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Subject: 09/08/92 - The National Midnight Star #507

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 507

                Tuesday, 8 September 1992
Today's Topics:
      Re: 09/04/92 - The National Midnight Star #505
                 Philosophical musing...
      Re: 09/07/92 - The National Midnight Star #506
               Silly Obligatory Rush Quotes
                  CD Bootlegs justified
       Sorry, signature file is now copyrighted...
            The bootleg horse cries ``no mas''
            Convention and random spewing ...
           A god, a king, a _cheese plate_????
      RE: 09/07/92 - The National Midnight Star #506
              boots/weakest album/first time
          re: Part IV, Gangster of Boats Trilogy
                 Bootleg Shops in Ottawa
                        OK Krauss
                    seeking Rush DATs
                    Another female fan
        "Bootlegs Saved My Life" and other stories
                 I first heard RUSH......
                         new boot
                  Boots/Rush Heard First

From: (Christopher M. Dunphy)
Date: Mon, 7 Sep 1992 18:52:26 -0500
Subject: Re: 09/04/92 - The National Midnight Star #505

  I saw that somebody asked about Rush's appearance on in
concert over the summer.  I have it on tape.  I cancelled
evening plans to stay home and make sure I got it on tape....
All I can say is don't bother to get a copy, it is
near worthless.
   The host of the show was Santanna.  There were two
or three other bands besides Rush....  All these other
bands (no-names I had never heard of!) had lenghty
introductions by Santanna, full of praise and trivia
and band history.  And they all played 1-3 complete
songs.  When it was Rush's turn, the host says
"Here is a look at Rush, who are currently on their
Roll The Bones Tour"...  Then there is 30 seconds
of concert footage, thirty seconds of a tottally
unrelated interview with Geddy, 30 more seconds of
music....  Until all members of the band had given
a sound bite.  In all less than 5 minutes of video tape
was used up......  :(  I was a little pissed at
how the band had been so slighted.

        Chris (


Date: Mon, 7 Sep 1992 20:10:27 -0400
From: Jeremy Weissenburger <>
Subject: Philosophical musing...

	When I sent in a reply about boots, I didn't really think there'd
 be much else said about the whole issue.  Then we got a totally opposing
 view, and everyone went up in arms.  Oh well...

	Something that I've been thinking about: (Quick quiz) how many of
 you out there have double-deck cassette players?  Most of you, I'm sure.
 The electronic companies usually put double cassette decks.  Now, what do
 you think most of them are used for?  Editing your own demo tapes?  (I
 sincerely doubt there's that many of us in bands...)  Basically, most of
 the decks are used for two purposes:
		1) Making mixes
		2) Making copies of albums
	Now this, of course, illegal (but if you do get into trouble with
 it, odds are you'll get fined... AT THE MOST (My girlfriend's father is
 a lawyer in the Fraud division)).  Yet the companies obviously make
 almost all of there stereos with these things in them.  Philosophically
 speaking, are these companies being as immoral as those that copy tapes?
 (Another question which could be debated on for weeks...)

	Then there's the VCR.  In strictly legal terms, people use the VCR
 for... an illegal act!  Taping a show for later viewing (Unauthorized
 Reproduction)!  Anyway, the point I'm trying to make about both of these
 areas is that these electronic devices are seemingly made for the main
 purpose of breaking the law!

	So, what should we do?  Throw away our VCR's and stereos, getting
 only Video Cassette Players and stereos that have no record buttons?
 Morally, some say we should.  Logically and financial-wise, we can't!

	When it comes to concert bootlegs, I've said it before and I'll
 say it again: all the bands have to do is release their own concerts (like
 Frank Zappa has done) and I'm positive that no one will bother buying boots
 again!  Who wants a crappy version of the RTB tour, when there's an
 Excellent quality concert tape of it being released?  This way, the band
 starts to regain the money they had supposedly "lost."

	Anyway, I'm starting to ramble, and I thought I'd get this off my
 chest.  Thanks.

	(Comments are welcome...)

	"Well we don't sound like Madonna
	 Here we are now, we're Nirvana
	 Sing distinctly?  We don't wanna
	 Here we are now, we're Nirvana
	 A garage band from Seattle
	 But it sure beats raising cattle... Yeah!"  "Weird Al" Yankovic


Date: 07 Sep 1992 19:46:03 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Re: 09/07/92 - The National Midnight Star #506

>    >>Incidentally, are there any WOMEN on NMS?  Every female but me at the
>    >>concerts always seems to be someone's (black halter-top wearing)
>    >>girlfriend.
> However, I also wear black halter-tops (including to Rush
> concerts).  And no, I have never had a Rush-head boyfriend.

I have been a RUSH fan on and off since 1977, but wouldn't be caught
dead wearing a halter top, least of all a black one.  I do however
have a RUSH-head boyfriend who reintroduced me to RUSH in 1989 after
not having listened for a few years.  At first it was fun for
nostalgia's sake and now I just listen!

Denise "uptight professor by day, headbanger by night" Neapolitan


Subject: Ramblings
Date: Mon, 7 Sep 92 21:33:38 EDT

Greetings fellow Rush fans...

Been awhile since I've sent anything your way so here goes...

Dave Jabson:  A mirror for $1.50???  Argh!  I can't find ANYTHING around here
and you get deals like this?  I guess that's what I get for going to school
here out in the middle of nowhere.

Well...I was going to ramble for a bit here and possibly tell a tour story, if
anyone is interested, but people have invaded the room and are starting up a
movie.  I suppose that I shall go watch.  Roll 'em...


      "My god...It's full of fish!!"  -Geddy Lee's interpretation of 2010
                     What crawls on maggots when they die?
               Email:   Phone: (906) 487-0900
             Math undergrad from Michigan Technological University
        "The worst sex I ever had was still pretty good."  -Woody Allen


Date:    Mon, 7 Sep 1992 20:37:03 -0500 (CDT)
From: RKB6116@SIGMA.TAMU.EDU (Mr. Weather)
Subject: boots

Hello out there.  Welcome back to another long semester of college, all
you university readers.

While I agree that bootlegs have good and bad points, I'd like to point
out a couple of things that I don't think have been mentioned.

I helped participate in the taping of the Houston show of Presto, and it
was a thrill just sneaking the tape recorder into the venue.  Then, then
the whole process of mic placement and hiding the wires and all that
added to the excitement.  After getting home and listening to the tape,
it was funny to hear the occasional yell that my friends or I let loose by
accident.  It's kind of like owning a piece of history, and helped make that
$40 floor seat worthwhile!

Mr. Weather <> aka Ken Blair <> <> Aggieland USA


Date: 07 Sep 1992 20:46:58 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Silly Obligatory Rush Quotes

	I have noticed a marked increase in the use of inane ORQs at
the end of people's messages on the NMS.  I wholeheartedly support it.

	Thomas Beaudoin

ORQ:"Don't follow men's eyes as they look to the skies
	Or your feet will be all leaden with some yucchy moo-cow pies."

	(Rush -- Jacob's Ladder)


Date: Mon, 7 Sep 1992 22:01:18 -0500
From: wxp5@po.CWRU.Edu (Sir William Pierce)
Subject: CD Bootlegs justified

I usually don't respond to letters in the NMS, but I must make an exception
today.  I just read perhaps the longest debate on Bootlegging, and each
side presented their views well.  Except for the entry by Terrance Stedman,
who stated that CD bootlegs were justified because of their cost to the
supplier.  I recently finished producing an album that will be available in
January (and probably is already available in Cincinnati via bootleg) and I
happen to know for a fact that it doesn't cost anywhere near $19-$35 to
manufacture a CD.  To have CDs pressed, you must first make a master disc,
which costs $350.  After that, the cost per CD varies from company to
company.  The company we went through would charge under $2000 for 1000
CD's, and that's including the master,  which (for those of you reading
this late at night) is $2 per disc.  And at $19-$35, they are making
roughly $17-$33 per disc.  Hardly justification!

|             William Pierce (wxp5@po.CWRU.Edu)                 |
|            Server CWRUnet:La Villa Strangiato                 |
|           And now Deep Thoughts, by Jack Handey...            |
|   "Instead of having 'Answers' on a math test, they should    |
|   just call them 'impressions,' and if you got a different    |
|   'impression,' so what, can't we all be brothers?"           |


Date:    Mon, 7 Sep 1992 22:54:58 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Ramblings

I just wanted to let you all know that I picked up a German 7" single
for Roll the Bones.  It also has Tom Sawyer and Spirit live from
Exit Stage Left (as if we all don't own ESL.... what a joke).  It's really
too bad that Rush don't release anything interesting anymore as B sides.
I really think that to a certain extent we the fans would love to get
something a little out of the ordinary along with the main song which
is being promoted.  Any thoughts?

Another pet peeve, has anyone ever spoken to Mike McCloughlin (the guy
who does the t-shirts) about why the shirts are also so messed up
as far as cities.  I looked at some of the t-shirts at the Meadowlands
show and there wasn't even a mention of E. Rutherford, NJ.  In fact, along
those lines, did anyone notice the tye-die shirts which were being sold
??  I only saw them in two places:  Alpine Valley and Tinley Park, IL.  Now
what would be the rationale of introducing a t-shirt, but only making it
available at the LAST TWO GOD DAMN SHOWS.  How stupid.  In fact, I also
noticed a sleevless muscle t-shirt which had the RTB boy and dice on the
front and the spinning wheel (from the video) on the back.  Again, why
only at the last couple of shows and why such a limited quantity?

I think the merchandiser who does all these t-s should take greater
detail in what he is doing.  (Of course the designs themselves are cool).

Along the lines of females at Rush shows.  I attended 18 shows on the RTB
tour and one of the things which stuck out the most to me were the sheer
numbers of women at Rush shows.  In many of the latter tour shows, I felt the
numbers were very high.  In fact, after one show I attended I was walking
out to my car only to find about 6 young girls waiting by the backstage
entrance with RTB CD's in hand waiting for autographs.  I think this
album, and the extensive radio airplay received contributed to this.  Any
other thoughts?  I should mention that I'm NOT talking about the usual
boyfriend/girlfriend fans, I am making reference to girls who attended the
shows with other girls.  I think this is great (even if the lines for the
bathroom end up being bad for both sexes) and something which will hopefully

Until later.

Ken F.


From: (Terrance Stedman)
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 1992 00:11:57 -0400
Subject: Sorry, signature file is now copyrighted...

        Come on guys!  Make up your own .sig already!  Sorry for the
lack of meaningful Rush content...
 I ) I I <~ I_I   Terry Stedman				 .sig copyright
 I \ I_I _> I I   Internet:   1992, T. Stedman


Date: Tue, 8 Sep 92 01:31:18 EDT
From: (Mike Hansen)
Subject: The bootleg horse cries ``no mas''

Fellow NMSers:

  What the heck, my two cents on the bootleg issue...

  I think the overall opinion is that Rush does not want bootleg copies of
their material being sold because they don't think it's fair for other people
to be profiting from their hard work.  I, too, sympathize with them on this,
since I would be pretty peeved if others were selling recordings of me
performing without my consent, especially if I were not being paid my fair
share of royalties.

  Having said that, I like listening to bootlegs, and I don't think the
preceding paragraph applies to most of the bootleggers that we hear from
on NMS.  We aren't cutting into existing record sales, we're
filling a niche that Rush won't fill for us -- raw jamming music.  Let's
face it, folks.  Rush jams, but they don't screw up very often and they
don't improvise as much as other bands do.  Getting a really raw bootleg of
one of your favorite songs is a special treat with Rush.  They are too
meticulous to let the rough-hewn stuff out, so we have to go
out and get it ourselves.  And many of us do just that.

  Enough said.  Now, a question...

  The blatant selling of bootlegs in most record stores confuses me since I
am positively sure that is illegal.  What is the loophole they use to get out
of the copyright infringement?  Anyone know?



Date: 08 Sep 92 01:48:16 EDT
From: Bruce Holtgren <70724.1622@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Convention and random spewing ...

A few comments before I move, go on vacation and basically have
to do without my beloved NMS for about three weeks (sniff) ...

1. YES! YES! YES! Let's do a convention, for sure! Toronto is
indeed the most logical venue, with potential Rushian activities
and sites abounding - Lakeside Park, Danforth and Pape, the
building from the MP cover, and on and on. (And Toronto is one
cool city to hang out in anyway, apart from Rush.) And with our
heroes not on tour next summer, we can afford to blow our money
on this instead, right? A few things to toss out for starters:

  ** We'd need a Torontoid or two to coordinate things up there,
     especially lodging, local transportation, tickets to Jays
     games, etc. Volunteers, any of you Great White Northerners?
  ** The 24th of May would normally be the obvious choice for
     when, but: It falls on a Monday next year. Also, May might
     not be a good time for many of you student-types (who seem
     to be about everyone on the list except me). But I'll go
     along with any date - as long as we settle on one as early
     as possible, so I can arrange to get time off, etc.
  ** I'll be happy to offer my humble abode (suburban
     Cincinnati) for free to any NMS sojourners on the way north,
     and I'd encourage others to do the same. We can keep travel
     costs way down if enough folks so participate, especially in
     the Northeast. Furthermore, I'd be willing to pitch in gas
     money, driving time and maybe even the use of my car.
  ** Other ideas, suggestions? Let's keep this thing alive!

2. Many, many good posts lately in defense of bootlegs; I've
enjoyed them all and feel I have little to add. I've always felt
they're a necessary evil - and keep in mind that if any entity
loses big money in such transactions, it's the record company,
not the band (which gets a very small percentage of each CD
sale). This is about the only issue I've never agreed with Neil
on - for all his championing of free will, individual rights and
open markets, I don't fully understand his vehement opposition to
bootlegs - which are, after all, a perfect example of freedom in
action. I do agree that they are *nominally* improper, legally
and morally - but I also agree that they do far more good than
harm on balance. (P.S. I own no Rush boots. I've bought many
by other artists, with extremely mixed results, and have since
decided I'd rather throw my money away on other ventures, most of
them with slightly more reliable results. It's a values thing.)

3. Great post:
>I can understand why Neil is so protective of his privacy. PEOPLE ARE
>ANNOYING!!!! How would you like it if you were constantly being followed,
>stared at, and approached by complete strangers? It would get very tired
>after about 2 big tours. I don't care if I never meet Geddy, Alex or Neil
>because it is their MUSIC that I care about. I wouldn't mind meeting
>them, but I am not going to go search them out.

Couldn't have said it better myself. I could never bring myself
to follow the band members around, although jlang (thanks,
Jimmy!) has enlightened me as to how it might be done with due
respect and within reason. (It's just that we're all bound to
have different ideas on what "within reason" is.) And yes, I
realize I am almost certainly in the extreme minority on this
issue - but I just had to insert my 2-cent piece.

4. Ah, my first Rush experience - it was 2112, also on 8-track.
(What I wouldn't give if I still had that old thing, just for the
memorabilia value!) At first I owned it just 'cause everyone else
seemed to have it. Then I came to love Temples of Syrinx, then
all of the 2112 opus. Rush was just another band for a few years,
until 1983, when I saw 'em from the front row in Las Cruces, New
Mexico, on the Signals tour. They opened with Spirit of Radio,
and I've been spellbound ever since.

Keep those cards and letters coming, folks! I LOVE TNMS!!



Date: Tue, 8 Sep 92 00:53:22 PDT
From: changed%robotics.Berkeley.EDU@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU (Chang... Ed Chang.)
Subject: A god, a king, a _cheese plate_????

In TNMS #506, some bozo writes:

> A memo to the NMS office
> Open letter to the NMS Queen Bee
> You're a god, a king, a cheese plate
> Friendly and chummy
> To all the NMS subscribers
> Can't everybody see?


To which I must respond:

--| * Simply Grateful

An e-mail to a higher office
Open letter to the powers that be
To the Manager, a little late
(He's working for industry)
To the writer of that parody
That stinking travesty

He ought to be boiled in oil
At least that's what I feel
His effort bites the big one
His stupidity is unreal
I know people have no patience -
But really, what's the deal?

I know you're busy -
You know I'm the same
We're both too busy
To be taking the blame
I'd like some Digests,
But you don't have the time
We can't go on thinking
It's a God-given right
No one is blameless,
But we're all without shame
We build the pyre
While we're
Feeding the flames

Folks have got to have Digests
And Digests got to be published
Folks are basically lurkers
Until you take their Digest away
Well, we read about
The concerts
In the papers every day

We ought to be simply grateful -
At least, that's what I feel
"Now I listen to some 'Dreamline'"
I hear Geddy, Lerxst, and Neil
I'll just re-read my tourbooks
The stories always have appeal

Today has no 'Star
And tomorrow the same
It's hard to remember
The way that it came
Too many rumors
Just turn out to be wrong
Too many critics
Who hate every song
It's hard to take the heat -
It's hard to lay blame
To fight the fire -
While we're
Feeding the flames


"All this crap we have to take"


Date: Tue, 8 SEP 92 09:48:30 BST
Subject: RE: 09/07/92 - The National Midnight Star #506

Hi fellow Rushians!

Can't remember who spoke about Dream Theater, but they said the album
was very 'rush like'.  Well after buying it, I am completetly dissapointed
with it.  Their first album ' When Dream and Day Unite' was absolutely
fantastic, but their latest 'Images and Words' sounds more like an AOR album!

Any news on the TNMS meeting, as I'd love to come over across the big pond
and meet all you guys!  Especially if it's in Toronto, as I've always wanted
to go there!  (Wonder why!!!!)

Anyway that's a wrap, just thought I'd put my 0.02 cents oops, 0.02 pence in!

Shaun Barry


Date: Tue, 8 Sep 92 08:34:02 -0400
From: (Cam Abrams; Dupont, Kinston, NC; 
Subject: boots/weakest album/first time

wow, good to be back on the list after being off it for a few months.

well, all this talk about boots has finally made me sit up and write in.
first of all, I think making and/or owning a bootleg copy of a concert is
illegal.  second of all, I have little problem breaking such a law.  I
realize that sort of statement from anyone involves some sort of personal
judgement call, and I happen to see it differently than someone with more of
a law-abiding nature.  After all, it does say right there on the ticket
that the concert cannot be recorded under penalty of law or whatever, so
it's clear bootlegging is illegal.  my opinion is simply, "so what?"  Boot-
legging is just a natural part of the music world and I say if you like it,
go with it.  I incidently own a few boots, all of which I enjoy and have
copied free of charge for a few people.

now on to another matter:  last ish E. Krauss said that he thought
_Caress of Steel_ was Rush's "weakest album", WHAT is with you???
CoS is the most underrated album they ever put out, and it's one of my
favorites.  The Fountain of Lamneth is a masterpiece and the
Necromancer is just incredible.  CoS is one of their most energetic, diverse,
creative, and *strongest* albums to date.  Their weakest album, but still
a strong one in its own right, would have to be _Signals_.  And that's not
saying much because there's a very small distance between "weak" Rush and
"strong" Rush.  Also, right after he mentioned this, he sort of
parenthetically derided By-Tor and the Snow Dog -- hopefully he was not
implying that by-tor is on CoS, since we all know it graces the grooves of
_Fly By Night_, another strong one -- and while I'll stop short of calling
By-Tor a masterpiece, it's still one hell of a song and if I'm in the right
mood for it (usually somewhere between cheerfully impatient and mildly
pissed-off) there's nothing know, sometimes you just have to
bang your head.... He also mentioned _Hold Your Fire_ as the "2nd
weakest" album -- well, he may be right about that, but it's still one of
my favorite albums of all time, which goes to show that "weak" Rush is still
better than "strong" anyone else.

Lastly, someone was interested in hearing about everyone's first time hearing
Rush.  Oddly enough, I've only been a Rush fan for about four years after I
first hear them on the way home from school with a friend who was then a
major fan.  The song that I remember as the one that turned me on to Rush?
Territories.  Love the guitar.

Well, gotta get to work -- sorry for such a long post; it's just been a while.


"...The sign of Eth is rising in the air..."


Date: Tue, 8 Sep 92 09:34:20 EDT
From: (Steven H. Katz)
Subject: re: Part IV, Gangster of Boats Trilogy

In reference to a post on Friday, 4 September:

>order.  Maybe this will also be true of "Ganster of Boats
>Trilogy", and parts I, II, and III are still to come !!!

Well, I think their title may have just been a joke.
A trilogy has three parts.....and this is part four
of a trilogy.  During an interview on WUFX in Buffalo
N.Y., in November of 1991, they were asked that question...
They (Alex and Geddy - Neil was not present) sort-of
avoided the question....not wanting to answer it directly.

Well, that's all for now!

Steve Katz


Date: Tue, 8 Sep 1992 12:43:37 +0000
From: "Nick (N.T.) Pitfield" 
Subject: Bootleg Shops in Ottawa

Hi Folks,

I'll be in Ottawa for a few days or so in the very near future. Does anybody
have the names & addresses of any good bootleg shops for buying Rush boots.


	Nick Pitfield.

|| INTERNET  :                                  ||
|| SNAILMAIL : BNR Europe Ltd, BNR Park, Maidenhead, Berkshire SL6 4AG, UK.   ||
|| "More than high performance, more than just a spark,                       ||
||  More than just the bottom line, or a lucky shot in the dark."             ||
||                                          "Marathon" (Rush - Power Windows) ||


Date:        Tue, 08 Sep 92 11:09:41 EDT
From: Gerry Good 
Subject: OK Krauss

I didn't say that HYF was their BEST album, and I did say PRESTO, didn't
I?  Even so, I didn't say that I hated RTB (the album), just that I
didn't like the direction that the song RTB was leading.  I wouldn't
consider 'progressive' to be rap.  If every musician was this
'progressive' there would be only one type of music.  Think back to
the early seventies before synthsizers were in heavy use by hard rock
bands such as Rush and Queen.  Now a song rarely appears without them
by any band.  I'm not saying that's bad, as they are used in many
different ways, but I don't think that rap is very progressive compared
to assimilating other types of music such as Eastern or blues, like
Clapton or Zeppelin did.


Date: Tue, 8 Sep 92 09:23:19 PDT
From: (Rob Shaw)
Subject: Tapestries

Tapestries aren't as popular as they were 10 years ago, I hadn't even thought
about it until a few folks here mentioned them. They used to be everywhere.
Anyway I bought both the Signals cover and the 2112-man-star-with-Kings-logo
at a place called Stairway To Heaven in Boston. In 1985. It was down in that
shopping area where they don't let cars in -- what is that area called?
If the store is still there, maybe some Bostonian subscriber can check it
out, and give a report... (or Cambridge)

Rob Shaw


Date:     Tue, 8 Sep 92 12:54 EDT
Subject:  seeking Rush DATs


I'm a DAT taper with about 100-200 hours of live DAT material
to trade, but I have no Rush (a crime !).  I would love to find
another DAT taper who has some Rush to trade (audience, FM, etc ...).
If you would like to trade, please contact me via Email.  Thanks !
Sorry, no analog.

take care,


| Eric J. Simon       Harvard Univerity     HU GSAS BMCDB  (BMB) G3 |


Date: Tue,  8 Sep 1992 15:00:47 -0400 (EDT)
From: Anna Matyas 
Subject: Another female fan

I'm a *new* Rush fan, and female at that.  I'm not going to get into a
debate about black halter tops and the number of great guys at Rush
concerts (tho thanks for the guy tip!); I'd prefer to talk about the

For background, I'd hated Rush since the first time I heard them.
As I've recently told some people, I thought Geddy's voice was similar
to the sound of running fingernails over a chalkboard.  I found them
to be monotonous, boring, and just generally awful.  This past summer
I heard "Ghost of a Chance" on the car radio and couldn't believe my
ears.  Eventually I got "Roll the Bones" and loved every song on it.
(Unfortunately, this happened too late to be into them enough to see
their Pittsburgh show.)

I've now collected a few more Rush records -- yeah, I'm "old" and still
refer to these things as "records" :)  -- specifically, Moving Pictures,
2112, and Hemispheres.  I just bought Hemispheres yesterday and played
it only once.  I didn't like it (although lyrically it is brilliant)
but it may grow on me.  2112 blows me away.  I play it driving to and
from work and have been doing this for a few weeks now; I just can't
get enough of it.  Interestingly, some people told me that if I like
2112 so much, Hemispheres should be my next purchase.  I guess I don't
follow that logic; I see no similarities.

So...anyway...I'm a new fan and could kick myself hard for not turning
on to these guys years ago.  Perhaps I can blame the radio for this --
always playing the same songs, and these same songs all sounding alike.
Although NOW I don't think they sound alike at all.  And listening to
Geddy with the headphones is a real treat; he's got a terrific voice.
Someone laughed when I used the word "sultry" to describe it -- he said
that was probably the first time "Geddy" and "sultry" were used in the
same sentence!! :)  A few times on 2112 he reminds me of Billy Squier,
one of my favorites from years ago.

Aside from Dire Straits, Rush is the only mailing list I subscribe to.
I enjoy reading about them but it's sometimes frustrating being a novice.
I feel like an outsider eavesdropping on private conversations.  But I
can understand the apparent affection people have for them.  I'm glad I
finally discovered them -- better late than never, I guess!



Date: Tue, 8 Sep 92 14:33:30 CDT
From:	(Tadd Jensen)
Subject: "Bootlegs Saved My Life" and other stories

Hello all!  (My first post here...  Yikes!)

How 'bout a little anecdote -> hybrid of "I first heard Rush..." and "bootleg"
(hate to dredge more up on that!) threads...

I was first introduced to Rush in 1980 when a friend of mine picked up a
concert bootleg at a garage sale.  Being in junior high, it's not like we
could drive to a record store!  The quality was poor, but we still really
got into it.  Blushing now, I remember dancing around singing along to
"Freewill," thinking that Ged was saying "I will chew my papa's ear, I will
chew three-wheel!!"  (*)

We were hooked.  All I asked for my birthday was ESL.  I don't think my sister
really liked Rush, but I got her MP for Christmas anyway, and to imagine, she
ended up giving it to me!!  Over time I bought countless Rush on tape and
vinyl, went to concerts, and since have replaced the old mediums with CDs.

I guess I've kicked a lot of money Rush's way, all thanks to that initial
bootleg.  And it's not like we could've gone back in time and bought a ticket
to that show, which would've otherwise been lost forever and not given us so
much enjoyment.  Since we liked the music, the bootleg didn't suffice, so we
wanted to BUY more of the real item.  (on the same lines, a boot would be a
good means of deciding you didn't like a band before you buy!)

Sure I would've probably discovered Rush sometime later by normal means, but
the more of Rush's material that's out there (boots included), hopefully, the
more people who will enjoy it (doesn't this seem to be what the band is
concerned with more than money?) and the more fans they'll amass.  Fans who
will spend real money to support the band.

Too bad that old bootleg burned up in my car long ago...  there's another
point -> boots on CD wouldn't be as perishable as old tapes.  I'd buy 'em!!

Thanks for lis'nin, and take care y'all,

 Tadd Jensen  | "this friction
 NEC Engineering & Support Div'n,  Dallas  |  will only be worn by persistence"

(*) P.S. - Maybe we could start a thread or accumulate a list of "what I first
           thought the lyrics were!"  We've heard so many funny ones already!


Date:    Tue, 8 Sep 1992 15:30:23 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: I first heard RUSH......

Hey folks hope life's well,

	The first time that I heard Rush was when I was about 10 years old.
I was flipping through my older brothers records when low and behold
_A Farewell to Kings_ and _Hemispheres_ suddenly appeared before my eyes;
so, naturally, being an intelligent kid, I promptly stole them from my
brother and started listening to them.  My brother in turn beat the living
hell out of me, which was to be expected.  But I am still a fan so it all
turned out for the better.

Take it easy folks,


From: Scott David Daly 
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 92 17:13:17 EDT
Subject: new boot


	Has anyone heard anything about the new CD boot called "Rush:
Run From The Fans"  live USA '92 ??  Just wondering what leg of the
tour it's from/what the sound is like, etc.

	I'm not even gonna get into the big morality thing with you
guys about this crap... to each their and let live...etc.

	Also, whoever quasi-flamed Jimmy and I about our bus-driver
comments:  I've got no problem with the guy being protective of the
band...but I don't appreciate uncalled-for rudeness from anyone (even
a Rush employee).  I wasn't trying to harass the guy, and yes, I
understand that he's probably sick of fans...that is still NO EXCUSE
for being rude right off the bat.  I read Jimmy's story, and my
situation was very similar...I don't think either of us did anything
to warrant "the attitude"...

  					S. Daly


Date: Tue, 8 Sep 92 16:46:59 -0400
From: jlang (~ Rush Fanatic ~)
Subject: Boots/Rush Heard First

>Date: Fri, 4 Sep 92 21:29:36 EST
>From: The Professor 
>Subject: Rush:  Over the Europe
>Hello Fellow Rush-Heads,
>	[ ....  stuff deleted on bootleg cd description ... ]
>   At the bottom of the cd it has this info:
>   Metal Crash worldwide distribution by MGR Records S.r.l
>   Via Lamarmora 33/3 - 16035 Rapallo (GE) Italy - Fax: 39-(0)2-57402890.
>                  1992
>  the spine:    Rush     Over The Europe       MECD 2084/2085

What I find unusual these days in the bootleg business is that a lot of
them are putting phone numbers and addresses right on the bootleg
themselves.  Why is that?  If record companies/artists are so anti-bootleg
these days, why aren't they taking legal actions against those whose
address are on numerous boot cd's?  Could it be because they all (most)
come from Europe (Germany, Italy?)??  What's even more surprising to me
is that in a recent boot double-cd I looked at, they have included a
list of cd's for order, complete with Order form, and even a place to
put your VISA/MC acount number.  It would appear that the bootleg market
is hitting the big time if you can now order on your CC.  So what
exactly is going on?  Are record companies/artists just not willing to
follow up then?  In a single issue of Goldmine, I'm sure you could find
enough bootlegs to make companies nervous.  The only thing I can think
of is that maybe they just aren't willing to pursue it.

(One interesting story I read about the bootleg scenario, involved
Island Records/U2 who lost millions of dollars when 2 DAT tapes were
stolen from their studio in Berlin while rehearsing for Achtung Baby.
The tapes were then taken to Germany where they made over 10,000 copies
which hit the boot market last year.  The tapes were eventually
recovered but by then it was too late.  Probably some of the best
sounding boot material around today.)

>From: (Terrance Stedman)
>Date: Sat, 5 Sep 1992 16:21:03 -0400
>Subject: Justification for selling boots for money???
>        There's (at least) one case where selling boots for money is ok
>with me.  This is when the boot is on compact disc.  Sure the prices are
>usually $19-$35 U.S., but the cost to the bootlegger of making limited
>pressings of these CDs justifies the price.

It doesn't take much money to press cd's these days.  I know places
where you an press a cd for about $3-4 per cd.  Then when you tack on
the charges of making a picture disc or including a nice phamplet with
some photos, and the cases, etc.. you can run into the $7-8 per cd no
problem.  Naturally the more you press 500 copies or 1000 copies will
also reduce the price.  Bottom line is these guys are making big bucks.
Then when you compare the sound quality of the recordings, they can
charge up to $30/disc.  Some of the lousier sounding discs (all the Rush
ones I've come across), go for maybe $20-25/disc.  Whatever the amount,
the bootlegger is making a killing on profits.  It's an evil world, but
I don't agree with you when you say the costs of making limited
pressings of the cd justifies the price.

>From: (Marc Jordan)
>Subject: Stuff
>Date: Mon, 7 Sep 92 11:30:04 CDT
>How's about a thread along the lines "I first heard Rush..."?

Hearing Spirit of Radio, and thinking, wow, that was killer.  What
finally sold me was hearing Moving Pictures after having heard some of
Permanent Waves.  Now that was awesome!  At the time one of my best
friends was a drummer and during lunch we would always go over to his
house (I was in the 6th? grade?  been a lonnng time), so we could listen
to Moving Pictures.  He would keep mumbling and groaning about how it
just wasn't possible for Neil to hit all those percussions withough
having an extra limb.  It was pretty amusing watching him go crazy
trying to figure out some of Neil's patterns.  By the time YYZ came on,
he was just sold on Neil being the best rock drummer around.  The next
week I went and bought 2112, and Hemispheres and after hearing that and
being won over by La Villa, I was completely sold on Rush.  Haven't
looked back since!

PS. Great comment on Yoko being on the inside cover of the tour book :-)
haha. I was dying rolling on the floor.


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