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          The National Midnight Star, Number 499

                Wednesday, 26 August 1992
Today's Topics:
                      Neil's Mohawk
               Chronicles (song selection?)
                     Losing It lyrics
                      It's Back !!!!
                      boots for sale
                       RTB Stories

From: Dwight Robert Stone 
Subject: Neil's Mohawk
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 92 16:50:14 CDT

Inre Craig in Richardson, TX,

I was at the Normal, IL and Tinley Park, IL (the final show) and Neil's
hair had taken on a whole new look....  and I wasn't the only one who was
there who had seen it.  So Neil's mohawk is definitely not a joke (at least
not the poster's joke....)  Both shows were definitely awesome.  Most people
who saw both that I know prefered the Tinley show.  There definitely did seem
to be a little extra something that was put into the show as it was the last
of the tour.  I personally preferred Normal, probably because I had much
better seats and it was an indoor concert where the laser/light shows are
almost always far more effective and I was much more surprised by what they
were playing.  The playing might've been a little better at Tinley, but
that's sort've the difference between looking out of the 100th and the 101st
story of a sky-scraper; when you're that high up the difference doesn't
matter that much.
Dwight Stone                  I feel good. I am wearing my Chthulu underroos!       Cthulhu for new University of Illinois mascot!
               Those who know what's best for us must save us from our selves.
No matter which road you travel down, all other roads get farther away.


Date: Tue, 25 Aug 92 18:20:13 -0500
From: Brian E. Saunders 
Subject: Chronicles (song selection?)

Well, on a whim, I decided to buy Chronicles on CD today.  I already have
every other *official* Rush CD, so most of this was repeat material (save
for a few live songs which got cut off the rereleases of ATWAS and ESL, so
they could get them on 1 CD.  I did notice that the older songs sounded a
bit cleaner than they did on the original CD's - I guess that remastering
stuff can help once in a while.

Given the CD limit of 75 minutes, I think they did a good job with song
selection.  You really had to have most the Rush *hits* to appeal to the
buyer who might not want all the Rush there is (sin, sin...), so I think
that your "Tom Sawyer" and "Force Ten" songs had to be there.  I did miss
"Xanadu", and would have put it there instead of "A Farewell To Kings", but
"Xanadu" would have put that CD over 75 minutes, which I guess you can't do.
Of course, they could have taken out "Closer To The Heart" too, but for some
oddball reason that has become a Rush anthem, so they couldn't do that either.
I guess you can't have it all.

On the 2nd side, I would have really liked to seen "Analog Kid", but once
again you are faced with the 75-minute limit, and there's no way you can
leave out "Subdivisions" or "New World Man".

In all, it was a good purchase (I got it for $20), and gives a different mix
a Rush songs than I'm typically used to.  I can always listen to AFTK for
Xanadu (although I would have loved to heard it cleaned up!), "Hemispheres"
for the title song, PW for Jacob's Ladder, and "Signals" for "Analog Kid".

Sorry for the "Out of Date" review, but things were getting pretty diverse
lately (worse than alt.rush, surprisingly enough!), and I thought I'd bring
the discussion back to music.

I am pissed I missed Rush at Alpine Valley (I was out at Los Alamos, NM for
the summer).  "Analog Kid" and "Vital Signs" live?  You lucky bastards!!!
I hope they decide to keep those on the next tour...

Brian Saunders


Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1992 19:28:40 -0400 (EDT)
From: Shawn Clayton Knight 
Subject: Losing It lyrics

>>	I had always caught the obvious reference to Ernest Hemmingway in
>>the song "Losing It", the (semi-cliche) line "..the bell tolls for

Also note "And he stares out the kitchen door *where the sun will rise
no more*", a reference to "The Sun Also Rises" by Ernest.



Date: Wed, 26 Aug 92 18:06 GMT
From: Terence Moore-read 
Subject: It's Back !!!!

Wow, it's great to have the NMS back again.
I haven't had time to read it yet (There's about 7 in my mail box)
Now everyone has done there address changes for the year, could the
following mail me as I don't have their current addresses:

Phill (with to l's)
Ken F
Gregg Jaeger
Jenny (if you're back!!!)

Sorry about the non-rush content of this message.

Many thanks



Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1992 16:46 EST
Subject: boots for sale

I've decided to sell _The Fly_ to someone here in Pittsburgh.  Thanks
for all the inquiries.  John Young at the University of Florida does
have boots for sale.  I have listed his email address along with his
Rush boots.  Good luck


RUSH               Enemies Within (live FM Grace Under Pressure tour)  $28
                   Live Under Pressure (Pittsburgh '84)  $28
                   Russian Roulette (Holland '79)  $28
                   Temple Of Syrinx  $28
                   The Fly (N.Y.C. '91) (MGR)  $28
                   Red Stars From The Solar Federation (Montreal '81)  $32

  [ Please in the future, this is a discussion forum, not a for sale
    column.						  : rush-mgr ]


P.S.  If anyone has a Rush boot catalog online, could yo please send it
to me.


Date: Wed, 26 Aug 92 18:15:22 -0400
From: jlang (~ Rush Fanatic ~)
Subject: RTB Stories

Well, now that the tour is over, how about some posts on what some
people thought were their high points in the RTB tour?  I always like to
hear what people thought of the tour, and some stories from Rush fans
about what they experienced on the tour.  I'm sure other people are
interested in hearing the stories too.

We've heard about how Neil was sporting a mohawk on the last show of
the tour.  Anyone have any other stories to share?

Here's one to start off.  When my girlfriend and I went to see them in
Las Vegas, we were pleasantly surprised by the performance.  During most
of the 3rd leg the band performed outdoors so they didn't really set up
their quadrophonic sound system, mostly because the places they played I
don't think could accomodate it.  But for Las Vegas, they decided to go
ahead and set up the entire sound system (I guess they travelled with
all their gear).  The advantage of course was great sound.  Especially
during Neil's drum solo you could hear the effects of the quad-sound
system.  You couldn't hear all the nuances in his solo before, but in
Vegas the sound system was terrific.  I'm glad they went ahead and did

During Closer to the Heart, as someone mentioned in a previous post,
Alex brought out the big bow and arrow to shoot at people.  From the
left side of the stage there was a hooded figure who came out, he looked
like an evil wizard with a long cape and hood drooping over his face.
(Reminds you of the Necromancer from COS), Alex shot him with a bow and
he promptly fell on stage and died in agony.  The acting wasn't quite
Oscar material but it was funny nevertheless.  Seems like Alex does a
bit of golfing, hockey, archery, etc..misc. sports during most of the
performances, even a vacumm cleaner at one of the St. Louis shows.  In
Vegas though I thought this was one of the better antics he pulled off.

There were some bad points at this concert as well.  One guy on the
floor was air drumming with glow-sticks and decides to hurl one on stage
during Neil's solo.  It hits his bass drum and bounces off.  I'm sure
Neil must have been pissed about that.  I wish people didn't do that at
concerts.  How stupid!  Needless to say, he grabbed another pair of
glow-sticks and continued to air drum, which was great because security
saw him and came for him and dragged him away.  :-)  Serves him right.
Another fellow took a bolt for the stage and tried to dive over the
front stage railing.  A couple of bouncers took care of that.

After the show, a few of the fans waited around near the backstage area
for the band to come out.  After a while people started leaving but for
the few of us who waited around the main tour bus pulled up to a door
near the side entrance of the arena.  Cops tried to get the fans to
leave and some did but still a handful hung around.  A while later, Alex
and Geddy emerge, in shorts and smiled.  They went to greet the fans
which I thought was cool.  Geddy signed a girl's baseball ticket stub,
Alex said hello to a few fans.  I snuck in to say hello to Alex, and to
Geddy.  Flashed Geddy my "Geddy for President '92" bumper sticker to
which he said, "..hey that's pretty cool."  After 5 minutes or so they
hopped on the bus and headed for Phoenix, with me and a bunch of cars
following.  But then that's another story.



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