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          The National Midnight Star, Number 509

               Thursday, 10 September 1992
Today's Topics:
                  Stairway To Heaven...
               Re: Bus driver and bootlegs
                  First exposure to Rush
                The First -- and bootlegs
                this Rushaholic's 1st time
                     My two cents...
    First time I heard RUSH -- from a female Rush fan!
                  Rush under the Dollar
                    HELP! Who Are You?
                      my first time
                       Rush Firsts
          battlescars (sic) and female personae
            first experience and other musings
               The first Rush of my life...
                     First heard Rush
                     First time kick
                Responses & Trivia fun...
      Re: 09/09/92 - The National Midnight Star #508
      Re: 09/02/92 - The National Midnight Star #503
           first times & weak vs. strong albums
      RE: 09/09/92 - The National Midnight Star #508
                      1st RUSH, etc.
       first time hearing RUSH, mailing lists, etc.
    Rush for the first time, aka, boy was I an idiot!
		    PF/Yes addresses

Date: Wed, 9 Sep 1992 11:35:54 -0400
From: keb@syrinx.HQ.Ileaf.COM (Kristin Brown)
Subject: Stairway To Heaven...

Here  i am, your local Boston rush fan checking in.....
I thought that the store Stairway To Heaven had closed at some point
( I looked for it about a year ago and couldnt find it, though
my friend and i found where she thought it used to be..... UGH!)
and so i called information. They dont have it listed so i guess we
are out of luck there...... (if anyone knows differently please tell me!!)
It was in the general are of Washington st. for any of you other local boston
sorry i dont have better news.....


Date: Wed, 9 Sep 92 16:54:38 -0500
From: Brian E. Saunders 
Subject: Re: Bus driver and bootlegs

Thomas Regina wrote:
> On bootlegs, again, study the other perspective. When you buy a Rush cd,
> a percentage of the sales goes to the band. Basically, you are paying
> for their services, which is the enjoyment of their WORK. Yes, the band
> may claim to get artistic pleasure from performing, but it is their
> livelihood, i.e. their WORK. Whether you buy/sell bootlegs, or freely
> distribute them doesn't matter. Bottom line: The band is not getting paid
> for it's hard WORK.

Oh, gee.  As a graduate student (as many people on this list probably are),
I feel really sorry for people doing work and not getting full
compensation.  Hell, hard work gets extracted from journals for free, and
ends up a reference in somebody else's paper.  That's just life.  Maybe this
excuse can be used for upstart groups, but Rush?

Let's drop this thread.  It is really not generating anything more than
two views on the subject.  Maybe somebody should do a "Bootlegs OK?" poll.

Brian E. Saunders


Date: Wed, 9 Sep 92 18:05:32 -0500
From: Brian E. Saunders 
Subject: First exposure to Rush

Neat thread!

Let's see...  I was 6 years old, and already owned a few records, mainly
Beatles and Paul McCartney stuff ("Band on the Run" is a pretty decent
album, so don't laugh!).  It was the summer of '73, I think.  Some new
Canadian band was playing at the local college, and they were hyping up on
the college AOR station (the college was Tri State College, now Tri-State
Univ.).  I heard the opening of "Working Man" and thought "what a cool
sounding guitar part".  But then I forgot...

A few years later I heard bits and pieces of Rush, such as "Fly By Night",
"Closer To The Heart", etc...  But, I wasn't too interested.  Somehow, I
had associated Rush with the druggy counterculture, which was dying out.

Then, "Permanent Waves" came out, and had some neat stuff on it.  But I
didn't get into Rush until "Exit Stage Left" came out.  I heard people
playing it, and then had remembered videos I had seen on "America's Top
Ten" for "Limelight" and "Tom Sawyer".  My friend and I decided that this
music was cool, so we both got "Moving Pictures".  It was great!  Then, a
month or two later, "Signals" was released, and I was hooked.  A few weeks
later, I owned PW, ESL, "Hemispheres", AFTK, "2112", and "Archives"(the
1rst 3 albums all in one shot).  I have bought every since then on the day
it was "officially" released, except for "Chronicles".

Favorite Rush albums (it varies from time to time):
  Probably "Hemispheres" and "Signals".  "Hemispheres" is a better album
  in its entirety - I like the whole damn thing.  But "Signals" has "The
  Weapon", "Subdivisions", and "Analog Kid", three of my favorite five Rush

Favorite songs (also varies):
  Beside the aforementioned three, I like "Red Barchetta", "Limelight",
  and "La Ville Strantiago" especially.  But "Xanadu", "Working Man",
  "Hemispheres", and "Free Will" really rank up there.



Date: Wed, 9 Sep 92 19:07:40 -0400
From: (Scott McMahan -- Genesis mailing list owner)
Subject: The First -- and bootlegs

The first? People on the (plug, plug) Genesis mailing list (plug:
e-mail '' with 'HELP' in the message --
it's an automatic program -- for details) told me that if I liked
Genesis, I'd like probably Rush...

>...the first album I found was the first live album. I pretty much
hated it. It was sued, and wrapped itself around the insides of my
tape player.

Then I got the more modern Hold Your Fire. I still hated it, but it
was better. I eventually got into it, and now it's a fantastic album.
(Except the last track, which is lame)

Then I went further back...

About bootlegs...

I love them. They presere something for future fans that the future
fans could never hear otherwise. I like sound board ones now, there's
not much point in bad audience ones.

If Neil doesn't like them, he's obviously *NEVER* been a fan of
anything. If Rush or Genesis released a CD of every concert, people
would buy them!!!!! Bootlegs are the only choice a lot of times, esp.
if you live where your favorite group doesn't play.

I don't approve of making money off of bootlegs, but sharing them is
really okay.

The Raven brings on darkness and night (Genesis, 1974)


Date: Wed, 9 Sep 92 16:35:30 PDT
From: mmarx@Csli.Stanford.EDU (Matthew Marx)
Subject: this Rushaholic's 1st time

OK -- you'll all laugh at this, but the first time I heard Rush was the public
library. They used to loan LPs for a couple weeks, and one day I was thumbing
through all the albums and ran across "Power Windows". Seemed a silly enough
title, so I picked it up (surely with a lot of Bon Jovi crap & the like) and
brought it home.

I was instantly blown away, and PoW is still my favorite album. There simply
isn't a weak song anywhere on the album. It's *really* consistent.

After that I started borrowing other albums, and managed to pick up everything--
all copies, of course, so I had a scratchy MP, PeW, and a really yucky 
Hemispheres (cassette copy). I never liked Hemispheres until I got the CD.

Since then, the Bon Jovi & other glam metal has fallen by the wayside, but my
Rush CD collection is complete -- and my tour ticket stub collection is growing!



Date: Wed, 9 Sep 92 18:57:24 CDT
From: (Roman R Richardson)
Subject: My two cents...

  Okay...first time I heard Rush?  Hard to say.  It would be much easier to
say that I grew up with Rush.  Here's how it happened.  I lived in the room
above my brother, who is 10 years older than me.  He was, and still is, a
TOTAL Rush-head.  So I grew up to the blaring melodies of "Closer to the Heart"
"In The End" and "2112".  At this time I was just entering pre-school and was
already mumbling Rush lyrics...even though I had no idea what the song was or
who it was by.  Then, one fateful day my brother pulled me into his room and
said, "Roman, you gotta hear this.", and he put in the just released MP album
and cranked "Tom Sawyer" and "Red Barchetta".  That was it!  I was hooked.  For
the next 10 years I bought everything that had Rush's music and/or logo on it.
>...and what became of my brother?  He's a VP for a legal firm and every year
at the company picnic (he's in charge of the music)....I think you get the
picture.  Once a Rush-head, always a Rush-head!

Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose,


"Experience to Extremes..."


Date: Wed, 9 Sep 92 17:18:32 PDT
From: Lisa at 415-617-3576 
Subject: First time I heard RUSH -- from a female Rush fan!

	Hi everyone,

	O.K. here's my very first posting about the very first time I heard

	My friend Rick (who is a big Rush fan) took me to meet his friend
	Deen. Deen was a drummer in a local band called "The Enemy" and they
	were rehearsing at his dad's carpet store in Salem, OR.

	Rick and I pulled up a seat on a roll of carpeting to sit back and
	listen.  They played a few songs that were o.k. and then all of the
	sudden Deen started playing something...the other two guys joined
	in, and that was the first time I ever heard Rush - what were they
	playing?  YYZ!  It was incredible...I've been hooked on Rush and
	Deen ever since!  He's an amazing drummer (Neal Peart is probably
	his biggest influence). Deen even wrote some original songs
	that were very Rush-y.  One was called Teller of Tales, the other
	was Ego Endings.  After that first time I couldn't get enough of
	Rush. Deen and I talk often and the conversation invariably turns to
	Rush, the latest album, etc.  Whenever we can, (which isn't often
	now since Deen is busy working with Neal Schon in Hardline and I'm
	600 miles away) Rick and Deen and I get together, blast Rush on
	the stereo and reminisce about the good ol' carpet store days!

	Another female rush fan...BTW - Red Barchetta is one of my very
	favorite Rush songs, and it doesn't matter one wit that it's about
	a male.



Date: 09 Sep 1992 19:50:45 -0500 (CDT)
From: Flax 
Subject: Rush under the Dollar

	I think JLang mentioned his suspicion that Rush made a great
deal of money on this tour in part due to great radio play of RTB.
I saw an article the other day in the _Kansas City Star_ that ranked
the top-grossing tours of the first 6 months of 1992.  Rush was #6!!
I forget the exact total, but the gross seemed to be somewhere around
$12million... Does anyone have the exact stats?

Thomas Beaudoin


Date: Wed, 9 Sep 92 17:51:45 PDT
From: (Rob Shaw)
Subject: HELP! Who Are You?

I'm not sure if you're an NMS reader or not (maybe a friend of yours is , and
they'll forward the message to you...) This pertains to Rushian Roulette and
the fact that I've lost your address. Remember me? Rob Shaw? You sent me a
track listing yesterday?

(sorry, everyone. I kept it short)



From: Jackson C. Yang 
Subject: my first time
Date: Wed, 9 Sep 92 21:25:40 EDT

     I still remember the first rush song that I heard that I
actually liked.  It was Closer to the heart at Pennsic in 91.
Pennsic is an SCA event.  Well, at anyrate, before that time,
I have a friend who is a rush fan... and I always put him down for
listening to some 'unknown' band.  Boy, was I wrong!
     Anyway, at Pennsic (a Medieval recreation camping event), that
friend of mine had AFTK with him and he played Closer to the heart
and to be annoying, I open the window and turn the song up to full
blast while i was driving in the middle of the campsite.  and after
that song is finished, we rewind the tape and play it again and
again. needless to said, instead of annoying people, most people out
there love it... It turns out that many SCA people listens to rush.
I was hooked too.  the rest is history.  I have a complete CD
collection by the time of my first RUSH concert in Richmond (Roll the
bones tour).
     Oh incidently, I was back in Pennsic this year.. and I played
2112 at full blast with my window rolled down.  Also met a person
who can play almost all the rush songs on guitar.  maybe one of these
days I'll learn to play Broon's Bane from beginning to the end.

| (  | "Nothing can survive in a vacuum, No one can   |
| "Eat me, I'm a buffet!"   | exist all alone." - RUSH                       |
| "Sounds familiar?"        | "What I've felt, what I've known, never shined |
| "Nifty Nifty Nifty Nifty" | through in what I've shown." - Metallica       |


Date: Wed, 9 Sep 92 21:29:17 EDT
Subject: Rush Firsts

During high school I wasn't the RUSH "type". I liked listening to
their stuff, but myself and the Rush "type" weren't really
compatible. Then I went onto the University of Illinois, and my
roomate was addicted to RUSH and Led Zepplin. I started getting into
RUSH, but wouldn't really call myself a "fan". This was about to

When I started at MIT, I really began paying attention to the lyrics
and reading between the lines. It struck me: Peart has great insight
in life, technology, and science in general. I realized that I would
agree with the things the lyrics say, or that at some stage I have
experienced a portion of the song. Examples:

Fly By Night:
The change of a season's enough of a reason
To want to get away

A Farewell to Kings:
When they turn the pages of history
When these days have passed long ago
Will they read of us with sadness
For the seeds that we let grow
We turned our gaze
>From the castles in the distance
Eyes cast down
On the path of least resistance  <--- :-)

The Spirit Of Radio:
All this machinery making modern music
Can still be open-hearted.
Not so coldly charted, it's really just a question
Of your honesty, yeah, your honesty.

Red Barchetta:
I fire up the willing engine,
Responding with a roar.
Tires spitting gravel,
I commit my weekly crime...

Each another's audience
Outside the gilded cage.

Conform or be cast out
Subdivisions --

Technology -- high, on the leading edge of life

Then, to top it off, I saw RUSH in concert (finally!) on RTB when
they came here. I was in awe. The view is so great in the FRONT
ROW!!! :-) :-). The show was awesome. My friends have always told me
that RUSH is one of the best bands to see live, and I see why.

I will forever be a RUSH fan.

Nitin Gupta                       MIT Submicron Structures Laboratory       NeXT Mail Encouraged            617 253 0721


Date: Wed, 9 Sep 92 22:04:59 -0400
From: (Gregg Jaeger)
Subject: battlescars (sic) and female personae

>     In my mind, I can't think of a real explicit reference to a female until
>we get the song Battlescars on Presto.  (One assumes Ged is singing to a woman
>on Tears on the back of 2112...but we never know...)  In any case, with such
>macho songs as Red Barchetta ( a boy defeats the police in his car...) and
>other anthems which support the action-taking individual, perhaps it is
>difficult for an adolescant (sp?) girl to find something to identify with???

You mean ``Scars'' on Presto. Nope, not the first female persona. There
is one in ``Losing It'' on _Signals_. There is also one in ``Middletown
Dreams'' off _Power Windows_. There are also plenty of gender-neutral
personae also...


Gregg Jaeger    (     | Tristero?   ______/|/|  Treestero?
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From: (Mega Goon)
Subject: first experience and other musings
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 92 10:39:33 WST

Hi all...I thought I would share my first Rush experience with y'all as
well :-)

Well...i was holidaying in Indonesia in late 1989, and I walked into a record
store. I had heard about Rush from a book on music that I have (described them
as a sci-fi heavy sort of band). I picked up P/G and listened to it....WOW!!!

I was spun out totally by the sound of the keyboards!!!(I am a keyboard player
myself) it was a most amazing album!! Anyways, fast forward to 1991 when
Chronicles came out....Bought it in Hong Kong...listened during the frosty
winter back home in Australia...the opening *Doomy* bass-synth intro and 7/8
feel drumming completely blew me away. I totally agree with the description
put forward by FLETCH, alex put the feeling across so beautifully!!!!

On another note, I also feel as another poster does about the total frustration
felt when dudes like Jimmy (hi!!!) rave about the one millionth rush show they
attended, i am yet to see *one* *cry*. Hopefully when they next tour i will be
in North America to see it...*yay*

anyway, enough from me...

*** Adam Soudure can be reached at :                      ***
***                     ***
***                       ***
*** AKA : "gillius" or "MegaGoon"                         ***
"Follow men's eyes as they look to the skies, the shifting shafts of shining
weave the fabric of their dreams..." Neil Peart


Subject: The first Rush of my life...
Date: Wed, 9 Sep 92 22:27:32 CDT
From: (David Sandberg)

I\ /I y first exposure to Rush was back in 1976, when I had just
| " | entered high school.  I was just starting to get into playing
I   I rock guitar at the time (it eventually became a career), and
idolized a quartet of older students who played in a rock band and
performed occasionally at school events.  Well, they were covering
this one song called "Bastille Day", which I just thought was the
most amazing thing I had ever heard.  Eventually I found out from
them that the song was by some band I had never heard of, called
Rush (or some goofy name like that B-).

A few of my friends and I ended up hanging out with these older
guys quite a bit over the next year or so, and they used to spend
a lot of time talking about how skillful the musicians in Rush were.
Finally, when the lot of us were in some small town on a high-school
choir tour, I decided to find out for myself.  So I walked into a
record store in this strange town, and bought my first Rush album...
AFTK, which at the time had been in stores for less than a week.

Anyway, I was floored by this album.  It sounded so different
from any other rock albums I had that it almost seemed to have
come from another planet.  I bought all of Rush's other albums as
quickly as I could scrape together the money.  Nonetheless, AFTK
has remained my hands-down favorite Rush album to this very day,
and I still haven't found anything else which compares with it.

There's one more memory from my early Rush days that sticks out:
I can't begin to tell you how excited I was when Hemispheres, the
first studio album Rush put out after I had really gotten into
them, finally hit the racks.  I remember stumbling across the
record in the local record shop one day, hot off the presses and
completely unherarded.  But the best part was when I looked over
the song titles in the store and just about jumped out of my skin
when I realized that they had actually made good on the "To be
continued" in Cygnus X-1!  I had always thought that last line
was just for dramatic effect, and that nobody would actually
connect songs between albums.  I think that's when I started to
truly understand what a unique band Rush was, and is.

    \  david sandberg                        /
    /   "Sound and fury drowns my heart - Every nerve is torn apart..."   \


Date: Thu, 10 Sep 1992 00:04:02 +1221
From: gcs3@po.CWRU.Edu
Subject: First heard Rush

This is my first post on the NMS (which I think is great!) and I thought,
well, I might as well share my first Rush experience too.  The first time I
heard Rush was a result of reading one of my father's student's research
papers.  The research paper was an open senior topic and one student
examined the lyrics of Neil Peart.  My father and I were captivated by
Peart's poetry and immediately went out and bought _A Farewell to Kings_
and _Power Windows_.  After experiencing Xanadu my father reached for his
bookshelf and pulled out a copy of Cooleridge's poem Kubla Khan; after
listening to Xanadu again with the poem in hand, the music and especially
the lyrics of Rush captivated me and my father forever.  By the way, I
think that the Fountain of Lamneth is Rush's masterpiece!

 __/__       |-------------------|------------------------|
(     (      | Geoffrey Schmit   | Life is just a candle  |
 \    /      | gcs3@po.CWRU.Edu  | and a dream must give  |
  --^-       |                   | it flame.  --Peart     |


Date:    Thu, 10 Sep 1992 0:07:55 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Responses

I have heard via Andrew MacNaughtan that he is currently in the process
of putting the finishing touches on his own book about Rush.  Although
I don't know the exact content, he claims it should be out after the
New Year.
As far as B-Man's next book, I actually heard that he gave a rough draft
to Geddy who said that it was too personal.  Therefore I have the distinct
feeling that B-Man's book is a long way off - really long way off.

Along the lines of next year's set list (Jimmy you stole my idea regarding
By-Tor although I actually thought it would happen on this past tour), I think
we probably will see Analog Kid again, and the triumphant return of
Natural Science.  In addition I would put money on the retirement of
La Villa and a revamped opening as Force Ten probably will be moved to either
an encore position or retired all together.  I also think we'll  see the
return of YYZ.  Any other thoughts?

Ken F.


From: Christopher Mermagen 
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 92 01:21:14 -0400
Subject: First time kick

Well, since we are on the first time kick, here goes nothin-

I have 3 older brothers who are about 6,8, and 9 years older than I am
respectively.. The oldest was really into Rush during the Hemispheres
time, when I was just a little kid... But he played it so much that
it must have been engraved in my brain. He played all their albums
as they came out up to Moving Pictures that I remember before he went
off to College. I also remember hearing the entire signals played
on I think 98 rock when I was younger, but didn't quite get into it...
then, in High School, right after PoW, I went to a party and heard
all of the MAJOR rush songs that people who don't know Rush recognize---
Tom Sawyer, Closer to the Heart, Subd., New World Man, etc... and new
all the words to the songs even though I hadn't heard them in years...
After that, I bought 2112 and listened to it all summer at the beach..
incredible- I was blown away. Since then, I bought somewhat of a flip-
flop method... an oldie, than a new disc, etc.. up to now, where I have
all albums on CD. I guess 2112 kick started me, followed by PoW, then
CoS (which I still love to this day, an incredibly underrated album),
and etc....

Some of the newer albums HYF, PoW, took a little time to sink in, but
I think the two albums I fell in love with immediately of the new
stock were Signals and GUP. Personally, I think GUP (p/g) is incredible,
and when I bought the Video Through the Camera Eye and saw those killer
vids, I was just blown away.

On the subject of girls and Rush, there were many more at this tour
than I seem to recall at Presto and HYF.. Also, I know some from back
@ Towson State, which was a pleasant suprise, but I think the hard factor
for most to overcome is Ged's voice (in the olden days, of course).. My
sister in law never ceases to say 'Oh great, here come the Wailing Banshees,
or whatever that group is called'.. :)

Also, when I was first really getting into them, I found myself defending
Lifeson as a guitarist. Lee and Peart already had the Kudos from the
Guit. & Drum Mags of perennial poll winners, but it always seems like
Alex was overlooked by my peers and the polls, until I saw a listing of
Guitar Player of the Year over the past 15 years... Sandwhiched between
I think Van Halen and ???, Alex won it in '84 or '85, I believe after
p/g (an incredible guitar effort on his part), and since then after
reading other articles (guitar hall of fame for Alex, and others like
'Rush Rewrites the Rules (for RTB)' ), I find that the respect and
credit he deserves is finally coming his way...

Sorry 'bout the Ramblings of an over-tired College Puke, but
I'm just another Digital man, who plays fast forward way too long!!



Date: Wed, 9 Sep 1992 23:32 MST
From: "Pat E. Perez" 
Subject: Responses & Trivia fun...

Hey people!!

Glad to see the NMS back....  & those parodies about the situation were
pretty hilarious - good job!!!

Now to the real message - responses to a few things...& more:

1) To clear up the description of the Phoenix concert that J. Lang gave -
the big video screens set up for those of us on the lawn didn't work at
all. No matter though!! Great concert!!!

2) Women & Rush - yes, there are quite a few of us. A detailed discussion
of some of our points of view happened last spring (if I remember
correctly), so if you're interested, you could look those old issues up.

2.1) Women & Rush II - I don't agree with whoever said that maybe since
Neil's lyrics usually focus on men/boys/guys, women are turned off. Most
people can't even figure out the lyrics on the first listen - and that's
usually when people (not just men) decide whether they like a song/group or
not. My bet is that most women are turned off by the loudness/harshness of
Rush's music. I've made numerous Rush tapes for women & most of them have
requested another tape of "their softer stuff". Just MHO....

3) Misinterpreting Rush lyrics - for years (at least it felt like it), I
thought the end of Tom Sawyer was "He gets right on to/ The friction of
Earth". Heh - never knew there was a-whole-nother word there!!

3.1) Misinterpretations II - I'd love to hear more mis-hearings from
y'all!! A friend of mine & I are planning to write a paper on the subject
(we're linguists) & we need as much data as we can get. And personally, I'd
*love* to have a majority of Rush misquotes to make the paper more
exciting!!  ;-)   (if you have any others from other groups' songs, you can
send 'em to the address below)

4) Trivial Pursuit and Rush - While I was home this summer, I played a few
too many games of TP with my mom & discovered that the RPM Edition of cards
has 6 Rush related questions in it. Here they are - AB is the After the
Beatles category; CN is Cover Notes. (I think we'd all get pies for these)

  AB - Are Rush and Mahogany Rush both Canadian?        Yes
  AB - What number on Rush's _Signals_ LP features
       the sounds of a NASA launch?                     Countdown
  AB - What Canadian heavy-metal trio proclaims:
       "There's no swimming in the heavy water,
       no singing in the acid rain."?                   Rush
  CN - What's the dog sniffing on the cover of Rush's
       LP _Signals_?                                    A fire hydrant
  CN - What duo's _Take Off_ did Rush's Geddy Lee
       sing on?                                         Bob & Doug McKenzie's
  CN - What Rush album cover depicts a naked man
       walking on a giant brain?                        _Hemispheres_

Fun, eh? Even more Rush Trivia....literally...   :-)

That's all - enough thesis-avoidance!!

||Patricia E. Perez               || "Leave out conditions -                 ||
||            ||  Will drag the dream into existence."   ||
||Internet:||                  - Neil Peart           ||
||BITNET:   patep@arizrvax        ||         ||


From: (David A Warner)
Subject: Re: 09/09/92 - The National Midnight Star #508
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 92 3:25:56 EDT

My first rush experience....sure brings back memories....

  Anyways, going back to 1979 in junior high school with a friend "Terry"
after school I would go over his house and we would mess around playing
atari, listening to music. Well, everyday that I would come over to this
friends house, he would always be playing (( 2112 ) and I couldn't
figure out why...

So I asked what's the bands name and he said "Rush"..

As for my Top 2 favorite albums of Rush would be:

Hemispheres and Presto.................(Not to mention All Other Albums!)

Still overall looking at the years it took the band to reach success, I really
admire that how three people like them grow, mature, be able to play
thru all those years still keep freshness with each record and actually
have a impact on my life with energy, being able to produce so many different
feelings thru their music... I don't think any other band can really come 
close to Rush because what they've been able to do for me from past to present
in my life is magic....

** How About Yours? **

The Voice Of Silence

And if the music stops..............
    There's only the sound of the rain........
            All the hope and glory..................
                All the sacrifice in vain................
If love remains.........
   Though everything is lost..........
          We will pay the price..............
             But we will not count the cost...........

                                   * Bravado *


Date: Wed, 9 Sep 92 22:03:04 CDT
From: (Todd Madson)
Subject: Re: 09/02/92 - The National Midnight Star #503

My favorite "Rock Star Brush With Fame" story (although, unfortunately, not
about Rush) was when a friend of mine was down in Florida for a car show.
He had travelled down the night before, got some sleep and was up early.
He was up early to check on his car and found a shirtless, bearded man
with sunglasses checking his car out.  They exchanged pleasantries and
were talking about cars when a crowd began to form.  Sure enough, it turned
out to be Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top and my friend barely recognized him.
Surely he would have a bevy of babes and the ZZ mobile with him, but nope.
Up for an early walk and then he started to get "mobbed", so my friend
took off.  Weird, eh?

 Chronicles II?  Seriously?  Sounds like another method whereby Polygram
can milk even more profits from the vaults of previously existing material.
I'd just be pleased to get re-mastered (e.g. "clean", "good") sounding
versions of existing material on CD with complete liner notes reproduced
in a manner where it is readable.  Oh well.

 A friend, at the Minneapolis moving pictures concert managed to "play
Frisbee" with Alex.  Some geeks were tossing frisbees around the audience
and between numbers managed to toss it to Alex.  Alex took the 'bee and
tossed it back out where my friend caught it, then tossed it back.  It
then got tossed back to Alex, then he whizzed it way out towards the
back of the auditorium and the next number began.

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Date: Thu, 10 Sep 1992 08:54 EST
Subject: first times & weak vs. strong albums

Hello out there,
        I guess the FIRST time I heard RUSH was when I was ten years old and
I saw the "Distant Early Warning" on MTV.  However, I really didn't get into
RUSH until these guys brought their equipment to pep band at a high school
basketball game and played "Tom Sawyer".  It was way cooler than our dorky
fight song.  Anyway, after that I went out and bought EXIT STAGE LEFT, and
listened to "
        Whoops!  "Tom Sawyer" about ten times before I listened to anything
        I've found that it takes me a while to get into any RUSH album.  Once
I listen to it a few times, I start to like it.  Anyway, gotta go.

                There is no safe seat at the feast...


Date: Thu, 10 Sep 1992 08:23:39 MDT
From: Virginia Martz 
Subject: RE: 09/09/92 - The National Midnight Star #508

I'm another female Rush fan, and I have to respond to Kevin's post about how
Rush is more directed toward guys and females like more pop music.

I discovered Rush because my boyfriend started discussing the lyrics with me
and I was really impressed about how sensitive, poetic, and insightful that
Rush is.  The Trees and the Pass are among my favorite.  Not many groups have
20 min. songs that tell storys but if you don't know what is going on in the
story than it is more difficult to sit through 20 minutes of just "sound".
Unfortunatly most people initially listen to new music for just the sounds
they hear, and they fail to sit back and think about what is being said.  If
more people make an attempt to help decipher Ged's singing (when you don't
know what he's saying it is very hard to understand him) then maybe their
popularity would spread.  Of course this might be a bad thing because we'd
have longer ticket lines!



Date: Thu, 10 Sep 92 11:20:34 EST
From: Stimpy 
Subject: 1st RUSH, etc.

OK, first time I heard RUSH was back in Junior high, (early 80's) and the video
for Distant Early Warning was being played with moderate frequency (if only
they'd still show it!!), I had never heard of them before, and I thought the
song was OK, but nothing spectacular.  But a few years later, as I got into
high school and started hanging around older drummers in band (I'm a drummer
myself), I was quickly introduced to Neil's talent, as everyone tried to 
imitate Tom Sawyer everyday in class.  Eventually, I just had to get Moving 
Pictures, and I've been addicted ever since.
One more thing, (and please don't flame me if this is something that is common
knowledge, but I only just discovered this today), I was sitting in class
I was thinking about the song Didacts & Narpets (COS), and I started to wonder
about the lyrics, and how they're like an argument between a young man and his
parents.  Then it dawned on me, unscramble the letters to the title, and you get
ADDICTS & PARENTS!!!  I was so surprised, all this time I just thought it was
just another instance of Neil's influence from Tolkien (I thought maybe they
were names from one of Tolkien's works, but I guess not!).  Anyway, is this
common knowledge? or have I made a great discovery?
that's all,
 Dan M.

Better the pride that resides in a citizen of the world,
than the pride that divides when a colorful rag is unfurled.
                                 Territories, N.Peart.


Date:      Thu, 10 Sep 1992 06:38:03 CST
From: "Jim Graham" 
Subject:   first time hearing RUSH, mailing lists, etc.

well, although my first item is a little off-subject, please forgive
me --- this is the only place I know to ask where there are likely to
be people who know the answer.

does anyone know what the current address is to send mail to subscribe
to the Marillion distribution list?  is there still a Marillion mailing
list at all?  I sent mail to the address I got from an old issue of
TNMS (while catching up on stuff from before I'd heard of this great
list!), which was, but that was probably a month
ago, and nothing.  no response whatsoever.  anyone know the correct

ok, back on topic now.....  hmmm, my first time hearing RUSH --- y'all
might like this one (considering one of the current topics).  :-)  it
was back (ok, way back) when I was either a freshman or sophomore in
high school, and a friend had loaned me a tape of some charts we were
working on in jazz band on one side.  well, I saw that on the other
side, he'd recorded something called  ``RUSH AFTK''.  well, I
had to find out what this was all about, no?

well, in under 30 seconds I was convinced that this RUSH group beat the
hell out of every other rock group I'd been hooked on to that point.
well, I proceeded to go out and buy every album (yes, album...I didn't
like 8-tracks much, and hadn't gotten one of those fancy cassette decks
yet [these days, my cassette deck mainly serves to collect dust]) I could
find.  well, of course, I now own every CD of theirs (at least, the
commercial ones...I didn't even know until recently that you could
actually buy boots, other than the leather type, in stores), and to this
day, still find myself in awe at much of the stuff they put out. btw, as
if y'all hadn't figured this out already, that's both from a musical and
lyrical point of view.

oh well, type at y'all later.  and if anyone does know about the
Marillion list, please e-mail me the info.  thanks!

ICBM:  41.70N 87.63W                    UUCP:  gagme!n5ial!
AMATEUR RADIO: n5ial@n9hsi (Chicago.IL.US.Earth)              73 DE N5IAL (/9)


Date: Thu, 10 Sep 92 13:14:13 EDT
From: (Dave Zegas)
Subject: Rush for the first time, aka, boy was I an idiot!

Well, this is surely a pleasant topic, one which shouldn't or can't cause any 
controversy because everyone's experience is theirs alone.

So, here's my story.

Understand a few things first.  Before my "first time", I had been playing 
drums for ten years and was heavy into jazz of all kinds.  No other kind of 
music mattered, i.e., it was all insignificant to me.  My father kept telling 
me to get into rock because that was where the money was; I wouldn't listen.

The first time I realized that I heard Rush was when I was a 19 year old 
freshman at Virginia Tech and had recently gotten a gig at Kings Dominion 
amusement park (outside Richmond, VA) playing drums in their country music 
show (there's a stretch, huh?).  As the band warmed up before the shows, park 
patrons would stop and listen awhile, some yelling "Freebird!" and some 
yelling "Rush!".  I thought to myself "who the hell is Rush" or "ask for some 
real music".

Anyway, one Sunday night in May or June of 1981, after a weekend of Kings 
Dominion shows, a friend and I were driving the 200+ miles back to Virginia 
Tech.  We were on Int. 64 West, nearing Int. 81, and were at the top of a 
mountain (I forget its name).  We were listening to WWWV out of Charlottesville
and talking about music worth playing and listening to.  I was on my stump 
preaching about how most rock was the same and so easy to play.  At that 
moment, the instrumental break of Tom Sawyer (the 7/4 part) was coming over 
the airwaves, and I said, "Now this is pretty good."  I don't recall if my 
friend or the dj clued me into the fact that I just heard Rush, but soon after 
that road trip, listened to a copy of Moving Pictures and was hooked forever.  

I've since learned, like Neil, that there is something worth listening to in 
all types of music, and that some of it may even be useful.

Hey, Free Will is on the radio now.  Time for a four minute vacation.

   [ Please keep your posts to < 80 characters/line!!	   : rush-mgr ]

   /	Dave Zegas
  /	Northern Telecom ( we were formerly Computer Consoles, Inc. )
 /	97 Humboldt St.
/	Rochester, NY 14609


Date: Thu, 10 Sep 92 12:59:41 -0700
From: pslvax!larson!matt@UCSD.EDU (Matt Wilkinson)
Subject: PF/Yes addresses

Josh writes:

| Date: 09 Sep 1992 10:10:00 -0500 (EST)
| Subject: Still looking for other mailing list addresses.
| Sorry to bother y'all again, but I'm still looking for the subscription
| addresses to the Yes (Notes from the Edge) and Pink Floyd (Echoes) mailing
| lists.

Here are the contact addresses I have (from an archive of mailing lists
somebody sent me); couldn't find "Notes from the Edge" though.

     Contact:  (h.w. neff)
     Purpose: Info and commentary on the musical group Pink Floyd
     as well as other projects members of the group have been 
     involved with.
     Contact: (Cathy Leak)
     Purpose: The progressive rock group Yes and its many offspring
     (especially the current branch of Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman and
     Howe). We do a little of everything: news, reviews, trivia, etc.

apologies for the non-Rush content.

--matt	| "an NMS convention... count me in!" | wilkinson --
	|  ...ucsd!pslvax!larson!matt	      |


Date: Thu, 10 Sep 92 16:52:34 -0400
From: jlang (~ Rush Fanatic ~)
Subject: Comments/Predictions

>Date: Tue, 8 Sep 92 20:03:34 -0400
>From: meg (******* Meg *******)
>Subject: Rush for the first time
> ... (just after Presto came out), and this guy I met
>was really into Rush. He didn't force me to listen to it and I don't really
>remember hearing much in his car. 

Well, I would have played it more but frankly I didn't know how a Depeche 
Mode fan would have reacted.  Nevertheless the Rush exposure was for your 
own good.  

>ps. Yes I am female.

Yes, you are correct!  :-)

>Date: Tue,  8 Sep 1992 23:18:43 -0400 (EDT)
>From: "Philip M. Simon" 
>Subject: Least Favorite Album
>    Just my opinion, but if the barometer for least favorite album is
>the amount of time spent listening to it, then cast my vote for Power
>Windows.  [.. stuff deleted ... ] Strange that PoW is so disappointing to 
>me, because I happen to feel that P/G and HYF are very strong albums.

Interesting, I happen to like Power Windows a bit but I thought HYF was their
weak effort.  Using your barometer, I would surmise that HYF is my least 
listened to Rush cd.

Regarding Ken's post (see above), sorry Ken, I didn't steal the idea that
By-Tor and the Snowdog would be resurrected for the next tour from you.
I've been saying that since the start of the 2nd leg when Rush went to 
Europe!  After hearing that Cygnus was put into the Medley and the rumors 
that The Trees would be brought back.  I knew By-Tor was next!  It'd be
interesting to see if Natural Science will be played.  I also think it's 
great that the band realizes with so much material, they are starting to
retire songs and then bringing back the old ones.

More bold predictions:  I think you're right about La Villa, although I'm 
not quite sure they'll bring back YYZ.  Seems like they really enjoyed 
playing WMT this past tour.  I also vote for the removal of Tom Sawyer
from the setlist (yeah yeah, I know all you die-hard fans don't want to do
that but man, aren't you just tired of hearing it?  I am.)  And this may
sound even worst but how about removing Closer to the Heart from the set
list as well?  Those songs have been on so manny tours.. I wouldn't be
surprised if they retired the songs for a tour or two.

Anybody else got some gripes? thoughts? about the set list or any predictions
for the next tour?



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