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Subject: 08/20/92 - The National Midnight Star #493

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 493

                 Thursday, 20 August 1992
Today's Topics:
      Re: 08/14/92 - The National Midnight Star #489
            Red Lenses/Get A Life/The Prisoner
     Re:  08/19/92 - The National Midnight Star #492
                    The latest Issues
                  Rush Ramblings (LONG)
      Re: 08/19/92 - The National Midnight Star #492
               A little help pleeeaaassse!
                Hello there Got aquestion

Date: 19 Aug 1992 16:57:50 -0500 (CDT)
From: "Bring me Joan, dipped in Spam" 
Subject: Re: 08/14/92 - The National Midnight Star #489

	Is the T-shirt deal still on? The last message i saw about it
was dated in July. I'd still like to order at least ONE, and am interested
in someone's response about this.  Who can I call??

thanks very much!!

Thomas Beaudoin



Date: Wed, 19 Aug 92 17:50:10 -0600
From: benjamin travis radfordmacher 
Subject: Red Lenses/Get A Life/The Prisoner

Howdee All,

     As a new subscriber, I don't know if this has already been addressed,
but does anyone know why Ged changed the lyrics to red lenses?  In the
GUP lyrics sheet, it says "The truth is often bitter-- left unsaid", but
in the song (I think) Ged sings "Should have been something left unsaid".
Ged also mumbles at the end of that song.  Anybody catch the last few

     Regarding Neil's "get a life" comment, I can see what he's getting
at, but I also think that it is a little hypocritical of him to say that;
after all, he delights in hiding messages in the album covers and
photographs (i.e. RTB tourbook -- Remember Death), and we fans are to look
for and examine such minutiae.  It is part of the fun.  Either Neil wants
us to play around with miniscule trivia about the band or he doesn't.
While I think that a lot of Rush trivia is useless, it is still
interesting and fun.

     There is one major influence on Neil's early writing that has gone
largely unnoticed: _The_Prisoner_ television series.  On the back of one
of their early albums (I forget which), Neil has a Number 6 pin in the
photograph.  This is from the aforementioned series.  The series was a
1960's BBC production about a secret agent who is taken to a bizarre
1984- esque village where those in charge try to get information from
this prisoner, who is stripped of his name and given only a number --
number 6.  The series is about Number 6's attempts to escape from this
village and to maintain his freedom and individuality.  It deals with
many fascinating themes, and is in some respects similar to 2112 and
the Man in Star (Man vs. authority) concepts.  As recently as RTB a
Prisoner trace is apparent.  A Prisoner catchphrase is "I am not a
number -- I am a free man!", which appears, as I remember it, in some
form in the RTB tourbook.  If anyone is interested, I'll post more
about it later.

ORQ:  "Don't annoy us further- we have our work to do!"
Ben Radford (Today's Tom Sawyer)


Date: Wed, 19 Aug 92 14:01:27 HST
From: deane@galileo.IFA.Hawaii.Edu (Kimo Kanaka De`ane)
Subject: Re:  08/19/92 - The National Midnight Star #492

	Whoah there!
	I'm no newbie - been readin' this rag for about a year and half now,
but the last I heard of NMS shirts was a bunch of people volunteering
ideas for designs, and a few select lunies offering to actually see about
getting them made. That was all before the NMS went on Sabbatical.
	Apparently, some shirts now exist. Would someone please fill me
in on what happened in the meantime? Are there extras left, can we still
order, maybe a second issue, etc etc.
	Jeez, first talk.bizarre and now NMS - I guess you have to see
everyone in person to know what's going on.

	Stranded in Paradise,


Date: Wed, 19 Aug 92 22:09:45 MDT
Subject: The latest Issues

Hi! This is possibly my first posting to this list, but there goes.
(TNMS is great, by the way. Much much better than

Someone mentioned a group called Dream Theatre, which was quite
Rush-like, but much faster.  Where can I get a copy of a tape, or a
CD?  Anywhere in San Diego?  Or will I have to look deep and hard,
someplace in the east coast?  I'd appreciate more information on
this, thanks.

Also, a different person in one of the digests I read, mentioned
PURPS, an electronic newsletter, and said to mail to his e-mail
address directly. However, I couldn't find his e-mail address within
the digets or his letter, so... I was hoping someone would have it.

The TNMS t-shirt!!! I've heard nothing about this!  I want to know
more, who to contact, how much it is, and all of that. Meg, Jimmy,
can y'all spare one? ;)  Seriously though, if it's of good quality,
I'd like one.  And again, thanks for any information.

Also, so far, I haven't seen any CDs of Marillion in any of the
music stores I've been in, in San Diego.  Do I have to get them
special mail-order? Or?

Please e-mail all answers to one of the addresses below, I would
very much appreciate it.

Keith C. Estanol	    	|
UCSD, Cognitive Science, IGPP 	| storm@ucsd.bitnet
"We don't want to be victims, on that we all agree.
 So we lock up the killer instinct, and throw away the key.."


Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1992 21:46:20 -0700
From: Songeeta Guha 
Subject: help

I was wondering if someone could mail me that issue of national midnight star 
which contained the file numbers of what different album covers looked like?? 

  [ Please keep your posts to < 80 characters per line!		: rush-mgr ]


Date: Thu, 20 Aug 92 03:13:19 -0400
From: jlang (~ Rush Fanatic ~)
Subject: Rush Ramblings (LONG)

In Digest 491:

- Steve Scholnick mentions the set changes between the first leg and the 3rd
leg of the tour and thought the shows were better the 2nd time around.
I too thought the 3rd leg much improved over the 1st leg.  Anyone
disagree?  One of the main things I loved about the later shows were the
older songs they added (Analog Kid, The Trees, Vital Signs, and a tidbit
of Cygnus X-1 to the Medley)  I didn't mind too much that they had
dropped Subdivisions (besides when they did play it, they chopped it up,
it wasn't complete), and The Pass.  Also, I thought the lighting and
effects were MUCH improved during the later shows than say back in
Nov. 91 early on in the tour.  Sure, it wasn't Howard material, but
his replacement did show improvements throughout the tour.  Anyone wonder
if Howard will return to Rush after doing the lights for Queensryche
this past tour?

- On a related note,  Chad Hessoun mentions the possibility of posting
the latest (ie. all RTB dates added) Rush tour dates listing to the
Digest.  Due to its file size (over 50+K) if you want a copy either
email myself ( or you can pick it up via anon ftp

- About Sir Gawain and the Green Knight... well, maybe a look into the
FAQL will reveal?

- Aside from the sound audio files located on you can
find some sound files on as well.  (BTW, a dirty way to
get the file without storing it on your system and to play it at the
same time is to do ftp> get /dev/audio)

- Long time NMS'er Puanani from Hawaii posts a review about the
Shoreline show.  I would have to agree with her, hearing Analog Kid was
simply incredible.  (First time I think since Signals did they play that
and later on, Geddy does an extra chorus to stretch out the song.)  I
had knew that they planned on playing The Trees and the bit about Cygnus
X-1 was already discussed since Rush added that on the 2nd European leg
to the set.  My good friend Ken from NY, had told me Rush was rumored to
be practicing Vital Signs during soundcheck so that wasn't a big
surprise, considering they had performed that on shows before Shoreline.
The Analog Kid, however, wasn't even performed before the Shoreline show
so that as the first time they added it to the set.  I think Dan Delaney
(keeper of the Rush FAQL) and I both expressed it best when after the
first few chords of AK, we both looked at each other and said "Oh SHIT!"
Is it just me or did Alex really play the entire solo in that song note
for note?  And people wonder if he's lost speed.  :-)  (A big thanks to
Louie and his great band for the pre-Shoreline party and the people from
the NMS I met there and met later at the show.)

- And to David Arnold, our most esteemed rush-mgr, we thank you for
having the NMS back.  :-)  (naturally I had nothing to do with it. heh)

In Digest 492:

- Scott, the Genesis mailing list mgr, mentions Alex having a lot of The
Edge and Andy Summers in him, esp. on PW and MP.  I agree with this.
Especially in songs like Vital Signs, Alex with the reggae-ish sound
most like Summers and his work with The Police.  I think the PW/MP era
was where Rush most resembled anything close to The Police.  If you
notice I think that Neil and Steward Copeland (Police) drumming styles
were pretty similar during this era too.  I think even Neil has
mentioned in interviews back then that he liked a lot of what he heard
from The Police and esp. Copeland and his drumming.  (Copeland BTW I
think is an awesome drummer..  anyone for comment?)  It's not surprising
that you noticed the similarities between the two musicians/groups.

- Nelson Waller mentions the RTB show that was broadcast over the UK on
Radio 1.  From what I understand, Rush allowed one of their Wembley
dates to be recorded for broadcast during their European leg.  Geddy
then mixed and oversaw the entire production in like a day or something
like that before it was broadcasted over the airwaves.  The whole show
sounds really good too from a tape that I've heard of it.  (Ken? you
reading? any input on this?)  I think it was the Wembley show but am not

- To Jeff Krusz, it was nice meeting you too at Alpine, and don't thank
me for the presents, thank Mick Burnett from Spirit of Rush UK, who gave
them to me to give out to some deserving fans. :-)  Better yet, order his
fanzine and make him happy!  And yes, I did manage to get the needlework
to the band (at least I hope so, more like gave it to a road crew).  As
for Alex going over to kiss someone, what happened was he went over to
bend down and give a lady his guitar pick after she had asked him for
it.  She was behind me in the 2nd or 3rd row and for the longest time,
she kept asking Alex for his pick, to which he kept replying, "How much
do you want for it?"  She was pulling out money trying to get Alex to
give her the pick, he kept saying "TEN Dollars."  so she pulled out a 10
dollar bill, "20 dollars!" so she pulled out a 20 dollar bill, and I
think he finally told her "50 bucks!!!".   Surprisingly she produced the
cash to which Alex just laughed at her.  About a few songs lady, he
motioned for her to come towards the stage, when she did, he waved off
the money she was trying to hand him and simply gave her the guitar pick.
What a guy!  Alex did this on a couple of other shows too.  (At Irvine
he motioned for another lucky winner to the stage for his pick).  There
also seemed to be a lot of roses for Alex too, to which he accepted and
played some chords from Tom Sawyer with a long-stemmed rose.  What a
character!..  (Ken, I can't thank you enough for the tickets :-)

Well, enough of the stories for now.  Anyone got any other cool stories
to tell from this past tour?



Date: Thu, 20 Aug 1992 12:51 EST
Subject: Re: 08/19/92 - The National Midnight Star #492

	Hey all, it's been a while since I wrote to NMS but I read something
today that really irked me.  Scott, the genesis guy, said that Alex has a lot
of Andy Summers and the Edge in his guitar playing.  THIS IS NOT A FLAME, but
I just wanted to point out that Alex has been playing guitar, and has been
recorded a lot longer than the other guys.  I would say that he has influenced
them as the other way around.  Probably much more than most people realize.

	Yes, I also read the article where Alex comments on the Edges playing 
style, but I think that is a simple matter of complimenting, not influence 
reporting.  But this is my 2 cents and that'S that.  So while I babble off 
into the sunset, I say ciao, and get out there and Rock.

  [ Please keep your posts < 80 characters per line!		: rush-mgr ]



Date: Thu, 20 Aug 92 12:59:06 -0500
From: Slave to the grind 
Subject: A little help pleeeaaassse!

Sorry for the lack of rush content here...but...would anyone in the
Pittsburgh area consider doing me a massive favor?? I was cruising through
the area this last weekend and was listening to one of the rock stations in
town, a WDVE I believe...anyways...they are going to be broadcasting a
Van Halen show from their club in Cabo and then a recorded concert. I forget
what date the broadcast was going to be, but I'm a big VH nut as well as a
Rush fan and I would just about kill for a tape of this. Please email me
and I'm sure we can work some kind of deal out!

Also, if any rock fans in the Baltimore area could help me out here...I
managed to score a job in Edgewood and am coming out there at the end of
the month. What are some decent areas to live in around Baltimore...preferably
on the northeast side of 695 up towards Edgewood...maybe Bel Air, Aberdeen,...

Advance thanx for the help!

dag	aka


Date: 20 Aug 1992 14:52:22 -0500
From: "Haplo: aka Bill RushFan (tm)" 
Subject: Hello there Got aquestion

Hy Fellow Rush fans,
  Now that we have NMS back I can get an answer to this question.
Who wrote the Text passages in the lyrics to 2112 that are in the archives.

Are these passages Peart originals? or are they creatively added by someone
else?  I am very interested to know please respond.


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