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          The National Midnight Star, Number 518

                Friday, 18 September 1992
Today's Topics:
                       My Rush tape
             New Show Opener / Songs Desired
                 Re: Rush/Marillion shows
                     Dreamline lyrics
                  Another first time...
      I've got my asbestos undies on for this one...
             My Virgin Rush Experiences  ;-}
                    90 Minutes of Rush
                   meaning of Dreamline
               Rush and other deep subjects
      Re: 09/17/92 - The National Midnight Star #517
                  "Exit Stage Left" ...
     Re:  09/14/92 - The National Midnight Star #512

Date: Thu, 17 Sep 92 18:15:10 -0400
From: meg (******* Meg *******)
Subject: My Rush tape

Well I didn't exactly make it for myself, but I sure like the song
selection now! btw this was made before RTB came out, and is 100 minutes.

Side A					Side B
------					------
Scars					Closer To The Heart (ASOF)
Territories				Presto
Different Strings			The Big Money
Tears					Vital Signs
The Fountain of Lamneth:		Kid Gloves
    IV. Panacea				Chain Lightning
     V. Bacchus Plateau			Lakeside Park
Madrigal				Tom Sawyer
Subdivisions				New World Man
Entre Nous				Need Some Love
Mystic Rhythms				Limelight
Time Stand Still			The Fountain of Lamneth:
Hemispheres:				   VI. The Fountain
    V. The Sphere
Broon's Bane

Quite a mix, I would say... and as for lyrics, my dad came up with this
question that I couldn't answer very well. What is the meaning in this line
from "Territories": "Better people, better food, and better beer" ?
It was more specifically about why "better beer" was in there. Anyone have



Date: Thu, 17 Sep 92 18:06:06 -0500
From: Brian E. Saunders 
Subject: New Show Opener / Songs Desired

Hey, I saw somebody suggest that they add "A Farewell To Kings" to the set
the next concert around, and I was thinking that it could make a cool song
to open the show with.  It would be a change from the fast-and-furious start
that is usually associated with a Rush concert.  I can see it - the lights
go down, and after a few seconds, a spotlight comes on Alex while he plays
the opening part of the song.  If it worked as an opener to an album, it
would work as an opener to a concert.  Plus, it would confuse all the
"newbies", while the old fans would go nuts.  That in itself would be
sort of amusing.

Brian E. Saunders


From: lobaugh@VOTH6.CHEM.UPENN.EDU (John (tickle tickle hey stop that) Lobaugh)
Subject: Re: Rush/Marillion shows
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 92 20:20:46 EDT

> "Kayleigh" received.  I have an "import video" :-) of the set Marillion
> played at the Power Windows show in Quebec City, and the crowd is going
> absolutley bonkers.  They even played an encore, unheard of for a Rush
> opening band.
Are you sure this wasn't the p/g tour? Marillion is huge (i.e. popular)
in Quebec, or at least was when I lived there.
A friend of mine was at that concert and said a lot people there were just
as eager to see Marillion as Rush. This was just
after they released Misplaced Childhood (MC). I was lucky
enough to see them in Montreal a couple of years ago before Fish
left the band. It was a bit of let down. Bad sound quality. Cheesy
stage props and bad costumes (a la early Peter Gab. Genesis). I really
liked Misplaced Childhood and still think it is an amazing album. Has
anybody seen them since Fish left the band? Is their post-Fish stuff
any good?
(Sorry rush-mgr and readers if this is going to far afield from our
favourite band).
>.sig modified due to high Marillion content.
"Cos' I was born with a heart of Lothian"


Subject: Dreamline lyrics
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 92 20:27:12 -0400

In the last issue (#517) William F. O'Dell asked about the lyrics to
dreamline. Here are my little thoughts:
"She's got a sister out in Vegas, the promise of a distant job-
far away from her home town". This seems to refer to that habit we
kids have of just getting out, assuming that being somewhere "better"
will fulfill all our dreams and desires. The melancholy tone of later
lyrics (we're *only* at home when we're on the run; the idea of
death buried in "for a limited time") implies that it doesn't always
work out.

"Time is a gypsy caravan...."- great line! We make our plans, and time
passes, and soon those plans are dated, impossible to fulfill. All the
things we could have done, if we had time, are now just dreams.
Stranded in dreamland indeed.

This song strikes me as a *flawless* integration of music and lyrics.
Ged's simple but throbbing baseline, Neil's potent cymbals, and Alex's
huge double-fourth power chords give the song the exact sort of headlong
feel that the lyrics hint at. When I first heard it, it was all I listened
to- one song over and over again- for 4 days. I want ten more just like
it. Anyone who can listen to this song and say Rush are slowing down
is on morphine. IMHO. :)

Best to y'all- and remember, Neil will call all of this a complete
red herring if asked. :)


Date: Thu, 17 Sep 92 22:46:55 -0500
From: (M Deras)
Subject: Another first time...

Hi all--
     Thought I'd throw in my personal intro to Rush. This won't hurt a bit.
     In summer '80, our cousins from Michigan came out to LA to visit us and
see a thing called an "ocean". The oldest, Steve, had two tapes by a group
called "Rush": Hemispheres and the (then) current PeW. He played PeW all the
time, and I was into it the first time I heard "Spirit". Happy ending? No,not
     My big group at the time was Supertramp. This resulted in me getting a
lot of unnecessary shit from Steve. Not to be outdone, I carped on him for
liking an "unknown" group like "Rush". Problem was, my heart wasn't in it,
'cuz I liked Rush a hell of a lot more than S-tramp (and it didn't take long
for the switch to occurr, either). So I waited in agony until they (finally)
left. When they did, I shlepped (I used to shlep back then) down to one of the
local record shoppes and scored my own copy (at last--how sweeeeet it was).
The unfortunate vinyl was then subjected to continuous play on a "portable"
'50s-style "hi fi" complete with 2lb tone arm.
     I was now geared and primed for the release of MP, which occurred a few
months later, and the rest, as they say, is history.
     My parents wouldn't let me go to the MP concert, no doubt fearing, as
someone recently said, that this would be my almost certain death.
     Thank you...good night! (spoken in high-pitched Ged-like vox)
     Tom Klem


From: (Terrance Stedman)
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1992 00:35:20 -0400
Subject: I've got my asbestos undies on for this one...

        My suggestion for Rush's next set list is to scrap EVERYTHING they
are currently playing.  I'd like to hear every Rush song in existence live
and feel that they could come up with a 2 hour show highlighting material
off the next album (come on guys, only 4 songs from RTB on the 2nd show
of the tour???!!!) and stuff we've not heard in the last 4 or 5 tours.
What would I like to see brought back in particular?  Well how about
Entre Nous, Cinderella Man, and FLY BY NIGHT!  Yeah I've heard it all before.
"We can't play that stuff with conviction anymore."  Tough, play it for the
fans that have supported the band over the years and have made you rich and
famous!  Let's face it, the crowd goes nuts when an "older" song like Xanadu
is played.  This goes not only for Rush; Marillion is another example of
this phenomenon (their crowds love the older Fish material).  Neil also needs
a new solo.  This incredible talent has merely embellished upon the solo from
ATWAS year after year.
	Although I have my asbestos undies on, please don't flame me.  I
just love all of Rush's music and wish they'd mix the set up a bit.  I've
seen them 8 times on tour since Signals.  I'd just like a new show for '93.
Enough said...  May the slings and arrows fly...
 I ) I I <~ I_I   Terry Stedman				 .sig copyright
 I \ I_I _> I I   Internet:   1992, T. Stedman


Date: 	Fri, 18 Sep 1992 05:09:38 -0400
From: (Jim McLeod)
Subject: My Virgin Rush Experiences  ;-}

Well, to start off, this is my virgin post to the NMS, after reading, and
enjoying, for well over a year. And it didn't hurt at all  :-) .

My first exposure to a Rush album came about 12 years ago while I was still in
High School. I was into AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, etc. and would
bring in a cassette player to listen to tapes in a few of our more liberal
classes. A friend of mine brought in this tape and said I should listen to it.
It was 2112 by a band called Rush. We had just finished reading 1984 in English
and I was hooked Instantly. The next day he brought me in 2112 and Hemispheres.
I was into live music at the time, so I went out and bought ATWAS. It was only
available on vinyl though so I made my friend a deal; the album for a copy of
it on tape. I was then hooked on Rush's live sound; I had to see them live.
Well, I got my wish, they had just released MP, which I had heard the album
release live on CHUM-FM, and they were playing London, Ontario, Canada shortly
after. A bunch of us went to London, during school hours, again during one
of our more liberal classes, and picked up tickets for the concert. The trip
there and back was made quite enjoyable by, among other things :-), listening
to MP cranked up to 11.

Well my first exposure to a Rush concert was TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had general admission and stood for the opening act, FM. I liked them,
although I didn't get into them until later; I was disappointed because I was
looking forward to seeing Max Webster open for them as they had at previous
MP shows. (They had just released Universal Juveniles, so I was hoping for a
live version of Battlescar.) I couldn't see well, so I knew I had to do
something drastic. So I, skinny wimpy type, forged my way into the seats at
stage left, and claimed squaters rights to a seat on the stairs. I was not
at all disappointed, although looking back, I probably could've been killed.
(Two rather large fellows were quite annoyed with me, but were eventually
distracted once RUSH started.) I was totally blown away!! This was my first
concert, and I have been to many concerts since, but I still say that this was
the BEST concert I have ever seen! All my senses were totally overwhelmed. I
still have vivid memory, and sensory flashbacks, when triggered by certain
stimulia (sp?). It is an experience I will NEVER forget!

     Jim McLeod                         Mitel Corporation
    592-2122 ext.2641                     Kanata Ontario

 'A dream is only over if you give it up --- or if it comes true.
    That is called irony.'  Neil Peart


Date: Fri, 18 Sep 92 06:25:18 EDT
From: (Mark Saleski)
Subject: 90 Minutes of Rush

I made this tape to listen to on the way to this year's
Great Woods (Mansfield, MA) Rush show. I tried to switch
between old and new stuff frequently instead of having
long sections of each.

            Rush  -   Dancefloor Favorites

 Side One                          Side Two
 --------                          --------
 Roll The Bones                    Freewill
 Where's My Thing                  The Spirit of Radio
 YYZ                               Fly By Night-> *
 Limelight                         In The Mood
 Analog Kid                        Show Don't Tell
 Subdivisions                      Superconductor
 Bastille Day                      Beneath,Between,Behind
 I Thing I'm Going Bald            2112:
 Distant Early Warning                Overture
 Red Sector A                         The Temples Of Syrinx
                                   Tom Sawyer
                                   Didacts & Narpets

* from ATWAS

I really hated to leave off both La Villa Strangiato and Xanadu...but then again
there were a lot of things maybe I should have made two tapes!

(Ya, I know the title "Dancefloor Favorites" is sort of a Pink Floyd greatest
 hits ripoff....but it seemed so absurd that I couldn't resist  ;-)  )

 Mark Saleski                                     
"Unfortunately, life contains an unavoidable element of unpredictability"
        -David Lynch "The Angriest Dog in the World"


From: Scott David Daly 
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 92 09:42:38 EDT
Subject: meaning of Dreamline


	I won't go on forever about the meaning of this song...
However, if you'll accept my humble insight/opinion, I believe the
phrase "leave you stranded in dreamland" is a play on words (typical
of Neil).  I think he's saying that time is gonna fly by, and if you
don't WORK towards realizing your dreams, then you're going to be
left sitting there just fantacising about your dreams.  This line
kind of reminds me of Something For Nothing: "You won't get wise with
the sleep still in your matter what your dream might be".
I think the message intended is very similar.

	The song as a whole seems to be about peoples' dreams for the
future.  All the words in that song relating to new technology
("liquid crystal compass", "radar fix on the stars", "road map of
Jupiter") seem to me to be expressing Neil's excitement at the
possibilities of the future.  Anyway...sorry I lied about not going
on forever...

		just my humble opinion...



Date: Fri, 18 Sep 92 09:20:18 EDT
From: (Sean Brady)
Subject: Rush and other deep subjects

Todd Zorick  asks:

[Am I the only one who only likes pre-1982 Rush?]

You are not alone (in some respects anyway).  I picked up on Rush in the late
70's, and have been hooked on their music from their first album up until
Hemispheres.  After that, they seemed to have changed gears.  Its not bad at
all, its just... you know.... kinda... different.  I still listen to the
"newer" stuff, actually it gets more play time than the old albums (thats
probably because I've memorized most of the music from those albums.

Enough of that, now for the quest(ion):
  I've read about some interview CDs from the band.  Are they bootlegs, or
  are they produced by a company?  Which one(s), and how can I get them?

Advance in thanks.



Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1992 12:04:15 -0400 (EDT)
From: Matthew Joseph Desantis 
Subject: Obligatory

Haven't written in a while, but here's my obligatory rush story and cool
rush mix-tape.

	The first time I heard rush I was in my basement looking through my
brother's LPs (he was home from college for summer) I was about 8 years old,
but I noticed a rather large album with RUSH Archives written on it. It had
a picture of a naked man in front of a star. I put it on the turntable and
eventually came to Fly By Night. The melody captured me, and I began to
listen to that song over and over again
	In 1982 MTV was beginning and I head Tom Sawyer for the first time.
I can remember waiting by the TV for the song to come on again so I could
record it on audio tape!! It turned out to be a shitty recording but I had
something of my own. keyboard lessons now, which would last for 8
	In 1988 I was "Addicted to that Rush" as Mr. Big so eloquently put
it. I missed HYF on account of a wedding, and I can remember being pissed as
hell!! My friend in Jazz class in High school kept playing bass licks from
HYF, I liked is renditions so much, I went out and bought HYF. Then ESL. ThenMP.
I studied bass for the next 4 years because I was literally captivated by
Ged's bass techniques (speed, style, texture, popping, slapping) I learned
all the Rush material I could get my hands on... I bought FBN on CD...
Hemispheres...and All the world's a stafge...
	for the last 2 years I have been playing guitar and bass (Although
keyboards have been my staple instrument) I learned guitar off of ATWAS. This
album is raw, to the point, and easy to jam to. Totally captures rush as
a hardworking arena-based band in their youth...
	It is 1992, and although Presto and Roll the Bones represents a
departure from writing e

"science fiction" based albums, there is a rejuvination in the band's spirit.
What is amazing is the quality of the material that is still being produced.
Rush started me on three instruments (All of which I still play) Shit, am
I glad I picked up that record of my brother's when I was 8!

The Ultimate RUSH tape....


Anthem (ATWAS)
2112 [entire] (ATWAS)
Lakeside Park (ATWAS)
Beneath Between and Behind (ESL)
Closer to the Heart (ASoH)
La villa Strangiato

The Spirit of Radio
Time Stand Still
The Pass

You may need 100min to do this....
Flame away if you have a bitch and moan with this arrangement Heh Heh!



Date: 18 Sep 1992 09:06:03 -0500 (EST)
From: "Joshua A. Vaughn, DePauw University" 
Subject: Re: 09/17/92 - The National Midnight Star #517

Hi.  Someone in the last NMS said that "90 Minute tapes are a thing of the
past."  Well, my stereo and my car stereos contain warnings not to use any
tapes longer than 90 minutes, because when you make a tape longer than that
it has to be thinner to fit all the tape in the shell.  Thinner tapes have
better chances of being "eaten."  If you think 90 minutes is too restrictive
for your Rush dream tape, I'd suggest buying 2 60's or 2 90's, but stay away
from 100's and 120's.  They're evil things.


Date: Fri, 18 Sep 92 15:00:44 -0400
From: (Glenn M. Mason)
Subject: "Exit Stage Left" ...

Anyone have a copy of the video "Exit Stage Left" in good condition that they
would consider selling? If so, please drop me a line.



From: "Stephen R. Kutner" 
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 92 15:23:52 EDT
Subject: Re:  09/14/92 - The National Midnight Star #512

This is in response to the burgeoning thread on the question of female Rush
	I think that women are...threatened by their sexuality....I mean,
[Geddy, Neal, and Alex] are standing up there with....armadilloes....
in their trousers....

   [ That's a good one!					: rush-mgr ]



Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1992 13:25 MST
From: "Eric Kay (303) 499-7577" 
Subject: babble

I'd like to respond to various threads...

Concert antics:  In Seattle Geddy 'headed' a red balloon in true soccer
                 fashion.  In Denver Neil lost a stick and Alex picked
                 it up and started playing his guitar with it like a bow.
                 He then threw it out into the crowd.

First exposure:  Must've been Junior High.  While clinging to my brother
                 I went through his stages of Bad Company then Aerosmith
                 and then Rush.  We both seem to be permanently stuck in
                 this last stage.

Tour set list:   I really missed Marathon and Red Sector A.  How about
                 the drum solo out of Red Lenses?  I wouldn't mind it if
                 they played longer shows but less of them.  I mean you
                 guys on the East Coast can probably see 8 shows within
                 a 50 mile radius.  Us cowboys out here in Denver see 'em
                 once a year if we're lucky.

Coolest videos:  Mystic Rythms, Lock and Key

One variety tape (60 min):  War Paint           Neurotica
                            Circumstances       Middletown Dreams
                            Hand Over Fist      Open Secrets
                            Bravado             Red Tide
                            Digital Man         Face Up
                            The Enemy Within    Vital Signs

NMS convention:  You people got jobs or something?  :-)

Possible new thread:  Best instrumental/lead sections?  My vote goes
                      to Afterimage, Freewill, and Marathon.     -EK


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