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          The National Midnight Star, Number 520

                Monday, 21 September 1992
Today's Topics:
		     Opening Bands
	  First time and other assorted topics
		    Change of Style
          The National Midnight Star 09/20/92
	         Heavy Metal Memories
           Not to bring this up again, but...
	            My ASoH review
	           Over the Europe
     Re:  09/18/92 - The National Midnight Star #518
	    re: Megs question on "better beer"
	       Rush opened for Uriah Heap ?
          Re: Best Instrumental/lead sections?
         Convention, Territories, Neil & Boots

Date: 20 Sep 92 18:21:42 GMT+1200
From: Chris Pittman 
Subject: Opening Bands

    Why does Rush choose opening acts that don't even come close to
their own level of talant.  I saw Primus open for Rush in Portland OR
in Feb. and had to leave  the hall because of the noise they made. I
came back in when they were done of course.
 For the Grace under Pressure tour Gary Moore was the opening act.
Who ever heard of him.  Personally I wouldn't mind at all if there
was no opening act for Rush, I come to see Rush not some rock and
roll band.



Date: Sun, 20 Sep 92 11:08:04 -0300
From: (Roy Germon)
Subject: First time and other assorted topics

Hello fellow devoted Rush fans,
	I'm kind of a recent fan (by NMS standards). I didn't start listening
to Rush until their HYF tour.  A bunch of my friends were going to see Rush in
Halifax N.S., and asked me to go.  I had only heard a couple of tunes, and I
kind of liked Time Stand Still for it's lyrical content, so I decided to go.
Then I realized that the concert was the night before my grade 12 math final
exam, so I had to back out.  Instead, I bought HYF on cassette.  I know, not
much of a consolation but what could I do?  Anyway, I liked HYF very much, but
didn't buy any old albums (yet).  I did buy ASOH and Presto when they came out.
All during this time, something happened to me repeatedly:  every time I men
mentioned Rush, people would say "their old stuff was way better".  I finally
decided to see for myself.  I bought FBN.  To make a long story short, I bought
all of their old albums, became a mega fan, but unfortunately never got the
chance to see them live, as they haven't played eastern Canada since HYF.  I'm
still kicking myself.
	My fav tunes (I cant pick just one) are: Closer to the Heart, By-Tor,
Time Stand Still, and Where's My Thing? (great riffs!)  Of course, tomorrow
I could pick a whole new set of favorites, there's so many to choose from.

Current(?) threads:
	I agree that female fans seem less prevalent than male fans.  I offer
no explanations, only sadness that the "other half" of the world population
doesn't share our excellent musical tastes.  I personally only know one female
Rush fan (Hi Taryn! :) ), in spite of my efforts to convert past girlfriends/
sister/mother/friends.  Oh well, it takes all kinds.

	I'm not up to date in my reading of the NMS, as I have multitudes of
back issues to read after my summer sojourn, but today I got to Sept 11th, and
decided I cant wait to reply concerning this proposed convention.  I think it's
a great idea.  Has anyone taken charge?  This is in no way a volunteer, but
if there is an administration in place, I would be glad to help out in any
way I can, though my time and resources are limited.  Is there a proposed date?
Any one with info please PLEASE E-mail me direct K?

Better end this already long winded post.  Keep posting!

Roy Germon

-"I'm not looking back but I want to look around me now.  See more of the
  people and the places that surround me now."


Date: Sun, 20 Sep 92 12:33:24 EDT
From: (Keivan Khalichi)
Subject: Change of Style

Hello fellow Rush fans:

Daniel wrote in issue #510:

>From: qsp!danb@uunet.UU.NET (Daniel Benbenisty)
>Subject: rush ranting and raving
>They [Rush] have become a different band, with not much to offer besides good
>musicianship.  They've lost:
>       - original rhythms/ odd time signatures (with one or 2 exceptions)
>       - original chord progressions.
>       - thematic development
>       - epic length touch
>       - lyrical/emotional range
>       - the free time to compose (they're family men now)

I'd like to take a second and make a comment about Daniel's remard about Rush's
change of musical direction after 1978 album Hemispheres.  I completely agree
with him.

But I must say, the time period, from the 70's to the 80', just about every
band had a change of style.  I look at the 80's as a time period when music
took a drastic turn towards unfound boundaries.  I don't like it as much as
the 1970's style of music, which included everything Daniel mentioned, but
that's just what happened.

>From the land of the Over World, Keivan Khalichi.
         R                  U                   S                  H
                B y - T o r   A n d   T h e   S n o w   D o g


Date: Sun, 20 Sep 1992 13:40 EST
Subject: The National Midnight Star 09/20/92

C'mon the ultimate Rush tape is gotta look like this:

1. Red Barchetta                      11. Marathon
2. Freewill                           12. BY-Tor and the Snow Dog
3. Analog Kid                         13. Working Man
4. Prime Mover                        14. The Enemy Within
5. Bravado                            15. Show Don't Tell
6. Kid Gloves                         16. The Weapon
7. Something for Nothing              17. Manhattan Project
8. YYZ                                18. Between the Wheels
9. Where's My Thing                   19. The Trees
10. Force Ten                         20. High Water

Hell, if your not a Rush fan, your not livin'. *motto1*


Date: 20 Sep 92 14:05:24 EDT
From: "Dana C. Lommen" <72120.1255@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Heavy Metal Memories

	The first time I was exposed to Rush was through my older 
brother at about the time Permanent Waves came out.  I had just begun 
playing bass in my high school jazz band and he thought I might be 
interested in Rush's bass player.  Not wanting to believe that my brother 
had anything worthwhile to offer, I immediately took a disliking to Rush:  
("What's wrong with that guy's voice.  What a nose!," etc.)  At this point 
in my musical development, I had a hard time even picking-out individual 
parts (bass, guitar, etc.) from records.  Once I became able to easily 
recognize individual bass parts, songs like "Freewill" blew me away.  I 
became a huge fan just in time for the release of Moving Pictures ( the 
bass solo in "Vital Signs" truly establishes Geddy Lee as one of the 
greats).  I remember my brother being mad at me for buying Exit... Stage 
Left because he wanted to have it for his own collection but couldn't 
justify the purchase when someone else in the same house had a copy.  

	Now, over ten years later, we don't fight about Rush but instead 
get together and try to catch a show from each tour.  He even turned me 
on to the NMS.  What a guy!

	On another note, the idea of a Rush convention is an interesting.  I 
can picture dozens of musicians like myself at a large (big-ass, as one NMSer 
put it) picnic playing along to Rush tunes.  What a sight!  I hope something 
can be organized and that I can attend (with my brother, of course!).  


Date: Sun, 20 Sep 92 13:37:16 -0500
From: John Parrish Schweers 

This is my first post and I would like to touch on several threads...

First time:  It was 1977 and I was in junior high 
(eighth grade). My  fiend had 2112 and I loved it. Everytime
I went over to his house, I made him play it.  I finally
convinced him to sell it to me for $5.00.  A couple of months
later I was in a record  store looking at the RUSH selections 
on 8-track and the store manger tells me that a new release is due
from RUSH in a week.  I reserved a copy of FTK.  When I picked it 
up the next week, I tried listening to it, but couldn't 
understand the lyrics.  The sound quality of the 8-track combined
with my lame stero made the music sound flat.  So I shelved the
tape.  About a year later, I had a chance to hear FTK on vinyl,
as well as RUSH and CoS.  I couldn't  believe I had wasted
all those years listening to the radio. I was hooked.  My first
Rush concert was PeW, which was the second concert I had ever 
attended.  It spoiled me for many other band's live shows.  I
have since been a faithful fan and just recently found the NMS.
I first subscribed this summer when the NMS was on hiatus.  I 
thought, "I haven't gotten anything out of this!"  Then all of 
the sudden my mail box is full.  This is a lot better than

In regards to Rush and female fans:
   Its similar to the Three Stooges.  Guys seem to think they're
   funny, but most women don't. 

The NSF logo from the Big Money video:

   Any one who has bounced a check should recognize NSF for
    Not Sufficient Funds!

I too, have tried to make a Rush DIT.  I have to agree that it is
impossible to come up with a satisfactory set of songs to fit on
any length of tape.  Therefore, I stopped trying.... but Meg's is 
the best I've seen.      


Date: Sun, 20 Sep 92 09:27:30 -0700
From: pslvax!larson!matt@UCSD.EDU (Matt Wilkinson)
Subject: Not to bring this up again, but...

Hello all:
	"Moving Pictures"

	The incredible bass sound Geddy used to get out of his Rickenbocker
	which has, IMHO, been lost since he retired it in favor of (first)
	his Steinberger and (now) his Wal.

I'd like to comment on something which was written by Kevin Fournier awhile

| Date: Tue, 8 Sep 92 16:53:10 PDT
| From: (Kevin B. Fournier)
| Subject: women attracted to rush
| What might the reason for this be?  I think rush's music may be inherently
| targeted towards boys.  (Not on purpose...but almost by nature)
| ...
| In all of these songs, Neil offers us a lonely boy experiencing growing up.
| ...
| while guys, who (if my experiences are common) generally feel very 
| lonely, confused, and even violent while going through puberty are naturally 
| drawn to the symbols Neil and the boyz offer.

	that makes sense to me

| Some follow up questions to my musings are the boyz aware of this

	hard to say, but Neil strikes me as one who is *very* aware of
	what he is saying/writing, so I'd conclude YES

| does every one out there agree or think I'm a crack-pot
| Please respond in these pages if appropriate...

	o.k., here's my $.02 (no, I don't think you're a crack-pot)

Your analysis really made sense to me and further clarified why I like the
boyz so much.

Growing up is a real pain in the a-s, but then I'm not the first to realize
or state that.  Life rarely "makes sense", and death makes even less sense.
If you think about it too much, you can get trapped in your head and miss
out entirely.  The only real *release* I have from this vicious mind
game is playing Rush at unbelievably loud volumes and getting lost in the
music.  ...and finding songs that draw these introspections out of me so
I can look at them in the "available light".

I see the "growing up" stuff in recent Rush more than in earlier Rush. The 
the recent flood of "First Rush..." on the NMS gave me an opportunity to
construct the following classifications (disclaimer: this was for myself,
and may or may not be valid -- so please don't flame; however, I would be
interested in knowing if others agree with my breakdown -- BASED ON THE
RECENT POSTINGS, not on opinion):

		   ============================= [ MBW ]

	Class	Description
	-----	---------------------------------------------------
	A	Likes all pre-"Signals" albums, although type A sometimes
		accepts "Signals" as a good album; sees "Moving Pictures"
		as a sort-of climax or pinacle, and post-"MP" albums as
		a steady decline commonly referred to as "selling out."

		Caveat:  the dividing-line between what type A considers
		good Rush and bad Rush is variable, i.e., some will 
		include "Grace Under Pressure" as a good album with the
		decline beginning with "Power Windows", some won't.

	B	Likes all post-"Hemispheres" albums; in general, type
		B has a particular fondness for the "Power Windows"
		and "Hold Your Fire" albums, but *may* find the early
		albums cumbersome or pretentious.

	C	Likes all albums, period -- *any* Rush is *good* Rush;
		the boyz could release an album with a cover of The
		Village People's "Y.M.C.A." and type C would love it!

	D	Likes particular songs from all albums -- i.e., type D
		is the discriminator.

	E	Likes live albums best -- probably owns lots of boots too 
		(though that is not limited to type E fans).

*important note:
due to the overwhelming number of people who mentioned "2112" (did anyone
else notice that?) as being their introduction to and source of devoted
Rush FANaticism, I'd have to conclude that "2112" enjoys a kind-of
global/universal appeal; of course, the same could be said of "MP" in
general and "Tom Sawyer" in particular.
IMHO, the stuff about growing up is generally isolated to the "MP" through
as it is here that one finds:

	Song			Album
	-------------------	-----
	"Tom Sawyer"		MP
	"The Analog Kid"	SIG
	"Kid Gloves"		P/G
	"Middletown Dreams"	PoW	(see "adult" section below)
	"Emotion Detector"	PoW

but there are others, post-PoW:

	Song			Album
	-------------------	-----
	"The Pass"		PRS	(Presto)
	"War Paint"		PRS
	"Dreamline"		RTB
	"The Big Wheel"		RTB

There's a subtle shift in PoW to more "adult" concerns -- i.e., growing old(er)
beginning with the song "Middletown Dreams" which contains elements of both
being young and growing older (and dissatisfied) with such songs as:

	Song			Album
	-------------------	-----
	"Middletown Dreams"	PoW
	"Emotion Detector"	PoW
	"Time Stand Still"	HYF
	"Open Secrets"		HYF
	"Turn the Page"		HYF
	"Presto"		PRS
	"Available Light"	PRS
	"Roll the Bones"	RTB
	"Ghost of a Chance"	RTB

This is definitely a "recent" lyrical thread for Neil.  The earlier Rush
content was, again IMHO, more academic and conceptual, while the later
Rush is more personal and introspective.  This is perhaps a natural
progression, for aren't we all a little "pretentious" when we're young...

	"wandering the face of the earth
	wondering what our dreams might be worth
	learning that we're only immortal
	for a limited time"
				: "Dreamline", RTB ]

So, all this by way of saying:
(1)	I'd classify myself as "Type C" (maybe that Village People cover
	will be on the next album, complete with disco clap-track?) :-)
(2)	I agree that Rush's songs are definitely focused towards males
	(but that doesn't mean women can't enjoy them anymore than men
	can't enjoy Kate Bush or Joan Armatradding)
(3)	IMWO (in my wordy opinion) There is a theme of male introspection
	in Rush's lyrics

 =[ Matt Wilkinson, Systems Administrator ]====================================
  [ ------------------------------------- ]
  [ Larson Technology, Inc.               ]  Don't ask me
  [ 4109 W. Burbank Blvd.                 ]  I'm just improvising...
  [ Burbank, CA  91505                    ] 		: "Presto", PRS ]
  [ ------------------------------------- ]
 =[ UUCP: ...ucsd!pslvax!larson!matt      ]====================================

P.S. --
I heard a funny line on TV tonight where this woman is asking, essentially,
the same question (about what it means to "grow up") and concludes that you
know your grown up when

	you start watching "Murder, She Wrote" and say to yourself
	'You know, that Angela Landsbury is a really good actress.'


Date: Sun, 20 Sep 92 15:36:28 -0400
From: "Brian J. Colby" 
Subject: My ASoH review

Howdy, Rushfolks!

I bought A Show Of Hands at Nuggets, Boston, and I would like to give
my five cents on it.

Cent 1: The introduction was great (The Three Stooges 'hello').

Cent 2: On my radio, the sound was a little muddy, but overall it
	wasn't too bad.

Cent 3: When Neil Peart played 'the Rhythm Method' in Providence, it
	nearly matched the original; right down to the marimbas, kick
	horns, and the gong finale.

Cent 4: ASoH was not as good as ESL, because the entire structure was
	synth-based.  ESL had a certain spark about it because the music 
	was fresh then (yes zorickto, you are right).  Too many
	synths and lesser-known hits (I think 1/3 of ASoH was based
	on HYF) weighed the live set down, IMHO.

Cent 5: Overall, ASoH was good, but not mindblowing.  Had the sound
	been a little more clear, I would have enjoyed it more.
	But at least I have three more tapes to collect (ATWS,and 
	Archives) to make my collection complete.

Grade: B  "3rd Year Math Major"


From: Mike 
Date: Sun, 20 Sep 1992 17:01:53 EDT
Subject: Over the Europe


at a record meet this morning, I picked up the new CD, _Over the Europe-,
presumably recorded during the European RTB tour...

This is also a complete show (I think, it's about 125:00 long, but I never did
see this tour  :(  ) and is of amazing quality (except there is some annoying
clapping during the first minute or so of Force 10)

Also, "Distant Early Warning" is labelled as "Red Sector A", but other than
that all of the songs are spelled/ labelled correctly...

The question and purpose of this post:  Does anyone have a date and location
for this recording?  I think it's only one show, and I don't recall hearing
Ged say  "Hello ..."

Any other information would be appreciated... I paid $40 for the double CD set
in a single jewel pack... There is also a really cool collection of photos in
the inlay jacket...

I recommend it...

(I guess you know my opinion of bootlegs now, eh???)

Mike Weintraub   Kenobi on IRC (new nickname)
The School of Public Affairs, American University, Washington, DC


Date: Sun, 20 Sep 92 22:13:24 -0400
From: "Stephen R. Kutner" 
Subject: Re:  09/18/92 - The National Midnight Star #518

Can I bring up a stupid, highly flammable point?

Have any of you actually thought of inviting *Rush* to a Rush fans'

If not, why not?



From: (Robert Gottlieb)
Subject: re: Megs question on "better beer"
Date: Sun, 20 Sep 92 23:59:34 EDT

>Date: Thu, 17 Sep 92 18:15:10 -0400
>From: meg (******* Meg *******)
>Subject: My Rush tape

[stuff deleted]

>Quite a mix, I would say... and as for lyrics, my dad came up with this
>question that I couldn't answer very well. What is the meaning in this line
>from "Territories": "Better people, better food, and better beer" ?
>It was more specifically about why "better beer" was in there. Anyone have


	The line after that one might help explain it:

	"Why move around the world when Eden was so near?"

	Basically saying that well we have all of our rich's here
	in this country, why visit another one or care about another
	one, let's just take care of our own.  The song as a whole,
	IMHO, is about how people of the world need to get along better
	and learn to share with one another instead of trying to
	take away each others lands or freedom.

	As for the "better beer" part, I believe it's the good ole
	Canadianese in them. :)   Not that Canadians are into 
	beer or anything. :)

	Anyway, just my .02.

	Also, I'd like to thank Meg, if I haven't in the past, for
	doing a great job as the NMS Mgr!                 

	Robert Gottlieb or
	"Not gonna do it.. wouldn't be prudent..."
	Not umbc's opinion.  


Date: Mon, 21 Sep 92 09:26 EDT
From: "Scott.Mikusko" <>
Subject: Rush opened for Uriah Heap ?

    Bringing up the subject of Rush opening for bands ( back in the old
days obviously ), I remember discussing 70's groups with my mother. She was
into Uriah Heap ( if that's the way its spelled ) in the early-mid 70's. I
talked about how I like Rush and she started thinking how that name rang a
bell. She said she might have seen them with Uriah or possibly just on
their own. I suppose her memory is a bit cloudy, ( probably from all that
smokey cannibis in the air ! )
    For some apparent reason ( but not apparent to me ) I can't seem to
ftp to the concert thingamajig ( that term clearly demonstrates my omnipotent
computer abilities ).
    So, perhaps could it be true that Rush did open for this band ? And by the
way, who the HELL is Uriah Heap anyway ! I guess I'm too lazy to go out and
buy a tape/CD of them. Well, whoever they are, at least Rush didn't open for
someone like the Bay City Rollers or the Bee Gees ( at least I desperately
hope not ...)
    The thought that my mom saw Rush 15 years before me ... man, she was
always more cool than me !!
                                  I'll shut up now.


Date: Mon, 21 Sep 92 08:49:55 PDT
From: (Kevin B. Fournier)
Subject: beer

     In response to Meg's question about why specifically Neil includes the
line "better beer" in "Territories", it's important not to forget that the 
band has a good sense of humor.  During the song, the lyrics are trying to 
convey a sense of nostalgia that a soldier in an invading army would feel for
the home s/he has left behind.  Well, for all the students and ex-students out
there, how many of you can say you wax nostalgic about your 'good ol' days'
and not talk about silly beer soaked experiences??  The guys in Rush always seem
to be having fun doing what ever it is they are doing, and the use of beer to
conjure an image of nostalgia in our minds seems totally in keeping with their
casual attitude.  Just chipping in my $0.02 (a lot on a grad. students salary!)

				K Brent Fournier


Subject: Re: Best Instrumental/lead sections?
Date: Mon, 21 Sep 92 10:27:45 PDT
From: Will Hartung - Master Rallyeist 

Novel new thread...

Since we're talking 'favorites' and 'Rush Music' in the same sentence,
we're talking religion (effectively).

This topic really strikes home. While I enjoy their lyrics, I'm not a 
'lyric' person. I'm a music person, if the music is good I don't really 
care about the lyrics. Obviously, if you listen to a song long enough,
you eventually start singing along and figuring out the words you don't
understand, but it's the MUSIC that makes the soul ring.

>..and Rush ABSOLUTELY makes me 'ring'. Some parts better than others.
Without question the song that does this best, is 'Camera Eye'. The
intro to that song gives me speeding tickets :-). It's kind of hard on
the speakers too...Xanadu is great too. There are just little snippets
all throughout their music that it's hard to nail down.

Then there is the opening tracks on ASoH, "Next best thing to being their!".



Date: 21 Sep 1992 14:53:20 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Videos

Fellow Rushians,

     Regarding home videos, I was wondering - are the ESL and GuP tour 
videos rare/out of print?  If I find them should I scoop them up? I remember
seeing both in stores last year, but I haven't seen either recently.

                                                      Andy Acunzo


Date: Mon, 21 Sep 92 09:11:04 HST
From: puanani@ahi.pbrc.Hawaii.Edu (Puanani Akaka)
Subject: Convention, Territories, Neil & Boots

Helloooooooo Out There.......  

Whew!  Free time...what a concept...!  :-)  Anyway, several things.  I've
been behind on the NMS for awhile, so forgive me if i repeat things
or beat an already completely dead horse...  oh yeah, it's a bit long, so
bear withe me... :-)

THE CONVENTION:  oops, I seem to have missed the opener on this one.
Sounds like a damn good idea to me!  Would May be a good idea (not that
the whole thing should work around *me*, but I may be up in Toronto in
May next summer...:-).  Again, forgive me if this has been brought up,
but how would it be if folks from the same area/part of country, who
have to fly, all meet and then take one flight to YYZ -- thereby perhaps
saving $$ on group fares and people wouldn't have to travel alone.  Even
those NOT from the U.S. who could manage to make it, meet up with folks
on the coast nearest them (you) and have everyone travel together that 
way.  Mind you, this is just a brainstorm, but it might make it easier
for those who have to fly over.
	I'd be interested in helping out (as if I could do anything
from out here...!), even if I might not be able to make it, but if I
can do anything to help, jis le' me no!

TERRITORIES: Meg asked about the "better beer" line.  I suspect it is
another double-meaning.  (I have this theory that it was inspired by
some bad beer Neil drank while writing the lyrics...!).  I guess it would
be another example of the conquering culture's mentality that home is
better than the place we just conquered -- home, and the food, and the
beer (maybe a 'macho' symbol???).  That would be a bit obvious, of course,
but I suspect he also put that in as a joke -- the stereotypical image
of Canadians and their love of beer.  Just a thought, anyway.  BTW, did
anyone else happen to catch the "simulated-sound-of-beer-can-opening"
sound effect right after the "better beer" line?  It took me awhile to
catch that, but it's a cute addition (and a great joke, IMO) to the

NEIL & MODERN DRUMMER:  Forgot to post this awhile ago.  I don't recall
if anyone else posted, talk about memory loss...anyway, MD
had a TOP 25 Best Drum Records of All Time thingie and Moving Pictures/
Neil was #10.  yay.  (*was* this mentioned before?  I'm losing it...)

On the other subject of NEIL and BOOTLEGS -- i know, it's a dead horse,
but i didn't have the chance of sending this out before Iniki hit...
a lot of people were wondering what Neil had against boots.  From what
I recall, I didn't get the impression he was against the general idea of
boots, but boots of *his* work.  The reason was that, as an artist (and
one with integrity -- my words, not his), he wants to give his audience
the best performance he can give.  And this applies both to stuio and 
live work, obviously.  In the studio, he obviously has control over
what *he* feels to be his best work.  The same when doing the live 
albums -- *he* has control of which performance he wants to give his
audience because *he* knows when he played his best.  He obviously
doesn't have that kind of control with bootlegs.  The subject of
"possible revenue loss" never came up, but it was the idea of not being
able to give his audience the best of himself that bothered him so
much.   I guess it's a case of "It's *my* work, and *I* should have
control over it" (not necessarily in those harsh terms). 
	I admittedly don't remember where/when he said this, but I 
remember it quite vividly.  His point of view is understandable -- most
of us know how they feel about their performances on ATWAS, they 
practically cringe!  And that from an OFFICIAL release!  You can 
imagine how they must feel about bootlegs.  I'm not condemning nor
promoting boots -- I'm just providing Neil's views on it as well as I
remember it.  Personal interpretations welcome and expected!!    

Oh yeah, on the forgotten subject of misinterpreted lyrics -- I used to
think the first line of Tom Sawyer was "A Monday warrior..." and 
thought what a cool literary symbol that was, and I wondered what it
meant.  (I'm sure Neil might wonder the same thing...)

alright, I've soapboxed long enough...



Date: 21 Sep 1992 16:03:48 -0400 (EDT)
From: A spider wanders aimlessly within the warmth of a shadow
Subject: marillion/rush

To the person who wanted to know more about new marillion. I have seen the
new marillion in concert two times so far. Their new lead singer is Steve 
Hogarth. He is an excellent singer and technically speaking has a better
singing voice than Fish, but I still like Fish much better because he had
a unique singing voice(like Geddy) and sang his song with more emotion. 

The two concerts I saw with the new singer were awesome(almost as good as
the Presto and Roll the Bones concerts). Marillion have two albums out with
the new singer (Seasons End & Holidays in Eden). If you would like how info
on marillion just send me some mail. 

Also, is there anyway I could get a copy of the tape of marillion/rush?

ian livingston


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