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Subject: 09/03/92 - The National Midnight Star #504

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 504

                Thursday, 3 September 1992
Today's Topics:
                        Bus Driver
                      Chronicles II
                    Peart's Locomotion
                    Boots -N- Rockline
                      rtb tour story
       Sorry if this isn't in the right place !!!!
                      Prisoner ball
            good to be back / Neil & Limelight
                   Mail Server changed
                   Freedom and Mission

Date: Wed, 2 Sep 92 17:50:11 -0500
From: Brian E. Saunders 
Subject: Bus Driver

Do any of you wonder if this bus driver was rude on purpose?  I mean, it
seems that the members of Rush usually go out of their way to be polite
to their fans.  In order not to ruin that image, you need to have a bad
guy (or fall guy) when you want to be abrupt.

Or, he could just be a jerk...



Date: Wed, 2 Sep 92 15:59:50 PDT
From: mmarx@Csli.Stanford.EDU (Matthew Marx)
Subject: Chronicles II

Hey! Any new Rush album (old material or not) is good news to me; I'd just like
to hear if there's any *official* story on this album Chronicles II. Has anyone
read about it? I've heard some net.rumors but have grown to distrust them. :)

If it's going to be just a bunch of old studio versions mashed together, I won't
buy it. I only picked up Chronicles right after I bought my Discman so I could
have some Rush to listen to while I saved my pennies to get the other 17 albums
-- which I happily achieved two weeks ago! -- on CD. I *never* listen to it
anymore except for "WYD" and "aPtB" which were left off their respective live

So if it's previously released material, cool. If not, then I propose a 
worldwide net.boycott to teach Mercury a lesson!

tired mind become a shapeshifter
everybody need a moon lifter...

Matt Marx


Date: 2 Sep 92 19:22:39 EDT
From: James.B.McKeon@Dartmouth.EDU
Subject: Bootlegs

This is in response to Jeremy Weissenburger's defense of his 'right' to make
bootlegs and distribute them freely.

I find it sad and disturbing that an alleged fan of such accomplished artists
would self-righteously defend his ability to steal their material.
Fundamentally, Rush are producers.  They do not create goods meant to satisfy
man's physical needs, but his intellectual ones.  They provide the
integration of whole chains of concepts and present them as a perceptual
concrete, a piece of music, for you to experience.  In this process they do
for you an immense intellectual favor - they allow you to grasp that entire
chain of concepts and their consequent emotions directly, providing you an
integration of those ideas you would lack without their work.  It is in this
manner that they provide you with what is an intellectual product.

In return for the considerable effort required by them to create this
product, they demand certain conditions.  Of course, they require
renumeration in the price of the CD.  And in addition, as a condition of
sale, they prohibit your reproduction and distribution of that product
without their permission.  In turn, if you attend one of their concerts, they
prohibit the reproduction of that concert.

As the sole creators of this product, they have the right to set any
considerations they choose as a precondition of trading it in public.  As in
the realm of most physical goods, the terms of a sale are mutually agreed
upon by both parties.  If you purchase one of their CD's or attend one of
their concerts, you are agreeing to their terms of that transaction

If you claim that you don't agree to their terms but make the transaction
anyway and violate those terms, you have engaged in fraud.  Fraud is version
of theft and is, as it should be, punishable under the law.

For these reasons, anyone attending a Rush concert who tapes it is engaging
in theft, regardless of their intentions and future plans for what they have
stolen.  No amount of rationalizations change the nature of the crime.  The
person who illegally tapes a CD or a concert is committing, both morally and
legally, the same crime as a shoplifter or a car thief, and deserves the same
scorn and punishment.

If you think that by distributing bootlegs 'for free' you have somehow
escaped any moral or legal consequences of your original theft, reconsider.
I offer you this analogy - if someone steals a Cadillac, and then offers free
rides to his neighbors whenever they wish, is he then free of all guilt and

I urge anyone trading or making bootlegs against the wishes of the artist to
discontinue so doing.  If you are witness to such behavior, you are obliged
to at least reprimand them verbally.  Your respect for the artist demands it.


Date:         Wed, 02 Sep 92 19:39:16 EDT
From: Jon 
Subject:      Peart's Locomotion

In Cleveland Peart road his bike to the show.  A brave man indeed considering
the route he had to take to his hotel.  Also the band all stayed in one


Date: Wed, 2 Sep 1992 21:09 EST
From: "Hey! Neil Peart has a mowhawk!! ... WAY!!" 
Subject: Boots -N- Rockline

Bootlegs seem like something all the fans should just get together and
trade, kinda like baseball cards.. but this business of pricing them is
ridiculous! Sorry, I have enough of a hard time scrounging the $12 or so
for a GOOD quality CD on my student budget, why would I pay these LOSERS
(read: leeches) $28-$40 for quality that sucks????

I didnt know Metallica allowed tape recorders!! Damn, how did that slip
by me??? heheh.. oh well.. should have taped them at RFK.. :(

I have never ventured to find Ged/Neil/Alex after a show, say backstage
or at their hotel.. how does one figure out where they are going to leave
such a large complex as an arena or civic centre? There are usually alot
of exits! And how do you ever figure out which hotel they're staying at??

BTW: If anyone wants a tape copy of Ged's latest rockline interview, drop
me a line.

Slator all..

| From the Amiga   |     Multitasking...     |   Live for yourself,           |
|    of...         |     ---------------     |     There's no-one else more   |
|     -.EZ.-       |  A M I G A   S T Y L E  |       Worth living for...      |
| |  =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=  |             -- N.Peart (RUSH)  |


From: (Terrance Stedman)
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 1992 21:52:51 -0400
Subject: boots...

	Arguing over the bootleg issue is much like arguing over abortion.
Both sides are convinced that they're right and no amount of debate will
change the minds of either.  Freedom of choice allows both sides to be
	Moral: If you are an anti-boot person, then don't make, distribute,
	       copy, trade, or buy bootleg material.

	As a side note, is anyone still maintaining the ABL (available
boots list)?  I have some stuff I'd like to make available for trades only.
 I ) I I <~ I_I   Terry Stedman
 I \ I_I _> I I   Internet:


Date: Thu, 3 Sep 1992 00:12:03 -0600
From: walter@lamar.ColoState.EDU (Brewing Chemist)
Subject: rtb tour story

	Although my story pales in comparison to jimmy's and
others, I figured the NMS is not too cluttered, so what the

  [ No one's story is pale in comparison to anyone else's. A story is just 
    a story, so send them in; it's not a competition.  I want as many 
    stories, good or bad, as you want to share!			: rush-mgr ]

	I say them June 27th at Alpine Valley, the second last
show of the tour.  (I begged and pleaded and tried to bribe my
wife into going to the last show, the 28th, but she could not
get off work :( )  My normal "company" when seeing the boyz
were all their, but I had along two classmates, who were
RUSH virgins.  Mitch has been a fan since he smoked weed
at lunch listening to 2112 in 1977, while Brian likes the boyz,
but really had no interest in them before meeting me.  Now both
Brian and Mitch had been to their share of concerts before, but
never RUSH.  The looks on their faces after the opening medley
said it all.  They were both standing there, jaws open, in awe.
(I remember that feeling from my first Rush show, PoW).  They
both really go into it, and were rockin as hard as I was for
the entire show.  After the show, waiting for the parking to
clear, they just could not shut up about it.  It was an just
an incredible feeling to see the RUSH "Magic" spread like that.
I don't mean to get to sentimental or anything, but times
like those really make a concert memorable.

	On a different note, the concert did not start off
particularily well.  When we got to the lot, we proceeded
with the typical Brats on the Grill, and Homebrew in the
cooler (as Mitch and I both Brew).  Soon, the Alpine
Security dudes came cruising by, informing us that the new
policy stated NO alcohol in the parking lots, whatsoever.
Now this was news to me at a Rock concert!  Not entirely
pleased, we were forced to make sure we finished the
cooler completely, but quite inconspicuously.  (Mind you
we were not drunk, as I hate drunk fans as much as Jimmy,
and also would not want to see the guys while under the
influence, as I get high enough on their music ;)  Well,
I guess cops will be cops.  We saw 25 tickets handed out
while waiting for the show to begin, at 96 bones apiece.
I guess those two cops met their quota!!  Well, as a
homebrewer I feel compelled to spread the word about
this Neo-Prohibitionist movement which is getting all
too powerful.  But enough non-RUSH babbling.  Sorry.

Good Day

   Brian J Walter               | I ) I I <~ I_I |  |~~|      Relax,     |~~|
   Colorado State University    | I \ I_I _> I I | (|HB|   Don't Worry,  |HB|)   |     ROCKS!     |  |__| Have A Homebrew |__|


Date: Thu, 3 SEP 92 11:08:55 BST
Subject: Sorry if this isn't in the right place !!!!

Hi guys!

I've just got a few questions to ask if I may!

1.  Who is the guy on the front and reverse sides of Power Windows?

2.  On my copy of the video The Big Money (Chronicles) about half way through
    he seems to be in suspended animation!!!  I've actually seen the normal
    vid of it, and this doesn't happen!  Could this be a fault?  Has anyone
    got the same problem??

3.  Is it true that the actor playing Unit 1 in The Body Electric video,
    actually played the role of Tarzan in a film from a few years ago???

Any help on these question swould be appreciated!!!

By the way, everyone who mailed me about, taping Rush one,two and the fly
I will try my best to sort you all out, but as you'll probably gather
I had a massive response, and have about 25+ people to tape them for!
*begins to dread asking everyone now*

Anyway that's a wrap!

Shaun Barry                           |
Liverpool J.Moores University         |
Liverpool 			      |  Better people...Better Food... And
England,UK			      |  Better Beer!
				      |                    Territories
e-mail: bltsbarry@liverpool-poly.vax  |                    Power Windows


Date: Thu, 3 Sep 1992 08:54:16 -0700
From: Jennifer Stroud 
Subject: Thanks

Thanks to everyone who has responded to the msg I mistakenly signed a "blonde...
ME" -- Please, fellas, this was not meant to be an "SWF seeking..." type ad.
Simply wanted to personalize the whole e-mail experience.  I'll be
answering the replies that mentioned interview transcripts and bootlegs...
More are certainly welcome.

My mailbox is now flooded, but soon should accept incoming again.

Can anyone find me a copy of "The Fly?"  Berkeley music stores are stocked
with rare Grateful Dead presses and indies, but I have yet to see any
by the Trio from Toronto.

Incidentally, are there any WOMEN on NMS?  Every female but me at the concerts
always seems to be someone's (black halter-top wearing) girlfriend.

I have fairly good pictures from the RTB tour (20th row, zoom lens).  

"You can choose a ready guide in some celestial voice;
 You can choose not to decide -- you still have made a choice!"  Freewill


Date: Thu, 3 Sep 92 14:37:03 -0300
From: (Ron Wiseman)
Subject: Prisoner ball

>> "that big red ball that acts as a security device on the Prisoner
>> reminds me of the HYF cover"
>Also, in the Lock and Key video, there is this big red ball that
>goes floating throughout the entire video.  "Don't want to silence
>a desperate choice, for the sake of security."   I think you're
>on to something here.  ;-)

Sorry, fellow Rush fans - when was the ball red in "The Prisoner"? It
was white.

Sorry, my mistake.  It appears that the ball in the Prisoner is white.
I based my previous posting on my failing memory (and perhaps a bit of
wishful thinking).

On another note, I saw a special on Much Music a while back on the
Barenaked Ladies.  On the show they did a comedy sketch where one of the
guys made a solo album singing clasic tunes.  One of the tunes listed was
It appears the Barenaked Ladies are Rush fans.

- Ron 		"Sweet memories - Passing very quickly by"


Date: Thu, 3 Sep 92 13:55:35 EDT
From: Doug White 
Subject: good to be back / Neil & Limelight

Boy, after that long dry spell, it's nice to have the NMS back! About a
dozen issues snuck up on me, and I almost got tired of reading them ...
but then I recovered my sanity & dove back in. :-)

It seems to be good timing again! If I was a Police fan, I'd call it
synchronicity - I read the post about "Where's Neil?", and on the way
home, WGRX played "Limelight". Two lines hit me from that song:
"one must put up barriers to keep oneself intact"  and
"I can't pretend a stranger is a long-awaited friend".
So, is Neil taking his own advice? Are his barriers to keep his ego
from over-inflating from being called "God of Drums"? Is it hard for
him to put up with fans who assume familiarity?

I think I'd be disappointed if I said "Hi" to G/A/N and they blew me off,
although there's no way they'd know me from Adam. (Adam Ant or Adam Clayton)
It'd be interesting to see how many of y'all have seen in hotel/spoken to/
shook hands with/are friends of Ged, Alex & Neil. And how many of those
times the person had to chase (or lead :) the bus to do it.

oh well, just another $0.02.   Glad y'all are back!  dwhite


From: (Keith Ford)
Subject: Mail Server changed
Date: Thu, 3 Sep 92 13:38:25 CDT

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How 'bout >we all take up a petition to get him canned!?...or at least send him >to charm school! I think a few shows later the bus driver in question was replaced. I was told he became sick or something like that, he wasn't driving the later dates. (Maybe that was why he was so cranky, who knows..) But I'm glad to know I wasn't imagining when I thought he was rude to just me. The driver they had for the Presto tour was a very nice gentleman (Randy) he gave me full directions with freeway numbers and all. They must have changed bus drivers. -Jimmy PS. Great names for the buses too. ---------------------------------------------------------- To submit material to The National Midnight Star, send mail to: For administrative matters (subscription, unsubscription, changes, and questions), send mail to: or There is now anonymous ftp access available on Syrinx. The network address to ftp to is: or When you've connected, userid is "anonymous", password is . 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