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Subject: 05/07/92 - The National Midnight Star #484

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 484

                   Thursday, 7 May 1992
Today's Topics:
                Rumours & news & questions
                  The Trees (revisited)
                         Red Tide
      Re: 05/06/92 - The National Midnight Star #483
                       a few things
                     Geddy's wardrobe
         Xanadu/2112/Beatles Covers/Another Video
                 2112 Lyrics discrepancy
                       Rush Hour...
         Info on Nutter Center, Dayton, Ohio Show
               the final word on THE TREES
                 Rush between the innings
      Re: 05/06/92 - The National Midnight Star #483
                        2112 suite
                  Rush at Alpine Valley
               Thor...WHERE ARE YOUUUUUUU!?
                     2112; Communism?
                     Great Woods/Rush

Date: Wed, 6 May 92 19:10:18 EDT
From: jalhart@skidmore.EDU (Lerxst)
Subject: Rumours & news & questions

Well let's get right to the story that Mick Burnett of ASOF told me, apparently
during the encore of the last two German shows, the two Paris shows and the 
in Rotterdam th boyz broke into a little bit of Cygnus X-1!!! NO JOKE.
Can anyone confirm and add some information to this????

Atlatnic and Anthem have now released a 3:49 second edit of the most recent
single from RTB - Bravado.  It is a promotional CD and most of the places
which advertise in Goldmine mag should or will have it.  It has a really cool
picture on the CD itself of the boyz.

BTW, for those of you interested, the Jones Beach show is almost completely
sold out.

Until later...

Ken F.


Date: Wed, 6 May 92 16:29:14 PDT
From: (Raymond Degennaro)
Subject: The Trees (revisited)

Well, the first time I sent this out, I was really busy and wouldn't you know
it, I'm even busier now.  So, I'm just going to repost what I wrote then.
----- Begin Included Message -----

Kinda busy (so this will be a little rough) but really I need a break and 
here's a good excuse.  In TMNS #213, Lara J Allen ( 
brought up _The_Trees_.  This is the first time its being discussed since 
I've subscribed, so I too hope we ain't beatin' a dead horse.

Anyway, I feel _The_Trees_ is a satire based on the ideas expressed by Ayn 
Rand.  The story stems from "All men are CREATED equal."  Which is often 
shortened to, "All men are equal," which isn'y quite the same thing.

In the song, you have two groups. One (the oaks), have done well, the other 
(the maples) have also prospered, but look to the oaks and feel slighted.  
Eventhough they may be taller than many of the plants in the forest, the 
maples blame the oaks for being taller than they are.  The maples are not 
concerned with their progress. Nor do they concider that they may have 
advanced to the limit of their ability; their only concern is that the oaks 
are taller.  In other words, they are relieing on others to be a measure of
their self-worth.

The philosophy is that it isn't fair that the oaks have accomplished more and
this bothers the maples.  So instead of trying to improve themselves or being
content with what they have accomplished, the maples want the oaks held back.

The satire comes in because the law they passed is a noble law. How can you 
speak proudly of a law that if one rises above his brothers, he is killed?

Ayn Rand was a proponent of egoism and pride in excellence back when communism
was en vouge; all the well educated people saw it benefits, and if you 
dissagreed, you must not be well educated.  When _The_Trees_ was written, 
America (and most likely Canada too) was at the height of oppressive
affirmative action and teaching at the pace of the slowest student.  This I
remember experiencing.

At this time, my youngest brother was in kindergarden.  He was one of a few 
students that could read.  The students that could read often finished an 
assignment before the teacher finihsed explaining the instructions to the 
other students.  His teacher felt that it wasn't fair to the other students, 
so he wasn't allowed to read.  After the parents of the kids that could read
spoke with her, her response was to black out the instructions on the 
assignments before copying them for the students (Ralph, do you remember 

The real scarry thing is that this is comming back again.  This time it being
called, being "Politically Correct." Anybody out there from Brown, University
of Michigan or Santa Monica College? You'll know what I'm talking about.  
There was a good article in _Time_Magazine_ about this.  It was two or three 
issues ago, and I'll post the exact reference once I find it.  Well, I think 
I'll get off the soap box and back to modelling upper airway resistance.  
Send flames to:

     What you own is your own kingdom, what you do is your own glory.
     What you love is your own power, what you live is you own story.

----- End Included Message -----

After re-reading this, I don't think it was that rough.  It's one of those rare
(atleast for me) essays that come out right the first time.  Also, I'm not
modeling upper airway resistance (thank goodness!), I'm writting a progress
report for our NSF grant.

Ray (DJ) DeGennaro II


Date: Wed, 6 May 92 20:28:26 -0400
Subject: Red Tide

Regarding the line:

"Lovers pause to find an open store."

Frank was right on with the idea, he just had the line wrong.  The line is 
to imply that lovers lose the spontaneity by having to go out and find
a store open to buy condoms/other forms of protection against AIDS.  It's one
of the many references in Red Tide to the problems that mankind needs to fight
today, so that there will be a tomorrow.

The other line he may have been referring to is:

"River running like an open sore..." which I believe is about pollution.

Clay Goldwein                 "Now's the time to turn the tide.             Now's the time to fight.
                               Let us not go gently
                               To the endless winter night."
                                    -Neil Peart


From: J.C. Rush - Jay Cook 
Subject: Re: 05/06/92 - The National Midnight Star #483
Date: Wed, 6 May 92 19:49:39 CDT

 3 down and 3 to go......

  Yup...exams are over with, finally.  Now that I'm with all of this free
 time, I can keep up with all of the NMS's for once.  This will be pretty
 short, just wanted to comment on a couple of topics.


   As much as it is good to see Rush getting exposure along the Internet,
 there is really no need for anything else besides TNMS.  I've never really
 been a big fan of Usenet to begin with, but when you have such an organized
 effort such as this, why mess around with anything second-fiddle?  Just my
 $.02 worth...I'm not being elitist, I'm just trying to be sensible.  It's
 like being a player on the Pittsburgh Pirates, and then asking to be traded
 to the just don't make sense.  'nuff said. ( No pro-Cubbies fans
 go flaming me, ok!?  Even y'all can't overlook their poor start!)

RE: Rush and possible Green Cards:

   I saw the message posted by Patricia Evans (
 regarding Rush and them moving and needing Green Cards.  From what I've
 known, Green Cards aren't for just for working in a foreign country, but
 a proof of residence in that country until you undergo naturalization.
 I may be wrong too...but that's what I've always known them to be.  Now,
 a friend of mine tells me that the boyz have a sort of summerish-residence
 in Florida somewhere...I don't know if that's true, but if it would
 explain their not needing Green Cards.  And even if it doesn't, and they
 DO need green cards, I'm sure all of that is taken care of discreetly
 by SRO Management.

  WEll, gotta go get some cold medicine.  (Love snow in May, don't you?)

                          -da Kid


Date: Wed, 6 May 1992 21:15 EST
Subject: a few things

Hello all. First of all, I would like to publicly thank all of the Pitt/ Dayton
people who have sent info on the shows (I too plan to be in front row at Star
Lake, if the Ticketmaster losers deliver for once).

Also, there is a 3-set vinyl bootleg called Rush'n' Roulette; it is from 
Chicagoin 1981. It has a cheddar ball photo of a Roulette Wheel on front; 
the show
itself is good, but the vinyl is kind of shitty/ scratched. Also, at the very
end after La Villa Strangiato, ther is an alleged acousic guitar solo by Geddy
"for those of you who came tonight", which in my opinion, is a pile of whooey.
(My friend thinks it is Supertramp or something). So the guy who put this
vinyl package together is most likely a scam artist, and in all probobility,
an escaped convict.

Also- HAS ANYONE MENTIONED THIS? afriend of mine, from the Buffalo area, is a
good acquaintance with the editor of The Spirit of Rush fan magazine, Mitch
Burnett. Mitch apparently saw 5 of the Europe shows, and allegidly, on April
ALREADY MARATHON ENCORE!!! I cannot confirm this, but why would Mitch lie?
He is certainly a reliable source, and so is my friend. All of us outdoor
goers will hence, must likely get a taste of the Mysterious Invisible Force
known as Cygnus.

Also, lastly, would it be out of line of me to ask all the spoof lyric writers
to please stop putting that stuff on the NMS? I don't mean to hurt anyones
feelings; I have as much a sense of humor as the next guy, but these Rush
lyric farces seriously bother me; this type of posting adds the "get a life"
aspect to this fine quality list. Besides, if Neil saw these type of posts,
imagine what he would say. Rush mgr., any comments? How about a seperate list
or a special edition or something? Positive feedback is welcomed.

              Kevin (NUTTER) Hulme, Buffalo.


Date: Wed, 6 May 1992 20:59 CST
From: "Buenos nachos, mein froinds!" 
Subject: Geddy's wardrobe

	When I last caught the boyz a few months ago in Omaha, Nebraska,
Geddy was wearing what looked like black spandex tights with big woolen
socks in his trademark converse tennis shoes.  I didn't quite understand
the look, though i absorbed the coolness of it.  Is he wearing this same
getup in other parts of the country?  Also, Neil actually dropped his
sticks twice, i think, while tossing them up in the air.  Can anyone
beat this record?
	Plus, Alex mooned the crowd! (NOT.)

Thomas Beaudoin
Kansas City

	ORQ:"This is called What You're Doing!"


Date: Thu, 7 May 92 00:43:25 EDT
From: (Keivan Khalichi)
Subject: Xanadu/2112/Beatles Covers/Another Video


In regards to Xanadu on ASoH:

  Xandadu does not exist on A Show of Hands.  Nor does it exist on the video.
It is Exit...Stage Left where Xanadu live resides, ESL that is.  And I think
the whisper is Geddy giving a queue to Alex and Neil to hit the finish.  This
is my opinion anyways.

In regards to 2112 live:

  I thought that ATWAS was the 2112 tour.  Maybe I'm wrong.  I wish Rush would
play 2112 in its entirety now in a special concert or something.  But I doubt
they would have the same passion to play it as they did when they were younger.
I'm still hopeful.

In regards to Beatles covers:

  Did Rush do any Beatles covers?  I think I read this in #483.  Maybe I read
read the message wrong.  Don't know.

In regards to another video:

  I hope there is another live video of Rush as someone said in the previous
NMS.  The footage that might be on the TV ad. could be from the boot video
though.  Don't really know since I haven't seen the ad. nor the boot video of
RTB tour.

  I followed the lamplight that was glaring in the damp night and found myself
  at the banks of the River Styx.  Then I took the boat that was lying
  there, across the river, to the lamplight.  There it was standing there, it
  was an Oracle: A Dream.  It was my own image but not quite me within.

>From the Land of the Overworld, Keivan Khalichi.


From: Brian.J.Wolf@Dartmouth.EDU
Date: 7 May 92 02:47:35 EDT
Subject: 2112 Lyrics discrepancy

I was reading through the 2112 lyrics on the ftp site, and I came across a
few incorrect lyrics (I think...?)

Since my stereo "system" consists of a four year old discman hooked up to
some $10 sanyo speakers :-)  , I can't really tell which of the versions
below is right.  If anyone can shed some light on this, I'd be greatful.

2112 ftp lyric:

	"It's one for all and all for one"

What I think I hear

	"It's one for all and none for one"
	(Intuitively, I think this makes sense; denying one a sense of
individuality, &c.)


2112 ftp lyric:

	"Another toy will help destroy"

What I think I hear, and also what is written in RUSH Complete Vol 1:

	"Another toy that helped destroy"
	(Again, I feel this makes sense; the elder race, as is referred to in
the song, was in the past, not the future...)

Sorry that this is such an incredibly trivial topic.  At any rate, it's
better than studying :-)


Brian Wolf

"We doubt whether any name in literary history be so generally odious as that
of the man whose character and writings we now propose to consider."   -


Date: Thu, 7 May 92 00:52:55 PDT
From: glo@sdcc13.UCSD.EDU (Yo gurt!)
Subject: Rush Hour...

Hello out there!
	I'm not sure if this is old news or not, but I decided to mention it
anyways.  Here in southern California, on 95.5 FM, KLOS, there's a show on
Wednesday nights called "Rush Hour".  It's on from 10-11PM, and listeners can
call KLOS to request songs from Rush.  They play new and old stuff.  I heard
Nuerotica, Red Barchetta, and a live version of Xanadu, for example.  I've
requested 2112 this week and last week, but so far, haven't heard it over the
air.  Oh well, maybe next week...

						Garrett Lo

	Hey, where did my .sig file go?  Oh wait, I don't have one....


Date: Thu, 7 May 92 03:54:33 -0400
From: "Stephen Potter" 
Subject: Info on Nutter Center, Dayton, Ohio Show

First a little information about the Nutter Center, or more correctly The
Erwin J Nutter Center.  The Nutter Center was named for a wealthy Dayton-area
alum who gave a large sum of money to the Wright State University specifically
to build a new multipurpose arena.  It is an indoor facility, with concert
seating of about 17000.

Second, directions to get there.  From Columbus, I-70 and parts north, take
I-675 to Exit 19.  Turn right and go straight into the Nutter Center Parking 
Be prepared to walk, unless you show up REAL early, as there is not a lot of
close parking.  If you take Colonel Glenn Highway towards Fairborn, around to
the back of the Nutter Center, there is a large free University parking lot,
where spill over goes.  If you don't like to pay for parking, or don't mind
a good walk, this is the place to park.  It is also paved, something the main
parking lot isn't (unless they finally found the money for it, since I left).

Thirdly, anyone who will be there and would like to meet, drop me email here
at before about June 15.  I will be heading to Dayton
some time around then (hopefully a little earlier to see my girlfriend
graduate).  She and I will be sitting 2nd row center of the floor, completely
lost in bewilderment  :)  That is going to be a night to remember, finally
getting to be that close to the stage, and having my girlfriend with me for
her very first Rush concert!  Also, anyone who wants to meet can drop me
mail at anytime, because I can check there up until
the day of the concert!

See you in a few months,

ORQ: "I think I'm going bald!"


Date: Thu, 07 May 92 08:37 EDT
From: "Jim_C.Matthews" <>
Subject: the final word on THE TREES

I really don't believe all the wildly different interpretations I've read
about the trees.  If you know that Neil is an Ayn Rand admirer (At least at
the time the song was written), then the song's meaning is VERY clear.

The song is unequivacably about *EGALITARIANISM* meaning this:  Neil wants to
demonstrate what the ideal of equality and to a lesser extent altruism means
ALWAYS BE BRUTAL VICTIMS IN THE END.  In this case, it is the oaks.
According,to the song, because the oaks are by their nature taller, they
should thereforenot be allowed to be all in the name of equality (. . . and
thetrees are all kept equal by hatchet, axe and saw . . .)
The lyrics represents a direct adaptation of THE FOUNTAINHEAD as 2112
represents a direct adaptation of ANTHEM.

The moral of the song so to speak:  Why should we have to apologize to anybody
for our abilities or 'non-equalities'.

BTW - the song stands on its own merits, I don't mean to imply that he has
      simply copied or stolen anything from Ayn Rand.  In my opinion, it is
      an excellent adaptation.  And you shouldn't have to know Ayn Rand to
      understand what the song is about.

                               Jim Matthews
                               Michigan State University


Date: Thu, 7 May 1992 08:04:08 -0600
From: wadew@DUCVAX.AUBURN.EDU (Wade Williams)
Subject: Rush between the innings


Thank God for the Atlanta Braves.  Not only are they the surpise team
of the 90's, but they also seem somewhat fond of Rush.  Or at least
someone in the TBS production truck is.  A few nights ago, as the
Braves were leaving the field between innings, they started playing
the music that the play each inning as they're going to commercial.
It's something different each time, but this time, it was from
"Where's my Thing?"

I may try to write the production crew and ask them about it.

Wade Williams   	       	      "One likes to believe in the freedom
User Services Specialist      	of music, but glittering prizes and
Academic Computing Services    endless comprimises shatter the
Auburn University       	      illusion of integrity."                          (N. Peart of Rush)


Date: Thu, 7 May 1992 08:16 EST
From: "Mike Kelley, NCC Supervisor" 
Subject: Re: 05/06/92 - The National Midnight Star #483

Think you could take me off of this list??



Date:     7 May 92 09:03:48 CST6CDT
Subject:  2112 suite


I pretty much have to agree that "oracle" was never played live.
Aside from the printed verification in "Visions", I have two or three
boots from every tour except COS, and they never played "oracle"  and
randomly played "Discovery".  To hear an excellent rendering of
"Discovery" by Alex, though, check the New York (palladium) AFTK's
show (there's a good boot out there) - I think it was

bYe, Matthewe Oliva

ORQ:  "O.K., We'de like to do an old one, this is called Tuning Man."
                                                  -Geddy 1976 NY
AORQ:  "Yeh,that's right, you're heart babe!"    -Geddy to Alex during
"Closer To

The Heart" -Vancouver 1992.  (Thanks Pat!)


Date:     7 May 92 09:21:52 CST6CDT
Subject:  Trades

If you want to trade, send list for list, to:

(U.S. mail)

9830 Village Briar
San Antonio, TX  78250

P.S.  Anybody got a COS show?  Ugh!


From: bold@cutter (Jason Bold)
Subject: Rush at Alpine Valley
Date: Thu, 7 May 92 8:45:42 CDT

Hi fellow Rushians,

I've seen quite a few posts announcing the Alpine Valley concert.  I'm going
with some of my friends.  Anyone want to try to get together at the show?
Just to make it more interesting, I know a 50/50 chance way of getting
tickets in the first 5 rows.  We got 3rd. row last year and I expect to
do as well this year.  If interested in going (w/out guarantees of seating...
get your own tickets first), let me know.

Jason Bold - Madison, WI:                 +===+   o    +===+  Yeah, but two      |   |  /|\   |   |  amps can go
                                          |~~~|  Co-"= |~~~|  up to 22.
"With this amazing new "knife"...         |___|  / \   |___|  So there!


From: Scott David Daly 
Date: Thu, 7 May 92 10:39:19 EDT



(I STILL haven't received that little package and , now that your
phone is disconnected, I'm wondering if I've been conned...)



Date: Thu, 7 May 92 13:43:56 EDT
From: (Keivan Khalichi)
Subject: 2112; Communism?


  I was discussing religon with a person from this newsgroup and the person
brings up an issue to my attention which I would like to share with you.  I
just want to ask a question.  Does anyone here think that 2112 has a
communistic point of view?  Well, this is what the person was discussing.  No
names will be revieled since the discussion did not start here, it started
privately.  Some of you might be able to guess, but please keep your guesses to

Post your replies here so everyone can be included in the discussion.
Both sides of the issue will be considered of course.

  I spoke at the presence of the Preists but they denied my motion.  I
  insisted, but the Priests of the Temples of Syrinx chased me away.  Now I
  hide in my shelter in the caverns that Prince By-Tor took to the north
  light, a long time ago.  Here I will be safe for a while.

>From the Land of the Overworld, Keivan Khalichi.


From: keb@syrinx.HQ.Ileaf.COM (Kristin Brown)
Subject: Great Woods/Rush
Date: Thu, 7 May 92 13:08:05 EDT

Well i dont know where you all are getting your ticket prices but
i waited out last saturday for rush tix (with a suprisingly small
crowd- hi guys!!) and the expensive seat were 35$!! i would gladly have paid
it but the best seats available were the 22.50 ones by the time i got to
pay. I guess for once that the ticket prices will be higher
than the t-shirt prices eh??? i had about 15 row
at the civic center in providence and the seats were not THAT expensive!!
(not to say i wouldnt have paid 35$ if given the chance... :)  )
see you all there! roll dem bones!


Date: 7 May 92 15:29:00 CST
From: "Hopkins, Mark" 
Subject: images

	Hey I was wondering how one(me) would go about transfering a .gif
file image from the server directory to an IBM windows directory in order to
view by Wingif or by paintbrush or something.  I tried xmodem and transfered
wishbone.gif (from the images directory), and Windows (Wingif) wouldn't read
	Can anyone help?  I'd appreciate it.
Thanks, Mark Hopkins ""


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