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Subject: 09/02/92 - The National Midnight Star #503

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 503

               Wednesday, 2 September 1992
Today's Topics:
                     Prisoner and HYF
                      Neil Sighting!
                Getting strange RUSH CD's
                     RTB tour stories
                    I almost forgot...
           Content of recent Rush interview CDs
                   Skid Row covers Rush
                 Thoughts on last digest

Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1992 20:37:23 -0400 (EDT)
From: Shawn Clayton Knight 
Subject: Prisoner and HYF

>> "that big red ball that acts as a security device on the Prisoner
>> reminds me of the HYF cover"
>Also, in the Lock and Key video, there is this big red ball that
>goes floating throughout the entire video.  "Don't want to silence
>a desperate choice, for the sake of security."   I think you're
>on to something here.  ;-)

Sorry, fellow Rush fans - when was the ball red in "The Prisoner"? It
was white.



Date: 02 Sep 1992 10:30:04 -0500 (EST)
From: MIKE 
Subject: Neil Sighting!

Hey NMSers!
    In response to someone's questioning neil's whereabouts all the time .. a
friend of mine supposedly saw him in a mall in Atlanta the night before the
concert there.  My suitemate from last year claims he was by himself and they
crossed paths and kind of stared at each other and he said "Mr Peart??" and
Neil said "Yesss??" and he wished him good luck on the show which Neil
graciously accepted and went about his business.  Could be a total crock
but that's what he claims. It does seem that Neil doesn't do much hanging
out with the other guys - at least in interviews, tourbook pictures or random
meetings like this one. Weird, huh??
                                   Mike Wall


From: (Bob Reynolds)
Subject: Getting strange RUSH CD's
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 92 9:32:41 CDT

     Howdy everyone.

     Sorry to take up space in the digest but I needed to get a message to
    Shaun Barry.

     Shaun Barry, I tried to respond to your notes about strange CD's but
     I can't get to your machine.   If you could, please mail me details
     via internet to


   Robert Reynolds                      IBM-Net:
   AIX High Speed Commo Device Drivers  VNET:     ROBERTR at AUSTIN
   11400 Burnet Rd, 905/9551            Internet:
   Austin, Tx 78758                     Phone:    (512)838-3534 TL: 678-3534


Date: Wed, 2 Sep 1992 11:20:09 -0400
From: Jeremy Weissenburger <>
Subject: Bootlegs

	The whole bootleg debate has been going on for a long time, it seems.
 (And I'm not talking about just in the NMS!)

	There are some bands that will let people tape their shows (i.e. The
 Dead, Metallica).  I remember reading an article where Lars Ulrich claimed
 to have the largest Deep Purple bootleg collection in the world, so he
 relates to this need to get concert bootlegs.

	Then there are those artists who are releasing bootlegs themselves,
 this way thwarting bootleggers by giving the consumers better quality.
 (i.e. Frank Zappa, Paul McCartney)

	I have a large collection of boots myself: from Rush to Yes to Jane's
 Addiction to Metallica.  I do not sell these to others, but if anyone wishes
 to have a copy, I'm glad to copy it for them.  For free.  I guess my point
 is that on such a newsletter format as this one, those who have bootlegs
 would be a little more understanding when it comes to offering them to
 others.  I mean, a lot of them are pretty expensive, true, but many of us
 are not willing to shell out that kind of $$ to buy a boot from a fellow fan.
 (On the legal side, it's illegal to sell bootlegs to others.  Owning them is
 a different story, however.  As long as you don't distribute them for profit,
 you're OK.)

	Anyway, I thought I'd throw in my opinion about this subject.




From: Scott David Daly 
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 92 11:30:17 EDT
Subject: RTB tour stories

Hello All...

	I don't have time right now to type in a whole story (I met
Alex twice on the RTB tour and Gedd once)...but I will say this
regarding Jimmy's post: you're absolutely 100% right about the bus
driver!!!  I could think of several choice words for him!  How 'bout
we all take up a petition to get him canned!?...or at least send him
to charm school!

		Right on jimmy!!

					Skip Daly


Date: Wed, 2 Sep 1992 11:45:25 -0400
From: Jeremy Weissenburger <>
Subject: I almost forgot...

	By the way,

	1) Rock 'n Roll Comics #49 is an unauthorized biography of Rush.  The
 likenesses aren't bad, and you won't find anything earth-shattering in the
 comic book, but it's a nice collectible item to have.

	2) What I said earlier about boots: if the band is so upset about
 losing the money from these boots, they should release their own (like Zappa
 has been doing) and thwart people from making them.  Just a thought...



From: (John Becker)
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 92 11:36:53 CDT
Subject: Content of recent Rush interview CDs

The 31 minute interview CD entitled "The Story Of Kings" is the same
interview found on the Baktabak picture disc issued several years ago.
Another NMS posting recently mentioned a 16 minute interview CD entitled
"The Story of Rush". From the description given of the opening discussion,
this sounds like it is just side 2 from the Baktabak disc.



Date: Wed, 2 Sep 92 09:21:52 HST
From: puanani@ahi.pbrc.Hawaii.Edu (Puanani Akaka)
Subject: Skid Row covers Rush

HI ya'll!  Well, I don't know about anyone else, but I'm ready for
another Rush concert tour.  I can't help it, I'm going through Rush
concert withdrawal...

At any rate, I just thought you might like to know that, according to
a very reliable source, it seems that Skid Row may be covering
"What You're Doing" on their next album, and there's a possibility
that it may be released as a single.  No definite details, yet, as
far as I know, but it seems to be a pretty solid piece of info.  If
I find out anything more, you'll all be the first to know.

Also, David Conley seemed a little exasperated by the fact that no one
ever sees Neil (I've got to agree with you there, actually!).  I did
manage to catch a glimpse of him in January outside the Oakland
Coliseum (i think i mentioned this before...?).  Nothing major, or
anything, but it was, for me, a bit amusing.  A bunch of fans were
waiting for the band near the tour buses after the concert, and after
two hours of waiting (and my freezing my behind off...), Neil came out
and, amidst shouts and cheers, just sort of stood there looking at
everyone with *the most* pathetic look I've ever seen.  His face was
red and flushed, and he was obviously really tired (!), and he just
swept the lot of us with this resigned look on his face, like he was
thinking, "My god, they're still here...".  I don't think he saw me
(there were only about 10 of us there...) -- he seemed to just look
right past me.  Which was fine with me; I was trying really hard not
to laugh.  So after a minute of so of that, he hopped into the limo
and that was the last we saw of him.  But man, talk about feeling
guilty!  And I just couldn't help but laugh, my goodness, I wished i
had a camera!!  Poor thing.  I hope he got some sleep... :-)

Oh, one more thing.  If ANYONE knows where/how I can get the new CD
by Manu Katche called _It's About Time_, PLEASE let me know!!  None of
the stores down here have it, and I know it's only been released in
Europe, but I WOULD LOVE to have a copy of that.  Any help would be
appreciated!!! Thanx.

Toodle-oo, Caribou!



Date: Wed, 2 Sep 92 16:53:22 -0400
From: jlang (~ Rush Fanatic ~)
Subject: Thoughts on last digest

>Date: Mon, 31 Aug 92 17:05:53 -0700
>From: David Conley 
>Subject: Where's Neil
>Where's Neil?? Doesn't he come out of the auditorium
>to ride the tour bus too?

I've rarely seen this happen.  Most of the time after a show it's usually
Alex and Geddy hopping on the bus, I don't think I've ever seen Neil
following them.  Maybe someone else has?  (Ken?)

>Doesn't he stay at the same hotel??
>Just plain curious,

I don't know if he does the majority of the time but I do know he does
stay in the same place with Geddy and Alex, although they usually  do
their own thing during the day.  While in Sacramento, Alex and Geddy
went to play some tennis, and I know they sometimes venture to golf
courses.  Neil was never seen with them.  Perhaps he went out for a bike
ride.  He's also been seen going out back doors of hotels before, and
he's also been known to take walks around the block.

>I know Neil is very guarded when it comes to his privacy, but someone must
>have seen him during the RTB tour. Any comments or stories??

I haven't seen him personally on this past tour, but in Vancouver I did
talk to another fan who said he met Neil in the lobby of his hotel going
into the elevator.  So he jumped into the elevator with him, apparently
Neil had just finished a walk around the city block and was on his way
in.  The fan said Neil was very polite, shook his hand, said his Hello's
and pleased to meet you, then that was it.

>Date:    Mon, 31 Aug 1992 22:02:56 -0400 (EDT)
>Subject: Ramblings
>Greeting 's to everyone, it's great to have the NMS back - thanks Meg and
>Jimmy.  Btw, Jim how bout those tix in Alpine Valley??  Yes You R

Thanks for the tix, and yes, UR Cooorrrect, they were amazing.
On Chronicles II, I guess Mercury/Polygram is not quite done with
"milking" the Rush profits just yet, now that Rush is *much* happier
with dealing with Atlantic.  The "rumored rarities" will prove
interesting, I wonder what they plan to put on there?  Some live stuff
maybe?  Was Mercury owning Rush rights when they played Don Kirschner's
or ABC's rock series?  Might have been too early ('74?).  It'd be
interesting to see what they put on.  Maybe "Take Off" with Geddy
singing, like they originally intended to put on Chronicles.   I'd like
to hear the band's opinion of Chronicles II - I'm sure they're not too
thrilled with Mercury pulling that number.

>... catch a couple of Blue jays
>games.  Although I did not see Ged or Al, I did see Kim Garner who
>works at SRO Mnanagement -
>Ken F.

Was this the same Kim Garner who was backstage when Alex serenaded her
during Closer to the Heart?  What is the story behind Alex and Kim
anyway?  If this is the same lady I am thinking of.  Or are you not
allowed to spread "gossip" on the net?  :-)  Comments, Ken?

>Subject: Old Rockline
>Date: Mon, 31 Aug 92 22:30:41 EDT
> [...on missing the old Rockline shows...]
>John Lauritzen

There are a lot of older transcribed Rockline shows on the ftp site
here.  They are in ~ftp/rush/special  along with lots of other
interviews, you may want to try looking there.  Good luck.

>From: (Todd Madson)
>Date: Fri, 28 Aug 92 03:24:15 CDT
>Subject: The Necromancer's Short Pants
>Does anyone know how much longer the RTB tour will continue?

The tour ended this past June 28 at the World Music Theater in Chicago.
With a big bang and Neil showing everyone his new mohawk haircut during
Finding My Way.

> No doubt things will calm down a bit in order to prepare for
> the next album/tour a year or two from now.

In an April interview by NMS's Frank Lancaster (Great job Frank!), with
Neil, he says they will start recording this November in the studio.
Also in the last Rockline, I believe Geddy reconfirmed this timetable.
You can check out his interview by getting Digest.486 from the archive
site here.



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