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Subject: 04/30/92 - The National Midnight Star #478

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 478

                 Thursday, 30 April 1992
Today's Topics:
      Re: 04/27/92 - The National Midnight Star #474
          THE BRUINS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
              T-Shirts (Questions answered)
                       GOAC Video?
                 Unsubscribe me please...
            The Compleat Singles Chart History
                   The Video "Rushour"
                      Lakeside Park
                      Bio time! ...
                    The Trees, and D&N
                        Flame me!
                   Rush at Great Woods
      Re: 04/24/92 - The National Midnight Star #473
              Gawain, Cygnus, and Zivojinich
            Merriweather - Neil & Environment
              Tickets for Rush at GreatWoods
                 Rush for Academic-Types
                     Rushian Roulette
            Balt. - Merriweather ticket sales
                       hidden faces
     Re:  04/27/92 - The National Midnight Star #474
                   _Rush-Profiled!_ CD
                    Long Live the NMS!
                 Rush at Great Woods, MA
                   Great Woods date...
                       2112 and TRM
                Jones Beach & Meadowlands
            Directions to StarLake Amp. Wanted
                Merriweather Get-together?

From: Editor, The National Midnight Star 
Subject: Administrivia


Secondly, I've caught up with the admin mail; once again, if you're expecting
a response and haven't gotten one, it may have gotten lost.  Mail me again,

Thirdly, there is no third item.

Lastly, PLEASE remember that administrative (remove me) postings to this
list will be *ignored*.  If you want to be taken off the list, send mail
to the administrative address.  It's at the beginning and end of every
digest, and also in the header of the Administrivia posts.



Subject: Re: 04/27/92 - The National Midnight Star #474
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 92 17:21:58 EDT

Greetings fellow Rush types....

A few things this time around:

First-  To the person who asked about the lyrics to Diadects and Narpets.
        They are available in the current FAQ list which is available for
        anonymous FTP from  It's /rush/specail/FAQL01/24/92.
        The path is right, but the exact file name is wrong.  But the first
        4 letters are FAQL, so you should be able to find it...:)

[ Actually, the current version is "rush/special/FAQL.041992".    :rush-mgr ]

Second-  I give up.  I'd like to know where I can get decent reviews of the
         available bootlegs.  I've given up trying to find this stuff on my

[ Don't feel bad, I can't find boot albums/CDs unless I go to record con-
  ventions...                                                     :rush-mgr ]

Third-  To the person who inquired about the "I scream" at the 43 second mark
        of the ASoH version of Red Sector A.  I heard what you are talking
        about, but I think it's nothing.  If it is a lyric, I cannot make it

Maybe more to come later....


      "My god...It's full of fish!!"  -Geddy Lee's interpretation of 2010

                Email:   Phone: (906) 487-0646
             Math undergrad from Michigan Technological University

          "The worst sex I ever had was still pretty good."  -Unknown


Date: Tue, 28 Apr 92 18:11 EST
Subject: THE BRUINS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Ho!

	Someone was wondering about Rush and Hockey. . .Well, at the New Haven
show, I gave the sound board area the once-over before the show.  Arrayed
around the edges of the boards were hockey pucks, one with the logo of each
NHL team(and a few minor leaguers, I think, but I don't remember for sure).
Also, Neil wore a "Puckhead" cap, which is basically a large black dog food
dish worn upside down on the head which says "Puckhead"(coincidence?) on it.
I have seen people wearing these at NHL games.  It's supposed to be a hockey
puck (no, really?!).
comes in and negates the natural order of things.  How PC!
	Where are those durn T-Shirts?  I WANT ONE!!  On a related note, a guy
who was handing out flyers for A Show Of Fans at the last show I saw was
wearing a 2112 T-Shirt, possibly the coolest shirt I have ever seen(Except the
Yesshows Around The World In 80 Dates bootleg. . .), which he said he bought at
K-Mart in 1976 for a few dollars.
	Hey Mercury!  I finally heard from Mr. Objectivism. . .He's so fried
out on Acid that his message was even more unintelligible than they used to be!

				Your X-Undergrad pal,

				Aaron Silverman

P.S.  I hate .sig files!


Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1992 17:25 MDT
Subject: T-Shirts (Questions answered)

	First off, I posted to the NMS about how to order the shirts last week,
and have seen several common questions.  I'll try to answer them here.

	1.  What happened to the tabloid idea?

		I got in contact with Cheryl Crenshaw about doing the shirts.
	She did not forsee being able to do the shirts any time in the near
	future, but really wanted the opportunity to design the tabloid shirt.
	I'm not doing the tabloid shirt because I didn't want to spoil it for
	Cheryl.  She said that she planned on doing them sometime but had no
	idea as to when.  Since people were getting antsy about the shirts we
	both decided (with consent of rush-mgr) to have me go ahead and do a
	different shirt, with the idea in mind that the shirts could be an
	annual type deal - or whenever people feel like having a new one :)
	So no, the tabloid shirt idea has not been scrapped, but I wouldn't
	plan on seeing it done until *at least* next fall or so - but that's
	entirely up to Cheryl.

	2.  The names of cities on the back - could they be "Rush cities"?

		If you would like the name of a different city on the back
	other than your hometown, then send the name of that city with your
	order instead of your hometown - in fact put whatever you want for your
	city: the back is an opportunity for *you* to personalize *your* shirt.
	I only ask that it not be vulgar.  If enough people send rush related
	cities then I will try to put all those together on your shirt.

	3.  How to order?

	Send to:

	Mark Adams
	477 West 1800 North
	Provo, Utah


	1. Shirt size (up to XX large)
	2. Name of city you want to appear on the back under 'World Tour 1992'.
	3. Your return mailing address.
	4. A check for $9.50 made out to Mark Adams
	  (this includes $ for shipping back to you :)

	With over 1400 people on the list not everyone is going to be happy
with or agree on the same design (even though we all love the same GREAT band:)
I'm trying really hard to be as flexible as I can so that what I'm doing will
make as many NMS readers as I can happy.

	One last comment:  I can confirm the Salt Lake City date for May 29.
It's in the Delta Center (go Jazz!) - I got my tickets last Saturday when they
went on sale.  A local radio station is giving away RTB cd's if you are the
10th caller whenever they play Rush - and then that caller gets to go down to
the station's studio and 'roll the bones' - that is they give them a die to
roll and whatever number they roll is how many of their friends they get to
take with them to the concert.  Pretty cool.



Date: Tue, 28 Apr 92 19:20:31 EDT
From: "David S. Schmidt" 
Subject: GOAC Video?

I seem to remember some talk of work on a video for "Ghost of a Chance."
Has anyone heard any new news?

**"I don't know how we got this image, maybe we wore too many robes in **
**the 70's.  But they have this super-serious image of us..."          **
**                                   -Geddy Lee                        **


From: Rick McGlinchey 
Subject: Unsubscribe me please...
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 92 19:11:03 EST


Please unsubscribe me from _Midnight Star_.



Date: Tue, 28 Apr 92 19:29:03 EST
From: YES 
Subject: The Compleat Singles Chart History

Let it be stated for the record - er, the cd - that Rush had 8 tunes
make the top 100 Billboard Pop Chart.

	TITLE                     PEAK POS.                   DEBUT DATE

1.  Fly By Night/In The Mood	    88				1/8/77
2.  Closer Too The Heart	     76				11/26/77
3.  The Spirit Of Radio		    51 (not quite 40, eh?)      2/23/80
4.  Limelight			    55				3/14/81
5.  Tom Sawyer			    44				 6/6/81
6.  Closer To The Heart (ESL cut)   69			        12/12/81
7.  New World Man		    21				 9/18/82
8.  The Big Money		    45				 11/9/85

Okay, I lied. It's not complete. My book only goes thru 12/31/86.
If anyone has *accurate* info from 1986-now, please post it or send it
to me. I would REALLY like this data!!!



Date: Tue, 28 Apr 92 21:26:23 EDT
From: Tim Alberta 
Subject: Thanks

I would like to thank whomever posted the June 26th date in Detroit.  I called
my brother in Michigan (I live in Newport News, VA) and told him about it.  He
was able to find out when the tickets go on sale, so it looks like I'm making
an 800 mile trek up North to see the Boyz (for the second time this tour) in
June.  If it weren't for you there would be no chance (people who live in
Michigan understand why - you usually have about two hours to get your tickets)

Actually, they will be at Pine Knob, which is an outdoor theater with somewhat
limited seating, so it's a double bonus.  Once again Thanks.

I remember a Neil Peart interview in which he stated that the song "The Trees"
had no social significance at all - it was just a song that they wrote one day
about trees.

As for the song "Mission", I think it is a song about people who create, and
that sometimes we wish we could do things like that, but as another post said,
"Be careful what you wish for...".  Interestingly enough, I argued with a 
who thought it was about the shuttle disaster... and now I see both hypotheses
appearing here.  Cool.

Keep up the good work, fellow Rushians!

Tim Alberta (


Date: Tue, 28 Apr 92 19:52:11 -0700
From: Mikael Sheikh 
Subject: The Video "Rushour"

I saw a video called "Rushour", that is supposedly a set of interviews from
around the time of HYF.  Has anyone else heard of this and if so, is it
worth spending $20 on?  It's cover is the HYF cover (red with three spheres)
and the text is more or less typed on.

				Mikael Sheikh


Date: Wed, 29 Apr 92 00:32:44 -0400
Subject: Lakeside Park

I was dumb enough to rent "Strange Brew" to find out more about Lakeside Park.
Don't bother doing so yourself.  The movie is third rate, and I didn't learn a
thing about the park except that it's in Toronto somewhere, eh?

Clay Goldwein                 "Now's the time to turn the tide.             Now's the time to fight.
                               Let us not go gently
                               To the endless winter night."
                                    -Neil Peart


Date: Tue, 28 Apr 92 21:16:29 EDT
From: (Dave Mitchell)
Subject: Bio time! ...

I don't know if I should post something like this to the list... So here goes!

I'm Dave Mitchell.  I live in Mississauga Ontario (just outside of Toronto for
the un-geographic, uuh, that's Ontario Canada... :)  Anyway -- I am an avid
Rush fan. I have to admit that they are the 'rockiest' band I listen to as I
am more into the alternative scene. (People come over and say "Got enough Rush
CD's?" this amongst groups like NewOrder, Depeche Mode, The Cure and stuff no
one has ever heard of outside Toronto)   I do have all of their released
discs, and (I think) 3 videos including a bootleg of the Hold Your Fire tour
at Maple Leaf Gardens (snuck in a HandyCam !)

I am also a drummer with many inspirations, but Peart is the one that actually
got me interested (indirectly or course.)  I have been playing for almost 7
years now and I can play anything he can (EXCEPT WHEN HE SOLOS!!!! But then
again -- who could copy that?!)  Don't get me wrong, he's not God -- just the
next best thing!

The reason I am posting this Bio is because I have a special link to Rush. (My
claim to fame if you will.)  --  Approxamatly 5 years ago my father was out
looking for a house (parents are divorced, I live with Mom)  He came across a
nice, big place in Northren Richmond Hill (again Ontario...)  The deal was
finalized and I went to help him move in.  -- I COULDN'T BELIEVE MY EYES --
I pulled up the driveway with my dad, and there was his wife talking to Alex
Lifeson and his wife! (Alex's real last name is something like Zivoyinavitch -
The spelling is way off, but that's how you pronounce it)  Anyway, I bolteed
out of the car and immediatly introduced myself!  I didn't want to seem too
excited, but I think he could tell that I was wetting my pants a little! --
Anyway, to make a long story short --  The house has, of course, a studio in
the basement, a pool, and a tennis court in the ravine behind the house.
(It's aprox 4 acres of property)  I have played tennis with Alex at his new
house (not far away from the old house :)  better court than my Dad's! (He
actually had the court built before the house was completed!)  There have been
times when he will call John McEnroe up to play (no I havn't met him...) !
BTW--  His new house?  The basement is where they filmed 'Time Stand Still'
(from what I was told, and it looks the same...)  And the place is PINK! Yes,
PINK...  He's still in the North end of Richmond Hill, but I won't tell you
the address.. (or his phone number for that matter! :)

[ Thank you for your discretion.                                  :rush-mgr ]

He's a VERY nice and VERY funny guy, and I have a standing invitation to come
up and play on Peart's studio set some day.  Now... I just have to wait until
they all stop touring!!!

---  My apologies for this post being so long, but I hope I made it
interesting enough to justify it.  I also thought it would add something
'special'? to the list.  Thanks

[ You should let him know about the NMS sometime, and get the band's general
  impression on band-fan relations.  "Your mission, should you choose to
  accept it...."  :-)                                              :rush-mgr ]

  David P. Mitchell - "I think it's dark, and it looks like rain." - R.Smith
 INET: dpm@generic.uucp  -  -  UUCP: utzoo!terranet!dpm
         'This .signature could be worth a million someday!' NOT!


Date: 29 Apr 92 04:29:33 EDT
From: Bruce Holtgren <70724.1622@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: The Trees, and D&N

Just my .02 on The Great Trees Debate ... and yes, just to
thoroughly exasperate everyone, my own opinion is completely
different from any others offered so far:

I originally interpreted "The Trees" as a parable about labor-
management relations, taking the line "so the maples formed a
union" more literally. However, I think it's about conflict in
general. Furthermore, I don't think Peart "takes sides" with
*either* the maples or the oaks. The theme of the song is that
extremism - use of force and refusal to negotiate in particular -
is foolhardy and will inevitably lead only to a bad end for *all*
parties that are otherwise supposedly working for a common goal.
("We must all hang together, or surely we will hang separately."
- Benjamin Franklin) I must admit I do like the Canada/Britain
model, though - the potential maple symbolism, in particular, is
too strong to dismiss this possibility.

And re "Didacts and Narpets," since it's come up (again) ... I've
said it before and I'll say it again: The lyrics are almost
certainly deliberately ambiguous. You pretty much hear what you
want to hear, which is probably the idea. And if "one of the
boyz" really did say in an interview that the lyrics are along
the Adult/Child theme, I sure wish the specific interview and
specific quotes could be cited - that would be the most
definitive answer yet to this enduring mystery.

ORQ: "Uyk wuo! Xzk mbq! Zal koiq! Ux siqe! Iygh! Wbizeh! LISTEN!"


Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1992 09:58:54 EDT
From: The Doug-meister 
Subject: Rush at Great Woods

Does anyone know when tickets will go on sale for the Great Woods show in
Mansfield, MA in June?

Doug B.

"What can this thing be that I've found?" - 2112


Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1992 11:19 EST
Subject: Re: 04/24/92 - The National Midnight Star #473

Hello and thank you for all your work putting this out.Unfortunately
I will have no access to a vax for a few months , so please
cancel my subscription until I can get back to you.Again--thanks!!


Date:    Wed, 29 Apr 92  11:50:27 EDT
From: "Mercury" 
Subject: Gawain, Cygnus, and Zivojinich

Just some quick trivia I stumbled across:
1) JRR Tolkien seems to have been the authoritative editor of "Sir
Gawain and the Green Knight" (and Beowulf, or so Steve says.)
2) Cygnus X-1 is an actual black hole.  I did NOT know that.
3) If Alex is of Russian descent, then Zivojinich is an awful lot like
a patronymic where Zivo is like zhizn, the russian word for "life".
Therefore, if your name is Bob, and your dad's name is Fred, then your
patronymic is Bob Fredovich.  What I'm getting at is that Zivojinich is
as close to Lifeson as you can get in Russian.  Assuming Russian descent.



Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1992 12:45 EST
From: "Hey! Neil Peart has cancer!! ... NOT!!" 
Subject: Merriweather - Neil & Environment

	I have heard that tickets for the Merriweather Post show in June go
on sale May 2nd? Kinda sucks.. I have a final exam that day (yes, on a

	ALSO! I was at work Sunday 4/26 and I happened to turn on the radio
(98 rock) at about noon to discover some sort of show about Rock and the
environment. They played environmentally concerned songs by several groups
and had a couple interviews with band members.
	Well, to get to the point, they played a Phil Collins/Genesis song
abuot the environment (dont remember the name) and then talked to Phil for
about 30 seconds and then suddenly the woman interviewing says:

	"Neil Peart of Rush."

	And there's Neil! He starts talking about the damage cars cause to
the environment and how electric cars are the wave of the future and will
be widespread soon, etc... as he was finishing up they started playing 
but cut it off after about 15-20 seconds...

Pretty neat! Did anybody else hear this? I am assuming it was a national
show cuz at abuot 12:30 the 98 rock DJ finally came back on after credits
for the environment show were given..

	Maybe everyone else knew about this and I was just in the dark, but
it was a pretty cool surprise and I thought I would pass it along. It was also
the first time I heard Neil's voice (besides just saying "SUBDIVISIONS" :))...
he has a very good voice though... pretty deep... would make a good radio
voice IMHO.

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| |  =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=  |             -- N.Peart (RUSH)  |


Date: Wed, 29 Apr 92 13:24:21 -0400
From: Doug Keller 
Subject: Tickets for Rush at GreatWoods

Tickets for Rush at GreatWoods, in Mansfield, MA go on sale this
Saturday, May 2.

Doug Keller                  
Northeastern University, Boston, MA    Bix: dkeller
Computer Engineering


Date: Wed, 29 Apr 92 13:53 EST
Subject: Rush for Academic-Types

Hey dudes,

Several people have said that they're writing papers which involve Rush.
Well, I recently read a book called "Heavy Metal:  A Cultural Sociology", by
a college professor named Deena Weinstein.  She mentions Rush a few times,
mainly a part about standing outside a Rush concert and discussing lyrics with
the fans.  It also mentions another book she wrote(which I haven't seen) which
is called "Serious Rock:  The Lyrics of Pink Floyd, Rush and Bruce Springsteen"
(Weird Trio there!).  This title may not be exactly right, but you get the
picture.  Good luck to you paper-writing folks out there.

				Until Later,

				Aaron Silverman


Date:         Wed, 29 Apr 92 14:27:03 EDT
From: Ace 
Subject:      Rushian Roulette

A few years ago, a friend of mine told me about a bootleg album called
Rushian (Or Rush In) Roulette.  He also said that this album (Yes, it's on
vinyl) would randomly pick a song on whichever side was playing...(???)
Has anyone heard of this boot?  And if so, is it any good, and what about that
random song thing???  As far as I know, there's no real way to make that happen
 since records have to be set up in a certain order for a reason... That's the
way the turn table moves...
Any info would be appreciated...

[ This could be "Russian Roulette" or "Rush 'N Roulette"; one is a double
  album boot from Chicago in 1981, the other is from Geleen, Holland PinkPop
  Music Festival from sometime in 1979.  As for the "random" playing, I've
  heard about doulbe-grooved albums, where two album sides are pressed into
  the same side of an LP.  You wouldn't know which one you were going to get
  until the needle actually set down, and fell into one or the other set of
  grooves.  I'd not heard about either of the above-mentioned being done like
  this, though...  Anyone else?                                    :rush-mgr ]

"I do these interviews and people ask me, 'How come you can write all
  that sensitive stuff and then write all that trash?' and I tell them
  'Well, I can be real sensitive on occaision and be real trashy on
    others.'" -Jimmy Buffet


From: (Shawn P. Neugebauer)
Subject: Balt. - Merriweather ticket sales
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 92 14:16:28 EST

Since I haven't seen this posted yet...

Merriweather tickets on sale 16 May!

I talked to the Merriweather office today, and discovered that
tickets for the 16 June concert go on sale 16 May.  The person
confirmed this (at least, she put me on hold while she confirmed
it) while I was on the phone.

No information on ticket prices, but Merriweather sells through
TicketBastard, so they may (not!) have some information soon.


/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\fold here, tape, and mail today/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\
 Shawn P. Neugebauer                                      Ideas, Inc.                                           410-312-2231


Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1992 15:56:27 -0400
From: Glen E Reed 
Subject: hidden faces

Rushppl --

Well, I was expecting to find this on the FAQL list, but since it's not there,
I guess I'll just bring up the topic here....  My roommate a few years back
had some advertising class or something where they were talking about
subliminal messages, and his professor mentioned the ATWAS cover.  If you look
at the guy's shoulder on this album (as well as they guy on Hemispheres),
you can see a face kind of hidden in the shoulder....  Does anyone know if
this was intentional, or just some sort of bizarre coincidence, or if I'm just
seeing things??

Glen "Trroy" Reed


Date: Wed, 29 Apr 92 14:54:05 EDT
From: sjuphil! (Constantinos Dukissis)
Subject: Re:  04/27/92 - The National Midnight Star #474

please take me off the mailing list. school is out, see you again
in the fall.  hope to see everyone at merriweather on june 16th.
"when i leave i don't know what i'm hoping to find, and when
 i leave i don't know what i'm leaving behind."



Date: Wed, 29 Apr 92 15:17:42 -0600
From: (Scott Barnhill)
Subject: _Rush-Profiled!_ CD

I was reading the FAQ List in NMS and noticed that a fair amount
of the answers were coming from the _Rush_Profiled!_ CD.  What company
puts out this CD and how does one go about obtaining a copy.
	Also the venue has been set for the May 29th Salt Lake City show...
The brand new state of the art Delta Center.  Tickets went on sale last Sat.
and the show is almost totally Sold Out!!!  Pretty amazing for SLC!!!  I was
able to get 4 tix in the third row and 6 in the fourth....  Anyways, I can't
wait until May 29!!!

If any onw out there knows any info about the CD please mail me directly, no 
to clutter up the NMS.

			Thank You Much!
			Scott Barnhill
			University Of Utah, SLC Utah

	| *  We see so many tribes - overrun and undermined * |
	| *  While thier invaders dream of lands they've left behind * |
        | *  Better people - better food - BETTER BEER * |
                                 N. Peart, Territories


Date: 29 Apr 92 17:38:41 EDT
From: Steve <70004.556@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Heresy

Hail and well met, all!

Had an interesting discussion with a friend of mine the other day.  We
were discussing 'Heresy'.  Turns out he had a different interpretation of
the song that I did.  It appears to me that Neil is blaming the Soviet
military buildup (communism/collectivism) for the 'fear and suffering'
that both the russian people AND western cultures experienced during the
cold war.  My friend viewed it differently.  He believes that Neil is
blaming the American government as well for over-reacting to the Soviet
threat, 'All a big mistake.'

It seems to me, evidenced by previous songs, that Neil views the threat of
collectivistic totalitarian governments very seriously.  It's certainly
evident throughout many songs, 2112, Red Sector A, Red Lenses, The
Trees...the list goes on.

Any thoughts on what the 'big mistake' is?  Is it Communism/Socialism or
paranoid capatilists?  Maybe both?

Also, to those losing sleep over Firehouse's _Hold Your Fire_,  a couple
of words from a very respected poet...

"  (we) disengage
   (we) TURN THE PAGE!"

Below the waterline,



Date: Wed, 29 Apr 92 17:29:36 -0500
From: Brian E. Saunders 
Subject: Long Live the NMS!

Well, the new newsgroup has caused some buzz over the
future of the NMS, but after a week of complete drivle, I don't think
we need worry anymore.  The topics on that group have gone from lame
to annoying to ridiculous, and I am just about to type that "u".
One thing that particularly annoys me is this comparison of groups
crap.  Who cares?  Just like something; don't defend it all the time.

Keep it up, Mr. Manager.  If I have anything useful to say about Rush,
I'll post it here.  And I suspect most of the readers here will do
that as well.



From: madmax@Athena.MIT.EDU
Subject: Rush at Great Woods, MA
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 92 21:33:38 EDT

On June 17th, Rush will be playing Great Woods which is in some podunk town
a little southwest of Boston.  However, Great Woods itself is an amazing place.
Covered outdoor stadium....
Anyways, tickets go on sale this Saturday, May 2nd, same day as tix go on sale
for the Meadowlands show in East Rutherford, NJ.  Beware the idiots at
ticketbastard  messing up if you plan to go to either, or both as I do.

In the concert halls......(NP)



Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1992 23:15 EDT
From: "Excuse me, I've lost my marbles" 
Subject: Great Woods date...

Hi all...

Just confirmed today...Rush is playing Great Woods in Mansfield, Massachussetts
on June 17th, with Mr. Big opening. Tickets go on sale Saturday morning,
through TicketMaster (sorry, don't know when the Great Woods box office is
opening...if I find out, I'll let you know!!)

Melissa Jehnings
Wheaton College
Norton, MA


Date: Thu, 30 Apr 92 11:17:07 WST
From: (Mega Goon)
Subject: 2112 and TRM

Hi all!!

Guess what, the 2112 suite got played in its entirety on radio last night!!
Not a bad effort for an Autralian Radio station huh?? Considering that
most oz radio is shit boring and completely bland...the only other rush
song i've heard on the radio is AFTK...

point number two

To the guy named todd who tried to contact me about the Rhythm Method Drum
Transcripts (ie the todd with the Alesis drum machine), please get in
contact with me, all the mail i tried to send you was bounced back to me!!

seeya later
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Date: Wed, 29 Apr 92 23:33:10 EDT
From: jalhart@skidmore.EDU (Lerxst)
Subject: Jones Beach & Meadowlands

I just heard that both shows will go on sale simultaneously at 9AM this
coming Saturday.

Again it is
Juen 19 Meadowlands Arena
June 20 Jones Beach

Ken F.


Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1992 03:55 EST
Subject: Directions to StarLake Amp. Wanted

       Hey There, Hi There, Ho There...

          After a week in Daytona Beach, I was finally able to catch up on
the last 8 or so issues.  But I was bummed to find out that there have been no
dates mentioned for the Finger Lakes Pavilion  :^(   but I did notice there is
a date in Pittsburgh at the StarLake Amphitheater!!  :^)

          My question is toward anyone with an idea where StarLake is located,
I live in Buffalo and there is no problem of getting to Pittsburgh itself
(matter of fact had a nice view of it on the way to FLA.) I just need an idea
of where it may be located in relation to the city.

          Either post it here or send it to me via E-mail.   THANKS!!!

                                                        Tony Moretta

   "Got to pick up the pace if you want to stay in the race" -- GO SABRES!!


From: David Arnold 
Subject: Merriweather Get-together?

Hi all you local (MD/VA/DC) NMS'ers!  I had an idea for the Merriweather
show.  What are your thoughts on a get-together on the lawn at the show?
Here's my thoughs:  we get a few people to get to the gates early enough,
get in right away when they open, and set up camp front & center on the
lawn.  We can set up some kind of "NMS" sign, and anyone from the list can
stop by and meet other list members.

We've tried things like this in the past (at shows, not pre-show parties),
but have had limited success.  I think this is mostly due to people not
wanting to stand around in the parking lot in the dark freezing at Nov-Feb
shows around here (I know I don't).  But, weather permitting, if all we
have to do is stroll around in the sunshine and look for friendly faces
in good seats, that might make it easier to pull off.

I don't know what kind of seats I'm going to get, but here's what I suggest.
We arrange for a contingent to be there early the day of the show, say an
hour before the gates open.  When we get inside, we make a beeline for the
choice spots on the lawn and set up.  We create a sign (cardboard and magic
marker work fine) announcing the "NMS area" and see who swings by to say hi.
We sit around and eat fried chicken and whatever else we bring and have a
good old time.  Even those of us/you that have pavillion seats can come up
before the show, and maybe during Mr. Big as well.  As for me, either I'm
getting decent seats via a connection (FOAF), or I'll be lawning it with the
rest of the rabble.  Either way I'd be interested in hanging on the lawn at
least until Mr Big is done.

I know I can get several people to get into this (Barry, Skip, Pat, Del, Erin
etc - I know you people are out there!).  It's a great way to meet those
anonymous people you've been reading so much from all this time...

If you're interested, drop me a line.  I'll try to set up some kind of file
with people's names and e-mail addresses.  We can have a sign-in at the show.
 :-) :-) 

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UUCP: uunet!!davida     | Rolling Stones/BOC/ELP/Police/SRV


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