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          The National Midnight Star, Number 511

                Monday, 14 September 1992
Today's Topics:
                   First Time/Set Lists
                 first times and bootlegs
               oops. A call for questions!
                       First times
             A new topic (or so I think. :) )
             Rush convention... serious plans
       next tour prediction-acoustic! & convention
           How yet another fan got into Rush...
       Female rush fans..and their hiding spots...
      Re: 09/11/92 - The National Midnight Star #510
                         YES List
                09/11/92 - the national m
                    sf in music:  rush

From: rush-mgr
Date: 14 Sep 1992
Subject: Administrivia

There will be two issues of the digest today because of all the posts that
have come in over the weekend. Please PLEASE keep .sig files to 5 lines or
less, I had to remove some parts of .sig's for this issue. It wastes space.
And as for the 500th issue passing in relative silence (see next issue), 
it wasn't the only thing to pass that way. Neil's birthday, Sept. 12, also 
passed without fanfare. So happy birthday Neil! Dan Delany has sent in the
Rush FAQ, so look for it to come out tomorrow and Wed as special editions.

- rush-mgr


Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1992 16:31:43 -0600
From: walter@lamar.ColoState.EDU (Brewing Chemist)
Subject: First Time/Set Lists

Howdy All,
	The first time I heard the boyz would have been in 1981.  I was
in seventh grade.  During the school day we had a time where everyone
was given 15 minutes to just read.  The time happened to fall into the
same slot as band rehersal.  At the time the director was into playing
pieces which showcased a specific instrument, so we would learn to
appreciate all the instruments in band (including the basoon and
oboe :-).  Anyway, he said he needed a good piece featuring percussion,
so the trombone player who sat next to me brought in ESL and played
YYZ.  It was GREAT!  Not only the drum solo, but the way Ged and Alex
and Neil tease you up to the solo, going back and forth trading riffs
was just unreal.  It blew away anything the stale AOR station I
listened to had to offer.
	I  did not remember the name of the album, so went to the
record store and looked for one with YYZ on it.  I bought MP, and
was dissappointed.  Where's the solo?  I did enjoy the album
though, and bought all the RUSH I could afford, being a fan ever
since.  It was 1986 before I made it to a concert (PoW), due to
parents raising their firstborn, afraid of the drugs and violence
and DEATH that must have awaited me at the concerts I wanted to
attend previously.  (Just a note, it was Neil's lyrics which
allowed me to go the show for PoW.  I showed them to Dad, and
he was impressed with their content!!)

	Along the lines of changes to the current sets, I agree
with Kenf that Hold Your Fire will probably be ousted as the
opener.  (Oops, I meant Force Ten, not HYF).  I think it is time
for a change, maybe Superconductor??  I was glad to see the
inclusion of The Analog Kid in the set, as well as The Trees.
Hopefully this is a new trend.  With 18 years of studio material
to choose from there is a lot of room to shuffle out the over-
played like Tom Sawyer and Closer To The Heart (as Jimmy suggests),
and bring in some "new" old stuff.  Natural Science, I would be
forever in awe if that came back.  One of my favorites!!  Also,
I would love a version of In the End.

Thanks for listening,

Brian J Walter            |Science, like nature, must also be tamed|  Relax,
Chemistry Graduate Student|with a view towards its preservation.   |Don't Worry
Colorado State University |Given the same state of integrity, it   |  Have A|will surely serve us well. -N. Peart    | Homebrew!


Date: Fri, 11 Sep 92 17:06:28 MDT
Subject: first times and bootlegs

Hello, people of TNMS!
You know, for the past two days, I was looking around wondering where
the HELL my Presto tape was, since I had the tape holder, but not the
tape instead, and I finally found it yay! ;)

Anyway, the first time I heard Rush was while I was a freshman in college
during.. hmm.. when was it, 2nd quarter or so.  Like some of you, I
hated it.  You know,turn the channel whenever I heard them come on.
Then, during the summer of that year, I was rummaging through my
roomate's CDs for something good to play on the stereo, and I saw some
Rush CDs.  They had those lyrics inserts in them, and I began to read them..
I believe it was Moving Pictures and Hemispheres were the ones I rad, and I
thought, gods, this is GREAT!  The next day I heard both Tom Sawyer and
Red Barchetta and I was instantly hooked, drawn in, etc.  I didn't have any
money at the time, so I dubbed MP and ESL onto tapes and listened to them
for a longish time before I could get any other tapes.  Then came AFtK,
Presto, CoS, HYF, etc.  Hopefully I can increase my collection to include
ALL their albums.
I introduced a friend of mine to Rush and she mumbled something about it being
'interesting', but not her type of music.  So.. I kept bugging her about it
and I suppose it grew on her, because she bought me Rush concert tickets
for the Irvine concert! Ecstasy! My first time seeing them in concert
and it was GREAT! My friend was also liked them a lot, and this is where
the bootlegs came in.  She decided to make boots of the concert, and
we got pretty good sound quality, except for all those people around
us who were talking. Bleah.  Thanks to Jimmy Lang for giving me concert
directions, so I didn't have to visit my sisters up there. ;)
Anyway.. the concert was a BLAST, and I'm really glad I went.

I wish I'd gone to the San Diego one, though.  Yes, there were a bunch
of girls wearing black halter tops, but my view of the stage wasn't
impeded by them, so I was a happy camper.  In fact, there was a long long
tunnel of unimpeded view, so I could sit down and see the stage.. even
though nearly everyone was standing up.

The funniest things kept happening, though.. When Mr. Big went on stage,
there were these guys in front of me yelling "YOU GUYS SUCK, GET OFF THE
STAGE!"  And then there was the long line of people for the guy's bathroom,
AND the long line of people at the fence next to the bathroom um,
how shall I say this.. 'watering the lawn'.  Security finally came up and
chased 'em off.. heh, this caused no end of amusement for me.

Egads, what a long post. I think I'll sign off now.  Bye!

Keith C. Estanol	    	|
UCSD, Cognitive Science 	| storm@ucsd.bitnet
Institute of Geo and Planetary Physics :
"We don't want to be victims, on that we all agree.
 So we lock up the killer instinct, and throw away the key.."


Date: Fri, 11 Sep 92 19:40:15 -0400
From: (Gregg Jaeger)
Subject: oops. A call for questions!

>From: changed%robotics.Berkeley.EDU@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU (Chang... Ed Chang.)
>Subject: Battlescar -> Scars -> War Paint
>>>     In my mind, I can't think of a real explicit reference to a female until
>>> we get the song Battlescars on Presto.
>> You mean ``Scars'' on Presto. Nope, not the first female persona.
>Actually, he probably means "War Paint."  (You should have caught that
>one, Gregg... :-)


Onto another subject. Since the NMS has been up there hasn't been a
single question about lyrics. Anyone with any questions about lyrics
that might start a NEW THREAD??


Gregg Jaeger    (     | Tristero?   ______/|/|  Treestero?
Dept(s). of Physics (and Philosophy)      ------------    (_) \|\|  Trystero?
Boston University, 590 Commonwealth Ave.,Boston MA 02215 ---------------------


From: "Evan A.C. Hunt" 
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1992 16:39:56 PDT
Subject: First times

I guess I'll throw my story in too...I first heard *of* Rush when a friend
of mine came to school wearing a T-shirt with the red star logo, which as
we all know resembles a pentacle.  I was maybe thirteen or fourteen, and
a severe nerd (I *hated* rock music until I was thirteen) and I thought
Rush must be one of those satanist-poser groups whose sole raison d'etre
is to cheese off parents.  I think I said something about how obnoxious
I found that attitude--"What benefit is there to upsetting people?  They
just want to make money from teenage rebel wannabes."  He said I was
wrong about this band, that they were thoughtful and wrote really beautiful
music, but I was skeptical.

I also remember talking to my older brother, who had first convinced
me through exposure to Pink Floyd that rock music could be beautiful,
and whose opinions I therefore thought valuable, and he said that Rush's
music "all sounds the same." (He still thinks that...I've never been able
to figure it out.)

That year, or the year after, p/g came out and MTV started playing Distant
Early Warning every five minutes.  I didn't like it much at first, but
it grew on me gradually.  After a while, a friend played me some other
songs off that album, and also "The Trees", and I decided Rush was okay.
Next time I was in a used record store, I saw a fifty-cent copy of 2112,
bought it, and liked it a lot.  Never bought anything else, though; I
still somehow managed to believe that all their stuff sounded alike,
so why buy more than one album?

Fast forward a few years.  It's my first year in college, the Power
Windows tour is coming around, several friends are going and they ask
me if I want to join them.  I figure, heck, 2112 is a pretty good album,
sure, why not?  I go to the concert.  Good concert; lots of energy; good
sound; the guys seem to be having a lot of fun, and it's amazing that
three people can do so much onstage without help...these songs are pretty
good, really; I should have paid more attention before...halfway through
the show, the band played "Mystic Rhythms".

That was it.  The next day I bought six albums.  The week after that,
four more.  Sometimes you need to get kicked in the head to see what's
in front of you.


From: (Robert Gottlieb)
Subject: A new topic (or so I think. :) )
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 92 20:26:46 EDT

Hi all,

While making a tape for my girlfriend of misc. Rush songs, I decided
to start a new thread here.  If you had one 90min Maxell XL-IIS to
record as much Rush as you could on, what would you put?

Now for me I had all but 21 or so minutes of the tape as she requested:

Spirit of the Radio
Closer to the Heart
Tom Sawyer
New World Man

She's not as much into Rush as I am, so she asked me to record whatever
I wanted to on the rest.  Here is the completion of the first side
of the tape, i.e. the 24 min left:

Before and After (Rush)
Lakeside Park (ATWAS)
By Tor and the Snow Dog (FBN)
Anagram (for Mongo) (Presto)

Anyway, let me hear all of your ideas for "The Essential Rush Tape".
Kinda like if you were on a deserted island in the middle of nowhere
and only had one cassette and a walkman.


Robert Gottlieb
"Not gonna do it.. wouldn't be prudent..."
Not umbc's opinion.


Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1992 20:27:30 -0400 (EDT)
From: John Michael Santore 
Subject: Rush convention... serious plans

OK.... since it appears to have been decided by everyone that Toronto is
the best place... lets move on and plan the other stuff....since the
only thing thats going around the net is bullshit talk... Now if you
guys are really serious lets get down to business and try and organize
shit.  Someone set up a basic outline of things we've got to deal with.
Suggestions are below.  We can discuss and finalize the outline on the

Promotion... are just us fans in Net land enough.... Presumably the NMS
will advertise for us if we get some real organization.  PLus maybe A
show of Fans and other Fanzines...

Transportation.... car pools from people in the South picking up people
in the North on the way?  If there are large groups of people from one
area, rent a bus or van jointly?  Every man/woman for him/herself?

Lodgings... do we just take over a campsite and camp out (in Lakeside
Park)?  Or take over a Hotel and it's convention halls?  Can we organize
a group rate for the hotels?  How are we intending to organize this
REGARDLESS of where we stay.... and once again... should every
individual just fend for themselves....

Events...  I mean yeah, It'd be cool to have a huge Rush convention, but
what are we going to do when we're there?  Rush tribute bands?  Guest
speakers? (terry Brown, B-man or even Rush themselves???) Boot trading
(and there are legal aspects to this)?  we need to formalize a plan...

When...  Well Obviously we're going to need time to organize this?  I'm
partial to a weekend in mid march or so (it gives us time to plan...
should be spring break for some college students.... not too far off for
the whole plan to just fade away (NOT fade away.....)

WHO... is going to organize this?  Any Volunteers..... I'll help, but I
don't live close enough to Toronto to scout shit out, plus I straight
out don't have the time to organize everything.....  I CAN help by
calling places and stuff, but we need a more formal plan first.  We need
an administrative structure.

OK.....  My tentative plan.....(just as a possible template..not
necessarily what should happen)

The First Annual Rush Fan's Convention, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
March 26-28th, 1993

Friday:  Everyone gets situated in hotel... Rush tribute band
performs.... Video showings in groups.... (in Red Sector A we have
viewings of official video releases.... in Red Sector B we have bootleg
videos of Signals and GUP... etc...)

Saturday:  Big ass collectables convention.... bootlegs... record
meet.... (not everything has to be Rush... believe it or not I don't
think this would be to hard to organize.... just tell the big album
collectors about it and set up tables and shit... Take your picture with
the band (get those stupid cardboard figures of the band... cheesy but
it works)  Guest speaker if we can get one...
More videos and stuff at night.... Plus periodic pilgrimages to Danforth
and Pape and Anthem Headquarters or something else cool....  Basically
do what you want at night (like see a hockey game if one's in town!)

Sunday:  Picnic at Lakeside Park.... we'll provide directions... get
there... a big ass picnic... with a loud stereo cranking Rush....  go
home (hope you had a blast)

Additional stuff....  Commemorative shit.... 1st Annual convention
t-shirts and shit.... possible contests (Geddy look-alike?, raffle) for
official RIAA platinum record award (hey these are FREE if you know the
right people.... my friend got a Motley Crue one (ugh) because he knew a
guy at Elektra) or other donated Rush stuff... (if you advertise the
shit out of a local record store/bootleg shop They'll probably provide
you with a few free things....  PLus guitar picks and shit are free if
anyone can get a quantity....

Logistics...  Some hotel (try and get a group rate for the
convention)... pre-registration for it (pay in advance so everything can
be funded)... We **NEED** some organizing head and subcommittees.  Also
a lawyer who'll donate his services into making sure we don't get
sued....  Any left over money should go to the band.... period!

/                    \      "We break the surface tension
\_________     ____   \      with our wild kinetic dreams"
/             /    \   \		-Rush, Grand Designs
\_______     /  (*) )   )
/           / /\___/   /    Go Philadelphia Flyers!
\_____     / /        /
/         /  \_______/      John Santore (
  Rush--Yes--King Crimson--Emerson, Lake and Palmer--Marillion


From: Scott David Daly 
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 92 22:24:23 EDT
Subject: next tour prediction-acoustic! & convention


	This isn't really a prediction...but, wouldn't anyone else
(besides just me) like to see Rush do a little acoustic jam at a
point in the show?...I don't mean they should totally jump on the
bandwagon and go on MTV unplugged or anything (though I'm sure that
would be interesting...), but I'd LOVE to see them stop in the middle
of the concert and do something like the song Presto with just
acoustic stuff!  I mean it seems like SO LONG since they tried
COMPLETELY stepping out of all the technology that they might get as
big a kick out of doing it as the fans would!  Not that I'm expecting
this to really HAPPEN or anything...

	As far as the convention long as we plan it WAY
AHEAD of time, what's to stop us from getting Gedd or Alex to pop in
as a guest speaker or something?!  I mean we SHOULD at least invite
them (common courtesy)...don't you think?  (I don't think we should
tell Neil about it...he might stand up and say "get a life" or

			Just some random thoughts...



From: (Terrance Stedman)
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1992 22:46:48 -0400
Subject: How yet another fan got into Rush...

	Well, I started playing snare drum in school in 4th grade (around
1977 I guess).  When I hit 8th grade, I found myself seated on the drum
throne for jr. high jazz band without much of a clue as how to proceed with
so many drums around me!  The band leader's advice was to "listen to the
greats."  I know he meant Krupa, Rich, Chick Webb and Jo Jones for example,
but when my friend gave me a listen to "the professor" on ATWAS, I was
duly impressed.
	Within a short period of time, I had a crummy copy of 2112 on
cassette to play through my $30 stereo system.  Not long after playing
my one Rush tape over and over again, I heard Tom Sawyer on the radio.
Moving Pictures was just released and the radio seemed to love to play
that song (in fact, they still seem to!).  Anyway, the rest is history.
I picked up a different Rush album each week starting with MP and
eventually got them all.
	I still love to play my kit along with Peart now that I have
the drums, a complete Rush CD library and a good stereo system.  It's
been over 10 years now for me and he's still my number one drumming
inspiration.  My favorite song to play along with has got to be The Trees.
My all time favorite Rush song is Middletown Dreams off PoW.
Thanks for listening...
 I ) I I <~ I_I   Terry Stedman				 .sig copyright
 I \ I_I _> I I   Internet:   1992, T. Stedman


Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1992 23:26:44 -0400 (EDT)
From: Jason James Haas 
Subject: Female rush fans..and their hiding spots...

To anyone with a possible clue:

    Everyone seems to write and say about old and new female Rush fans.
I don't doubt the fact there are any, but I only know of one.  So where
do the rest of you hide?  At the concerts, females are all over...I
think many are with their boyfriends...So where are the single ones?
They sure don't live in Pittsburgh;  I'll show proof of that.

    Please help me in my distress....

    Dying of having to listen to Rush alone!!!


|                                                                   |
|   /---\   |   |   /----   |   |  " the high      |
|   |   |   |   |   |       |   |  school hall, in the shopping     |
|   |---/   |   |   \---\   |---|  mall..Conform or be cast out."   |
|   |  \    |   |       |   |   |                                   |
|   |   \   \---/   ----/   |   |                                   |
|                                                                   |


From: lobaugh@VOTH6.CHEM.UPENN.EDU
Subject: Re: 09/11/92 - The National Midnight Star #510
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 92 23:40:18 EDT

> -Jimmy
> PS.  Ok, here's one for the person who started the trivia game.
>      Posted a long time ago, I don't think anyone really got it.
>      Although several were close.  Which movie inspired "The Body
>      Electric" and who was the famous producer/director?  (Hint it was
>      his first movie)
I'll guess and say THX#### (can't rember exact title). George Lucas.
Borrowed without permission from M.A. Lodahl:
If it's enough good for ancient Druids, runnin' nekkid through the
wuids, drinkin' strange fermented fluids, it's good enough for me!!


Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1992 21:00 PST
Subject: YES List

This is to the person that wanted the address to request the YES mailing
list (Notes From the Edge):



From: Mike Rizzello 
Date: 	Fri, 11 Sep 1992 20:00:00 -0400
Subject: 09/11/92 - the national m

-> As for the opener, Force Ten is dead.  I'd move it towards the end of
-> the set (although I wouldn't make it an encore) and open with either
-> something from the next album or Dreamline.  I'm partial to openers
-> with weird intros, such as the "ratchet" sound in FT, the car in
-> Dreamline, etc.  Another good opener would be Ghost of a Chance if
-> they speed it up a bit.  Here's hoping they come

 I believe that Force Ten is, and should always be a Rush staple!  It is
so crisp, so powerful, it idealizes everything that is RUSH!  Ghost of a
Chance is definetly the best they've done, so why not save the best for
last?  Words cannot describe the sort of 'chill' I feel when I hear FT,
it is perfect to open up with.  FT dead?  I found their performance of
it in Toronto this tour to be totally overcoming.

 As for additions and removals, I would love to hear Witchunt and a full
EXTENDED version of Xanadu, I also wish Scars was still on the list.  I
do agree that TST could be scraped, but put Mission back, either that or
Mystic Rythms.

  Then again these are my opinions, and that's it!
Canada Remote Systems  - Toronto, Ontario, Canadas
World's Largest PCBOARD System - 416-629-7000/629-7044


From: Mike Rizzello 
Date: 	Fri, 11 Sep 1992 20:00:00 -0400
Subject: sf in music:  rush

 Hi there, I found a Science Fiction in Music FAQ and discovered this
section on Rush:

In "2112", based on the book "Anthem" by Ayn Rand, the protagonist
discovers an ancient guitar and winds up battling the dictatorial
priesthood.  The LP also contains "Twilight Zone", about the TV show of
the same name.  "Red Barchetta" on "Moving Pictures"is similar, except
the guitar is replaced by a car. (It's based on the story "A Nice
Morning's Drive".)  See also "Cygnux X-1" (thought to be a black hole),
"Rivendell" (Tolkien reference), "The Necromancer".  See also "The Body
Electric" and "Red Sector A" from "Grace Under Pressure".  See also
"By-Tor and the Snow Dog" from "Fly by Night".  "Hemispheres" (title
track thereof) is a sequel to "Cygnus X-1".  "Countdown" from "Signals"
is about the space shuttle.  See also "Manhattan Project" from "Power
Windows".  The song "Xanadu" from "A Farewell to Kings" is based on the
Colerige poem of the same name.  See also "The Fountain of Lamneth" from
"Caress of Steel" and "Anthem" from "Fly by Night" -- both songs deal
with individuality.  See also "Natural Science" from "Permanent Waves",
which deals with future dystopias, utopias, etc.

  I hope this can be of some use!

Canada Remote Systems  - Toronto, Ontario, Canadas
World's Largest PCBOARD System - 416-629-7000/629-7044


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