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Subject: 08/17/92 - The National Midnight Star #490

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 490

                  Monday, 17 August 1992
Today's Topics:
                        tour, etc
              Rush clubs and mags (vs. TNMS)
                    set lists compared
                WHERE TO GET RUSH STUFF!!
                     Set list changes
               New set list at end of tour
                 Analog Kid, Vital Signs
                      Dream Theater
                        GIF files
          RTB error/ASoH cover pic/Jacobs Ladder
                      NEIL - ADDRESS
                      Rush Ramblings

Date: Fri, 14 Aug 92 19:32:54 EDT
From: Tim Alberta 
Subject: tour, etc

Hello all,

It was a nice surprise getting TNMS back on line.  Thanks Meg!

I saw them at Pine Knob in Clarkston, MI, (for the second time this
tour) in June.  Jimmy Lang was there, but we weren't able to hook up in
time, so I wasn't able to meet him.  Someone told me that it was the
third to the last show in their tour. It was outdoors, and it was, of
course, great!  It was great to hear Analog Kid, and Doug, the other
song they played was The Trees!  Which is actually the subject of my
last post, eons ago.

There was a debate going on regarding the lyrics.  I maintained that
Neil had said the lyrics were "pure doggerell" (his words, from a
Modern Drummer interview) and promised to try and get the issue from my
brother, who subscribed to the magazine quite a while ago.  Well, I
tried, and he couldn't find the issue with the interview.  So, I guess
I can't back up my controversial assertion.  Sorry...

Tim alberta (


Date: 15 Aug 92 05:18:43 EDT
From: Bruce Holtgren <70724.1622@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Rush clubs and mags (vs. TNMS)

>From: Scott David Daly 
>Date: Thu, 13 Aug 92 16:39:38 EDT
>Subject: A Show Of Fans/The Spirit Of Rush/backstage club
>        Can someone send me email commenting on the following
>                "The Spirit Of RUSH"
>                The backstage club
>                "A Show Of Fans"

My experience with these is limited, but I have definite
opinions, in reverse order, to wit:

3. "A Show of Fans": I know nothing about this one. (See? I told
you my experience is limited.)

2. The Rush Backstage Club: An amusing little organization run by a
woman named Dottie in Las Vegas (yes, really). It's the only fan
club officially recognized by the band, and serves mainly as an
outlet for old (or not-so-old) merchandise: T-shirts, posters,
patches, buttons and the like. You have to buy something from
them at least once a year to stay on the mailing list. There's
one overriding reason the B.S. Club is worth the membership: Neil
periodically (once a year or so) puts out compilations of answers
to questions sent in by fans. Besides being unavailable anywhere
else, these things are usually very informative, always
interesting, and often hysterically funny. Some examples of the
latter (from November 1987):

Q. How do you feel about Ayn Rand and Objectivism?
A. Pretty good. How do you feel about them?

Q. Is "Vital Signs" about individuality or pressures to conform
   or what?
A. Yes.

1. "The Spirit of Rush": Ahem. I ordered this fanzine once three
years ago, and will not do so again - at least, not unless I get
definitive proof that it has improved immensely, which I somehow
doubt. The issue I received was amateurish and juvenile to the
point of being embarrassing - bad art work, bad writing and bad
editing, all on approximately a high-school level. The only
possibly redeeming parts of the thing were the reprints - but
they were all of things I had long before read (Neil's essay from
A Show of Hands, for example) or heard (a Rockline broadcast). I
also tried ordering some items that were supposedly for sale, but
my check never cleared and I never heard back from the guy (the
alleged editor, no less). I understand the publication of "The
Spirit of Rush" has now moved to the U.S. side of the big pond,
but I am not about to spend $4 (or whatever the price is now) to
see if it's any better. The main reason ...

0. The best damn source on the planet of up-to-date info on Rush
is the one you're reading right now. God, how great it is to have
the good ol' NMS back! I'd like to join the stampede in welcoming
the rush-mgr back - thanks once again, Dave, for bearing a gift
beyond price (but we know it ain't even close to free). My life
is whole again.



Date: 15 Aug 92 05:22:17 EDT
From: Bruce Holtgren <70724.1622@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: set lists compared

>From: doug <70003.5604@CompuServe.COM>
>Subject: Changes in Set (back in June)

>They changed the set a bit towards the end of the show.  Subdivisions
>was NOT played (and possibly another song they played the first time
>around) and they substituted "Analog Kid and Vital Signs".  Again my
>memory has worn....I believe there was a third surprise (can anyone
>help me out?).

Allow me to be probably the fifth person to respond to this
question. Yes, they expanded the set - and wasn't it GREAT?? I
happened to write down the set lists for the shows I saw, so I'll
pass for purposes of comparison a list from near the beginning of
the tour (Cincinnati, October 29) and one from near the end
(Dayton, June 23). (Now that the tour is over, *surely* no one
will regard this as a "spoiler.") A few notes follow the lists.

CINCINNATI (Oct. 29):        DAYTON (June 23):

Force Ten                    Force Ten
Limelight                    Limelight
Free Will                    Free Will
Distant Early Warning        Distant Early Warning
Time Stand Still             Time Stand Still
Dreamline                    Dreamline
Bravado                      Bravado
Roll the Bones               Roll the Bones
Show Don't Tell              Show Don't Tell
The Big Money                The Big Money
Subdivisions                 Ghost of a Chance (See Note 1)
The Pass                     Vital Signs (See Note 2)
Where's My Thing?            The Analog Kid (See Note 2)
The Rhythm Method            The Trees (See Note 2)
Closer to the Heart          Where's My Thing?
Xanadu                       The Rhythm Method
Superconductor               Closer to the Heart
Tom Sawyer                   Xanadu
                             Tom Sawyer

ENCORE: (See Note 3)         ENCORE: (See Note 3)
The Spirit of Radio          The Spirit of Radio
   (Medley:)                    (Medley:)
      2112 (Overture)              2112 (Overture)
      Finding My Way               Finding My Way
      La Villa Strangiato          Cygnus X-1
      Anthem                       La Villa Strangiato
      The Red Barchetta            Hemispheres
      Finding My Way               Anthem
                                   The Red Barchetta
                                   The Spirit of Radio

(Note 1): Ghost of a Chance was added sometime in December, I
believe - Baltimore? Philadelphia? (Help me out, rush-mgr; you
were there.)

(Note 2): I, for one, was stunned and thrilled to hear The Analog
Kid and Vital Signs - two songs that I have long considered
highly underrated and that I never, NEVER figured I'd have a
chance to hear live. It made my year. And, of course, The Trees
is a classic (but let's not get into what it means again,
please). All three of these were in the set in St. Loo on June
12, but I don't know when they were added. (Anyone?)

(Note 3): I won't vouch for 100 percent accuracy on the exact
content of the encores. They sometimes play just a few chords
from something, and it goes by so fast that it's hard to identify
it amid the excitement before they're on to the next snatch.
Someone else may well have better/more complete encore listings.

A final note: All in all, I thought the boyz did an admirable job
of song selection, considering the immense trove they have to
choose from. (Of course, like everyone else, I wish they'd play
for eight hours instead of just two.) Toward the last show I saw,
I'd even grown to appreciate the medley, which had initially
grated on me - better to hear a little bit of all those old
pieces than have to settle for just a couple of complete ones, I
suppose ...

Sorry for taking up so much bandwidth. The shows on this tour
were easily the most ass-kicking concerts I've ever seen. Here's
to the next time!



Date: 	Sat, 15 Aug 1992 07:55:00 -0400

Date Entered: 08-15-92 06:33

A Mail-order place in Quebec that has LOADS of Cool Old and New Rush
bootleg audio and video tapes:

Eric Paradis
CP 373
St. Lambert, Quebec,
J4P 3N8

Don't let the fact that it's Canadian worry any of you Americans. All
currency and prices are US Dollars (booo hisss)..

Lots of Early Rush, Genesis, Yes, Marillion, Gabriel, Floyd, Zep, etc.

Well worth checking out... just ask for their free catalogue!!!!!

Boots from the CARESS OF STEEL tour, early '75 Rush promo vids, etc.



%When they turn the pages of history when these days have passed long
   RoseMail 2.00 : Usenet: Rose Media - Hamilton (416) 575-5363


Date: Sat, 15 Aug 1992 15:24:19 -0400 (EDT)
From: David Joseph Zieger 
Subject: Set list changes

  TO the one who mentioned the changes in the set list (Analog Kid, etc.):

  I saw them twice here in Pittsburgh, and the second time was different
(and much better!).  They dropped Subdivisions and The Pass (very
suprising) and added Ghost of a Chance, Vital Signs, Analog Kid, and The
Trees.  It took me a few seconds to recognize Vital Signs, though it was
much appreciated.

              Dave Zieger  {}
   'Time is an Illusion, Lunchtime Doubly So'   - Douglas Adams


Date: Sat, 15 Aug 1992 18:55 EST
From: The Land Of Confussion 
Subject: New set list at end of tour

> They changed the set a bit towards the end of the show.  Subdivisions
> was NOT played (and possibly another song they played the first time
> around) and they substituted "Analog Kid and Vital Signs".  Again my
> memory has worn....I believe there was a third surprise (can anyone
> help me out?).

	Here at Merriweather, they played The Trees, that surprised me alot
and so did Vital Signs. The whole show was really good, although I really
missed not hearing Subdivisions.

#   From the AMIGA of   #   Help me someone, let me out of here               #
# #    then out of the dark was suddenly heard          #
#                       #    "welcome to the Home by the Sea"       -genesis- #


Date: Sat, 15 Aug 1992 21:23:11 -0400 (EDT)
From: Shawn Clayton Knight 
Subject: Analog Kid, Vital Signs

Yep, they played these two killer pieces in Pittsburgh at the June 21st
Star Lake show ... I was amazed by the opening riff of Analog Kid
myself, as it's one of my favorite "lesser-known" Rush works ...


"Everybody's got to deviate from the norm"
-Rush, "Vital Signs"


Date:       Sun, 16 Aug 92 12:13:31 BST
Subject:    Dream Theater


    First of all, welcome back. It's been a long boring summer without

    Anyway, what I want to say is this. Have any of you ever wondered what
Rush would sound like now, if, after making Moving Pictures and deciding
to 'change direction', instead of going for the quieter, more melodic
approach of, say, Signals or GUP, they'd opted for a heavier, more metallic
   The answer is a group called Dream Theater, who come from New York
State. They have just released their second album, Images & Words, which is
possibly the best album released all year (IMO), and that includes RTB!

    I always believed that Rush was unique in Rock music. Not only did they
have the best individual musicians of almost any group, but they also had
the best lyricist, and a sense of style and integrity that no other groups
came even close to. It seems they're no longer unique, Dream Theater have
arrived on the scene.

   The reason I'm telling you all this is that this group deserves to be
heard. Because they play Rush-style music, they're not going to get
publicity in the music press, or get anything played on MTV. The only way this
group are going to make it big, is by word of mouth among satisfied
customers. That's how Rush started out, after all. I know dozens of Rush fans
in the UK, and I've played most of them both Dream Theater's albums. Almost
without exception their response has been (a) Wow! and (b) Where can I get
these albums?

   To give you an idea of what makes Dream Theater so special, a friend of mine
described them as Rush-on-speed. They play songs that are every bit as
complex and intricate as the best Rush tracks, but at 3 times the speed.
The first few times I heard the album I had to take a rest half way through,
since the baud rate was too fast, ie too much information per second, my
brain couldn't cope! It's not like typical thrash or speed metal at all,
since those types of groups tend to play only a limited number of chords or
riffs very fast. DT play incredibly complex melodies and interweave the
various different instruments, all at breakneck speed. Imagine La Villa
Strangiato played at 2 times normal speed, but with no loss of clarity
or composition, and you'll have some idea of the impression I'm trying to give.
    DT also do quieter, more melodic tracks as well, any of which is as
good as any Rush track (this is from a lifelong Rush fan, remember!).

     As for musicianship, each member of DT is a virtuoso on his instrument.
The drummer has a very similar style to an early Peart, and is the only
drummer I've ever heard who can equal him (yes, I did say *equal*!). The
timings are all weird, Rush-like signatures (13/4, 7/3 etc), and they
only maintain a given rhythm for a few bars before changing it again.
The guitar and bass and keyboards are also incredible.

   One of the best things about DT though, is their lyrics. Like Rush, DT
write inteligent, thoughtful lyrics, about difficult subjects. No sex, drugs
and R&R here! There are tracks about having to take personal responsibility
for one's actions, the alienation felt by certain members of society who
are deemed 'different', the way people act to look good in front of others
rather than for their own reasons, etc. Does this sound familiar? It should,
since these are very Rush-like subjects.

    In short, if you are a Rush fan, you'll flip when you hear DT. Most
people say they sound like early Rush, but I prefer to think of them as
a cross between Rush, Queensryche, Marillion and Metallica. Their two albums
to date are: 'When Dream & Day Unite', and 'Images and Words'. Buy them,
be amazed, then tell you friends. These guys deserve to be huge.

    'swimming against the stream'

      Paul May, University of Bristol, UK


Date: 16 Aug 1992 12:12:36 -0400 (EDT)
From: pviswana@thor.ece.uc.EDU (Prashanth Viswanath)
Subject: GIF files

Could someone send me the list of all the RUSH gif files and where they
are located. I will summarize and post if I receive more than a couple
of responses.

  [ You can find all the Rush gif files on the anonymous ftp server set up
    at Look at the CONTENTS file for more information on each
    of the gifs.						  :rush-mgr ]

Thanks dude.
Prashanth Viswanath		    Energy is contagious		    Enthusiasm spreads 	    Tides respond to lunar gravitation
Phone:  (H):(513) 651-1660          Everything turns in synchronous relation
	(D):(513) 556-2499		--Rush [Chain Lightning, Presto]
	(W):(513) 556-4193/4770


Date: Sun, 16 Aug 1992 11:34:02 -0700 (PDT)
From: Eric Askilsrud 
Subject: RTB error/ASoH cover pic/Jacobs Ladder

Has anyone else noticed an error on the Roll the Bones disc?  If not,
try to find it.  (clue: its on track #((2^(3+2))-8)/6), about 3/4 way
thru the song :)   An error? That's okay, I heard they did it in one take :)

Does anyone know where a GIF (preferably very high res) of the ASoH cover
can be found??  This pic would be great to enlarge & print out on color
postscript to make a poster.

Also, does anyone know anything about Exit..'s Jacobs Ladder introduction
when Ged says something like 'this was written a long time ago by d.c
bruenzee' or something like that??



Date: 	Mon, 17 Aug 1992 03:43:00 -0400

Date Entered: 08-17-92 03:33


   Any idea what address I write to to get a personal reply from Neil? I
have a question that I would REALLY like to hear him answer... and it's
nothing fanatical either... I just figure he's the best person to ask.


%Chase the light around the world, I want to look at life....%
   RoseMail 2.00 : Usenet: Rose Media - Hamilton (416) 575-5363


Date: Mon, 17 Aug 92 06:34:44 -0400
From: jlang (~ Rush Fanatic ~)
Subject: Rush Ramblings

1) Greg Thorwald in Digest 487 asks if anyone on the NMS got through on
   Rockline with Geddy last May 18th.  Well, believe it or not, I was
   sitting there listening to the Rockline when a familiar voice comes on
   it turns out Ken from New York (a fellow NMS'er) got through.  I guess
   anything can happen.  (Thanks Ken for *not* plugging the NMS :)
   Has any  other NMS member gotten through Rockline in the past?

2) For those of you who mailed in your $20 for a subscription to Spirit of
   RUSH - UK and mailed it in to the old address (Ray W. in Buffalo),
   please DO NOT mail to that address.  The subscription address has since
   changed.  To get Spirit of UK here in the US, send ALL your requests to:

	A Show of Fans
	c/o Steve Streeter
	PO Box 292
	Canton, CT. 06019

   (Dan could you make a note of this in the FAQL so people don't mail
    to the old address.  Sorry Scott Raby, but sounds to me like your post
    in Digest 487 that you got caught up in the change of address.)

   For others of you who may be wondering, Steve Streeter also runs a
   Rush publication called "A Show of Fans" and it is the Spirit of Rush-UK
   counterpart here in the US, although they are 2 separate fanzines.  You
   can get info about ASOF from the above address.

3) And the prize for the most posts by one NMS person in any digest goes
   to Skip Daly *<:-)  in issue 488.

   a) In answer to your questions, YES, B-Man is working on a book but
      it is not done yet.  Last heard, supposedly coming out this December.
      First draft done.  On a related topic, I'm told by good friend Ken
      that Andrew McNaughtan is also writing a book scheduled for next
   b) You can write the band by sending to the addresses listed in the FAQL
   c) On my impressions of the Rush Backstage club, it is nice to join,
      they  have a lot of older tour books, lots of posters, older tour
      shirts (mostly in S, Med), bumper stickers, patches, pins, etc..
      Also they put out a newsletter now and again with info about the
      band, tour dates, Questions and Answers, etc.  The address is in the
      FAQL, and the lady who runs it is very nice and helpful.
   d) The Spirit of RUSH-UK is an excellent fanzine, mostly has
      transcriptions to old interviews, radio shows, etc. good quality
      photos, lots of inputs for UK fans.  Definitely worthwhile.

4) Well, if you haven't heard by now, Nick in Digest #489 revealed that on
   the last date of the tour (Chicago) during Finding My Way, Neil gets
   up to do his windmill and throws off the bandanna, showing off his new
   hairstyle.  Yup!  A mohawk!!  Surprise shocker of the evening.  Unlike
   last tour we weren't treated to anything special like a Mr.Big/Rush
   get together on stage, but Alex was spotted backstage during Mr. Big's
   opening act.  The road crew had their fun with dangling spiders from the
   ceiling, all in good taste.

5) Great story Mark! on meeting Geddy in Scottland. Anyone got any other
   brushes with greatness?

Finally, wanted to thank everyone I met during the tour, it certainly is
nice to see that some of us are actually real people and not just an
associated email address. :)



Date: Mon, 17 Aug 92 09:44:56 -0400
From: (Glenn M. Mason)

> As to the Freewill lyric question, I think it is:
>         "If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice."
>                 ^^^^^^
> The line clearly states that the person ("you") has made the choice to
> let whatever happen happen, without any of the person's influences.
> Or in other words the person chose inaction, not that the person
> hasn't made a choice (the second option for what the line actually is).
> Anyway, just my two cents.......
> Rio

I think the line means:

"If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice."

It means what it simply states ... nothing more, nothing less ... not
all that babble that you write. I consider myself a very big RUSH fan ...
have all of the CDs, never miss an area performance, like the music and
the lyrics, but ...

I think that many TNMS subscribers must spend countless hours examining
and thinking about Neil's lyrics ... trying to read all kinds of things
into the lyrics that aren't there. I think a lot of RUSH lyrics are
very meanigful as well, but c'mon ... in Neil's own words ...




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