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Subject: 06/16/92 - The National Midnight Star #485 ** Announcement **

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 485

                   Tuesday, 16 June 1992
Today's Topics:
  (or, "The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated")

Hello all,

    This is more or less a non-issue of the NMS, but I wanted to get
something out to explain the disappearance of the digest.

    If you haven't noticed (ha), the NMS has not been distributed
regularly for about a month now (geez, has it been *that* long?).
This is due to an unusually heavy work load I've been experiencing
for the last two months or so.  We are phasing out one of our two
mainframes, and being one of the few consultants who spoke both
operating systems fairly fluently I was tapped to assist several
users in the change-over from one to another machine.  I was also
lucky enough to get to transition several in-house reporting/billing
programs for the same reason.  (Can you say COBOL?)

    Right now, the list stands as it did at the beginning of May; I
have added and removed few people since about May 10th or so.  If you
have asked to be removed and still get this mail, this explains why.
In that case, I hope this will be the last mail you receive from this
list until you request to be re-added.  I'll plow through all the 
administrative requests (removals at least) before sending out a full-
blown issue.

    My load is still heavy, but now that the old mainframe is essentially
dead, things will hopefully begin to settle down for me again.  I've
gotten other duties since then, but they are not as time-critical as
the transition project, so I will be able to wedge the NMS in among my
other duties.

    I'm sorry this happened during the summer leg of the band's tour,
but it was unavoidable, more or less.  I can only hope you forgive me
and I'll make an extra effort to get the NMS back up and running soon.
It may be a bit jerky at first, but before too long I hope to get it
back close to it's old regular schedule.  Of course, I still have to
plow through 500+ mail items, so it will take a bit of work.  Hang in
there folks, we will return!!

Until later,
David, rush-mgr


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End of The National Midnight Star Number 485

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