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          The National Midnight Star, Number 508

               Wednesday, 9 September 1992
Today's Topics:
                 women attracted to rush
                 Rush for the first time
                  Bootlegging and money
          first times, and smuggling techniques?
              The first time I heard RUSH...
     Re: The First Annual RUSH (or NMS?) Convention.
                   Least Favorite Album
                      The First Time
                       Ed's parody
                 A couple musings...  :)
                        first Rush
                 Another female rush fan!
                       boot catalog
     Still looking for other mailing list addresses.
                     following along
                   Women at RUSH shows
                        new books
     Re:  09/08/92 - The National Midnight Star #507
         mo' bootlegs, mo' bootlegs, mo' bootlegs
      Re: 09/08/92 - The National Midnight Star #507
              Assorted thoughts/predictions

Date:         Tue, 08 Sep 92 18:35:32 EST
From: Hans Gruenig 
Subject:      Videos

Greetings fellow NMSers!  I recently purchased a stereo VHS and the
Chronicles Video Collection, which is pretty cool.  However, I often
read of other videos than those included in that particular collection.
I am very interested in finding other (studio) video collections.  Could
anyone tell me where to find such collections?  Thanks in advance!
                           ORQ "Soaking up the cathode rays-"
                                                          -Hans G.


Date: Tue, 8 Sep 92 16:53:10 PDT
From: (Kevin B. Fournier)
Subject: women attracted to rush

  Howdy ya'll,

    I'd like to jump into the low level speculation about why some people
perceve a dearth of women at rush shows.  To begin, I have to say that in my
experience, I just have not found many female rush fans.  The usual response
when I talk about/ play the music of rush for a woman is either 'I don't get
into that' or for those without their heads in the sand 'I hate that band...'
What might the reason for this be?  I think rush's music may be inherently
targeted towards boys.  (Not on purpose...but almost by nature)  In the song
Cinderella Man, we have a portrait of a lonely man who is held up as a hero.
Also on Hemisphere, Circumstances opens with 'a boy far from home..'
In the Analog Kid, we have the line '...the boy throws down his baseball cap,
and covers up his eyes...'.  In all of these songs, Neil offers us a lonely boy
experiencing growing up.  In 2112, the main character is the individualistic
MAN, as is By-tor and Tom Sawyer.
     In my mind, I can't think of a real explicit reference to a female until
we get the song Battlescars on Presto.  (One assumes Ged is singing to a woman
on Tears on the back of 2112...but we never know...)  In any case, with such
macho songs as Red Barchetta ( a boy defeats the police in his car...) and
other anthems which support the action-taking individual, perhaps it is 
difficult for an adolescant (sp?) girl to find something to identify with???  
I think this is probally the case.  More generally, it seems to me that women 
are conditioned to like disposable pop music, offered by oh-so-cute no-talent 
losers, while guys, who (if my experiences are common) generally feel very 
lonely, confused, and even violent while going through puberty are naturally 
drawn to the symbols Neil and the boyz offer.  Some follow up questions to my 
musings are the boyz aware of this,  does every one out there agree or think 
I'm a crack-pot, has the new direction that Rush's music has taken become more
inclusive/sensitive, and does anyone care about discussing how we are all
raised in this music-oriented digest.

			Please respond in these pages if appropriate...

				K. Brent Fournier

ps- ya'll notice I refer to the backside of a CD and the pages of a computer
    newsletter?  Am I dating myself??


Date: Tue, 8 Sep 92 20:03:34 -0400
From: meg (******* Meg *******)
Subject: Rush for the first time

The first time I heard Rush... was when my dad bought Power Windows. This was
at the time that Mtv was showing "The Big Money" video 24 hours a day. I had
to tape the album for my dad since we were moving overseas and leaving all the
records (yes records!) in storage. So there I sat listening to this and
thinking, "What *is* this crap??" That was the last I heard of them for a
while. Fast forward 5 years (just after Presto came out), and this guy I met
was really into Rush. He didn't force me to listen to it and I don't really
remember hearing much in his car. Then I went home over Christmas and dug out
my dad's copy of Power Windows and listened to it. And LIKED it. Wondered why
I hadn't heard of these guys before! Some things do improve with age.. :) So
now I'm the one getting my dad to listen to their other albums.

But the *very* first time I heard Rush was the "Distant Early Warning" video
when I was watching Mtv one day. I didn't remember the group later, but I did
write down the title of the song, and a lyric or two. Still have the paper to
prove it.


ps. Yes I am female.


Date: Tue, 8 Sep 92 17:26:01 PDT
From: (Bryan Gros)
Subject: Bootlegging and money

>(One interesting story I read about the bootleg scenario, involved
>Island Records/U2 who lost millions of dollars when 2 DAT tapes were
>stolen from their studio in Berlin while rehearsing for Achtung Baby.

I've heard this too, but how could anyone have lost money in this
deal?  The boots were expensive and anyone who was a big enough
fan to buy the boots would surely have put down $12 to buy Achtung
Baby and find out what the finished product was like.

Sorry about the direct U2 reference, but it seems like any band
would not lose in this deal.  In fact, it seems it might elevate
sales if word got out that they were great/interesting.

How small a percentage of the public even has access to these types
of material (bootlegs and outtakes)?  The average American probably
doesn't know they exist, or at least doesn't know where to find
them or most probably, isn't such a die hard fan that they seek
them out and pay such high prices to get them.

                                   - Bryan


Date: Tue, 8 Sep 92 18:59:03 MDT
Subject: first times, and smuggling techniques?
From: ehuffman@NMSU.Edu!

Hello everyone,

I was following the "first time" thread, and thought I put
in mine as well:

 I was 15 and a sophomore in H.S. when my bassist boyfriend
and I broke up over (among other things) his obsession with
RUSH!!! I couldnt understand what the attraction was in
listening to three guys I had never heard of- especially
the one that looked like an elf with an ANNOYING VOICE! Well
needless to say, I know what I missed out on now.

As for people that make their own bootlegs- how did you
get your equipment in? I missed out on taping the show
in Las Cruces, and darnit if I wasnt going to get a copy
of the Albuquerque show! I finally had to strategically
stuff everything down the front of my shorts and make
like I was pregnant! It was quite amusing to my friends
that I went with, but I was too nervous to realize how
funny that must have looked- I knew I was caught when
the security people searched me, pregnant women just arent
that "lumpy" looking. Luckily I got through and made
some pretty good tapes of the show- Im with the guy
that said that making bootleg were capturing a part
of the band's history. Memories fade after a while,
but Im going to have those tapes till the day I die-
and it's not going to make me quit buying the bands
"legitimate" releases...

another female rush-fan,



Date: 08 Sep 92 21:01:39 EDT
From: Steve <70004.556@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: The first time I heard RUSH...

The first RUSH song I remember hearing was Xanadu, on the radio during a
promo for the Moving Pictures tour while I was in high school.  I
recorded the song (it actually was a double-shot including Fly by Night)
and listed to the two songs over and over and infinitum.  I
remember telling my bozo friends at school that "Xanadu" was a great song
(that's not RUSH, you idiot, that's Olivia Newton John (sigh)).
Unfortunately I was too late to get tickets to the MP show, but believe
me...I had every album by the time they returned for the Signals
tour...and this time I got tickets.  I'll always remember Geddy after
they opened with Spirit of Radio.  The concert was at the Carrier Dome in
Syracuse NY.  Geddy walked to the front of the stage, looked up, looked
at Alex, and quietly said  "Let's blow the lid of this place"  I have
been, and always shall be, in awe.

"Below the waterline"



Date: Tue,  8 Sep 1992 01:28:59 -0400
From: John Michael Santore 
Subject: Re: The First Annual RUSH (or NMS?) Convention.

>	But students DO know how to pile into a car and road-trip it!
>That's perhaps why a central location might be ideal.  Chicago??

Hey any time this year anywhere from Cleveland, Pittsburgh (this would
be nice), Toronto (could be cool....picnic at Lakeside park!), Philly,
NY, or NJ would be cool for me... maybe even other places if I get a
ride easily.

I think this would be a great idea, but where would we hold it? Hotel?
Campgrounds?  And what would go on?  Boot trading?  Rush tribute bands?
Showing of Rush bootleg videos (would we get sued?) Guest Speaker
(!!!!)?  Rush contests?  (Ged look By-Tor portrayal)
T-Shirts? What about an entrance fee to cover all this shit?  Do we need
permission from Anthem?  (if not what trouble could we get in?)  How
long would it last? (long weekend?)

So.... anyone want to chair the project?  I can't but if it's in
Pittsburgh (where I live), I'll help out and maybe deal with some of the
organizing stuff.

                       -John Santore

ORQ: "Everyone would gather on the 24th of May"
                        -Rush, Lakeside Park

/                    \      "We break the surface tension
\_________     ____   \      with our wild kinetic dreams"
/             /    \   \		-Rush, Grand Designs
\_______     /  (*) )   )
/           / /\___/   /    Go Philadelphia Flyers!
\_____     / /        /
/         /  \_______/      John Santore (

  Rush--Yes--King Crimson--Emerson, Lake and Palmer--Marillion


Date: Tue,  8 Sep 1992 23:18:43 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Philip M. Simon" 
Subject: Least Favorite Album

   In the hope of veering discussion away from the hackneyed bootleg
question, I would like to respond to some of the other more interesting
posts. Specifically, I have read that Signals and CoS were two of the
"least" favorite Rush albums by some subscribers.
    Just my opinion, but if the barometer for least favorite album is
the amount of time spent listening to it, then cast my vote for Power
Windows.  I'm just a little tired of The Big Money, Manhattan Project,
Marathon, and Mystic Rhythms, the only songs I really ever got into
anyway.  Strange that PoW is so disappointing to me, because I happen to
feel that P/G and HYF are very strong albums.
    Additionally, my copy of Presto is starting to gather its share of
dust.  That rudimentary sense of newness I experienced while listening
to it has long gone.  I don't suppose that the same will happen to RTB,
however, given the musical and lyrical freshness inherent in the album.

Phil Simon

ORQ:"To sleep perchance to dream."


From: (Terrance Stedman)
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 1992 23:15:57 -0400

>        There's (at least) one case where selling boots for money is ok
>with me.  This is when the boot is on compact disc.  Sure the prices are
>usually $19-$35 U.S., but the cost to the bootlegger of making limited
>pressings of these CDs justifies the price.

	Did I say that?  Will the NMS readers let me retract that
controversial statement?  Honest, I didn't think you could make CDs
for $2 a piece.  If that's the case than the "real" record companies
are ripping us off too!  Big time!!
	Still, there are other expenses in making boot CDs.  First, you
have to pay some idiot to type the track list on the booklet and back
insert making copious amounts of spelling errors (e.g. Ghost of Dance
on "The Fly").  Then you have to pay some other imbecile to create the fancy
cover for the CD booklet.  Has anyone else seen the amazing Mona Lisa type
cover on "Enemies Within and Beyond"?  Not!  :)  Lastly, and perhaps most
importantly you have to pay some wizard to think up a catchy title for the
disc.  The new Fish CD boot comes to mind which is something like "There's
a guy down at the chip shop, says he's Fish."  Creativity like that does
not come cheap.  So you see, the price of making boot CDs is in fact
greater than 2-4 bucks.  And I haven't even mentioned the shipping costs
	Oh yeah, adding a few smileys is probably in order for this
sarcastic post...  :) :) :) :) :)
 I ) I I <~ I_I   Terry Stedman				 .sig copyright
 I \ I_I _> I I   Internet:   1992, T. Stedman


Date: 09 Sep 1992 00:19:59 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: The First Time

Hello everybody,

     Reading all of these "first times", I am compelled to tell my own tale
The first time I heard the boyz was --believe it or not! -- on MTV.  I think it
was Tom Sawyer or Red Barchetta . . . I remember seeing them both -- Limelight,
too.  Does anybody else remember when MTV was good?  I liked Tom Sawyer and
heard it on the radio occasionally.  As they released more albums, I picked up
on the popular songs (dare I say "hits"?).  DEW, Time Stand Still, etc.
     I think what really opened up flood gateswas when my sister bought the
vinyl of 2112.  I was totally blown away.  I have been a die-hard fan ever
     On the beaten topic of bootlegs, I must speak my mind.  I'm kinda
confused on why Neil is so against boots.  As far as I can remember, Rush has
always been in the music business (fundamentally) for music's sake.  Unless the
band thinks that there is something morally wrong with bootlegs, then I they
have every right to be irritated.

         Any comments welcome.



Date: 08 Sep 1992 22:22:55 -0500 (CDT)
From: I will chew my papa's ear -- i will chew three-wheel!
Subject: Ed's parody

	Ed's parody of my attempted parody was kingly!  But seriously,
Ed, a cheese plate is a very cool thing.  Nonetheless, your version
of Second Nature had me rolling!
	--and that comment about Freewill -- "I will chew on papa's ear"---
HA HA HA!!!  That's one of the funniest things i've read in a long time!!
Let's have another thread about "what i USED to think Geddy was singing
in that song."
	I'll start off: I used to think Circumstances went like this:

		All the same, we take our chances
		Laugh at my pride
		Tricked by circumstances
		hoo-lah jah (i thought it was some Geddy-ism)
		you'll see dimensions
		the more that things change, the more they stay the same.

Thomas Beaudoin
Lee's Summit High School

	p.s. let's keep the convention idea rolling!


Date: 09 Sep 1992 02:50:53 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: A couple musings...  :) Anna:
  One of the greatest feelings of being a Rush fan is introducing and/or
seeing someone discover the awesome talents of the trio!  It's true that
"Rush-heads" are almost like a secret society...a well-kept secret.  But
I'm glad that you decided to give the "boring" guys another try!
  As far as Hemispheres goes, I'm not gonna hit you over the head with why
you should love that album...I do think it will grow on you.  You've already
found the best part about it though, the words.  As always, Neil pens such
perfectly crafted lyrics that one can easily sit down and read them like
poetry.  That he associates with two other guys who can write such awesome
music for him to weave his percussion-skills around is just icing on the

  As far as my first Rush experience...
  I remember back in Junior High...I got a new stereo for Christmas!  Well,
of course, my first action was to join Columbia House!  The good old days,
when you got something like 15 albums for $2.99 or something ridiculous like
that.  Well...I found 14 I wanted after long searching, but couldn't find a
15th.  Just the week before this, I was riding home from school when I saw
one of those signs that have the plastic, replaceable letters that are
usually out in front of some store, or hanging on a pole.  Well, as usual
here in Oklahoma, the past few days had been windy and the plastic letters
had blown off.  Someone had picked a few off the ground and put them on the
sign so that they read "Rush - No. 1".  Well, OK, I thought, I'll check it
out, and off went the order for Moving Pictures.
  It was instantaneous...the opening chord got me.  I still have a hard time
explaining it, so I'll use a quote from Alex:
  "I remember listening back to when we had first layered that keyboard over
the intro...and just how cool it sounded:  bwwwooooowwwww.  And Neil was
really hitting the drums hard, and then Ged comes in and the band just dives
  That was it...that opening keyboard sound, "the growl", as I've heard the
band refer to it.  It was simple as that...I couldn't get that sound out of
my head.  Of course, I've come to appreciate the lyrics, I love the music,
I've got everything on vinyl, on tape, on CD (thank god I was just a little
too young for 8-tracks!), but to me, Moving Pictures will always remain my
favorite Rush album...

  Sorry for the length...I'm waxing nostalgic...  :)



Date:    Wed, 9 Sep 92 07:52:19 CDT
From: smith%8616.span@Fedex.Msfc.Nasa.Gov (The Ice-9-man Cometh)
Subject: first Rush

hey folks.

On the "first time you heard Rush" thread:  That would have been 8th grade
for me, hmmm, that must have been '81 or so.  I had only started getting
into rock music the year before (I grew up among country-western fans -
shudder), so I was pretty intimidated by Rush.

The song was "Jacob's Ladder" and my partner in a video production for the
local public-access cable channel had decided to use it as background
music for rolling the credits at the end.  I hated it.  Well, okay, I
liked the intro, it fit the production, but I hated the rest of the song.

I continued to hate Rush and change channels on the radio when they came
on for another couple of years.  The song which changed my mind was "The
Necromancer" - I heard it about 3 am on the local "classic rock" station
and fell in love.  No turning back since.  I do think that getting into
Yes prepared me mentally for getting into Rush; one must be weaned from
made-for-the-radio corporate electro-nipples....

By the way...I wonder how many people out there hated Rush until they
listened to them stoned?  (Note: that's not what happened to me.)  That
seems to have been the case with a lotta people I know.

|  James W. Smith, NASA MSFC EP-53  |   |
|"Don't ever tell anybody anything.  If you do, you start missing everybody."|
|                                                     --J. D. Salinger       |
|     Neither NASA nor (!James) is responsible for what I say. Mea culpa.    |


Date:         Wed, 09 Sep 92 16:23:08 TUR
From: "Ayse S. Guven" 
Subject:      Another female rush fan!

I've been receiving TNMS for almost a year now. I haven't posted anything
yet but my husband did. I am a kindergarten student of RUSH school. I must
admit that it was my husband who introduced me to the trio, and I now can
call myself a RUSH fan (although I have lots more to learn). I enjoy reading
TNMS and it helps me learn many things about rush, and turn green with envy
seeing that people attend several concerts while I sit here and die to see
them live just once in my life. (I live in Turkey that's why I don't have
a chance to see them here live!!!). Anyway, I am glad to see that there are
other lady-rush-fans out there...
I've been seeing the topic about the first time that people listened to rush.
I would like to share my first rush experience with you people,too.
It was a rainy summer day (I think June 1991), and I was so sad for some
reason.   My husband (he was my boyfriend then) made me listen to a song which
he and his bandmates recorded at a studio. It was only the music without the
lyrics. As soon as the music started I closed my eyes and felt like I was
flying high above mountains and valleys. The feeling was so strong that I
thought I actually saw them. I was flying westward to the setting sun.
When the music ended I felt light as a bird and my husband told me it was
Limelight by Rush.
That's all from me for now...

Ayse S. Guven


Date: Wed, 9 Sep 1992 11:08 EST
Subject: boot catalog

Hello fellow NMSers,

  I've been interested in a boot catalog of Rush, but no one has seem to
compile it, yet.  What a shame?  When I go to get a boot, I feel much
more comfortable knowing something about.  So, I've decided to compile a
Rush CD boot catalog.  I do not own any Rush CD boots ( I know its a
crime :-) ).

  Will anyone who has a Rush boot on CD, please send me info about it.
I would like the following (if possible):  where & when, song list,
total time, sound quality, and any comments.  Thanx...
|                             |                                          |
| Steve Scholnick             |  I don't believe in Destiny              |
|     |  or the guiding hand of fate             |
| |  I don't believe in the stars or planets |
|                             |  or angels watching from above           |
|                             |                      - N. Peart          |


Date: 09 Sep 1992 10:10:00 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Still looking for other mailing list addresses.

Sorry to bother y'all again, but I'm still looking for the subscription
addresses to the Yes (Notes from the Edge) and Pink Floyd (Echoes) mailing
lists.  I know someone on this list has to also subscribe to one of those
other lists, so if you do please help me out.  I no longer have FTP or Usenet
access, so this is about the only way I can hope to find these adresses.

Have a froopy day.



Date:        Wed, 09 Sep 92 10:15:22 EDT
From: Gerry Good 
Subject: following along

Let's see, the first time I heard Rush...
won't be too impressive since I haven't listened to them for all that
long.  Actually the first time I heard a Rush song was at the beginning
of Frizzle Fry when they start playing YYZ.  Then about seven months
ago I heard Ghost of a Chance on the radio, and bought RTB.

My favorite albums I guess would be #1 Moving Pictures, #2 Permanent
Waves, #3 Presto, #4 2112.

A meeting in Toronto would be cool, make it in the summer so that I
won't have to drive as far.  (actually anytime as long as it's not
during school.)


Date: Wed, 9 Sep 1992 10:21 EST
Subject: Women at RUSH shows

Hello out there,
        I saw RUSH in Dayton, Ohio on June 23rd.  There were alot of women
there, and it definitely seemed like they weren't all girlfriends dragged
to the concert by their Rushaholic boyfriends.  I agree that the airplay that
ROLL THE BONES has received might have swelled the ranks of female RUSH fans.

        There is no safe seat at the feast...


Date:    Wed, 9 Sep 1992 13:07:48 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: new books

Well, this is my first post ever (been doing LOTS of listening, not much

I saw a while back (don't remember which issue of TNMS it was) where
someone mentioned another book coming out about the boys... I have
B-Man's book (great!), and am looking for more... did anyone learn about
the release of a new one and where a copy may be obtainbed???

Thanks - Regards to all ,
Joe Schofield


Date:        Wed, 09 Sep 92 12:22:31 EDT
From: Gerry Good 
Subject: Goldmine

Sorry to post again, I was wondering if someone could repost the
ordering info for Goldmine Magazine.  including how much per year,
how many issues, etc.  Thanks a lot.


Date: Wed, 9 Sep 1992 13:27:41 -0400
From: Jeremy Weissenburger <>
Subject: Re:  09/08/92 - The National Midnight Star #507

	Jimmy asked why CD boots are in supply if they're illegal.  The
 answer to that is that they aren't called technically CD boots.  This
 is called a concert recording.  What's the difference?

	(From Notes From The Edge #34 (I think))

	"On the subject of 'bootlegs' (an american term) vs. 'concert
	 I talked with a guy who specializes in acquiring concert
	 recording discs from Europe (mostly Italy/Germany...)
	 He explained to me that these european releases were generally
	 put out from tapes not by the band or record company, but by
         the venue it was recorded.  They then establish a 'fund' and
	 20-60% of the take from sales of the CD's go to the band (but
	 not the record company, which is why the big-business oriented
	 american record companies (sic) want to stop all imports of
	 these recordings.)"

	"A 'bootleg' on the other hand is a concert recording made by an
	 ameteur (usually a tape deck sneaked in ast the guards) that is
	 duplicated and sold without any money going to the band.  This
	 is the definition of a bootleg by the U.S. Government, and this
	 is what is illegal in the U.S.  European/Asian shows, and or
	 European record companies exporting American shows back into the
	 U.S. cannot be stopped."

	The example used was "Say Yes," a Yes CD boo- er, "Concert RECORDING",
 and they do see some % of the sales.  I assume, therefore, that Rush sees
 some % of these sales as well, but NOT the record company.  Anyway, so a lot
 of the stores we go to have "Concert Recordings," not bootlegs, which is why
 they are still in business.


	"Everybody's got to deviate from the norm."  Rush, 1981


Date: 09 Sep 1992 13:42:43 -0500 (EST)
Subject: mo' bootlegs, mo' bootlegs, mo' bootlegs

Just wanted to throw YET ANOTHER point out in the midst of this thunderous
argument about those ahh, rare recordings of illegal origin. I have in front
of me right now a bootleg CD of King Crimson '73, and on the inside cover it
says, and this is a direct quote,
"Wild Bird Records wishes to notify to the members of the group, as on the
back cover mentioned, that when this records has been issued, meanwhile has
been deposited in their behalf, or to whom it may concern, a sum for each
printed copy, as an adequate renumeration according to art. 80 ff. L. 22/4/1941
n. 633. The sum has been deposited on a savings account to Cassa di Risparmio
di Firenze Ag. 17 and shall be at the disposal of the owners of the rights who
will ask for directly to Wild Bird Records."
And it happens to appear on a Rush disc as well, Rushain Roulette:
(whoops, that's Rushian)
"In accordance with and oursuant to that laid down in art. 80 and the following
of the Law 22/4/1941 1 no. 633 the distributing company has deposited a
recompense by way of opening a deposit book in favour of the bearer, to the
performing artists who together form the musical group, and to the parties
entitled and/or their parties entitled as specified on the reverse of the
cover of the sound medium, said recompense being for each copy produced and
distributed. The distribution company of the sound medium at issue, the trustee
of the abovementioned deposit book, will make this available to the aforesaid
parties entitled, who are required to submit an express request to this end."
(Whew!) Through all that legalspeak I think the point is clear. As far as most
quasi-official CD boots go, the record company is the loser. So the anguished
cries from those who think that Rush is getting ripped off through bootlegs,
aren't totally true. Just trying to shed some more light on this issue.



Date:         Wed, 09 Sep 92 14:33:48 EDT
From: Raistlin 
Subject:      Re: 09/08/92 - The National Midnight Star #507

 dear rush fans...,
i am looking for any info on the locations and numbers of stores or people that
are selling the following rush merchandise..... this request is from many
rush fans over here in westchester new york... any and all info is greatly
1) manufacturers copy (not home dubbed copy) of the now out of production
rush exit stage left video tape...
2) live cd: "rush-n-roulette"
3) live cd: "rush under pressure"
4) live cd: "the fly" from the dec, 7th 1991 r.t.b. tour.....
   other requests are to be posted later.. but these artifacts are most 
urgently requested.. please contact jim foster at pl911141@pacevm or reply over
the national midnight star listing for publication of any information you might
 have... all info is greatly appreciated and urged..... jim.


Date: Wed, 9 Sep 92 16:22:28 -0400
From: jlang (~ Rush Fanatic ~)
Subject: Assorted thoughts/predictions

>Date:    Mon, 7 Sep 1992 22:54:58 -0400 (EDT)
>Subject: Ramblings
>	[ Ken the Man says... ]
>... did anyone notice the tye-die shirts which were being sold
>??  I only saw them in two places:  Alpine Valley and Tinley Park, IL.  Now
>what would be the rationale of introducing a t-shirt, but only making it
>available at the LAST TWO GOD DAMN SHOWS.  How stupid.  In fact, I also
>noticed a sleevless muscle t-shirt which had the RTB boy and dice on the
>front and the spinning wheel (from the video) on the back.  Again, why
>only at the last couple of shows and why such a limited quantity?

Yes!  U R Corrreeccct.  This totally sucked.  I tried to get a tie-dye
shirt (which looked pretty good), but they were sold out at all the
stands I went too.  I wish they would have had them for more than just
the 2 shows.  Also, on a side note, I noticed that a lot of the venues
now accept your credit card at the concert.  This is kinda nice if you
didn't bring enough money for a shirt or a tour program, you could just
charge it.  Ah... the ways they think to get money from the fans.

>Along the lines of females at Rush shows.  I attended 18 shows on the RTB
>tour and one of the things which stuck out the most to me were the sheer
>numbers of women at Rush shows.

I got this same feeling, too.  Of the 18 shows I saw, I'd say that this
tour was very popular for women Rush fans.  (Out of curiosity, did any
NMS'er see more than 18 shows on the tour?  I know of one who has seen
20.)  More so than I saw on Presto and especially HYF tour.  Looks like
with more time, Rush's music is becoming more appealing, perhaps more
accessible to the female music listener.  But considering the musical
content of their last couple of albums, RTB is a lot more appealing I
think to more music fans out there than HYF was, or Presto.  I haven't
heard the Radio play so many tracks off a Rush album since Moving
Pictures.  It also seems like the merchandising on this past tour was a
phenomenal success.  Never have I seen so many RTB shirts on fans at
shows when compared to last 3 tours.  I wager that his was Rush's best
tour yet.

>Date: Tue, 8 Sep 92 01:31:18 EDT
>From: (Mike Hansen)
>Subject: The bootleg horse cries ``no mas''
>Fellow NMSers:
>  The blatant selling of bootlegs in most record stores confuses me since I
>am positively sure that is illegal.  What is the loophole they use to get out
>of the copyright infringement?  Anyone know?

Definitely *illegal*.  You ponder the same thing I do.  Knowing that it is
illegal I still wonder why a lot of stores do it.  I guess with the
profits involved and how easy it is to sell them, the benefits outweight
the possibility of being caught.  Only thing I can come up with is that
record companies/artists simply don't care or don't wish to spend the
time/energy/money to pursue these stores that sell boots.

In San Diego, I know of 2 stores who have both, at one time or another
been visited by the Sheriff's department, and had every single boot
in the store pulled, and then both were slapped with a fine.  Not quite
sure how much the fine was for.  One of the stores was busted twice for
selling bootlegs.  I also read of some bootleg convention being ambushed
where they simply came in and took all the boots and confiscated everything.
These incidents though are few, the bootleg market is growing and it's
getting bigger, there's no doubt about that, I just wonder how much
longer before the record companies start cracking down on distributors
and such.

>Date: 08 Sep 92 01:48:16 EDT
>From: Bruce Holtgren <70724.1622@CompuServe.COM>
>Subject: Convention and random spewing ...
>4. Ah, my first Rush experience - it was 2112, also on 8-track.
>(What I wouldn't give if I still had that old thing, just for the
>memorabilia value!)

*ouch*  2112 on 8-track.  I'm getting grey hairs thinking about it.  :)
I still vividly remember buying Moving Pictures for 77 cents!!  The
cover had a hole punched through it, the store apparently had a surplus
but what a great deal that turned out to be.  Time Stand Still indeed!

>Date: Tue, 8 Sep 92 08:34:02 -0400
>Subject: boots/weakest album/first time
>By-Tor and the Snow Dog .....
>... since we all know it graces the grooves of
>_Fly By Night_, another strong one -- and while I'll stop short of calling
>By-Tor a masterpiece...

A DAMN fine song I would say.  The bass/guitar duel is great to listen
to.  And if I may be so bold.  By-Tor and the Snowdog will be the next
song to be revived on the next tour.  (Having rightly predicted the
reappearance of The Trees for this tour, on the last Presto tour)  Does
anyone care to make some bold prediction about next tour?  What song do
you think Rush will bring back.  Having surprised (some of) us with The
Trees, Analog Kid, Vital Signs (!), and a teaser from Cygnus X-1,  I am
confident we will get to hear By-Tor next tour.  :)

>The song that I remember as the one that turned me on to Rush?
>Territories.  Love the guitar.

This reminds me of another story about Territories.  A good friend of
mine, tells me when the radio stations here in San Diego, got a copy of
Territories they announced over the air they were going to "premier the
new Rush Power Windows album at 1pm".  This all happened during a
schoolday, and since they were going to broadcast the song at 1pm, he
would be in the middle of a class session.  Well, it appears that he had
brought a small portable radio with him to class, asked to be excuse
shortly before 1pm to use the restroom.  So here he is in a stall in the
bathroom, trying to tune in to the radio station and listened to
Territories, before going back to class.  Somehow I can vision thousands
of Rush fans and students going to the bathroom all over America just so
they could catch the new Rush song.  :)  Reminds me of the time I snuck
my walkman into Chemistry to listen to Rush's new release Signals (which
ironically has a song by the same title.)  But back then I think I was
more hooked on Alex's solo in AK than on Chemistry.

PS.  How about some more stories on when you first heard Rush or
     "MY bold Predition for the next tour setlist?"


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