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          The National Midnight Star, Number 517

               Thursday, 17 September 1992
Today's Topics:
                     need 2112 lyrics
      Re: 09/14/92 - The National Midnight Star #512
      Re: 09/10/92 - The National Midnight Star #509
                    CoS/Bootleg Issue
               the convention and new Rush
                   Drop "Tom Sawyer"???
          My 90min. Rush DIT (Desert Island Tape
               Bands that toured with Rush?
                   Rush vids revisited
               Geddy makes the bass sing...
          Who is the frood on the cover of PoW?
        Predictions For Next Rush Tour Song List!
                   Rush/Marillion shows
                90 minutes of Rush ......
Re: 09/16/92 - The National Midnight Star #516  ** Special Edition **
            Dream Theater,dropping TS & CTTH?
                 Re: Lyrics of Dreamline
                  Fly-by-Night Fans ????
     No, Todd, you're not alone & "why mostly males?"
                        first time

Date: Tue, 15 Sep 92 11:28:48 DST
Subject: need 2112 lyrics

Anyone who can help,

    I need the complete lyrics to the song, "2112."  I especially need the
parts of Discovery and Oracle: THe Dream.  I am associate editor of my
school's economics publication, THe ENTREPRENEUR, and I am writing an article
on the message in 2112.  It entails Ayn Rand, totalitarian rule, Ludwig von
Mises, and individual freedom.  That message is phenomenal and I have to tell
others about it.   Anyone who can send the lyrics, please do so by sending to
the email address:   .
    If anyone wants a copy of the publication, send me a postal mail
address and I'll send one in October sometime.  I'll appreciate anyone's
help greatly!!!  Thanks a zillion!!!!!

                                                 ROCK ON!!!
                                               Jason Packovich


Date: Wed, 16 Sep 92 05:55:23 CDT
From: (Todd Madson)
Subject: Re: 09/14/92 - The National Midnight Star #512

I'd love to hear Digital Man in it's entirety back on the tour.

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ARPA: crash!orbit!pnet51!


Date: Wed, 16 Sep 92 05:32:55 CDT
From: (Todd Madson)
Subject: Re: 09/10/92 - The National Midnight Star #509

My first time?  

 Seriously:  a friend had a 8-track of 2112.  I must have been in 7th grade in
the middle-to-late 1970s.  I looked at it and thought the cover was cool,
because there was obviously a space theme going on - the stars, the red star
underwater - cool cover - very evocative.  The song titles seemed to be a
story of some kind.  Needless to say, I listened to his 8-track over and over.
 The next time I was in a record store was when AFTK just that day had come
out.  I couldn't find 2112.  Needless to say, I then gobbled up everything
they've put out since then.  Great stuff.

UUCP: {amdahl!bungia, crash}!orbit!pnet51!tmadson
ARPA: crash!orbit!pnet51!


Date: Wed, 16 Sep 92 19:05:31 EDT
From: (Keivan Khalichi)
Subject: CoS/Bootleg Issue

Hello fellow Rush fans:

Cam Abrams writes:

>now on to another matter:  last ish E. Krauss said that he thought
>_Caress of Steel_ was Rush's "weakest album", WHAT is with you???
>CoS is the most underrated album they ever put out, and it's one of my
>favorites.  The Fountain of Lamneth is a masterpiece and the
>Necromancer is just incredible.

I'll have to agree with Cam as far as _Caress of Steel_ being the most
underrated album by Rush.  The Fountain of Lamneth is one of the best
musically structured songs by Rush.  This is in every melodic and lyrical
aspect of the word structure; to me anyways.  I especially like the change of
tempoes during the song, completely compatible with the lyrical emotions of
each corresponding segment.  I don't want to sound like a Rock Music Analyst,
but I'll have to admit, I'm trying to express my joy in the listening pleasures
of the song The Best I Can.

Also the Necromancer, based on the J. R. R. Tolkien character:
The Necromancer, is also very well written.  But that one seems to be more of
an instrumental, sort of telling the epic tale throughout the music.  By-Tor &
The Snow Dog, which Cam also commented on, is also being told, more or less,
through the music, which I think is very inginious.  I wish more bands today
would express their joy, anger, and general feelings about the world in such
metaphores within epic tales.  But I guess not many people out there are in it
for the philosophy of it all, but instead more for the money involved.  To
produce as many 3.5 minute, very melodic, sometimes meaningless songs as

Let me remind everyone that the above was a comentary, none of which is
factual.  Meaning, that was my 2 cents.

I have not kept up with the NMS due to enormous amount of studying involved
here at VT, but I'd like to include another 2 cents about the bootleg issue.
BTW, I'm on issue 507.

If you don't agree with the whole concept of bootlegs for sale, then don't
support it by buying a bootleg yourself, nor selling one of course.

If you don't agree with the whole concept of bootlegs, period, then don't buy
nor get, for free, any boots what so ever.

Otherwise, do what you will.

I myself don't agree with buying or selling boots--which means if I had any
boots, I would gladly copy them for free for another person. I derive the above
comentary from the concept of freedom of choice, or as Neil puts it: Freewill.
But Neil's oppinion on the bootleg matter doesn't seem compatible with his
lyrics, but that's another issue.

The point is, legality of the matter is not an issue that would make any
members of Rush go broke if one should break that law.  As long as one is not
hurting another, drastically, one should be able to do anything he/she wants
to do, regardless of laws, in these circumstances.

That's my 0.04$ for the day.

>From the land of the Over World, Keivan Khalichi.


Date: Wed, 16 Sep 92 17:26:07 MDT
Subject: the convention and new Rush

the TNMS convention is a great idea, and I for one would *love*
to go.  Is there someone here from the west coast contingent,
or rather, from San Diego or close by, that can organize some type
of caravan from here to toronto, or is everyone from around
here planning to fly up to there?  Let me know, thanks.

Post 1982 Rush:
I didn't start with Presto, actually.. I started with Moving Pictures,
and sort of skipped my way around the albums.  Maybe the drivng
rhythms and innovative playing is gone from the new albums, I wouldn't
know, I'm not much of a music person myself, and wow, this blonde just
walked by, er, scratch that.
as I was saying, I wouldn't know about that.  However, they are still
lyrically powerful, IMHO, and still put on one of the best, if not THE
best live performances I've ever seen.
My two cents..

Keith C. Estanol	    	|
UCSD, Cognitive Science 	| storm@ucsd.bitnet
Institute of Geo and Planetary Physics :
"We don't want to be victims, on that we all agree.
 So we lock up the killer instinct, and throw away the key.."


Date: Wed, 16 Sep 92 16:46:33 PDT
From: mmarx@Csli.Stanford.EDU (Matthew Marx)
Subject: Drop "Tom Sawyer"???

Oh, nooooooo! Dropping "Tom Sawyer" from the setlist would be a major mistake.
As one NMSer said, if any Rush newbies came home from their first concert w/o
having heard it, they'd probably be upset. HYF was my first tour, and I'm sure
that if they hadn't played it, I would have been...although I have to admit, it
sounded a tad lifeless at the Oakland show of the RTB tour.

The Beatles used to piss off their fans by playing songs *they* wanted to play
instead of what the audience wanted to hear (or so I'm told -- flames if this is
false). Rush hopefully won't do the same.

Songs I would like to hear on the next tour would be:
"The Analog Kid"
"The Trees"        --missed both of these this tour
"Vital Signs"
"Xanadu"           --simply INCREDIBLE at the Oakland show
"Beneath, Between & Behind"
"Available Light"
"Red Tide"
beginning of "Hemispheres"
extended "Closer to the Heart"
"In The End"
"2112" -- not the whole thing, just the overture & temples of syrinx parts
ALL of "La Villa Strangiato"
"Entre Nous"       -- a personal favorite
"Grand Designs"
"Between the Wheels"  --there was a snip of it on the HYF tour
"Time Stand Still"
"Where's My Thing"
"Bravado" with the extended ending
and the traditional ones, "Tom Sawyer", "Spirit of Radio", "Closer to the Heart"

What is that, a 3 hour show? Drop the opening band & it could happen!


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[witty saying/PC statement o' the week]


Date:         Wed, 16 Sep 92 19:39:43 EDT
From: Mike 
Subject:      My 90min. Rush DIT (Desert Island Tape


In keeping in the Spirit of things, I will post my 90minutes of Rush (track
timings are from the CD jackets, so they might be a second or three off the
actual time)... I also gave myself 30seonds  of 'grace time', since most blank
tapes give you an extra half minute or so of extra tape space... Here goes!

Side One                                   Side Two
--------                                   --------
Working Man  7:10                          Tom Sawyer      4:33
By-Tor and the Snow Dog  8:37              Subdivisions    5:33
The Temples of Syrinx (2112)  2:13         The Analog Kid  4:46
A Farewell to Kings      5:51              Distant Early Warning   4:59
Madrigal         2:35                      Red Sector A    5:10
The Trees        4:46                      Force 10        4:28
The Spirit of Radio      4:57              The Pass        4:51
Natural Science  9:16                      Bravado         4:55

Timing:  45:25                             Timing:   45:04

Runners up included "In the Mood", "Bastille Day", "Vital Signs", the live
"YYZ", "Anagram (For Mongo)" and "Roll the Bones"...

"Madrigal" might raise a few eyebrows, the truth is, I like the song, but I
chose it mainly because I had a little over 2mins. to spare on side one (I
wanted to, and succeeded in, put everything in chronological order)

I like reading all of your DIT's (derived from _Tower Records' Magazine_
'Desert Island Discs'), so keep 'em coming!

"Get out there and rock, and Roll the Bones!!!"---YKW

Mike -----
Weintraub                  Kenobi on IRC
The American University, Washington DC

New .sig file coming soon, to a digest near you!


Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1992 16:44:12 -0700 (PDT)
From: Eric Lundquist 
Subject: Bands that toured with Rush?

A post in the last NMS about when Marillion was on tour with Rush got me
thinking, what bands has Rush opened for, and what bands have opened for Rush?
I know Mr. Big, Primus, etc.  but does anyone have a list or a memory of who
opened for them in their older tours?

   [ Check the rush tour listing on anonymous ftp at syrinx, it not
     only contains all tour dates *ever*, but which bands opened on 
     which tour.					  : rush-mgr ]

BTW: Does anyone remember when MTV stood for *MUSIC* TV?  Now they're always
showing game shows, comedy, MTV Sports, MTV News, etc, etc...  -Sigh-

I doubt I'd go to a convention, even if it was here.  I mean, I really like
Rush, and they're my favorite group by far, but I'm not a 'fan' as
in `fanatical`...  I never understood Trekkers and Star Trek Conventions...

About the set list issue:  I don't care what they play in their set list.
While I've heard TS and CTTH a bazillion times, (curiously, I hear
Circumstances on my local radio station more than either of those) I still
enjoy them.  I also enjoy just about every Rush song.  They can't make a set
list I wouldn't like.  I'd even love it if they'd play "Take Off"!

Eric Lundquist                           102 Ocean Research Building
Unix Technician, School of Oceanography                        WB-10
University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA                     98195                            (206) 543-0594


From: Christopher Mermagen 
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 92 21:22:35 -0400
Subject: Rush vids revisited

Hey all-

Well, in response to what someone said about Rush vids not matching their
music levels, I guess IMHO it all depends on the viewer of the video. Person-
ally, I thought DEW was a great video, very powerful, and fun to watch.,

I also thought Afterimage from Through the Camera Eye was just the best (even
though it had a few too many seconds on Ged's somewhat less than GQ face).
Afterimage happens to be one of my all time favorites, and the video just
compliments that as well. Also, does Alex look bald on some of the clips from
Through the Camera Eye? I thought he did.. Anyway, The Body Electric was
great, and the Enemy within (even though I thought it was the same as
Body Electric) was cool - showing their inner fears, etc... One of my all
time fav. vids has to be Mystic Rythms. An incredible vid that I just loved.
And of course, the Pinnacle of Rush vids- RTB with the cool video work. I just
couldn't stop laughing during the rap. Great computer graphics. As far
as the worst, well In my opinion (and maybe not others), it is Time Stand

Enough about vids.. I am kinda psyched about a convention, but wouldn't
it be nice to combine the convention up in Toronto with a concert when
they play there at Massey(spelling optional) or Maple Leaf (I hope these
are correct.). Nothing I would love more than to see them on their home
turf. Also maybe I could invite Ged to come to Oriole Park at Camden Yards
to see the beloved Birds romp on dem Jays!!!

Sorry to babble-on, I've spent a long long time in Zion.

Later- Chris


From: Christopher Mermagen 
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 92 21:39:05 -0400
Subject: Geddy makes the bass sing...

I forget who wrote the article about Geddy playing the instrument vs. killing
the instrument (the author made references to Stu Hamm, Sheehan, etc..)..
well, I wholeheartedly agree with you 110%. I happen to come from a music
oriented family. At one time we all played, but only one of my brothers
made it. He plays the Cello. And let me tell you, he can make it sing. He can
take any instrument and make it melt in his hands, so you no longer see the
division between Cello and man. To me, I think Ged has done the same. I think
your estimation of the video Show Don't Tell is correct in that sense too. Plus
on this concert tour. I am a bass player, but not a bassist, like Geddy. All
you out there try once just listening to the bass parts on the songs. There 
are so many inuendos and sublteties that you just wanna worship the guy. Listen
carefully to Ghost of a Chance. He has so many soft slides and hits that add
texture, and you wouldn't think that he was playing them. Also, songs from
Power Windows have alot of great bass work that goes unnoticed unless you
listen carefully (like solo from Emotion Detector, etc..) Ged won bassist
of the year 1991 for Bass Player Magazine (in this time dominated by Hamm,
Sheehan - both of whom I have seen, I was just tickled pink as they say).

Also, i saw a little blurb in one of the hardcore music mags about the top
25 metal albums- and MP was on there. I don't think it is exactly metal, but
what the author said about lifeson I thought was so correct. He said some
thing to the effect of 'Lifeson has to be one of the most underrated
guitarists out there. He combines intelligence with powerful playing, and
can jam with the best.. Also (and here comes the good part) he is one of
the smoothest players around. I cannot agree more. He has grown into one
of the smoothest players I have heard (which is tough, because I primarily
listen to RUSH!!:)), but compared to his older days (listen to the Raw and
powerful, but slightly sloppy ATWOS).

Anyway, just another blurb
from a tired kid



From: djabson@sdcc13.UCSD.EDU (The God of Balance)
Subject: NSF
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 92 18:40:25 PDT

	I'm sure this isnt what the band had intended but I thought
it was funny since someone just brought it roommate just
bought one of those non-stick frying pans and the label stuck to it
has NSF in big letter. NSF being the National Santitation
Foundation. Who knows, maybe this is what they were trying to say
after all....


P.S. Please, let's not go too far with the "Christ what have you
done" phrase. I'm not trying to discourage conversation but this
topic came up a while back and things got kinda out of hand.

I will choose free beer


From: (Ron Echeverri)
Subject: Who is the frood on the cover of PoW?
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 92 19:41:50 PDT

I thought i'd find it in the FAQ but it's not there....

Who is the guy with the binoculars on the cover and back of Power Windows?



From: (David A Warner)
Subject: Predictions For Next Rush Tour Song List!
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 92 3:19:10 EDT

Okey people, here it is....

Force Ten
Closer To The Heart & Tom Sawyer ( As Always)
Hemisperes: Book One... One Certain Segments
Finding My Way
Fly By Night
2112 ( Overture As Always )
Strangiato ( As Always )
Show Don't Tell
Time Stand Still

Roll The Bones
Ghost Of A Chance
5 New Songs From Their New Album... Any ideas what neil has stored for the next
conceptual album?????????

The Trees
Analog Kid
Spirit Of The Radio
The Pass

Thats my guess.... well, i don't know whats it's worth, but I'd like to see
them play the Hemipshers ( Side 1).. All the way thru.. then I'll be at rest..

As for My Own Rush Compilationb Of Songs Would Be:

Finding My Way
In The Mood
In The End
Fountain of Lamneth
Sweet Memories
Farewell To Kings
Closer To The Heart
Cinderella Man
Hemispheres Book I
La Villa ( Live Concert Verson From Exit Stage Left )
Spirit Of The Radio
Entre Nous
Tom Sawyer
Red barchetta
The Weapon
Analog Kid
Losing It

((( Ohh heck,, Just Buy All The Cd's.. Too Much To Choose From.... ))

Anyways, I'd be here for hours and would no fair to the other songs that the
boys put out cause each song is magic..



Date: Thu, 17 Sep 92 10:09:21 EDT
From: (Shane P. Faulkner)
Subject: Rush/Marillion shows

Marillion opened for Rush for the short stint they played at Radio City
Music Hall in NYC just prior to the release of Grace Under Pressure.  By all
accounts, Marillion got no sympathy from the crowd those nights.

They opened again for several shows on the Power Windows tour to a slightly
better response, probably due to the moderate airplay/MTV play that
"Kayleigh" received.  I have an "import video" :-) of the set Marillion
played at the Power Windows show in Quebec City, and the crowd is going
absolutley bonkers.  They even played an encore, unheard of for a Rush
opening band.

//////////////////  Rush - Marillion - Kim Mitchell  ////////////////////
/ Shane P. Faulkner         |  Boys and Girls together                  /
/ University At Buffalo     |  Mistake conceit for pride                /
/ V127L2QZ@UBVMS.BITNET     |  Ambition for illusion                    /
/ |  Dreams for self-delusion   - Neil Peart  /


Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1992 09:05 CST
From: Miles Lester 
Subject: 90 minutes of Rush ......

The irony (to me anyway) was that I wanted so badly to ask the question
about a greatest hits tape or collection tape wayyyyy back when the NMS
was on vacation.

I have seen some people posting excellent listings of 90 Minute tapes and
its very evident to me, that there definitely is a split in those who
favor the post "Moving Pictures" Rush and those to favor the classic Rush
prior to "Moving Pictures".  I should point out that every list I noticed
contained material from both genres, but like I said, if you look closely
you'll notice a tendancy one way or the other.

For myself, I tend to be one of the classic Rush types. YES, I was listening
to Rush wayyyyy back when so I didn't just come on to the scene with "Big
Money". I still remember seeing Rush for the first time on Don Kirschners(sp?)
Rock Concert series, I couldn't have been more than 13 and was simply taken
away right there on the spot.

Ok... so what's the point? 2 of them actually. 1st) I've seen several people
all trying to squeeze "Rush" onto 90 minutes of tape. Hey guys!!! Give your
self a bonus, Maxell AND Tdk make excellent quality 100 minute tapes. Get a
life and get 10 extra minutes. 90 minute tapes are a thing of past.
2nd) A "true" Rush fanatic couldn't distill their favorites into a 90 minute
tape. I have tried no less than 3 times over the summer and finally came to
the conclusion that it couldn't be done. There just isn't a tape available
with enough time to hold all the music from Rush that I like. Everytime I
started, it seemed like I wanted to put whole albums rather than individual
songs on the tape. Frustration sets in and I just gave up. You may be able
to create a sampling tape, but you'll never create a "true" greatest or best
of the best tape", there is just too much material.

Oh well, I ramble on too much. Thanks for the chance to express my views.

Miles Lester


Date: Thu, 17 Sep 92 11:04:58 CDT
From: Steven C. McNeill 
Subject: Dream Theater,dropping TS & CTTH?

After reading a recent issue of NMS, I picked up Dream Theater's latest album.
For those who are curious about the group:
                   1. The vocals are similar to Survivor/Queensryche.
		   2. The drumming reminds me of Metallica (lots of double bass)
		   3. The keyboards are active and similar to something like
                   4. The bass guitar doesn't stand out. Not because he sucks,
                      but because he seems to be blending in with the band.
                      He does take the spotlight on "Metropolis" (I think) and
                      his playing in that particular section is similar to 
                      something Billy Sheehan might do.
		   5. There are many time changes thoughout the album. In fact,
		      that's the only real Rush similarity I see.
		   6. The guitars are typical for heavy metal (tapping, etc.)
		   7. The lyrics are intelligent and written by different
 		      members of the band.
		   8. The album is 20% "ballade" heavy metal.
I don't think these guys are just another glitter rock band. The lyrics alone
will tell you that. In addition, the songs are long and not well suited for
top 40 or MTV.

Enough of that.
As far as dropping TS and CTTH from the set list, I don't see this happening.
Tom Sawyer is pretty much their signature song. As much as I'd like to see
other songs take their place, perhaps "Cinderella Man" or "Between the Wheels",
there are simply too many people paying to hear the "radio-Rush". I'd say that
at least 75% would like to hear these songs and you have to please the majority.
I remember hearing the singer for Alice in Chains say,"It's in our contract to
play this next song" just prior to playing "Man in the Box" (their hit single).
Was he just making a joke or is it possible that there could be some clause in
the contract like this for TS & CTTH? Just a thought although it would be
rather uncharacteristic of Rush to be made to perform any particular song. It 
is odd that they drop the songs that they supposedly get tired of, yet they 
never drop the two songs they've been playing the longest. Hmmm......


Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1992 12:46:46 -0400 (EDT)
From: "William F. O'Dell" 
Subject: Re: Lyrics of Dreamline

Someone posted a couple of issues ago requesting "lyric talk". Here is a
question that may sound simple, but I'm not so sure.

What is "Dreamline " really about? I know it fits in with all of that
fate, destiny stuff, but I can't really figure out what Neil is
referring to with some of the lyrics.  I don't have the lyrics here with
me but what is Neil saying in the line,
"She has a friend out in Vegas...(plus the stuff that follows)"?
I understand :"Time is a gypsy caravan," but what about something to the
effect of "leaving us in Dreamland" ?

I can't go into detail because I can't remember the words, but I would
like to hear some responses.

BTW-I would probably attend a NMS convention in the summer.



Date: Thu, 17 Sep 92 13:33:35 EST
From: (Aaron White) 
Subject: Fly-by-Night Fans ????

     Hey all the Rush-Heads out there,

     This is also my first posting, but I have read NMS for a while now.  A
   comment on this last tour--

     On RTB, I saw only two shows (sorry, Jimmy), one in December and one in
July, this year, but there was a distinct difference in the two crowds.  In 
December (coincidentally when _Roll the Bones_ single was released), there 
were few die-hard Rush fans like myself there.  For example, when the boyz 
played _Ghost of a Chance_, I went nuts (it was my favorite song before the 
over-play on the radio), but few others did.  All the fly-by-night fans 
(pardon the pun) didn't recognize the song because it hadn't been played on 
the radio yet.  But in the July show, the die-hard fans were everywhere, even 
after the _Roll the Bones_ album had been almost a year old.
     The commercial and radio play this year definitely had a great deal to
do with the fan attendence this year, and I wonder if Rush is headed to more
of a mainstream, pop-metal sound ?  I've heard much about the
commercialization of U2 recently on the Zoo TV tour.  I just hope it doesn't
happen to Rush.
     As for the next tour and album, I think that _Tom Sawyer_ should be
retired and, yes, _A Farewell to Kings_ will be added.  Mark that down.
With the next album, Neil will come once again upon an epic song that will
take up a full side of the tape.

     Aaron White

     P.S.  My typing isn't too good.  Does anyone know where there is a
typing tutor for an IBM-comp. on the ftp.  Or could anyone e-mail me one.
Please e-mail any responses.


     "Apollo was astonished, Dionysus though me mad
      But they heard my story further and they wondered, and were sad."
                                     N. Peart (Cygnus X-1 Book II)


Date:  Wed, 16 Sep 92 19:23:24 PDT
From: Mike Bacigalupi 
Subject: No, Todd, you're not alone & "why mostly males?"

Todd Zorick  asks:

[Am I the only one who only likes pre-1982 Rush?]

No, Todd, you have company here.  Although the more I hear the newer
stuff, the less I'm disappointed.  Actually, it seems like I'm always
about 3-5 years behind -- I usually *hate* the newest songs for a while,
then get used to them, and then, a few years later, actually love a few.
But I sometimes think it's because it always sounds good compared to the
newest album.  This latest album, however, became appealing to me in only
a few months, so maybe I'm not a lost cause.  (But I can't imagine *EVER*
not being bored to death by "Bravado" -- do the rest of you actually like
it?  It's almost as dull as "Rivendell" (not to mention its repetitiveness)!
I can feel a little hostility out there already!  Please don't all think
I'm not a fan, I'm just not completely in love with every song and find that
the ones I'm most into are the older ones like "Bytor" and all of "MP".

Maybe this has something to do with us UCSD people?

Another thing:  I noticed last time somebody mentioned the male/female
ratio of RUSH fans and I thought I'd throw in this bit of experience:
I sometimes answer phones at a Los Angeles rock station that has a
"Rush-hour" (nothing but Rush for an hour every Wednesday night) and
the male:female ratio I've observed in the requesters is (no exaggeration)
30:1.  Also, and no offense to my fellow Rush fans, the requesters are
much stranger than the average song requester:

Me (with 11 lines blinking, trying to hurry and accommodate everyone and
    needing only a song title):
    "Hello, do you have a Rush request?"

RF: (in a very serious, down to business monotonic voice -- as if very
    carefully ordering a hard drive to exact specifications):
    "Yes, I would like to request that you play 'The Analog Kid' -- it's
     the second song on the first side of 'Signals' and it's 4 minutes and
     36 seconds long.  The lyrics were written by percussionist Neil Peart
     (pronounced correctly) and the music was written by
     bassist/vocalist/keyboardist Geddy Lee and guitarist Alex Lifeson.

Me:  "Hmm, I don't know if the DJ will know of that one -- can you be more a
      little more specific?"

Of course, the sarcasm isn't noticed and more details follow.  And yes, I
know the song probably isn't 4:36, and maybe the writing credits are different,
but I'm *sure* whatever the fan said was correct.

Well, I feel like I'm looking like a non-fan.  I do own (and listen to) all
the CDs and have seen them four times and hope to see them many more.
(I feel like I'm saying "Why, some of my best friends are Rush fans!")
I'll give up now.

Mike "Bugguts" Bacigalupi


Date: Thu, 17 Sep 92 14:55:45 EDT
From: Doug White 
Subject: first time

Hi, all!
  It's been pretty cool to read about the "first times", so I'll toss mine
  I'd heard "Fly by Night", "Closer to the Heart", "Working Man" and "Passage
to Bankok" on the radio occasionally, and really liked them. Knew they were
by some band called Rush, but never bothered to pick up any LPs. (oops, I'm
dating myself :)  Well, in high school, I started goofing around with my
brother's guitar, playing with the radio, when this awesome - AWESOME! -
riff starts, and this song makes my jaw drop to the floor.
	The Sprit of Radio !!!
I snapped that album up the next day, and wore it out in a week. Then I stumbled
across Archives (Rush/FBN/COS) in a cut bin ($5.00 !!!) and was hooked. The
remaining 3 albums followed soon after, and from MP on, I've picked up the
latest Rush on release day. I got a CD player shortly after Signals came out,
and lightened by wallet converting from disk to disc. I still need Rush,
ATWAS and ESL in digital form. As for concerts.... I hang my head in shame.
I had chances to see each tour from MP to RTB, but they always came around
at exam time, or when I was broke from Xmas shopping, etc. I've only seen
the Signals and the RTB shows - once each. :( ---> better than nothing! :)
VIDEOS! bloody likely! I live in a non-cabled area, MTV? Whazzat?
[heavy sarcasm]I'm too old for the video generation! [end sarcasm]
I still remember the "Red Barchetta" and "Countdown" videos from the
Signals tour, though.

But I regress...  I gotta say that the NMS is the main reason I drag myself
to work in the morning - keep up the GREAT work! Please!
Doug    ex-Beatle/Who/Floyd/Yes fan, forever Rush fan, & working man
ORQ: "I get home at five oclock, and I wish I had me an ice cold beer..."  :)


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