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Subject: 05/06/92 - The National Midnight Star #483

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 483

                  Wednesday, 6 May 1992
Today's Topics:
                       Quick notes
                      This and that
                The NMS and
                      Xanadu on ASoH
                   Rush and Green Cards
        2112 Live Trees (in a forest, of course :)
                     Rush Sound Files
                Boston Area Outdoor Venue
                  A Nightmare Come True
                    The Twilight Zone
                        mail list
        Fly By Night song Parody - 'Hurl By Night'
          Any Pink Floyd Influence? / Neil Peart
                      Blossom yet?!?
                     rush commercial?
              Pittsburgh RUSH Tix Sale Date!
                    Subdivisions edit
   Some various ramblings in my last post before summer
             Info for Pittsburgh concertgoers
                 DC area Rush show??????

From: Editor, The National Midnight Star 
Subject: Administrivia

I've caught up all the removals and changes (I think), but am still behind
on the new subscriptions.  Insert usual message her...  :-)

There is another list of song spoofs coming, I'll try to get it out tonight,
but no guarantees!



Date:    Mon, 4 May 92 18:06 EDT

It's been rather quiet lately about the Rockline interview...

***********MAY 18**************Geddy & Alex******************

BTW,for those of you in the central-PA area, it'll be on WTPA 93.5 --
not on the long-ago-posted list of Rockline stations.


Annoying sig.line-less


Date: Mon, 4 May 1992 19:16:35 -0400
From: Jeremy Weissenburger <>
Subject: Quick notes


	Received my first issue of The Nat'l Midnight Star today, and already
 I have some stuff to say.  Ooooh.   Aaaahh.

	1) Read in Electric Factory News that Rush will be playing in Berlin
 and other areas once they were done in America and Europe.  Alex Lifeson was
 very excited to be going, expecially with all the recent changes.

	2) I have heard a recent rumor that Rush would soon be doing a double
 billing with... Marillion!  Has anyone else heard this?

	3) Have recently come in "contact" with a boot from the Roll The Bones
 tour... on CD.  It's called "The Fly," recorded in Madison Square Garden last
 December.  The boot is only one CD, 67 minutes long.  The quality?  Well, the
 music comes off VERY good, but Geddy's vocals sound as if coming through a
 garage.  Obviously, someone snuck in, recorded and later ran it through a 
sound board.  Luckily, it has "Ghost Of A Chance" on it (which they didn't 
play in
 Philly last year.  Argh.).  Don't remember the songlist off the top of my 
head, but can check for anyone who is interested.

[ Yeah, they added it the next night in Largo, MD.  I was lucky enough to be
  at both shows writing down the setlist, so I picked up on it right away.
                                                                    :rush-mgr ]

	4) Someone asked if 2112 parts III and V (The Discovery and Oracle: The
 Dream) were performed.  As far as I know, part III WAS played on the
 Hemispheres tour (Don't know about A Farewell To Kings...).

[ Yes, Discovery and Presentation have been played live; to my knowledge,
  Oracle never was.  Corrections (and corroboration) anyone?       :rush-mgr ]


Capt. Apathy


Date: Mon, 4 May 92 19:46:50 -0400
Subject: This and that

for those of you who have seen strange brew:
TRIVIA Q:  Anyone where our two heroes were sent when Brewmeister tried
           to kill them by fixing their brakes?
       A:  A birthday party at Lakeside Park.

Thanks to whoever posted the info on Rush's upcoming Rockline appearance.

Sorry if I missed it, but does anyone know when tickets go (went?) on sale
for the June 17th show at Great Woods (Mansfield, MA)?
Thanks in advance.
					-- Raj

PS:  Thanks for the FAQL.  There was interesting stuff in there I missed.
     The inside picture on Hold Your Fire was mentioned, but how about the
     ESL cover?  I'm sure I missed a couple symbols in that one.  Later . . .


Date: Mon, 4 May 1992 18:46:52 -0500
From: Michael Silverman 
Subject: The NMS and

I can't understand the folks who have been flaming
here lately. Since when is more Rush bad? The NMS will always be
superior, but is cool because it allows for quicker
interaction and new thread which wouldn't stick here. Stop with your
elitist attitude. If you don't like the newsgroup, fine, but stop
spouting off about it, and let those who enjoy both the NMS and read both in peace!

"One likes to believe in the freedom of baseball" - Geddy Lee


Subject: Xanadu on ASoH
Date: Mon, 4 May 92 20:25:53 EDT

Howdy again Rush types...

One item of business for today:

To  I pulled out my copy of ASoH after seeing your
question about the unidentifiable whisper in the last pause before the ending.
Well, I think I heard what you are talking about and in my opinion, it's just
an instrument screwing up.  Granted I could, as always, be wrong...


      "My god...It's full of fish!!"  -Geddy Lee's interpretation of 2010
            Words 'o Pascal wisdom:  The semicolon is your friend!!
                Email:   Phone: (906) 487-0646
             Math undergrad from Michigan Technological University
          The worst sex I ever had was still pretty good."  -Unknown


Date: Mon, 4 May 92 19:44:43 PDT
From: pevans@sanjuan.UVic.CA (Patricia Evans)
Subject: Rush and Green Cards

> From: (Dave Mitchell)
> Subject: More interesting Rush stuph!
>   Rumour monger says: "Rush are going to the States!..."  Rumour monger
> explains:  I was talking to father yesterday, and he told me that Alex, Geddy
> and Neil have all applied for their Green Cards (uh oh!).  Reason being --
> Rush (The Band and Personal) have been Audited by Revenue Canada for the last
> 12 years and they are getting quite sick of it!!  (It's cruel and inhumane
> treatment to be audited !!)  Anyway -- Rush has been labeled as a 'TEST' case
> for Revenue Canada, in otherwords -- If you are a happy little auditor 
> Revenue Canada for your first job you are assigned Rush as your first
> assignment if you are lucky.  And Rush has been lucky for 12 years now.

Maybe the Canadian gov't thinks A Farewell to Kings (the song) is about
them... :-)

Seriously, this doesn't make much sense to me. I don't know much about
Green Cards (can anyone enlighten me?) but I thought they were necessary to
work in the States at all, so wouldn't the boyz already have them?

Also, I believe Canadians can only get out of paying taxes (and the threat
of auditing) by being in the country for less than a certain amount of
days, sometihing like less than half the year. So really I don't see
what getting a Green Card would do about this. If they were trying to
get American residency, then I'd worry.

Sounds like another rumour to me.

If I'm spouting gibberish, please say so and enlighten us (though "truth is
after all so poorly lit").

Patricia Evans
ORQ: "Scheming demons dressed in kingly guise"


Date: Tue, 5 May 92 09:05:53 EST
From: "Larry Salomon, Jr. (T/L) 862-3934" 
Subject: 2112 Live Trees (in a forest, of course :)

> (Keivan Khalichi) writes:
>  I always thought, why not take it for the face value.  It's like any time
>chaos appears in a society.  Peace must be ENFORCED.  Here, the hatchets,
>axes and saws, are used to produce equality amongst the trees and used as a
>tool to enforce and keep peace between the trees.

"The Trees", I believe, addresses a division in a make-believe land where
struggle and strife between two groups of denizens ultimately ended in a
forced peaced, enforced by the various tools available to the society.

Applying this to modern society, for which I believe the song is a
metaphor, we see whites vs. blacks, pro-life vs. pro-choice,
environmentalists vs. capitalists, etc. and there has been dischord
between the opposing sides of the proverbial fence.  The tools of our
society historically have been twofold - rule and violence (law and
chaos) - just as it is in the "forest" that Neil describes.

Ultimately, the Maples reverted from violence and chose instead to
establish a set of laws enabling both them and the Oaks to live
peacefully together.  The goal of this song, I believe, is to demonstrate
that, while violence might further your cause, it is unnecessary and
unwanted; instead, choose a peaceful solution and save the hurt and
anguish that would be caused by disorder and destruction.

>  Does anyone know if Rush ever did 2112 live with all the seven parts.  
>you say ATWAS, I must say that it had only 5 parts.  III. The Discovery and
>V. Oracle: The Dream were omitted in the live version.  If someone has the
>boot of the complete live song, please leave me e-mail.

My manager is a hard-core Rush fan and he first saw them on the 2112 tour
where he claims that they played the entire 2112 suite.

[ Hmmm, I've heard boots from that tour, and they only play what's on ATWAS.
   I'd want proof if anyone says they played Oracle...             :rush-mgr ]

Larry Salomon, Jr. (aka 'Q')            LARRYS@YKTVMV.BITNET
OS/2 Applications and Tools   
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Yorktown Heights, NY          


Date: Tue, 5 May 92 07:05:09 PDT
From: (Matthew Coohill)
Subject: Rush Sound Files

	I agree completely that the sounds directory is
taking up needed space...
	I think it would be nice if people with rare recordings
could somehow convert them (to all formats that they can) and
place them in a sounds directory.  It would be nice to hear the
Beatles cover and the easiest way for me (and hopefully some
others) to get it is for an owner to place a copy in a directory
here at sunny

[ Or you could trade tapes to get a copy; it's on at least 2 boots...
                                                                   :rush-mgr ]

	Maybe the sound file and it's contents sould be posted
in TNMS for a week after which it will be blown away???
	I don't want this to be a burden our illustrious manager,
but I think it may be a valid point.  "Why I remember when the
Dreamline single was posted on TNMS before RTB was released!"
(said in an old mans voice)  But seriously!  I didn't have to
wait and listen to the GD radio all night long waiting for DJ
Joe Blow to play "That new Rush single comin' atcha on the
nation's best station bringing you the latest recordings from
the best groups... blah blah blah... so keep your dial locked to
KKK666 radio or an obnoxious morning shock DJ will call you at
your home!"  By that time the DJ has placed their tacky voice all
over the first 30 seconds of the song.

[ I'll consider it.  It boils down mostly to space; if they're there for
  a week, they still take up space, and some sound files are 2M+.  :rush-mgr ]

	Back to work!


 I'm a ramblin' 'round
 I'm a ramblin' guy
 R A M B L I N... Apostrophe


Date: Tue, 5 May 1992 10:58:14 -0400 (EDT)
From: David Schwartzberg 
Subject: Boston Area Outdoor Venue

Just published in the Boston Phoenix (local progressive trash paper)
RUSH (w/Mr. Big) at the Great Woods performing arts center.  Great Woods
has about 4,000 seats and then lots of lawn.  If you don't get a covered
seat, bring a towel or a chair, and have a seat on the grass.
THe show is June 17th, 7:30 sharp.
Tickets are $22.50, $20.00, and $17.50.  The first 1,000 lawn seats are
Ticketbastard starts selling This Saturday at 10am.

If you have never seen Rush open-air - this is a great chance.
By the way, lawn seats really do suck, but they are also dirt cheap.
(no pun)

If y'all have any questions, write to me privately

DAVID SCHWARTZBERG     ____/\____   Those who know what's best for us, must
SABRA @ CS.UMB.EDU     \  /  \  /   rise and save us from ourselves.  Quick
                        \/ \  \/    to judge,quick to anger, slow to under-
UNIV MASS - BOSTON      /\ /\ /\    stand; ignorance and prejudice and fear
                       /__\__/__\   walk hand in hand.        ---Neil Peart
RUSH & AEPi RULE!          \/


Date: Tue, 5 May 92 11:27:39 EDT
From: (Keivan Khalichi)
Subject: A Nightmare Come True


  The more I think about it the more it makes sense to me.  Rush was
successful in predicting what will eventually happen to music in their
science-fiction epic, 2112.  In a smaller scale, the story of 2112 has been
mostly true in case of Iran.  Molahs and Islam have forbidden Rock music.  Any
guitars found will be destroyed.  Any Rock music intruments will be destroyed.
I don't know what to say.  Except:

  Just think of what my life might be
  In a world like I have seen
  I don't think I can carry on
  Carry on this cold and empty life.

  My spirits are low in the depths of despair
  My lifeblood, spills over...

I don't think I could go back and live there, ever.  Not after what I have
been exposed to here.  But the sleep is still in my eyes, the dream is still
in my head.

>From the Land of the Overworld, Keivan Khalichi.


Date: Tue, 5 May 1992 11:43 EST
Subject: The Twilight Zone

Hello Out There,
        I was listening to The Twilight Zone the other day, and I was
wondering what kind of effect they used on the vocals during the second
chorus.  It sound grainy and scratchy.  It also sound like two vocal tracks
were recorded, with one slightly delayed.  Any sound-tech buffs out there
care to speculate on this?  Thanks.

        "There is no safe seat at the feast..."



Date: Tue, 05 May 1992 12:12:35 CDT

Hey Rush'n's

I happen to have the "Rush'N'Roulette" album and no, it is not a bootleg.

[ But I think there are two albums by this name - can anyone with a boot
  of the same name back me up?                                   :rush-mgr ]

The cover reads as follows:


featuring excerpts of 6 tracks taken
from Rush's platinum-plus album


Why Rush'n'Roulette? Simply place your tone arm on the
edge of this record as you would normally do, and when
you let Rush'n'Roulette spin there's an equal chance that
any of the six featured Rush songs will be heard. This is
a unique mastering process causing a completely random
song occurence. In other words, "We have assumed
Let it spin and enjoy the music.


Mastered by Ray Hagerty at Sound Wave Recording Studios


Manufactured and Marketed by Polygram Records, Inc., 810 Seventh Ave.,
New York, NY.,10019. Unautherized Dupli....

There are actually six seperate grooves(one for each song) on
each side of the album. Both sides of the album are the same.

I won the album from a radio station in Duluth, MN. in Sept.
or Nov. of 1982, during the Signals Tour. BTW I may be wrong
but I seem to remember Ted Nugent opening the show with his
"Scream Dream" stuff. RUSH blew him away, I think it was the
loudest show I've ever heard (the Duluth arenaonly held 7000
people at the time) by any band. The only better show was by
RUSH at the Bradly Center in Milwaukee, WI. last NOV.

Tickets for Alpine Valley go on sale saturday May 9, 1992
the show is June 27, 1992
The great outdoor stadium. This will be my second trip to see
the RTB tour.

Joel Shawstad

ORQ:" you idiot, I said P.R.S."---George from Alex's
                                    profile, RTB tour book


Date: Tue, 5 May 1992 13:26 EST
Subject: mail list

Hello!  I know that I am probably doing this wrong or sending this
message to the wrong place, but here goes:

	I would like to be removed from the RUSH mailing list.
Nothing personal -- I am just going to study in Thailand this summer,
and I won't be here to pick up my mail.  I'm sure this could create
quite a back-up!

	Anyway, I hope this is not a problem.  I will probably try
to re-subscribe when and if I return.  Please write and tell me
if you have received this and if I am off the list.

Thank you!

Jennifer Eibner



Date: Tue, 5 May 92 12:24:08 MDT
From: (Christopher J Fontes)

    I sent this post once already, but didn't see it appear
in the NMS, so I'll try again.
    After sleeping over for tickets in Santa Fe, NM
with two fellow NMS'ers, we have TWO extra fifth row
seats for sale for the June 9th show in Albuquerque!
Contact me by email at if you are
    For those who are curious, we were second in line
which allowed us a crack at the fifth row.
The guy running the Ticketbastard was a bit of
a bastard himself. He wouldn't let anyone in the store
until a couple of minutes after the official purchase
time. He also said that he was not able to punch up
specific sections in the arena. He simply entered the
number of tickets and the computer spit out a location
on the floor. I thought this rather strange. Has anyone
else encountered this procedure? Inquiring minds want
to know!

[ This is SOP at our local ticket centers.  You don't get to pick, because
  you could sit there for 10 minutes going "Nahhh, how about section XXX?"
  One guy tried to use three different (non-functioning) credit cards one
  time (there was nearly a mini-riot), after that it was cash only. :rush-mgr ]

Chris "Why go hozo when you can run faster?" Fontes
(The above quote is for all you ultimate frisbee fans out there.)


Date:         Tue, 05 May 92 16:21:45 MST
From: Scott Raby 
Subject:      Fly By Night song Parody - 'Hurl By Night'

           "HURL BY NIGHT"

I'm high, I think I'll die
This feeling inside me says to spew on the floor.
Move your ass, out of my path.
While I make way for the bathroom door.

Hurl by night all over here
We're all f---ing plastered.
Let's go out and get some beer,
And take advantage of the chicks while they're here.

Moonshine, tastes so fine.
If you think you'll spew try to make it outside.
No fright, poor eyesight
Soon we'll all have that empty feeling inside.

Hurl by night all over here
We're all f---ing plastered
Get the chicks to drink more beer
Cause if there's no action I think I just might turn queer.

Hurl by night all over here
We're all f---ing plastered
Get those cops right out of here
So they don't confiscate the last of our beer.

Tap that new keg and I'll get more plastered.
My mind will die away.
Drink till I'm heavin' for no f---ing reason,
All night and through the day.

Senses are dancing,
My guts aprehensing
The beer keg drips away.
Suck the beer foam and your guts will be thrown man.
Our lives will end this way.

Hurl by night all over here.
We got f---ing plastered.
We drank gallons and gallons of beer.
Two thousand one hundred twelve ounces I fear.

      copied without permission.


Date: Tue, 5 May 92 23:48:13 EDT
From: (Keivan Khalichi)
Subject: Any Pink Floyd Influence? / Neil Peart


  Does anyone know if any of the members of Rush were influenced by
Pink Floyd's music and lyrics.  I'd say Neil would probably be influenced by
Roger Waters' lyrics.  I personally like Pink Floyd as my other favorite band.
But I have been neglecting them since I have discovered Rush.  Every once in a
while I listen to _Meddle_ and _Animals_, two of my favorites by Pink Floyd.

  Sorry I haven't talked about Rush much on this one.  If anyone knows of a
newsgroup on Pink Floyd, please E-Mail me the address and the method of
subscription with full details.  Thank you.

Here's something about Rush:

  I heard Neil lived in a house in the midst of some woods, outside of Toronto.
I remember reading this in one of those articles available for ftp.  The
interviewer explained how beautiful a view there was from Neil's house, of the
woods.  TO ME that would be a hard place FOR ME to write poems about humanity,
ideology of life, philosophy of life, problems with this world, and the beauty
left in it to enjoy.  *I* would need to be in contact more.  But again, this
is me, I am talking about.  And since when did I start writing poems??!! 

  As I was walking in the fields of large stones of the ruins of the Temples
  of Syrinx, a banner caught my eye site.  The banner that holds the Red Star
  of the Solar Federations within it.  It was racing down the River from the
  Past.  A sign that history's debt has been repaid.

>From the Land of the Overworld, Keivan Khalichi.


From: telxon!teleng!dank@uunet.UU.NET (Dan Kelley)
Subject: Blossom yet?!?
Date: Wed, 6 May 92 0:23:35 EDT

Anyone heard of a show at the Blossom Music Center here in Cuyahoga Falls, OH
(Akron/Cleveland suburb) yet???

** sad face on **

I'm gonna be somewhat bummed if they don't come here now that they are doing
outside venues.  My wife is about 1 month away with our 1st child (scarrrry
thought) so we can't just pick up and go to Pittsburgh or Dayton.

** sad face off **

It's ok if they don't show as I have already seen them at the Coliseum here
in Richfield (another Cleveland suburb) and in Richmond, VA but an outside
place is ALWAYS nicer.  I know, if they come to Blossom, I'll have to take the
kid (gotta break him/her in early ya know).  Any discounts for children under
12? :-).  In any case, if anyone knows anything, please post or email.


       Dan Kelley         ()   ===== ===== =   = =    ////  =  =
  ...!uunet!telxon!dank   ()     =   ===   =    =   //////  == = ()     =   ===== ===== =  //////  = ==   Corp.
   (216)-867-3700 x3512   ()                        ////           Akron, OH


From: LightPopMetalist! 
Subject: rush commercial?
Date: Wed, 6 May 92 0:52:26 MDT

I was wondering if anyone else has seen TV advertisements in cities where the
boys will soon be touring. I was watching an old SNL and all of a sudden
the wall of dice camon the screen with the announcer saying "RRUUSSSHHHHH"
in that devil worshipper voice. The interesting part was that I'd never seen 
the footage they were showing in the background. It is definately newer than
ASOH because of the extensive lasers shown in the background. The other
thing that seemed odd was the footage of Geddy singing Dreamline for about
three seconds. Does this mean another live video is in the works? Has anyone
else seen this commercial?


Date: Wed,  6 May 1992 13:31:12 -0400 (EDT)
From: Barry Lowell Brumitt 
Subject: Pittsburgh RUSH Tix Sale Date!

Rush Tix for Star Lake go on sale on Saturday May 9th.

They'll be on sale at 10am. Anyone with cool ideas for places to go hang out 
for them?

See you there!


Date:     6 May 92 12:44:46 CST6CDT
Subject:  Subdivisions edit


We've been duped!!!  Has antone but me noticed that for the RTB tour,
Subdivisions was cut nearly in half and is missing the last verse and
chorus?  Yep, pull out those boots (If you don't have one, call
somone or something, but please don 't flame) and see, rather hear
what I'm talking about.  Thought you had us, huh boyz?

[ Yeah, and so was "Xanadu" and "Anthem" and "Finding My Way" and "Red
  Barchetta" ...                                               :rush-mgr ]

P.S.  Get the Ghost OF A Chance Cassette Singal while they're still

ByE,    MAtt Oliva

"Is anyone here HOT?  Whew!  IT's HOT!  Sweltering!"  Geddy - 1976
Rodchester NY.


Date: Wed, 6 May 1992 14:07 EST
Subject: Some various ramblings in my last post before summer

	Well, since finals have hit with a vengence, I want to make a last
post to the NMS.

	First, I was listening to Red Tide this morning and heard the line
"two lovers searching for open sores".  Now, I am _not_ a big lyric listener,
so I was impressed that Neil had put that little phrase in there about couples
checking for open sores (which are a nice way to catch AIDS).  This may have
come up on the NMS before, but I just happened to notice it.

[ Umm, I think it's "Lovers pause to find an open store."          :rush-mgr ]

	Second, I saw TESLA last eve.  With special opening act Firehouse. . .
(pause for negative reactions from crowd).  Tesla, another thinking rock band,
was an excellent show, they are some of the premier musicains in the biz
today.  Firehouse sucked big fat hairy ____.  They actually seemed impressed
that they were naming their new album "Hold Your Fire".  What stupidios.

	Third, I got my seats for the June 17th show at Great Woods (thanks
Mark and Chris).  Tickets prices were $24 for under the shelf, and $17 for
under the stars.

	Weelllp, thats my $.02's worth, have good summers, and remember GET



Date: Wed,  6 May 1992 14:44:43 -0400 (EDT)
From: Matthew Joseph Desantis 
Subject: Info for Pittsburgh concertgoers

To Kevin Hulme, and anyone else considering the Pgh. Show

	***Tickets go on sale this Saturday at 10:00 AM.***

As far as I know, Ticketmaster just released this information today.
Star lake amphitheater is off of interstate 79 (near the airport) I know
how to
get there from here (Carnegie Mellon) I don't know where to begin
telling someone from Buffalo how to get here... I'm bad with directions.
Anyway, Star Lake is pretty accessible from Ohio, WVa, and, of course,
Pittsburgh. The Coca-Cola StarLake Amphitheatre is out in the middle of
nowhere, but, I imagine the land was cheap there for this undertaking.
It's right by a lake (the performers sometimes complain about annoying
lake-insects) but EVERY seat is good (even lawn seats) For Rush, of
course I will be in the front row.
	Also, looking for a few good musicians... NMS'ers in the Pittsburgh
area who would like to play this summer. The type of music... Jazz,
blues, and Rush covers (preferably the instrumentals) I am a
keyboardist/ bassist /electric guitarist who is looking for REAL bass
player, and drummer. That way I can concentrate on keyboards and guitar
playing. I have had 10 yrs. experience on keyboards/synths, and 4 years
of jazz instruction.

	I have a small studio in my house in the South Hills of PGH. With  Korg
DS8, Casio CZ1000, and Yamaha TX81Z synths, an 8 track reel-to-reel, an
Amiga controlling MIDI, sampling, and sequencing, and a Fostex mixer.
Ross Amplification.

	I will be recording (I think) with Monkey house (a local band) this
summer, but I think in my free time It would be wise to play with other
musicians. If you are interested, please write me E-Mail.


		Matt DeSantis


Date: Wed,  6 May 1992 16:14:46 -0400 (EDT)
From: Eric Franklin Applewhite 
Subject: DC area Rush show??????

  Has anyone heard if Rush will be playing this summer in the Washington
D.C. area?  Since they are mostly playing outdoor arenas, my guess is
that they might play at Merriweather Post Pavilian.  Anyone heard of any
If yes, I would appreciate it.  Thanks.

[ They're playing Merriweather Post Pavillion on June 16th.  Tickets go
  on sale (rumour) Sat. May 16th.  There is also an attempt at an NMS
  party on the lawn.  See a couple issues back, or stay tuned for more
  posts on this, or send mail to ""      :rush-mgr ]

Caps Rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[ Have you missed TV the past few days??  :-)                  :rush-mgr ]


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