'm on a limited budget so I can't get exotic.  I actually read
>>something somewhere about somebody using a Radio Shack PZM with good
>>i.e. sound quality was acceptable and comparable to their other "pro"
>>mics.  It
>>would be great if PZM's are inherently quiet and sensitive so a good

>>range/SNR and freq response are relatively inexpensive.  (These are, BTW my
>>main concerns in "sound quality" for this purpose.)
>The PZM's at RS are manufactured under a license with Crown
International; I got

>mine for $50 when they first came out, and I love it!  I think you'll be very
>happy with it as well.


Gregg Jaeger    (     | Tristero?               Treestero?
Dept(s). of Physics (and Philosophy)      |            ______/|/|
590 Commonwealth Ave.                     |              (_) \|\|
Boston University, Boston MA 02215        |  WASTE: Box 49 Boston.   Trystero?


Date: Fri, 24 Apr 92 15:00:57 -0400
From: "Andrew V. Mazzola" 
Subject: SPAC


From: what!

This show should be awsome because I saw them at the knick in Albany.

Also, I can't get if it is up

The Mayor


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