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Subject: 09/01/92 - The National Midnight Star #502

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 502

                Tuesday, 1 September 1992
Today's Topics:
                       Where's Neil
                       Old Rockline
                     Rockline 5/18/92
      RE: 08/14/92 - The National Midnight Star #489
              The Necromancer's Short Pants
            the red balls from HYF - prisoner
                   tesla....yeah, right
                       New CD Boot?
                     a RTB "mission"
                EQS Music and collectibles
                    The Story of Kings

Date: Mon, 31 Aug 92 17:05:53 -0700
From: David Conley 
Subject: Where's Neil

I read Jimmy Lang's story about following the band to Phoenix with great
amusement. I enjoy these types of stories, but it seems in each story
that folks are meeting or catching glimpses of Geddy and Alex in hotels,
after shows, etc. Where's Neil?? Doesn't he come out of the auditorium
to ride the tour bus too? Doesn't he stay at the same hotel?? I know
Neil is very guarded when it comes to his privacy, but someone must
have seen him during the RTB tour. Any comments or stories??

Just plain curious,



Date:    Mon, 31 Aug 1992 22:02:56 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Ramblings

Greeting 's to everyone, it's great to have the NMS back - thanks Meg and
Jimmy.  Btw, Jim how bout those tix in Alpine Valley??  Yes You R

Well I have some brief news to report most of which is sketchy but
interesting.  Firstly, I have heard that Polygram Records will be
sorry ing somehting called CHRIN   CHRONICLES @
Chronicles II sometime in 1993.  It is rumoured to include some
rarities algthough I have no specifics.  Next, I recently read a
newspaper article about Ged and Alex taking batting practice with
the California Angels about a month ago.  In fact Alex was quoted as
saying that both Ged and Al want to take batting prcactice and shag
a few pointers from Angels hitting instrucotr Rod Carew - including
one that said he should stick to his day job!!!  next I ventured to
Toronto during Jyly July and happened to catch a couple of Blue jays
games.  Although I did not see Ged or Al, I did see Kim Garner who
works at SRO Mnanagement - the management company for Su  Rush.  In
addition, at one of the games, Dave Stieb ( A MAJOR RUSH RAN FAN - sorry)
came in to the game and they played Working Man over the stadium
8S   PA system.
Finally, keep your ears open for a potential benefit concert here in
NY which may have some involvement from the boyz.  More about this

One more thing, Neil played drums on a local Toronto bands new record.  The
band is called Rheostatics, the CD is only available in Canada as far
as I know, but you may c want to call their record comapny in toronto -
Intrepid Records to g try to get it.

Take care

Ken F.


Subject: Old Rockline
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 92 22:30:41 EDT

Please excuse any extreme ignorance I may have on this issue, but if someone
would be as kind as to tell me if old Rockline interviews are even available
anymore, and who I might try to contact about getting some I would REALLY
apprecitate it.

Sorry about the apparent non-Rush content, but the thought WAS inspired by
someone mentioning missing Alex and Geddy (as I also did), so I hope that
counts for something.  My e-mail address is below to avoid tying up this very
important space, dedicated, as it should be, to Rush.

Thank you, thank you, thank you,

John Lauritzen
This message has been brought to you by the numbers 6, 2 and 9 and by the
letter E.


Date: 01 Sep 1992 02:19:29 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Rockline 5/18/92

  Well, um, let's see.  First of all, I must apologize for not remembering
who was requesting this.  Usually, I download the NMS, but something got
lost in the shuffle and I didn't notice I didn't have it until after it
was gone!  Does that even make sense?
  Anyway, the guy who was looking for a copy of this show had a Z in his
name, I'd almost swear!  So, for you, Mr. Z, I'm here.
  I have the Rockline from 5/18/92 with Geddy on it.  Alex was supposed
to be there, but he was sick and since they were about to be back out on
the road, it was decided he should stay home for this one.
  It will fit on a 90-minute cassette easily.  I'll be glad to dub it for
you, especially with your offer to cover postage (hey, at no cost to me!).
  One drawback, though, as you can see, along with losing my copy of the
NMS from 8/31/92, I also lost your Internet address, assuming you gave
it.  You can post here on the NMS or send your Internet address to me at
"FLETCHYYZ@DELPHI.COM", and I'll send you my USPS address.  I don't
particularly want to post it public, unless of course, Neil was interested
in corresponding with me...
  Oh, by the way, I also have a copy of the Dec. '91 Rockline with Neil,
VERY cool!  If you don't have this one already I'd be happy to copy it
for you, too, just let me know.  I've also got a few other interviews,
mostly Rocklines, and I would be interested in getting any other
Rocklines that you might have that I don't.  That may have just been the
worst sentence structure ever created...
  Again, sorry I lost your name and address, operator problems.  But, I
hope you get this and I can be of help...



Date: Tue, 1 SEP 92 09:48:19 BST
Subject: RE: 08/14/92 - The National Midnight Star #489

Hi guys!!!!

Thanks to everyone who e-mailed me about the possibility of obtaining several
copies of strange Rush Cd's!!!!

I am in the middle of writing a list of what I have, and I will e-mail
you all back very soon!

in case anyone else wants them, here they are again:

RUSH TWO (Both RTB tours, copied from CD)

(Red barchetta, live under pressure and Red Barchetta, strangely sound
very familiar to ESL video and GUP video ????  But have strange covers!!!)

It probably isn't woth bothering with those, but 1,2 and The Fly are really

Once again thanx for the response and don't worry, I will send details back to
you all!!!


Shaun Barry
Liverpool J.Moores University

And remember.....The night has a thousand saxophones, SO GET OUT THERE AND ROCK


Date: Fri, 28 Aug 92 03:24:15 CDT
From: (Todd Madson)
Subject: The Necromancer's Short Pants

Does anyone know how much longer the RTB tour will continue?

 No doubt things will calm down a bit in order to prepare for
 the next album/tour a year or two from now.

 Actually, regarding the "3-in-1" deals - I know that in the U.K.
 you can get two or three Pink Floyd albums on one CD.  It's like
 a two-or-three-fer deal.  As long as the fidelity holds up and the
 sleeve art is reproduced in a somewhat normal manner, I don't mind.

 With regards to bootlegs - OH PLEASE! - it cheats the artists out
 of their rightful $$$ and usually the sound quality is pretty
 abysmal.  Sometimes, there's a decent one because of an unethical
 soundman making his own recording and distributing it, but it's
 pretty rare.  At the same time, most artists like this would go
 "OH GHODS - the horrible point where I dropped my PAUL REED SMITH
 because I was clowning for the CHICKS, it's all on tape and now
 every kid from here to San Diego will hear it.  Gagula!"

 I can see it now.

UUCP: {amdahl!bungia, crash}!orbit!pnet51!tmadson
ARPA: crash!orbit!pnet51!


From: Dwight Robert Stone 
Subject: the red balls from HYF - prisoner
Date: Tue, 1 Sep 92 11:13:24 CDT

If I remember correctly, the guardian balls in the Prisoner were white ballon
like things.  If forget whether the show called them Fidos or we did.  I
think that there are 3 red balls on the HYF cover because 1) there are three
members of rush and 2) red is the color of fire and think that they have
nothing to do with the Prisoner.
Dwight Stone                  I feel good. I am wearing my Chthulu underroos!       Cthulhu for new University of Illinois mascot!
"Those who know what's best for us must save us from ourselves" - Witch Hunt
No matter which road you travel down, all other roads get farther away.


Date: Tue, 1 Sep 1992 10:22:29 -0700
From: Jennifer Stroud 
Subject: tesla....yeah, right

Hello??  Is anybody there?  I am a Rush fanatic and was promised that if
I wrote to this address, I would find more like me.  I am a blonde, blue-
eyed, petite mechanical engineer at UCBerkeley and I worship Peart.  Please
send something!  Anything!        (Jenn)


Date: 01 Sep 1992 16:05:43 -0500 (EST)
Subject: New CD Boot?

Hi ya'll. Looking through the September issue of Goldmine, the one with Freddie
on the front, I noticed a CD of Rush called "Run From The Fans Live USA '92"
Anybody have any info on this? Such as is it the same set list or show as
The Fly? Could be the kind of trick they pulled w/ Live UNder Pressure,
Currently In Vogue, and Temples Of Syrinx, which are all from the same show, I
believe. Anyway, take it easy.
Nate Shue - JMU

P.S. Hey Mike Silverman, if you're still interested in those shows, e-mail me!


Date: Tue, 1 Sep 92 08:06:59 -0700
From: pslvax!larson!matt@UCSD.EDU (Matt Wilkinson)
Subject: a RTB "mission"

Hello again:
Jimmy "Rush FANatic" writes...

/ BEGIN Rush Fanatic --------------------------------------------------------\
[ Date: Mon, 31 Aug 92 18:04:04 -0400
[ From: jlang (~ Rush Fanatic ~)
[ Subject: RTB Stories (LONG)
[ Well, I'm a bit surprised that no one has any stories to tell from their
[ RTB tour concerts, so I'll start with another entry.
\ END Rush Fanatic ----------------------------------------------------------/

o.k.  I had last Friday afternoon all planned -- CD of HYF playing in my
office, a cup of hot java, ready to write up my TWO RTB tour stories.  But
the city of Burbank wouldn't cooperate, deciding (as they frequently do) to
blow-up a nearby transformer leaving me in our computer room (sans windows)
quite in the dark with 15 minutes of battery backup to shut the system down.

Oh well.  It's Monday.  I'm at home (with power).  Here's my RTB stories.

I had to open my big mouth.  My boss (at the time) was always hassling me
about the Rush stuph that litters (adorns) our computer room (old concert
tix, picture of The Ged, HYF poster, etc.) and kept saying things like
"who are these Rush guys anyway."  So *I* said "why don't you come to one
of the shows and find out."  Geez, that was dumb.  He said o.k.  So, I got
the tix and off we went (with his girlfriend).  On the way down, I brought
along some tapes to play, and the two of them feigned interest in the lore
and legend of the band which I was all too willing to share.  We got to
our hotel (you know the older folks, couldn't bare the thought of an all-
night drive back to L.A. after the show), and the two of them promptly
"did the tourist thing" (i.e., shopping, looking for good restaurants,
taking in the sights, etc.) while I stayed in my hotel room and tried to
figure out how I got myself into this mess in the first place and when/where
I could get tix for another show so I could go and enjoy myself.

We got to the Sports Arena about an hour before the show, and it was really
weird.  The guy was *into* the experience.  He was *almost* more excited than
I was.  He said "ooh, programs, let's get one" and "ooh, t-shirts, let's
get one ... which one are you going to get? ... let's all get different
ones, o.k.?"  I mean it was really a riot.  So we get to our seats (dead
center, just above the floor -- not great, but as far as I'm concerned,
*any* seat at a Rush show is GREAT) and the two of them start reading their
program and pointing out "interesting" looking people!  I just kept wondering
what they'd say/do when the show started.  Well, on comes Primus, and Primus
Sucks! (no really, I mean I *hated* them)  And sure enough, so did the boss.
They really weren't the right band to set the stage for my Rush education
evening.  The time between sets was long and tense, like they were thinking
of going back to the hotel.  But they didn't.

Force 10-Limelight-Freewill-Distant Early Warning-Time Stand Still...
then some words of greeting from Geddy.  I look over at the boss.  He's
got this *stunned* look on his face.  His girlfriend is looking through
binoculars at the band.  Dreamline-Bravado-RTB... the boss is screaming
and clapping and smiling, the girlfriend is grooving on the music (I mean
like dancing in her seat grooving!).  The only thing I actually remember
him saying *during* the show was during the intro to Xanadu, when the
lasers flash-out as solid beams in different directions; he turned to
me and said, quite sincerely, "wooooow."  We all had a good laugh when this
guy jumps up on stage right and leads two overweight security guys on a
wild-goose chase up the ramp behind Neil, down the other side, behind
Alex, who casually glanced back but never missed a beat, then finally
gets tackled and hauled off-stage.

After the show, my suit-and-tie type boss was acting like ME the first time
I saw Rush live (1982 / L.A. / Signals tour) saying "man, that was AWESOME...
I mean the sound, the lights, the lasers...  unbelievable, incredible, gawd
that was so cool."  His girlfriend, for some strange reason, was particularly
impressed with the way everybody knew to raise their right hand with a clenched
fist and say "hey" along with Geddy during the 2112 Overture, and how so many
people seemed to be singing along to every song (especially, she said, during
that nice song with the guitar at the beginning {editorial note:  CTTH}).

The next day we headed for home, but stopped in LaJolla for breakfast.  My
boss was wearing his RTB shirt.  As we walked into the restaurant, there
were these two kids (teenagers); one turns to the other and says "hey, check
out that old dude with the Rush t-shirt", and the other says "no way."

So the boss is now a Rush FANatic in his own right, but, sadly, is no longer
my boss.  The girlfriend is no longer his girlfriend either.  But I've done
my part, I've spread the message, and although it mostly falls on deaf
ears, those willing to

	"take a shot.
	Play your cards.  Show us what you got --"

will find themselves caught up in "the spirit of Rush."

(this post got kindof long, so I'll save my Irvine story for another time)

 Matt Wilkinson, Systems Administrator | =     ===== ===== =====    ////  =  =
 ------------------------------------- | =     = = = = =   =====  //////  == =
  phn  818-845-4100 / fax 818-845-2414 | ===== =   = =  =  =====  //////  = ==
 uucp  ...ucsd!pslvax!larson!matt      | Technology, Inc.         ////
  orq  "Anything can happen."          | 4109 W Burbank Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505

oh, btw, we (larson) are doing the sound edit/mix on Cosby's new show, "You
Bet Your Life"; I'm going to suggest to the producer that he talk Coz into
using "YBYL" from RTB as his theme music instead of that nasty jazz s--t
he's so fond of.  You never know! :-)


Date: Tue, 1 Sep 92 17:51:19 -0400
From: jlang (~ Rush Fanatic ~)
Subject: EQS Music and collectibles

>Date: Mon, 31 Aug 92 17:42:00 -0400
>From: meg (******* Meg *******)
>Subject: Bootlegs & other "hard to find" items
>If you're looking for anything along those lines and can't find it in your
>area, you should try looking in "Goldmine." It's a magazine with tons of
>mail order places carrying any number of things.. you can usually find the
>magazine at a local record shop (I know Tower Records carries it). It comes out
>every two weeks, here's the subscription info:

A good place that has a lot of Rush stuff in the above mentioned
Goldmine is:  EQS Music
	      PO Box 323
	      Auburn, NY 13021

  [ Phone # is: 315-252-1999				: rush-mgr ]

Brian is the guy who runs it and is a really nice guy.  If you need
anything in particular he can try and get it for you.  Give him a try.



Date: Tue, 1 Sep 92 18:00:28 -0400
From: meg (******* Meg *******)
Subject: The Story of Kings

Well I'm listening to the CD right now... it's an interview with Alex done
just after HYF came out. You can tell it's in a diner, someone brought him
food halfway through the interview! It has two tracks, total of 31 minutes,
but they're both from the same interview. It doesn't list the interviewers
(there are 2) but they sound English. I'll be typing the interview in soon... :)



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