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Subject: 08/31/92 - The National Midnight Star #501

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 501

                  Monday, 31 August 1992
Today's Topics:
        08/27/92 - The National Midnight Star #500
      Re: 08/27/92 - The National Midnight Star #500
                  National Midnight Star
                    That Big Red Ball
                        ooooh ahhh
             Request for the May 18 Rockline
             Need help obtaining "The Fly" CD
          Bootlegs & other "hard to find" items
                    RTB Stories (LONG)

From: rush-mgr
Date: 31 Aug 92
Subject: Administrivia

There was no digest for Friday, August 28 because there wasn't enough posts
to make an issue.

- rush-mgr


Date: Thu, 27 Aug 92 18:53:30 -0400
From: (Scott McMahan -- Genesis mailing list owner)
Subject: 08/27/92 - The National Midnight Star #500

| ((( What does everyone else think out there? )))

There's no reason to nest parentheses here, we can understand what
you're saying -- even C wouldn't need them nested like this.

I believe:

Bootlegs do *NOT* hurt album sales.

They should *not* be for sale.

Every band should record every show on DAT at the sound board and give
copies to fans who want them.

(Why should every band do that? Well, it would *eliminate* the market
for *selling* boots. Especially poor quality ones! Fans' insatiable
desire to hear older tours they missed -- like I was < 6 years old
when Genesis first came to the USA -- causes the market for bootlegs
to exist.)

People should *trade* bootlegs freely to improve not only their own
personal collections but also others' collections.

It could be me who's fooling you hey hey (Mike Rutherford, 1982)


Date: Fri, 28 Aug 92 12:00:45 BST
From: (Adrian Ogden)
Subject: Re: 08/27/92 - The National Midnight Star #500

Thomas Beaudoin writes:

>I also am curious about the Latin in COS album cover. Here's how it

>"Terminat hora diem; terminat auctor opus."

>My interpretation: "At the end of the day we dance the hora; all
>actors end up as penguins. "

Neil translates it as "as the hour ends the day, the author ends
his work."

Just picture the discussion thread we'd have if they'd used
your version...

<< Adrian Ogden   _ . _ _   _ . _ _   _ _ . . >>

                   "Sic Biscuitus Disintegrat"


From: disc! (MaryLynn Orzechowski)
Subject: National Midnight Star
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 92 10:51:16 EDT

I just wanted to send Happy Birthday wishes out to Alex.


  [ His birthday, for those who missed it, was Aug 27th 	: rush-mgr ]

MaryLynn Orzechowski


Subject: That Big Red Ball
From: (Eric Mathurin)
Date: 	Fri, 28 Aug 1992 11:05:31 -0400

Ron Wiseman wrote something along the lines of:

> "that big red ball that acts as a security device on the Prisoner
> reminds me of the HYF cover"

Also, in the Lock and Key video, there is this big red ball that
goes floating throughout the entire video.  "Don't want to silence
a desperate choice, for the sake of security."   I think you're
on to something here.  ;-)

Take care,

------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Eric Mathurin)  | "To the beautiful and the wise,
 Sysop, Electronic Encounters BBS      |  the mirror always lies."
 (613)820-0324, 1:163/133@FidoNet      |       -- War Paint, Rush


From: djabson@sdcc13.UCSD.EDU (The God of Balance)
Subject: ooooh ahhh
Date: Sat, 29 Aug 92 0:01:27 PDT

Another eerie Rush coincidence.... I was flipping through the latest
issue of Audio magazine and stopped to read an add for this cool
looking 100-CD changer/programmer thing-a-majig. Anyway, the adress
of the place is on MADRIGAL road in MIDDLETOWN, CT. Pretty spooky,
eh? Almost like the TWILIGHT ZONE (sorry, couldnt resist).


P.S. If anyone is interested in purchasing a 100 CD programmer, it's
only $13,000 but it looks really nifty.

"Don't eat those peaches cause they're oh so old!"
	--- Geddy Lee's Mother


Date: Thu, 27 Aug 92 13:00:11 EDT
From: (Dave Zegas)
Subject: Request for the May 18 Rockline

I had forgotten that Geddy and Alex were on Rockline back in May, because the 
station that carries it here in Rochester, WCMF, lost the transmission some 
how that night, thus I never got to hear it.

I know some where out there in NMS land lurks a tape of the broadcast.  I'd 
gladly provide a tape and return postage to the benevolent soul who would copy 
it for me.

   /	Dave Zegas
  /	Northern Telecom ( we were formerly Computer Consoles, Inc. )
 /	97 Humboldt St.
/	Rochester, NY 14609


Date: Sun, 30 Aug 92 01:51:03 -0400
Subject: Need help obtaining "The Fly" CD

Hi! Nice to have the NMS back again. I saw the posts a while ago for the CD
called The Fly. I have checked around my area (Montreal, Que.) and no stores
have it (not even import stores) nor could I order it. Is it a bootleg?
I didn't think it was. I would really like to get a copy but I will not be
getting a chance to go to the States anytime soon. Could somebody out there
who can get their hands on the CD buy it for me? I would send a check down to
you first for the CD + P&H. I would really appreciate this. Thanks.


Date: Mon, 31 Aug 92 17:42:00 -0400
From: meg (******* Meg *******)
Subject: Bootlegs & other "hard to find" items

If you're looking for anything along those lines and can't find it in your
area, you should try looking in "Goldmine." It's a magazine with tons of
mail order places carrying any number of things.. you can usually find the
magazine at a local record shop (I know Tower Records carries it). It comes out
every two weeks, here's the subscription info:

700 E. State Street
Iola, WI  54990
(715) 445-2214

13 issues $22, 26 issues $35 (US)
13 issues $54, 26 issues $108 (Canada & Mexico)

I'm not affiliated with Goldmine, just use it every once in a while! :)



Date: Mon, 31 Aug 92 18:04:04 -0400
From: jlang (~ Rush Fanatic ~)
Subject: RTB Stories (LONG)

Well, I'm a bit surprised that no one has any stories to tell from their
RTB tour concerts, so I'll start with another entry.

After the Las Vegas show with Alex fending off the evil Wizard and his
big sword, I couldn't wait to see the Phoenix show.  Before I headed off
to Phoenix, I had a humorous chat with Rush's tour bus driver.  I merely
asked directions to Phoenix from Vegas, when he suddenly blew up in flames.

"You're not following me, you're not!"

Talk about an unfriendly bus driver.  Ask for directions and he
automatically assumes you're gonna follow him.  (Not that it wasn't my
original intention :-)  But to jump on a fan like that.

"You're not following this bus I don't care what you do.  I've got 2
 cellular phones in here and if I catch you following my bus, I'll call
 the highway patrol on you."  He threatens me.

I explained to him that I had tickets to see Rush in Phoenix and that I
wasn't from around the Vegas area and all I wanted was directions.  He
finally gave me the directions and warns me one last time, "..I don't
want to catch you following me, so you just better get on the road right
now."   Sheesh!  Talk about a guy with no personality, I'll get on the
road when I'm ready, I'm thinking to myself.

About an hour later, after hanging around and seeing Geddy and Alex with
a handful of other fans, I find myself following the bus I was warned
not to follow.  (This along with about 4 other cars on the way from
Vegas to Phoenix).  By the time we got near Hoover dam, you could pretty
much tell who was following who.  The bus would slow to 15 mph at times
and so would the other cars.  After a while I lost patience, I drove
ahead of the bus anyway.  Leaving everyone far behind, I was well on the
way to Phoenix with my girlfriend ready to see the next show.  We
stopped off at a rest station where I got a couple hours worth of sleep,
it didn't matter anyway, I knew where the bus was going and where Rush
would be staying, there really was no need to follow the bus, I only
wanted directions.  I woud soon have my revenge.

Phoenix was quite hot although not as hot as when I was last there for
the Presto tour.  We drove straight to Rush's hotel after having freshen
up from the night's drive.  The tour bus was outside so I headed in to
see if I could catch them in their hotel.  I also stopped to get all 3
of them a book as a token of appreciation.  After a while I spotted the
ever friendly bus driver who had been so rude to me the night before.
You could imagine the look on his face when he saw me in the lobby of
the hotel.  Judging from the looks of it, we were the only Rush fans in
the whole complex.  I figured he must have "lost" the other cars who
were following him to Phoenix.  When I saw him I felt like saying "Why!
Hello again, fancy meeting you here.  Followed you directly to this
location."  :)  But I didn't say anything.  I later found Andrew
McNaughtan, the band's photographer/personal assistant, and talk to him
very briefly and asked if he could forward a book to Neil.  He gladly
complied and went his merry way.  A short while later, I saw Alex enter
and quickly disappear.  About 10 minutes later, it was close to
soundcheck I spy Alex entering the hotel, having just return from
playing golf.  He quickly disappears and comes back 5 minutes later, the
tour bus waiting for him out front.  I walk up to say hello, Alex seemed
in a big hurry, apparently he was late.  I said hello, he grabbed a pen
- probably thought I wanted an autograph, then stopped short when I
handed him a humor book on golf, to which he seemed extremely pleased.
He flipped to it and saw that it was a humor book so he cracked a smile and
said thanks.  Then I gave him another book for Geddy, and asked if Geddy
was in the hotel, he said No, that Geddy was running a bit late and might
already be in the bus or on his way to the show.  He once again said
thanks and said it was thoughtful of me for the small gifts, wished that
I enjoyed the show and I said goodbye.

We headed to the show after that.  The place was packed, they had all the
speaker setups but didn't do the quadrophonics this time.  Because of the
way Desert Sky was, if you sat too in either the extreme left, or extreme
right, you couldn't see the main screen backdrop.  This kinda sucked
considering my seats were in the "partially obstructed" view.  Oh well,
didn't matter too much.  Like the Shoreline show, Desert Sky had 2
additional big screens on either side of the stage for the back grass area
and the right/left side views.  There were no camera men like there was for
Shoreline but the screen did help show others what was going on behind Neil
on Rush's big screen.  I ended up sitting next to a loud girl who kept
screaming her head off for no apparent reason and drinking beer one after
the other.

As soon as Rush hit the stage the crowd seemed to get into it.  The girl
next to me tries to get a closer look before being moved back into her
seat where she drank some more beer.  The show itself was great!  Alex
seemed his usual clowning self.  Once or twice he came over to the extreme
right side of the stage and on his way back one or two fans would try and
grab a hold of his leg.  He kept looking down saying "Let go! Let go!",
before he runs back to play his synth.  One time while running away to
play in front of the crowd, he would suddenly stop playing, look at his
watch and say "Oh no!" then run back to the synth to play his little part.
What a comic.  By the time they did Xanadu with all the lasers pretty much
everyone was cheering, I had a big cloth Rush banner that I held up once or
twice during the show.  The drunken girl that was next to me kept trying to
hold it up and help me.  I got so irritated, I moved out into the aisle and
watch the show from there.  One time I turned around to see what the
commotion was and saw that the girl had drank one too many beer.
Apparently she had been standing on top of her seat and then fell over
backwards, she was sprawled all over the row behind her.  (Served her
right).  I was so exhausted by the time they were ready for the encore, I
was back at my seat next to Miss Drunk.  When they played Spirit of Radio,
during "..Concert Halls.." the lights came up full and I stood up to show
them the banner, Miss Drunk thought this was a cool idea so she stands up
and grabs my banner, then won't let go of it.  Aside from almost hitting
this drunken stranger I felt like setting her hair on fire.  I finally
insisted she let go of the banner.  Then she offers to buy it off of me.  I
told her No, and she wouldn't let go, I finally got it through her thick
skull when I showed her it was autographed and it was personalized, she
didn't want it anyway.  Some people!  By the end of the show Miss Drunk was
in her seat, looked like a ghost, one too many drinks.  Aside from the
great show, I had to deal with a loser fan like her, oh well.

We hung around for a little bit then it was time to go, the long drive back
to San Diego.  It would be a couple of weeks before I catch the last few
shows on the RTB tour.  All told in due time.   Now how about some other
stories from other fans?



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