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Subject: 05/04/92 - The National Midnight Star #482

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 482

                    Monday, 4 May 1992
Today's Topics:
              Will Rush change the setlist?
                  Another Canadian trio
                       Chart Stuff
               More interesting Rush stuph!
   Big Money/Cemera Eye/Xanadu live/2112 live/The Trees
                  Spinal Tap in Toronto?
                        Alpine Tix
                 Rush Parody Song Request
                    Alex's background
                     Rush Hour Video
                    Exit...Stage Left
         Chicago Tour info and RE: outdoor shows

Subject: Administrivia
Date: Mon, 04 May 92 14:14:57 -0400
From: RUSH Fans Digest Manager 

We had a near disaster today with disk space; one of the list members
uploaded over 11M of gif files, and ran the file system right out of
know what to expect, when to expect it, and can plan on what to do with
it once it gets here.  Syrinx is used by others besides me, and I can't
let things like this interfere with normal usage of the machine.  I hope
this is a one-time thing; I'd hate to have to turn off uploading to

As a result of the above, there are new copies of gifs out in the images
directory, see the CONTENTS file for specifics.

As a side effect of the disk space situation, I'll be removing what I
consider to be unnecessery files from the Syrinx ftp site.  This includes
any sound/music files.  The directories:

    rush/c64-sounds, and

will be removed shortly.  If you want something from them, jump now, or
don't jump later.

In addition to removing files, I have compressed the first 100 issues of
the NMS in the "rush/digest" directory.  You'll need the Unix command
'uncompress' to unsquish them - the source for this is available in the
file "rush/compress.tar" (in the main rush directory via anonymous ftp).
This is a Unix tape archive file, but should be editable by any text
editor if you don't have Unix.

Also, for those of you losing your accounts soon, please send me mail to
be unsubscribed from the NMS.  This makes my life much easier, thanks.

Lastly, as always, admin. mail posted here will go out with the list;
make sure you're sending to the correct address to save embarassment!

The National Midnight Star (RUSH fans mailing list)    or


Date: Fri, 1 May 1992 17:23:33 -0500
From: Michael Silverman 
Subject: Will Rush change the setlist?

Does anybody know (or care to make some guesses) as
to whether Rush is going to change their setlist for the tird leg
of the Roll the Bones tour? I, for one, would like to see the set
list changed a little...maybe add a few more songs off of Roll the
Bones, maybe a few older songs, too. I would dump the shortened Subdivisions
and Superconducter, and play all of Xanadu as well. What do
you all think?

PS: Does anyone have the Rush live video from Toronto in 1988? If
so, please e-mail me. Thanks.

"One likes to believe in the freedom of baseball" - Geddy Lee


Date: Fri, 1 May 92 18:50:16 -0400
From: (Scott McMahan -- Genesis mailing list owner)
Subject: LVS

| I really didn't expect LVS
|   to win at all

Out of all the tracks on Chronicles, this one really stood out. I
liked it! I think it's better than YYZ.

The synth-powered Subdivisions stood out, too.



Date: Fri, 1 May 1992 18:17 CST
From: "Buenos nachos, mein froinds!" 
Subject: Inane

	I agree with the person yesterday who openly derided the
Rush newsgroup.  The latest meanderings include about 20 different people
so far posting huge lists of all the different music groups they listen to,
simply to prove their musical diversity.


"eeeh!" - Geddy at beginning of Mystic Rhythms on ASOH

Thomas Beaudoin
Kansas City


Date: Fri, 1 May 92 21:14:15 EDT
From: jalhart@skidmore.EDU (Lerxst)
Subject: Rockline

Geddy and Alex have been announced to be on Rockline on Monday May 18th.


Ken F.


From: (Wungramngam T. Shishak)
Subject: Another Canadian trio
Date: Fri, 1 May 92 15:04:49 CDT

There's another incredible band out there who were my fave until RUSH.  TRIUMPH
(now defunct) was also a three man outfit who were influenced by RUSH early on.
Like the Boyz, they were extremely underrated by the popular music
establishment. I would strongly recommend this hard rock/metal band. Their
sound is progressive, though perhaps in a more "traditional rock" sense. A
couple of good albums: Thunder 7, Sport of Kings, Surveillance, & Allied
-W. Shishak
P.S. Anyone know of an upcoming Chicago or central Virginia Rush show?


From: T J Moore-Read 
Subject: Chart Stuff
Date: Fri, 1 May 92 11:30:24 BST


  Just thought i'd send in some uk chart trivia:

   Rush have had two top 40 hits in the Uk
   They were  Closer To the heart & Spirit of Radio

   TSOR actually made it into the top 20 somewhere (i think it was 13)

  The last 4 rush albums (HYF,ASOH,P & RTB) have all made it into the top 20
  albums  RTB reached number 10.


| Terry Moore-Read     |                                                      |
| 4 Tollemache Avenue  |        JANET    :          |
| Leicester  LE4 OEA   |        INTERNET :          |
| ENGLAND              |        BITNET   :          |
|                      | "Time is a spiral, Space is a curve..."  - N Peart   |


Date: Sat, 2 May 92 01:56:45 EDT
From: (Dave Mitchell)
Subject: More interesting Rush stuph!


  Rumour monger says: "Rush are going to the States!..."  Rumour monger
explains:  I was talking to father yesterday, and he told me that Alex, Geddy
and Neil have all applied for their Green Cards (uh oh!).  Reason being --
Rush (The Band and Personal) have been Audited by Revenue Canada for the last
12 years and they are getting quite sick of it!!  (It's cruel and inhumane
treatment to be audited !!)  Anyway -- Rush has been labeled as a 'TEST' case
for Revenue Canada, in otherwords -- If you are a happy little auditor joining
Revenue Canada for your first job you are assigned Rush as your first
assignment if you are lucky.  And Rush has been lucky for 12 years now.

   This really BITES!..  Canada's most successful band having to go to the
U.S. because of our fucked up government policies...  They are and always be
Canadian !!!

  Mull this one over!!


  David P. Mitchell - "I think it's dark, and it looks like rain." - R.Smith
 INET: dpm@generic.uucp  -  -  UUCP: utzoo!terranet!dpm
         'This .signature could be worth a million someday!' NOT!


Date: Sun, 3 May 92 10:33:15 EDT
From: (Keivan Khalichi)
Subject: Big Money/Cemera Eye/Xanadu live/2112 live/The Trees


  Being only on NMS # 476, I might be repeating information as I'm writing
this item.  I haven't had the time to read all 6 NMSes that came quickly one
right after the other.  I don't know how fast they came, but one day I
checked my mail after 4 or 5 days, and I found lots of unread messages of
enormous sizes.  Any ways.

In regards to the Trees:

  I always thought, why not take it for the face value.  It's like any time
chaos appears in a society.  Peace must be ENFORCED.  Here, the hatchets,
axes and saws, are used to produce equality amongst the trees and used as a
tool to enforce and keep peace between the trees.  Look at L.A.  There is a
strong need for hatchets, axes and saws there.  More like, guns, tanks, and
troops.  (FLAME AWAY)

In regards to The Big Money and The Camera Eye:

  I was skimming through my American Literature book the other day (I'm not
an English major) and found two items of interest.  A writer by the name
John Dos Passos had written a novel by the name _The Big Money_ and part of
this novel is titled "The Camera Eye."  I have yet to read this novel.  In
this book, there are only parts of the novel presented.

In regards to Xanadu on ESL:

  After getting my ESL CD back from a friend of mine which had it for a month,
I decided to listen to Xanadu live.  Well, I really enjoyed the listening
pleasure of this song.  The song was comming to an end, so I decided to
focus on the powerful ending.  That's when I heard a whisper at the last
short pause before they finished the song.  It was Geddy, and the whisper was
not GET A LIFE.  And I didn't play it backwards yet.  Does anyone know what
this is.  Or is it that I have a "very highly active imagination." (Roger
Waters quoted from _Pink Floyd in Pompei_)

In regards to 2112 live:

  Does anyone know if Rush ever did 2112 live with all the seven parts.  Before
you say ATWAS, I must say that it had only 5 parts.  III. The Discovery and
V. Oracle: The Dream were omitted in the live version.  If someone has the
boot of the complete live song, please leave me e-mail.

Well, that's all for now.  I'll probably come back in a month or so, after I
have finished these incomming issues.  It takes the longest time to read this
stuff on the computer monitor. 

Every day we're standing
In a time capsule
Racing down a river from the past
Every day we're standing
In a wind tunnel
Facing down the future comming fast


From: the!


Date: Sun, 3 May 1992 12:23 EST

Hello; I am a Buffalonian who just purchased tickets for the Dayton show, and
I would appreciate if anyone could tell me: What/where is the Nutter Center?
Is it indoors or out? How many people does it seat? What is the seating
arrangement? (I do not have my tix yet, so I do not know where I am) Lastly,
is there a man named Nutter, after whom this venue was named (I cannot help
but laugh at that name).

Also, I will be buying tickets for Star Lake in Pittsburgh- when a sale date is
announced, ANYONE AND EVERYONE, please post info. I cannot locate Star Lake on
my AAA map; can someone tell me roughly where it is? I assume this is an 
outdoorshow; what is the venue like/ how many does it seat?

Any responses to my current dilemmas would be appeciated.

Nutter for president.

                      Kevin Hulme, Buffalonian.


Date: Sun, 3 May 92 14:59:04 -0400
From: Mike Hackett 
Subject: Spinal Tap in Toronto?

   Sorry about the lack of Rush content (unless, of course, they decided to
join in at this show!) but there has seemed to be at least some interest in
Tap shown on this list.  Anyway, on Fax (a MuchMusic daily music news-type
show) Thursday night, they had clips from an interview they did with Tap
(I can't believe they mis-labelled Nigel as "Nigel Tuffs"!).  At the end
of the interview, they said they were going to be doing 3 shows on Canada
Day - St. John's, Toronto, and Vancouver.  Now, this sounds totally insane,
though possible (some other Canadian artist did this a while ago - Bryan
Adams?  Colin James?  I really don't remember).
    My point is, I figure they have to at least play Toronto (though Tull
didn't, argh!), so as soon as anyone hears any news about this, I would
greatly appreciate hearing from you - email, if the list doesn't want to
hear about it.  Wouldn't it be incredible, though, to have a big Canada
Day concert with Tap, Rush, and maybe Jeff Healey and some other Canadian
acts!  As far as I know Rush is not yet booked for July 1st, and the last
date I have seen is June 26th in Detroit - not far from home.  BTW, have
the tickets for that Detroit shown already gone on sale (and then likely
sold out quickly).  If not, when?  Thanks in advance to all.

| Mike Hackett                  | "I don't believe you, you had the whole  |
|      |  damn thing all wrong; He's not the kind |
| Honors Computer Science III   |  you have to wind up on Sundays."        |
| University of Western Ontario | -Ian Anderson, "Wind Up" - _Aqualung_    |


From: "Travis Williams" 
Subject: Alpine Tix
Date: 03 MAY 1992 14:53 -00

    The show has been confirmed for the 27th at Alpine and tickets go
on sale this Saturday at Ticketmaster, etc.  I hear there is a ticket
club at Alpine which gives members to that club the first chance at
tickets, so really great seats are probably going to be tough to come
by...but we can always hope, can't we?   I'll be there, so if anyone is
planning on attending, mail me, and we'll talk.  Later.



Date: Sun, 3 May 1992 18:29 CDT
Subject: Rush Parody Song Request

As the school year sinks slowly into the west, I got to thinking about Rush
songs I would like to parody, but I couldn't come up with any.  Then, I
remembered the nice folks at the NMS, so I decided to email something
describing my situation and asking for the help of all you Rush fans out there.

Please, send me songs you would like to see parodied.  My email address is as

Please hurry as I will be graduating in 6 days and I will need some time to
write up lyrics.  As I am a relative newcomer to Rush, the only requirement I
have is that the songs are relatively well-known.  Thanks a bunch.  I really
appreciate it, and I will make it worth your while as I will name anyone who
sends me a song parody idea if I use it.

BTW, I recently picked up a used copy of "Presto" for $3 and I have completed a
song parody of "Superconductor" called "Viva Las Vegas."  It will be posted on within the next few days, so be on the lookout for it!

Alex Lifeson's evil twin,

Tom Lindaman

"I'm not one to believe in magic,
        But I sometimes have a second sight."
                        ---"Presto" by Rush


Date: Sun, 3 May 92 20:56:25 -0400
From: ba080@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Jim B. Stevenson)
Subject: Alex's background

Hey Gang

	I've been seeing some posts asking about Alex's background.
Here's the correct info, taken from _Visions_.

Alex is the son of Yugoslavian immigrants.  He was born in the mountain
town of Fernie, British Columbia.  His family soon moved to Toronto.

While we're on the subject, Geddy is from a family of Polish Jews who
survived the war and moved to Canada.  His name "Geddy" comes from his
mother calling him Gary in a heavy Yiddish accent, which sounds like
`Geddy', and the name has stuck ever since.

C-ya'll L8R!

____/|   ba080@cleveland.Freenet.Edu  ||~\\  ||    ||  //~\\  ||   ||
\'o.O'     Jim `SnowDog' Stevenson    ||_//  ||    ||  \\     ||___||
=(___)=   HAIL DIRK,LERXT,& PRATT!!   ||~\\  ||    ||    \\   ||~~~||
   U -ACK!  "The Show Must Go On!"    ||  \\  \\__//  \\_//   ||   ||


Date: Mon, 4 May 1992 09:23 EST
From: Richard Andrew Zehel Sofranko 
Subject: Rush Hour Video

Hey everybody!  I am writing in response to someones question
regarding the boot video "Rush Hour".

I purchased this video at Eide's music in Pittsburgh about
6 months ago.  It is definitely a bootleg recording of some
sort.  My copy is on an unlabeled Memorex tape.  Someone wrote
"Rush" on it with a black marker.  You can only see this if
you hold it up to the light at an angle to get a good relection
off of the surface.  As our fellow subscriber said, it comes in
a plastic case with a smaller version of the HYF album cover for
a jacket front.

The recording contains about 20-25 minutes worth of an interview
with Geddy Lee.  The interview is held outdoors on a sunny day with
Geddy sporting a pair of sunglasses.  Alex's interview covers about
10 minutes of tape and apparently occured before a sound check.
I can't recall all the videos contained on the tape, but a few stand
out in my memory.  There is a clip of the CloserTTH video as
well as a clip of FarwellTK (!?!, didn't think there was one).  The
BodyE video is on it also.  If anyone wants to know exactly which
videos are on this tape drop me a line.

Take it easy.



Date: Mon, 4 May 92 11:09:18 EDT
From: (Keivan Khalichi)
Subject: Exit...Stage Left


  I just recorded Exit...Stage Left and while recording, I listened to it on
my stereo, through my friend's stereo VCR.  I must say, that was the best
medly I have heard of Rush, officially recorded live (I don't have any boots).
Especially By-Tor and the Snow Dog, such a powerful song.  Most interesting
fiction fantasy.

  I have obtained the sign of Eth and have stored it in the Caves of Ice,
  which resides near the ruins of the Temples of Syrinx, in the mountains of
  the east, above the Valley, where Willow Dale once was; hidden along with
  the two ancient mythelogical books of Cygnus X-1.

>From the Land of the Overworld, Keivan Khalichi.


Date: Mon, 4 May 92 11:38:15 -0500
From: This S___s 
Subject: Chicago Tour info and RE: outdoor shows

Matt Snyder wrote:
>Anybody have info on Indianapolis IN shows this summer or late spring?
>Also, since when does Rush work in the summer?  I thought that was
>the last thing they would ever think of doing.  It will be EXTREMELY
>weird to see the boyz in May or June or (god forbid) OUTSIDE!!!!

Yes, they are going to be at Deer Creek on June 24, but tix went on sale
several weeks ago, probably only lawn seats still available.

As for the outdoor show thing, where were you for the Presto tour.

I saw them at Alpine Valley summer of 1990 I believe and it was awesome.
It rained about an hour before the show, and because of the rain, the
air was very misty all night, so the lasers had plenty of stuff to shine on.

Speaking of Chicago area shows. I called ticketbastard, and tickets go
on sale for both Alpine Valley and the World Amphitheatre on Sat. May 9.
They didn't have a date for the Alpine Valley show on their computer yet,
but someone else said it was confirmed for June 27, which is probably
right because the date for the World Amphitheatre show is June 28.

The prices for the World are 32.50 plus a 4.00 service charge per ticket, 
outrageous. 8 ticket limit per order.

--Mike Korman


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